Rep. Liz Cheney Asks The DOJ To Investigate Whether China, Russia Are Infiltrating US Environmental Groups

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Chris White Tech Reporter September 15, 2020 4:45 PM

Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming asked the Department of Justice in September to investigate whether Russia and China are working to infiltrate environmental groups to influence U.S. environmental policy, the Daily Caller News Foundation has learned.

Russia and China may be infiltrating non-governmental groups in an attempt to meddle in domestic energy and environmental policy, Cheney wrote in a Sept. 4 letter to Attorney General William Barr obtained by the DCNF. The Republican lawmaker said in the letter that Russia had in the past worked to spread anti-fracking propaganda inside the United States.

Environmental groups’ willingness to “espouse views that align with those of our adversaries—makes it all the more critical that the Department is aware of any potential foreign influence within or targeting these groups,” Cheney wrote, noting that they are also “major contributors to U.S. political campaigns and have filed hundreds of lawsuits against the Trump Administration.”

“Environmental groups such as the Sierra Club and the National Resources Defense Council, whose anti-fracking agendas align with the Kremlin’s, are low-hanging fruit for Russian influence,” Cheney wrote. (RELATED: Liz Cheney Stumps Green New Dealers With One Question: Did You Fly Here?)

“It’s crucial for the Department of Justice to determine whether these foreign adversaries are working to influence U.S. environmental and energy policies, including by infiltrating or targeting these environmental NGOs,” Cheney said in a statement to the DCNF.

Cheney also expressed concern about Chinese influence. Republican members of the House Natural Resources Committee noted in 2018 that the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) often praises the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) environmental initiatives and promotes the idea of China as a global environmental leader, she wrote, citing comments from her House colleagues.

“The NRDC maintains a presence in China and has long worked with CCP officials,” Cheney wrote..

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) confirmed in a 2017 report presenting evidence of Russian intelligence attempts to meddle in the 2016 presidential election that Russian controlled media outlet RT attacked U.S. fracking for oil and natural gas.

ODNI officials said that RT had run “anti-fracking programming, highlighting environmental issues and the impacts on public health.”

“This is likely reflective of the Russian Government’s concern about the impact of fracking and US natural gas production on the global energy market and the potential challenges to Gazprom’s profitability,” ODNI said in the report.

The Environmental Policy Alliance found a Bermuda-based shell corporation with ties to Russian oligarchs gave $23 million to nonprofit Sea Change Foundation in 2010 and 2011. Sea Change gave millions of dollars to environmentalists that year, including to the NRDC, the Sierra Club and the League of Conservation Voters, the Environmental Policy Alliance group found.

The DOJ has not responded to the DCNF’s request for comment about a potential investigation. Neither Sierra Club nor the NRDC, both of which were explicitly named in Cheney’s letter, have responded to requests for comment about the Republican’s claims.

97 thoughts on “Rep. Liz Cheney Asks The DOJ To Investigate Whether China, Russia Are Infiltrating US Environmental Groups

  1. If I were Russia or China, I’d have long ago concluded that funding NPR, PBS, Greenpeace, Environmental Defense Fund, Natural Resources Defense Council, Sierra Club, et al would be a very effective way to damage the U.S. and its economy.

    • well of course….the question is not are they….it’s why wouldn’t they

      the longer this plays out…the more convinced I am that’s it’s more China, and less Russia
      …with the help of our own liberal media

      • “with the help of our own liberal media”

        The Chicoms and Russians don’t really have to do anything. They can just sit back and watch the Democrats do their dirty work of undermining the United States for them.

        The Leftwing Media are Domestic Enemies of the United States. The Truth is not in them.

        • Agreed, but things move much faster if you also control what the media does not print. That requires active collaborators well-placed in the company. The USSR was doing that decades ago.

          They also get a chance to promote key people eventually taking over the whole board. The NYT comes to mind, though it is hardly alone.

          • They do exactly the same thing here in canada, financing groups to block pipelines and energy projects.
            Enemies of canada.
            All of them need a lead diet

      • “Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming asked the Department of Justice in September to investigate whether Russia and China are working to infiltrate environmental groups to influence U.S. environmental policy, ”

        The answer is yes they have, and they’ve been doing so for about 50 years.

        Regards, Allan MacRae

  2. Holy crap, really? Since both have admitted to and brag about doing precisely this why waste money on yet another investigation? You would think she would have some actual work she should be doing.

    • I’d have to agree on that. What the investigation might reveal is likely not that the Chinese or Russians are the ones who initiated the action with malicious intent in order to “meddle in domestic energy and environmental policy” and / or destabilize the U.S. overall, which would inflame conservatives into viewing the Chinese and Russians as greater enemies, but instead that it was U.S. enviro-activist leaders who openly invited the Chinese and Russians into this action. Would anybody be surprised if the latter situation was revealed? Perhaps the question there would be if the invite for foreign meddling was illegal. The Democrats – ironically – believe it is.

      • Since all our major colleges/universities, Hollywood, “news media” and the music industry, along with the entirety of the envirotard movement, have merrily been inviting CCP in and gobbling up all the money Xi Pooh has been shoveling their way the point of an investigation is rather moot.

    • Actual work? You mean like running a sham impeachment that distracted the country from focusing on things like C-19 getting a foothold in the US…

      • Was Liz involved in that kabuki theater sideshow? I thought she was the one busy stabbing gas, electric, manufacturing and agriculture sectors in the back while collecting kickbacks from same. Guess she might be able to multi task, all evidence to the contrary.

  3. shouldn’t they be worrying more about whether Russia and China influence US elections? Have influenced a US election?

    I seem to remember that came up recently…

    • So you believe Hitlery would have been a better choice? Putin hates the USA and the CCP and Xi no doubt have a massive effort to hurt the USA interests and favor their own. Putin would clearly have preferred Hitlery and no doubt Xi wants Biden. Both Xi and Putin have a huge spy program…fund and aid any groups that cause problems….continue an arms race….blast propaganda at the population….have I left anything out?

      • Hey! Not my election.

        but wouldn’t you rather have a result completely free of foreign intervention?

        (apparently the Democratic campaign this time refuses to interact with any foreign politicians, observers or whatever)

        • Apparently HOW? Just saying stuff?

          Who is funding Antifa and BLM, the activist arms of the Democrat party?

          The Democrat party has been in the pocket of the CCP since before Clinton was president. Remember the Al Gore Chinese fundraising scam in California? All the defense secrets delivered to China during Clinton’s presidency?

          Now the report that Actblue, the Dem money group, is getting 50% of their donations from the “unemployed”, so as to be untraceable. Chinese agents? Russian agents? other foreign sources? How much have YOU donated to the US Democrat party griff?

        • griff,
          “Democratic campaign this time refuses to interact with any foreign politicians, observers or whateve”
          That may be so but DNC involvement with ‘Transition Integrity Project’ and Rosa Brooks (an ex-Obama staffer) links to ‘The Open Society Foundation (a Soros funded organization), and democrats cheerleaders over at ‘Black Lives Matter’ is partially funded by Soros but is also a venture of ‘Black Futures Lab.’, is sponsored by the very left wing (Maoist) outfit called ‘Chinese Progressive Association’, a political group promoting the People’s Republic of China (and has been since it’s inception back in 1972) .
          Rosa Brooks has been reported as saying (Washington Post op-ed) that in simulations if Trump wins the Electoral College but loses the popular vote, the reaction is “With the exception of ‘big Biden win’ scenario, each of our exercises reached the brink of catastrophe, with massive disinformation campaigns, violence in the streets, and an impasse,” she warned.
          That is Biden backers — communists, anachists, and indirectly G. Soros.

          The seeds have been sown and the pernicious weeds are strongly sprouting.

          • I’ve long thought the easiest way to funnel money into causes in the west, is to do a lot of supposed business “deals” with someone like Soros, and get him to do the funding on your behalf.

        • “but wouldn’t you rather have a result completely free of foreign intervention?”

          You mean all the illegal immigrant democrat voters from the countries to the south..

          Is that what you mean , griff.

    • Ignorant comment — look at the squirrel!!! Home-grown US marxist/fascist/progressive/liberal apparatchiks & deep-staters make Russian/Chinese equivalents look like amateurs.

      • Seriously paedo? It’s a conspiracy theory that the Russians have been attempting to infiltrate and undermine Western societies since Stalin (if not Lenin)?

    • If they were trying to influence US elections, funding extreme activist groups which are virulently anti GOP would appear to be a good means (much better than buying Facebook ads).

      Of course the real objective of the USSR and now Russia, as well as the admittedly Marxist led BLM and Anti-Fa is NOT to favor one US party over another but to undermine confidence in the entire US system of government, including institutions that provide law and order. That prepares the ground for them to suggest the installation of their socialist Utopian government “For the People”.

      Unfortunately too many “useful idiots” (see the white “educated” females rioting for example) are falling for that crap. Santayana warned us.

    • Russia’s only source of foreign currency is from the oil and gas that it sells.
      Do you really believe that Putin would prefer the candidate that has promised to increase US fossil fuel development over the one who has promised to shut it down?

      • “Do you really believe that Putin would prefer the candidate that has promised to increase US fossil fuel development over the one who has promised to shut it down?”

        I see where the FBI Director, Chrisopher Wray claims Russians are interfering in the U.S. elections in order to help Trump. Which makes me question whether Wray is a Swamp Creature himself. Surely he can’t belive that.

        There’s no way either Russia or the Chicoms want Trump to remain in office. Simple logic would tell you that. Trump puts up roadblocks in the authoritarian’s way, and they have lots of deals done with Biden in the past that they can use as Blackmail to make him do anything they want.

        Both of them definitely want Biden in the White House. It’s a no-brainer.

          • Wray might be out before the election. There are grumblings coming from the White House about him.

            Wray has definitely been slow-walking the investigation into the Obama-Biden attempted coup.

    • Given how much the loony left has bought into the fear, lies and junk science coming from the IPCC and its self serving consensus, encouraging the green lie is an attempt to influence the election.

      • ResourceGuy,
        You mean just like George H. W. Bush let Chrysler and certain aircraft manufacturers into China way back when. Taught the Chinese how to manufacture, cast, and machine high grade alloys for vehicles and aircraft parts. Maybe taught them a lot more, maybe too much.

    • Trump has put sanctions on Germany and the Russian opposing their oil pipeline. Trump was opposed to Russia’s Syrian invovlement.

      Clearly if the Russians are trying to exert influence it would be against Trump

    • A recent report said that half of the donors to the Democratic Party were “unemployed”, which is an excellent tool for money laundering.

  4. Why would Russia and China waste a lot of money on trying to cause major problems for the US when so many foolish Americans are already promoting anarchy and lawlessness throughout the country? Liz Cheney should be far more concerned about the dumbing down in schools and universities so that young people are unable to recognize and critically demolish the hogwash being spouted by the agitators.

  5. I wish them luck in their investigation. Steven Harper said a bunch of anti fossil fuel activists were funded by foreign interests. As far as I can tell, he had no luck finding evidence. link

    People can be influenced and encouraged without any money changing hands and without a lot of traceable contacts. For instance, the fact that the MSM mostly sings from the same hymn book doesn’t require a bunch of shady characters conniving in some smokey back room. They don’t have to talk to each other, they just watch what everyone else is doing. It’s something like game theory.

  6. Neither China nor Russia plays by the Rules, which rules might be considered a reasonable code of conduct of any advanced culture. I fought against the Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund and won, and know what it’s like to fight on a more-or-less level playing field. Try to imagine what chaos China/Russia can cause for relatively little capital expenditure. With respect to the Griff comment about election interference it looks to me like they want to destroy confidence in the outcomes, while trying to support their favorite (that would be Biden/Harris in the upcoming election). The never-ending narrative that Russia supported Trump in the 2016 election is disinformation at its best as H. Clinton was well-known as a pay-to-play person. Green Groups are undoubtedly being funded by a variety of bad actors, like Soros, for instance, some of which want their version of good environmental practices and some of which just want chaos, which chaos might advance their own investment strategy. This mess is going to intensify in the next two months, tighten up your seat belt and watch.

    • Ron,
      The Russian Collusion Hoax was a work of fiction, sold by the Clinton campaign and the DNC to their media lackeys in an attempt to besmirch Trump and delegitimize the 2016 election; of course the Griff believes in it! The Griff receives it’s opinions and beliefs from the left wing media the way that Catholics used to get doctrinal questions answered by Papal Decree! They actually have a lot more in common now that the Holy Father seems to believe Communist dogma more than Catholic!
      The run-up to Nov. 3rd is going to be very interesting as the DemoKKKrats foment riots and chaos while trying to convince moderate voters they are not! Hopefully we will receive some revelations about the the criminal activities taken to overthrow the Trump presidency, and some of the crooks from the DOJ and FBI start getting marched off in shackles to their well deserved cells and trials!

  7. All this resulted in Germany offering $1 billion to take US LNG which cannot compete with Russian LNG to attempt to save NordStream 2.
    Oh, wait, it took an alleged attempt on Navalny’s life.

    The petty cash mentioned in the report is a joke compared to hedge fund BlackRock’s trillions, the very firm in charge of the US economy right now, which endorsed the Green Finance Initiative with UN Environment Rep. Mark Carney.

    Oh, wait, does President Putin now run BlackRock and the US economy, never mind the UN?

    That’s a question for Sec. Pompeo, Ms Cheney.

  8. Why would they need to infiltrate? I think that most members of “environmental groups” are willing Quislings.

    • Shoki Kaneda,
      Quisling, how very apt.
      Vidkun Abraham Lauritz Jonssøn Quisling, Norwegian military officer, politician, and Nazi collaborator who nominally headed the Norwegian government.

  9. Ha! Welcome to the Canadian reality…
    Where Canadian environmental groups are funded by the US Tides Foundation, to stop Canadian oil and gas, from going offshore. Vivian Krause has been writing about this situation for years.

  10. Organizations and causes that benefit Russia and China:
    Sierra Club
    Green New Deal
    Single Payer Health
    Repealing tax cuts
    Debt Free College
    Net Neutrality
    Defense Cuts
    Abolishing ICE
    De-funding Police
    Locking down the economy
    Diversity Training
    Critical Race Theory
    Russian Collusion Hoax
    Gun “Safety” laws
    Harris- Biden campaign
    The list goes on…
    All of these weaken the US’s stability, health, security and ability to compete economically.

    • The Democratic platform is the most repressive, self destructive platform ever proposed by a major party and it would be to the benefit of any repressive regime to see America repress its own on the way to the destruction of all that makes America such a formidable foe socially, economically and militarily.

    • Tax payer paid college only makes sense if ALL the teaching goes toward making better people and defending civilization.

      That is: no demonization of Western civilization and values would be possible. Ever.

      Do they want that?

    • Oop, there it is. Ever’body cabbage patch! The list of entities inside America who have been doing the bidding of our enemies is quite long.

  11. The Swedes already infiltrated, trying to drive American environmental policy and affect the elctions. That infiltration was then amplified by GND people making Greta Thunberg a hero a giving her a UN stage

    • Jim,
      I’m not nearly as worried about the Swedes as the Russians or the Chinese! While the Russians are acting more like a petulant child crying for it’s former power and influence; thanks to Merkel they are in a position to severely affect European policy. The Chinese, on the other hand, are more like an organized crime gang trying add a new neighborhood to their control! Nice country you have there, it’d be a shame to see it burning up with riots and anarchy!
      Having dated a Swedish lingerie model, the only thing that would really concern me would be if they sent their Bikini Team over to subvert our young men! St. Greta of Thunderberg is becoming a funny meme and she may wake up to how she was used. Doubtful, but in this life you never know!

      • Indeed Russian fighter pilots are described as “punks” while even Turkish air force under Erdogan is behaving in a “professional” way while mock firing at Greek planes.

        Putin strives on provocation and Trump Russia nonsense.

        IOW, CNN is a Russian asset and so is Hillary.

  12. Reminds me of the 1992 novel “The Green Progression” by one of my favorite SF authors L.E. Modesitt.

    Russians were driving insane tightening of EPA pollution regulations in all areas to strangle all important industries in the USA.

  13. No one is bolder than the CCP. China will smile and pick your pocket….a PLA member was working in research in the USA. Joey Biden’s son was bought for a few million by the CCP. China influences universities…big tech…entertainment including the NBA…and was on the way to owning 5G tech. The CCP is very similar to the nazi party…mass incarceration ….shoot ’em down in Tienanmen Square. China was supposed to open to democracy…sorry, it did not happen.

    • T.C.C.,
      A FEW million!?
      Quid Pro Joe’s son got $1.5 BILLION to play with in his investment firm! The average fee for handling that amount of money would be about $30,000,000/year! Of course his qualifications as a crack addict who likes to impregnate strippers gave him a HUGE leg up over anyone else from Wall Street! He also was receiving up to $50,000/month for his knowledge and advise as a board member of Burisma; the Ukrainian company that his dad protected from investigation by getting the prosecutor fired!
      I do agree with your assessment of the Chinese danger to America. With bought and paid for RINO globalists and DemoKKKrats, they are well on their way to throwing the 2020 election into chaos and starting Civil War 2.0! Even some of the more political generals and admirals at the Pentagon seem to have been bought out!
      It does not bode well for our nation, but I doubt America will go down without a fight!

      • “Even some of the more political generals and admirals at the Pentagon seem to have been bought out!”

        There’s a story going around that some retired U.S. generals (I would be curious to know what active general you are talking about) have actually profited generously from Chinese money. I haven’t seen the details of the story yet but I think some names are named.

        I saw a story yesterday describing how the Chicoms got their butts kicked by the Indians in their ongoing border dispute. And in what must be an act of Karma, apparently the Indian Army has a Special Forces unit made up of ethnic Tibetans, and the Tibetans were instrumental in ousting the Chicom military from the Indian high points they were occupying at the time. That made me and the Gods smile.

        The Chicom military are not ten feet tall. They can be defeated in battle. They have a long history of being defeated. Numbers don’t always carry the day in battle. It’s what’s in the heart of the warrior that carries the day.

        The Russians are said to be moving troops east and building them up along their border with China.

        I saw where a U.S. Army mobile artillery piece shot down a cruise missile the other day using its cannon. The shell it fires supposedly travels at over 5,000 mph. The U.S. military also has artillery that can bring a battlefield under fire from 1,000 miles away. Directed energy weapons. Several new fighter jets and bombers. Things are popping in the U.S. military! We’ll see if we can keep the Chicoms from stealing these new technologies. We’re on to them now.

  14. Watch out Griff, they’re on to you! You never did say whether it is Russia, China, or Uncle Goeorge Soros who is funding you. Or do you get money from all three?

    • Komerade Cube,
      Griff gives itself away by cherry picking data to support the GangGreen agenda. Whether Chinese, Russian or $oro$ funded, only a Communist could support policies that are so blatantly anti-human and racist! Anyone who actually cared about people and the environment would push for coal and natural gas power in the Third World and nuclear in the First!
      But the Greens hate poor black and brown people as much as they hate capitalism; the greatest engine for providing wealth and liberty the Earth has ever seen!

  15. Oil wars aside, I cannot really see the benefit of Russia promoting western communism, now they’re crony-capitalist. Unless they’re just useless idiots in the oil war.

    It was certainly different in the old KGB days…

    Similarly, China undermining its main export markets doesn’t really ring true – they have their expansionism well under control in Africa, by owning many of the major world ports, etc. IP theft makes more sense.

    The rise of anti-humanism over here may simply be a product of western decadence/decline. Those KGB plants in the 1960s & 70s did a very thorough brainwashing job on many and ought to be congratulated for their proficiency!

    I think the real men behind the curtain are likely not of one country, per se. More of one world organisation, probably. They probably hide their tracks as well as any foreign government, if not better.

    I’m not sure such an investigation wouldn’t prove a waste of money.

    • Nick,
      The main reason to promote Communism in your political rivals is to make them fail! I doubt that the elites in China and Russia ever believed in their Marxist philosophy after the 1950s and 60s showed them how poorly they compared to the capitalist West! But like the man who has caught a tiger by the tail, trying to let go is very dangerous and often fatal; you just hang on and hope you get lucky!
      Anyone who doesn’t believe one-party rule is death to freedom and prosperity hasn’t been looking at Calizuela with its glorious fires and black outs! What should be a cautionary tale is seen by true believers as the wave of the future, and the ChiComs shake their heads and whisper: “Gwai lo!”

      • I understand that bit, but unless the Grand Plan is to swoop in and buy the distressed remains of brands like Boeing, Microsoft and Tesla for fractions of a cent per Dollar, it still seems implausible.

        That way, they can get hegemony with greater success than with war. Chuck in a virus and we can destroy our own economy for them.

  16. A few years ago, someone followed the money regarding the Canadian enviro activist groups. Some of it appeared to be rubels. It came with lots of strings to help squelch the Canadian resources producers to bolster the pockets of the petroleum oligarchs who were suffering from the American energy independence.

  17. So, Nick, are you saying S.P.E.C.T.R.E. is responsible? Where is Bond….James Bond….when you need him? Xi seems to be drunk on power…he wants to be Mao II. All the CCP gang are rich now…but the country has big problems…Wuhan virus (we still don’t know exactly what happened and how much damage it caused) and floods and 2 cyclones and most other countries have caught on to China’s schemes. Xi is urinating everyone off…India …Russia….Japan….USA….no one knows where Xi is going but it is not likely democracy. China is overpopulated and has too few natural resources…..their only friend is maybe Kimmy Jong…and where is Kimmy?

    • Bond’s been sent on a diversity training course and in now NFU.

      There are a lot of people whose interests align in a systematic collapse and imposition of a NWO.

      When billions of bucks become boring, power is everything.

      Spectre might be as good an acronym as any! I wonder how much influence they exert over Putin and Xi, or if it is just our idiots who are easily led.

      • Bond will have to go transgender and acquire a very deep suntan soon, if he wants to work for the British government. He may also need a Moslem sidekick.

  18. Bond’s been sent on a diversity training course and in now NFU.

    There are a lot of people whose interests align in a systematic collapse and imposition of a NWO.

    When billions of bucks become boring, power is everything.

    Spectre might be as good an acronym as any! I wonder how much influence they exert over Putin and Xi, or if it is just our idiots who are easily led.

    • But the ban will be ignored. I know that it is being ignored at the Naval Academy as directed by the Superintendent.

  19. Look at a book called ” The Red Millionaire: A Political Biography of Willy Munzenberg, Moscow’s Secret Propaganda Tsar in the West “by Sean McMeekin. Willy the Austrian who worked with Lenin infiltrated and set up thousands of front organisations in the West to spread the commie gospel. I’d say Putin is carrying on the good work but without the ideology, because he and Beijing want to topple us off our perch. Al Gore was a buddy of Gorbachev, it’s worth remembering too. And do a deep dive into the people behind the Club of Rome, like Italy’s billionaire Agnelli clan, well connected to the Kremlin, where much of this nonsense that we are running out of resources and the West has to drastically reduce its consumption of energy, all began.

    This is not a new thing. C of R was set up in 1968. After the Soviets invaded Prague and all of a sudden being a communist was no longer seen as a righteous thing in Western academic and political circles.

  20. Weaponizing AOC & Jane Fonda should be declared illegit by the Geneva convention. Their ordinary status is already intellectually illegal.

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