Emperor penguin ESA listing in 2022 used Antarctic sea ice models known to be flawed

…ea ice experts now say those old sea ice models are quite useless for predicting future sea ice conditions and have known this for more than a decade

Emperor Penguins Join Polar Bears on ESA List of Threatened Species Based on Flawed Climate Models

Though emperor penguins are not found naturally in the U.S., the endangered species protections will help increase funding for conservation efforts.

The Emperor Penguin Extinction Scam & Sea Ice Dynamics

Despite climate model predictions that Emperor Penguins face imminent extinction due to rising CO2, observations and scientific evidence reveal Emperors are thriving and increasing, as sea ice and Antarctic temperatures…

Emperor penguin numbers rise as biologists petition for IUCN Red List upgrade

Emperor penguin (Aptenodytes fosteri) populations in 2019 were found to have grown by up to 10% since 2009 – to as many as 282,150 breeding pairs (up from about 256,500)…

Oh noes! Models say Emperor Penguins can't walk away from climate change

From the “not happy feet” department and the “prospects look grim” climate model comes this mostly emotional bit of science PR. Please send money for more research too. Finding new…

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