TV Network Tells Kids How Long Their Carbon Footprint Should Allow Them to Live

This is environmentalism jumping the shark:

Click image above to play the game

I don’t know where to begin, except to say that when we see things like this, we should complain loudly and incessantly. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation has crossed a line beyond science, beyond decency, and beyond rational thought.

This is what you get after pressing “start”:


The screen above says: When you’re done, click on the (skull and crossbones) to find out what age you should die at so you don’t use more than your fair share of Earth’s resources!

Hat tip to CallonJim who writes:

This “kids” games at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Tell’s kids depending on their magical “carbon footprint” how long they should live?

The actual title is “Professor Schpinkee’s Greenhouse Calculator – find out when you should die!”

The thing I find amazing is the average foot print is 24.6 tonnes of CO2, which calculates out to 9.3 years old! Where it tells the child “YOU SHOULD DIE AT THE AGE 9.3!” Guess what age this kids games is marketed to? That’s right, 9 year olds.

What is most disgusting about this is that ABC ignores their own published Code of Practice

In section 2.12 they talk about content for children:

2.12 Content for Children. In providing enjoyable and enriching content for children, the ABC does not wish to conceal the real world from them. It can be important for the media, especially television, to help children understand and deal with situations which may include violence and danger. Special care should be taken to ensure that content which children are likely to watch or access unsupervised should not be harmful or disturbing to them.

I venture that any child who takes this carbon footprint test “unsupervised” without mommy and daddy around, and who may be old enough to read, but not old enough to understand he/she is being brainwashed by an agenda, would be “disturbed” find they should die at age nine, since just clicking through with default choices gives you that age.

Here is where you can contact the ABC and give them an inbox full of your opinion. This kind of propaganda needs to be removed.

UPDATE: There is a row developing in the Austrailian press over this.

UPDATE2: The New York Post highlights this site on June 1st with the headline “Enviro Mental Institution


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It’s hard to describe how I feel about such a website, but there certainly would be no positive terms whatsoever. Typical “Man is a disease upon this sacred planet” way of thinking. Very, very sad.


Yes, and it’s deliberately provocative. I had a very low rating–yet according to that I deserved to die two years ago. Does anyone “deserve” to live until age 70 according to this? I doubt it.
Not only is it demeaning, but it is stupid (and socialist). there is not one iota of understanding that an economy might (gasp) expand.
Idiotic. Sanctimonious. Bogus.

Smokey Behr

I put everything into the calculator, and it said that I should die at 2.8 (I’m assuming years) It also says my carbon footprint is 82.5 tonnes (yay me!), so gee, I should have been dead 37 years ago!

retired engineer

You have to be kidding. At least Dick Lamm had the ‘decency’ to only tell old people that they had a ‘duty to die’. What next? A ‘master race’ of enlightened environmentalists that are allowed to live longer? “Sieg Gore”? (OK, that’s in bad taste, but @#$% like this raises my blood pressure)

Tom in Florida

When all else fails, adjust the data and brainwash kids.

Here is what I just posted to the site,25642,23765244-5014239,00.html:
ABC managing director Mark Scott appears to be misleading the Senate when he says, “the site was not designed to offend certain quarters of the community but to engage children in environmental issues.”
I respond: No, this is incorrect. If it was designed to “engage children in environmental issues”, then it would give children both sides of the issues covered and let them make up their own minds concerning what approaches they agree with and what they don’t (and, more probably, those they don’t know enough about and need to learn more). Obviously, people who work in the field being ‘shot down’ (literally – I tried the game) would of course feel offended, and justifiably so.
Next Scott says, “It’s not an attempt to write public policy… it’s an attempt to educate school students on the impact of the modern Western lifestyle on carbon emissions and the whole issue that we are dealing with.”
I respond: I disagree. It is clearly an attempt to frighten children into pushing society into an entirely different lifestyle, so it is promoting long range policy changes through propaganda. It is not education at all – it is clearly propaganda in the fullest as explained here: Does this violate ABC’s mandate as a public broadcaster? Besides, what gives ABC the audacity to decide for the country that they know what scientists do not, namely that so-called ‘carbon emissions’ are causing a climate crisis.
Tom Harris
International Climate Science Coalition


It’s worse than your headline says. It’s not when you will die. It’s when you should die, because you have used up your share of the Earths resources.
This is a judgment that the car I drive, the house I live in, and how far I drive to work each day is a capital offense.
By the way I should die at 2.6 years, so I’m about 39 years late.
REPLY: Thanks. I agree and made a change


In other media news, the AP(!) reports Hurricane season outlooks of little use.
“It’s a lot like Groundhog Day—and the results are worth just about as much.”


Book mark this website in the “just plain evil” folder

Steve Stip

I scored pretty good, I should have died at age 7.2 Just precocious I suppose.


This is revolting indeed as the underlying view is entirely consistent with the eco-fascist view of the world espoused by the likes of Paul Watson [Sea Sheppard Society] who view Homo Sapien’s presence as a blight on the face of the earth and something ultimately to be eradicated, even that requires some sort of collective suicide. What is truly shocking is that this sort of extremism has made its way into the top editorial echelons of public broadcasters like the ABC. Here in Canada things are nearly as bad: David Suzuki, a virulent and extreme proponent of “environmentalism” not only has his own program [The Nature of Things] on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, but is an advisor to our public broadcaster as well. You can no doubt imagine the resulting bias…

James Acres

If it’s targeted towards kids, why do they ask how much you drive? And how much for work?


Evan Jones question about whether anyone could live to 70 inspired me to
retake the test. I lied about everything and after my angelic pig floated up, up
and away its said I can live forever.
This is the most disgusting thing I’ve seen in a long time.


Heck, I made 49.1 years. And the recycle question wasn’t reasonable. They give no ground between “recycle and compost” and “sometimes recycle”.
I ALWAYS recycle. No because I want to or would voluntarily, but ONLY because the building gets an 800$ fine from the garbage police every time they find a single item in the wrong bag.
Oh, did I mention? I live in NYC. None of that stuff I sort actually GETS recycled. It just goes in the landfill. But I still am required by law to waste large amounts of fresh water (which arguably IS a legit resource issue) to rinse the cans and bottles. I am required to do so because they want to “get me in the habit” of recycling even though what I separate never gets recycled. My contempt for this is boundless.


If it’s targeted towards kids, why do they ask how much you drive? And how much for work?
As someone–very–well trained (at CCNY and Columbia University) in agitprop, dialectic, and deconstruction, I can answer that.
It’s an effective technique we call “indirection”. (They get you and then they get your kids THROUGH you.)
P.S., I am a liberal apostate. And OOOOH, how my liberal brethren HATE it when you turn their own methods on them! (As a class traitor, they hate me even more than they hate the conservatives. Because my kind is a real threat to them. And they are right to fear us: we will in the end defeat them.)


The thing that’s most interesting is it’s all about income… Try a little test enter the most “green” answer to every question – no car, recycling etc. except for one. Tell it you spent $100,000 dollars or more and that none of it was an investment in green products or organic foods (ie. your whole $100K was spent on things that aren’t green).
If you though Catholics were tough – the rich can’t make it past age 10.
Want to live a long time – just be poor.


though = thought…
btw – presumably this means when your medical bills reach a certain point you are just using too many of the earth’s resources and should be dead.


Everyone who is “should die” needs to invest more in “ethical investments.” You can pick the least eco-friendly choices and as long as you invest enough in “ethical investments,” you can live forever.

Schwarze Tulpe

The “500 Millioner” lurks clandestinely under many disguises, but their message is always the same: you should die so that we alone can live. Ugly creatures they are. I would suggest legal recourse against ABC for something like this.

I made 3.5 years when I took this a few weeks ago.
Nothing that Always Been Communists say surprises me. When the polar bears were listed as endangered a couple of weeks ago the ABC news story on TV here managed to say that there were only 25000 bears left implying that their numbers were falling and had been for some time. No mention that there are more bears now than there were a few decades ago.


That was frickin’ hysterical! I should have been offed at 2.6! Yay! I win!!!!
It was the spending that put me over the top – maybe I should have adjusted for Oz exchange rates.
Excuse me, I must now go into hiding, lest the Aussie Eco-Terminator hunt me down!

I really should make my “If you really cared about AGW, You’d Kill yourself” T-Shirts. Of course, it probably wouldn’t be too long after that we’ll start seeing global warming suicide bombers.


All funding should be stopped for the abc, for their continual propagandas of rubbish. I hope someone sues them for this ! abc the commo station .


This is obviously a projection of some group’s self-loathing onto other people. Maybe the people who wrote that do indeed feel THEY should die for having used up what they have determined is “their share” of the world’s resources. But to carry that on to mean that everyone else should also feel that THEY should die appears to me to be a manifestation of some serious mental health issues, narcissism being among them.
What about people that use up more than their share of people’s patience? What about the accident prone who use more than their share of rescue resources? But what really upsets me is this notion of “if you do more of something than I am willing to tolerate, then I think you should die” is arrogant to the extreme. I suppose that would have been an extremely effective way to ration sugar in World War II. Imagine something like “You get to use all the coupons in this book, and then we kill you”.
The people who made that website need some serious help.


I’ve been saying for some time that Australia’s tax funded national broadcaster the ABC, fails to report proper science because all it offers is a sneak view into the madness, power, politics, funding and control of the global warming industry which is best understood as a religious calling. It points to weak people, a weak media and an outcome where proper science faces a diminishing role in public policy.
This “Professor Schpinkee’s Greenhouse Calculator” is an inexorable and schemingly designed piece of propaganda targeting young impressionable minds. It crudely promotes the worship of a fictional view of life with the monstrous lie that CO2 is a dangerous pollutant. This is a paradox and when you find every paradox you also find incorrect assumptions.
It is now not education at the ABC because it is deceptive, ugly, damaging, indoctrination and a place where young people learn to be stupid and get proselytised by being relieved of their commonsense.

Steve Stip

If my theology is correct, one day the earth worshipers/human haters WILL have the earth to themselves for a while. I doubt they will like it much though.

David Vermette

Did I miss something on the science behind the calculator portion? It says the ecologically sustainable level of CO2 is 3 tonnes a year. How in the world did they come up with that figure? And shouldn’t their answer be dependent on the number of people on the planet too instead of just a constant?


would not take australians take on global warming seriously: they are by far the most fanatical and misinformed = sheep. They will also be spending the most which will probably collapse their economy by 2030 when global temps will be -30C


also it seems May is coldest ever? temps plummet to -1.5C entry by D archibald with calculated temps 250MB check in case provisional data


hmmmm … pink floyd pig (or Animal Farm pig if you prefer), professor (commie) schPINKeee…. me thinks someone had a sense of irony in the creation of this page.
At least I hope it’s irony…
Holy cow! I should have died when I was just a wee bairn – 3.8 years! Oh well, guess I’ll go take my Humvee to the airport and fly to Los Angeles for a double cheeseburger. Yeehaw!


This is reminiscent of Hamas television in its bias and downright corruption of the truth. The producers should be fired and a public apology aired by ABC. There will never be another generation of legitimate scientists if the kids are brainwashed with this crap,

They forgot to include the number of times that you have exhaled each day so that would certainly shorten my 4.6 years. I must repent because at 77 I have used up about 17 lives that someone else could have enjoyed though in a very Spartan manner.

I’m just curious, speaking as an evil forester who has planted or caused to be planted tens of millions of trees, what’s the carbon footprint of the ABC Corp? Do they use energy? If so, how much? Do they plant trees? If so, how many?
While we’re at it, what’s the carbon footprint of the New York Times? How many metric tonnes of newsprint do they sell? According to the Audit Bureau of Circulations the NYT dispenses 1,077,256 copies daily and 1,476,400 on Sundays. Considering the cellulosic carbon weight per copy, and the carbon budget of distribution (they transport their newspapers all over the world), not to mention the C-budget of manufacturing the newsprint, and the loss of carbon fixation from the clearcuts in Canada to make the paper pulp, I’d say the NYT carbon footprint is pretty hefty.
Maybe the ABC Corp and the NYT should be dead. Nothing personal, mind you, but for the good of the planet and all. In fact, the entire TV and newsprint industries should probably be killed. We have nothing to lose doing that, IMHO. Regardless of their carbon footprint.

Roger Carr

Anthony: The Austalian Broadcasting Corporation has crossed a line beyond science, beyond decency, and beyond rational thought.
How about a little awe and respect here for our (my) national broadcaster, Anthony?
This is what they do best.


Mr. Watts, am I “banned from your site”? Most of the 31 one responses here, after I wrote my little “Prayer” when there were “0” responses, are a heck of of lot more critical than I was, “Sorry if I offended you”.
REPLY: No you aren’t banned, but the automated spam filter sometimes removes comments indiscriminately based on certain words without looking at context. Since I get hundreds of SPAM messages a day, I can’t always sort out wheat from chaff. I don’t know what your post was about.


I am a liberal apostate …. how my liberal brethren … hate me even more than they hate the conservatives … my kind is a real threat to them. And they are right to fear us: we will in the end defeat them.

Yes, Evan, I too am one of those liberal apostates. Sadly, Liberalism – even Fabian Socialism – as a big tents have fallen on bad times. Liberalism and the older, more moderate Fabian-style Socialism are being hijacked by nihilistic and misanthropic ideologues with a savior complex. Their vainglory is unlimited and they seek to galvanize the guileless and unsuspecting into an assault on a proxy foe that is just as empty and anecdotal as the Bastille.
They go about wearing Che Guavara shirts, apropos of nothing. They espouse Art Bell-level nut theories (like the Rosie O’Donnell “Truther” syndrome) as though no one would ever call them on it.
I interviewed for an afternoon with an enviro outfit here in Austin a few years back. I was subjected to some of the most inane soapboxing and grandstanding ever. Bush Eats Babies, 9/11 Truthers (it was an “Inside Job” you see) … I forget some of the rest. The inmates were running the asylum.
I *do* hope we can somehow defeat them sometime soon, but get on Daily Kos or Dem. Underground and the situation looks pretty grim.

Schwarze Tulpe:
Yes, the 500M types are loathsome. Why can’t they just go first, eh? Oh, I see, that wouldn’t work…. Shades of Pol Pot with those folks.

Gentlemen, you all lack ambition! I maxxed all of my CO2 allowances and I found my life almost ended before it began, at 1.1 years.
It dawned on me: CO2 is the original sin of environmentalism. We are all guilty of this sin and therefore, either through blood or indulgences, we must seek atonement for this original sin against Gaia.
China’s exempt, however. And funny, China’s run by commies. So tell me again, who rigged this circus? Uber-socialist Maurice Strong, right? The Canuckistani who’s hanging out in China now? He’s Al Gore’s buddy, right?
light bulb turns on inside head


…. At times like this I think of what that old Jewish Concentration camp survivor once said.
He said… ” If somebody says they want to kill you….. Believe them.”
…. Well they’re tellin’ us.

It is so sad and so stupid.
The message is that you are not welcome to this world; you are a burden and will continue to be a burden until you die.
And this is open for everybody to read on the net. It is for children, for depressed persons for other stupid people and so on. I hope that someone can talk the authors to responsibility.

Alex Llewelyn

The oldest you can live before you live forever is 96.2 at 2.4 tons. With 2.3 tons you live forever. Seems quite a difference to me…

Aqua Fyre

From now on I am going to go around leaving Carbon footprints everywhere I can.
I will deliberately use charcoal cooking beads, put charcoal filters into my shoes and drink as much carbonated drinks as I can..
In fact, this weekend, my mates and me, will be sitting around a wood fired BBQ, munching on big fat Pork sausages and burgers, with plenty of fried onions.
To top it off, we’ll all be washing it down with plenty of Beers that have stacks of Co2 gas in them.
And if that lot, doesn’t piss off those Fw*t Greenies at the ABC, then imagine the look on their faces as all that CO2 & Methane gas comes out of our ArseH*oles…
Aqua Fyre

Pierre Gosselin

“The Australian Broadcasting Corporation has crossed a line beyond science, beyond decency, and beyond rational thought.”
Not only ABC. You could add hundreds to the list.
The level of preposterousness of this charade ought to convey even to the most diehard AGW believers what a kook train they’ve been riding on.

Pierre Gosselin

LOL! I just played the game and I’m proud to say I died a sudden bloody death at age 2.1!
But the message of this twisted game is that to live long you have to
1. Walk or bike everywhere
2. Never use a car
3. Never fly anywhere

Pierre Gosselin

This not my day!
4. live under a bridge
5. share the bridge with 100 bums
6. use no energy
7. use no electricity
8. recycle your waste
9. eat grass
10. Spend no money
Actually there’s a place where we have this.
It’s called Darfur!

Pierre Gosselin

Now, just for fun,
I’m going to pretend I’m Al Gore:
…Dead at 1.2 years.


This is what my tax dollar pays for?
Someone just shoot me : )

Bob B

This is the face of evil showing the times to come if the global warming religion is not checked. The Czech president knows this and sees this much like the communist methods of old. Thanks to Anthony and this site for alerting the public.

[…] this through Watts Up With That? and must admit he says pretty much everything there is to […]


I attempted to have a letter published about this abc site in the fairfax media some time ago; with no luck; the abc may be the front-runner in presenting AGW with religious fervour and bias, but it is aided and abetted by certain sections of the msm. This website is beyond the pale and I hope whoever is responsible has their livelihood ‘blown up’, just like a certain little pig.