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I’ve been getting a lot of support emails like this, so I figured it is time to bring the issue front and center: Thought I would let you know that for the past week or two, I’m having a problem … Continue reading

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2012 Bloggies Awards – nominations open

Well, it is that time of year again. You can nominate your favorite blogs for top honors in the 2012 Bloggies Awards. As many know, WUWT won last year in the Best Science Blog category. This year, Science and Technology … Continue reading

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UK police seize computers of skeptic blogger in England

UPDATE: 12/21/11 4PM  -BBC covers Tallbloke, finally, Richard Black still silent-  Norfolk constabulary to share hand-off Climategate investigation, and  Greg Laden caves – see below Dec 14th -The first blogger to break the Climategate2 story has had a visit from … Continue reading

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Tisdale schools the website “Skeptical Science” on CO2 obsession

On the SkepticalScience Post “Pielke Sr. Misinforms High School Students” By Bob Tisdale OVERVIEW I rarely visit the website SkepticalScience, which is run by proponents of anthropogenic global warming, because most of their posts are the simple parroting of the findings … Continue reading

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