Prince Charles Adds to His List of Climate Last Chances

Prince Charles, the climate hero who converted his antique Aston Martin to run on fine wine and cheese biofuel, has continued his tradition of issuing last chance climate warnings.

John Kerry Repeats His “Last Hope” Claim Over Paris Agreement Talks

John Kerry has repeated his claim the upcoming COP26 talks have to produce results. Remarkably Kerry also criticised China’s efforts. It will be interesting to see how public criticism of…

Tim Flannery: “If there was a moment of true emergency in the fight to preserve our climate, it is now”

Tim Flannery, who once famously once predicted the dams would never fill again, and who held a very well paid position as Aussie climate commissioner for a few years, now…

The Guardian Gives us a Last Chance to Heed Climate Warnings

If we do not heed this last chance, I’m sure there will be another last chance in the near future, just like all the previous last chances.