Global Warming on Neptune

The Planet Neptune

I covered global warming on Mars previously, but many climate change proponents shrug that off as being a “regional effect” that only affects Mars south pole as they say its related to changes in the orbit of Mars.

Ok fair enough.

But recently, a new paper was published in Geophysical Research Letters titled Suggestive correlations between the brightness of the planet Neptune, solar variability, and Earth’s temperature by Hammel, H. B., and G. W. Lockwood.

In a nutshell, they say they have found clear evidence of “global warming” on Neptune, and they have measurements and models to support it.

While they don’t claim a “smoking gun” for solar driven climate change, they do say in their abstract that ” If changing brightnesses and temperatures of two different planets are correlated, then some planetary climate changes may be due to variations in the solar system environment”

So we have three planets now with a warming trend; Earth, Mars, and Neptune. That’s not an insignificant coincidence.

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May 15, 2007 4:19 pm

For “Global Warming” on other planets, there is a list at:
Pluto, Saturn, Venus… and their moons.

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