Morano on Fox News on the 10:10 exploding children film

We’ve seen Marc Morano from time to time on network news programs. Usually he’s being heckled by somebody brought on for “balance” like Joe Romm or some clueless professor named Watson from East Anglia. This time, nobody wanted to come on, and it wasn’t because of fear of debating Marc. “no pressure”



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John Q Public

Intolerance, thy name is environmentalism.

Douglas Dc

Murder of Children is not funny.
Murder of Children is not funny.
Totalitarians are not funny.

?? – no comment – it was empty – Anthony

Frederick Michael

It still boggles my mind that no saboteur was involved. They really, truly did this to themselves without any “help” from a skeptic. That aspect of this story may give it legs for a hundred years. It’s like Madame Butterfly — “How is it possible?”

Olaf Koenders

O.T. but IMPORTANT news by Stephan (
“September 29, 2010 – Civil Investigative Demand – The nature of the conduct constituting the alleged violation of the false claims law is that, based on claims made in Dr. Mann’s CV, he participated in the application for and claims for payment under the grant listed below. Upon information and belief, the grant application references Dr. Mann’s prior work, including two papers, “Global-scale Temperature Patterns and Climate Forcing over the Past Six Centuries” and “Northern Hemisphere Temperatures During the Past Millennium: Inferences, Uncertainties and Limitations”, which have come under significant criticism (see Attachment B, which is incorporated herein by reference) and which Dr. Mann knew or should have known contained false information, unsubstantiated claims and/or were otherwise misleading. Specifically, but without limitation, some of the conclusions of the papers demonstrate a complete lack of rigor regarding the statistical analysis of the alleged data, meaning the result reported statistical significance without a specific statement to that effect. To the extent that Dr. Mann did reference or rely on his past work in these papers (or others like them) to aid in the winning of the grant when he knew of [sic] should have known of the potential of the papers (or others like them) to mislead the grantor..”.
This will be interesting..


Cudos to Fox for picking up on this and getting it exposed for what it is.
I understand Beck was going to have a spot on it as well but wasn’t able to catch it.

I just self-exploded out of a blog because they did not agree with my views.
Let those who agree with each be with each other.

Olaf Koenders

It’s unfortunate that Morano didn’t seize the opportunity and hold up this chart and ask “Where is this man made global warming?”:

Frank K.

Good! The word is spreading to the MSM. Is there a list of corporate sponsors (besides Sony)? I’d like to know who to boycott during the upcoming Christmas shopping season…

R. Shearer

The logical conclusion of implementing draconian AGW measures is suffering and starvation on a scale perhaps never seen before. In contrast, being blown up is a painless end.

This whole mess has been blown all out of proportion.
A killer idea, it was splattered across the internet as an attack on the hearts and minds (and other internal organs) of deniers and middle-of-the-roaders alike.
It is explosively obvious that this film shatters the bloody-mindedness of those that fail to see the light….
Need I go on?


To me, this looks way too much like the first stages of the campaign to demonize and eradicate the Jewish people in Nazi Germany.

James Sexton

Beautiful one-liner from Morano, “environmental snuff films.” That is the level to which they sank.


i thought the interview was very professional.


[snip -off topic, Iraq War ~mod]

George Kominiak

You know, I don’t think that anyone, (right thinking) on any side of any issue anywhere (other than the clowns that produced the 10:10 video), would think that this was a good thing to do!


This video portrays the kind of society we are headed towards:

Oops. The HTML didn’t behave the way I expected. I guess one can’t add images in the comments. Anthony, if you’d prefer to insert these into a post, please feel free. That would probably work better. No pressure, though *wink*
A two-part screencapture from the 10:10 Facebook page. They ran a contest, inviting people to guess what was happening in a photo.
Part 1 is here – it shows the photo
Part 2 shows various guesses, including the winning one. (Pink and yellow highlighting were added by moi.)
I grabbed these about 24 hours ago. The Facebook page now seems to be a unavailable.
“We needed some sounds of blood and gore splattering on the floor after the children/footballers/celebrities blow up…Thanks for playing my amuse-oneself-whilst-bored-in-sound-studio game everyone. See you, Franny.”


When rhetoric boils over and good sense fails.
It’s time to look at what’s going on under the hood.
Hijacked environmental issues would mean that key persons sold out a long time back.

Gordon Ford

Very restrained for Mark.


Jeremy says:
October 4, 2010 at 7:48 pm
Thanks for the reminder. That was chilling enough.

Andrew W

The presenter said: “What happens next is even more horrifying than what you just saw.”
I think the bit Fox broadcast was the easily the worst of it, does anyone want to argue that the following two scenes are “even more horrifying”?
REPLY: No, we don’t want to argue about it, bugger off. – Anthony

The Facebook page seems to be back now.
In fairness, this contest ran on “The Age of Stupid” (Franny’s film that preceded the 10:10 Campaign) Facebook page, rather than the 10:10 Facebook page.
See the whole thing here
A searing review of the “The Age of Stupid” film appears here

I think this video will hurt ‘global warming’ in poll numbers more than ClimateGate did.

Richard Sharpe

Frank K. says on October 4, 2010 at 7:35 pm

Good! The word is spreading to the MSM. Is there a list of corporate sponsors (besides Sony)? I’d like to know who to boycott during the upcoming Christmas shopping season…

It was claimed that 10:10 in Germany said the Microsoft was a sponsor.


The thing is, these people screened this among themselves, and loved it! Was it the power of vengeance that they felt?


That interview was actually pretty low key. After they showed the video, there’s not much to say. You just sit there wondering what they were thinking.

Andrew W

“REPLY: No, we don’t want to argue about it, bugger off. – Anthony”
As I know you’re a fan of free speech, can I assume that you’re not banning me just because I’ve made the point that FOX had a good story, they didn’t need to exaggerate?
REPLY: No, you can assume you don’t get to run the conversation the way you want with your snark. Given your track record here, you’ve now reached troll bin status, meaning each of your comments gets an extra pair of eyes. Get Gareth to man up and admit his error, and maybe you’ll get out of the troll bin. Ennegram for example, just got out of the troll bin, after having learned how not to gum up a thread. You can learn too. -A


It reminds me of those mindless catch-phrases, like: “Whatever it takes”
“Just do it” “Get in touch with your power” etc. These people seem to have gone to the wrong personal development (read: brainwashing) classes.


Your response to Andrew W was … how can I put it … firm but fair!

Dr A Burns

Mark forgot to mention that science has also failed the alarmists. They are getting desperate with their failure to find any evidence to support their nonsense, as the earth stubbornly refuses to warm for them.

The people who created this film are ideologues, true believers, to whom it does not seem at all unreasonable to blow up and exterminate dissenters. In fact, as they admit, they think it’s funny.
For true believers, it’s a short step from a sick joke to reality.
/Mr Lynn


Sony has abandoned them reportedly:

Thank you for your email concerning the video released by the 10:10 climate change campaign group. Sony has supported the 10:10 climate change campaign because we share its objective to reduce carbon emissions. However, we strongly condemn the “No Pressure” video which was conceived, produced and released by 10:10 entirely without the knowledge or involvement of Sony. The company considers the video to be ill-conceived and in extremely bad taste.
We also believe the video risks undermining the work of the many thousands of members of the public, schools and universities, local authorities and many businesses, of which Sony is one, who support the long-term aims of the 10:10 movement and who are actively working towards the reduction of carbon emissions.
As a result we have taken the decision to disassociate ourselves from 10:10 at this time.
In our press statement we will be posting tomorrow morning we reaffirm our ongoing commitment to the reduction of global carbon emissions as part of our ‘Road to Zero’ environmental plan.


The video is offensive, not because kids get blown up (that happens on South Park and it is obviously make believe), but because it reinforces the belief that the AGW brigade are justified in silencing those who disagree or don’t believe.
The Greenpeace video using a young boy to try and intimdate sceptics was just as offensive but at least it was honest about its intent.
The UEA email scandal has taught them nothing. You cannot silence or intimidate people forever. Eventaully, the truth always gets out.
To really hurt 10:10, attack their funding. Governments and corporates that provide funding to these looneys really need to hold them to account.


Glad to see the first part of this video on Fox, as I did not have the guts to view it after reading the descriptions (I have something about eyeballs). As I have a mid-Atlantic sense of humour I was curious to see if there was any trace of Monty-Python or any other famous exemplars of British humour, especially after some commentators defended the video was being funny. Nope. Mind you, British humour has headed into the toilet in the past couple of decades, and political correctness drains much of the fun out of everything. The video is just very sad, and what many bloggers have said is so true – this is more likely to conjure up eco-terrorism than anything else. 10:10 deserves every ounce of condemnation that has been sent in its direction.


I found the whole idea of the commercial to show a complete lack of sensitivity.
Putting aside for the moment whether it is or isn’t funny or humorous, when I first watched it I kept asking myself exactly what is the point ?
Are exploding people going to make reducing one’s carbon footprint seem like a “cool idea” ?
This ad is equivalent to the Vatican running a TV spot using Monty Python’s skit about the “holy hand grenade” thinking it would fill the pews on Sunday.
Yeah. This piece is funny. So funny that you think it was done by a bunch of jokers. A bunch of jokers completely unserious about their cause.

James Sexton

Amino Acids in Meteorites says:
October 4, 2010 at 8:10 pm
I think this video will hurt ‘global warming’ in poll numbers more than ClimateGate did.
Yes, because it’s easier to follow. ClimateGate meant nothing to the people that weren’t paying attention to begin with. lol, you don’t need a program to follow the who’s who in this attention grabber!
Maybe someone should create a program for the newcomers to the climate debate. This video will surely entice many more to watch more closely. A list of who’s who in the climate debate.

Tom in Texas

Another reason to boycott Sony.

Andrew W

“Get Gareth to man up and admit his error, and maybe you’ll get out of the troll bin. ”
Maybe you should have another look at that thread at HotTopic, I was the first and one of the most determined to argue against Gareth’s defense of the video.

charles nelson

As an ex ad-man I recognise this campaign as a textbook example of ‘group-think’. A small number of likeminded people, self selected, isolated from the real world who reinforce, reflect and amplify each other’s views sometimes to the point of absurdity…I presume the same thing happened with the Hockey Team.
I’m just waiting for the parodies to appear, you know where the ‘exploded’ declare themselves: gay, christian, muslim, jewish etc.
Massive own goal…at a critical moment of the game…excellent!

Douglas Dc

Apologize for my snipped remark….

Douglas Dc

That is: I Apologize for my snipped remark….
Trying to do a video and type at the same time…

James Sexton

Andrew W says:
October 4, 2010 at 8:45 pm
“Get Gareth to man up and admit his error, and maybe you’ll get out of the troll bin. ”
Maybe you should have another look at that thread at HotTopic, I was the first and one of the most determined to argue against Gareth’s defense of the video.
Andrew, I went, and I saw. In this instance, you were right. Well done. It isn’t always easy disagreeing with people one usually agrees with. And sometimes it is even harder to agree with people one usually disagrees with. Again, well done.

Stop Global Dumbing Now

The British government won’t ask for their money back. They funded this


Wait a minute, what was that old chestnut about “No such thing as bad publicity…”
Seriously, being suspicious of everything has its advantages, such as – I think this is a prime tester to feel the mood of a global audience.
Engineers please stand up and chime in, don’t we check Range and Tolerances, before finalising a solution, 10:10 seem to be finalising a final solution.
Did not 10:10 find their EXTREME outer edge (Range), and now its just a sweet tweak to ensure they keep just inside Tolerances. At least until Children the world over beg their parents to kill the nasty climate change deniers, a term I despise and use here reluctantly.
And then its, Green shirted Gaia youth coming to a public hanging near you.
Its chilling, but some [SELF SNIP]tard will kill in the name of Gaia (as distinct from the lunatic green policies condemning developing countries to starvation and misery.)
They might even trace the trigger back to 10:10.
Sure its a PR ****-UP, but its also in circulation, its changed some minds, its created more tension, its ramped up the arguments. If I was a master of dissent and chaos, I’d be rolling around in a pile of carbon credits right now, very please with myself.
Because while the left hand is waving the 10:10 handkerchief, the right hand just palmed your watch.

David Davidovics

Haha, like I said, the response from alarmists would be dead silence.
For what its worth, the last part of the video was pretty graphic too with Gillian’s eyeball dripping down the inside of the sound room glass, but I digress – the whole concept was in poor taste.
Thanks for the link to the debate between Marc and Joe. Really enjoyed it.

CPT. Charles

Sorry for the additional [O/T]: But perhaps interesting.
Heads are rolling over at the DoE.
Is it because of ‘failure to perform’ in spite of all the money shoveled in their direction?
Or is it a matter of clearing the way for even more ‘green minded’ people to take their places?
Time will tell.


Don’t forget the behind the scenes of the 10:10 video when it shows a young “actor”, covered in guts and blood saying this:
“My name is Drew Barnard, and I think it is fine to explode children for a good cause.”
Reference it here:
[And I don’t really CARE if you think it is tongue and cheek and satire. For christ’s sakes….the kid is a young teen. He doesn’t even know what satire is!!]
“My name is Drew Barnard, and I think it is fine to explode children for a good cause.”
The only other group in the known universe that believes this sick thought…are radical Islamic terrorists who have no qualms exploding children “for a good cause.”
Sick sick sick.
Norfolk, VA, USA

Julian in Wales

I think they are champion smearers, they forgot how to debate with the other side long ago and ran out of ways to smear the other side, so they just kept on smearing and finally got to smearing their own waverers. What is it called when prisoners smear themselves with their own excrement?


I showed the Fox segment to my daughter. She was appalled at the video showing children being blown up in school. She thinks the “people that put the video together are stupid psychotic idiots”. If you wonder why I showed my daughter the video it is because she goes to public school and has seen the indoctrination from both her teachers and in her school books with respect to global warming. No science only fear and intimidation, not funny at all.