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Fishy temperature proxy

UPDATE2: To see what is fishy about this story, see Bob Tisdale’s update here: http://wattsupwiththat.com/2013/05/16/washington-post-headline-worlds-fish-have-been-moving-to-cooler-waters-for-decades-study-finds/ From the University of British Columbia ‘Fish thermometer’ reveals long-standing, global impact of climate change Climate change has been impacting global fisheries for the past … Continue reading

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Shrinking Nemo – global warming to make fish smaller

From the University of British Columbia , a fish story inspired by a model: Fish getting smaller as the oceans warm: UBC research Changes in ocean and climate systems could lead to smaller fish, according to a new study led … Continue reading

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CO2 increases to make drunken clownfish

From Nature.com, is there anything trace amounts of CO2 can’t do? As if clownfish (the test subject) don’t already act funny. The New Scientist says: Carbon dioxide in the ocean acts like alcohol on fish, leaving them less able to … Continue reading

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