“Green v black: Power struggle across Asean”

By Tilak K Doshi (https://www.straitstimes.com/asia/australianz/power-struggle ) Once again, the outlook through 2040 for rapid coal power capacity growth in Southeast Asia, next only to India in incremental global capacity (https://wattsupwiththat.com/2018/11/15/iea-global-coal-demand-bounced-back-in-2017/ ), has become the subject of great concern to the global warmists. David Fogarty, the assistant foreign editor focusing on environmental and climate change issues…


Friday funny bonus – Green blob feeling the heat

Josh writes:  There is lots of news around about renewables, especially wind and solar, feeling the sharp stab of economic reality and the burn of bankrupcy – see SunEdison, German renewables, more SunEdison, Dutch wind and British green blundering – all via The GWPF. This would be cheery news if governments hadn’t wasted so much taxpayers cash on such pointless policies in…

Friday funny – Fiddle me this

Josh writes: Volkswagen has been found cheating on US emissions tests, but with the Green Blob fiddling everything from Renewables to Global Temperatures, it’s no wonder they thought this was ok. Some like Stephen Glover at the UK’s Daily Mail blame green zealots directly. Cartoons by Josh