Swedish Lawmakers Nominate Climate Activist Greta Thunberg For A Nobel Peace Prize


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Chris White Tech Reporter

February 03, 2020 9:46 AM ET

Swedish lawmakers nominated activist Greta Thunberg for a Nobel Peace Prize Monday in the belief that the teenager will help save the Paris climate agreement.

Thunberg “worked hard to make politicians open their eyes to the climate crisis,” Jens Holm and Hakan Svenneling, both members of Sweden’s Left Party, told the Associated Press. They believe the 17-year-old activist’s work prodding officials to take the deal seriously is worth the prize.

“Action for reducing our emissions and complying with the Paris Agreement is therefore also an act of making peace,” Holm and Svenneling said. (RELATED: Greta Thunberg’s Father Says ‘She Is Happy,’ But He Is Worried)

Thunberg is receiving heaps of praise after she appeared at the United Nations’ climate summit in 2019. She won TIME Magazine’s “Person of the Year” in December 2019, making her the young person to receive the honor since the magazine started naming people of the year in 1927.

She traveled to the U.S. from her home in Sweden in August on a racing yacht to avoid taking jets, which activists argue are responsible for spewing tons of carbon emissions. Her visit was designed to galvanize support for action on global warming ahead of September’s United Nations climate summit.

Thunberg’s emotional speech at the summit appeared to be the catalyst for much of the praise.

“You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words and yet I’m one of the lucky ones,” she said at the summit. “People are suffering. People are dying. Entire ecosystems are collapsing. We are in the beginning of a mass extinction, and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth. How dare you!”

UN climate officials struggled to find a spark after President Donald Trump pulled the United States out of the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement in 2017. The deal required the U.S. to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 26 to 28 percent below 2005 levels by 2025. China only committed to “peak” emissions by 2030 while India made no promise to curtail future emissions growth.

108 thoughts on “Swedish Lawmakers Nominate Climate Activist Greta Thunberg For A Nobel Peace Prize

  1. President Trump’s presentation of the Medal of Freedom to Rush Limbaugh at tonight’s State of the Union address was a far more rational act than giving Greta the Scold anything other than a tardy slip. The “official” world is berserk, and needs to be rebuked sharply.

    • Nancy Pelosi tearing up Trumps speech copy was classic cognitive dissonance. And those who left early were having a discomfort avoidance tantrum.
      True derangement is really setting in on the Democrats now. 3 years of refusing to move on past Hillary’s 2016 defeat is having serious mental health consequences for many of them.

      • Re The handshake thing. I dont think it was intentional it looks likeTrump did not even notice that Pelosi put out her hand as he handed a copy of the speech from his right hand (his hand shaking hand was occupied) and turned immediately towards the podium my 2 cents worth….

      • Craggy Nancy should do everyone, including her self by, retiring from politics as it is clearly becoming beyond her mental capacity.

        • On the other hand, the longer she remains the face of the Democrats in the Senate, the stronger the Republicans get.

          • Next thing you know, letting the Dem take over the House was conspiracy to destroy their party for good…

  2. The Nobel Peace Prize died a humiliating death when they gave it to Obama for being elected US President in 2008.

      • Not bad, Ian E. Could use a little work, but it’s a good start.

        Maybe we could work in “People’s Hero of The Glorious Revolution” somewhere, along with “Taking-The-Piss”.

        At a minimum, we’re going to need a rather longish paragraph to get in all the Regressive tropes that describe the true below-the-sub-basement value the current Nobel Peace Prize has sunk to. It has a long way to climb to get back to “Total Joke” status.

      • Sorry Ian, it doesn’t have legs.

        NPP: National Princess Prize <– all knuckleheads deserve a trophy


        • John, how about the ‘National Princess PARTICIPATION prize ( . . like the ‘participation trophies’ handed out to everyone so no one feels slighted . . )? 🙂 🙂

          • Greta didn’t participate. She scolded.

            H.R. You could fit in all the regressive tropes you want to by using a large inventive ACRONYM_FTW!

    • Stephen Rasey February 4, 2020 at 10:31 pm
      The Nobel Peace Prize died a humiliating death when they gave it to Obama for being elected US President in 2008.

      It was dead before that:

      Yasser Arafat Winner of the 1994 Nobel Prize in Peace

      • Stephan, Ian, and Steve, you guys are shooting and scoring! How the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded is an a priori proof that Nobel is playing with dynamite.

        • My recollection of it is that the Peace Prize is not really anything to do with the Nobel Committee. Just a thought.

        • LdB: Mikey doesn’t have a real one. Fake works for the neo-left. They’ve really made the Nobel Prize fake anyway. Someone will eventually fund a competing prize that will be only for ‘solid’ excelence. They will drop the left’s wifty-poofty peace prize. It essentially is a lefty agenda-loaded handout. Several hundred million people have been killed in wars and under the cover of wars since the Nobel was created. No one has deserved this prize from the beginning.

      • yeah arafats award did it for me too
        I wasnt even very politically aware then but i sure knew he didnt deserve it
        theres an aussie version
        the IG-Nobels
        she deserves one of those;-)

        see Boris saying no ICE cars tobe sold in UK after 2030?
        present rate of sales is 1.6%
        reckon a LOT of old cars will be staying on rds and resale will be high
        and silly bugger reckons UK should have a green new deal
        i spilt my coffee, didnt think he was that stupid
        I was wrong

  3. Funny thing is that I have never listened to her speeches. I’ve heard about them. Not interested in listening to the prattling of a child.

    • Her words aren’t even the prattling of a child, she just reads from scripts, written by her parents and other handlers. She’s a victim, not a ‘leader’, and I have nothing but contempt for those who have pushed this child into the public view.

  4. It’s official. The insane are managing this asylum. Chesterton and CSLewis both understood that insanity has a dreadful and self consistent logic when seen from the viewpoint of the sufferer, but totally lacks the mind and soul freeing dimension of imagination.

  5. That peace prize is a curse, not a blessing for those who actually received it at a young age. The meaning of the Peace Prize was destroyed when they gave it to Obama in 2009 for doing nothing of substance. He did nothing after that to earn it post hoc. And his abysmal legacy as US President has been completely erased by Trump.

    So if they want to destroy an 17 yr olds life, then give Greta the Peace Prize next fall. Everything else in her life will be failure. Like some teenage Hollywood actress who flames out and finds nothing after 18.

    • The actual Nobel SCIENCE prizes also have their comebacks! I once read an expression by a Nobel winner, that went something like: “The Nobel is awarded for something you did in the past, and is so set up that in the future, everything conspires to prevent you from ever doing it again!”

  6. I’m sure Greta is having a fine time now, but that can’t last. I don’t think that the world is going to transition from fossil fuels. I think that renewable energy systems like wind and solar will be exposed as expensive failures within five years. I think that the pop of the Tesla market bubble is going to make a very loud noise. I don’t think that the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide has any great effect on the climate. The whole thing is a doomsday story, and you know how those usually go. Meanwhile, the people who are now enjoying (and that is the apt word) the prospect of the approaching end of the world are going to age.. Ten years of aging is going to do a lot more damage to Greta Thunberg than ten years of climate change. Twenty years is really going to bite, and thirty years is going to sting quite a bit more than she can possibly imagine at age seventeen.

    What ever happened to Helen Caldicott, who was similarly determined to head off the end of the world? The world didn’t end, and Dr. Caldicott eventually shut up and went away. That’s what will happen to Greta Thunberg.

  7. I tbought the prize was for achievement. She has done nothing but midinterpret (misunderztsnd?) good climate science.

  8. She was just nominated a few months ago for a Nobel , so how is she nominated again so soon? Unless it is in a different category now…or perhaps they just give out this useless prize now every few months. I can just imagine her parents are eager to get their hands on those monies. Naming her the Time person of the year was also a mistake, but then who reads Time magazine anymore anyway. She has made no contribution to climate science in general, and has spread a lot of misinformation about science, which in all honesty she knows nothing about. It is all just a PR stunt and that certainly deserves no Nobel Peace Prize, although that would put her in the same company as Yasser Arafat who was a straight up probably can’t say that word on here. A lot of respect for the Nobel has been lost giving these coveted prizes to people who don’t deserve them.

    • She didn’t get the prize last time, so she gets re-nominated. They’ll keep this up until they get what they want. It’s what leftists do.

  9. The question is simply why? She has not accomplished anything of substance. Apart from stirring up some hysteria about something which only exists in some computer models she’s done literally nothing. Hardly an achievement worthy of any recognition let alone a Nobel prize.

    • Oh c’mon Pete, surely re-Greta is a home grown shew-in for that prize, having worked hard defending her dreams in emotive grimacing alone for a minor. Well OK not as hard as any coal miner, but then the Nobel in this consummately dreamy category has become a participation trophy and fitting kiss on the forehead.

    • The leftists are using Greta as a marketing tool Peter, nominating her at all for the Nobel prize simply devalues what was once considered an honor, it’s now simply farcical. It seems that it’s been a leftist pick for some time now.

    • Ian,
      When we stop using fossil fuels and only have about 1/8 of the energy needed to sustain world population, there will be peace and quiet in the abandoned cities, especially in northern countries like Sweden, where deaths from cold will be “optimized” (from the anti-human socialist viewpoint).

  10. As Stephen Rasey above mention, the Nobel Peace Prize is no longer in the name of Peace.It became clear when former President Obama got the Peace Prize and when Greta Thunberg last year was nominated for the Peace Prize.

    Now the Swedish left are at it again as they nominate Greta Thunberg for the prize again.
    So, what has she done to deserve this honor?
    She has widened the cliff between the left and the right political arena, extended the tension between nations and made scientific work within many faculties impossible or a joke.
    But, worst of all, Greta Thunberg has caused pandemic angst and delusion among several generations, starting with children as young as five years old.

    Greta’s father, Svante Thunberg, aught to be so prudent as to calm this whole circus down, starting with denouncing the nomination to the Nobel Peace Prize and ending with an excuse to the world that he assisted his daughter in this inhuman vendetta.

  11. Well if the peace prize wasn’t tarnished enough already. with Gore, Obama, Arafat, and many more unworthies, now they want to add Greta?
    NB have the Democrat Party managed to fix their Iowa voting system yet? Have they managed to get their preferred candidate to top the poll, or are they still trying to fix it….?

  12. I honestly think the Peace Price died in 1978. With regards to young Miss Thunberg, anyone who listens to the Swedish radio station P4 (understanding Swedish is an advantage) and their interview with Bo Thoren (the G.T. architect), will know that she is a complete construction. The leftists in the comity in Oslo should be ashamed of what they have turned Alfred’s legacy in to. He would rotate in his grave if he could or at least wish he could blow up something more important than his brother Emil.

  13. So you get a peace prize for skipping school and being petulant? As for stealing her dreams- isn’t one of her dreams to live in some medieval, emission free utopia? Surely we’re well on the way to fulfilling that one…

  14. That prize is going down the drain. When it has been awarded to the undeserving many times in the past, the real peacemakers could do their struggling without the recognition they deserve. Where do you read anything in-depth about last year’s laureate? Ignored by the MSM, who gave us Greta instead.

  15. The trip by the Thunbergs spewed out over 20 Tonnes of carbon emissions, if using IPCC methodologies, where fuel and embodied emissions are assigned per unit of use e.g. per km or per L of fuel, to the user. Not the owner or first purchaser, but to the current user. Fuel associated emissions are easy to define but embodied emissions are obviously a little harder.

    However, for the trip, the embodied emissions were dominated by that of the Malizia 2. Knowing that these boats are expected to last 20 years and the emissions in manufacturing carbon fibre, it is straightforward to calculate a 9 T CO2 embodied emission cost for the 10,000 km trip (there and back).

    The route across the USA and Canada in a Tesla is easily drawn up from twitter tweets and so the fuel cost can be estimated based on the states fuel mix. Many states had high levels of coal and gas. What may surprise people is that this section only accounted for ~2 T CO2 (1 T fuel, 1 T embodied approx). Using a ford puma would have resulted in a similar CO2 cost.

    The embodied emissions of the Vagabonde as essentially 0 when compared to the Malizia but all of the diesel in their tanks was used, when they landed. That is another 2 tonnes.

    Finally crew flights, according to the IPCC methodologies, must be assigned to the trip. Give or take, 7 tonnes for 8 flights.

    And this is being low carbon?

  16. Tis a strange world, my masters , where a young woman , absconding from a school for Those of Special Needs acquires a fortune of millions of dollars by demanding poverty from others , is awarded a doctorate without any prior degrees or published work or thesis, and is nominated for a Peace prize for spitting hatred at elected world leaders and threatening to put any dissenters “up against the wall”.

    • mikew:It’s related to Fake News! It is postmodern fluff. It’s not about what is actually real, but what people have been made to believe is real. Hey, activist climate science itself is a product of this paradigm.

    • Good sketch, might even be true 🙂

      Strange though:
      3,672 views since Jan 1, 2020 and only two comments.
      Would that have something to do with censorship?

  17. So ya …
    Thought ya …
    Might like to …
    Go to the show …

    To feel that warm thrill of confusion,
    That space cadet glow.
    I’ve got some bad news for you sunshine,
    Greta isn’t well she stayed back at the hotel
    And they sent us along, as a surrogate band
    We’re gonna find out where you fans really stand!

    Are there any deniers in the theater tonight?
    Get them up against the wall!
    Against the Wall!
    There’s one in the spotlight … he don’t look right to me!
    Get him up against the wall!
    Against the Wall!
    That one looks sane!
    And that one’s a loon!
    Who let all of this riff-raff into the room?
    There’s one joking about windmills,
    And another eating cow!
    If I had my way, I’d have all of them SHOT!

    In The Flesh – Pink Floyd

  18. Weird ! Although Holm and his comrades are 100% off track (not only on this topic) there has not been a single letter on this alleged ‘nomination here in Sweden. Fake news?

    • Kind of fake news. Nominations are not made public from the Nobel Committee until 50 years after the event. – See my notes somewhere else.

  19. Henrik Svensmark can’t live too far away from little miss muffet. She should visit him and get some real education on how ‘ climate’ happens. Being on the same land mass she could probably walk there.

    • The land mass (greater Stockholm) has negative RSLR. Not long ago there was very thick ice there compressing the land mass. No Greta can harvest potatoes in her garden, swim in the fjords and BBQ elg (those big animals with long legs getting drunk in the apple trees – yes, true story). Reminds me, not far from where I live in Sweden, you can get elg-burgers. The elg-burger taste really good, but need a lot of salad and dressing to go with them, otherwise they are too dry.

  20. The bright side to this, is that she may in fact turn most against the AGW fraud if all they can come up is this!

  21. Do we actually know if the Nobel Committee has Greta nominated – No!

    From their website: https://www.nobelpeaceprize.org/Nomination/Confidentiality
    “Proposals received for the award of a prize, and investigations and opinions concerning the award of a prize, may not be divulged until 50 years have elapsed.”

    and further:
    “The Nobel Committee does not itself announce the names of nominees, neither to the media nor to the candidates themselves. In certain cases names of candidates appear in the media. These advanced speculations are either the product of sheer speculation or information released by the person or persons behind the nomination.”

    You can read the full text at the above link.

    Her continued nomination is solely advertising, we will first know in 50 years time, if she was actually nominated – if the Nobel Committee adhere to their own rules.

    • the damnfool pollies are the ones announcing THEY nominated her
      media stunt
      wether the nobel mob accept it?
      prob will, for their own media kudos

  22. Seems odd to suggest a “peace” prize should be given to someone who is single-handedly (!) causing even more division; not only have we now got alarmists and rational people on the climate debate, she’s personally got supporters and haters on both sides of the argument!

  23. We didn’t steal her childhood – she’s suffering from climate change psychoses. She, however, is stealing what is for many of us, our golden years, having to fight this (fill in the blank).

    • Greta Thunberg’s claim that her childhood was ‘stolen’ is sheer, disingenuous projection. If she wants to see children – much younger then her – who have lost their childhood she should join a few of them in their ramshackle hell-hole Cobalt mines in DRC. There, if she had any understanding of these things, she would see that her movement’s desire to move the world away from F-F and oil and into battery-power on the basis of a scam, is what is robbing huge numbers of African children of their childhood.

      If there was an ‘Anti-peace prize’ her parents would win it hands down.

  24. A mentally ill girl who has externalised her psychosis with a belief system.

    Doing so absolves one of responsibility, guilt, and self criticism. Your problems are now someone else’s fault.

    It is an easy way out, and occurs often in the minds of sick people from Hitler to the ultra religious/ideologist.

  25. Meanwhile in the real world, this quote from Jonova’s account of the Stae of the Union speech:
    -“John Hindraker:
    This puts the Democrats in a tough spot. Through the first half of the speech, President Trump reeled off one item of good news after another: Record low unemployment! Lowest black unemployment ever! Lowest Hispanic unemployment ever! Rising wages, especially at the bottom! Median net worth skyrocketing! And so on. The Democrats greeted all of this with stony silence. When Trump announced that in the last three years, 10 million people have gotten off welfare, the Democrats looked as though they were ready to cry. …

    Trump bragged about American energy production and said nothing, not a syllable, about climate change. As it should be.”

  26. Saint Greta –

    “She had not a thought in her head that was not a slogan, and there was no imbecility,
    absolutely none that she was not capable of swallowing if the Party handed it out to her.”

    George Orwell 1984

  27. Well, they surely can’t nominate her for the Nobel prize in science….that would require, er, scientific achievement (at least in theory).

  28. Greta Thunberg a silly little glove puppet of a girl who has not compeleted her secondary education and knows less about the science of climate change than a box of rocks. In my opinion, if she is awarded the Nobel Peace prize this means that the awarding commitee are so insane that they are completely off their collective trolley.

  29. Judging by the reactions, I’m thinking we may have hit Peak Greta ?

    As for Swedish politicians, its not too much of a stretch to think that their surprise will be just as great as was that of the burghers of Lindisfarne when Swedish voters react to bombing and grenade attacks now being experienced on an almost daily basis.

  30. Puts her in there with the do-nothings, the warmongers and all those before her that were damaging to the world. After Yasser Arafat, the prize was reward for violence and leftist behaviour. After Obama, it was for do-nothings. After Gore, it was leftist partisan awards for lies and propaganda. So they are nominating Greta for the same award warmongers and do-nothings receive. Seems appropriate. It’s not an award for merit or helping the world. Just makes the winner a million richer and some drooling psychophants will increase their love of the loser. Its’ award for a loser, not a winner.

    (Occassionally, a real winner, like Malala Yousafzai is chosen. Truely deserving people do occassionaly slip through and receive the award.)

  31. Progress of a kind.. back in the Medieval area they want us to revert to, Scolds were fitted with a metal gag and dunked in the river….

    Now they get nominated for an award….

  32. So lobbying government to use its police power to jam your pseudo-religion down everyone’s throat is somehow supportive of peace? What next? Leftist Blackshirts beating their opponents get a peace prize?

  33. The Nobel Peace Prize isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. Perhaps it can be recycled… repurposed (spoil the document, spare the energy) to help the planet or improve sanitation.

  34. I nominate whoever was behind the two meetings in the Eastern Congo held recently, involving a total of 77 leaders various factions and tribal groups, that resulted in a broad, strong commitment to cease all hostilities.

    This pair of events seems to have been transformational and might bring a substantial improvement and draw to a close one of the worst, most inveterate conflicts in African history. It has been going for decades and has witnessed some of the most appalling crimes ever.

    Stoked by outsiders interested in grasping and carting off the local resources, it has included widespread child slavery, hideous massacres and extensive gender violence. Anyone who manages to bring that to a peaceful end should be recognized with a nomination.

    Children launching crusades against the wind are not in the same league. Peace is about ending wars, not starting them.

  35. Arguably, St Greta of Stockholm has accomplished more to “earn” a Noble Peace Prize than Barack Obama, who was awarded the prize essentially for not being George W Bush.

  36. Greta deserving of a Nobel Peace Prize? Sure, why not.

    The Nobel Peace Prize has degraded to the point of being equivalent to a Crackers Jack toy, except for the monetary award part (around $1 million).

    The decline in the prestige of the Nobel Peace Prize awards began with the co-award to Henry Kissinger in 1973, continued with the co-award to Yasser Arafat in 1994, and accelerated downward with awards to Al Gore in 2007 and Barack Obama in 2009. The money I could use; the trophy and publicity could go into the circular file for all I care.

  37. Greta Thunberg has done precisely ZERO to promote peace. No war, famine or despotic regime has been averted, ended or overthrown.

    All she has done is had some fantasy that she can ‘see’ carbon dioxide, when any scientist knows she cannot.

    Then she has said ‘How dare you?’ to a few political representatives. Big deal: I have said and can say a lot more than that and no-one has recommended me for any prize, peace or otherwise.

    The Nobel Peace Prize is dead if this nomination is not thrown out as spurious, irrelevant and utterly out of synch with what the prize is supposed to be about.

    There is a serious case to suggest that sectioning for mental ill health is required for anyone who thinks this is anything other than an absolutely corrupt and fraudulent nomination.

  38. The peace prize has become a meaningless piece of junk given to the newest political mouthpiece of liberal dogma. What a shame the liberals have yet destroyed another tradition that at one time meant something.

    I have the same sort of feelings about the Scientific American magazine…it once meant something, now a piece of junk.

  39. How does promoting actions which will lead to global shortages and starvation, and therefore war, merit a PEACE prize?

  40. If Al Gorical, Barack O’barmy and Greta Thunderpants deserve Nobel Peace Prizes the rest of us must be just down the list. Will there be enough to go around? Personally I would settle for something of more established and durable value… like a free bagel.

  41. Classic doublespeak.

    Someone who directly spreads lies, division, hate, ignorance and stupidity is given a peace prize.

  42. I think praising the Snork Maiden is the biggest own-goal yet scored by the global warmunists.

    In my travels across the interwebs the most frequent reaction I observe from the otherwise disinterested is one of annoyance and anger that they are being so lectured by an ignorant, arrogant, petulant child who should still be in school. And a better school than previously.

    Also, the way this young girl is being used by the people whose words she parrots comes across as quite revolting to many sensible adults.

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