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Pointman’s: The scorning of William Connolley

Pointman writes: I think we’ve all had that pleasant surprise when something totally unexpected just drops out of the sky and into your lap. That happened to me last weekend when a creature called William Connolley attempted to comment on a … Continue reading

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Article: ‘Wikipedia is worthless and damaging’

You only need to read a few climate entries on Wikipedia to know this Spiked Online article rings true We have watched how people like Wikipedia climate fiddler William Connolley rides shotgun on just about any climate related article on … Continue reading

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RealClimate Co-Founder Exposes His Inability to Grasp Complex Subjects

And most regulars will recall William Connolley. Connolley’s likely best known for his hijinks as a former editor at Wikipedia. (See the WattsUpWithThat posts here, here, here, here, here, here here….and here.) But Connolley is also a former climate modeler … Continue reading

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Connolley’s Wiki-wars get a science study

As we have known for some time, global warming zealot and green party member William F. Connolley edited 5428 Wikipedia articles, mostly about climate. It seems some researchers have taken notice of this and other topics that are ruled by … Continue reading

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Wikipedia climate fiddler William Connolley is in the news again

Apparently Mr. Connolley has edited 5428 Wikipedia articles, most about climate. Die Kalte Sonne: Unbelievable but true: The Wikipedia umpire on Climate Change was a member of the UK Green Party and openly sympathized with the views of the controversial … Continue reading

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Why I no longer subscribe to Popular Science

I actually stopped subscribing some time ago, but this would be enough to justify it all over again. Over at the magazine Popular Science, they’ve taken to shaming volunteers on Wikipedia if they don’t “toe the line” on climate change. … Continue reading

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‘Tabloid climatology’ may be the real reason for the Marcel Leroux – William Connolley Wikipedia dustup

As WUWT readers know, a climatologist who bucked the consensus trend had his profile summarily deleted at Wikipedia thanks to the William Connolley effect as outlined in “Death by Stoat“. It appears that Connolley had to justify his own guilty … Continue reading

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Death by Stoat

Elevated from a comment by Tom Rude. Chronicle of an announced death, Wikipedia style. I had not posted on this road movie for a while but the occasion is too good to resist. In the Wikipedia world there are crimes … Continue reading

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Wikipedia FAIL – names Romney 45th U.S. President

One of the great things about Wikipedia is that anybody can edit articles. One of the bad things about Wikipedia is that anybody can edit articles. Controversial subjects tend to attract malicious edits, such as the sort of thing we’ve … Continue reading

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The Wonderful World of Wikipedia

UPDATE: The error has now been completely eliminated from the article. Details below. Guest post by James Padgett As many readers are aware, the culture surrounding the climate change topic area of Wikipedia has been a microcosm of climate science … Continue reading

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Another prominent Wikipedia editor has been climate topic banned

I hadn’t noticed this yesterday, but the second most prolific climate revisionist at Wikipedia has also been banned from posting on the climate topic. By a vote of 4-3 Kim Dabelstein Petersen has been topic banned, just like RealClimate founder … Continue reading

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William Connolley, now “climate topic banned” at Wikipedia

Bishop Hill had the news first, which is fitting since Mr. Connolley is based in Britain. In a vote of 7-0, The most prolific climate revisionist editor ever at Wikipedia, with over 5400 article revisions has been banned from making … Continue reading

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Wikipedia climate revisionism by William Connolley continues

Apparently Wikipedia’s own attempt at self policing problem editors isn’t working. Despite being up for a restriction or a ban, rogue Wiki editor (and Real Climate co-founder) William Connolley is still removing anything he doesn’t like when it comes to … Continue reading

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Wikibullies at work. The National Post exposes broad trust issues over Wikipedia climate information

UPDATED: see stats below the “read more” line. Lawrence Solomon at the National Post writes about a topic that WUWT readers have known about for a long time: How Wikipedia’s green doctor rewrote 5,428 climate articles. We’ve known for some … Continue reading

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