Climate alarmists could ‘cancel’ your pets

A new report from is now urging the public to consider offering a home to other pets besides dogs and cats.

From The Washington Times

By Jennifer Harper– The Washington Times – Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Talk about a pet peeve. The climate alarmists have come for your pets. No, really. A new report from is now urging the public to consider offering a home to other pets besides dogs and cats. Why?

The report says their respective diets and lifestyles contribute to global warming for various reasons. In addition, the toilet needs of contemporary dogs include the use of pastel-colored poop bags while cats visit litter boxes where the filler is not necessarily made of natural, eco-friendly materials like wood shavings.

“Are our pets gobbling up the planet? From the meat-based meals to kitty litter to plastic poop bags, pet care is unarguably bad for the environment,” Vox said, offering ways to reduce pets’ carbon pawprint and citing the perils of pet waste — equivalent to “the annual trash of 6.6 million humans.”

Control is control is control.

Welcome to the age of the pandemic puppyhood.

“Climate activists are now trying to cancel pets. Pet Police have arrived,” writes Marc Morano, founder of, an admirable news site which chronicles climate activism.

Read the full article here.

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May 6, 2021 2:10 am

“You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy”

It’s not a promise, it’s a threat. These people are insane.

Reply to  MarkH
May 6, 2021 2:35 am

Our Politicians are soposed to respond to the overall wishes of the people.

Now we know that the Inner City people are despite their educational qualificatons are to put it mildly are a bit weird

But what about the rest of us. Why do politicians of all idologies appear bto believe in this Green rubbish.

Just one thing is the key factor. The gas CO 2. The evidence clearly shows that it is essentiall to all life on Earth. Its Natures fertiliser & we all breath it out.

So why do we have Governments going along to appearing to cutting back on our present standard of living. ?


Reply to  M.j.ellìott
May 6, 2021 3:27 am

the pollies are ALSO mostly the products of the SAME ed system and their kids sure are warped as well

Tom in Florida
Reply to  MarkH
May 6, 2021 4:47 am

““You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy” ”

You left off the “or else!”

Frank from NoVA
Reply to  MarkH
May 6, 2021 7:23 am

If you ever needed more evidence that Misanthropic Marxist Malthusians are evil, this is it.

Reply to  MarkH
May 6, 2021 3:29 pm

Cancel pets is a fantastic narrative for CAGW to pursue. The alarmist are never going to be deterred by facts, or failed predictions. But, cancel pets may get a “hey wait a minute” reaction. Colliding narratives, humor, maybe bankruptcy are the only way the realist will prevail.

If your adversary is in the process of self destruction, don’t stand in the way.

Bill Toland
May 6, 2021 2:12 am

I have noticed that a number of prominent greens have pet dogs. How will Greta Thunberg feel about her climate alarmism if her dogs are taken away from her? Greens have generally kept quiet about the pet issue because they know it will damage their support.

Last edited 1 year ago by Bill Toland
Reply to  Bill Toland
May 6, 2021 9:10 am

How may doggies does biden have?

“Miz” Psaki, a lot of people are concerned about the potential special interest & mob induced policies. A new one on the horizon is that pets are harmful to society. Can you circle around and let us know what biden (or the “Biden administration”) thinks about future pet restrictions & regulations, based on the premise that pets are harmful to the environment & society in general?”

May 6, 2021 2:34 am

I had thought at first that this might be a joke.
However I went via The Washington Times to to find the article.
It is “Are our pets gobbling up the planet?- From the meat-based meals to kitty litter to plastic poop bags, pet care is inarguably bad for the environment.What can we do about it?”
It is always best to read the core document in case of exaggeration or misunderstanding.
The article at is no joke.The whole thing is absolutely ridiculous.
What to do to push back?
The Washington Times or other journalists or Marc Morano should put the article to the climate Czar, John Kerry or to the White House Office of Domestic Climate Policy (Yes,it’s America’s number one priority) for a response.
Who knows, the embarrassment might cause a “ not on our watch response.America, your pets are safe!”

Reply to  Herbert
May 6, 2021 2:58 am

I should have added that this madness is just one example of many.
In Australia,the once prestigious CSIRO has released “Edible Insects:A Roadmap for the Strategic Growth of an emerging Australian Industry.”
This is to promote “ commercial insect farming” so as to ensure “a low environmental footprint”.
Honestly,once you believe everything is to be subordinated to saving the planet, you step through the Looking Glass with Alice.
And all we have to look forward to in Wonderland for sustenance is edible insects.

Reply to  Herbert
May 6, 2021 3:28 am

and mushrooms, cos while they keep us in the dark n feed us sh*t we may as well eat bugs n shrooms

Reply to  ozspeaksup
May 6, 2021 6:03 am

One side makes you smaller, and one side makes you tall….

And if you go chasing rabbits….

Remember what the dormouse said…..

These people are chasing imaginary rabbits. They are nuts. It’s not the pets that are the problem. I had barn cats that earned their place by keeping the barn free of rodents. They had a right to be there. These ecohippies don’t.

It’s really interesting that the ecohippies and their traveling companions do nothing but complain, but want to force their choices on the rest of us.

They really do need their own planet.

Reply to  Sara
May 6, 2021 8:19 am

“One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small.”

Zig Zag Wanderer
Reply to  Meab
May 6, 2021 1:18 pm

One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small.

And the ones that mother gives you,
Don’t do anything at all!

oeman 50
Reply to  Herbert
May 6, 2021 8:42 am

And don’t forget cockroaches make wonderful pets and you can feed them anything! And then you can eat them!

Reply to  oeman 50
May 6, 2021 9:12 am

… same with dogs.

May 6, 2021 2:41 am

In the New (utilitarian) World Order only those with the highest social scores will be allowed such perks as pets.
NWO – There is no alternative!

Pamela Matlack-Klein
May 6, 2021 2:51 am

People are very serious about their pets. Pet care is a huge industry worldwide and abolishing pets would take a big chunk out of the economy. This is a push from a splinter group of the Greens, the animal activists like PETA, who have been trying to abolish all domestic animals for decades.

There is lots of good data confirming that pets are essential to human well-being. They provide company and companionship to their owners and generally improve health, mental and physical. We take cats to nursing homes and the effect on the residents is striking. They immediately cheer up and welcome the visits as the highlight of their week.

What, exactly, are these toads proposing to do with all the pet animals if people are no longer allowed to keep them? PETA once collected pet cats and dogs in Norfolk, Virginia, and then euthanized them and tossed them into the bin owned by their neighboring business. Is this the plan? Yet another reason to hold onto my guns!

Reply to  Pamela Matlack-Klein
May 6, 2021 3:41 am

I don’t think human well-being is a priority for these evil lunatics

Reply to  Pamela Matlack-Klein
May 6, 2021 5:41 am

Just as well throw in the relevant website:

Reply to  Spetzer86
May 6, 2021 9:28 am

The comic book ‘mommy kills animals’ contains artwork that is very close, if not by the same artist, to a full size poster that was left on the wall of a new/under construction KFC that I was working on 15 years ago; it shows Colonel Sanders with a knife and similar artsy traits in the blood splatters. I still have the poster.

(there was also a bottle, filled with gasoline, with a rag stopper, leaning against the building.)

These people are organized, consistent, & nuts.

Reply to  Spetzer86
May 6, 2021 11:45 am

Say something about it to PETA on twitter – they’ll link you to an article telling “the truth” about it, on PETA’s website…

Reply to  Pamela Matlack-Klein
May 6, 2021 6:05 am

My little black orphaned cat is a champion mouser. She is far more useful than any of the ecohippies anywhere on the planet.

Those Pipples can just go pound sand some place special.

Zig Zag Wanderer
Reply to  Sara
May 6, 2021 1:24 pm

My little black orphaned cat is a champion mouser. She is far more useful than any of the ecohippies anywhere on the planet.


Our tortoise shell feline is a superb mouse assassination machine. Without her, we get overrun by rodents. They chew the pipes from dishwashers and washing machines (no idea why on those), and cause endless damage to walls. She even feeds herself when we go away on holidays.

Ron Long
May 6, 2021 3:13 am

Dogs are directly descended from wolves, and cats from wildcats. They both evolved to gain favor with humans, that is, they adopted conduct (Darwin again) that caused them to be preferred and produce offspring. Humans also evolved to enjoy, utilize (hunting and guarding) and take care of both. It appears that the people at VOX have not evolved. One thing we noticed early on in Vietnam was that there were almost no stray dogs wandering around. Dinner, anyone?

Reply to  Ron Long
May 6, 2021 3:20 am

Darwin disputed the inheritance of acquired characteristics, not endorsed it. Dogs & cats that were genetically disposed toward friendly relationships with humans survived better than those that did not, and their progeny presumably inherited this same genetic propensity. Indeed, natural selection was boosted by artificial selection by humans, which is still true today. No adopting conduct involved.

Ron Long
Reply to  anthropic
May 6, 2021 6:31 am

My including Darwin was “survival of the fittest” which is the difference between continuing as a family pet or being eaten for dinner.

May 6, 2021 3:19 am

The alarmists missed a complaint about dogs: flatulence. I’ve often complained about it to my dogs, because it makes me gag and it causes my eyes to water, not because it’s harmful to the planet.

Have fun on this thread. The ecotards deserve it.


Reply to  Bob Tisdale
May 6, 2021 3:33 am

youre feeding them wrong if their farts are an ongoing issue bob
add charcoal to their tucker, but maybe STOP canned food and be pleased(so will the dogs) its far cheaper to buy boxlots of meat trims or chicken necks than canned muck, since i stopped canned food n coloured dry Ive had only one cancer develop.(osteosarcoma and a known breed issue sadly) prior I had lost 3 to cancers, fast and in younger dogs mainly lymph ones

Pamela Matlack-Klein
Reply to  ozspeaksup
May 6, 2021 6:05 am

My cats get ground raw chicken and a high-quality kibble. I grind whole chickens for them and they eat every single bit. All are healthy and happy. Used to feed the Border Terrier raw chicken too, he loved it.

Reply to  Bob Tisdale
May 6, 2021 6:08 am

Try horse farts, Bob. They always pick that moment when you’re cleaning the back hooves, or combing out the tail…. ALWAYS!!!!

Reply to  Sara
May 6, 2021 4:32 pm

Thanks for the advice, Sara. I was trying to work on a funny reply, using the verb pass, but I couldn’t get the sentence structure right. Sorry.


PS: If anyone else can do it, please post it. I can always use a good laugh, and so can all the other denizens of WUWT.

May 6, 2021 3:25 am

they ran this in the Daily mail as well
commented that what DO? the morons think would happen with massive meat n other “waste” products left if pets werent eating it?
the litter ones utter crap itself most litter materials ARE recyled, paper/ clay or other.
its the PETA/animal phobic day out I gather;-)
the pet shelters in Aus are near empty as people adopted animals for the lockdowns and majority will be lifetime commitments which os great for the animals AND the peoples well being too

Alexy Scherbakoff
May 6, 2021 3:42 am

I’ll take a Playboy pet as long as she can cook and do household chores.

Reply to  Alexy Scherbakoff
May 6, 2021 9:31 am

I only need the household chores … so you will have to get in line behind me.

Reply to  Alexy Scherbakoff
May 6, 2021 11:26 am

I’ll hire a maid and a cook so you both can get in line behind me.

May 6, 2021 3:54 am

In the climate wars, this is a perfect opportunity to turn the public on these wackos.
Although radical marxists know how to avoid demonising the ignorant masses, radical environmentalists don’t seem to care.

Reply to  Waza
May 6, 2021 6:12 am

Cats will keep your domiciel and its surrounding grounds free of rodents and other pests.

Dogs will guard your home as it is their turf, too.

They are far better companions than the ecotards/ecohippies and are not political animals, unlike squabbling idiotic ecoinhoomans.

I”m not even sure that ecotards or ecohippies or greenbeaners are actually Hoomans. I think they should be required to pass genetic DNA sampling to make sure that they are not space aliens. If they turn out to be space aliens, there is available real estate on Venus that they could colonize.

Just sayin’…. 🙂

Bruce Cobb
May 6, 2021 4:12 am

Once you go down the road of the “carbon footprint” insanity, almost no human activity, industry, or endeavor is immune. The goal is to make you feel guilty, about EVERYTHING. Clothing? Wear a potato sack, you miserable worm. Indeed, all the accoutrements – hair, makeup, perfume, you name it, gone. For the good of the planet, of course. Long hot baths? You’re joking. Take your 1-minute cold shower and be glad of it you miserable piece of garbage. Music, indeed all the Arts are unnecessary, CO2-spewing luxuries so POOF, gone. Homes? Nope. Way too big, wasteful, and carbon-spewing. Here is your 10×10′ drab cubicle apartment in a huge building. Elevators? Shirley you jest. That’s why stairs were invented. Now eat your meal of bugs and sticks and shut up. And on it goes.

Reply to  Bruce Cobb
May 6, 2021 5:20 am

Now eat your meal of bugs and sticks and shut up

…and be happy… or else.

Reply to  Bruce Cobb
May 6, 2021 6:19 am

Oh, the guilt trip again!!!!!!

I think the Greenbeaners know just WHERE they can stick that. If they don’t, I have a pair of old boots I’d like to use one more time before they get sent to recycling. 🙂

Brooks H Hurd
Reply to  Bruce Cobb
May 6, 2021 8:39 am

Their goal, which is beginning to be discussed, is reduce the world’s human population to “sustainable” levels. I’ve seen the number 500 million bantered about as the “sustainable” global human population level.

Based on this, the GND might be called the Solyent Green New Deal.

May 6, 2021 4:15 am

These people would be happier on a rock like the moon. No life, and definitely no climate change.

Nasa or SpaceX should be working on that B ark…

Charles Fairbairn
May 6, 2021 4:29 am

NO NO. They have got this all wrong. These pets will provide all the waste products to keep our Royal Airforce flying to defend our shores according to our Air Chief Marshall, hell bent on going Net zero emissions.
So all is well. Our pets will be the heroes of the day.

Reply to  Charles Fairbairn
May 6, 2021 4:30 am

Even Guy Gibson’s dog???

He’s been airbrushed out.

David Kamakaris
May 6, 2021 4:34 am

I would love for some woke POS to tell this guy he can’t have his dinner or take a dump.

May 6, 2021 4:44 am

This is a great move—–to unmask themselves for a change.

May 6, 2021 4:46 am

Better start renaming your pets as little snail darter and little spotted owl.

Patrick MJD
May 6, 2021 4:52 am

This is an old topic, published first in New Zealand IIRC.

May 6, 2021 5:03 am

would you expect a serial killer to stop killing by the kindness of his heart? the answer is no, which is why he must be stopped and defeated. it’s the same thing with these unhinged deranged individuals… they will keep pushing the boundaries of truth and their insanity (which apparently is nearly as vast and boundless as the universe) until they are summarily stopped and defeated. this will mean YOU need to speak up even when you’re uncomfortable doing so. they count on the current atmosphere of fear (from losing your job, losing your twitter account, losing your friends, being called racist, etc) to keep the charade going. speak up not just on WUWT, but in your school boards, churches, and workplaces before there is no safe space left that allows you to disagree.

Giordano Milton
May 6, 2021 5:04 am

Current Excuses used to behave like dictators:

—Bad for the planet
—Insurrection (meaning pro-constitution, which limits the power of dictators)
—X phobic (X being pretty much anything but white / European or Christian)

Solution: ignore their criticisms and vote them out

Alan in Kansas
May 6, 2021 5:10 am

They want to depopulate us. Why wouldn’t they go for our pets!

May 6, 2021 5:19 am

Sorry for OT, but I think it’s to important to wait for the next Covid-19 articel:

The novel coronavirus’ spike protein plays additional key role in illness
Scientists have known for a while that SARS-CoV-2’s distinctive “spike” proteins help the virus infect its host by latching on to healthy cells. Now, a major new study shows that the virus spike proteins (which behave very differently than those safely encoded by vaccines) also play a key role in the disease itself.
The paper, published on April 30, 2021, in Circulation Research, also shows conclusively that COVID-19 is a vascular disease, demonstrating exactly how the SARS-CoV-2 virus damages and attacks the vascular system on a cellular level. The findings help explain COVID-19’s wide variety of seemingly unconnected complications, and could open the door for new research into more effective therapies.

(which behave very differently than those safely encoded by vaccines) – sure ?

Brooks H Hurd
Reply to  Krishna Gans
May 6, 2021 9:07 am

The much maligned hydrochloroquine, was said to work by impacting the spike protein to reduce its ability to attack our ACE2 receptors in the lungs. The vascular attack of the SARS CoV-2 virus has been in the medical literature for at least one year. I am glad that Circulation Research is bringing this issue to the forefront, but they are not the first.

I am a Chemical Engineer, not an MD. The COVID-19 lockdowns in the Golden State gave me the opportunity to read extensively about the virus that left most people restricted to their homes.

Reply to  Brooks H Hurd
May 6, 2021 9:29 am

Now, it’s really roved.

Reply to  Krishna Gans
May 6, 2021 10:18 am

proved 🙁

Peta of Newark
May 6, 2021 5:20 am

1) My sister, for reasons quite beyond me, insisted on keeping a couple of Border Collie dogs.
2 problems in that she believed:
a) the hype surrounding ‘dry dog food’ biscuits
b) was never at home to exercise them. (A working Border Collie is reckoned to cover 100 miles per day)

Result of this was, if she was gonna be late home,was that I was asked to pump Insulin into 2 of the saddest creatures you ever saw.
It broke my heart. They were blind, bloated and rheumatic cripples. yet still had all the loveliness, charm and friendship that collies have.

Think about that when you next chow down a bagel, pasta, pizza or French Fries

2) Following the war, maybe into the 50’s, seemingly there was somewhere in England, a sizeable factory making canned pet food. Meat based stuff
It was a large operation and as was The Way, had a ‘workers canteen’ where the workers could have their mid-day meal. They’d pay a nominal fee, basically to keep the tax-man at bay I suppose.
In all seriousness, that canteen would have to serve up ‘Good Stuff’ – for myriad reasons.

And they did.
During the morning shift, Head Chef would visit the production lines and bring a cartload of cans to his kitchen, open them, warm-up the contents and serve up the contents when the workers arrived at lunchtime.
They relished what they were given. Not because they were told to, not because there was no other choice, but because they knew exactly what was in those cans, how it had been prepared/made and what Good Stuff it was.

3) When I was still a working peasant, I’d have dealings with various operators at a sizable Industrial Estate near me.
Obviously I dealt with the machinery merchants, spares parts factors and tyre fixers/menders/suppliers
But a lot of heavy-plant sales & repairs went on there also sales/repairs/service on Rigs and Big Trucks.

There was a ‘Fish & Chip Shop’ in the centre of it all, possibly still is, called “The Kingstown Chef”
They served all sorts of stuff, sandwiches and rolls but especially also portions of industrial scale Steak & Kidney pie, with gravy and Liver & Bacon casserole.

Those two meals were The Most Popular things on the menu, after the Fish & Chips of course.
Because the boys (there were very few girls around this industry estate) knew that that sort of stuff kept them alive through the afternoon shift. Doing heavy works both out-of-doors and in huge unheated sheds.
But the sort of stuff they’d not be seen dead eating in the presence of their girlfriends.

4) Dig out some old David Attenborough film, where Big Cats are chasing Bambi or whatever across the savannah, grasslands, jungle or wherever.
Put aside your Magical Thinking and what you were told at school and then:
Watch carefully what Simba eats when he catches Bambi
Watch what the vultures and others scavengers eat when Simba is finished.

Notice how Simba eats almost everything bar the meat/flesh.
Simba drinks blood, fights over who gets the liver, kidneys, bone marrow, heart, brain and eyeballs. Simba does not bother with the flesh/meat.

So, why did The Cats and Dogs become ‘our friends’ if not because we shared the same diet? Blood. Fat. Livers. Kidneys. Offal. Bone Marrow. Brains.
Not meat.

Why did Rich People in Olden Days get ‘Gout’ – supposedly a disease brought on by a Rich Diet?
Yet now, the only people who get Gout are those who eat Offal – stuff that is thrown away or made into Pet Food

Have any pennies dropped yet? Get my point?

Food Science & Nutrition Advice is an even bigger Train Wreck than Climate Science, especially when it comes to the keeping, growing and eating of animals.

We rear the animals to chop them up and then:
We Actually Throw All The Best Bits Away

We keep and eat the tough indigestible bit (meat/flesh) and imagine we are so clever and advanced in doing so.
Perfect insanity.

There are virtually no micro-nutrients and trace elements in the flesh and it is too high in protein. Yes we need animal protein but surprisingly little, 20% of total calories is waaaay plenty.
Protein is toxic to us in large amounts, seriously it is.

And there is the reason why so many folks are dying of Covid, of cancer, obesity & diabetes (like my sister’s dogs did) and why 700,000 US folks, per year, visit their doctor only to come away in a wooden box.
Despite spending mind-blowing sums of money on ‘healthcare’ and it is never enough.
Same as if not worse than here in the UK.

Hence also why personal relationships & marriages, contempory politics, science & education are all such complete hideous messes.

Because we are eating perfect dreck food, while throwing away Brain Food – equally, if not more, important than ‘Body Food’

The wreck that is Climate Science (and the article in the essay here) is/are symptomatic of a much bigger, deeper and infinitely more serious malaise.

Reply to  Peta of Newark
May 6, 2021 6:30 am

Gee, that brings back some memories….. When we raised our own chickens, the wings and drumsticks were the biggest treats, really greasy and good to eat, never mind the crispy skin. And beef? The bones were left in the roast, and cooked right along with it, and nothing tasted better than having that bone to chew on, even with the marrow still in it. We had our own garden and raised everything from radishes and onions to potatoes and eggplant. Shelling peas was fun, because I could eat some of those fresh green peas right out of the pod and not get scolded for it.

You just explained a lot about my Dad’s cooking to me, Peta. Thanks!!! And thanks for the memories!!!

Reply to  Sara
May 6, 2021 9:47 am

And those bones later made the best home made soup, with fresh garden vegetables and potatoes and onions just picked fresh out of the garden or root cellar. Probably a meal you could nutritiously live on forever.

Reply to  Earthling2
May 6, 2021 10:31 am

Asking for a friend:

May 6, 2021 5:28 am

Vox just isn’t worth the paper it isn’t printed on. If there is no pet waste, then Vox wouldn’t have anything to use for brains.

Rod Evans
May 6, 2021 5:32 am

It is pretty obvious the Climate Alarmists have reached a “tipping point”. It is one of their most powerful concerns often telling everyone “we are close to a tipping point, beyond which, there is no chance or returning to normal”
Well they have found that tipping point. They have told the world :-
1, It can’t keep having offspring,
2, it has told the world it can’t continue to eat meat,
3. it has told the world it can not extract and burn fossil fuels,
4. it has told the world travel must be controlled with preference given to bicycles and walking,
5. it has told the world during the coldest winter in modern times, the planet is overheating,
and now
6 It has told the world it is not allowed to have lovable pets.
We can ignore their ongoing criticism of science and the scientific method. Their preference, from the alarmists rule book, being to make up what ever seems to be scary and broadcast that, as often as possible.
This latest adventure into the totalitarian utopian dream, where pets must be controlled and preferably eliminated, will be the tipping point that so many of their ilk, have talked about all these years.
This will be the issue that finally causes people to ask searching questions, about the authenticity of the climate alarmists.
Keep feeding them the rope, they are doing exactly what we need them to do.

Reply to  Rod Evans
May 6, 2021 6:24 am

Hear, hear!!!!

May 6, 2021 5:47 am

Electric War
First the French le président Emanuel Bonaparte threatens to cut off Jersey’s power supply in a row over fishing rights.
Now the British PM Wallpaper Boris replies in kind and will review its energy links with France.
Pass the popcorn !

Reply to  Vuk
May 6, 2021 9:46 am

Looks like BoJo ordered 2 Royal Navy ships to Jersey – for sure taken from ongoing Operation Joint Warrior, ostensibly an exercise , more likely of joint smoking warriors.
The real problem is not the fishy tail but Paris refusing the City of London’s financial privileges.

Mumbles McGuirck
May 6, 2021 6:01 am

What is amusing is these same people derided the Trump Whitehouse for being petless and yet fawn over the Biden Whitehouse for hosting two dogs and a potential cat.

Brooks H Hurd
Reply to  Mumbles McGuirck
May 6, 2021 9:15 am

Let’s not forget that Biden’s dogs were so poorly trained that they keep biting WH staff.

Reply to  Brooks H Hurd
May 6, 2021 12:02 pm

Instincts overrode training.

Shoki Kaneda
May 6, 2021 6:09 am

We could compensate for our Mastiff’s appetite by eliminating a couple warmists.

Reply to  Shoki Kaneda
May 7, 2021 2:39 pm

Gives new meaning to the term, ‘carbon offsets.’

Steve Z
May 6, 2021 7:23 am

Imagine the congested and environmentally friendly city of Dogtopia, where plastic poop bags are banned, and thousands of dog owners freely allow their pets to defecate on city sidewalks and concrete pathways in parks, where fences prevent access to vegetated areas. In Dogtopia, pedestrians must always look at the ground before them every few steps, lest they step in brown mush leaving them smelling like a dog the rest of the day.

If Dogtopia sounds like a nightmare, it also exists in reality, otherwise known as Paris.

Maybe that’s why Paris makes lots of perfume, to cover up the smell of dog poop on people’s shoes!

May 6, 2021 7:31 am

On the verge of a phobic disorder with unreasonable fear. Here they are reaping the benefits of the modern world and fearing it. They have attacked the livestock industry and now they have come after Snoopy the dog and Sylvester the cat.

Be very careful your pet Beetle may be next.

May 6, 2021 7:33 am

It’s happening in the UK, also.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Environmental campaigner says ‘selfish and cruel’ pet owners should NOT replace animals when they pass away because their carbon footprint is too high and they live ‘horrendous lives’ in urban homes
Donnachadh McCarthy appeared on GMB with Countryfile host Julia Bradbury
Environmental auditor says behind owning pets is a ‘massive amount of cruelty’
Claimed that ‘most people should not have pets’ unless essential for their health
Said owning pets is ‘not essential need’ amid current environmental emergency

Tom Abbott
May 6, 2021 7:34 am

Don’t mess with our dogs!

Dogs are our children!

May 6, 2021 7:58 am

Slightly OT — I wish they would declare war on all the parents who have decided they need to drive their kids to and from school every day, instead of letting them walk or take the school bus. Where I live, every afternoon there are long lines of cars, many with their engines running, waitng to pick up kids from school. If they tried to stop this practice, it would turn into “revenge of the soccer moms” — it would put an end to the end of the “war against global warming” forever.

Brooks H Hurd
Reply to  littlepeaks
May 6, 2021 9:21 am

How can we push the greenies into banning parents from driving their kids to and from school? Perhaps we could get an article into VOX.

Zig Zag Wanderer
Reply to  Brooks H Hurd
May 6, 2021 1:40 pm

I suspect that if you just start saying this on social media it’ll take on a life of its own. I don’t do any social media, so can’t help.

Zig Zag Wanderer
Reply to  littlepeaks
May 6, 2021 1:38 pm

I wish they would declare war on all the parents who have decided they need to drive their kids to and from school every day, instead of letting them walk or take the school bus.

I remember back in the day when I used to have to commute to work, how very much better the traffic was in school holidays. The effect on everyone caused by school runs is massive. It should be banned! Why are they afraid to let their kids take the bus? It worked for us as kids.

Brooks H Hurd
May 6, 2021 8:29 am

Vox seems blissfully unaware that dog poop will become compost much faster than orange peels. I doubt that the writers at Vox have ever tried to compost anything.

Ed Zuiderwijk
May 6, 2021 9:07 am

Can I invite Jennifer to get acquainted with my neighbour’s two pitbulls? Then we can see who is going to be cancelled.

May 6, 2021 9:49 am

My tomcat actually likes Royal Canine, especially if followed by Perfect Portions and fresh salmon slices. I really wonder who is actually in charge!

This does not look good for Buckingham’s Royal Corgi’s , I’ll say!

Zig Zag Wanderer
Reply to  bonbon
May 6, 2021 1:42 pm

The Queen is no longer breeding her corgis. She doesn’t want any to outlive her. As if she will ever die, anyway, a real “long live the Queen!”

May 6, 2021 11:07 am

Has any one told Greta about this?

Zig Zag Wanderer
Reply to  Franz Unterreiner
May 6, 2021 1:43 pm

That’s the first picture of her I’ve seen smiling. We have to take those dogs away immediately!

Reply to  Zig Zag Wanderer
May 10, 2021 9:37 am

Right about the smiling 😂

May 6, 2021 3:34 pm

I warned of this yesterday: “Story after story, covering medicine, weather, ecology, biology, psychology, emigration, international conflict and pet care, all converge on the single story-line that there is an ongoing, ever-present terrifyingly dangerous Climate Crisis, affecting every aspect of human existence. “

Al Miller
May 6, 2021 8:35 pm

come and pry my paws from my cold dead gun

May 6, 2021 9:48 pm

Doomsters should not be permitted to work with children or animals-
Food fight: Meat-free school meals spark furor in France (

May 7, 2021 8:49 am

Interesting talk about the evolution of dogs from wolves in the order of 20k years ago. Also on the project breeding tame silver foxes in Siberia.

Matheus Carvalho
May 7, 2021 1:11 pm
May 7, 2021 3:56 pm

Does this mean the price of pure bred Samoyeds will come down? Because if so, cancel away. I really want one.

May 7, 2021 6:51 pm

Anyone else remember prohibition in the US? Not that I’m that old, however if I recall correctly, it was another feel good measure that, actually had to be implemented to see just how bad of an idea it really was.
Not all precautionary measures are as good in practice as they sound in principle.

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