Michael Kuperberg Fired from National Climate Assessment Post

David Legates
David Legates. Source The Heartland Institute.

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

President Trump has fired Michael Kuperberg from managing the national climate assessment. The NYT is worried climate skeptic David Legates might be put in charge.

Trump Administration Removes Scientist in Charge of Assessing Climate Change

Michael Kuperberg was told he would no longer oversee the National Climate Assessment. The job is expected to go to a climate-change skeptic, according to people familiar with the changes.

By Christopher FlavelleLisa Friedman and Coral Davenport
Nov. 9, 2020Updated 6:40 p.m. ET

WASHINGTON — The White House has removed the scientist responsible for the National Climate Assessment, the federal government’s premier contribution to climate knowledge and the foundation for regulations to combat global warming, in what critics interpreted as the latest sign that the Trump administration intends to use its remaining months in office to continue impeding climate science and policy.

Michael Kuperberg, executive director of the U.S. Global Change Research Program, which produces the climate assessment, was told Friday that he would no longer lead that organization, people with knowledge of the situation said.

According to two people close to the administration, he is expected to be replaced by David Legates, a deputy assistant secretary at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration who previously worked closely with climate change denial groups.

Dr. Kuperberg’s departure comes amid a broader effort, in the aftermath of Mr. Trump’s defeat last week by President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr., to remove officials who have fallen afoul of the White House. Also on Friday, Neil Chatterjee, head of the agency that regulates the nation’s utility markets, was demoted by the White House, after he publicly supported the use of renewable power.

Read more: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/11/09/climate/michael-kuperberg-climate-assessment.html

I can’t help thinking that the Green blob has overplayed its hand. The next few weeks could be interesting.

183 thoughts on “Michael Kuperberg Fired from National Climate Assessment Post

  1. I believe Trump would have done this a long time ago, if it wasn’t for a higher priority of securing his reelection.

    • Yes, it does seem to take a lot of time to do this kind of thing. Clever move to wait, otherwise his loss would have been even bigger.

      • Trust me, Trump hasn’t lost. The Dems cheated in half a dozen different ways! Consider that Trump got nearly 71 million votes with one of the best organized ground games in politics, garnering 12% more than he got in 2016 while Biden had zero ground game established. Only the Marxist Media are pushing the false narrative because they risk everything if Trump is re-elected!

        • Mr Trump is a sore loser. There is no evidence of large scale cheating. The results speak for themselves. No narrative from “Marxist Media” necessary. (or regular media for that matter)

          • Doesn’t have to be large scale (even though it really is massive). It just has to be enough in targeted locations in swing states.

          • Postal votes are easy to cheat. One family member voting for everyone, one community leader voting for the whole congregation / Street / village.

            If nothing else comes from this I hope that more secure methods of voting from home are introduced for all future elections.

            Personally I think if some postal votes are proved to be fraudulent then all should be discounted. It might discourage future frauds

          • Want to vote? Show up in person, present ID, vote on paper ballots, move on with your life. Have actual, physical security for polling stations and ballots, 100% transparency in counting and zero tolerance for ANY voter fraud/election manipulation of any kind. Problem solved. Mail in ballots are rife for voter fraud and election manipulation.

          • There is no evidence until it’s found , which can’t happen without an investigation. You are begging the question.

          • @Vorlich, how in the US of A can one community leader vote for an entire congregation? Nonsense. Likewise one person for a street, or one person for a village. Impossible. One person for a family, possibly (although I would expect the other voting age family members to speak up), but one family’s not going to tip any race. You’ll have to come up with some other mechanism to shift tens of thousands of votes–and preferably a mechanism that one side can use, but the other can’t.

          • John,
            First it was no evidence of cheating, now it’s no evidence of large scale cheating, next it will be no evidence of large scale systemic cheating.

          • “Large scale cheating” is apparently the diversion of choice by the MSM.

            Regional cheating in swing states is the strategy.

            This video is by a woman — Patty — who was a poll worker in Detroit. Her description of uncredentialed Democrat activists aggressively interfering with the vote-checking, of late night deliveries of mystery votes, of the manipulation of the military absentee ballots, and all the rest leave absolutely no doubt that the vote was rigged.

            Patty is a long-time poll-watcher. She speaks a long-time experience of Democrat cheating in Michigan. She explicitly says that the MSM is misleadingly denying “wide-spread cheating” when they know that it is in fact targeted cheating.

            Her video is very much worth watching in its entirety.

            So it goes. Scott Adams’ analysis has him concluding a good chance for a second Trump term given the level of cheating. All it would take is exposure.

          • Your confusing evidence and proof. Plenty of evidence, proof needs to be proved which requires evidence.
            Geez theses kids f don’t know anything. The process takes place in a court. I know, I know the media has called the election but that is not actually how these things work. I hope I haven’t given you a headache

          • “no evidence of large scale cheating”. Apparently, 200,000 fraudulent votes in Pennsylvania isn’t large-scale enough to matter.

          • MSM is lashing out in panic.

            The early trends were blatantly Red across the board and they were forced to go into damage control.

            THEY called the election and then THEY closed ranks to prevent anyone discussing the issue.

            The big Elephant in the (Oval) Room is that in concentrating on fixing the president vote, they forgot to deal with all the other votes.

            Senate? Still GOP.

            House? Increased GOP.

            There is very large amounts of evidence that the public opinion in the US is still very pro Trump and pro GOP, yet the MSM want us to believe that Biden won in a landslide and there is no fraud and no proof of fraud and even if there was a fraud, which there isn’t, you have no proof and it wouldn’t be enough to swing the election so shut up cause Russian Collusion was real and voter fraud was not. Even if it was.

            Hard fact, the election has not been called by anyone other than the MSM and Biden, and Biden is so excited about with working with Kennedy wishes CornPop would join him.

            The big over playing of the Left hand has been their warmth and healing compassion they have been utterly refusing to offer. Instead of offering the olive branch and spinning some media friendly line about working together to progress the American and World story for the benefit of all, the Left have been falling over each other to publicly air the best revenge fantasy.

            Yes, most of the bile seems to be coming from the usual ‘non political’ figures, but the bile is there. These people want Trump supporters hunted down and punished.

            Basically we have “Dear MAGA People, please bend the knee, give us the election and let us start destroying your lives. We can’t start punishing you until you surrender, so hurry up.”

            Yeah, that is really going to encourage people to not fight back. It is like a military commander asking an enemy to please stop fighting to the death because they are delaying the torture, humiliation and executions. Sorry, but once you raise the Red Flag – No Quarter Expected or Given – you have set your own ground rules. If you had wanted Trump to surrender you shouldn’t have hated on him so hard.

          • No evidence unless you actually look for it!
            There is good chance that those so confident now that Biden won are going to be disappointed in the long run. EVERY swing state and many others had massive fraud or irregularities. The most obvious being in PA and MI. The press declaring Biden the winner means nothing.

            Fact is that this is almost certainly headed to the SCOTUS. You should be aware that both Justices Kavanaugh and Barret fought for Bush when Gore and the media tried to steal Florida. That, and Alito’s recent ruling concerning ballots in PA is a strong indication that the court will take up the cases.

            In the end I would not be surprised if the SCOTUS rules that the fraud and irregularities are so wide spread and pervasive and time to audit so short that the matter be sent to Congress to determine who will be the next POTUS as per the provision for such a contingency in Article II, Section 1, Clause 3 of the Constitution. If that occurs Trump will remain in the White House.

          • We know hundreds of thousands of ballots in PA arrived after the legal deadline, making them illegal. If they are removed, wouldn’t that flip PA to Trump?

          • Also a judge ruled that signatures don’t have to match names on mail in ballots. Catch 22, its the best Catch we got!

          • That’s President Trump to you peasant.

            If you haven’t been educating yourself on the blatant and massive fraud by leftists in America you’re an imbecile, corrupt yourself or willfully ignorant.

          • You are all grasping at straws, much as the Trump campaign. Saying this is not some kind of “Marxist Media” “narrative” “paid by Democrats” (I wish). It can be deduced simply from the lawsuits that have been filed. For example, they’re challenging 180 votes in Arizona, while trailing 15 000 votes. It’s all petty stuff. That’s also the reason for using the term large scale. Trumps loss is big enough that he will need to somehow flip tens of thousands of votes in multiple states. In addition, all the top election officials (which includes plenty of republicans) have stated there was no evidence of fraud or other irregularities in their state.

            In 2016 Trumps lead in the Electoral College was about the same as Bidens is now. Back then he called it a landslide. The losers respected the democratic process and were big enough to accept their defeat. Trump does not respect the democratic process and is hoping for his appointed SC judges to hand him a coup. If the USA was a proper democracy Trump would have never been president in the first place. He lost the popular vote twice. By millions of votes.

          • @Vincent Causey: It’s 10 000 votes that arrived after the deadline. They have been counted separately. Trump is trailing by almost 5 times as much, so they alone won’t flip the state. Also the way things stand, Biden does not need Pennsylvania to win. Also, it would be quite undemocratic to ignore votes that were obviously posted before the deadline, but just got delayed in the mail. I for one would be very angry if my vote would not count for such a reason. Having said that, these votes don’t matter for determining who won.

          • “I know the media has called the election but that is not actually how these things work”

            That’s exactly how it worked in 2016 and almost every time before that except 2000. Those of you that are secretly wishing for a 2000 repeat: that focused on a very small number of votes in one single state that would determine the winner. In this case the gap is bigger and Trump will need to flip several states to win.

          • No, TV “news” does not call any election. States do their count, then certify that count. TV “news” has nothing to do with any of it.

          • To all of you that have called me names like “asshat”, “idiot”, “imbcile” or “peasant”: I’ll take the fact that you have to resort to name calling as a compliment.

          • Ahhh, you gonna cry next? Scream at the sky and rend your garments? You are a precious little snowflake and your tears make real Americans happy, keep them coming, leftard.

          • “The losers respected the democratic process”


            What little ignorant world of DENIAL were you living in .

            Or were you safely ensconced under your rock !

            The Dumbos fought Trump from the very day they realised they had lost.

            ZERO acceptance of defeat.

          • Yea, Shrillary was on TV last night crying about how she had an election stolen from her. AlGore:The Goreacle is still crying about 2000. The entirety of the Democrat Party has been denying reality since November 2016. john is a special kind of stupid.

          • @fred250 I was referring to the losing candidate and the outgoing president. Both of whom accepted the results without whining and called to congratulate the winner. It’s just sad to see a man that holds the office that was once colloquially referred to as “the leader of the free world” dismiss the results of free elections.

            I will not respond to your personal attacks on me elsewhere. They just show a lack of arguments, amongst other things.

          • “It’s just sad to see a man that holds the office that was once colloquially referred to as “the leader of the free world” dismiss the results of free elections.”

            You’re apparently forgetting Al Gore.

          • No, he is referring to AlGore:TheGoreacle and Shrillary, their incessant crying for the last 20 and 4 years has brought shame upon the Democrat Party and them, all the world laughs at them. Except the ones paying them, they are pissed they have not received the influence and access they paid for.

          • so the Supreme Court Judge Alito got it wrong and all votes after 8PM will be allowed to be counted ?

            If not Penn goes to Trump – then just ONE state needs a recount and we ALL KNOW a recount will mean Trump will win that Sate .
            BOOM – the mangod is back in charge

          • @Realismatwork Two wrong or questionable assumptions in your post. 1) PA results arriving after the deadline have been counted separately and will not flip the state for Trump. Even if we assume that all those votes were for Biden. There were 10.000 late votes and Trump is trailing by ~50.000
            2) Despite the caps lock usage we do not all know that a recount means Trump will win. It is actually highly unlikely. Recounts usually change the results by no more that a few hundred votes. Trumps losing by tens of thousands in the states that matter.

            I like your spirit but it seems to be more wishful thinking based than fact-based

          • Looks like some of the comments here haven’t aged very well. Trump is losing cases all over the place. He needs to flip three states to win and the recounts are not even close. Not a shred of evidence of fraud, certainly not on the scale that he and his supporters are claiming (read: dreamin’). He’s just putting on a show. Scary part is that some people are actually gullible enough to believe him.

          • “losing cases all over the place” None have gone before a judge yet, how is he losing? Affidavits filed in 7 states, he only needs three? Wow, keep on feeling, it is all you got.

        • Fox news is one of the media that has ‘projected’ a Biden win…so marxist is it?

          And if they were ‘cheating’ in Philadelphia how come Trump got a swing of 6% compared to 2016.

          • Any Conservative paying attention knew FNC went to the dark side long ago. Hannity, Tucker, and Levin are there to try and mask that fact. FNC “Decision Desk” is run by the same guy responsible for their terrible polling.

            The rest of the conservatives that hadn’t figured out that FNC was totally turned did so election night and thus FNC viewership plunged to below that of CNN and MSNBC for the first time in years.

            FNC has yet to admit that it’s declaration that the democrats would pickup from 5 to 15 seats in the HR was terribly wrong. That declaration was broadcast when there was still voting going on in California where there were 4 very competitive races going on. Even Nate Silver has excoriated FNC for making that call before the polls were closed in CA.

      • “John November 10, 2020 at 6:37 am
        Yes, it does seem to take a lot of time to do this kind of thing. Clever move to wait, otherwise his loss would have been even bigger.”

        Right now, 11/13/2020, President Trump is well on his way to a landslide.
        Projections have President Trump earning at least 305 electoral votes and perhap more than 315 electoral votes.

        Lousy news services, of which there are many fraudulently claim to “declare” states for candidates.
        They do not have that ability or responsibility.

        This election is still in progress!
        N.B., Al Gore of fake climate alarmism infamy spent over a month protesting hanging chads in just one state, before the election could proceed.

        President Trump’s appointments will stand for another four years. Long enough perhaps to cripple false sciences.

  2. Smash, burn, disrupt, that is precisely what I hired Donald Trump to do. If this election is going to be stolen then DJT needs to do a “Sherman’s March to the Sea” on his way out.

      • Nah, it’s all just for show. It’s a paper hammer, a cardboard anvil and a blacksmith too lazy to do some actual hard work.

        • Right, because a booming economy, historically low unemployment, and Middle East peace deals are SOOOOO easy.

          • Unemployment and economy continued the same pace as before he took office. Unemployment is now higher than when Trump took office. The peace deals are definitely a win, but they came with some big concessions to Israel making peace in the Middle East arguably even harder. So yes, they (Bahrain, UAE) were the low hanging fruits, while the higher hanging fruit of peace between Israel and Palestine came further out of reach.

          • John… Good Lord, man. From Feb. 1st of 2019 – Feb 1st of 2020, unemployment rates were below 4.00, which is a pretty incredible run! That is a BOOMING economy any way you slice it. And if you look at the trajectory of the graph, yes, the unemployment rate under Obama was coming down steadily, but there’s a noticeably pronounce improvement upon Trumps election. You know, buddy, when manufacturing starts coming back to America after a LONG stretch of the opposite, somebody, is doing something right.

          • Ted, John knows all that. That’s why I said he was being disingenuous.

            But I’m glad you pointed the facts out to him anyway, as well as to others who might have been led astray by his remarks.

          • “Unemployment and economy continued the same pace as before he took office.”

            Seriously? You’re counting the massive layoffs from Covid as Trump’s fault? You are delusional.

          • Either way, if y’all want to believe that the continuation of the economy after the 2016 election was somehow caused by some Trump magic I won’t stop you.

        • The determination of who won what state is only settled once the state legislature certifies the vote. Check this out. Perhaps I will save you some angst John:

          It will take time to compile the evidence and run the processes but it’s coming.

    • 2Hovel9
      Sherman’s March to the Sea cut a swath of torn-up railroads, pillaged farms and burned-out plantations through the Georgia countryside. After reaching Savannah, Sherman extended his campaign of destruction into the Carolinas. The goal of the march was to terrorize civilians. Sherman SHOULD have been court-martialed and shot for leading his storm troopers to terrorize the civilian AMERICAN population, including raping civilian AMERICAN women, and killing AMERICAN farm animals. However, the winners of a war get to write the history books.

      • The Southern civilians, like the civilians of the Axis powers, learned the folly of allowing unjustified belligerence to be unleashed upon the world. A harsh lesson, perhaps, but a Balkanized North American continent would have been a festering sore for generations.

      • And what contemporaneous records do you have to substantiate your claim?
        There are a lot of “stories” about Sherman’s March made up years after the fact, by people who where not there.

      • I know precisely what it did, and what its stated operational intent was, have studied it thoroughly over the years. It is exactly what DJT needs to do to the Federal Government for the same strategic reasons, smash the enemies of America who have subverted our government.

  3. Trump administration intends to use its remaining months in office to continue improving climate science and policy.

    There, thats better.

  4. Mr Trump picks scientists based on whether or not they support his policy views rather than their credentials or capabilities. Good thing he lost.

    • John, you apparently do not comprehend that it works the other way.

      Do you believe the IPCC is a scientific entity? It’s not. The IPCC was created to support political agendas.


      • Bob, spare me your baseless conspiracy theories. Membership to the IPCC is open to all members of WMO and UN

        • Sure John, the UN is a philanthropic organization dedicated to the betterment of mankind- sarc., just threw up in mouth writing that. That’s not why Maurice Strong went to the UN with his Climate Alarmism, it was because he knew full well they are a non-accountable political entity.

        • John, the hierarchy in the IPCC and UN is only open to a few based on belief not scientific ability.

        • Wow thi john bloke spouted one long list of his conspiracy theorist thinking then projects it all onto Bod, what an asshat, a true progressive, putting his autism right out there on public display and in his mind has really shown the us reality.

        • Keep in mind that the IPCC, in several successive reports, claimed that increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would acidify the oceans. Never mind the small amount of it in the atmosphere vs. the fact that it is one of the most soluble of all the gasses in water, and undersea volcanoes have been putting it into the deep, cold, under pressure ocean waters for millions of years. And then there is the fact that, just as in the atmosphere, carbon dioxide is the basis for life in the ocean, too. And we are supposed to believe those idiots?

          • RUBBISH !

            A compilation of all surface pH measurements shows no warming


            The Aloha data matches very well against the CYCLIC pH level from Fitzroy Reef, not far away

            The oceans are NOT ACIDIC, and never will be.

            They are ALKALINE and have remained that way for millions of years despite most rivers in the world that flow into the ocean being somewhat acidic.

            The chemistry of the oceans is highly buffered against changes in pH

            Only a complete dolt with zero understanding of chemistry thinks that a tiny change in atmospheric CO2 is going to alter the ocean pH. !

          • fred, your post makes no sense. Posting some googled images does not proof anything. You say the Aloha data match Fitzroy Reef which is not far away, but you show a graph showing data for Flinders Reef, which is neer Australia… Your graph shows clear acidification and it is not in phase with the historical cyclic data that is shown. If anything that would be going up by now, making the acidification measured at Aloha stand out even more.
            Rather than linking to some vague images you could dive into the literature and find lots of papers independently reporting ocean acidifcation. Also you could check organizations such as NOAA and the like that monitor ocean pH at many locations. Do you really want to deny all those measurements and research efforts?

          • Admitting your IGNORANCE of chemistry is the first step.

            Keep trying, you might eventually something.

            Sorry that you cannot understand ocean oscillations

            No helping the deliberate leftist ignorance. !

          • Sorry basic chemistry is BEYOND you now.. and obviously will always be.

            Perhaps you should have stayed in school past age 15 . !

        • John are you a total idiot?

          Rajendra Pachauri was the chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and had far less climate science background than Legates. “He was admitted to North Carolina State University in Raleigh, United States, where he obtained an MS in Industrial Engineering in 1972, and a PhD with co-majors in Industrial Engineering and Economics in 1974. His doctoral thesis was titled A dynamic model for forecasting of electrical energy demand in a specific region located in North and South Carolina.”

          Pachauri’s IPCC successor was an economist.

          So much for climate science

          • Pachauri also fraudulently accepted double payment for his “research” and widely distributed hundreds of thousands of government dollars to his wife, daughter and other family members.

        • John, your claim that acidification of the ocean has been verified is bogus. Any acidification by carbon dioxide is nullified by all of the salt in the ocean.

          Just as with your can of soda, warmth causes the carbon dioxide to be emitted. As I pointed out, carbon dioxide is the lifeblood of the ocean, and there is more of it in the cold ocean than there is where it is warm. Note that the prime commercial fishing areas are in the colder waters, in the vicinity of Labrador and the northern Pacific, and not in the tropics. This is because when the sun hits the carbon dioxide rich water it creates plant growth, i.e. fish food. For another example consider the coast of South America next to the equator. The ocean currents cause upwelling, bringing the carbon dioxide-rich cold water to the surface and results in prolific ocean life – except during the El Nino, which brings hot water across the Pacific.

          The reason people consume soda water (concentrated carbonic acid) is because of the acidic bite. Put some salt in your soda and see how it kills off that bite. The claim of ocean acidification is a ridiculous warmist fairy tale.

      • Abundantly obvious in IPCC’s long-ago mission statement was their preconceived anti-science conclusion regarding their work:

        “The IPCC does not conduct any research nor does it monitor climate related data or parameters. Its role is to assess on a comprehensive, objective, open and transparent basis the latest scientific, technical and socio-economic literature produced worldwide relevant to the understanding of the risk of human-induced climate change, its observed and projected impacts and options for adaptation and mitigation.”

        Swap out the two words “climate” and “climate change” for “ghost” and “ghost proliferation,” and the entire world will see it as a ludicrous effort worthy of the response from everyone, “Don’t tell us we need to mitigate the rising number of human-induced ghosts until you prove ghosts exist in the first place!”

    • Yeah, Dr. Legates wants to use real, evidence-based science, not Climate Lysenkoism. How awful. How dare he!

    • The GW “science” is not about “saving the planet” but one major cog in a Marxist like power grab. In support of this, I offer up leftist leader-ship & MSM comments such as these:: all those who supported Trump must be punished by disallowing jobs, a Truth & Reconciliation Commission is needed to instill the “Truth” in Trump supporters, Trump voters are responsible for the hate, chaos & racism that exists, Trump Republicanism MUST be stamped out completely. Statements such as these indicate political psychosis on a level only seen under Mao, Stalin or Pol Pot.
      Of course AGW “consensus scientists” are willing to support the false narrative and could care less about the direction that they are taking Western Civilization as long as they continue receiving those 30 Silver Pieces at a regular rate.

    • You don’t understand the purpose of “consultants” which is to tell the boss what he wants to hear. Consultants who don’t do this can be found in lines at the Unemployment Office.

    • What evidence do you have that Trump lost? The TV? lol. No state has yet certified results and there are challenges, lawsuits and recounts.

      • Let’s not forget the last time the US Presidential vote was contested – and who contested it.
        It was Al Gore versus George W. Bush in 2000. (The “hanging chads” episode.)

        (How times have changed! Back in those days I was actually hoping Gore would win – and was bitterly disappointed.)

    • The Democrats have just committed election fraud on a pre-planned, systematic and industrial scale. They won’t get away with it.

      Legates has a job for the next 4 years.

        • They were far too blatant this time. Once a few of the fraudsters start getting arrested, the rest will be begging to turn in their comrades to avoid jail.

          And there’s far too much resting on this. If Harris is allowed to steal the election so blatantly, all the Republicans in Congress know they can be cheated out of their seat at any time. This is presumably why they’re now backing Trump even though they want to be rid of him.

          • So Mark, when are the arrests going to start? And why on earth didn’t the
            fraudsters ensure that the democrats gained control of the senate as well?
            Otherwise they are just setting Biden up to lose.

          • Over confidence and incompetence, both in abundance in the political left. They thought the Burn Loot Murder and pantyfa riots had silenced Americans. Wrong.

          • Why do you think I’m Donald Trump, or know what he’s been planning for months to deal with election fraud? Or Joe Biden, for that matter?

            Barr has apparently ordered Federal investigations of fraud. Everyone who thought they could steal an election with no consequences is going to be having second thoughts today.

          • “And why on earth didn’t the fraudsters ensure that the democrats gained control of the senate as well?”

            Because one thing greater than Democrat evil is their stupidity. To fill out ballots they had to rely on low grade ghetto talent that would probably screw things up if they had to remember more than one name.

      • Remember “Not my president! Waaaaaahhhhhh”? Same thing 4 years later, only this time it’s the Republicans turn. Gee, somehow I thought they’d be more mature. Guess I was wrong!

        • So you just let criminals do as they please? You are an idiot. And spare us the screeching hysteria about Russia Russia RUSSIA, all investigations show Democrat Party and the Clintoons specifically are the ones in bed with Putin, Pluggs is in bed with every country on this planet that opposes America and capitalism.

        • “Gee, somehow I thought they’d be more mature.”

          It looks to me like the Republicans are being very mature. No riots, no threats, just litigation, which they have a perfect moral and legal right to do.

          Some people see what they want/expect to see, rather than what is really there.

          • Some are, some aren’t. The mature ones know that there is no way in Hell that Trump can, try as he might, overturn the election. The mature ones know that Trump is acting like a spoiled rotten child. Sure, he can do this and do that, but so what? None of it is going to make a difference. That is reality. Furthermore, if Trump wants any chance of running in 2024, he would best straighten up and fly right.

          • No state has finalized and certified their vote counts yet, so yes, the actual winner has not been determined. You and the “press” can lie about this all you want, lying is all you got.

          • It’s not a matter of “overturning” the election, because the election hasn’t been finalized. No state has certified their election results and there are numerous challenges, lawsuits and recounts. The vote margins in states that can give Trump the victory are not that large. For example, there’s only a 10,000 vote margin in GA. 132,000 ballots were recently flagged as change of address ballots, which may disqualify them. Also the governor has vowed that every legal vote will be counted, but no illegal votes will be.

          • Well, Bruce, Trump was ahead by about 600,000 votes in Pennsylvania at the time the State election law says the votes should stop being counted. The vote count was extended by a State judge, contrary to State election laws.

            The U.S. Supreme Court with eight justices sitting, upheld this judge’s decision with four Liberals voting for it, and four Conservatives voting against it. In the case of a tie vote, this had the effect of allowing the lower court ruling to stand and that’s why we have extended voting in Pennsylvania right now.

            But now, the U.S. Supreme Court has five conservatives on it and four liberals and this matter will go back in front of them and this time the Court could rule that all ballots counted after a certain time are invalid. That would put Trump ahead in Pennsylvania and give him 20 electoral votes.

            Trump has the margin down to about 12,000 votes in Arizona and there are numerous irregularities reported there.

            All the rest of the States that have not certified have numerous irregularities in the vote.

            I can guarantee you that if Trump doesn’t win, all his 72 million supporters will think the Democrats stole the election from him.

            Trump isn’t going away, no matter what happens. He can be the leader of half the US population and Biden can be the leader of the other half. That’s what it amounts to now.

            72 million sane Trump voters are outnumbered by 75 million (if you can believe Democrat numbers) seriously deluded voters. So seriously deluded that they have been duped into believing that Democrats are good for their future.

            The Criminally Insane will have taken over the Asylum, if Traitor Biden ends up winning.

        • Biden’s not anybody’s president. No state has certified their voting results. The fake media are trying to anoint a fake president.

        • So anyone that disagrees with you on this election issue is immature. Got news for you. I don’t really care what you think about my maturity. This deal ain’t even close to over yet and your prognostications are not better than any others.

          • I have heard nor read a thing about it! It would be very difficult to pull off nationally I think. Far too many trucking companies bound by no union and having only loose association through the ATA (American Trucker Association) and OOIDA ( Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association).

            It should be noted that a lot of the smaller companies out there that serviced only specific sectors or single customers impacted heavily by COVID were in a very bad way and those that survived have only recently been starting to get back on their feet.

            I know this because of having heard management at the company I drive for complain about how there was no way certain competing companies could make money on the bids they made at the time.

            The problem at our company right now is that Toyota wants us to throw all of our logistics capacity to service them. They went down that with road with GM once before and nearly went under during the serious recession. I was assured by the operations manager that they weren’t going to do that again ever.

          • Strike was probably the wrong word to use. The video I saw was of a trucker (in his cab, of course) talking about a one day stoppage on the 29th. Maybe he was just trying to get something going.

      • And I reckon Biden is at the center of this operation? In that case, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Americans for an excellent choice. You have chosen a president who is able to plan and carry out an extremely complicated operation, and without any trace of evidence that this has occured. Such an administrative genius is exactly what the United States needs now. And it is especially impressive that it was all implemented and carried out by a senile person.

        • You may be a little premature in your analysis, Rune.

          Democrats are practiced thieves. They are very good at it because they have no morals, and when it comes to Trump, the end justifies the means, as far as they are concerned. Haven’t you been watching events unfold over the last four years? Doesn’t that convince you that the Democrats are totally dishonest?

          Give it another week or two and see what things look like then.

    • The NYT is worried climate skeptic David Legates might be put in charge

      A possibility.

      Legates wants a two and a half month job?

      Why don’t you ask him, griff?

    • Probably. However, this is one of many reforms that needed to be done. All while avoiding a hostile press, media, and social platforms, and left-of-center Republican and Democrat witch hunters, warlock judges, and protestors.

  5. Looking at the picture in the post, I suggest the Green unemployed “scientists” learn the skills of a carpenter and start by repairing Stevenson screens.
    Oh, and paint jobs needed too.

    It is not difficult to understand why the thermometers are running hot, when the Sun can shine directly on the thermometer.

  6. so it’s not ok to fire a university prof who did not follow rules but it is ok to sack someone who did nothing wrong.
    Weird huh?!

    • The difference is Peter Ridd told the truth about climate, while Crapenburg wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him in the hiney.

      • Let’s get the record straight. What Ridd did was essentially public libel, against fellow scientists, and this was the reason for his dismissal. What he did not do (‘cos, well, he could not do) was refuting those colleagues he publicly spoke rubbish about. Furthermore I seriously doubt you have any idea who “Crapenburg” is, what his work is, etc.

    • Just removing someone you is UNFIT for the job.

      You would understand that , halfrunt, being UNFIT for any job…… except receiving social support.

  7. He should have done this on January 21, 2017. Now it will be a minor inconvenience for the Deep State that will return to full power in less than 3 months.

    • Trump had a lot on his plate on January 21, 2017.

      Like that impeachment effort the Democrats started up the day after Trump was inaugurated.

      Or like Obama and Biden not leaving Trump any bullets for the U.S. military. On Trump’s first day his military generals went to Trump and told him the military was practically out of ammunition (thanks to the neglect of the Obama-Biden administration).

      First things, first!

      • The impeachment effort started BEFORE he was inaugurated and it is obvious it was a planned contingency even before Trump was elected. It’s roots started with unmasking and using the illegally gathered domestic data obtained by illegally hired private contractors of the CIA and FBI tasked specifically with gathering that data through searches of DIA monitoring.

        Never underestimate how deep and wide the swamp is.

  8. This is why I love Trump as president and why I’m going to hate the Biden whore of China presidency, who will end this and restart the Paris crap if he can. Now, it’s time for Trump to start declassifying a whole bunch of DoJ and FBI FISA court documents and evidence and embarrass the hell out of Comey, Brennan, Rosenstein, Schiff, Pelosi, Whitehouse (Sheldon, that is). Start soon, you’re running out of time, Mr. President.

    • What Trump ought to be doing is “Unmasking” all the Democrat election officials in the Battleground States to see if a conspiracy has been formed among them to steal the election.

      If unmasking is good enough for the Obama-Biden administration, then it ought to be good enough for Trump.

      Rumor has it that everyone’s phone and internet conversations are recorded and stored somewhere in the bowels of the U.S. govenment.

      The Democrats have been colluding with the Russians to get rid of Trump for the last four years so that ought to take care of the legalities of a Trump unmasking of an American citizen. For all we know, the Democrat election officials are directly colluding with the Russians. That’s all it took for Obama and Biden to unmask Americans..

      Like Obama and Biden, Trump should use the full power of the federal government to spy on the Democrats and prosecute them for their crimes against the U.S. Constitution and against the American people.

      Of course, Trump won’t do that, so if his efforts to count all legal votes fail, then Trump’s moral and legal stand will not stop the United States from heading down the Road to Ruin, which is socialism/communism. That’s where we are headed if Trump and two Georgia Republican Senators lose their races.

      So, yeah, keep on fighting and counting, President Trump. It ain’t over until it’s over.

        • Yes, there are a couple of Republican election officials involved. Ever heard of “Never-Trumper” Republicans?

          I note that the two Republican Senators in Georgia have both called on the Republican overseeing the Georgia election to resign from his job. He has refused to resign.

        • There is a contingent of never Trumpers. They are what we call RINO’s for “Republican in name only”. Those Republicans are to a large extent why Trump got the nomination and was elected because the people were on to their game.

          Their game is maintaining the power and wealth of the establishment at all costs, including trying to subvert and election.

          There is a reason why the three richest counties in the United State all border Washington DC and they are recession proof. There is a reason why it has been over a decade since any bill passed by either chamber in our legislature was actually written by a member or members of of the House of Representatives or Senate. The bills have actually been written by the lawyers of special interests on “K” street then marked up by the elected representatives.

          There are many other issues of great gravity involved but the bottom line is that the greatest part of the electorate recognize now that what we call “the uniparty” in DC has only their own interests in mind regardless of the party they claim to belong to and the interests of the nation and it’s people are not a factor in their calculations.

          The swamp includes tech, and now we Americans that want uncensored news broadcasts have to watch Sky News Australia, News Max, or ONAN to get direct hard uncensored news broadcasts.

  9. Returning to the science, dispelling Green sociopolitical, economic myths. The government is not a place for cargo cult (e.g. infererred, intuitive) science. Progress.

  10. This can be overturned by Biden.

    What Trump and McConnell should do is put the Paris Climate TREATY up for Senate confirmation. Once it’s declined it’s over for good. Biden can claim it’s not a treaty, but the Supreme Court should overrule him on that.

    • Its not a Treaty is an ‘accord’. Thats how Obama used executive orders to implement it , which Trump undone. Biden can reverse what Trump undone.
      After WW1 Senate rejected the whole Treaty of Versailles of peace with Germany…didnt change the fact the war ended.
      The Senate ratification doesnt matter in the long run.
      Look at The UN law of the Sea, not ratified- they didnt even try- but still followed by US anyway.

      • As per US legal definition: A treaty is a binding agreement under international law, entered by parties who are subject to international law, mainly states and international organizations.

        It doesn’t matter what you want to call it, if it meets the above criteria it’s a treaty under the law and thus falls under the Constitutional requirements for ratification.

  11. And as part of the transition process how about doing a massive data dump with emails and txt messages from agencies, including what was said internally when EPA fouled the river in Durango and concerning Solyndra and Crescent Dunes. That also goes for IRS and FBI.

    • I was an IT consultant for the EOP (Executive Office of the President) during the end of the Bush presidency, and into the Obama presidency.

      For that organization at least, when there is a change in administration, all hard drives and devices with internal storage are destroyed, and new ones put in their place.

      I don’t know how that jibes with FOI laws or the like, but it’s a procedure that’s been in place for a couple decades, to my knowledge.

  12. The Obama climate assessment agency has always been a political, and not scientific, office without a Federal mandate. Kuperberg has numerous conflicts of interest that should have caused his resignation or removal from this post in the past, and who still retains his “real” job at DOE. Legates is a supremely qualified scientist. Chatterjee is a lawyer, not scientist, who was initially confirmed as FERC chair by Trump in 2018, but who has recently pursued renewable subsidies through fuel taxes (carbon-based energy pricing) from within FERC, contrary to good economic policy (and incidentally contrary to common sense). But of course if you reslant a NYT article, it ceases to be news.

  13. With the Democrats having recently discovered the virtues of EVIDENCE(!), this could actually work out in the climate change debate arena.

  14. It could be that Trump knows he has got an ace up his sleeve that when played will seal the deal. But in the meantime, with everyone thinking he will be soon out of office, he can remove a lot a people that are holdovers or bad actors. Everyone will take it as him being orange man bad and dismiss it figuring he’s gone on Jan 21st. Clever way to clean house and avoid a lot of criticism.

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