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Sunspeck counts after all, debate rages…Sun DOES NOT have first spotless calendar month since June 1913

UPADATED AT 8:30AM PST Sept 2nd- More on SIDC’s decision to count a sunspeck (technically a “pore”) days after the fact. NOAA has now followed SIDC in adding a 0.5 sunspot where there was none before. But as commenter Basil … Continue reading

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Gustav’s progress via near realtime satellite imagery

As many of you may know, I produce a variety of weather imagery maps for web and broadcast in SD and HD. Since there is a lot of interest in the path of hurricane Gustav, I thought I’d post a … Continue reading

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Arctic Ice Growth, 2008 – How Much?

A Guest Post By Steve Goddard In my most recent article in The Register, and also posted here on WUWT, I incorrectly speculated that NSIDC graphs appeared to show less growth in Arctic ice extent than had actually occurred.  My … Continue reading

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Sun poised to make history with first spotless month since 1913

Many people that have have an interest in the interaction between the Sun and Earth have been keeping a watchful eye on several metrics of solar activity recently. The most popular of course has been sunspot watching. The sun has … Continue reading

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Global Warming behind Austrian Encephalitis Case

More Signs of the Apocalypse From Posted online: Friday, August 29, 2008 at 2:48:25 PM Report Confirms Four Austrians Suffer Tick-borne Encephalitis from Cheese Medical experts confirmed on Thursday that four people recently fell ill with tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) … Continue reading

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The Sun remains in a magnetic funk

While sunspots are often cited as the main proxy indicator of solar activity, there is another indicator which I view as equally (if not more) important. The Average Planetary Magnetic index (Ap), the strength of which ties into Svensmark’s cosmic ray … Continue reading

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Brits Under Attack Due to Global Waming

From The Sun By VINCE SOODIN Published: 26 Aug 2008 TWO British schoolgirls cheated death after being stung by a lethal Portuguese Man O’War. Paddling Molly Purcell, ten, suffered toxic shock and gasped for breath after the tentacles of the … Continue reading

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Meier of NSIDC on melt: “it’s not going to make it to the North Pole”

Current image from Terra Satellite, rotated 90 degrees to improve view, plus annotation and world view inset added by Anthony Source image is available here at the NASA Terra website North Pole to remain frozen By Bill Scanlon, Rocky Mountain … Continue reading

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Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s op-ed on polar bears and climate change in the NYT

WOW look at the SIZE of that seal! (photo added by Anthony, not NYT) Bearing Up By SARAH PALIN Published: January 5, 2008, Juneau, Alaska ABOUT the closest most Americans will ever get to a polar bear are those cute, … Continue reading

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Democrats find ‘green’ political convention tough to enforce

Idling limos and SUV’s waiting for delegates (Credit: Declan McCullagh/CNET News) From CNET News by Declan McCullagh DENVER–The Democratic Party has boasted that its convention here will be “the most environmentally-sustainable” gathering in the party’s history, complete with a director … Continue reading

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2014-2015 – These years are a repeating theme in solar forecasts

Sun today – still blank. We are approaching a spotless month of August, 2 days to go. Here at WUWT, I’ve touched on almost every point in this article below, here are some links for you to review in addition … Continue reading

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McCains rumored VP pick says “don’t spend time on [skeptics]“

I’ll point out that this is just a rumor. Last week many people were sure that Obama’s VP was going to be Evan Bayh based on bumper sticker printing rumors. Let’s hope this one doesn’t pan out. – Anthony UPDATE: … Continue reading

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Fill your gas tank – now

While it is far from certain yet how strongly these storms will develop and where they will go, production platforms are already shutting down in some parts of the Gulf of Mexico in anticipation of the storm Gustav. Here is … Continue reading

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Skeptical Article on Climate in the Old Farmer’s Almanac – cooler times ahead?

My friend, Joe D’Aleo who runs ICECAP, had the opportunity this year to write an article for the 2009 Old Farmer’s Almanac.  While I’m normally “skeptical” of the long term forecasts printed in the OFA, I’m not of this piece … Continue reading

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Cascade snowpack decline? Weather patterns – not global warming

Man made global warming gets blamed for a lot of things, but often when you look beyond the rhetoric that surrounds such blame, you find simpler answers, such as changes in the Pacific Decadal Oscillation. Mount Shuksan, in the Cascades … Continue reading

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Help survey a weather station this Labor Day weekend

As many of you know, I also operate with the goal of completing the survey of all 1221 USHCN climate stations of record in the continental United States. Doing so, we’ve uncovered some very interesting siting and quality control … Continue reading

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Global Warming Creates Crabgrass Menace

This UC Irvine study with heat lamps on grass plots seems to be almost at a science fair level. Here’s the relevant quotes from the abstract and conclusion: Our results suggest that an increase in temperature caused by climate change … Continue reading

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