Don’t make me turn this research around!

Coaching scientists to play well together News Release 18-Jul-2019 Free tool shows how to avoid fights over data and authorship conflicts Northwestern University ‘You stole my idea’ or ‘I’m not getting credit for my work’ are common disputes Only tool validated by research to help scientists collaborate smoothly Many NSF and NIH grants now require…


Study shows that Vikings enjoyed a warmer Greenland

Public Release: 6-Feb-2019 Study shows that Vikings enjoyed a warmer Greenland Chemistry of bugs trapped in ancient lake sediment shows a warm climate at a key time in Greenland’s history Northwestern University   EVANSTON, Ill. — A new study may resolve an old debate about how tough the Vikings actually were. Although TV and movies…

Open thread weekend

I’m taking a blog holiday this weekend. Right now I’m watching the History channel 2 (H2) while some off the rails eco-scientist explains to us why we are all going to die because of “what might happen if a gigantic methane-gas explosion occurred in the Pacific.” Methane Explosion (2007) watch the video: