My New Weather Invention – Now 100% pig free!

ViziFrame Aplliance

For those of us that hate having Winnie the pig presented to us as part of our local weather report, I’d like to offer this solution that cuts all of us annoying weather middlemen and weather forecasting pigs right out of the picture and give you total control over your weather report.

Its called the ViziFrame – now you can program your own local weather channel at home, or at the office, or at the marina, or the golf course, your school, a truck stop, gas station, or wherever there may be an interest in weather to make a go/no go decision. You can view it on your own terms, and unlike the Weather Channel, you don’t have to wait a half hour to get the info you need.

And the graphics, look at good as anything on TV. For those of you with a profit in mind, it can have advertising and other information too. Its way cool, inexpensive, and trouble free. It works with any TV, big screen, or computer monitor. It updates its information via WiFi or a regular Internet cabled connection to a home DSL/cable router or T1 router.

The Chico Chamber of Commerce is going to put a bunch of them (the premium model that also does video and audio clips with touch screen interactivity) around town at hotels, restaurants, city hall and other public places that cater to visitors. Local artist Gregg Payne worked out a cool design for the front fascia that looks like the Hooker Oak tree…a concept view is below along with the current weather page and forecast…which are live content links soon to be on the Chamber of Commerce web page. Kris Koenig and Anita Berkow of Interstellar Studios are doing the interactive kiosk presentation for it. Look for these around town soon!

Chamber kiosk by Greeg Payne

Chamber current weather

Chamber forecast

Note the current conditions page – it has solar irradiance on it – I figured if we were going to become a solar powered city, getting a real-time indicator that people can use to calculate solar panel efficiency would be a good first step, so I invested in the equipment to do that. I’ll have an entire blog entry on this service later.

The graphics are made in my rendering system as weather data arrives at my office here in Chico, there’s actually about a hundred plus graphics that are available.

But you can get a weather channel for your home or business too. See I’ve sold several of these already and people at home just connect them up to a spare video port on their big screen TV, and when they want weather, just switch to it. No waiting, no pigs, no hassle.

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David Walton
April 21, 2007 5:57 pm

Now, now, now. No one hates the weather pig, we just find him silly, annoying, and don’t bother to watch.
Good luck with the new venture but tuning in your reports on KPAY pretty much covers it for me. That and NOAA satellite images.
By the way, not that I am complaining, but what is up with all the cheesecake images on ViziFrame? Are they really appropriate for a weather feed? At least it doesn’t have pigs in thongs.

April 21, 2007 6:31 pm

Thanks David,
As for the non-weather advertisements, they are there to portray the fact that you can run advertising on it too.
And, cheesecake sells better than pigs in thongs.

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