Tim Flannery on Why Our Generation are Like NAZIs Inspiring a new Wave of Baader-Meinhoff Style Ecoterrorists

Tim Flannery
No fossil fuel hypocrisy here – Tim Flannery speaking at the Peoples Climate March in Melbourne, September 2014. By Peter Campbell – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, link

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Tim Flannery having trouble explaining to his son why the world is about to end from climate change, and expressing understanding for the perpetrators of the eco-terror crimes of the future.

We need to talk to our kids about the climate crisis. But courage fails me when I look at my son

Tim Flannery
Wed 4 Nov 2020 03.30 AEDT

Being a bearer of bad news is never easy. I’ve been writing and talking about climate change for decades now. Constant exposure hardens one to even the most horrific reality, and I’ve coped by acting like a jolly hangman – or at least not giving in publicly to the helplessness I sometimes feel as I relate the latest findings.

The group of emerging leaders I spoke to included a young executive from the fossil fuel industry. During the discussion that followed, he commented that most of the younger people in his industry, himself included, felt as I did about the emerging climate crisis. But while some have left to establish renewable energy companies, many more have stayed on, regardless of their personal feelings. Changing one’s career, especially if you’ve been successful, is not easy. Perhaps those who remain fear that they will plunge their families into poverty if they try to re-skill and seek work elsewhere.

I know exactly how he felt. When I was climate commissioner, my older two children were teenagers. On several occasions when I was enjoying a weekend in the city with them, people shouted at me, “F– off Mr Carbon Tax”, and other abusive things. I could say nothing to the abusers, who were itching for a fight. And the embarrassment and hurt on the faces of my kids still haunts me. As they grew older, they came to understand that those who screamed at me were ignorant and scared. But I didn’t do a very good job, at the time, of talking with them about the reasons for the abuse.

Our children carry the lessons learned in childhood far into the future. Uli Edel’s 2009 film The Baader Meinhoff Complex documents the bombings, bank robberies and killings that were carried out by radical gangs in Germany in the 1970s and 80s. Based on detailed evidence, it makes the case that radicalised youth was a response to the unacknowledged Nazi past of their parents’ generation. The Baader Meinhoff gang grew up in a world where prominent Nazis remained in positions of high authority. They acted as they did because they felt there had been no justice – no reckoning for the horrific acts their parents had been part of.

Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/nov/04/we-need-to-talk-to-our-kids-about-the-climate-crisis-but-courage-fails-me-when-i-look-at-my-son

Tim Flannery wears clothes which appear to be mass produced synthetics, wears plastic sunglasses, and likely drives or rides in the product of a high tech fossil fuel civilisation. When he travels long distance I doubt he rides on a climate friendly donkey.

In my opinion, Flannery and his climate hypocrisy are as likely as anyone else to be held “accountable”, by any unhinged eco-terrorists he and his fellow travellers inspire with their apocalyptic nonsense.

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    • I didn’t read the linked documents there, but almost everything I saw on that page was about sustainability or social justice – practically nothing to do with economics.

  1. Poor Tim Flim-Flam,

    How he yearns to be one of those totalitarian eco-terrorist-nazis

    He has spent all his non-science life trying to be one.

    Trying to push his bent and twisted idiotology onto other people.

    Hint: Noboby cares about your “feelings” Timbo !!

    • I could say nothing to the abusers, who were itching for a fight. And the embarrassment and hurt on the faces of my kids still haunts me. As they grew older, they came to understand that those who screamed at me were ignorant and scared.

      No, they understood straight away that you were the one who was scared when faced with any opposition to your ignorant, totalitarian ideas. They realised that you could not back up your arguments and that you were a coward in the face of confrontation.

      I can understand their pain as their role model turned out to be a fake. A paper tiger.

      • Its that “..those who screamed at me were ignorant and scared.” Bit that is the most egregious piece of Bull$hite. If it weren’t for the projection of their own faults and flaws onto their ideological opponents they would have nothing to point at.

        This CAGW NSN (Not Science Nonsense) and their faith based followers have been barking at the moon long enough for anyone past the age of 30 to see that the world is not about to end due to climate change. Hence they give us the Greta Thunbergers who haven’t had enough lived experience to realize they are being hustled by the likes of these carnival barkers like Flannery.

        Put a feathered hat on this clown. He looks like a Carnival Barker. No offense intended to carnival employees. They make an honest living by talking you out of your dollar as compared to these climate hustlers who co-opt the government to come an forcibly take your dollar. There ought to be a law.

    • Tim Flam chooses to live down at sea level on the Hawksebury estuary in NSW where he places his own son in the line of fire from catstrophic sea rose etc. Hmmm.

  2. Posts like this are very depressing. Mark Morano in a recent interview was asked if he thought his side of the argument was winning. He flatly said, “No”

    • I’m not going to admit to being defeated by watermelons.

      Thatcher didn’t buy into it because she loved windmills. She wanted nuclear.

      • Mark Pawelek November 4, 2020 at 1:17 am

        I checked the spelling of Morano, and never considered that Mark could be wrong.

  3. In 1969 I was fourteen years old. One of my teachers matter of factly told the class the world supply of fossil fuels would be exhausted by 1980. I was a science nerd and realized he was saying was the world would end around my twenty-fifth birthday. I ended up not going to college.

    • same story -sort of- i was 14 in 72 andour schools ran the ehrlich lies to us
      i left school early as thre wasnt a future according to the ptb
      saw no use in thinking about a future we were told we wouldnt have
      and didnt have kids cos of over pop starving people no fuel etc crap i was told.

    • At about the same age and era I was getting into trouble correcting teachers in math problems and scientific facts. I’d read real books, not lesson plans, and had better info. So I just sat on the problem of trying to correct them and went on learning anyway.
      A bit of a terrible thing, being an iconoclast at 8 years old.

  4. And the embarrassment and hurt on the faces of my kids still haunts me

    Flim Flammery would never have considered that the embarrassment his children felt was because of his attitude and beliefs rather than the justified jeering he was receiving? They could be embarrassed OF him, not FOR him.

    He might also consider the end result of a world where prominent eco-loons in positions of high authority, as he has been (should that be has-been?) after the world does not end in 12 years and he is brought to trial for his fear-mongering and wasteful boondoggles (cue reminders of his rain ain’t going to fill the dams ever again predictions).

  5. ”We need to talk to our kids about the climate crisis. But courage fails me when I look at my son”

    When I told my daughter that Santa was not real, I just went ahead and did it. It’s like puling off a bandage.

    • I have talked to my kids about “climate change”. I told them the original name “global warming” was correct….a little gentle warming, most likely net beneficial this century. The additional carbon dioxide will increase photosynthesis, etc. But they still start from the premise that ANY change to the natural world must be bad, despite having previously been in favor of “hope and change”.

  6. Re Steve Case, who, if anybody, is or was Steve Morano?

    And Tommyboy, you were probably lucky in not going to College. How did you make out?

    And Mr Flannery is probably shivering at the likely result in the USA. Just checked in again and Biden is ahead 129 to 115, but Trump is ahead in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida and North Carolina. Someone mentioned 310 – don’t know what that figure was based on, but assume that it allowed for Biden to win California, Oregon and Washington, and perhaps one other, and Trump winning the rest.
    A note for Australians, Graham Richardson said he was not aware of commentators bursting into tears, but he felt like it at the thought of Rowan Dean laughing all the next four years! For benefit of Yanks, Graham R is a very respected ALP elder stateman, and Rowan is a young(ish) lad who correctly forecast the Brexit Poll in the UK, the Trump win in 2016, the Liberal win in 2019 in Australia and the Tory win in 2019 in the UK, and has forecast a Trumpslide now. Apparently all the bookies have suddenly changed the betting odds and Trump is now the favourite to win!

    • Dudley Horsecroft: Trump is now the favourite to win!

      I hope he does, and if he does, I’d hardly call it a Trumpslide.

  7. Annnnd – the child abuse by climate botherers continues unabated.
    Aided and abetted by the leftist msm.

  8. Who was it who said it would remain dangerous to stand between Flannery and a camera, lest you get trampled.

    These people need help

  9. I think Alarmists have driven themselves crazy over CO2. They are detached from reality, Bigtime.

    I watched a “Nova” science tv program tonight as a way of avoiding the endless speculation over the election results, and the program was about Human-caused Climate Change, and all the presenters started out with the assumption that CO2 was noticeably warming the Earth’s atmosphere, even though there is no evidence this is the case.

    We’ve gotten to the point where otherwise intelligent people don’t even question the “CO2 is bad” meme.

    The program misrepresented the water vapor coming out of cooling towers as being CO2, an invisible gas. In a visual demonstration of carbon dioxide capture, they showed the smoke being sucked back down the chimney as an illustration of the process.

    I love how the alarmists are just so sure of themselves. They have no idea how clueless, and mistaken they are. Oblivious to the actual facts.

    • Presenting a Climate Change program on election night is a sneaky form of campaigning for the Democrats. Canada’s CBC presented favored Leftists campaign topics all day long on Federal election day in 2019 and no one called them on it. It must be an old trick.

      • “Of course there is evidence CO2 is warming the planet!”



        poor poor pitifully pathetic griff

        1… Do you have any empirical scientific evidence for warming by atmospheric CO2?

        2… In what ways has the global climate changed in the last 50 years , that can be scientifically proven to be of human causation?

        Run away little child !

          • griff- one not only has to look, they have to see and comprehend. You look through a small lens and don’t seem to understand the last two.

          • So sad that griff is totally incapable of supporting his own little fantasy.

            Its YOUR fantasy, its up to you to PRODUCE THE EVIDENCE

            You are PATHETIC , griff

            How long can you keep squirming away from answering…….

            1… Do you have any empirical scientific evidence for warming by atmospheric CO2?

            2… In what ways has the global climate changed in the last 50 years , that can be scientifically proven to be of human causation?

          • Why are you SO DUMB and SO EMPTY that you think others have to do the work to support YOUR fantasies. ??

            Have been to google.. THERE IS NOTHING THERE.

            There is NO EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE of warming by atmospheric CO2

            And I’m guessing you are well aware of that FACT,

            which is why you continue to duck and weave and slither whenever asked to produce any actual evidence.

          • “griff November 4, 2020 at 4:22 am

            If you can’t google…”

            Are you suggesting Google is a source of reliable scientific fact? Ahhhh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaa…!

      • “Of course there is evidence CO2 is warming the planet!”

        That’s a bold assertion, Griff.

        The fact is you cannot provide any evidence to substantiate your claim. CO2 being a greenhouse gas is not evidence that CO2 is causing noticeable warming of the Earth. We (and that includes you, Griff) don’t really know how much warmth CO2 might be adding to the Earth’s atmosphere. It may be so miniscule as to be unmeasureable, and CO2 might even net cool the Earth’s atmosphere after feedbacks are included. It’s all still an open question.

        CO2 merely being a greenhouse gas is not good enough, Griff. What does that CO2 do in the Earth’s atmosphere? You don’t know, but claim you do.

        So how much warmth will a doubling of CO2 in the atmosphere produce, Griff? The IPCC says 1.5C to 4.5C. Can you narrow that figure down for us?

        For people who are unsure about this issue, Griff’s silence when asked for evidence, ought to tell you all you need to know. Griff never provides evidence, so I’m assuming this will be the case this time, too. It’s actually a certainty, since there is no evidence for Griff to provide so he is in an impossible situation, and he will remain silent in the face of this challenge. Like he and all the other alarmists do. They make bold assertions which they can’t back up.

        • See what I mean?

          Silence from the alarmist side. You would think if they had any evidence of CO2 overheating the Earth’s atmosphere, that they would produce it when someone directly challenges them and their claims, but no, they *never* offer any evidence. That would be because there is no evidence for them to offer. A challenge shows this quite plainly, as it does here.

          Republicans in Congress should try this method, instead of going along with a carbon dioxide tax. Republicans should challenge the alarmists to show why CO2 needs regulation in the first place. “Where’s their evidence for this?”, they should ask. The answer is there is no evidence that CO2 needs regulation. It’s another unsubstantiated bold assertion by alarmists. Republicans should call the alarmists on it.

      • not really Griff. All you have are media reports of government granted studies so riddled with “mights’, could be’s, possibly’s, “experts think…” i could go on and on with this line of alternate reality till we will eventually arrive at “almost certainly despite the lack of any hard evidence to the contrary”

        Griff your CAGW meme is the 21st Century manifestation of Chairman Mao’s very real observation that a lie told 100 time becomes the truth. Of course a variation of that quote has been attributed To Goebbels, Lenin, Mao and practically every authoritarian leader who needs to be able to manipulate public perception in their “end justifies the means” approach to social controls.

        Their lies are the foundational footings of Central Authoritarian Governance, whether you choose to call it Communism, Socialism, Facism, Totalitarianism or The Democratic Parties Democratic Socialism which is akin to putting lipstick on a Pig. The ‘truth” naahhh, becomes the subconscious implantation of well crafted lies. CNN constucts you dare not challenge if you wish to remain part of the cool kids club.

        In the meantime there is actually concrete or should I say Frozen Ice Core evidence that increased atmospheric CO2 concentrations follow rather than precede increases in global surface temperatures. Now that bares repeating.

      • “griff November 3, 2020 at 11:30 pm

        Of course there is evidence CO2 is warming the planet!”

        Show the evidence please!

  10. Wow. Tim went there.

    We are allow to murder, kidnap and hijack because the late 30s early 40s German government was BAD.

    Flannery actually makes the case that the Red Army Faction – an openly Left Wing terror group run by open anti-Semitism – was not truly responsible for their actions because their parents allowed ex members of an openly Left Wing political party run by an open anti-Semitism to retain positions of authority within post war Germany.

    Getting some seriously mixed messages here, Tim, none of them comforting.

  11. Flannery, well what can you say?

    Look at his predictions and look what has happened.

    Look at his business dealings and look what has happened.

    Look how long he has ever managed live without being on the public teat.

    The only real surprise is why he has any credibility.

    • “We need to talk to our kids about the climate crisis. But courage fails me when I look at my son”

      I think courage to stand up to group think/talk has been a feature of Tim’s life and he has taken the sof option for many many years.

  12. “Changing one’s career, especially if you’ve been successful, is not easy.”

    For Timbo it wasn’t easy and he wasn’t successful. He just couldn’t do it.

  13. Trapped in his own head by Magical Thinking

    Surely we all know what it’s like to ever get into a ‘discussion’ about anything with someone who is drunk?
    It is impossible to change their minds and they grow increasingly angry if you persist with your argument

    Now: drunks are NOT happy joyful people – the alcohol tells them that and also that there really *is* such a thing as ‘Social Drinking’ No there isn’t, social drinking The Exact Opposite of what its cracked up to be.
    But the alcohol tells them contrary and makes them belligerent
    They are chemically depressed
    They are inside a world of Magical Thinking

    Yet a mug of hot chocolate (=highly processed cooked starch & refined sugar) is a good and widely recognised remedy for insomnia. i.e. A depressant

    Go figure……

  14. I stopped reading Flannery when he said in a book that miners taking metal out of the ground are undoing the good that nature does by taking the metals out of the sea and concentrating them in the ground.

    Apart from the fact that most metals don’t come from the sea, they come from the crust, taking them out of the crust doesn’t do anything negative, except of course help run society since the Iron Age.

    Flannery is a fantasist, who regularly swaps one anti-industrial fantasy for another. That’s a good career move within academia, but not in the real world.

  15. Flannery was responsible for the billion dollar failed attempt at geothermal energy in South Australia. We have no geothermal activity, we have the very rare earthquake, does that count for anything. He was also responsible for the desalination plants that he insisted we we needed because the major dams would be empty within a few short years. To my knowledge they have never been used.

    This man has been predicting catastrophes for decades, none have come true. He is still being paid for advice on climate.

    I am disgusted by this man and his lies, I am even more disgusted at the government bodies who listen to his advice without question. They are the ones who promote his lies.

    • Sydney’s desal plant was switched on in 2016. It and Adelaide appear to be operating, plus 2 or 3 others at minimum levels.

      • griff- one not only has to look, they have to see and comprehend. You look through a small lens and don’t seem to understand the last two.

        So, they run to justify spending the money and keep the equipment in shape. They also force the customers to pay for the excess costs on top of everything wrong with the South Australia electricity grid problems.

      • No griff, WRONG AGAIN

        It was used for about a year and a half in 2010/2011 then turned off because the dams filled in 2012-2013

        The roof got blown off in 2016, the Sydney water supply levels were nearly full then. It was not producing anything at that time.

        Only in 2019, when Warragamba dropped below 60% was the desal plant actually fully operating and producing 250ML of water. And needed a whole lot of work to get it operational again.

        That has now been scaled back as dam levels are at 94.9%

        Please stop posting fabricated erroneous junk posts.

        • There are actually two dam projects under discussion within Sydney Water

          A new Cordeaux Dam which will approximately double that storage

          And a raising of the Tallowa Dam wall, with a big increase in capacity.

          Unsure if these will happen or not.

          In the mean time, things like recycling waste water for potable supply may have to be considered over the longer term.

          Also possibility of a Northern Desal plant somewhere as back-up for North of the harbour and the Central Coast region..

      • “griff November 4, 2020 at 4:21 am”

        Griff comments on what he does not know. Yes, the de-sal plant is operating and a much reduced capacity. It started operating when main dam levels dropped below 60% in 2019. Main dam levels are at or just below capacity. Two main issues affect water reserves in Sydney; 1, swimming pools, there are a lot of them here. 2, leaks, there are a lot of them here and million of litres simply drain away in to the ocean. Lots and lots of rain does not fall in catchment areas and simply drains away in to the ocean.

  16. [Constant exposure hardens one to even the most horrific reality, ]

    frankly what?? horrific reality would that be flimflam?
    wondering did looking at dead mammal bones upset diddums??
    cos apart from the usual fires storms etc we have NO horriffic realities to be faced and even those are sporadic events
    well within normal occurence times

  17. Reminds me of a song from the movie “Mash”. “Suicide is painless, it brings on many changes”……..

  18. served in germany 1987 to 1989. well aware of the Baader–Meinhof (Red Army Faction) activities. perhaps flannery should at least correctly spell/identify the people he idolizes.
    I’ve seen the memorial at rhein mein. has he?

  19. Down Under comes Tim Flannery
    Loves to hug the gumbo tree
    Wants to tax the economy
    All the way to zero

    Way hey and away he goes
    Donkey riding, donkey riding
    Way hey and away Tim goes
    Riding on a donkey

  20. Baader Meinhof Terror was never about Nazi parents, but all about stalinism. Who is this guy? Awould-be Hollywood screen writer?

  21. The shorter Flummery: If the usual suspects go full Bader Meinhoff on you it will serve you all right.

  22. Curiously the Grauniad resurrects the RAF, Red Army Faction terrorists, while AntiFa and BLM burn down cities in the US.

    Bettina Röhl, the daughter of the former RAF “heroine” Ulrike Meinhof, and a journalist herself, accused the filmmakers of glorifying psychopath Andreas Baader: “Finally, he got what he always wanted. He became in a posthumous manner the hero of an action film.”

    Maybe Flannery wants an Ahnold action film role? To impress the grown up kids?

  23. Gleichschaltung!

    In English this translates to “coordination”. That is what the bureaucrats in Nazi Germany in the 1930s imposed. This was enforcing regulations at all levels to compel the populace to bring forward the “Third Reich”. Everywhere, universities, government, grade schools, media, petty bureaucrats, chanted the goals of this New Deal. People who were not conforming were attacked by the SA (“Brownshirts”), and beaten up if they did not give the Nazi salute. many were imprisoned under “protective custody”, some permanently disappeared.

    After a short while, no enforcement was necessary. This was called “Selbstgleichschaltung” or “self-coordination.” The vast majority of citizens willingly became little bureaucrats, ratting out their neighbors, marching in the streets with hands held high. If someone did not face the parades, the brownshirts assaulted them immediately.

    The desired state of fear and confusion and chaos (Yes the regime literally named this as the main goal), had been reached, and the rest we all know.

    • “bubbagyro November 4, 2020 at 10:02 am”

      That is exactly what is happening in the UK right now.

      • Yes, exactly, all driven by Chairman Dan who has sold out Victorians to the Chinese. I am glad the NSW Premier hasn’t stooped as low, but she wasn’t far off TBH.

    • “If someone did not face the parades, the brownshirts assaulted them immediately.”

      This reminds me of the picture I saw once that was taken in Nazi Germany during Hitler’s reign and the picture showed a huge crowd of people giving Hitler the Nazi Salute, all except one man, who stood right in the middle of the crowd and refused to raise his arm to Hitler.

      I don’t know the fate of the man. He probably didn’t fare too well.

  24. Flannery continually maintaining his position with regards to dams and that the rain that does fall will not fill them places him firmly in the realm of the delusional.

  25. Are his children that far gone that he is already making excuses for them … when they go off the rails?

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