The story of polar bear evolution could not be told without discussing climate change

It’s logical to assume this speciation event happened during a cold interglacial, but which one?

How is widespread use of helicopters to study polar bears defensible in a warming world?

…the lifeblood of most polar bear research is jet fuel needed by helicopters

Polar bears in W. Hudson Bay are in good shape, says researcher. So are numbers really falling?

…polar bears his team saw in April while installing collars and ear tags were in good shape this year…

Roald Amundsen tried and failed to tame a polar bear cub in 1920

It only took a month for Amundsen to give up his experiment.

17th century documents & 1970s ice maps show sea ice habitat in Svalbard has always varied greatly

Currently, there is more ice than was present in early May in many years of the 1600s.

Russian walrus and polar bears continue to thrive US researchers tell the Washington Post

… the larger estimate seems more plausible as an average for this subpopulation, although the authors of the report did not draw that conclusion.

Southern Labrador coastal landscape dominated by fat polar bears in March

Photos of some of the bears sighted are all in good or excellent condition, and few of the animals seem to be intent on causing real trouble for locals

15 years after ESA listing as ‘threatened’ due to sea ice loss polar bears are abundant & thriving

There is no existential emergency for polar bears or any other Arctic sea mammals due to declining summer sea ice, despite continued messages of doom from remorseless experts.

Return of Svalbard sea ice in time for seal births and the polar bear feeding bonanza

It seems that every fall and winter for the last decade at least, there has been hand-wringing about the lack of Svalbard sea ice and what a tragedy this is for polar bears.

Polar bear sightings and sea ice conditions in Newfoundland & Labrador 2023 vs. 2017

Conservation officials issued an alert to residents of coastal communities to be aware of polar bears coming ashore

Early-birthing polar bear female with new cubs out on the ice already in Western Hudson Bay

Remember this when the cries of “early” breakup of sea ice on Hudson Bay come in the summer: these WH bears routinely get a head start on spring feeding that other…

Polar Wildlife Report reveals Arctic and Antarctic animals were thriving in 2022

From Polar Bear Science Susan Crockford The Polar Wildlife Report is a peer reviewed summary of the most recent information on polar animals, relative to historical records, based on a review of…

Low mid-winter polar bear habitat in Barents Sea spawns warnings of more human-bear conflicts

Any time there is a bit less sea ice than usual the catastrophists begin caterwauling but this time the rhetoric is a little different.

Lomborg Responds to Polar Bear Abundance Challenge

“It does more good for polar bears, and the rest of us, if those trying to help them use accurate facts.”

Recent paper on W. Hudson Bay polar bears includes new official sea ice freeze-up data

In other words, body weight data–so critical to the argument that the health of WH polar bears is declining due to sea ice loss–is still being withheld.

Where were the starving W. Hudson Bay polar bears in 2020 if the population had declined by 2021?

This makes it all the more significant that they have provided no actual evidence that WH bears are indeed starving to death in sufficient numbers to substantiate a 40% decline…

W. Hudson Bay polar bear population decline stories are unethical and ignore critical caveats

This is called ‘science by press release’. Its practice is rightfully considered unethical, as it is usually associated with “people promoting scientific ‘findings’ of questionable scientific merit who turn to the media for…

Polar Bears of SE Greenland Get Shorefast Ice Necessary to Hunt Seals: Not So Unique After All

This is apparently why polar bears in this region are doing just as well as those living in NE Greenland: in other words, thriving despite the pessimistic prophesies of experts.

No evidence for BBC claim that Churchill is simply getting too warm for polar bears

Another pronouncement from conservation activists at Polar Bears International taken without a single check of facts makes the BBC look ineffective and gullible.

Polar bear habitat update: Winter conditions well on their way across the Arctic except in Svalbard

Sea ice is developing quickly over Hudson Bay and moving slowly towards the Bering Sea but the Svalbard archipelago is still devoid of pack ice.

Eastern Canadian Arctic Has Much More Sea Ice Than Usual While Svalbard Polar Bears Deal with Less

Yet contrary to predictions, polar bears in Svalbard are thriving.

Polar bear habitat update: ice forming along Hudson Bay, Wrangel & Franz Josef Islands surrounded

Western Hudson Bay polar bears near Churchill will be able to leave shore within days, at most one week later than in the 1980s, although you wouldn’t know that from…

The Myth About Global Warming Killing Off Ocean Life

All of the Southern Hemisphere whale species, the populations for which we have data, are increasing,

Attenborough Laments Demise of 800 Penguins “Because Climate Change” – But Fails To Report Discovery of New Colony 1.5 Million Strong

This is calculated ‘climate change’ propaganda marketed as entertainment.

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