Eat the Bugs Peasant: Part XXXXXX


German Researchers Find Fine Particle Emissions from Barbecues May Endanger Public Health

By P Gosselin

Fine particle pollution from barbecues may be dangerous to the public, German researchers warn

Most among us are aware there’s an ongoing campaign to herd humans away from meat and towards a diet that is more fit for cows. This , activists claim, would be much gentler on our weather and climate systems. Meat-eating is destroying the planet and it’s time people stop it.

Now German MDR public broadcasting here presents another reason why we should avoid meat – especially grilled meat: the summer barbecues are causing our air to be polluted with fine particles that are dangerous to human health!

According to researchers in Leipzig, measurements were taken by instruments carried around in backpacks in the cities of Leipzig and Dresden (Germany). At times, the pollution levels from barbecues were even worse than the pollution from busy street traffic, the researchers found.

According to the study leader, Jens Voigtländer,

“First we determined that on days on and around national holidays, during evenings often a rise in concentration could be observed, and that coming from areas near recreational places; that is small gardens and parks. The effects that we see are local and short-term. That means we see them on one day and a day later we don’t. It’s a very short-term impact. […]

Everyone should ask themselves if it’s good for the health to barbecue continuously or too often.”

Now we need to worry about the risks of summer barbecues that many of us very much enjoy.

The MDR doesn’t provide any background as to why such a study was conducted in the first place.

Cooking food indoors, and most indoor activities in general, also produce a great amount of fine particle pollution, likely in even greater concentrations. It’s rather a mystery why people are running around with super-sensitive instruments, looking for every speck of fine particle and then worrying that it could be a risk to our health.

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Tom Halla
May 26, 2022 6:04 am

If they can count it, they can try to ban it. The goal of CARB.

Old Man Winter
Reply to  Tom Halla
May 26, 2022 6:26 am

“Cooking food indoors, and most indoor activities in general, also produce a great amount of fine particle pollution, likely in even greater concentrations. It’s rather a mystery why people are running around with super-sensitive instruments, looking for every speck of fine particle and then worrying that it could be a risk to our health.”

Maybe they’re wanting to tell a story but not necessarily the story! 😮

Reply to  Old Man Winter
May 26, 2022 8:53 am

Blast From The Past.
New Wave from the 1980s. The era produced some great, creative and sometimes just plain weird music videos.

Reply to  TonyL
May 26, 2022 10:45 am

No more! The government banned creativity and having a brain of your own now…

Jeff Alberts
Reply to  Old Man Winter
May 26, 2022 7:35 pm

Maybe they’re wanting to tell a story but not necessarily the story! “

You sound like a Bongino listener. 🙂

oeman 50
Reply to  Tom Halla
May 26, 2022 8:06 am

That means we should ban cooking food. It would also save on energy, lowering CO2 emissions! Win win!

Brandon Galt
Reply to  oeman 50
May 26, 2022 9:07 am

Just ban fire, already!

Reply to  Brandon Galt
May 26, 2022 5:36 pm

Ok. Ban fire. Now what are Tesla owners going to do? 😉

Reply to  Tom Halla
May 26, 2022 9:03 am

“The goal of CARB.”
Yes indeed, CARB is out of control.
A future prognostication:
A straw, and another straw, and another, and another……;
Eventually the straw that broke the Camel’s back will be added.
The reaction will shock and stun. People will be amazed and horrified by the response of “Regular Joe” on the street. A “Black Swan” event they will say. “Nobody saw it coming” they will say. The truth of the matter is that “Regular Joe” has had enough of the Greenie BS. and is pushing back. Propaganda against barbecues is one good way to provoke the response.

Alan Robertson
Reply to  TonyL
May 26, 2022 12:38 pm

When people are deprived of the high density proteins and nutrients in meat, they have fewer energy stores in their bodies and being less energetic, are less likely to push back against that boot stamping on their face.

Ian Magness
May 26, 2022 6:19 am

OMG these control freaks need to be quietly put to sleep. The utterly unpredictable nature of the British weather affords only a few opportunities a summer for a good old barby and, even then, the burners are only firing for an hour or two a time – and I doubt that scenario is much different in Germany.
And these vile people want to take those few simple annual episodes of pleasure away to satisfy their political stances and control greed? I’d like to see them try in my garden on a July afternoon after a few glasses of whatever!

Reply to  Ian Magness
May 26, 2022 7:07 am

Why quietly?

Joe Crawford
Reply to  Ian Magness
May 26, 2022 9:18 am

Next step will be like Cuba… the government food truck comes by once a day and feeds everyone :<)

old mike
Reply to  Ian Magness
May 26, 2022 3:56 pm

Fully agree but with one exception, the act of shutting down these control freaks should be loud, public and widely publicized as a heads up for those considering a similar career.

william Johnston
May 26, 2022 6:21 am

I wonder how soon it will be that they find the odors given off by flowers may be *DANGEROUS TO OUR HEALTH*.

Tom Gelsthorpe
Reply to  william Johnston
May 26, 2022 6:33 am

A lot of people I know are sneezing right now because of pollen. Springtime, and all. Hideous pine trees, wildflowers, and God knows what all. Yikes! One more whiff and they’re all gonna die.

The beguiling scent of piney woods year-round is from hydrocarbon vapors emitted by pine needles, bark and sap. Yikes, again! Hydrocarbons. . . have carbon in them. And as we all know, carbon is poison. Aaahhhhgggg!!!! We’re all gonna die.

Reply to  Tom Gelsthorpe
May 26, 2022 7:33 am

As far as I can tell,there is far far many more people treated with medication and ‘vaccines’, quite expensive treatments, because of allergies from flowers and grass and plants and also asthma as an adverse effect of such allergies (real suffering health problems),
than people that may have had any inconvenience, if at all, because of barbecues.

It is really indeed a strange world we live in these days.


Reply to  Tom Gelsthorpe
May 26, 2022 8:30 am

According to CS Lewis in his space trilogy final book, “That Hideous Strength”, they want to eliminate everything organic. Trees and forests would be manufactured of metal.

Joe Crawford
Reply to  william Johnston
May 26, 2022 9:24 am

I think it was back in the 70’s when the EPA suggested Atlanta cut down all their trees in order to meet the clean air standards of the time. Some of us figured clear cutting the Blue Ridges would be next since they didn’t pass either.

May 26, 2022 6:21 am

Frequent Barbecuer finds certain German researchers are parasitic oxygen thieves! Note: this is a definitive finding with no ifs, ands, or buts about it!

Tom Gelsthorpe
Reply to  rah
May 26, 2022 6:39 am

Breathing takes oxygen out of the air, and returns it a few minutes later as carbon dioxide. How awful! How wicked! How guilt-trippy!

Why should anyone be allowed to get away with that?

May 26, 2022 6:25 am

I just wonder if they realize how many thousands of years meat was cooked over a fire and we’re still here. Their mental facilities are severely lacking.

Reply to  gDavid
May 26, 2022 6:46 am

Lacking any basis to make a statement they pull the usual trick of posing a question instead: “Everyone should ask themselves if it’s good for the health to barbecue continuously or too often.” They leave it to us to join up non-existant dots.

Reply to  gDavid
May 26, 2022 8:42 am

Their mental facilities are severely lacking
As it turns out, this is a well known medical problem with people who have diets with inadequate nutrition such as with vegetarians.
The problem, tragically, can be most acute with permanent damage when such diets are imposed on children.

I remember growing up in a different time. We did not have “autism” or “bisexual.
We had the “skinnys” and the “chubbies”. We also had the “smarties” and the “dummies”. Even at a young age, it was easy to see that this was somehow related to family income.

Reply to  TonyL
May 26, 2022 7:19 pm

…that this was somehow related to family income. – how much of family income they devoted to the upbringing and education of their children vs drugs, alcohol, toys like boats and sports cars, etc. You get the picture.

Lots of poor kids, like me, grew up to be engineers, etc.

Reply to  gDavid
May 26, 2022 2:29 pm

Their mental facilities are severely lacking.

Likely because they don’t cook meat over fire…

Matthew Sykes
May 26, 2022 6:33 am

Oh no, what a terrible thing! Quick, lets stop the entire economy!

Tom Gelsthorpe
May 26, 2022 6:37 am

Fun is poison. Beauty is poison. Cooking outdoors is poison. Cooking indoors is poison. Conviviality is poison. Things that smell good are just as deadly as things that smell bad.

Only endless, self-inflicted guilt trips over every trifle are good for you.

Vic Hardy
May 26, 2022 6:38 am

They need to be banned and replaced with electric units. I’m actually surprised that the EPA and leftists haven’t latched on to this obvious killer of the planet.

Reply to  Vic Hardy
May 26, 2022 11:03 am

I’m not quite sure what you mean by “they”. If the “they” refers to the people being replaced by electric units, I couldn’t agree more. I’ll leave it to older (Ha!) and wiser heads to suggest what to do with them!

Reply to  Vic Hardy
May 27, 2022 3:25 am

barbie via electric is slow and why bnother?
wood or gas if you must
and stop using the foul hotrocks maybe

May 26, 2022 6:54 am

Waking up brings you one day closer to death, so what?

When I was younger we had leaded petrol, paraffin heating and leaded water pipes etc

We had coal fired power and coal fires and they say that it has never been worse than today?

The education system is a modern day pox

May 26, 2022 6:57 am

Way past time to point out the ridiculousness of the whole climate thing. And subject them to ridicule wherever they pop their little heads up. Confront the climate change clowns with the laughter they deserve each and every time they appear.

May 26, 2022 6:58 am

I’m sure the dung-fired cooking methods of the future will have fewer particulate emissions. AND, they’ll be *green*!

Steve Case
Reply to  NavarreAggie
May 26, 2022 7:24 am

AND, they’ll be *green*!

Ha ha ha ha ha! First chuckle of the day,
but these depressing days eliciting that
proper response to genuine humor is
getting difficult.

Reply to  NavarreAggie
May 26, 2022 10:42 am

Brown is the new green.

May 26, 2022 7:10 am

And the evidence that particulate matter at those concentrations is what exactly?

My guess would be that the underlying science would be sloppy, epidemiological nonsense.

Reply to  Bob Johnston
May 26, 2022 2:56 pm

Pardon the interruption, but ya’all sounds like a bunch of rushiin trollers…..

Steve Case
May 26, 2022 7:19 am

It’s a reminder the the 1993 EPA 2nd Hand Smoke “Study”.
The odor of a BBQ or tobacco smoke isn’t going to hurt

The climate cult is building up a Gish Gallop of claims to
overwhelm any arguments against the Great Reset” or
“Green New Deal” or whatever they call it next week.

Gordon A. Dressler
May 26, 2022 7:25 am

German MDR public broadcasting is apparently not only johnny-come-lately, but clueless, about the major health risks from “summer barbecues”.

“Cooking animal protein – beef, chicken, pork, lamb, fish – at high temperatures produces cancer-causing Heterocyclic Amines (HCA). Whenever meat is cooked at a temperature above 300 degrees, amino acids and creatine in the meat form HCA. The higher the cooking temperature and the longer the meat is cooked, the more HCA.
“Combustion in your grill forms dangerous compounds called Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH). Burning wood or charcoal produces PAH, a compound present in cigarette smoke and air pollution. However the greatest level of exposure is usually from food. PAHs form in charcoal smoke and when fat dripping causes flames to flare up.”
— source:

And they’re worried about particulate emissions???

I’ll have another two burgers off the barbie, thank you.

Reply to  Gordon A. Dressler
May 26, 2022 8:36 am

We’ve been well aware of PAHs in grilled meat for at least a half-century. So we collectively shrug, then dive in to that juicy broiled steak. As someone has already said, each day we are one step closer to the grave.

Gordon A. Dressler
Reply to  Pflashgordon
May 26, 2022 12:07 pm

Great! Now, I’ll have that fourth burger if you don’t mind.

Reply to  Gordon A. Dressler
May 27, 2022 3:28 am

theres a mob who want hot chips sold soggy and unbrowned/crispy as well as baked goods to be pale and not crunchy as the brown/crispy is so bad for us…

CD in Wisconsin
May 26, 2022 7:28 am

Based on all the threats to our health that have accumulated over the years, it’s getting to the point where I’ve concluded that living is dangerous to our health.

Listening to researchers and activists putting out scare-mongering narratives like this is enough to make a person neurotic if one is gullible enough to believe it all. I don’t. But as long as government funding makes it pay well…..

jeff corbin
May 26, 2022 7:29 am

How can eating bugs be for serfs or peasants?. They are currently extremely expensive and trendy. Vegetarian cuisine when done right is an excellent accompaniment to any meat based entrée or for budget stretching meals. So learning vegetarian cooking is a benefit to any omnivore. In contrast, bugs are survival food not a cuisine choice. There is too much awesome land available, (urban, suburban and rural) for gardening, fruit growing and grazing of goats, sheep and cattle to have to worry about having enough food. The issue is more about the willingness of Americans to get their hands dirty and actually doing some hard work. This is a cultural issue, not a supply chain problem.. If bugs become the solution, it will be because we have become malignantly shortsighted. Such short sightedness hands over real choice about how we live our lives and hand over power to global cartels. The result will be the complete disempowerment to work land to our benefit and complete dependency on the global supply chain. If this ends up the case, then we will actually have become tech over-endowed serfs…smartphone serfs…( no land, no actual capital, plenty of consumer choices of bugs to eat, no power). Family based subsistence farming benefits families and local communities with high quality food and needed income. The skills have been lost after decades of shifting to total dependency on global food supply chain…. which doesn’t have families or local communities best interests in mind. During the great depression over 40% of Americans lived on farms that provided food for farm families and everyone else. Currently. no less than 2% live on farms and almost no one does subsistence farming for themselves and their families. The pandemic has seen significant rise in family based vegetable gardening. Most people who started gardening in 2020-2021 don’t have a clue of what they are doing, how to process their harvest or actually cook the vegetables they grow or even the dollar value of what they grow. This is because the home food production culture was lost in the 1960-1970’s. No one knows the importance of subsistence farming better than Russia and the former soviet states where land reform destroyed the family endeavor and millions starved in the 1920-1930’s. If you want to eat bugs, grow them yourselves. Frankly, raising goats and milking them and butchering them is easier. Can’t make cheese from bugs or make leather products. Can’t make goat bone broth for Ramen with bugs.

jeff corbin
Reply to  jeff corbin
May 26, 2022 10:45 am

No need to eat bugs, we give them to the chickens. Our chickens love all bugs and eat them ferociously while providing us all the fertilizer we need.

This is not a Dem/Rep or fringe right or left issue… eating bugs is completely cultural issue.

The push towards global consumerization of human culture leads to philosophies, policies, regulation and propaganda which results in the movement of people off land into communities designed to be leveraged by the global economy. In our age, in the west, the essence of being a peasant is owning nothing that will hinder total dependency on the global supply chain… no land, no capital to produce anything of value, no knowledge or skills that cannot be leveraged by the consumerist economy. Frankly, there is nothing wrong with living in both worlds. Virtual employment at home means salary, income benefits to enable gleaning what is of real value in the consumerist/global supply chain economy. All this, while having land, working the land, having real capital to make high quality food products for one’s family, and friends while selling the rest. I am not a prepper-survivalist. I do not think the global food chain will collapse but it will seek to keep you in fear and pull as much of your cash value as possible as it seeks to shape your choices for profit. I have had my choices shaped enough over the past 40 years thank you and I have seen the quality of every thing descend and prices increase sharply. I have also seen diabetes and obesity rates increase together corelative with the advent of High Fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and the rest of the food science non-sense kick into high gear in the mid 1980’s. I like autonomous choices free of addictive features in my food and tech and the industrial psychological applications of B.F Skinner…who did not believe in human dignity or freedom. So my choice is to live in both worlds non-compliantly. I live in a Pre-1920’s world and the world we live in now…that is Old School and New School. So here are the products my family makes from our own home grown stuff.. Eggs, chicken, home grown beer and wine, jams jellies perseveres, Sauer Kraut, picked carrots, sweet and hot peoples, beets, cabbage, cucumbers of all kinds Sweet and hard cider, cider syrup, apples, peaches, honey, (water… we produce it as well) Raspberries, strawberries, elderberries, blackberries, blue berries, cherries, which are traded with local family grown meat and milk and venison. We make cheese and jerky. We grow 30 kinds of herbs, winter squash, summer squash, potatoes, sweet and grain corn, daikon radishes, lettuce, Chinse cabbages, red and hard ball cabbages, and dried beans, string beans, leeks, onions and many other vegetables. We save 80% of our own seed from year to year. I have been growing garlic from 3 garlic head my Father gave me in 1999…200 heads a year. We rarely buy anything new…. church clothing giveaways and yard sales are the source of just about everything we own. We don’t eat out because the food in restaurants is mostly disappointing unless you spend $200. I’d rather buy books and great tobacco. There is only one 10 year old lap top purchased used for $150 in the house and I have never purchased a cell phone and visit WUWT since 2008 on my work computer. We don’t do tourist stuff…we are already having too much fun in our local community and Church. it’s not about money, power, mastery and stuff. It’s about lifestyle…. relationships not living up to some programmatic developmental schema planned out for us by experts who know how to make people complaint. We moved from Philly after 5 years of urban farming and farm marketing…earning enough money on the side producing 20,000lbs of produce a year on one acre rented from Fairmont Park, while raising two babies with me fully employed in corporate America. We made enough money to buy a house with some land….best choice we ever made. There is much to be gleaned and to share in America living in local communities but the best thing is land. If you cannot afford to buy it. borrow it… and share your produce with the land owner… he will not be your Lord but a friend. (read Wendel Berry)

Ron Long
May 26, 2022 7:42 am

Eating meat is bad for your health? When will these Eco-Loons hand feed a Polar Bear some lettuce? That’s a video I want to see.

Reply to  Ron Long
May 26, 2022 9:00 am

Place the lettuce onto a 6’ pole for safe distancing, so as not to risk spreading covid.

May 26, 2022 8:03 am

Cooking a delicious steak on a grill outside over wood, coal, or natural gas – bad for your health and the environment!!!

Cooking a meager ration inside a poorly ventilated house using dung or wood because your country has been denied cheap energy – perfectly safe.

May 26, 2022 8:26 am

Man has been barbecuing meat since the days of Abel. If it was going to kill us, humans would have been extinct long ago.

And enough of this talk about eating bugs. Cows or caterpillars, it takes just as much energy and resources to produce the calories needed to feed the world. Picture caterpillar ranches. Anyone helping their child or grandchild with an insect project for school has wondered, where are the bugs when you need them? They are not going to just walk up en masse out of nowhere to be eaten. Any greentard that suggests such is a total moron.

Curious George
May 26, 2022 8:29 am

Did they measure the pollution in the air they exhale?

May 26, 2022 8:31 am

I stopped barbecuing when I found out about this and became a bug-eater, until one day I listened to the screams from the grasshopper I was about to chomp. Traumatized, I drove my car to therapy, where I was told I was a sinner for polluting the air with tailpipe emissions. Further traumatized, I went on websites offering to help victims of eco-guilt, where I was told I needed to stop eating, driving, and breathing altogether. Life is tougher now, but at least I’m guilt free.  

Bruce Cobb
May 26, 2022 8:38 am

Those damn ozzies, always throwing another shrimp on the barby. Just stop it!

Reply to  Bruce Cobb
May 26, 2022 11:39 pm

Well we don’t like raw prawns.

Gunga Din
May 26, 2022 8:52 am

So … should we eat meat raw or cook with their smoke and mirrors?

Right-Handed Shark
May 26, 2022 8:56 am

I understand and sympathize with your fears Herr Voigtlander. Please stop breathing in forthwith.

Gunga Din
May 26, 2022 9:06 am

Lots of companies are making lots of masks because of Covid.
Some even advertise on TV.
Maybe they should switch to HEPA Filter masks?
“Order right now and a pair of HEPA nose plugs FREE!!!!”

Peta of Newark
May 26, 2022 9:08 am
  • Standing over a smoky BBQ is pretty well the same as smoking cigarettes/baccy/weed
  • The idea that 2nd Hand Smoke is bad has been pretty well debunked. Annoying maybe but not bad.
  • Burning then eating meat/flesh is no different. Don’t do it, else cancer comes calling.
  • Smoke off burning things is – Biochar, it is good for Soils > Plants > Animals
  • There is no need for us to cook food, unless we are eating a lot of meat/flesh which we shouldn’t be doing anyway. To tenderise, no other reason.
  • The food we are supposed to/evolved to eat does not need cooking. (Yes we need stomach enzymes, presently missing, but they will return into full action inside 7 days
  • The only food that really does need cooking is carbohydrate starch – in order that the starch is made = water soluble glucose
  • If we eat raw starch still in its husk, it goes straight through us – as nature intended
  • If we remove or break the husk, the starch *must* be cooked less we perish from insane constipation – it ‘block us up. terminally so. Did nature intend that?
  • Removing the husk and cooking is The Very Basis of food processing and *everyone* will tell how bad processed food is

Timing is everything, here at least…..
Why: I’ve just been through another docu-series and was informed about the Vagus Nerve and how it connects most things together, esp our Livers and Brains

The Vagus nerve joins other things together and the ‘educator’ cracked a joke about how A Boy might tell A Girl that he loved her, NOT with ‘all his heart‘ but with ‘all his liver‘ – such is our nervous plumbing.
Odd that innit, as presenting the (female) apple of your eye with a still warm fresh raw liver was THE most romantic thing any boy could do.
(If she loved you, if she was maybe gonna say ‘yes’, she shared it with you. What would Modern Feminist Type Girls do? ha ha ha ha ha) ##

What made the docu-series so much fun was that the educator was extolling the joys of a Plant Based Diet at the time.
They tie themselves in such impossible knots – yet *never* realise. Just like climate science – we really are up to our necks in Junk Shyte Science

Eating raw liver (and drinking blood, and bone marrow, and brain) is what made us what we are, that is what we are supposed to eat and, is what ‘made babies’
It is what made strong, healthy and intelligent babies.
(do I hear pennies dropping?)

## It obviously was not your own actual liver though, maybe = Reindeer, Bambi, pigs, hogs & boar etc etc

Peta of Newark
Reply to  Peta of Newark
May 26, 2022 9:25 am

PS How many pennies are in $6 Trillion

Because that’s how many are dropping down the pan annually in the US, because it citizens are eating All The Wrong Food

Reply to  Peta of Newark
May 27, 2022 3:34 am

yeh but but the pharmas and the medico system are loving it

Reply to  Peta of Newark
May 27, 2022 3:33 am

eating raw meat n offals a great way to get serious parasite problems and Kuru among other risks

Gordon A. Dressler
Reply to  Peta of Newark
May 27, 2022 7:18 am

“There is no need for us to cook food, unless we are eating a lot of meat/flesh which we shouldn’t be doing anyway. To tenderise, no other reason.”

Ummmm . . .

1) Cooking food (at sufficiently hot temperatures) destroys viruses, bacteria, and parasites that could be present in that food. Most humans don’t like getting sick.

2) Cooking certain foods, in particular animal meats, greatly improves their flavor/taste. Most humans prefer cooked meats to raw meats.

3) Cooking animal meats greatly improves their useful storage life at common refrigerator temperatures. Most humans prefer “left overs” from the fridge that haven’t spoiled within 3-5 days.

4) The meat/flesh from certain fish, such as salmon, is stated to be healthy for humans to eat:
Fish is a low-fat high quality protein. Fish is filled with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins such as D and B2 (riboflavin). Fish is rich in calcium and phosphorus and a great source of minerals, such as iron, zinc, iodine, magnesium, and potassium. The American Heart Association recommends eating fish at least two times per week as part of a healthy diet. Fish is packed with protein, vitamins, and nutrients that can lower blood pressure and help reduce the risk of a heart attack or stroke.” —
Reply to  Peta of Newark
May 29, 2022 9:00 am

Ummmm…eating raw meat maybe lead to the life expectancy being so low when cooking was not the “fad”. Maybe cooking it prevented many many many bad things from occurring. Just maybe

May 26, 2022 9:14 am

Ever since the EPA did their unauthorized, poorly designed, improperly controlled, statistically dastardly, and never would have passed an IRB process study on pm 2.5 effects on health, ecoloons have been out trying to indict every part of life for “killing us all!”.

Would they rather that we all ate raw food and died young? Of course they do as that would “decrease the surplus population” to quote a misanthrope from literature. Everything these people are demanding would lead to a collapse of human populations, but they all think they would be spared because they are the elect few who shall guide us to nirvana. Little do they know, the new ruling class would eliminate them first as rulers can’t leave successful revolutionaries around to undermine them.

May 26, 2022 9:35 am

What are the fine particle emissions from a land war in Europe with scorched earth policy from Russia?

May 26, 2022 10:44 am

I say we ban leftist politicians! And hunt and kill them too!!!!

George V
May 26, 2022 10:54 am

My parents were both born in 1916 and 1918. They both lived to a ripe old age (88 and 93) in spite of following the health advice of the 1930s and 40s, such as “smoking is good for your nerves”. (They quit smoking in mid-50’s). They also survived growing up in a part of the country with some heavy industry and a ton of transportation infrastructure – meaning steam locomotives pouring out poorly combusted coal, many manufacturing plants having their own coal fired power plants, etc. And no pollution controls on automobiles or trucks.

And I’m supposed to believe barbecuing will affect my health?

BTW, their generation fought and won WWII and ushered in the jet, space and computer ages, so pollution didn’t affect their intellect either.

May 26, 2022 11:44 am

Ah, yes, the EPA argument. The smaller the particle the more dangerous, so that microparticles cause 100 times as many deaths as actually happen annually in the US.
(Or at least that is the theory they used as an excuse for grabbing more bureaucratic power.)

Gordon A. Dressler
Reply to  Lark
May 27, 2022 7:23 am

“The smaller the particle the more dangerous . . .”

Just one of the reasons that I hate quarks and seriously maintain that they should be eradicated from the universe.


Julian Flood
May 26, 2022 12:19 pm

To reduce atmospheric particulates in cities:

1 Search out and exploit sources of methane, preferably in your own country.
2.Ban the use of liquid fuels in internal combustion engines.
3 Only permit methane burning ICEs
4 Job done.

If only we knew where to find more natural gas.


May 26, 2022 4:17 pm

Every time the Green Loonies come up with some new initiative, one thinks that this must be the limit of stupidity. However within a week the Loonies will out do themselves and come up with a new Crazed Winner. This week it is your Barbecue.

May 26, 2022 5:05 pm

If this is the best these people can do with their education we need to fire them, replace them with researchers who are interested in serious science and and hire these slackers to pull weeds and sweep sidewalks.

Jeff Alberts
May 26, 2022 7:33 pm

Birth is the #1 cause of health issues.

Reply to  Jeff Alberts
May 28, 2022 6:13 am

It always leads to death

May 26, 2022 9:50 pm

More and more people are calling out against (ultra)fine particles. I wonder how many among those who are making a fuss are smokers. I hope they realize that smoking four cigarettes gives you the same fine dust in your lungs as being in Beijing for one day.

If they really care about not getting sick from fine dust, they should give up smoking.

May 26, 2022 11:59 pm

“then worrying that it could be a risk to our health.”

No, planning ways to leverage their “findings” into more control over you and me.

May 27, 2022 4:03 am

They should spend more time on measuring PM10 & 2.5 near the Autobahns. Easy to get measurement there.

Leave my meat alone!
I like to eat mollusks and crustaceans. Shrimp are excellent when grilled! Gulf of Mexico shrimp taste better than Atlantic or Pacific but all are good. Percebes, goose barnacles, are also great.

May 27, 2022 5:47 am
  • No proof.
  • No definite evidence of harm.
  • Practically the entire article is based on assumptions; i.e., sheer guesswork based upon bias.

Throw in waffle words, e.g., “may endanger” and this appears to be another computer generated fake research paper.

Gordon A. Dressler
Reply to  ATheoK
May 27, 2022 7:31 am

But look! . . . author P. Gosselin did postpone—until the second sentence in the article’s body text, that is—mentioning “climate systems”.

May 27, 2022 7:04 am

The “PM2.5 is dangerous concept” is run-away just-plain-bad-science” and even worse medicine.

Breathing continuously smokey air from a cooking fire inside a shack or hut for years is bad for one’s lungs. That is the extent of the correct science on PM2.5. This may extend to certain occupational hazards, like fire-fighters.

All else is utter nonsense.

May 27, 2022 3:32 pm

Managed to grill some Shish Kabobs between rain showers here in central Indiana, and boy were they good!

michael hart
May 28, 2022 12:48 pm

“The MDR doesn’t provide any background as to why such a study was conducted in the first place.”

The gas-grill barbecue manufacturers want some California-style restrictions on competitors.

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