Prince Harry: Max Two Children for Climate Change

Prince Harry
Prince Harry. By Defensie –, CC0, link

h/t CFACT; That special royal moment when you accidentally describe your brother, the future King of England as a planet wrecker; British Royal Prince Harry thinks families should limit themselves to two children for the sake of the planet, but his brother and fellow climate warrior Prince William has Three Children, with rumours of a fourth on the way.

Prince Harry reveals he and Meghan Markle will only have TWO children to help save the planet (unlike William and Kate with three) – and says how ‘unconscious bias’ is causing racism in Britain in wife’s Vogue

  • Duke of Sussex said racism is often the result of unconscious bias passed down from one generation to next
  • He told environmentalist Dr Jane Goodall, 85, we have to understand how bias works to overcome prejudice
  • Harry, 34, also revealed he only wants ‘max two children’ with wife Meghan, 37, in face of climate change 
  • He was interviewed by Dr Goodall for the September edition of British Vogue, which Duchess guest edited 


PUBLISHED: 22:43 AEDT, 30 July 2019 | UPDATED: 05:58 AEDT, 31 July 2019

Prince Harry has revealed he and Meghan Markle only want two children in a bid to help save the planet.

The Duke of Sussex, 34, made the extraordinary revelation in a candid interview with conservationist Dr Jane Goodall as part of his wife’s edition of British Vogue. 

Discussing the ‘terrifying’ effects of climate change, he assured her he and the Duchess, 37, are only planning on having one more child after the birth of their son Archie. 

He said becoming a father has made him see the world differently and the couple only want ‘two maximum’ to help protect the environment.   

However, Prince Harry’s stance is in stark contrast to his brother William and wife Kate, who already have three children, with speculation mounting a fourth could be announced soon.

The Queen meanwhile has four children, although Prince Charles, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward and Princess Anne all have just two.

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Perhaps Prince Harry thinks its OK to have more than two children if you really want, so this latest pearl of wisdom from a British royal is perhaps more of a guideline than a rule. Even climate hero Al Gore has four children.

118 thoughts on “Prince Harry: Max Two Children for Climate Change

  1. While he’s at it, he should forego private flights, security and return all but one small residence and property back to nature.

    • security:

      Interesting how times have changed.
      In Denmark King Christian X (tenth) rode alone on his his horse through the streets of Copenhagen, smiled at did the typical royal hand wave to the people. He was king 1918 to 1944 at a time where virtually every Dane was proud of their country, even during hard times.

      In the 1960th Queen Margaret II (second) did some of her shopping alone in the local super market. Okay, there might have been a man in black suit and sunglasses nearby, but nothing compared to what is needed today.
      Queen Margaret II has been Queen since 1972. Although I have not lived in Denamrk for forty years, I believe she is worshiped by most people in the nation. I think it is her friendly attitude, her education, interest in archeology and down to earth philosophy.

      • Never understood the concept of worshiping State leadership whether royal decree or elected officials, Carl.

        I put all my faith and worship in individual freedom which in the USA has been under direct assault from the bureaucratic state since the sixties. Sadly the state is winning and our freedoms are evaporating before our eyes. Wars on poverty, drugs, illiteracy and now CAGW are not failures they are simply ruses to regulate and eliminate individual liberty and replace freedom with obeisance to the rulers.

        • Personal liberty and freedom, taken to the extreme, leads to “every man a law unto himself” anarchy. That would be all well and good IF everyone were highly ethical, considerate, compassionate. So we have installed a ‘state’ to regulate, mediate, protect on our individual behalf.

          As long as that ‘state’ is truly answerable to us things are fine, but we trade our freedom for convenience and the ‘security’ of being taken care of, and end up without either freedom or security. Now we are answerable to the state, and no one to blame but ourselves.

    • “While he’s at it, he should forego private flights, security and return all but one small residence and property back to nature.”

      Why one small residence? If he’s serious, he should live in a commune with shared everything (wives included).

  2. Tsk Tsk, Eric.
    Not King of Endland but King of Gteat Britain.
    England ceased to be a sovereign state in 1707, as did Scotland; they merged to become a new sovereign state called Great Britain.

        • [Endland]

          Ron Long November 11, 2020 at 7:06 am

          Ha ha ha ha ha First chuckle of the day, @10:20 CST usually they’re earlier than that, not to much that makes me smile these days. Suggestions like those from Mr. Harry Windsor who seems to have some sort of divine right, have a habit of becoming law. Can a requirement show up at the local euthanization center on your 65th or earlier birthday be far behind.

          • “Can a requirement show up at the local euthanization center on your 65th or earlier birthday be far behind.”

            We already have those in the US. They’re called Denny’s.

    • Us Jocks (well this one anyway) go through something similar to the 5 stages of grief on this one (at Britons lack of knowledge of their own country) . I’m at the acceptance stage, I’ve accepted the fact that I cannot educate people I know far less the whole of England (the only part of the UK to refer to the UK as England)

      • Great to distinguish it from Bretagne, Briton’s land This word had been used by the Romans since the 1st century to refer to Great Britain, and more specifically the Roman province of Britain. It refers to size rather than strength/empire. The Welsh, Bretton and Cornish languages are all from the same root of European celtic languages.

        • “Ben Vorlich November 11, 2020 at 10:54 am

          Great to distinguish it from Bretagne, Briton’s land This word had been used by the Romans since the 1st century to refer to Great Britain, and more specifically the Roman province of Britain.”

          Province of Brittany (Now France), Bretagne (Less, or Little Britton) as apposed to Great Britain.

        • Not sure about that, he resigned from his royal duties. The Queen has been noted for stating she will revoke his title. He still has royal properties and I would not be surprised if they are still on the civil list receiving a large income from the state.

          • He is still a prince, but not His Royal Highness anymore. His wife is NOT a princess, just a duchess, and not a royal highness anymore either. They gave up their civil list income from the state. He’s got some $$ inherited from his mom, Meghan has got some $ from her acting career, daddy Charles pays them some $$ from his fortune, but they still need to hustle for more cash since they live so high. The boy is a typical elite hypocrite, living in ornate style with copious air travel, but telling the peasants to eschew all that to save the planet. Schadenfreude Alert: Spring 2021 will see him pay US income tax!

          • “Elle Webber November 11, 2020 at 5:31 pm”

            Mostly derived from the state.

            “Schadenfreude Alert: Spring 2021 will see him pay US income tax!”

            I doubt that very much.

    • Actually, it’s the UK- Great Britain and Northern Ireland, but all this is irrelevant when you consider what utter fruitcakes we have for royals these days. Does this fool really think that if only we in the West kept to two children, all the world’s ills would be defeated? He, like his father, really need to find some real work to do. The Queen has served with dignity and never made her views public- she must have her head in her hands constantly thinking about the royal family we’re going to end up with …

      • Princess Anne is the best successor to the throne. She does not mess about and is loyal to the UK and it’s forces. She also does not go along with Prince Charles’ ‘we’re all going to die because of the climate emergency’ nonsense.

    • Endland. Giggle.

      While we are talking about James it is worth remembering that before he was crowned king of the new union he was King of Scotland.

      Put that little historical truth in your bag of Scottish Independence discussion points.

      • Nope, he was King of Scots, not King of Scotland.
        AFAIK, Belgium and Scotland are the only two countries where the monarch is the monarch of the people, not the land.

  3. My grandchildren happen to attend the same school as William and Kate’s children: Prince George and Princess Charlotte in London @ the Thomas Battersea School – and from what I hear they and their parents are 100 times better regarded than Prince Harry and his brain dead wife.

    • My father went to the same school building when it was ordinary Sir Walter St Johns Grammer School in the late 40s/early 50s. (Shchool name was pronounced ‘Sinjins’.). My 92 year old Uncle still lives a stone’s throw away. Battersea certainly wasn’t fashionable back then!

  4. That’s Harry and William driven further apart – unless Harry sticks at one to balance William’s three.

  5. Harry was such good fun when he’d dress up as a Gestapo Commander but his sense of humour is epic. Who would have thought he would marry a Harry Enfield Character? Only MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE”!

    • When you learn how population dynamics 101 works you can start commenting again. Meanwhile, don’t comment.

      You probably missed it in one of the schools for unruly teenagers- high school, middle school, or whatever meaningless moniker the sublites in the education system waste their time and our money on. They’d rather do that than educating children. Much easier to just “pigeonhole” them.

      Currently it takes around 2.1-5 children per family to maintain a civilized population. Following from that, it takes a substantial number of mothers to have 1 child, somewhat fewer to have two, and work you way up to 5 and even 10.

      Right now, the world is on track to hit that breakeven range in 30-40 years- just in time to stop the climate crisis cold. As poorer countries become more affluent the people have more choices and many choose to have fewer children and more affluent lives. (Around central PA there are still there are still Amish/Mennonite families with 6-10 kids).

    • “griff November 11, 2020 at 6:47 am

      God for Harry, England and St George!”

      St. George and the dragon?

  6. Harry anticipates loss of leg-over privileges after the next sprog is born. Tries to put a good face on it.

    • you reckon sparkles would have another?
      i doubt it
      the first ensured her hold on poor harry
      she doesnt need to do that again, and i doubt theyll have another myself
      call me a cynical old lady
      I really cant stand that female ,gives us a bad rap

    • In a recent picture I saw of Harry and Megan, he had that look on his face when someone realizes they have made a terrible, terrible mistake.

  7. Why am I reminded of Gough Whitlam speaking on the election trail in the 70s when continually being heckled by a man demanding to know his stance on abortion replied-
    “Let me make quite clear that I am for abortion and, in your case Sir, we should make it retrospective.”

    • Another great Gough quote:
      “What are you going to do about ‘ousing?”
      “Put an h in front of it.”

    • Gough certainly had a way with words.

      “Yeah, mate, we remember.”

      (if you need context… ummm… might be best to not use the work computer to look that one up…)

      Another one I believe is credited to him involves walking out to the centre of a rugby field to take part in the coin toss before the game. Being down in the polls the crowd booed and jeered him, a social practice common and long accepted in Australia as a way of the masses expressing what they really think. Your Country May Vary.

      So on reaching the middle of the field and hearing the crowd express their opinion he turned to the gentleman next to him and said, “Mate, don’t think they like you much”.

      Mind you, while he did have a way with words – Fine Words one may say – that was all he had and Kerr was completely correct in dismissing his masculine bovine mammary excuse of a Government and my all time favourite and formally off the record Gough quote is from just after the associated Federal Election and is as follows:

      “Bugger, Malcolm just won in a landslide!”

      (the anniversary of The Dismissal was yesterday. Maintain the Rage, Labor fans, cause no one else in Australia did.)

  8. Limiting family size can be a good thing. The world would now be a better place if Charles and Diana had stopped at one.

  9. I have a long list of things which are carbon-intensive which I don’t plan to do (or indeed, never have), including trips to Disney World, ocen cruises, flights to – well, anywhere, and on and on.
    What do I win?

  10. The guy lives in a mansion in California (basically a desert) and requires 16 toilets, – he is the last person to be lecturing anyone!

  11. Royals are exempt from their own thought process. Must ensure the bloodline continues. The last Stuart to reign, Queen Anne, had 17 children with numerous still births, None survived to adulthood. Although she was the first monarch to rule Great Britain. Because Anne had no surviving children she was the last Stuart and the crown passed to George of Hanover

  12. Meanwhile, William’s and Harry’s father has a new video out issuing a new dire climatic and planetary warning that “we are at the last hour and there is real urgency for action”. We are all supposed to join him to act immediately. Keeps warning about the wolf at the door where there is no wolf….

    • Idiots breed more idiots. Don’t know why the right doesn’t embrace abortion, or at least agree to disagree. It’s mostly low information voters aborting future low information voters anyway. If the Republicans would only back off on abortion, they would never loose.

    • In July of 2009, Prince Charles said there was 8 years left before ecosystems collapsed. He missed that one by a few years, but has it down to hours now. Just virtue signalling by elites who are attempting to hide their hypocrisy. Generally practised by those who get free helicopter or airplane rides at taxpayers’ expense.

    • Wrote this comment on YT:

      Carl Friis-Hansen 1 second ago
      Action, whatever that means, has been almost too late for the last twenty years.
      Agree, the weather has not been exciting today, but please, Your Majesty aught to appreciate much needed extra plant food to green the planet and decrease hunger.
      I also ask Your Majesty to be positive and endorse the great quality of life You and your mother have participated in creating for us all.

      The strange thing is that currently I am the only one commenting, so I guess YT will remove it very soon.

    • ‘LITERALLY at the last hour’? Hopefully then, this expendable parasite has already dissolved into a gaseous state. ( Gases will no longer be able to alter the weather.)

  13. Population is limited by resources like food and water not by Royal advice about a theory of climate. The founders of the US were wise to rely on the individual rather then the right of Kings.

  14. You can’t separate the appeal of climate control from kingcraft.

    Any idea if the royals would be into limiting the number of female breeders out there? (Emulating further their Communist Chinese thought leaders.)

  15. Those types often say we need to have fewer children ‘cos of climate.
    Then they say we need lots of immigrants to take care of our old as the English aren’t having enough children.
    They need to make up their minds

    • Yes, most developed countries in the world have birth rates that are below replacement and so those countries are reliant upon a steady influx of immigrants to keep wages low. Canada’s very own intellectual Titan, Justdumb Turdeau has recently announced a new wave of cheap labour for Canada, an issue close to his heart as the Quebecois have in particular decided that they can save the world by going extinct. We’ll, they might at least save Canada. Pity the great white polar ape, its epitaph will read “Driven to Extinction by Virtue Signalling”.

  16. Anyone seen the movie “Honey, I shrunk the kids”?
    Well the Prince’s family wants to RESET the kids.
    The Great Reset is on, Green New Deal on steroids. The Royals want to reset humanity.
    The Davos confab of Prince Charles’s buddy Schwab is setting the pace.

    The fact that Bill Gates is involved, means for sure he wants a Reboot, and update to Windows Narrative.

    Oops, crimestop prevents such thought crimes….(Orwellian).

  17. I doubt his wife will risk damage to her figure or the inconvenience of a second pregnancy so maybe he could loan a child”credit” to his brother? Although why perpetuating the genes of the smug idiot Charles should be a good idea, I’ Withhold judgement.

  18. His grandfather, the Queen’s husband, quipped:

    If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels. link

    Elizabeth Regina should be the last monarch of Canada. We can appoint our own Governor General.

    • Looks like he reincarnated early, put the hearse before the horse, so to speak.

      And the kinds are immune from decades of exposure – Royal herd immunity.

      Taking tea at Balmoral could be fatal!

  19. Bonehead.
    If he and the lovely Mag stopped at just one, the average t’ween him and his bro then be two babies.
    Problem solved

    Should have followed his grandfather’s advice:
    “One steps out with actresses, one does not marry them”

    Or even his father on very first sight of the lovely Harold:
    Oh God, its got ginger hair!

  20. Bonehead.
    If he and the lovely Mag stopped at just one, the average t’ween him and his bro then be two babies.
    Problem solved
    But no, one simply has to put one’s foot in it.

    Should have followed his grandfather’s advice:
    “One steps out with actresses, one does not marry them”

    Or even his father on very first sight of the lovely Harold:
    Oh God, its got ginger hair!

  21. There are people who produce more than they consume (Group A), and people who consume more than they produce (Group B). It is very much in the interests of Group B that the numbers of Group A increase, and it is also very much in the interests of Group B that the numbers of Group B shrink so there are fewer to share the surplus provided by Group A. The disaster will come when Group A shrinks to the point where they can no longer sustain the needs of the expanding Group B. When that point is reached, Group B will not act rationally for that would require Group B immediately to stop all and any increase in its numbers. Instead, Group B will mount an enraged attack on Group A whom they will destroy through sheer weight of numbers. Group B will then have no-one left to plunder, and will descend into utter misery, poverty and unimaginable degradation. For the benefit of the tiny minority of WUWT readers who have missed the point, the destruction of the human race can be averted only if Moslems cease increasing their numbers.

  22. Poor old Harry, he never was the smartest of the brood. He managed to endorse his lack of brainpower when he allowed his genitals to dicktate(sic) his preferences.
    Why does he imagine it is his place to recommend family size?

  23. The Windsors are like The Simpsons – all the brains and nous were inherited by the women, the men on the otherhand are distinctly lacking.

  24. As if climate change™ never occurred before hominids (and I use that term intentionally . . . I mean just look at that photo in the above article) appeared on the planet.

    One child versus three or more? Pffttpt . . . if you’re a Royal or were previously one.

  25. A lot of the royal family have very little intelligence, among them in particular are Charles and Harry.

  26. Decarbonize the population? Planned parenthood. However, he only has two choices: abstinence or prevention. Anything else is ether over his limit or cruel and unusual punishment.

  27. Eric, today is the Veterans Day in the USA.
    Harry Windsor who chosen USA as his home, is a veteran of the Afghanistan war, where he honourably served with many UK’s and USA veterans.
    Perhaps he should have been left alone on This day to contemplate fate of his dead or disabled fellow brothers in arms from the both sides of the Atlantic.

  28. Unconcious racism, unconcious sexism, unconcious you-name-it prejudices. Yep, that’s me. I’m a really bad boy. Why don’t these people just b-off.

  29. I have to assume that he’s unaware that the overall world reproduction rate is already at 2, and that in the capitalist, western, modern, wealthiest scocieties it is well below that, some like Italy verging on only half of replacement rate which translates into extinction within a few decades for native Italians.

    • Decarbonize and either squester the excess (i.e. life deemed unworthy of life) or reuse, recycle, redistribute their profitable, colorful parts. A wicked solution, but with overwhelming precedent that has been normalized for the sake of social progress, and special and peculiar interests.

  30. One of the many children, now runs the organization.

    Severn Cullis-Suzuki to become executive director of David Suzuki Foundation
    The daughter of a world-famous environmentalist and science broadcaster—who is an environmental and cultural activist, author, and speaker—will head up his Vancouver-based foundation.

  31. Most, if not all Western countries would have a negative birth rate if they were not allowing third world migration….perhaps shamblebrains and the shrew should be looking there to vent their vacant platitudes.
    The main thing facts tell us about world population is that a developed country is vastly less damaging to the environment than undeveloped countries, see all the world for that extremely basic fact.
    The one major exception is China, why is the ex-Royal Ranga accusing the most responsible group of people in the world of irresponsibility and ignoring the maniac nation of China? I’m not sure I would describe China as a developed nation however, they are a totalitarian disaster waiting to happen…oh, wait….
    It astonishes me that this idiot holds a pilots license….? Scary aint it?

  32. It is a case of Nurture over Nature. Prince Charles holds similar views.

  33. Perhaps Harry the Nazi could take his woman to countries where a certain cult rules and preach his Religion to them?

    I mean THEY are outbreeding rabbits around the world so if ANYONE needs this sanctimonious prick to lecture them on planet saving it would be them… right?

  34. Let us see what Monty Python has to say on this important issue…

    MRS. BLACKITT: Hmm. Well, why do they have so many children?
    MR. BLACKITT: Because… every time they have sexual intercourse, they have to have a baby.
    MRS. BLACKITT :But it’s the same with us, Harry.
    MR. BLACKITT: What do you mean?
    MRS. BLACKITT: Well, I mean, we’ve got two children, and we’ve had sexual intercourse twice.

    well… I think we might be REALLY seeing where Harry’s Two Child policy is coming from.

  35. So, which of his niece or nephews would Harry like to see gone: Prince George, Princess Charlotte, or Prince Louis?

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