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Not ‘noble cause corruption’ – just corruption

Skiphil writes in Tips and Notes: Too funny, too funny….. this is a serious matter, but funny when leading Greens and Hollywood types get caught on film in a genuine conspiracy to hide Middle Eastern “oil” funding to make an … Continue reading

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Telling ‘Noble Cause Lies’ About Climate Change Will Backfire

Essay by Tom Harris, originally published in PJMedia Over the past twenty years, we’ve been subjected to a barrage of catastrophic climate change forecasts and prophecies that would put Moses to shame. Coastal communities will be submerged due to rapid … Continue reading

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Quote of the week – beyond ‘noble cause corruption’

A lot of popcorn is being consumed these days watching the wailing of the Lewandowsky lemming team as they furiously throw themselves over cyber-cliffs in support of a retracted paper that was doomed from the start by it’s own ethics … Continue reading

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Another Reason Why IPCC Predictions (Projections) Fail. AR5 Continues to Let The End Justify the Unscrupulous Means

Noble cause corruption in the process. Guest essay by Dr. Tim Ball Someone said economists try to predict the tide by measuring one wave. The IPCC essentially try to predict (project) the global temperature by measuring one variable. The IPCC … Continue reading

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Day of the ‘UnGreens’ – Dreaming up scary language to convince people global warming is really just like a scary movie

WUWT recently covered the lexicon shift at the White House: Lexicon Shift Alert: global warming gets another name change. This seems generally harmless, but wait until you see the source of one of the names on that list: “Climate Disruption”. We … Continue reading

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Bill McKibben is not what he seems to be – I catch him in a lie

While Bill McKibben tries to portray himself as just a concerned citizen out to change the world due to his fears of global warming, by running a “grassroots organization”, the reality is he’s quite well funded by the rich, as … Continue reading

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Historical climate artifacts, collect your complete set here

Chris Horner writes in with this. This is pretty funny. It is window into their possibly half-joking, still overly earnest view of their historical importance in choosing a gift for Susan Solomon. It lends credence to the view that they … Continue reading

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