Guardian Headline – Low targets, goals dropped: Copenhagen ends in failure

When the Guardian, that champion of everything “green” says it, you know it was a failure.

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The UN climate summit reached a weak outline of a global agreement last night in Copenhagen, falling far short of what Britain and many poor countries were seeking and leaving months of tough negotiations to come.

After eight draft texts and all-day talks between 115 world leaders, it was left to Barack Obama and Wen Jiabao, the Chinese premier, to broker a political agreement. The so-called Copenhagen accord “recognises” the scientific case for keeping temperature rises to no more than 2C but did not contain commitments to emissions reductions to achieve that goal.

American officials spun the deal as a “meaningful agreement”, but even Obama said: “This progress is not enough.”

“We have come a long way, but we have much further to go,” he added.

The deal was brokered between China, South Africa, India, Brazil and the US, but late last night it was still unclear whether it would be adopted by all 192 countries in the full plenary session.

The agreement aims to provide $30bn in funding for poor countries to adapt to climate change from next year to 2012, and $100bn a year after 2020.

But it disappointed African and other vulnerable countries who had been holding out for far deeper emission cuts to hold the global temperature rise to 1.5C this century. As widely expected, all references to 1.5C in previous drafts were removed at the last minute, but more surprisingly, the earlier 2050 goal of reducing global CO2 emissions by 80% was also dropped.

The agreement also set up a forestry deal which is hoped would significantly reduce deforestation in return for cash. It lacked the kind of independent verification of emission reductions by developing countries that the US and others demanded.

Obama hinted that China was to blame for the lack of a substantial deal. In a press conference he condemned the insistence of some countries to look backwards to previous environmental agreements. He said developing countries should be “getting out of that mindset, and moving towards the position where everybody recognises that we all need to move together”.

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Now compare what the Guardian has written, to what Obama says:


My summary of the Copenhagen Climate Conference is just a bit less wordy.



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Gary Hladik

Aw, shucks! 🙂


“Because of weather constraints” = Crushing Blizzard


Everyone involved at the Copenhagen Summit should be a little more rational click the link for further commentary


The politics isn’t settled either…


Early Christmas present.

Brent Matich

I was just thinking about Nelson, with all the snow in Copenhagen and Obami rushing back to Washington before the snow storm. So , maybe if I had a couple of trees in my front yard I could be paid , like , a couple hundred thousand for not cutting them down. Let’s hear it for the climate summit!
Brent in Calgary


There is still damage that these incompetents can wreck upon the world. Do not trust them!

James F. Evans

“Collapse at Copenhagen”
Playing at a theater near you.
Review: A sterling example of an inconvenient truth.


So, there’s nothing even close to binding limits on emissions, and no setup for emissions reduction verification, but we’ve agreed to send the developing world billions of dollars (more) a year? Because there’s been no fraud already by China or other countries on money for emissions reductions or carbon offsets? Will the US borrow money from China to give money to…China?

James Sexton

“But it disappointed African and other vulnerable countries who had been holding out for far deeper emission cuts to hold the global temperature rise to 1.5C this century.”
It always fascinates me to see that at least the writer believes and it is implied that many in Africa believes we can actually control the global temperatures. Has anyone really thought it through? Even if the AGW theory is correct(I don’t believe it to be) how does man go about preventing CO2 emissions without significant and radical changes not only to our economic world and lifestyles but even the ecological world we live in. How is CO2 emission reductions practically applied? Has anyone logically expressed how this is to occur without wiping out most of the human race?


Can Obama get anything done? Chicago Olympic disaster, the Asia trip. COP15…
Oh yeah I forgot… he was able to deploy more troops in Afghanistan.


We may be aware that the summit was a failure, but that isn’t what is being said in the msm. I thought the video just shown on CNN was indicative. Robert Gibbs trying in vain to get “his guys” (CNN etc) admitted to no avail in the face of Chinese strong arming. Gibbs said something along the lines of; “either my guys get in, or we’re leaving the meeting.” Apparently, no US media was admitted, and the meeting went ahead anyway… More empty threats that the Chinese wisely ignore. Still being heralded as a “breakthrough” due to Obama’s visit.
What a farce.


Any money spent on lowering CO2 emission is a waste, in my opinion. So, let’s not celebrate this “failure” as a good thing. Sure, we the skeptics, want less toxic gas emission and super efficient vehicles and power plants just like everybody else but we say no to carbon credits and cap and trade because it’s a gigantic scam.

Mike McMillan

As they used to say on our Air Force efficiency evaluations –
“Sets low goals and fails to achieve them.”


I should have mentioned that Gibbs was trying to get the US press in for a photo of Hu Jintao meeting with Obama earlier today.


Already the tone of voice has changed over at the Guardian, comments are a bit on the apologetic side.
Is Michael E. Neumann, sorry, Mann desperately trying to save his bacon ?
Washington Post – same old mantras
Environmental Research Web – regurgitate

Dane Skold

Fantastic news.
This result is typically European. In the end, the global community organizers are an ad hoc, brittle coalition.
Hard to comprehend that the $100 Billion offered by the U.S. was not enough to do a deal.
Obama could not fund the climate government despite offering $100 Billion.
What has our world come to?
Since there is $100 Billion in play, would that it be spent on bonafide school construction and bona fide infrastructure repair in the U.S.of A.
It is a shame that 195 governments gathered in one place for two weeks and failed to resolve border disputes, civil wars, human rights violations, and the endless tragedy of refugee camp suffering.
What a wasted opportunity!
As for the climate, may God bless the entire globe with favorable weather for food, recreation, and beauty.

Brian P

A few years and even this will fade away


Gary Hladik (18:53:13) :
Aw, shucks! 🙂

The joke was about sour grapes, if you recall 🙂

Robert M

Well, darn! It was pretty much a dismal failure.
I was hoping for a complete dismal failure, but I guess it wasn’t quite as bad as we thought.

Richard M

The Jay Leno show tonight even took a shot at the AGWers. Quite funny.
I’m beginning to think Obama is really a skeptic. He could have been much more forceful in his speech. Maybe he has looked into the leaks and finds them troublesome. Clearly, for political reasons he can’t outwardly look skeptical, but I think he has been influenced.
Thank you Mr. ClimateGate wherever you are.!

Doug in Seattle

Thank you Al Gore for making the weather in Denmark so delightful. Thank you Obama for doing what you do so well – failing.

Stan Needham

But, but, but, but……..the AP said it was an “unprecendented” agreement.


The absolute scientific ignorance and gullibility of Western leaders is only matched by the sheer obstinate stupidity of journalists. Apparently in both industries it is a survival characteristic. Not so much for the rest of us.

Funny, I just heard a live performance of Handel’s Messiah.
The Hallelulia Chorus was being played, LIVE..chorus and orchestra.


From the Guardian:
“But he [Obama] said he would not be staying for the final vote because of weather constraints in Washington.”
From the DC NWS Broadcast:
… Record breaking December snowfall for Baltimore-Washington
metropolitan areas bringing hazardous winter weather to the region
overnight and Saturday…

Total storm snowfall totals of 1 to 2 feet are forecast to occur
in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan areas by dawn Sunday… which
should eclipse the December records for both cities. The record
December snowfall for Washington is 12.0 inches on 18-19 December
1932… and for Baltimore to record is 14.1 inches on 12-13 December 1960.

“Weather constraints”……heh heh.
I’m sorry but this is too…..
Norfolk, VA, USA


…recognizing the scientific view that the increase in global temperature below 2 degrees…
…deep cuts in global emissions are required according to science, and as documented by the IPCC Fourth Assessment report…
Where’s the escape clause? What if the science is not settled?


Ditto your HA HA!
And may I add my heartiest and most heartfelt BWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAAH!
Now I’ll just settle back and wait happily for the footage of the DC blizzard and The One’s trying to dodge ithatinconvenience.

Erik Anderson

Ironically, WSJ headline was “Leaders Strike Climate Deal” — but is now reading “Climate Pact Falls Short”

Roger Carr

All I want for Christmas is me incandescent light bulbs back.
(Heck with my two front teeth.)


It’ll be interesting to see how RC spins this one 🙂


“Climate change skepticism in action”
I guess we really couldn’t have asked for much more for Christmas… everyone say thank you Santa Clause!


I sense that the web that was weaved by all the intents to deceive is going to get a baseball pitched through it. Poor morons that think you can fool all the people all the time….


Cool, pun intended… now, if we can just have time to get the data corrected, which will show a USA, as well as a global temperature decline since at least 1934, we will continue to be well within the 2 degree limit.
The scary thought is, what will they now use to collect the trillions for the world global socialist experiment? The climate, (warming, or cooling, or holding fast), set aside, the demand for the trillions to prop up the worlds failing socialist nations, is never going to go away! Maybe back to the 70s cooling?

Since they call cooling “warming”, then we are entitled to call their failure a great success.

D. King

As D. King I decree:
The temperature shall not rise more than 2C.
As I have said it, so it shall be!
King Canute, I am laughing at thee.

Keith Minto

I thought that Obama’s voice was strained and labored especially at the start of the video and in an earlier audio statement he made when he first arrived. The Australian press are cynical, this is what Annabel Crabbe said on the ABC website.
“After a week of concerted private scrimmage among the international delegations, the one bright spot Mr Rudd could nominate yesterday was that Australia had successfully divested itself of $120 million, to be put towards the elimination of land clearing in other countries.”
Ahh, $120m lighter, now that feels better !
This 2degree temperature limit is the height of absurdity, has any journalist asked if the temperature stabilisation experiment has ever been run,? and with what results?.
If there are journalists reading these comments, please question the information that is supplied and ask some basic science questions. You will get opposing answers ; just take it quietly and use common sense. You never know you may go down in history as a famous journalist who exposed Climategate, as famous as those who exposed Watergate, only this time this is a global scandal.


Kurt Vonnegut would have loved Copenhagen.


It shall now be OFFICIALLY be called:
Norfolk, VA, USA


no man is a failure who has friends


We have been watching the coverage here in Sweden for the last two weeks on SVT and on the webcast. Around 4am they suspended the meeting for a few minutes. It is now 445am it looks like they are going to resume again.
During the break SVT had a few interviews. One was with a leader of some Swedish group that has been observing the meetings. He said the agreement that they have been talking about would raise temps to 5.8 C for awhile and then to 5.9 C but he is from a warmist group so who knows…
Love how in the beginning the developed countries offered 2 C, the third world argued for 1.5 degrees and it looks like they have compromised with 3+ C. How’s that work? I thought they all believed in the settled science?

NZ Willy

This may interest: AMSR-E sea ice coverage shows more robust ice cover for Dec 18 2009 than any previous year Dec 18 (since 2002). Archangel (Russia) is iced in, and Alaska is growing good ice toward its southern peninsula. We’re in for an excellent Arctic ice cap this winter, looks like.


Now established by accord: the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).
Would it have been so hard, and more applicable, for them to establish the UN Framework Understanding on Climate Change Scientists Undoing Science (UNFUCCSUS)?


I am confused, Gore said that this is a catastrophe and we must act now. Do these politicians have families? I Know Obama has a couple of children, Wouldn’t he do anything to save his little Malia? I mean wouldn’t he take an initiative to save the world….unless this stuff is all made up and not really that important or something


The Arctice sea ice extent (area of >30% ice coverage) reaches a RECORD HIGH for the past five years:


Darn! Now we’re all going to fry because Al Gore won’t get a chance to turn the heat down with his billion dollar thermostat.

photon without a Higgs

Obama flew in on the last day to save Copenhagen. He was the ace up the sleeve. An ace didn’t give them a win.

photon without a Higgs

Copenhagen in snow. Record snow forecast this weekend in Eastern US too. Nature is telling everyone global warming isn’t happening.

Methow Ken

Lord Monckton was spot-on some time back, when he predicted EXACTLY this outcome at COP15:
There would end up being an ”agreement” before it broke up (how could all these leaders show up and admit to the world that their ”one world government” effort failed); but the agreement would be toothless and meaningless.
Bravo. . . .

Son of a Pig and a Monkey

The Grauniad is just saying that to make feel better -but, its working.
Don’t know how Obama, and, come the mid-term elections, the Donks as a whole, are going to explain to the American people their 20-year “commitment” for $100 billion a year (is that $2 trillion?) in bribes to the ChiComs to get this “nonbinding treaty” signed.