Climate Hype Leads to Climate Anxiety and Undermines Constructive Efforts

Apocalytic predictions calling for immediate action have gotten our nation into trouble many times in the past, resulting in major errors.

Climate Grief: “Half the wildlife in Africa has died on my watch.”

Climate scientists want to be “stewards of grief, to hold the hand of society as we enter the unknown space of the climate crisis”.

If you Thought Climate Grief was Strange, Meet the Climate Grief Therapists

If someone is no longer able to function due to their “pre-traumatic” climate grief, a plethora of therapists are offering therapies ranging from “The Great Turning,” a societal transformation from…

ABC: Failure to Acknowledge the Climate Change Grief of Others Causes Serious Health Problems

According to the Australian ABC, people frequently fail to properly acknowledge or recognise “Climate Grief”, feelings of loss and despair some people experience over events which mostly have not happened…

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