NOAA: All time record snowfall for DC and Baltimore?

From the “weather is not climate department”, it seems that the biggest snowstorm of all time is targeting the nation’s capitol. Here’s the current radar image:




1234 PM EST FRI FEB 5 2010




1234 PM EST FRI FEB 5 2010

















169 thoughts on “NOAA: All time record snowfall for DC and Baltimore?

  1. Well this does not seem to affect Wisconsin; so we can hardly call it the Wisconsin Glaciation Release 2.0.

  2. Experts tell us that the previous record storm from 1922 was due to a lack of CO2. This storm (of about the same size) is therefore due to an excess of CO2.
    The explanation is simple. Cold and snow is due to too little CO2, too much CO2, or just the right amount of CO2. Much of current climate theory is derived from Romm/Goldilocks theory.

    At the table in the kitchen, there were three bowls of porridge. Goldilocks was hungry. She tasted the porridge from the first bowl.
    “This porridge is too hot!” she exclaimed.
    So, she tasted the porridge from the second bowl.
    “This porridge is too cold,” she said
    So, she tasted the last bowl of porridge.
    “Ahhh, this porridge is just right,” she said happily and she ate it all up.

  3. Now I lay me down to sleep
    I pray for snow six feet deep
    Spare the rest in the Land of The Free
    But cover those loons in Washington, D.C.

  4. I hope getting snowed in for a couple of days gives some people a clue about the importance of having energy. Reliable energy.

  5. Well, of course, the ecoholics will use “Excuse 5-3a” from the IPCC handbook which says….ah, let me refer to my manual here….ah, here it is….”More Extreme Weather Events”. See! Told ya!

  6. The snowfall projection has been zooming all day, from midteens to 24″, to 26″,to 28″, and the latest I’ve seen is now 30″. Having been through snowfalls of that magnitude here in Minnesota, where the infrastructure for dealing with snow is much more developed than in D.C. which is often paralyzed by little more than a minor flurry, I suspect they could end up shut down for a week or more. Personally I see that as nothing but a positive prospect.

  7. Let’s put it the way Oboma would say it , this weather was left to me by my predecessor George W Bush! It’s not my fault. Now let us continue, to put up the fight, to counter this unprecedented; global warming.
    :<] :<o Ha :<}Brr ':<) seriously.

  8. Dave,
    The storm will give Obama the opportunity to really hunker down and get serious about stopping global warming.

  9. As of right now this article is not in the “Recent Posts” sidebar. Is WordPress supposed to automatically update it?
    And as I’m in central PA, I better hurry up out of here to get the shopping done!

  10. LarryD makes a perceptive comment:
    Maybe this super storm will give the ”inside the beltway” crowd a wake-up call on what’s important (although the cynic in me isn’t holding my breath); i.e.: When you’re snowed in and it’s cold outside, having power is not just a minor handy convenience.
    I say the above as someone whose primary residence is way back in the mountains on the east slopes of the North Cascades; where there are times we measure the snowfall in FEET, not inches (for a number of years the little mountain town just down the road from my place held the record for WA State for the most snowfall in one 24-hour period: FOUR FEET).
    And I’m guessing not a lot of people in the ”Greater D.C.” area have the big powder snowshoes; or long-track snowmobiles; or wide-track nordic skis. So if they are any distance from a Metro station (credit where credit is due: D.C. has a good transist system; I’ve used it), they are about to have an up-close and personal experience with Mother Nature in one of her less-benign moods. . . .

  11. It’s snowing as heavily as I have seen in thirty years in Washington DC right now – we’re supposed to get up to a meter of snow, with 40-50 kmh winds
    I’ve never seen a hurricane force blizzard (“Herbie”) before – I’d like to see one (not here though)
    Joe Romm wrote in his web log in December that the December blizzard in DC was “exactly like the climatologists predicted with extreme weather.”
    The hysteria that often accompanies paranoid schizophrenia is not funny to witness.
    Not funny one bit.

  12. Welp, I’m sitting in an apartment in the Virginia suburb of DC (Vienna) because of a house fire a few weeks ago and it is snowing like there’s no tomorrow. Started at around 10am local time and has continued since. Won’t this be fun. I suppose, if we must endure it, we may as well set the record so I can talk to my grandkids about the ‘storm of 010’. 🙂

  13. Snow is just frozen water.
    A blizzard is now in the forecast (I live in Rockville, MD).
    None of the AGW experts has any ability to do real-time weather predictions.
    100 years: no problem.
    Tomorrow? We haven’t a clue.
    Unfortunately our means of travel is based on the coefficient of friction. The coefficient of friction on ice/snow approaches 0.
    That means that we do not move.
    And our local governments have already spent all of their snow removal funds.

  14. My brake recall keeps people from watching me drive my Toyota Pious. Now this. My deepest fear is the Potomac turning into a glacier.

  15. The oceans are puking heat content into the colder atmosphere, keeping the atmosphere warmer that it would be otherwise. Oceans puking snow and rain as well. As the third year of the deep solar minimum drags on, the ocean heat re-uptake will continue to be reduced. This report on sea surface temperature is just a bit of noise and can be classified as a false positive. Expect the summer of 2010 the be a repeat of the summer of 2009, the summer that wasn’t. Expect the following winter to be just as harsh as the preceding one, if not more so.
    Until the Sun breaks out of it’s solar minimum, expect the trend to continue on the global cooling side.
    Side note;
    Something strange is happening in south Florida especially SW Florida this year. Here in SW Florida in the winter it is usually dry as a bone, like a dessert. Not this winter. We have been getting a generous amount of rain on a consistent basis as was this past summer. What natural phenomenon can explain this except for global cooling and solar minimum?
    Looking forward of the super blizzard of 2010 for the NE coast.

  16. I wish I could make every congressperson who is in DC right now watch some video segments of Hansen making “coal cars death trains” speeches in front of crowds of green zombies

  17. Three years ago I drove to the store (one mile away) during a blizzard in my SUV to get some chapstick for one of my kids. It was snowing so hard, that on the way home the vehicle got high centered and I blew out the transmission. It snowed three feet that night.
    My advice would be to ski to the store if you really have to go. I didn’t have a car for a week after that and the skiing was much more fun anyway.

  18. Steve Goddard (14:55:01) :
    Experts tell us that the previous record storm from 1922 was due to a lack of CO2.
    Post a query for Joe Romm. Maybe he can shed some light on CO2 in 1922. Aren’t Hansen and Romm around 80 years old?
    Maybe they have an old Climbing magazine around from back then.

  19. They’ve been treating our roads since last night. It really started snowing here around 3 pm and the the roads were still in good shape at 5. According to the National Weather Service, we could get up to 16 inches locally, but the local meteorologists are all over the place. One says 4-8, another says 8-10, and another says 6-12. So who knows. I’m bundled up in my fuzzy blanket for the night and my kids are picking out movies–I’m going to make hot chocolate and cinnamon toast.
    Stay safe, everyone. I remember the Blizzard of ’93 and the Blizzard of ’79…just be careful.

  20. While that might be a record for one storm, I grew up in that region and have seen more snow than that on the ground. That was when we had “back to back” or “back to back to back” Nor’easters come though in a relatively short period of time.
    In fact, this storm might be setting up to do the same thing. There is a second storm spinning up around Missouri and when that one reaches the coast, it may also “explode” and produce a second event.

  21. what do kids think nowadays? when i was a kid snowstorms were fun, still are. The Weather Channel (yesterday) was saying, yes, you can still get storms like this, but the planet IS warming. WTF!!
    (a long time Weather Channel addict, but not lately).
    it’s just sad.

  22. I wish there was another way other than to witness blizzards to make greeniacs look totally asinine trying to sell AGW.
    Right now, I see no other way

  23. The animated maps all over the place look like the storm is going to leave the coast pretty quickly. Is there something I am missing?
    I understand how a noreaster works, but doesnt that mean the low has to slow down and hang of of the coast for a while? looks like its moving too fast.

  24. I’m in Baltimore and you have to realize we seem to be stuck on a snow belt this winter. Besides the Dec. storm, we had 5″ of snow last weekend, 4″ on Wednesday, we are predicted to get 20-30 over the next 24 hours, and snow is predicted for Tues next week and next Saturday. Is Al Gore in town or something???

  25. I am 100 miles west of DC and it started snowing at 9:30 this morning. As of 6 pm, there was 7 inches of snow.

  26. What a coincidence!
    Washington, DC politicians get a chance to make direct observations themselves to independently “verify” Al Gore’s predictions.
    What a strange coincidence.
    With kind regards,
    Oliver K. Manuel
    Emeritus Professor
    Nuclear & Space Science
    Former NASA PI for Apollo

  27. Don’t be alarmed, folks. This is just Mother Gaia compensating for the imminent loss of those Himalayan glaciers. By 2035 (2030?) they’ll be relocated to DC and vicinity.
    I suggest moving the Federal Government about 250 km east to escape the ice.

  28. I guess Mother Nature wanted to send President Obama a message:
    “I don’t like it when others try and take credit for my handiwork!”

  29. Great! More heat that will be released in the atmosphere to irradiate to space.
    H2O(l) –> H2O(s) + Heat

  30. G. Varros (15:53:23) :
    I got a few shots of the arcs, sun-dogs and halos on Feb 4 …
    Super Pictures, thanks for showing them to us.

  31. I guess the first snow storm didn’t get the message across (even with the caption contest). So this one is The Special – A message to you Barry.

  32. Since this is storm is obviously caused by KillerCoal, this would be a good time for J Hansen and his EcoWarriors to shut down the DC coal plant… This conscientious action would have the maximum effect during the storm. Who knows, the immediate cessation of CO2 might even clear the skies and usher in the EcoUtopia…. /sarc off

  33. “The animated maps all over the place look like the storm is going to leave the coast pretty quickly. Is there something I am missing?”
    What often happens is that once the low gets close to the coast, a new one forms offshore quite suddenly and “explodes” with moisture. What amazes me about the national RADAR is that you can see the classic Nor’easter set up.
    Here is a good link with some snowstorm history of the region and a bit about how these storms work:

  34. G. Varros:
    Very nice. I’m also in the Mt. Airy neighborhood (over in Monrovia) and was looking at those clouds yesterday and wondering if there were any sun dogs or other phenomena. You must have been looking at just the right time, as I didn’t see anything.
    I hope you’re hunkered down. I’ve got the Buffalo, NY-quality snow blower ready to go and all the bread, milk and toilet paper a family of five could ever need.
    Stay safe.

  35. Mr Varros, what is making the trees in the background stand out in incandescence?
    Or did you photoshop that in?

  36. This begs a question. If most of the earth’s stored heat is in the oceans, is this the result of the oceans releasing some of its stored heat?
    Where I live on a very large lake we see this effect at night for those of us who live on the shoreline when the temperatures stabilize and even increase a degree or two for a couple of hours as the lake gives up its heat.

  37. Seeing those wacko politicians get hit with 3 feet of snow makes me think this is either poetic justice or divine intervention.
    Anyway I’m glad it isn’t coming here (metro Detroit area). Knock on wood.

  38. Mike D. (15:49:08) :
    “The biggest snow job in DC history? It staggers the imagination.”
    Yeah, I’ve seen much, much bigger snow jobs in D.C. when congress was in sesssion.
    (Beat ya to that one, Pamela Gray ;o)

  39. JT (15:50:37) :

    The animated maps all over the place look like the storm is going to leave the coast pretty quickly. Is there something I am missing?
    I understand how a noreaster works, but doesnt that mean the low has to slow down and hang of of the coast for a while? looks like its moving too fast.

    To get some really, really big snow falls it helps for the storm to stall just off the coast. That’s what happened to Massachusetts and Rhode Island in the (NE) Blizzard of ’78. Three storm enhanced high tides took of 100′ (30 m) of Cape Cod, 10 years worth of erosion in one storm. Inland I think the highest snowfall was 40+ inches, (1+ m).
    The current storm is rather stretched out, so while it won’t be stalling, it will drag quite a moisture feed across the area. If you watch the weather maps I suspect you’ll see the storm wind up off the coast and turn into a more compact circular storm than it is now. It may also twist up the frontal structures that make it an extratropical “baroclinic” storm and start taking on some tropical characteristics for a day or so, but that’s something that deserves more study.
    Dang. Up here in New Hampshire we might get a little cirrus. Oh well, I’m happy to sacrifice my storms here if they make my congressional delegation feel at home.
    Besides, I was in the Blizzard of ’78, the most impressive weather event I’ve ever attended. There will be a couple hundred people who find this weekend.

  40. One of my ‘younger’ brothers in the DC area just emailed me to complain about the snow (and the need to shovel it) and asking if I could remember anything similar from childhood. Well, I can remember one or two big dumps around the time I was being taught an Ice Age loomed, but not two in the same winter. I’d feel sorry for him, except I live in Alberta and a new Ice Age will destroy me long before his back breaks from shovelling snow.
    Climate is just accumulated weather and I don’t have a clue what is going on with our climate. But I do know that the last 20 years of climate science funding has been a waste of the taxpayers’ dollars – and we should have a better idea of what is going on after spending all that money. Big federal funding of science may be useful for a Manhattan Project or for putting someone on the Moon, but it is a disaster for everything else.

  41. I’m thoroughly out of my depth on this one, but I can’t help wondering if all this cold weather reflects changes in the Arctic climate, with cold transfer to nearby regions. In other words, heat transfer into the arctic.

  42. Hope all is well with my friends over the pond. Keep the fire well stoked with logs and the oil tank full. We’re due to get a dose of the white stuff early next week here in England, although it will probably be a mere dusting compared with what your going to get!
    Ain’t this CAGW blooming marvellous?
    Good luck all.

  43. G. Varros (15:53:23) :
    I got a few shots of the arcs, sun-dogs and halos on Feb 4 that preceded the storm. Here is one shot, whacked a bit with Adobe to bring out some detail, with some of the phenomenon labelled:
    and another one of some geese fleeing with a nice zenithal arc in the background:
    These were shot about 35 miles NW of DC, in Mount Airy Maryland.

    Great pictures. Out here in Wyoming, where it gets quite cold in the winter, I have never seen that many arcs at one time.

  44. Negative, Vibenna.
    On a global scale, hot air rises near the Equator because of the intense sun between Tropical latitudes, and the pressure difference between the Arctic and the Equatorial regions moves air from the Arctic to the Tropics.
    The Coriolis force of the rotating Earth shifts the high-level winds (to the West) in the N Hemisphere

  45. Brian G Valentine (16:26:10) : “…what is making the trees in the background stand out in incandescence? ”
    I unsharp masked the image in Adobe to bring out the Perry arc.
    James the Simple (16:24:01) : “You must have been looking at just the right time, as I didn’t see anything.”
    They were visible (worthy of ‘trying’ to take pictures) from around 2:45 until around 3:33 with only about 10 minutes where the it was peaking so to say. The clouds were thickening really fast so the opportunity was really short.
    I don’t have a snow blower. I’m going to weigh a square foot of this stuff and eventually measure my drive way once my back recovers from shoveling, so I’ll know how stupid I am not to have one. I do have a few snow plow enthusiasts living around me, they’ve been going at it for hours and we only have maybe 5 inches right now.
    If this storm amps up like the March 1993 storm, we should get some blue lightning tonight.

  46. Somebody should call up old Pachyderm, and ask him if all of his Himalayan Ice and snow is being transferred to Washington DC.
    Maybe we could arrange to have it delivered to the UN building in New York instead; by train of course.

  47. Well I guess this means there won’t be any Cap and Trade votes in Congress over the next few days!
    Now if Congress would just shut down for the rest of the year we’d all be better off.

  48. Was in the DC area and saw back to back storms in DC the winter of 1986-1987. They dropped 15-16″ apiece and we had a good yard on the back deck after it was all over. The fun part was that it was cold for a week or two afterwards and the roads were awful and icy for a long time. Lots of people saw their auto insurance go up the next year.
    Comment about divine intervention reminded me of an old Bill Cosby line: God has a sense of humor. There is also a non-Cosby corollary to that observation: When that sense of humor takes place, it is best to be at least a 3-state radius away from it. Cheers –

  49. G. Varros (15:53:23) :
    “and another one of some geese fleeing with a nice zenithal arc in the background”
    nice pictures and info!!
    also nice picture of geese (birds) adapting to the environment, by relocating.
    birds are evolved from dinosaurs, correct?
    evolution gave them wings to adapt to climate changes.
    sorry to hijack your comment.

  50. Would some of our green communist friends call Putin and see if he can spare an icebreaker for the Potomac?
    Obama sold ours when he was told the artic was icefree.
    I could be wrong. It could be the repo man from China took it. We haven’t been paying our bills. Bush was distracted with WMD’s

  51. What is:
    1) top secret
    2) orchestrated by self appointed few
    3) gonna make us mega $$Fat
    4) undetectable by the sheeple
    5) dominion over the sheeple
    … A Snow Job.

  52. Claude Harvey 14:59:47
    re “those loons in Washington DC”, I resemble that remark!
    I am a native, have lived just outside in Virginia all of my life, and yes we get our share of transient loons in government and diplomacy.
    We are socked in with plenty of food and beer as the inches pile up (it has been snowing nearly sideways from the norhteast), the neighbors have chipped in on the plan for digging out, and I am keeping a path dug across the back porch so the dog can get out!
    Our local blogs are lit up with some of our loonier progressives painstakingly assuring the rest of us that our lame jokes about global warming simply go to prove that we don’t understand that climate does not equal weather.
    (Funny how when the same ether was lit up with wailing that Bush’s refusal to ratify Kyoto had caused cannibalism in the Superdome because of Katrina, weather most certainly did not only equal climate, but political climate as well!)
    Given the current political occupants of DC (until our midterms), I really don’t mind your wishes for six feet of snow on SOME of Washington!
    Wish us luck, and thank goodness for real fireplaces and a nice wood rack on a covered porch just in case!

  53. Well, we survived the Great French Toast Panic her in Phila.
    EVERYONE has to get in bread, milk and eggs.
    The snow started in Philly about 2 hours ago and we already have an inch on the ground, 12 – 16 inches predicted.

  54. The words “of all time” are always so silly, since we don’t know what happened even a relatively short time ago, nor what will happen in the future. Anyway, looks like it’s not going to be that bad, just pretty wet.

  55. Reading all the stuff on the web today one gets the feeling that yes IPCC is finished and yes Mann will not get away with it and yes Hadley will be closed down and yes the lawyers will start going for the money. Give it another 2 months. It becoming headline everyday news even on mainstream media now. Main story on Spectator, Australian etc would not be surprised to see Time, Newsweek onto it soon.

  56. I don’t mind the snow, it’s just a couple of weeks late; it should have arrived on the day of the “State of the Failed Obama-plan” address

  57. Down here in the Norfolk area, we are getting a ton of rain which will switch to some snow. The big thing all is worried about is the storm force winds from the east-northeast bringing the high tide in at 5 ft above mllw.

  58. I just wish they would send some of the snow up here to Ottawa – we are a bit short this year and the ski tracks could do with a dump like this!

  59. The biggest snow storm of all time. Yes, I recognise the irony. Weather is what we experience, climate is what we are told has happened or will happen.
    Studying tree rings in cold latitudes is Science while History is just bunk!
    Who are you going to believe, today’s tree interrogators or yesterdays diarists?
    Climate changes, man chronicals those changes at no charge, mann gets paid to refute the change.
    I know whom I believe. You?

  60. Can we send Michael Mann and Phil Jones to haul wood and shovel driveways for little old ladies for the next few days?

  61. It peers the snow track is runnin a mite south this year. Makes me glad I live near Paradice now. I shore don’t miss shovelin snow.

  62. After homogenization, 1200km averaging, proxy substitution, and Mike’s nature trick – we will be able to demonstrate with 95% certainty that this storm never happened. It isn’t snowing in Miami after all.

  63. “”””Steve Goddard (15:34:56) :
    “”””Three years ago I drove to the store (one mile away) during a blizzard in my SUV to get some chapstick for one of my kids”””””
    Driving in deep snow can be fun however.
    I ski regularly so I drive in snow a lot, but last year we had 14 inches in the driveway here in the outskirts of Portland Oregon. I went out many times in my large SUV Nissan Armada with snow and ice tires.
    I enjoyed the power and ease of getting around.
    But I also had to pick up and run around others for their errands.

  64. Jack (14:50:08) :
    It’s because of global warming!
    Oh, hell, I couldn’t resist.

  65. sorry o.t but interesting.
    Posted 4 February 2010
    New ZEaland’s National Institute for Water & Atmospheric Research (NIWA) has been requested under the Official Information Act to provide details relating to treatment of raw temperature data. The trexts of the correspondence exchanged can be accessed in the links below.
    To download pdf: LINK
    NIIWA’S response: to download pdf: LINK
    Coalition’s further letter to NIWA: to download pdf: LINK
    Last Updated ( Thursday, 04 February 2010 )

  66. I live near DC, we have over a foot by midnight Fri Night. It snowed from 930am-330pm without sticking. (too warm at34F) Then it finally changed over.
    We have up to 24 more hours of snow, and it will snow between 1-4 inches per hour. Pretty good odds of 36″ total in my book.
    This stuff is weight and heavy. DC will be socked in for awhile. Congress wont get much done. Yeah.

  67. If it’d been 5 degrees colder, DC area kids would have gotten a week off from school. I used to love to watch the diplomats who’d never seen snow before spin out in their Mercedes. These guys had no redneck skills at all. I heard profanity in 20 languages.

  68. Frederick Michael 21:21:42, I remember the blizzard of 66. We lived in McLean, and it was quite a storm.
    My dad got stranded out of town on business, the power went out, and I remember my mother cooking in the fireplace for a couple of days.
    We had a small runty cocker mix, and he went out across the crust in the front yard, and his legs broke through. His torso was on top of the snow, and he was stuck until we went and lifted him out.
    Still blowing thick and fast here now, directly sideways–lol.
    We don’t have a foot yet (except in the western fenceline–drifted nearly to the second rail), but we’re getting there fast.
    Thank goodness for underground powerlines and reliable electricity!
    And stereos, DVD players and beer!

  69. Smokey (18:07:59) : Apparently China is more objective than Western countries when it comes to “climate change”. click
    Eventually the truth bleeds through….sometimes even from our communist neighbors first, believe it or not.
    I mean….look at the Russian scientific skepticism along the same lines…
    Perhaps because China and even Russia are not governed by special interests (except their own mobs lol)…is the reason we are hearing these conclusions elsewhere, first.
    Also….take India for example.
    The last bastion of CAGW believers will be in the UK and in the US…..and you can expect inbred Prince Charles on his side of the pond to continue spouting the propaganda and then the North American Village Idiot, Al Gore, on this side, to do the same…even while winters like these continue to strain the populated world.
    Norfolk, VA, USA

  70. All this bellyaching over a little snow, think of the Polar Bears with no ice floes to rest upon!
    Think of the Vanuatu Islanders that have to move inland because their homes get flooded out.
    (Just like they do every twenty years or so. Forty years ago Vanuatu government told beach residents not to build or occupy certain beach homes because of the intermittent flooding, otherwise the government wouldn’t cover their losses. Now Vanuatu Island government has an incentive to let them stay – to become poster children for global warming)

  71. They laughed at Phil, and called it animal abuse.
    It does not get any more ironic than having HealthCare dumped and Cap & Trade slopped onto the floors of Congress.
    Yes, the coincidence is uncanny.
    A plow was being readied to shove Tax & Spill down upon us, when along comes a blizzard that will more than Tax every plow in DC.
    Last year we saw Hansen in a blizzard urging civil disobedience.
    Gore in Congress during a big freeze.
    Now this.
    If ever there was a warning sent down from on high, this is as definative as they come. In God We Trvst.
    If Rod Serling were around, he’s have an episode to send a chill down the hearts of even the heartiest. “When madness is answered from Above”.
    Do not adjust your set. For the next X hours, we will control the horizontal and the veritcal. “A snowstorm from the Halls of Congress”.
    Oh geez, it’s ripping torrential rotten-rain out here, NW. Calif.

  72. Ohh rats – my flight from London to Washington has been cancelled this morning (Sat), (as were most of yesterdays flights). Interesting to look the webcams and see that there is still some traffic movement on the I95, (0100 EST), not quite the ‘whiteout’ that some forecasters had been suggesting, at least not yet.

  73. If i go t stuck up herei n Nortrhern NH and can’t get home Sunday afernoon I’m coming after all you skeptics
    BTW I didn’t find anything purple in teh himlayas except bettle nut wrappers.

  74. Frederick Michael (21:21:42) :
    I’ve had my 6 feet in 5 hours experience, it was no Sierra picnic.
    But, this one has a special purpose, for it finds Washington D.C., and it carries a distinct message.

  75. If Rod Serling were around, he’s have an episode to send a chill down the hearts of even the heartiest. “When madness is answered from Above”.
    If Rod Serling was around, the AGW’ers might even rethink their position

  76. savethesharks (22:12:25) :
    And presently receiving a Lesson from the Climate School in D.C.
    Don’t even think of putting an Apple on her desk. She’s old school, and doesn’t take kindly to special interests or favorites.

  77. @Methow Ken
    “So if they are any distance from a Metro station (credit where credit is due: D.C. has a good transit system; I’ve used it)…”
    Yeah it’s good until a blizzard hits, then it’s just ugly. I lived in DC for many years and when the snow starts to come down, the Dupont Circle Metro Station becomes a deathtrap. It’s nearly impossible to descend the escalators (which get shut off) without slipping at least once. That thing is freaky scary when it’s covered with snow and ice. Also there are usually lengthy train delays which, when combined with the increased passenger load, creates dangerously crowded platforms (which are already wet and slippery). Well, you get the picture… and it ain’t pretty.

  78. I don’t know if anyone has said so but Mr. Watts deserves a round of applause for his hard and tenacious work. We are all enjoying the collapse of the AGW fraud right now but remember Anthony Watts was here years before this past November 21. He was here carrying on the fight for scientific integrity even when it seemed like the effort was hopeless.
    Mr. Watts has a well hidden button on his home page called “Donate”. I found it and I pressed it. I made a donation. It’s not that hard.
    Mr. Watts has put I’m sure an awful lot of work in maintaining this page and on his own research regarding weather station sitings across the country. That takes a lot of time and effort. He did this on his own and I’ll bet it wasn’t his day job.
    If I could find the unobtrusive “Donate” button then I’ll bet you can too. Please find it and do something with it. We owe a debt to Mr. Watts because in some measure all that has happened is due to his efforts. When I owe a debt, I work towards repaying it. You can do that too.
    Disclaimer: I don’t play Anthony Watts on TV and I’m not associated with WUWT in any way.:-)

  79. Dave (16:54:17) :
    … his back breaks from shovelling snow.

    Check this out — a review from Cool Tools (the Whole Earth Catalog online follow-on) of a wheeled low-effort “sno wovel”:

    Bionic snow shovel — Sno Wovel
    As a Montrealer who has shoveled more snow than you can shake a very big stick at, I was intrigued when I first came across a video of this wheeled shovel in action. I live in the suburbs south of Montreal, on a street where there’s a popular bus route; the snow plow can pass my house several times a day during heavy snow falls, repeatedly depositing a compacted mound of snow in my driveway entrance.
    I bought a Wovel, and what was once a dreaded exercise in futility has now become a looked forward to workout! Thanks to the Wovel’s design, all the snow’s weight gets transferred to my arms and legs. The fulcrum at the center of the big wheel effectively allows the Wovel to do the heavy lifting for me. After becoming proficient in its use, I was able to master the natural seesaw action and launch the snow surprisingly high. Now, after a season and a half of use, I can consistently build snow banks up to five feet high. It’s like having my own little nonnmotorized bulldozer.
    I’ve been using mine to shovel my walk/driveway as well as my neighbor’s for more than a year, and I’ve been beating the crap out of the thing. It won’t quit. It’s made from a thick-gauge steel and is covered by a lifetime warranty. What was once about an hour of back-breaking work has been cut down to about 20 minutes, which makes this purchase one of the best expenditures I have ever made.
    — Billy Zavos
    The Sno Wovel Wheeled Snow Shovel — $120
    Available from Amazon
    Manufactured by Structured Solutions II

    Also check out (google or look for the Cool Tools review) the “Eskimold,” a mold for making igloos out of snow blocks.

  80. Roger Sowell (21:33:04) :
    This snowstorm, indeed the cold winter in DC, is consistent with the Hadley CRU temperature data that shows DC is cooling since about 1975. If that cooling trend of 9.7 deg C per century does not soon reverse, there will be glaciers in DC in approximately 120 years!

    Shame the Hadley CRU data has no worth.
    I would have enjoyed seeing the current administration panicked into initiating a move of the USA capital to Jackson, Mississippi. I’m sure they would have got a warm welcome!

  81. I hope that Osama gives a State of the Union Address, declaring that we must tackle Global Warming – with 5 ft of snow outside.

  82. Mariss Freimanis (23:09:19) :
    I second that vote of thanks to Anthony and the other Web admin support. And I also found the “Donate” button a few days ago. I treat it like a subscription to a top magazine.
    Well done guys.

  83. Sean (15:58:00) :
    “I’m in Baltimore and you have to realize we seem to be stuck on a snow belt this winter. Besides the Dec. storm, we had 5″ of snow last weekend, 4″ on Wednesday, we are predicted to get 20-30 over the next 24 hours, and snow is predicted for Tues next week and next Saturday. Is Al Gore in town or something???”
    Nah, Its the Obama effect you are seeing. If he ignores Mother Nature too often she gets mad and dumps snow on his head to try and wake him up.

  84. Tenuc (00:31:41) :
    Roger Sowell (21:33:04) :
    This snowstorm, indeed the cold winter in DC, is consistent with the Hadley CRU temperature data that shows DC is cooling since about 1975. If that cooling trend of 9.7 deg C per century does not soon reverse, there will be glaciers in DC in approximately 120 years!
    Shame the Hadley CRU data has no worth.
    I would have enjoyed seeing the current administration panicked into initiating a move of the USA capital to Jackson, Mississippi. I’m sure they would have got a warm welcome!

    But Tenuc, CRU always ADDS warming to the temperature readings, that means the “cooling trend of 9.7 deg C per century” is actually much steeper and it is starting NOW. Oh my gosh, run for the hills Gaia is going on a rampage…..IEEEEHHhhhh

  85. vukcevic (02:28:28) :
    Looked at the cam.
    That’s definately the Mother of All Gore Warmouts.
    Can’t see the Whitehouse for the Whiteout.
    The Governator couldn’t get through that stuff.

  86. If this keeps up, they’ll have to rename the storm the Great O’Bummer ‘Noreaster (Gone With the Warming).
    Should be easy enough to spot the place.
    Look for a dome-shaped mountain of snow.

  87. Can anyone post up the lastest figure ( or website ) for the snow global warming in Washington DC? Interested to know how it is going on…

  88. After reporting off nightshift tonight and shoveling through 16 1/2 inches at 1:30am, I can truly say an “adult” snow day is more work THAN work!

  89. Anyone for some loosely related propaganda?
    “Arctic ice melting could cost global agriculture, real estate and insurance anywhere from $US2.4 trillion to $US24 trillion by 2050 in damage from rising sea levels, floods and heat waves, according to a new report.”
    Yes, this is from our national broadcaster here in Australia. I’m off to read the other links. They look just as humorous:
    “Inuits need cash for freezers in warming Artic”, and
    “US Navy braces for Arctic resources fight” etc.

  90. Reporting from Baltimore.
    Global warming has struck. It appears to have arrived in the form of a harbinger of an ice age. The predictions are true. Looks like 16″ + and still falling.

  91. As of 9 am EST they’re reporting anywhere from 17 inches just south of DC to 20 inches at Baltimore. One report at Elkridge Md was 30 inches. Something like 150,000 without power. There have been reports of thundersnow and someone sent a TV station a picture of a lightning flash.
    I’m stuck in Delaware. They’ve closed the roads to all but emergency vehicles here. We’ve had high winds and a very wet snow. Forecast is for continued snow thoughout the day (6-12 inches additional) in DC.

  92. Note to James Hansen.
    We can’t make it to the coal mine today to protest mining. Keep shaking your fist at the bulldozers. They may reach their tipping point.
    Also the forrest fire risk is low. Keep close to a road going out just in case.

  93. Better post while the power is still on. Prb’ly 28″ or so here in western MD & still snowing. Wet stuff that clings onto everything, but still hardly a breath of wind. A serious flood will result here in my bottomland when this melts.

  94. All this cold and snow coincident with ****gate seems like too much of a coincidence. This storm is for Mann, Chu, Holdren and Obama.
    “Whoever undertakes to set himself up as judge in the field of truth and knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the Gods.”
    – Albert Einstein
    “The gods too are fond of a joke.”
    – Aristotle

  95. Mark.R (21:09:48) :
    sorry o.t but interesting.
    Posted 4 February 2010> (…)

    Should be interesting in that there are not that many stations in NZ. Asking for the details of how exactly all stations were “homogenised” could turn up something more than “well it’s in the peer reviewed literature” (it’s in a Library somewhere)
    Just a shame that “Washington” has currently moved away from CO2 scamming. You could have had the UK version where politicians are busy passing “Global Warming” legislation as the snow fills the streets outside the castle for the first time in decades.
    Can just see Obama at the podium after the C&T bill debate suggesting that attendees start a new overnight session on Weevil preservation because the Coast Guard can’t get in until daylight.
    Miracle Gas® – is there nothing it can’t do?

  96. If we get another 4.6 inches in the DC area, it will beat the 100 year record. If we get another 12.3 inches, we beat the all-time record.
    1898-99 – 54.0″
    1995-96 – 46.0″
    1921-22 – 44.5″
    1891-92 – 41.7″
    1904-05 – 41.0″
    So far this season: 41.7″
    We still have a good 7 hours of snowfall left, so we should be number two when all is said and done. Also, having two top ten snowfall amounts within the same year is unprecedented. It has never happened before in the DC area.

    The second big storm comes less than two months after a Dec. 19 storm dumped more than 16 inches of snow on Washington. Snowfalls of this magnitude – let alone two in one season – are rare in the area. According to the National Weather Service, Washington has gotten more than a foot of snow only 13 times since 1870.
    The heaviest on record was 28 inches in January 1922. The biggest snowfall for the Washington-Baltimore area is believed to have occurred in 1772, before official records were kept, when as much as 3 feet fell in the Washington-Baltimore area, an epic event George Washington and Thomas Jefferson mentioned in their diaries.

    Some areas may break that 238 year old unofficial record. We will have to wait and see.

  97. Okay, here’s a bit a trivia for all you who can’t quite figure out how AGW can mean bigger snowfalls, and bigger rainfalls, and more evaporation…
    What’s one of the driest regions on earth? Yep, Antarctica. Also of course the coldest.
    More heating=More evaporation=more extreme rain & snow event (all as predicted by every AGW model
    Is the “epic” snow on the east coast a sign of global warming? One storm does not mean anything. Should we get these “epic” storms repeatedly over a period of years…then you can start to draw some conclusions…

  98. A rare blizzard warning is in effect for the Washington-Baltimore area.
    The storm – dubbed “snowpocalypse” and “snowmageddon” by the local media – is expected to stretch from Indiana to Pennsylvania and into parts of New York and North Carolina.
    Parts of Maryland and West Virginia are already buried under more than 20in (51 cm) of snow.
    And forecasters say that snowfall rates are likely to increase – up to 2in (5cm) an hour – early in the day.
    It comes less than two months after a December storm dumped more than 16in (41cm) of snow in Washington.

  99. R Gates
    I would agree with you, if I hadn’t heard the:
    More heating=worse droughts=more deserts mantra ad nauseam
    You can’t both eat your cake and have it you know.

  100. R. Gates: The same AGW models also predict droughts. It seems the modelers have their bases covered no matter what happens or where.

  101. R. Gates (08:24:38):
    “Okay, here’s a bit a trivia for all you who can’t quite figure out how AGW can mean bigger snowfalls, and bigger rainfalls, and more evaporation…”
    Who said that? The fact is that the alarmist contingent claims that droughts and deserts will result from global warming. Maybe you need to start educating your own clueless crowd.
    And that explanation of ‘bigger snowfalls’ applies equally well to glacier growth, because the primary factor in glaciers advancing is increased precipitation at higher elevations.
    So much for the latest alarming glacier conjecture. Is there any scary AGW-caused scenario that has actually happened? I mean, besides the three-headed frogs…

  102. Could this unusual blizzard in DC and all the unseasonable rain in Florida be associated with high frequency radiation causing the Haitian earthquake?

  103. R. Gates (08:24:38) :
    “Epic” rainstorms might get you different conclutions than “epic” snowstorms.
    Anyway, I thought warming was suppose to cause dreadful droughts. Changing your mind?
    If patterns do move in cycles, another Dust Bowl is over due. If one reoccurs, will you change back to suggesting warming causes droughts?

  104. R. Gates (08:24:38) :
    Okay, here’s a bit a trivia for all you who can’t quite figure out how AGW can mean bigger snowfalls, and bigger rainfalls, and more evaporation…

    And if you had been paying attention on this blog for the last year or so, you would know that we are already well aware of the relationship with temperature and humidity, that is one of the reasons we know the AGW folks are selling a bill of goods.
    One of their favorite AGW pitches is that increased temperatures will lead to drought and starvation. We are well aware that the dry times are the cold times globally which is why there are dust signatures in the ice cores from the ice age periods.
    Major snow storms take not only humidity but cold. It takes a lot of energy to freeze all that water to ice crystals. That happens at high altitude where the heat of fusion is easily radiated away to space.
    Go back and look at the snow storms which occurred in the late 1970’s when the temperature record clearly shows a cooling trend. You will see major storms that nearly shut down the eastern sea board areas. It is the pattern of cold and snow that important. A seasonal shift to higher snow depths and more persistent snow is consistent with cooling. The dryness you point to in the Antarctic is due to the very cold temps far below the freezing point, dropping the dew point to levels where the atmosphere can carry very little water vapor. At near freezing temperatures the atmosphere can still carry and hold quite a bit of water, and as shown this year moving the snow line south from from its traditional snow zone by 10’s or 100’s of miles clearly shows a regional climatic change (at least for this winter season).
    This is just one bit of data in a long series of data points. In and of itself it does not prove a thing (either your position or the skeptic position), it is the accumulation of such events that will prove which trend is correct.
    Your willingness to take it as absolute and unconditional proof of global warming is a statement of faith, not acceptance of it as simply a single piece of data necessary to build a picture.
    A skeptic accepts it for what it is, an example of natural variability. It is not unusual and also its humor value to wake people up to how naturally variable weather is.
    One single storm does not prove anything, but a continuing pattern of storms — well over time that can show a trend. Normally moderating influences on temperature make this sort of snow fall quite rare in that area of the country.
    When you see repeated snow events where they are very rare, then you begin to develop a pattern that shows subtle changes have occurred in regional climate patterns. The snow line is a very sensitive marker that can be used to indicate regional and seasonal temperature changes. Like first frost and last frost it is the sort of record that goes back generations (far longer in most regions than quality thermometer measurements). It is also the sort of climate record that is immune to post collection homogenization and adjustments.
    Most of us are simply enjoying the comedy relief posed by AGW proponents trying to ignore a pattern of seasonal shifts that have appeared in the historical records time after time. They are trying to tell everyone that these storms and shifts are unprecedented. They are not, if you have any sense of history at all.

  105. @Tenuc, and Gail Combs,
    I also have serious doubts about Hadley’s machinations, but I wonder just how far they go in tampering with data. My guess is they don’t tamper much with the data they recently published (from which that tinypic graph was made). Those are just monthly temperature averages for a few hundred cities across the globe. Plus, those are fairly easy to verify or disprove. Not very smart to fiddle with the raw data.
    I suspect the real manipulation occurs when they begin calculating anomalies, infilling for missing data, filling grids with inappropriate values, then adjusting the results for publication.
    Still, it is quite interesting that the CRU data show quite a few cities in a pronounced cooling trend. Is CO2 fickle? Does it play favorites? Does it heat up only selected cities / rural areas, but not others? Or, is developing anomalies and grid-filling just another way to “hide the decline?”
    Cities with cooling trends per CRU data include Eureka, Los Angeles, San Diego (all in California), Washington DC, and Marquette, Michigan.

  106. R. Gates (08:24:38) :
    “Okay, here’s a bit a trivia for all you who can’t quite figure out how AGW can mean bigger snowfalls, and bigger rainfalls, and more evaporation…
    More heating=More evaporation=more extreme rain & snow event (all as predicted by every AGW model”
    More heating = More evaporation = More Clouds = Higher Albedo = More Cooling
    More heating = More evaporation = More Snow = Higher Albedo = More Cooling

  107. R. Gates (08:24:38) :
    Okay, here’s a bit a trivia for all you who can’t quite figure out how AGW can mean bigger snowfalls, and bigger rainfalls, and more evaporation…

    Yes…we know…everything is because of AGW. Heat, cold, snow, rain, drought, early migration, late migration…..repeat mantra. We get it.

    One storm does not mean anything. Should we get these “epic” storms repeatedly over a period of years…then you can start to draw some conclusions…

    What about repeatedly in the same year… this year. That is why it has never happened before in the DC area, and it is unprecedented. It has never happened. Does that mean that the planet will not warm, of course not. But, since the AGW crowd points to 100 year drought and heat records as evidence of our supposed dire situation, this soon to be 100 year event should be noted, too. But what am I saying, winter and cold records are only weather….and hot temperatures and summer records are all climate. What was I thinking…
    Oh yeah….we are expecting more snow on Tuesday, and next Saturday. So we may just break the all-time record this year.
    Well, NOAA’s models were wrong in their “prediction” of US temperatures.

    In August, CPC forecast that most of the US would have above normal temperatures from October through December, and perhaps more importantly did did not predict that any areas would have below normal temperatures.

    They had record cold temperatures for December for the Midwest and East Coast.
    Even as late as October they predicted warmer than normal temps for the upper Midwest.

    Warmer-than-average temperatures are favored across much of the western and central U.S., especially in the north-central states from Montana to Wisconsin. Though temperatures may average warmer than usual, periodic outbreaks of cold air are still possible.

    Yeah….spot on “predictions” from the models.

  108. NOAA can’t do anything about the snow, but they could study and report on changes in the NAO that are consistent with weather patterns like this and tell people to prepare for the winter – and help local governments etc to prepare.
    Did the US Public get anything like this from NOAA?
    Nada. Instead, the US was treated to lobbying from people like Jane Lubchenco and Sue Solomon for things like cap and trade
    Enough to make ya SICK

  109. These massive snowfall could lower sea levels by dangerous amounts, threatening coral reefs, increasing shipping hazards, and lowering sea surface area which in turn could reduce rainfall.
    This dangerous cycle can only be stopped if we do nothing now.
    Write you congressmen and senators and demand they do nothing.

  110. Wow. I completely retract what I wrote yesterday about this not equaling the ’66 storm. It looks like Dover, Delaware is going to get a huge dump this afternoon. If you have a snowblower in that town, you’re rich.

  111. DJ Meredith (10:21:26) :
    Their weather forecasts haven’t turned out any better than thier financial forecasts.
    Sure, write your Congressman and Senators and tell them to toss the pretender legislation along with the slinky-tongued pretenders.

  112. That i-shovel is an interesting gizmo, but it would be stolen after the first snow. It would run out of juice quickly in a snow around here. It is too frail-looking to handle concrete-snows, or any wet snow. Now, put a gas engine on it, a means to plug itself in for the sensors and starters, and make it a snow blower, give it proximity sensors so it won’t hit your car or a pedestrian, and some serious anti-theft, and you’d have a winner.

  113. I’d like to find out what current snow accumulation in Richmond Va is… actually Montpelier Va, which is all of about 10 miles NW of the interstate loop around Richmond… I’ve had NO problems finding out what they’re forecasting for accumulation by the end of today for today’s total (e.g., only today, not what fell last night too), but durned if I can find how much is already currently there in total. Would much appreciate any help on this one! Seems darned silly that I can’t find accumulation totals for a major city like Richmond tho.

  114. R. Gates (08:24:38) :
    Okay, here’s a bit a trivia for all you who can’t quite figure out how AGW can mean bigger snowfalls, and bigger rainfalls, and more evaporation…

    … less evaporation, desert contraction, desert expansion, less forest, too much forest, smaller frogs, larger frogs, dogs coupling with cats ….
    Miracle gas® eh?

  115. NOAA: All time record snowfall for DC and Baltimore?
    Of course its due to man-made CO2, as everyone knows. The last time it happened was in 1922, when everyone knows man-made CO2 was pretty high. But the greatest was in 1772 as recorded by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson in their diaries, when everyone knows man-made CO2 was at its peak.

  116. well, living in the middle of the Mid-Atlantic blizzard today (2/6/10) I can tell you I have never seen anything in my 61 years here like it! and its cold too – 31F this morning and dropped all day to 22 F now and falling. Not to enter into the global warming debate, but
    what would the weather (not climate) look like sliding into a Littel Ice Age or, on the other hand, what would the weather look like leading to something like the Medieval warm period? Something to think about.

  117. Official total 21.4 inches here (although some areas got more than that). It’s #4 on the Top 5 storm list since records have been kept.

  118. April E. Coggins (21:48:43) :
    I think the blizzard is punishment for not saving the pika. (…)

    This is based on decisions made decades ago by old DC bureaucrats. They heard computers were now being used, thought about it after some three martini lunches, and decided if a choice had to be made they would rather save the elite.

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