Hump Day Hilarity – Josh on ‘The Pause’ coming of age

Josh writes: Today is the official birthday of the pause. James Delingpole says so and he is, as we know, always right – especially when he is quoting BishopHill. What will the Pause do next? Get a job? Go on a gap year? Maybe go to college and rack up some proper student debt. Who knows, but it’s worth…

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The Climate Science Zombie Apocalypse is coming

We’ve all heard of the “zombie apocalypse”, it gets all sorts of humorous opinions about it, t-shirts, websites, iPhone covers, even the CDC got in on the act. Now, with the call for civil disobedience to solve the mostly non-existent climate problem we have the “climate science zombie apocalypse”. This is sort of like “low information…


Place your petabetts now

Josh writes: I had a request from Richard Betts to do a cartoon on this paper in Nature about soil CO2 emissions. The abstract says soil emits “60 petagrams of carbon per year to the atmosphere as carbon dioxide”. It made me wonder why they talked about ‘carbon’ and not ‘carbon dioxide’ – after all, carbon is not a…