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My surfacestations project at the AMS conference

Co-author Dr. John Nielsen-Gammon (and subbed at the last minute by John Christy)  presents the results of the SurfaceStations project to the 19th Conference on Applied Climatology 18–20 July 2011, Asheville, North Carolina. AMS just posted these presentations (h/t to … Continue reading

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Currents and climate – still not settled

From Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution  via Eurekalert Newly discovered Icelandic current could change North Atlantic climate picture An international team of researchers, including physical oceanographers from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), has confirmed the presence of a deep-reaching ocean … Continue reading

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Locked up: US Park police transport Tar Sands protesters to the pokey

News update by Ryan Maue Update:  The jails were emptied Monday morning.  Also, Daryl Hannah has announced that she is heading to the White House oil-sands protest. Update:  New York Times editorial page comes out for against the Tar Sands … Continue reading

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New AGU endorsed climate survey for educators – a bit odd

People send me stuff. This arrived today in my inbox. This anonymous survey (open to anyone) was announced via the American Geophysical Union mailing list, done by the National Earth Science Teachers Association (NESTA, and also available at their website) … Continue reading

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Pinatubo and the Albedo Thermostat

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I got to thinking that the eruption of Mount Pinatubo should provide a good test case for my theory that changes in albedo help regulate the temperature and keep it within a narrow range. When … Continue reading

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The character of climate change part 4

Guest post by Erl Happ This post is best read after viewing parts one, two and three that set the scene for what is described here. I noted in parts 1 and 2 that variability in global temperature is greatest … Continue reading

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Another GISS miss, Tisdale calls out Hansen and Sato on failed predictions

A Memo To Hansen and Sato Guest commentary by Bob Tisdale Date:August 21, 2011 Subject:A Request About Your El Niño Predictions And A Question About Anthropogenic Global Warming To: James E. Hansen and Makiko Sato Dear Makiko and James: I am … Continue reading

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The tool that will save you time on WUWT and the web

I was surprised to learn that many people don’t know what I know about how to find things in web pages and documents. For as many comments and web pages we have on WUWT, I wanted to  make sure everybody … Continue reading

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Animals and plants flee 0.7°C temperature rise in last century

UPDATE: Highly recommended reading from Donna LaFramboise (h/t to reader Lars P), apparently this researcher has had several rebuttals posted against his previous peer reviewed version of this claim. One rebuttal by a prominent ecologist said: “the worst paper I … Continue reading

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Fudging in greenhouse gas stats?

From EMPA Switzerland: Sketchy emission reports revealed by Empa measurements at Jungfraujoch Fluorinated hydrocarbons are potent greenhouse gases, emission of which must be reduced under the Kyoto Protocol. If you rely on the official reports of the participating countries, the … Continue reading

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