Claim: Gender assumptions harm progress on climate adaption and resilience


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Scientists say outdated assumptions around gender continue to hinder effective and fair policymaking and action for climate mitigation and adaptation.

Lead author of a new study, Dr Jacqueline Lau from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies at James Cook University (Coral CoE at JCU) and WorldFish, said gender–alongside other identities like race, class and age–has a powerful influence on people’s experience of, and resilience to, climate change.

She said the four most common and interlinked assumptions found are: women are innately caring and connected to the environment; women are a homogenous and vulnerable group; gender equality is a women’s issue and; gender equality is a numbers game.

“Although there is a global mandate to work towards gender equality in climate change mitigation and adaptation, efforts are hindered by a set of assumptions about gender, long critiqued in development studies,” Dr Lau said.

The study draws on post-2014 gender and climate change literature, to give an overview of how the gender assumptions manifest across recent work in adaptation, mitigation and broader climate change policy, practice and research.

The review of the literature takes a closer look at how these assumptions narrowly diagnose the causes of gender inequality.

“As a result, we see too many strategies that have unintended–and even counterproductive–consequences,” said Dr Pip Cohen, from WorldFish.

“For instance, strategies that target women only may overburden them, cause a backlash, or obscure the vulnerabilities of other groups.”

The study offers lessons for a more informed pursuit of gender equality in climate change research, policy and practice.

The authors said progressing gender equality means breaking down stereotypes and prejudices about gender–creating environments to enable all people to exercise their agency to cope, change and adapt.

Dr Lau said she was surprised to find so many examples of gender assumptions in climate change practice. She explained that a first step in disrupting these assumptions is to lay them bare and explain why development research has found them to be problematic.

“The social and cultural expectations about what it is to be a woman or a man in any given society will shape people’s wellbeing,” Dr Lau said.

She said alongside efforts to dismantle broader barriers to gender equality, better and more coordinated efforts are needed from practitioners and researchers to disrupt and counteract unhelpful assumptions.

“Pursuing gender equality in climate change policy and practice is critical, and decades of experience in development offer lessons for how to do it well,” Dr Lau said.

“Ultimately, we want to see equitable opportunities for all people to realise their full potential. Where no one is left behind.”



Lau J, Kleiber D, Lawless S, Cohen P. (2021). ‘Gender equality in climate policy and practice hindered by assumptions’. Nature Climate Change. DOI: 10.1038/s41558-021-00999-7

From EurekAlert!

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March 3, 2021 10:09 pm

The good Dr Lau must be bereft of anything useful to say about her environment. Cancel the ARC, drive out the red-necked gender stereotypes. Lordy me, who funds this drivel !?

Reply to  Streetcred
March 3, 2021 11:55 pm

How many does coral have?

Reply to  StephenP
March 4, 2021 5:23 am

Last time I checked Critical Glacier Theory found at least 78 different genders of glaciers in the Alps alone.

More money is needed to explore this important new field of work, soon kids won’t even know what glaciers look like !.

Steve M
Reply to  Greg
March 4, 2021 6:29 am

Actually, glaciers are inherently female. They do “calve” after all.

David A
Reply to  Steve M
March 4, 2021 5:14 pm

Steve, that is a perfect example of gender assumptions. Glaciers can be whatever gender they want.
If I read any more gender nonsense like this I will certainly entertain a bender.

Reply to  StephenP
March 4, 2021 5:26 am

Anything having to call itself a “center of excellence” clearly is not. Excellence declares itself, it does not come from putting the word on a panel in front of the campus entrance .

This could not be clearer than in the case of James Cook University which is a cesspit of unscientific bigotry, censorship and the antithesis of scientific excellence.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg
David Young
Reply to  Streetcred
March 4, 2021 1:16 am

You’ve not read “Glaciers, gender, and science: A feminist glaciology framework for global environmental change research”?

“Glaciers are key icons of climate change and global environmental change. However, the relationships among gender, science, and glaciers – particularly related to epistemological questions about the production of glaciological knowledge – remain understudied. This paper thus proposes a feminist glaciology framework with four key components: 1) knowledge producers; (2) gendered science and knowledge; (3) systems of scientific domination; and (4) alternative representations of glaciers. Merging feminist postcolonial science studies and feminist political ecology, the feminist glaciology framework generates robust analysis of gender, power, and epistemologies in dynamic social-ecological systems, thereby leading to more just and equitable science and human-ice interactions.”

Reply to  David Young
March 4, 2021 5:06 am

Sadly, it wasn’t published on April 1.

Reply to  David Young
March 4, 2021 5:12 am

comment image comment image

A glacier is a glacier is a glacier, and in research I see no differnce if a man or a woman is drilling a glacier. The genderquestion is absolute nonsense and publishing a paper about, better hide behind somewhat.

Reply to  Krishna Gans
March 4, 2021 8:37 am

Glacier drilling is a man’s sport

Reply to  Lrp
March 4, 2021 8:47 am

Now you know why such papers are written and published 😀

Reply to  David Young
March 4, 2021 5:26 am


When I read that, I really thought you were a an absolutely brilliant satirist! The way you weaved that all together, in a single paragraph, was mind-boggling. So, I was about to suggest you try your hand at the Faux Faulkner Contest ( when a unsettling feeling overcame me:

Glaciers, gender, and science: A feminist glaciology framework for global environmental change research


Reply to  Anon
March 4, 2021 8:12 pm

You missed out on some fun a while back Anon

Jon Salmi
Reply to  David Young
March 4, 2021 1:36 pm

Good God! Such blather could only come from a blithering idiot.

Reply to  Streetcred
March 4, 2021 4:53 am

I feel like I am living in “The Onion”

Reply to  Streetcred
March 4, 2021 7:48 am

Lordy me, who funds this drivel !?

Unfortunately, we do. Through our taxes.

Reply to  Streetcred
March 4, 2021 7:56 am

Clearly, somebody needs to check their “Glacier Privilege” at the door

Last edited 1 year ago by Neo
John the Econ
Reply to  Streetcred
March 4, 2021 8:56 am

Who funds this drivel? We do.

March 3, 2021 10:10 pm

This just shows you can get a doctorate in naseau inducement. It also irritates the temples and just above the brow ridges.

Reply to  Zoe Phin
March 3, 2021 10:28 pm

Agree completely with your assessment.
I was thinking something simple like “Oh FFS… what next?”

Last edited 1 year ago by timster0
Reply to  Tim
March 4, 2021 8:52 am

Yes it’s way over the top.
And only inspired because a fellow researcher said “show us yer t1ts” to Dr. Lau

Reply to  Zoe Phin
March 3, 2021 10:48 pm

…… and the back of the throat !

David A
Reply to  fred250
March 4, 2021 7:04 pm

I blame it all on fossil fuels. They have enabled way to many people with way to much time with no real crisis or life threatening demands, so they create imaginary demons to battle for and imaginary victims to fight for.

Reply to  Zoe Phin
March 4, 2021 8:35 am

Yes increasingly we are forced to conclude that there IS a crisis with climate(s).
But it’s all in the hysterical reportage, not the climate(s) per se.

March 3, 2021 10:13 pm

“Scientists” my ass.

Reply to  Garland
March 4, 2021 5:14 am

No, that’s a Chinese airport study.

Joel O'Bryan
March 3, 2021 10:18 pm

This garbage paper is Exhibit # 46,532 that the UN’s Climate Change push has nothing to do with Climate and everything to do with Change.

March 3, 2021 10:22 pm

Where is the round filing cabinet when you need it?

Reply to  Phillip Bratby
March 3, 2021 10:43 pm

shredding machine first, and something to drill holes through their hard disc drives so this UTTER DRIVEL can never be resurrected !

Last edited 1 year ago by fred250
March 3, 2021 10:26 pm

If you heard a strange noise, it was me rolling my eyes. I can see the ER personnel now, saying that they never saw anyone with their eyeballs stuck that far back in their head.

Reply to  littlepeaks
March 3, 2021 11:08 pm


Reply to  littlepeaks
March 4, 2021 12:19 am

I got the wrong idea from the headline.
I thought she was going to talk about men who imagine themselves as a woman, or trans people and climate, or eunuchs and climate, or queers and climate, or bisexuals and climate. But it was much tamer than I imagined.


March 3, 2021 10:39 pm

WOW, just when you think JCU can’t possibly sink any deeper into the mindless-sewer !!

Reply to  fred250
March 4, 2021 7:28 am

Never say never.

That’s something they tend to do

Neil Jordan
March 3, 2021 10:44 pm

Five years ago, a related topic was covered by WUWT:
Content alert – manly glaciers.

March 3, 2021 10:45 pm

“Although there is a global mandate to work towards gender equality in climate change mitigation and adaptation


Would someone please explain WT* that means ??

And what does “gender equity” have to do with coral reef studies ??

Last edited 1 year ago by fred250
Clarky of Oz
Reply to  fred250
March 4, 2021 12:50 am

You must have in the boat, 1x L, 1xG, 1xB, 1xT, 1xQ, 1xI and so on down the line. By the time you have all the spots filled there is no room for the boat crew, or anyone who can actually dive on to the reef or do any useful work. But the quotas are filled and that is the main thing. Thus the reef is saved as all the Government money is dissipated before any actual work is done.

David Kamakaris
Reply to  fred250
March 4, 2021 3:08 am

Fred, when you decipher that little gem, please let me know. I don’t have a friggin clue.

Reply to  fred250
March 4, 2021 7:51 am

Reminds of the allegedly fake NYT headline

“World to end tomorrow, Women and children hit the hardest.”

Reply to  fred250
March 4, 2021 8:42 am


Reply to  fred250
March 4, 2021 10:23 am

“When I use a (phrase),’ Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’
’The question is,’ said Alice, ‘whether you can make (phrases) mean so many different things.’
’The question is,’ said Humpty Dumpty, ‘which is to be master — that’s all.”

None of this is new. It is meant to confuse.

And it works too. They don’t want ‘equality’ (as they stated), they want their version of ‘equity’ (as you stated).

Last edited 1 year ago by DonM
Reply to  fred250
March 4, 2021 10:39 am

“Symbolic of our struggle against reality”

See JeffC video below.

David A
Reply to  fred250
March 4, 2021 7:37 pm

Well, as gender has been turned into a meaningless variegated concept, subject to the passing fancy of licentious thought, then “gender equity” is therefore an equally vaporous concept with zero practical cogency to real life.

Alan Robertson
March 3, 2021 10:46 pm

With hospitals in the UK allegedly adopting the term “chestfeeding” instead of breastfeeding, to be more inclusive of transgender individuals, how can we be sure that gender assumptions aren’t harmful to just about everything?
Think of the poor roosters, locked into their roles.
Who are we to assume that they wouldn’t rather be laying eggs, instead of the hens?

Reply to  Alan Robertson
March 3, 2021 11:44 pm


I am disturbed about the second part pf your surname flaunting your masculinity. Please tone it down to something more gender neutral and in tune with the times.

Alan Robertson
Reply to  tonyb
March 4, 2021 12:21 am

tonyb you are sooo on it.
How’s about I just dispense with my whole name and borrow a new first and surname from a couple of my ancestors?
I’ll go with Conan the Ravenfeeder.

Alba gu bràth

Last edited 1 year ago by Alan Robertson
Reply to  Alan Robertson
March 4, 2021 1:22 am

Conan the Raven feeder

Yes,. great name but a bit birdist.


David A
Reply to  tonyb
March 4, 2021 7:45 pm

Definitely avifauna appropriation, try again.
( Although it’s likely hopeless, you will offend)

Reply to  Alan Robertson
March 4, 2021 7:37 am

An islamic friendly name would be…

Al Rob

Right-Handed Shark
Reply to  tonyb
March 4, 2021 4:25 am

Alan Robertloinfruit?

Reply to  Alan Robertson
March 4, 2021 1:12 am
Reply to  JeffC
March 4, 2021 1:24 am


They were WAY ahead of their time!


Reply to  JeffC
March 4, 2021 7:28 am

FYI; Sue Jones-Davies the actress playing Judith Iscariot, ended up as Mayor of Aberystwyth 2008-2009

From the comments
Graham Black 2 years ago
” It’s interesting reading back over the comments on this video. The first comments 10 to 11 years ago are mostly about how funny it is. Then about 4 to 5 years ago people start making comments about how this reflects transgender behaviour. Now all the comments are about how horrific that this is actually the way things are now. It’s ironic that at the time this was probably the least controversial scene in the whole movie. Now it could potentially get the film banned for hate speech. How the fuck did we get here? “

Reply to  JeffC
March 4, 2021 10:38 am

“Symbolic of our struggle against reality”

Covers it all.

Reply to  JeffC
March 5, 2021 8:40 am

I looked that one up and, as a result, came across this one. Didn’t Greta do well!

Reply to  Alan Robertson
March 4, 2021 7:35 am

With almost 25% of ‘frontline’ NHS staff refusing a/the vaccine, what you call a woman’s tit (get over it blokes in frocks) is, er, largely academic.

No doubt that refusal rate is entirely down to structural racism – whatever that really is. Not their refusal. Nor the fact that they are supposed to be about medical/scientific progress.

The vaccines are white supremacy – in a vial. BLM endorses that message.

Reply to  Alan Robertson
March 4, 2021 10:34 am

Are the hospitals in the UK going to change the term ‘breast cancer’ to ‘chest cancer’?

Or are they going to continue with their sexist practice of indicating BREAST cancer is a disease that men don’t need to worry about?

Please, somebody over there, ask them….

March 3, 2021 10:47 pm


March 3, 2021 10:49 pm

Well, whaddya expect; if you are too stupid to know if you got a totty or twatty, the weather must be a terrible and frightening thing…
“…strategies that target women only may overburden them, cause a backlash, or obscure the vulnerabilities of other groups.”
Now they turn on women too? First it was ‘toxic masculinity’, now it’s ‘noxious femininity’? Or is that ovarian overburdensomeness?
Next up: Testosterone in men is a greenhouse gas, but men with lots of oestrogen act as carbon sinks.

Independent George
March 3, 2021 11:16 pm

The worse the infection of leftism, the more extreme are the symptoms.

A chronic left wing sufferer, can find oppression and a way to virtue signal from anywhere.

March 3, 2021 11:22 pm

When others assume that I’m Canadian, it makes me want to destroy the entire planet, one CO2 atom at a time.

JK, I find it funny that people are afraid of the violent, bloodthirsty wrath of a socially slighted Canadian who is accidentally mis-cultured as an American. I hear-tell that entire cities have been wiped off the map for doing this.

Aussies don’t generally mind being asked if they are Kiwis. They’ll only kill you if you get it wrong twice. 😉

Climate believer
March 3, 2021 11:31 pm

 Dr Lau …. I fart in your general direction…

Alexy Scherbakoff
March 3, 2021 11:35 pm

I hope she can make a decent sandwich

March 3, 2021 11:37 pm

Is there nothing, I mean nothing at all, they can’t mash into a climate narrative?

Reply to  Jones
March 4, 2021 5:26 am

comment image

(Gender )-Traces of Global Warming in New York 😀 – Horrible !

Last edited 1 year ago by Krishna Gans
Reply to  Krishna Gans
March 4, 2021 5:32 am

comment image

Genderised Global Warming – a misuse in the view of the author ? 😀

Last edited 1 year ago by Krishna Gans
Reply to  Krishna Gans
March 4, 2021 9:48 pm

There is your proof! The models are right!

Last edited 1 year ago by Mike
March 4, 2021 12:03 am

Perhaps she can make a difference. Start by debunking Terry Hughes coral calamity.

To bed B
March 4, 2021 12:09 am

And 97% consensus of people like this means what?

David A
Reply to  To bed B
March 4, 2021 7:56 pm

It means they asked 100,000 people if they agreed, 99,900 said, ” your nuts” and were promptly disqualified, and 97 out of 100 B.S. Crazy folk said “we agree”.

March 4, 2021 12:10 am

The people who brought you Neo-Marxism now have a new offering.
It’s called Intersectionality.
The aim is to align all victim groups against the one perpetrator group.

Clarky of Oz
Reply to  Waza
March 4, 2021 2:00 am

Don’t tell me. Old White Males

Reply to  Clarky of Oz
March 4, 2021 3:06 am

Nearly there.
Straight old white men.

Reply to  Waza
March 4, 2021 8:40 am

Self-funded straight old white men.

Jan de Jong
Reply to  Waza
March 4, 2021 2:47 am

Invented in 1989 already, along with ‘White Privilege’ – Simon Webb: (very sensible old geezer saying forbidden things on YT).

Reply to  Jan de Jong
March 4, 2021 3:05 am

Thanks for the link.

Rory Forbes
March 4, 2021 12:18 am

There’s that, “scientists say” nonsense. “Scientists” say no such thing. What a load of utter rubbish. Apart from that they keep confusing gender and sex. Man, woman = SEX. Masculine, feminine = gender. The two terms are not synonyms. Climate studies is a science. Gender studies is not.

Poor Dr. Lau is very confused about what science is:

“Ultimately, we want to see equitable opportunities for all people to realise their full potential. Where no one is left behind.”

What on Earth has that got to do with climate or the study of science in general? If a person has what it takes to contribute, there is no question of being left behind.

March 4, 2021 12:31 am

Well thats nuts. The world has slipped a few cogs

Last edited 1 year ago by NIKKI
Clarky of Oz
March 4, 2021 12:34 am

I am pretty sure ( I have no degree so it only a guess) that the coral polyps could not give a damn about the gender identity of any human being. They will breed, male and female according to nature and care not a rat’s arse about who or what is looking at them or which of the 57+ gender identities the humans studying them care to adopt.


Last edited 1 year ago by Clarky of Oz
Reply to  Clarky of Oz
March 4, 2021 12:51 am

Well I say Clarky, that’s Animal Kindomism if ever I saw it. And I hadn’t until just this minute.

Polyps have rights too you know?….! Even nasal polyps.

Moderately Cross of East Anglia
March 4, 2021 1:39 am

And while we are adding this tripe to issues like feminist glaciology, it occurs to me that we need to examine the issue of volcanology. All those nasty male strato- volcanoes have been getting away with it for far too long spreading their nasty pyroclastic flows all over the place without regard to anyone else. Clearly the terminology of describing volcanoes as being extinct or active is masculine gender enforcement and needs to be described as woke or non-woke was in future.

March 4, 2021 2:04 am

Stupidity is without borders.

March 4, 2021 2:27 am

I really want to see griff’s take on this. 😉

Reply to  fred250
March 4, 2021 7:57 am

griff’s still trying to figure out which of the 57 genders (so far) will get him the biggest paycheck.

Reply to  MarkW
March 4, 2021 10:43 am

can I still say, “what’s good for the Goose is good for the Gander”?

Or do I need to include the other 55 to keep from being labeled & cancelled?

Craig W
March 4, 2021 2:44 am

Put this in The Museum of Unnatural History featuring works like The Orientation of a Sterile Species. And they have the audacity to question Skeptics.

March 4, 2021 2:46 am

Please good people, your toxic gender-insensitive comments are trampling the “safe space” of countless woketards, who are deeply offended by the slightest of slights. These wokes have led such sheltered lives that a 1-degree variation in their lattes drives them into paroxysms of thumb-sucking catatonia.
I recommend a treatment of international travel in zones of endemic violence, where being held at gunpoint is a routine occurrence. In time, that experience tends to broaden one’s safe space to “anywhere that nobody is pointing a gun at me” – highly recommended, it is a cathartic, liberating experience.

March 4, 2021 3:06 am

Dr Lau said she was surprised to find so many examples of gender assumptions in climate change practice

Really? Dr Lau clearly has not seen the BBCs gender assumptions. Dr Lau is woefully behind the woke curve.

A BBC programme aimed at nine- to 12-year-olds includes the astonishing claim that there are ‘over 100 gender identities’.

The film, ‘Identity – Understanding Sexual and Gender Identities’, is being offered on the corporation’s website as part of its relationships and sex education package.

BBC programme tells 9-year-olds there are ‘over 100 genders’ – Telegraph

Yes, that what the BBC is teaching children. And it is able to do it far more effectively while schools are closed.

Somebody wake Dr Lau up…

March 4, 2021 3:30 am

“I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.”
-A Maslow

4 Eyes
March 4, 2021 4:07 am

Nothing else to do so conflate gender and climate

Barnes Moore
March 4, 2021 4:27 am

Dr. Lau must be the one who is also worried about the gender of a plastic potato.

March 4, 2021 4:33 am

“The social and cultural expectations about what it is to be a woman or a man in any given society will shape people’s wellbeing”

You give an inch to the LGBTUVWXYZ123 agenda, it takes a mile. We’ve reached peak madness when a man with the family jewels intact can feel pretty and compete in sports against actual women or can enter a womans bathroom, locker room, or shower and almost no one bats an eye and the majority of men just sit there with mouths wide shut while their daughters get to experience the results of society going off the rails and giving control to the real science deniers. We’ve given up so much ground to this absurdity for nearly a generation but then expect that science not get infected? There will be safe place to hide from this madness so you better stand up against it while you still can.

March 4, 2021 4:36 am

Gender assumptions caused my grandmother’s gout, too. What a bunch of mentally retarded crap.

March 4, 2021 4:39 am

Be thankful that the study was done in Australia and those of us in the US and elsewhere probably didn’t pay for it. But those poor Australians….

Reply to  DHR
March 4, 2021 5:51 pm

Don’t be so sure about that. The US funds (absurd) research, everywhere, including China, like the biolab in Wuhan. Just depends on giving a kickback to the right Congressman.

Jim Clarke
March 4, 2021 4:47 am

We tend to treat these papers with ridicule and sarcasm, because that is exactly what they deserve. Yet, they deserve so much more. We are watching the end of civilization and the decent into a Dark Age, where all of humanity and the physical environment will suffer greatly. If there was a threat-meter, climate change would barely register, while these people would peg the needle! They are the zombie apocalypse and we are apparently going to roll our eyes and shake our heads right up to the time they eat our brains!

Reply to  Jim Clarke
March 4, 2021 7:21 am

decent into a Dark Age,

A decent dark age?

This is the new feudalism, far from decent

Following a remarkable epoch of greater dispersion of wealth and opportunity, we are inexorably returning towards a more feudal era marked by greater concentration of wealth and property, reduced upward mobility, demographic stagnation, and increased dogmatism. If the last seventy years saw a massive expansion of the middle class, not only in America but in much of the developed world, today that class is declining and a new, more hierarchical society is emerging.

Joel Kotkin on American Neo-Feudalism – Front Porch Republic

Reply to  Jim Clarke
March 4, 2021 8:04 am

Being rural based we are well set to hold off the zombie horde, of either type. Our gas is local, water gravity fed and extensive fire wood available. Hell, with a phone call I can get a truck load of coal in less than an hour. We good.

March 4, 2021 4:58 am

Who need reason? Money just appears in my account every Friday.

March 4, 2021 5:03 am

Using pollysyllabic entities in a promiscuous manner provides a definitive methodology for the application of a vocabulary specifically designed to confound a variety of semi-literates.

Now, if you spend some time reading that gobbledygook….. 🙂 Have a passably pleasing diurnal experience.

Reply to  Sara
March 4, 2021 7:44 am


Abolition Man
March 4, 2021 5:18 am

If they’re speaking about gender and it’s not a discussion about languages the BS is being piled higher and deeper! Virtually any discipline that ends in “Studies” has no business being offered in our schools as it is based on emotions, not research and knowledge!
The mental health of a generation is being destroyed by encouraging base emotions like hatred and envy, while perpetual victimhood is a guarantee of madness and misery! Thus the Progressives perpetuate their religion of nihilism and doom!

Reply to  Abolition Man
March 4, 2021 6:09 am

Women + coral reef = appreciation of glaciers = cold shoulder? Or something like that?

Abolition Man
Reply to  ValleyBoy
March 4, 2021 9:58 am

The excessive time in college I spent studying gender led me to greatly appreciate women, not glaciers. I don’t recall that many cold shoulders, but the dataset may be biased. Perhaps I didn’t fully appreciate then how love and romance is like golf; the winner is the low score!

John Bell
March 4, 2021 5:40 am

Put in to google image search “center (or centre) of excellence” and one gets a bunch of self important academics posing”

Tom Halla
March 4, 2021 5:46 am

Not quite as woo-woo as Feminist Glaciology, but approaching it.

March 4, 2021 6:31 am

The red flags are still out at JCU. Science is nowhere to be found.

March 4, 2021 6:43 am

This is a strange study, I just rightly assume that anybody who espouses a belief in global warming to be scientifically illiterate and have a nice chat with them about not believing the shit that politicians babble.

Al Miller
March 4, 2021 6:49 am

I just threw up in my mouth, and am forever dumber after reading that article…

March 4, 2021 6:55 am

I identify as a non-binary glacial entity does this apply to me?

Reply to  Brad
March 4, 2021 7:26 am

That’s an ‘icy’ no.

Reply to  Brad
March 4, 2021 7:46 am

I identify as a non-binary glacial entity

Cool !

Mickey Reno
March 4, 2021 7:16 am

I bet JCU is never going to fire this woman. All these nurturing Women’s Studies professors should go out to the Great Barrier Reef the next time a typhoon threatens, and lay their bodies across the reef to protect it. Critical race theory professors should go along to show solidarity. Hell, the whole liberal arts faculty and administrators at JCU should go, too. After they pay Dr. Peter Ridd what they owe him, of course.

Andy Pattullo
March 4, 2021 7:44 am

Where did science go and when did it leave?

March 4, 2021 7:47 am

All the nutcases are jumping onto the global warming bandwagon.

March 4, 2021 8:43 am

Well I agree that age has a bearing on your appreciation of global warming. As you get older you realize how much b.s. is out there, how many prople try to manipulate you through lies, and you become in general more incredulous.
Critical Theory advocates, nearly everybody in academics these days, are imbued with identity issues and intersectionality etc so the drivel expressed here is not surprising.

John the Econ
March 4, 2021 9:10 am

This reminds me of a long and interesting conversation I had with an fellow university student back in the ’80s. I was an economics major. I forgot what field he was in, but both his parents were professional academics, and he was on a track to be one as well.

I was already working in IT and process automation in the private economy. His concern was that IT, robotics and technology in general was eventually going to replace the need for people doing conventional labor and that the vast majority of the populace was going to be unemployed and the proletariat were going to be serfs of elite overlords.

Sound familiar?

I argued that this debate was as old as the spade plow, and that I don’t lose a lot of sleep over it because free markets have always found things to do for people willing to work. (In my personal experience, nobody in any company that I had consulted for had ever lost a job over some process I made more efficient. Instead, their energies were simply re-diverted to other tasks that made the company more profitable)

I then pointed out that the phenomenon he was afraid had been taking place for quite some time. Not only were his parents employed in an organization that was the beneficiary of technological advance, efficiency and subsequent societal surplus and affluence, it was his goal to to join them.

I argue that the problem now is that the expansion of academia ran out of accessible and legitimate endeavors of study decades ago, and now is just making shit up to keep employing the vast numbers of otherwise economically useless “educated” people they’ve been creating at great profit and expense.

Perhaps when artificial intelligence and robots eventually do take over all our jobs, we’ll all just get employed by universities. As long as we subscribe to the correct ideology, anyway. The requirement that studies be the least bit serious has long since been waived.

Abolition Man
Reply to  John the Econ
March 4, 2021 10:08 am

There are countless positions open in the diversity administration! Each gender is guaranteed it’s own czar and affiliated bureaucracy to validate slights and aggressions; that’s why college costs are rising so much faster than inflation!
It’s almost as if they took C.S.Lewis’ vision of Hell from “The Screwtape Letters” and tried to bring it to fruition!

John the Econ
Reply to  Abolition Man
March 4, 2021 10:19 am

I thought the administrative ranks of my humble state school were absurdly bloated over 3 decades ago. I can only imagine how absurdly bloated they must be today. Also explains where most of the 6-figures it now takes to get a degree anymore is going.

Tom Gelsthorpe
Reply to  John the Econ
March 4, 2021 12:33 pm

Brilliant insights! Keep up the good work.

March 4, 2021 10:10 am

I’m not surprised. The amount of actual science in “gender studies” is about the same as the amount of actual science in global warmunism. Thus they fit well together

Last edited 1 year ago by Art
March 4, 2021 12:33 pm

Garbage like this, which is being produced faster and faster in our day and age, has me convinced that we are headed for a new dark age.

Steve Z
March 4, 2021 12:53 pm

I fail to see how climate change would affect women more or less than men. There is probably gender equality when it comes to feeling hot or cold.

Then again, most of the TV weather reporters are female. It can be a consolation to look at a pretty woman telling you about the lousy weather to come.

As for the gender of glaciers, the word “glacier” in French is masculine, although “glace” (ice) is feminine. I suppose feminine ice changes genders in large quantities. But when it melts, “eau” (water) is feminine in French, as is “vapeur” (steam) when it boils. Phase changes don’t result in gender changes.

Genders can change in translation. The French word for “sea” is feminine (la mer), but the Spanish word for “sea” is masculine (el mar).

Even two words for the same object can have different genders. A bicycle in French can be a feminine “bicyclette” or a masculine “velo”. Calling a bicycle by another name gives it a sex change!

The idea of gender for inanimate objects is built into most foreign languages other than English, so all these PC-woke ideas of neutering speech in English don’t translate well into other languages, or into study of the climate.

March 4, 2021 1:02 pm

Hasn’t she heard? By using the term woman instead of gender neutral terminology she is contributing to the oppression of the transgendered.

We have entered into another level of insanity. The most easily offended and insecure among us are being made the arbiters of what is acceptable speech.

Louis Hunt
March 4, 2021 2:24 pm

This is what you get when you require science students to take gender studies courses. They get the two mixed up.

Andre Thomas Lewis
March 4, 2021 5:30 pm

JCU is a failed experiment in AGW activism and should shut down. Safer for students to go to a university with integrity that respects real science.

Tom Abbott
March 5, 2021 9:21 am

From the article: “Scientists say outdated assumptions around gender continue to hinder effective and fair policymaking and action for climate mitigation and adaptation.”

How silly!

Scientists? How many scientists? Who? What do these scientists know about gender and fair policymaking?

Outdated assumptions? Biology is biology.

Climate mitigation and adaption? Where is the need to mitigate or adapt to our present climate? Isn’t that all in your (alarmist’s) head?

If the authors didn’t have assumptions, they wouldn’t have anything at all.

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