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Climate spin – more than just a game, it’s ‘Wheel of Gore’

Over at Ben Garrison’s website, he writes about climate change and produces a grrraphic. One thing I don’t like about true believers is they like to set up extreme negatives for those who disbelieve. About these ads

About these ads
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New Climate Model Introduced, now with knobs!

Due to the cutbacks in funding for climate science, a new climate model has been introduced to help politicians justify unnecessary laws that regulate carbon dioxide emissions…

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Science, Engineering, and other related jokes

People send me stuff. This list of 20 intelligent jokes with a smattering of science and engineering jokes is worth sharing. Some won’t get all of them, for example, I have no idea what #1 is about…the rest, are just … Continue reading

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Greens Go by Air – Greenpeace edition by Josh

Josh has a nice travel sticker for suitcases to offset this stupidity. From the National Post: One of Greenpeace’s most senior executives commutes 400 kilometres each way to work by plane, the environmental group has admitted.  … One volunteer described … Continue reading

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Saturday Silliness – New Research Shows Moon Causes Warming and Affects Climate

WUWT reader “thin air” submits this spoof for weekend fun. June 20, 2014.   Princeton, New Jersey.   Recently climate scientists here at the “Center for the Study of Earth and Moon” have discovered a dramatic warming effect on the Earth’s climate, … Continue reading

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Friday Funny: New supercomputer model becomes self-aware, says it needs more power

World’s Supercomputers Release Study Confirming They Are Not Powerful Enough The supercomputers say the upgrades are needed now. LIVERMORE, CA—Presenting a wide-ranging and extremely detailed case for significant upgrades to their speed and memory, the world’s fastest supercomputers released a … Continue reading

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Mann Overboard! – It Takes a Village in North Korea Edition

It seems that Dr. Michael Mann has gone off the rails (again) into the sort of conspiracy theory territory that would be a perfect case study for Cook and Lewandowsky, except that they probably believe every word Dr. Mann has … Continue reading

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The Weather Channel to start applying monster names to hurricanes and tropical storms

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  – June 3, 2014 ATLANTA – In response to the study just released from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, “Female hurricanes are deadlier than male hurricanes” … Continue reading

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How not to ride a climate camel

By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley In response to an earlier posting showing a picture of me with a camel, George E. Smith asked “Where did you get yourself the horse of a different color? Is it as difficult to ride … Continue reading

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Mann, it’s hairy in the climate wars

Sometimes, you just have to laugh. Doing a Google search for Michael E. Mann to find his CV to respond to this comment, I came across this odd presentation from Google. In it, Michael E. Mann gains hair, and I … Continue reading

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Friday Funny: New drought trigger postulated for CSIRO to study

Who knew the reason for drought could be so simple? Forget complex modeling, Palmer indices, and rainfall projections, the reason for drought (at least in Australia) is dirt simple. Time is of the essence!

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Hump Day Hilarity – John Oliver’s Twist on Climate

Josh writes: There have been a few tweets about this guy, John Oliver. He got Bill Nye to come on his show to debate a skeptic but then said he would need 96 other people alongside Bill to make it … Continue reading

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Monckton and Monty – dead parrot parody of IPCC

First, if you have not seen the Monty Python “dead parrot” sketch in your lifetime, before you read the satire from Christopher Monckton below, watch this video. Just click on the thumbnail at right. Now the following will make a … Continue reading

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Friday Funny – the scientific method

Not Josh nor Fenbeagle, but still pretty funny. I think maybe this comic was penned around the time Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth came out, which was enough to make any thinking person start doubting science.

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Shollenberger calls Cook’s and University of Queensland’s legal bluff!

The 97% Thunderdome is revving up! Brandon Shollenberger has issued a direct challenge to Cook and UQ, and has published the threatening letter about that “secret” data for Cook’s “97% consensus” study that was published under an “open” Creative Commons … Continue reading

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Friday Funny – 97% sticky science

Josh writes: There is so much to cartoon this week it is difficult to choose what to start with. I went for Brandon’s brilliant 97% data discovery. Apparently all you need to do if you want to be part of … Continue reading

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Bob Ward of the State of Confusion

Josh writes: Bob Ward’s tweets today have been a revelation – historic even – see the Bish’s post here. Happily they have coincided with a couple of Antarctic stories that deserve cartooning. Thanks, Bob!

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Friday Funny: Forget CO2 – US Executions “Cause” Global Warming

From the “correlation is not causation” department. Guest Posting by Ira Glickstein Since the Death Penalty was restored in the US in 1975, the Number of Executions per Year correlates with UAH Global Temperature Anomaly better than CO2 levels! So, … Continue reading

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Monday Mirthiness – The Science News Cycle

After all the rubbish coming out of Washington today on climate, we all need a laugh. This cartoon was intended to illustrate general science reporting, but works just as well and is equally funny and prescient for climate science.

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Friday Funny – ‘industrial strength skeptic in a can’

Josh writes: Victor Venema’s comment the other day about needing 30 alarmists posts to balance out a Curry post rang true – skeptic arguments are that good!

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Nobody Expects the Climate Inquisition

Josh writes: I thought the National Review article, The Climate Inquisitor posted on BishopHill, was worth a cartoon. H/t Rick Cina in the comments for the peer-reviewed critiques of Mann’s hockey sticks.

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Full Moon on Lewandowsky

Climate Psychologist with the Right Stuff Stephan Lewandosky et al (including John Cook and Mike Marriott) published a paper called Recursive Fury, now retracted, psychoanalyzing climate skeptics’ opinions and categorizing them in psycho-babble terminology, such as: (PV) Persecution Victimization (NI) … Continue reading

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Lewandowsky’s ‘downfall’

Bishop Hill notes: Geoff Chambers points me to the (almost inevitable) “Downfall” video to accompany Stephan Lewandowsky’s recent (Fury paper retraction) demise. Enjoy.  

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A speech from the president on Earth Day – with warming as the topic

While Dr. Roy Spencer reports on a number of politically incorrect cartoons about Earth Day, saying, “I mostly find Earth Day just plain annoying for the rank hypocrisy on display. A state-sponsored religious day of worship, along with all of … Continue reading

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Friday Funny – climate ‘cliff notes’

Josh writes: As many know I have a bit of a ‘glass half full’ opinion on the state of climate science and with the recent IPCC offerings along with activist mutterings of ‘we are all heading for a cliff type’ … Continue reading

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Not quite Friday Funny: The new Ty-D-Bol Man – a rising tide floats all, er, boats

Some WUWT readers may remember this classic TV commercial: Josh writes: It looks like Lew & crew want to continue to debate the merits of his paper. H/t and many thanks to Jo Nova for the ‘flushes itself’ idea. I present, with help from … Continue reading

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Climate Change as an omnipotent political force

Or is it…farce? Charles Hushburg sends word of this political assessment. The Swiss might not like the comparison.  

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Friday Funny: Common Sense and Climate Change

An old tale tells that swindlers sold a gullible emperor thin air, under the guise it were a suit of clothes invisible only to the profoundly stupid. None dared publicly doubt these authorities on anthropogenic wardrobe, fearing to appear dull … Continue reading

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Global Warming, er, Climate Change is omnipotent – it has now destroyed April Fools Day

Dr. Roy Spencer has found something quite stunning. Global Warming is Destroying April Fools Day He writes: For the last few days I’ve been trying to think of some crazy, almost-believable angle to illustrate the absurdity of the current global … Continue reading

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Josh on the cloud of uncertainty, er, certainty over the IPCC WG II report

Now that the IPCC WG II report has been released, you can expect a full round of wailing and gnashing of teeth, because they are quite certain the world is going to thermageddon in a handbasket.

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Josh: Don’t squeeze the Lewpaper

Emboldened by the worldwide success (29,000+ views) of the flushed Lewpaper, a spokesman for Procter and Gamble has announced that P&G decided to replace Mr. Whipple with Mr. Lew.

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Friday Funny – A Nurses Guide to the Apocalypse

People send me stuff. Today I got this cartoon from an unexpected source; a website dedicated to medical nursing professionals. Apparently, they take the same sort of dim view about the Climate Change Apocalypse as they do the Zombie Apocalypse, … Continue reading

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Steyn discovers the ‘essence of Mann': Eau de weasel

Well, we knew it would happen, it was just a matter of when. Dr. Michael Mann is trying to weasel out of discovery in the Mann-Steyn Steamroller case. Steyn reports on the latest:

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Friday Funny – Licking the Gore effect

I’m sure many readers have seen the movie that is now a holiday classic called A Christmas Story. There is a scene in that movie where the character Flick, acting on a “triple-dog dare”, gets his tongue stuck to a … Continue reading

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Critical mass of Cotton

Yesterday, the climate blogosphere reached critical mass of Cotton. Douglas J. Cotton. And with that critical mass, as such things go, they go boom. Lucia has previously announced why Doug Cotton is banned at her place. Undeterred, and fully advised … Continue reading

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