The EPA has gone mad cow disease

EPA classifies milk as oil, forcing costly rules on farmers

Hint: Milk does not come from the ground (Image:

Monica Scott The Grand Rapids Press

Update: State Senate calls for EPA to change rule classifying cow’s milk as oil

GRAND RAPIDS — Having watched the oil gushing in the Gulf of Mexico, dairy farmer Frank Konkel has a hard time seeing how spilled milk can be labeled the same kind of environmental hazard.

But the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is classifying milk as oil because it contains a percentage of animal fat, which is a non-petroleum oil.

The Hesperia farmer and others would be required to develop and implement spill prevention plans for milk storage tanks. The rules are set to take effect in November, though that date might be pushed back.

“That could get expensive quickly,” Konkel said. “We have a serious problem in the Gulf. Milk is a wholesome product that does not equate to spilling oil.”

But last week environmentalists disagreed at a Senate committee hearing on a resolution from Sen. Wayne Kuipers, R-Holland, calling for the EPA to rescind its ruling.

“The federal Clean Water Act requirements were meant to protect the environment from petroleum-based oils, not milk,” he said. “I think it is an example of federal government gone amuck.”

But Gayle Miller, legislative director of Sierra Club Michigan Chapter, said agricultural pollution probably is the nation’s most severe chronic problem when it comes to water pollution.

“Milk is wholesome in a child’s body. It is devastating in a waterway,” Miller said. “The fact that it’s biodegradable is irrelevant if people die as a result of cryptosporidium, beaches close for E. coli and fish are killed.”

Also, the International Dairy Foods Association said it has learned the EPA will exempt the industry from the rule. But state lawmakers say they won’t let up until that is official.

“This is an example of where we have overreach by the department that defies common sense,” said Matt Smego, legislative counsel for Michigan Farm Bureau.

Smego said its an unnecessary regulatory burden that creates additional costs. He said it could cost $2,500 for a certified engineer to safeguard milk, plus more to construct secondary containment structures.

“The federal government has gotten out touch what’s going on in rural America,” said Konkel. “This is our livelihood.””

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They didn’t realize that Washington cocktail parties require milk to make Brie. Fondue has been known to use milk as well.

Henry chance

They are arresting farmers for selling raw milk and dumping the milk on the ground. The USDA seems to not know this is dangerous. All the molecules in milk trace back to the land, water and air.
A friend of mine is in safety at a chemical plant. He tells me if a container of ice cream is spilled on their land, they exceed allowable dioxins in parts per billion.
The crazies are trying to take over.


When New Zealand’s ETS starts next week, it will be the next step in similar over-regulation. When the agricultural emissions come under the system in a few years time, cows, sheep and horses will all be charged a flat rate for emissions of methane.
You can calculate it all here
We also have a “world-leading” research centre to look into genetically modifying clover so that cows don’t emit as much methane. This, apparently, will be good for our “clean-green” image.

Jason Bair

So no crying over spilt milk?

Pamela Gray

Will they exempt nursing human moms? Or just cows? How about soy? Now that would be hitting below the belt to take the sacred soy milk the greenies advocate consuming and calling THAT a pollutant!!!!!


Well, this is just more sh*t from the same agency that has declared CO2 to be a pollutant.


The EPA is crying wolf over spilt milk.


Milk stains are difficult to remove. Perhaps we should ban the stuff altogether. Think of all those bovine farts that would be saved.

D Caldwell

Musings from the Heartland
The US leadership in DC has taken a lurch to the left and the above is just one of hundreds of nonsense examples where we are becoming a more hostile place to do business. If we don’t correct our course and work on becoming a better business environment, millions of working Americans will suffer greatly.


So much to say… so certain others are either typing it scratching their heads like I am…
Onion? April fool’s? Nope… EPA gone mad. Drunk with power. Weird.

Ed Caryl

Water will be next. (Water intoxication, you know.) The only cure is abolishing the EPA.


We really need to clean house in Washington… it is populated by idiots hell bent on destroying our economy and way of life.

This is all part of the progressive agenda to slowly start having the government control everything just like Russia and China. If you think I’m nuts look at what they’re doing with the ACGW agenda to push taxes and CAP AND TRADE!
Here is another good example… The FTA/FDA are attacking nutritional supplement vendors and retail outlets.
I have two friends currently facing jail time because they are defying an illegal order set forth by the FTA. The FTA and FDA have been sanctioned by Congress numerous times for passing their own laws and ordinances even though they don’t have power to do so. Now they’ve gone one step farther, they’ve not only started passing their own laws, they have created a “judge” position under FTA Mandate that can prosecute cases at FTA Federal Court in Washington DC.
This is all under the guidelines of the Codex Alementarius because Clinton illegally signed us into the WTO. Anyone having signed into the FTO agrees to abide by the Codex. Sanctions can be assessed against the country by the WTO and the UN if they fail to abide by these regulations. Apparently the FDC has begun the next step and created this absolutely ridiculous regulation on milk next.
For anyone wanting further information on the FTC trial I mentioned you can go here


Wellllll, shoot. There goes all the milk products if the EPA doesn’t back down. What is wrong with these “people” (EPA, WWF, Green Pieces, Sierra Clowns, etc. ) ? Don’t they have anything better to do than screw around with other peoples lives? Like maybe GET A DAMN JOB DOING SOMETHING USEFUL!

Robert Jacobs

Uh, this IS a joke, right? Hello . . .? This can’t be serious, right?

Billy Liar

You shouldn’t cry over spilt milk.
I couldn’t resist…..


this would not be a problem if the cows formed a union

Tim Nesbitt

What about the new human mothers of the world? Is their milk – oil?

Vuk etc.

Warning to all scientists!
The indictments, issued on 3 June by the L’Aquila public prosecutor’s office, name six scientists as being investigated for manslaughter in relation to the earthquake.
The list comprises Enzo Boschi, president of the National Institute for Geophysics and Vulcanology (INGV) in Rome, the main institute in charge of seismic monitoring; Giulio Selvaggi, director of the National Earthquake Center based at INGV; Franco Barberi, a volcanologist at the University of ‘Roma Tre’; Claudio Eva, a professor of earth physics at the University of Genoa; Mauro Dolce, head of the seismic risk office in the Italian government’s Civil Protection Agency; and Gian Michele Calvi, director of the European Centre for Training and Research in Earthquake Engineering in Pavia. A government official, Bernardo De Bernardinis, deputy technical head of the Civil Protection Agency, is also under investigation.
Hmm! Astrology appears to be preferable.

James Allison

Obviously the FDA needs to have the following added to milk carton labels.
” Spilling milk on beaches is a prosecutable offense due to the risk of spreading cryptosporidium and E. coli”.
Would that make you cry?


If the EPA is worried about water pollution I suggest they go after kids peeing in swimming pools.
Leave the farmers alone.


Several times we have opined that a post made by a psychiatrist should analyze such a big collection of really crazy assertions made, specially in the english speaking countries, around the issue of environment and the so called ecology.
You, more than us, third worlders, are living in really “interesting times”, which I don’t know if they happend before war or an armageddon, however it seems to be sure that there is an impending cataclism in your future.
Either you sack all these nuts off by kicking them in their asses or send all of them, safely tied in straightjackets to a big asylum or you are going to suffer the inevitable consequences of their insane behaviour.
It is so stupid that you won’t find such an issue written in any other language than in english, or under “weird news”.

Al Cooper

A little bit here.
A little bit there…
Soon a whole lot everywhere.
Itz all about control.

Good Lord, I hope they don’t classify Scotch as a hazard. (Afterall, it IS flamable..)
If they do, we’ll probably have to bio-remediate as much of it as we can as fast as we can.
It would be our patriotic duty!


I can’t wait till we all get gov. run health care!!!!

Dave in Exile

Don’t we all contain a percentage of animal fat? So if someone jumps in for a swim, covered in suntan oil or not, is that a spill? Don’t fish have fats and oils? Is a dead fish an oil spill? Doesn’t pretty much everything alive, plants and animals, contain the long chain hydrocarbons that we call oils? Does anyone in this administration have any idea what they are talking about? Sorry, that’s a dumb question to ask.

Douglas DC

Stalinist ideas. Go after them Kulaks! They are also going after the Amish farmers
in Pennsylvania….
Big Ag is getting bigger. The Amish and the small farmer are the enemy..


It’s time to shut down the EPA.


Someone ought to tell them that it’s no use lying over spilled milk ;^)

Al Gore's Holy Hologram

Fish killed from spilt milk?
Farmers should just stand outside some regulators offices for a few weeks and let them know why they have a right to bear arms.


Basically EPA can start mass-sterilization of people now. By definition, every man and woman is a pollutant…..


Worse, when milk rots it forms cheese – the white (or yellow) equivalent of tar balls! Still worse, when fungi colonize the cheese you get CAMEMBERT and GORGONZOLA! Europe is full of them.
And Blancmanges.


Seems there are reasons to cry over spilt milk…


Heh, stupidly funny. There’s bacteria that eats a lot of “black” oil, there’s even more that eats animal fat oil, not to mention insects and other animals.
Maybe the dandelion itself don’t like spilt milk but every bacteria and creature around will, and I bet the dandelion wont mind the water that the spilt milk contain and is left by every one else.
NSA should make a visit to the EPA in their search for extremists. :p

Milwaukee Bob

I think it’s high time for a Milk Party. Hmm, let’s see – – flights to Boston?? No… wait. EPA is in DC. I can see it now, milk cascading down the steps …… oh darn. They don’t have steps in front of their building. Hmm, what can we do as a peaceful protest???
Ah Ha! Turn the Potomac white with animal fat! I’m thinking July 4th…. Now, how do I get a gallon of that dangerous stuff past the TSA at the airport? Guess I’ll have to drive, or maybe a bus. they’ll never see us coming on a BUS.
Don’t need to be coy, Roy, just listen to me.
Hop on the bus, Gus, don’t need to discuss much.
See you in DC, Lee, and get yourself free!!

Next, they’ll be going after Crazed Poodles. Oh, wait…


One step further will be to remove breasts from all women!, it seems these guys were given to drink kool-aid instead of milk when they were babies.LOL!!!

Gary Hladik

This is a gag post, right?
Say it ain’t so, Anthony!


Like birds…you should migrate south, really.

Bruce Cobb

I doubt Nixon would recognize the monster that the EPA he created has become. It is out of control.


Boy wonder what the EPA would have slapped on the deputies in the long gone prohibition days of running booze down the gutters everywhere!!
Holy Cow!

Henry chance

These orders stink of political extremism. Soybeans are processed for bio fuels. At 20% oil content, why are they not blowing a gasket over spilt beans?
Fat content in milk is closer to 5%. Obviously when a bird, coyote, rabit die, their body fat is also on the dirt and can run to the water supply. All the trillions of fish that die in the ocean contaminate the water with their fats and oils.
It appears the EPA wants to selectively create havoc.


Well, this sort of idiocy is not sustainable. The pendulum will swing in the other direction and as usually happens, it will overshoot and move too far in that direction, too.
The older I get, the more cynical I become in my opinion of government.

Bryan A

Before too long it will be illegal to wear suntan lotion at the beach (oil seepage into the sands) or in the water ocean (tidal drift carrying the oil into protected wetlands), and to lay on the ground (body oil (animal fat) leaking from you into the ground) without a plastic sheet between you and the earth. Or likely to walk barefoot for either the same reason or for the possibility of cutting you foot and leaking a biohazard onto the ground.


How do they qualify the other “white stuff” they like so much?


Electric Kool-Aid Madness Test.
The Super Bowl commercial about the Green Police wasn’t kidding.

Vuk etc.

From hence forth Milky Way will be known only as Galaxy.

Hey Folks!
This is brought to you by people who have never been to “rural America” except to fly over it, Buy all their groceries at (name the niche grocery) and think that tofu is picked from the field in its wrapper and milk is in cartons at the farm. I don’t see anything surprising here.


Bryan A says:
“June 24, 2010 at 2:42 pm
Before too long it will be illegal to wear suntan lotion at the beach (oil seepage into the sands) […]”
Or wash your teenager.


Vuk etc. says: June 24, 2010 at 1:45 pm
Re: “Warning to all scientists!”
I think that if you look into this a bit you may find that the people under indictments are the established ‘scientists’ that refused to evaluate the findings of a mere ‘laboratory technician’ who had been making real observations of the real data and had indicated that an earthquake was imminent and had publicly declared where and when it would occur.
The authority of the established and published scientists and their models prevailed, people died.
Not much different really from the person who said the o-rings were too cold.
Sometimes a non-scientist looking at real data can actually understand the meaning, regardless of what the establishment prefers to believe.
From Wikipedia (sorry it is in this case a convenient collection of the details)

2009 L’Aquila earthquake
Italian laboratory technician Giampaolo Giuliani predicted a major earthquake on Italian television a month before, after measuring increased levels of radon emitted from the ground. He was accused of being alarmist by the Director of the Civil Defence, Guido Bertolaso, and forced to remove his findings from the Internet (old data and descriptions are still on line). He was also reported to police a week before the main quake for “causing fear” among the local population when he predicted an earthquake was imminent in Sulmona, about 50 km (31 mi) from L’Aquila, on 30 March where a 4° quake happened (later Sulmona only suffered minor damages by the 6 April earthquake). Enzo Boschi, the head of the Italian National Geophysics Institute declared: “Every time there is an earthquake there are people who claim to have predicted it. As far as I know nobody predicted this earthquake with precision. It is not possible to predict earthquakes.”