McCains rumored VP pick says "don't spend time on [skeptics]"

I’ll point out that this is just a rumor. Last week many people were sure that Obama’s VP was going to be Evan Bayh based on bumper sticker printing rumors. Let’s hope this one doesn’t pan out. – Anthony

UPDATE: Speculation has now shifted to Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. Her approval rating, according to the Anchorage Daily News, tops 80 percent. Among other things, she supports drilling in Alaska, with limits, she’s pro-life and she’s a fiscal conservative. If she’s the pick, that surely figured into the McCain strategy of hoping to woo upset Hillary Clinton supporters. She’d be a magnet for them.

From Capital Research: Tim Pawlenty, Global Warming Alarmist

August 28th, 2008 by Matthew Vadum

Rumors are circulating that GOP presumptive presidential candidate Senator John McCain plans to select Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty as his vice presidential running mate.Pawlenty certainly talks a good shtick when it comes to free markets, low taxes, and limited government, but his views on climate change and energy policy are downright frightening.

“We should not spend time on voices that say [climate change] is not real,” Pawlenty said even as new evidence surfaces almost daily that undermines the alarmist consensus.

“We should have listened to President Carter” about energy policy, Pawlenty said.

President Jimmy Carter, readers may recall, gave his infamous “malaise” speech (also known as the “Crisis of Confidence” speech) live on television on July 15, 1979.

In it Carter blamed Americans for the problems in American society at that time. He told Americans they were too materialistic and greedy and that they needed to make do with less. He told Americans that turning down their thermostats and wearing sweaters indoors would help solve the nation’s problems.

That was Jimmy Carter’s energy policy.

And Pawlenty says we should have listened to President Carter?


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Well, there goes my vote. Looks like I`ll be staying at home !
All sides are now looking pretty pathetic.
I was hoping for Fred T for VP.

Mike C

He’s a politician, he’ll change his position… and a few more years of cooling will ensure he does.

Leon Brozyna

Just great.
al gore #2
Congressional skeptics and realists are the only ones left to stop this nonsense {as they did with Kyoto}.

Fred Jorgensen

Yeah, Obama should get it. At least he does not come across
as a religious nutbar, whether the environmental religion or any other.
Obama’s ‘power of persuasion’ may also cut through the entrenched
interests on issues like the deficit, immigration, and healthcare.

I was hoping for anyone that did not believe this global warming , in the hope we could get some sense in the GOP campaign. No luck! Yes, I was hoping for Fred T. But, he got started too late and did not have the staying power.

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Don’t stay home! It may not be him. McCain wasn’t my first choice, but he is better than BO!
REPLY: BTW thanks for the letter and assistance today, much appreciated – Anthony

Ted Annonson

I keep praying that DC is snow bound with a blizzard from Jan 20th to the 31st so that no one can get in or out and the coronation (oops! the inauguration) has to be delayed. maybe that eill cool off some of those AGW fanatics.
No matter who gets in, I can see the ecomomy going down the drain. I already told my boys to start studying Chinese or whatever language they speek in India so they can get a job.


It’s is my pleasure. I enjoy the work you do and also this site. Keep up the good fight of “informing and educating” the “uninformed”. Regardless of who wins this election, we must to win the battle against the “uninformed” and those who are “corrupt”.

Ted Annonson

I keep praying that DC is snow bound with a blizzard from Jan 10th to the 31st so that no one can get in or out and the coronation (oops! the inauguration) has to be delayed. maybe that will cool off some of those AGW fanatics.
No matter who gets in, I can see the ecomomy going down the drain. I already told my boys to start studying Chinese or whatever language they speek in India so they can get a job.


McCain and Obama have pretty close views on AGW. How deeply held – I don’t know for either, but once elected either will have a congress willing to pass whatever they are willing to sign.
That’s perhaps the most frustrating choice in this election cycle.

Leon Brozyna

Newest tidbit to hit the news has Secret Service sweeping a Romney family member’s home in Michigan. This was also the first hint on the selection of Biden.
Stay tuned … by Noon ET we’ll know for sure which way it goes…

Pierre Gosselin
Pierre Gosselin

Pawley is just a red herring. I think it’ll be someone else.

Pierre Gosselin

Look for someone that appeals to the Clinton centrists.

Gary Gulrud

Timmy is from the libertarian wing of RINOs. A lightweight who’s strong only on the ‘No new taxes’ issue. He’s for government sponsored gambling, higher fees for services, keeping major sports franchises in town with public money, yada yada yada.
I’ll be writing in this year-‘None of the above’.


I listened to Obamas spech last night. Climate change was way, way ,way down on the list of thing he rattled off that were a proiroty for the country. I have a feeling that when smart people get around Obama and wisper in his ear “if you do this, the economy will do this…” and he’ll reconsider. McCain, not so sure about that. He’s a maverick, right?


“The ice is disappearing.”
No its not, it’s just compacting. The melting has all but stopped.

What do you think of Obama’s speech tonight, Mr. Watts?
(in case you missed it, I posted the video on my blog)

Bobby Lane

Yet another politician that appears not to get it. You can’t have free markets (and many other freedoms too!) if man is really causing global-warming. If it really is as bad as the IPCC and others say it is, or worse, then his views are incompatible. Totalitarian action is what is needed to save us if the planet is on a one-way ticket to catastrophe. Give all power to the Greenies now! But that’s a politician for you – picking up that which is fashionable and which will get them in the least amout of political trouble. Of course if he went against AGW theory he’d be blasted for being a slave to the oil companies, which is not the kind of press the Repubs wants around convention time, even while (ironically) McCain talks about drilling more.
There again, that is politics for you, more and more adrift from the real world as time goes by. Remember, these are the same breed who nearly 100 years ago brought us the War to end all wars (aka WWI), and we know how well that worked out right?


or whatever language they speek in India so they can get a job
In business that would be english.


Sarah Palin’s jet has landed in Dayton Ohio, so this might be McCains pick

ScienceDaily (Aug. 28, 2008) “Following last summer’s record minimum ice cover in the Arctic, current observations from ESA’s Envisat satellite suggest that the extent of polar sea-ice may again shrink to a level very close to that of last year.
Envisat observations from mid-August depict that a new record of low sea-ice coverage could be reached in a matter of weeks.”
Bold assumptions.

Dang – above post was for Pierre. Sorry.

Tom in Florida

Fred Jorgensen: “Yeah, Obama should get it. At least he does not come across
as a religious nutbar, whether the environmental religion or any other.”
His religion is socialism. Typical liberal who wants to do all things with other people’s money taken from them against their will by the threat of imprisonment.

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There are Republicans in Minnesota? /sarcasm off


Jimmy Carter? That guy who said UFO is real ?


What’s your definition of a nutbar?
As to Obama being able to cut through special interests, why should he? He’s in bed with so many of them.
Regardless, how will Obama do anything about the deficit, his spending plans are going to add trillions to the deficit while his tax increases will slow the economy.
Health care, why is a solution that has failed everywhere it has been tried, going to help?

Bruce Cobb

I don’t care who McCain picks. He’s an idiot, and we’ve suffered through 8 years with idiot Bush, who has about bankrupted the country just for starters. Anyway, the key is to vote for members of congress who are sensible about energy policy, and skeptical at least to some degree on AGW. I’ll be splitting my ticket in November, for the first time since the 70’s.

This just in –
Pawlenty –
“All I can say is that I’m not going to be there and I plan on being at the (Minnesota) State Fair and so you can draw your conclusions from that. I just can’t comment further at this time.”


Never seen the guy before. He looks like John Turturro (who was in that movie, “The Big Pawlenty”)
My choice is:
Gov. Sarah Palin (R Alaska) – “change we can believe in, a VP we can drool over”


“We should not spend time on voices that say [climate change] is not real,” Pawlenty said even as new evidence surfaces almost daily that undermines the alarmist consensus…..I have to say I agree with this statement from Pawlenty as it is written.
Most here believe in climate change, I certainly do, just not the alarmist “human’s are bad and destroying the world” climate change mantra.
I somehow wonder if his statement has been twisted by alarmists to try and make it seem like even Republicans are against skeptics.
BTW, People that say climate change isn’t real, and there are some, should be ignored.
This site and its contributors are not among those that should be ignored!


Pawlenty says it isn;t him. Speculation is now that it will be Palin. That would be a home run!

Mike Bryant

It looks like Sarah Palin, Republican Governor of Alaska, Might McCain’s pick for VP.

Jeff Wiita

There is currently a big fight within the GOP over the Platform. Delegates want a skeptic plank on AGW. McCain’s Campaign wants a plank supporting the AGW Theory. McCain’s Camp also want a plank protecting ANWR (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge) from drilling. The only hope is that McCain changed his position on drilling on the OCS (Outer Continental Shelf). Maybe, he will change his position as more evidence of global cooling appears. BHO (Barack Hussein Obama), on the other hand, will not change his position on AGW. It would be political suicide in the Democrat Party.
Governor “Green” Tim Pawlenty is not the brightest bulb on the Christmas Tree. He supports Ethanol, too. Fortunately, McCain does not. The GOP Convention is running a $3 million deficit. An Ethanol investor told the GOP that he would cover the deficit if he got 15 minutes with McCain. McCain, himself, turned the deal down. McCain is a very ethical man. For those who want to bring up the “Keating Five,” John was cleared by attorney and democrat activist Bob Bennett.
Now don’t get me wrong, I am not a GOP activists. I have PJD (Political Junky Disorder).
Former GOP Congressman from Georgia, Bob Barr, is the presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party. He is the only candidate that knows that AGW is a hoax. Unfortunately, he is only polling 3%. At best, I have seen him at 6%. He needs 15% to get into the debates. I have my fingers crossed that Barr’s campaign get some traction; however, I still remember what happened with Ross Perot. Ross got 19% and we got Bill Clinton in ’92 and, eventually, Newt Gingrich and a GOP Congress in ’94.
For anyone who wants to investigate another hoax, look into Ethanol. It is not only causing an increase in food prices, but it is also destroying the water table and causing serious air pollution around the Ethanol plants. Governor “Green” and Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman, Republican, tells us that biofuels, like Ethanol and Biodiesel, will help protect us from AGW. These individuals are as crazy as T. Boone Pickens. Does anyone remember what happened to Howard Hughes.
Beam me up Scotty. There is no sign of intelligent life on this planet.

We should have listened to Carter? Wow. Words I never thought I’d hear again in my lifetime.
Maybe he’ll fool all of us & go with Olympia Snowe, Ms Global Warming herself. All McCain needs is to pick up some of the woman vote, and this isn’t even going to be close.
I’m still trying to justify showing up this year.

I hate bringing politics into the science equation but those statements cannot go unnoticed. What a fool.


CNBC just said that a GOP strategist says it will be Palin!

You started out with a discussion of McCains posible VP choice. Of course this is all just speculation untill he announces his choice.
What bothers me about your article is this.
You quickly changed the topic to one of praise of Jimmy Carter. He devistated the economy and left us with double diget inflation and 18% interest rates. Try to buy a home when interest rates are that high and the company you work for folds due to economic colapse.
Then you praise Jimmy Carter because he blamed Americans for their own troubles. This is rediculas. Ronald Reagan came along and quickly turned things around. The problem wasn’t with the American people. The problem was the government.
REPLY: “What bothers me about your article is this.” Ok well what bothers me about your response is that you are attributing this article to the author of this blog. It’s from Capital Research, and is a reprint here.


The buzz on the news channels this morning is Sarah Palin and she is against the GW hysteria. Lets hope! We should know in about two hours.

old construction worker

Just announced, McCain’s running mate, Sarah Palin.

old construction worker

As an independent voter, I feel better already.

David Gladstone

He is an idiot, but he will *not* be VP; it’s looking like Alaska Gov. Sara Palin is a good possibility, unless the McCain staff is just using her as a false lead.

I personally don’t think there’s much difference between the two except the shade of their skin. Those who say “What? How can you say such a thing!” consider McCaca’s past:
1. McCain-Feingold
2. McCain
3. The Keating Five and McCains involvement
4. McCains constant statements denigrating the Skeptics
5. McCains pro-illegal immigration stance (which has now morphed)
6. McCains arrogance in stating he doesn’t need the Conservative vote to win
And on and on.
Personally, I was going to vote “none-of-the-above” by simply taking a ballot and turning it in unmarked. And yes, they do count these votes although none will publicize it. And yes, it’s a growing movement to show our disgust in the current two party system.
But if McCain picks this nut case, I may just vote for Osama to show my total contempt for the Republican Party and their extremely poor choice for a presidential candidate.
Jack Koenig, Independent Voter… very, very Independent


I just read Carter’s speech and his energy policy was a little more than wearing sweaters. Here is an excerpt:
“Point three: To give us energy security, I am asking for the most massive peacetime commitment of funds and resources in our
nation’s history to develop America’s own alternative sources of fuel — from coal, from oil shale, from plant products for gasohol,
from unconventional gas, from the sun.”
I had no idea that he proposed using coal and shale oil (in addition to the other sources he listed). In many discussions on energy, most people have told me that we should have listened to Carter. The irony here is that in these discussions, we were discussion energy and AGW. Who knew that Carter proposed using CO2 producing energy sources? I didn’t until I read the PBS link from this article.
I agree that Carter wanted us to do with less. I once read that he said he was (I’m paraphrasing) bothered by the fact that America had the world’s strongest economy and military. I believe most liberals feel this way and I believe that Kyoto and AGW are being used to redistribute jobs and wealth from developed nations to developing nations.

oops… item #2 should be McCain-Liberman
Jack Koenig, Independent Voter… very, very Independent


“Personally, I was going to vote “none-of-the-above” by simply taking a ballot and turning it in unmarked.” McGrats
Yes, a protest vote is in order for what the Demos and Repugnants have offered up as candidates. I’ll be writing in Ron Paul’s name. If enough people do so, the MSM cannot ignore him in 2012.


Ted Annonson (23:07:28) : I keep praying that DC is snow bound with a blizzard from Jan 10th to the 31st so that no one can get in or out and the coronation (oops! the inauguration) has to be delayed.
It usually doesn’t happen until mid February around here. This shot was FEB 14 2007. This is about as bad as it gets in these parts but in 2005 I had a 3 foot drift in my driveway.
Though, here’s one DEC 06 2003. First time we had a significant snowfall before Christmas (I’ve been living here since 1975). So, could happen.