Jane Fonda on Climate Change: “Just get rid of us Homo sapiens ASAP and things will restore themselves.”

Jane Fonda sitting on a North Vietnamese Anti-Aircraft Gun during her infamous visit to Hanoi. Fair use, Link

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Hanoi Jane sharing her charming insights into what she thinks is wrong with the world. Though to be fair, Fonda decided that since she is a mother and grandmother, exterminating the human race is not an option.

‘I was slipping into despair’: Jane Fonda finds hope, purpose in climate change activism

Barbara VanDenburgh

“I would wonder if perhaps humankind deserved the fate it had created,” Fonda writes. “Just get rid of us Homo sapiens ASAP and things will restore themselves.

A mother and grandmother, Fonda knew that wasn’t an option.

“I knew this fatalist thinking was a cop-out, and I didn’t like myself for it,” she writes. What helped convince Fonda to fight for change was actually listening to what climate scientists were saying.

“The scientists are very clear: We have to cut our fossil fuel emissions in half by 2030,” Fonda says. “They say we have the technology to do it, we have the money to do it, we have everything we need to do it except enough people to force the government to actually do it.”

Read more: https://www.usatoday.com/story/entertainment/books/2020/09/08/jane-fonda-hope-climate-change-activism-what-can-i-do/5709624002/

What can I say; scratch a hardline climate activist, find an anti-humanist.

Despite Jane Fonda’s claim she decided wishing death on all mankind was not an option, because she’s a mother and grandmother, considering the end of humanity as an option, and rejecting the end of humanity because she cares about her kids and grandkids, in my opinion demonstrates a shocking disregard for the value of the lives of people outside her immediate circle.

Note (EW): A few people have expressed upset that we are showing Jane Fonda’s image again.

I am sorry for upsetting people, but Jane Fonda appears to be trying to build her activist following. Fonda is very good at getting people to like her. If we ignore her, she will become more powerful. If we remind people of some of the horrible things she has said and done, maybe we can at least slow her down a little.

128 thoughts on “Jane Fonda on Climate Change: “Just get rid of us Homo sapiens ASAP and things will restore themselves.”

  1. “The scientists are very clear: We have to cut our fossil fuel emissions in half by 2030,” Fonda says.

    The scientist might be very clear on what they want you and i to do, motives still a bit murky, but they are not at all clear on the evidence that warrants such a quality of life destroying set of actions. In fact when questioned they begin hurling epithets and change the subject.

    • Translation from the ATB: “The peasants need to have their fuels and energy severely rationed, meanwhile us rich Hollywood Libs will go on about our affairs of high flying living.”

      The Libtard motto: “Rules thee, not for me.”

      • And she was ‘slipping into despair until she found a new way to screw other people over to stoke her own warm fuzzy.


      • They will need to maintain a class of scribes to maintain and produce the aircraft they fly around in. You see this in most civilizations from Sumer to modern day Canada.

    • No the activist water melons are very clear; the science not so much.

      BTW Doesn’t this just epitomize the misanthropy of “enviromentalists” [sic]

  2. All my liberal friend take anti depressants, I suppose they are down in the dumps because they think this should be the Great Marxist Utopia States of America. OMG if they got the world they think they want they would go bonkers mad.

    • They could easily get the world they think they want. All they need to do is to move to one of the many failed Marxist states.

      But no, they insist on dragging the rest of us down with them.

    • So True. I have always thought that letting liberals create their own Utopia, and then making them live in it as ordinary citizens, would be like condemning them to a hell of their own making.

      • Sounds like Seattle Autonomous Zone to me. Ended when the violence became so bad the residents decided they wanted police assistance after all.

      • Here in Canada, non-essential government workers were told to stay home. Still collecting their pay of course.

    • Okay … what karma to call someone a privileged idiot and make a grade school spelling mistake.
      When ever calling someone a moron, idiot or stupid use spell check 😉

    • ““I knew this fatalist thinking was a cop-out, and I didn’t like myself for it,” she writes.”

      No, Jane it’s not a cop-out, it’s just the state of being perpetually stupid.

      In the real world, a planet with life that does not develop intelligent life is a complete waste of a planet.
      Without intelligent life, the planet is wall to wall kill or be killed, a total predator-prey environment, far from the Eden the stupid like to imagine.

      Man has altered the predator-prey world and broken the tooth and claw life of many animals. Literally billions of animals are not living the eat or be eaten life because of human activities. This is all good. Sure, we make mistakes but we are also correcting them.

      Hanoi Jane’s problem is that she is not the “climate scientist” she fraudulently calls herself. And, she clearly has not idea that the claim that CO2 is warming the planet is equally fraudulent. It is scientifically impossible for a gas that is colder than Earth’s surface to warm Earth’s surface. It is simply a nonstarter.

  3. The “scientists” were very clear in 1970, 1975, 1980, 1985, 1990…. They are so clear that the “consensus” is always just 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 years away and we must act today. So many “tipping points” have been passed and we’re still all here and things for us “deniers” seems to be improving in so many ways.

  4. Rest assured, the solutions Jane is after resemble the Hunger Games where she and her ilk are in the city because they are ‘noble’ or some other B.S. The rest of us will be in the districts.

    I recall Jane flying up to northern Alberta to protest the oilsands at one point. Curiously her fossil fuel use is fine, just not for the rest of us.

  5. Where she really goes wrong is when she says “They say…” This woman is unable to think for herself and so she thinks the vast majority of the population is in the same camp. Just like Joe Biden, “If the scientists tell me…” But which scientists, and why that group? Obviously those that align with his worldview and further his political ambitions. C.S. Lewis was right about tyrannies.

    • She’s 82? My advice, for Jane? She best hurry. God has made himself known to humanity, since creation. She needs to look around and embrace the creator. She cannot add one cubit to her life. She cannot create anything … she can only destroy with the power she’s bestowed upon herself. She has made herself into a FALSE god. She lives as though she is her own golden idol. Showered with human riches, and wielding them as if a god. Repent!

      Ha! And I am the LAST person you will ever catch “evangelizing” anyone. You’re all entitled to your own opinions. Why? Because God has given you that FREEDOM. It is your birthright. FREEDOM. Only people like Jane … resent and hate your FREE nature. Your FREE mind. A mind that questions human orthodoxy … such as every proclamation of “scientists”. And when she cannot separate you from your FREEDOM … she seeks to simply eliminate you. This is what “fallen” humans do.

  6. The decline of science and science inquiry in America and in public policy is accelerating. It was already nonexistent in Hollywood. The rest is caving in on the side of the precipice.

  7. I am inclined to cut ol’ Jane some slack. She was born to great privilege and became wonderfully successful in her own right, but she didn’t just float around on a sea of money and go to parties and marry French directors and billionaires and things like that. She took up political activism, even if it often got her in trouble. I respect that.

    Think how badly being a movie star would scramble your brain if you weren’t watching out for it. A movie is a multimillion dollar industrial project employing hundreds of highly skilled people so, if you were the star of the movie, everybody around you was dependent on you for their employment, and would treat you accordingly. That might leave you with a sense of your own importance that would get out of hand.

    • All of those people around her had repeatedly cut her had some slack. Either because of the reasons you pointed out or because they wanted in on the show.

      I am not inclined to cut her some slack; I would be inclined to help her by letting her know she has become, through her life of privilege, a selfish piece of shit. If, throughout her life, others around her would have done this then she would not have to wonder about how much better off the world would be without her grand kids in it.

      (giving her the benefit of the doubt … she probably envision a hunger games type solution. Except she envisions the producers, those that supply her family with food and luxuries as being dumb and happy, and not abused.)

      • Pat Frank writes “What’s to respect in a political activism that aligns one with mass-murdering ideological tyrants, Ian.”

        Yes, the left and it’s favorite “causes” are in fact serving pure evil. See this essay by Allan MacRae:


        The quotes from leaders of the Greens in the above essay say all you need to know about the absolute evil this ideology possesses at it’s core. (not to downplay the death and suffering it has wrought – but the words from the mouths of these leaders are telling about modern greens, etc)

        And useful idiots as the Soviets termed them, are legion here and now and the ignorance of these foot soldiers is growing.

        Just recently a new book about the founder of this warped ideology came out:


        Beck’s interview with Paul Kengor, the author of The Devil and Karl Marx is revealing. Marx, who is the father of all of the incarnations of the present movements whether Climate Alarmism, BLM, Antifa, etc. and the drive towards socialism/communism which is the goal of all these false fronts.

        From the book are some lines from 2 poems written by Marx:

        “Thus Heaven I’ve forfeited, I know it full well” … “My soul, once true to God, is chosen for Hell”
        penned in 1837.

        Another of Marx’ poems writes: “The hellish vapors rise and fill the brain, Till I go mad and my heart is utterly changed. See the sword – the Prince of Darkness sold it to me.”

        It does not matter if there is a devil or not, if an individual believes he is a vessel or embodiment of Evil, and produces an ideology so thoroughly evil in it’s results – one cannot ignore the foundations upon which socialist/communist ideology was based upon.

        It can be no surprise to any thinking, rational person that if you follow something created with evil intent, whose manifestations have caused incredible death and suffering over a century – you are in fact serving to foster or manifest evil!

        All of us must bear this in mind – mere logical arguments won’t work against brainwashed cult members. Indeed the specter of being part of or supporting such evil, is a barrier to those brainwashed from acknowledging their mistake – as admitting to oneself you have been serving pure evil is a tough pill to swallow.

        Maybe Scott Adams is right – fear works better than logical arguments. Focus on showing these useful idiots – at least the ones who have not swallowed too much kool aid, that their proposals will result in so much death and suffering as to make MacRae’s essay on the 100 million dead from this ideology in the past century, look like a mild case of the common cold by comparison to the result of “decarbonizing society”.

    • It is very easy to demonstrate that Jane’s sense of self-importance has gotten out of hand.
      The very fact that she thinks any of us care about her uninformed opinions is proof of that.

      I believe it was Elvis, when asked his opinion of some controversy in his day replied: How should I know, I’m just an entertainer.

      Now that is keeping your sense of self-importance under control.

      The very fact that she is out there lecturing us lesser mortals completely removes the obligation any of us might have felt towards “cutting her some slack”.

    • And how did she accomplish all those personal achievements? She sold her sex. From Barbarella to Exercise videos … she sold sex. All proper and whatnot. What a “strong woman”, eh? So, she whores out her body for fun, admiration, and profit … then claims “feminism”.

      Well, if you don’t have the intellectual capacity … but a tight body and no moral compass … then go ahead. Stick it in the camera. Cha Ching!

    • Ian,
      C’mon, man! So the poor little rich girl had a successful career; that doesn’t absolve her from responsibility for her traitorous actions during the war in Vietnam Nam or her inability to ferret out that the Green Blob has little or nothing to do with the climate and everything to do with instituting socialism across the globe and stifling liberty and prosperity for the majority of humanity!
      As a bona fide member of the ruling elite she doesn’t have to worry about the effect of green policies on herself and her friends; after all, laws are for the little people, not our lords and masters!
      I’m reminded of a guy I worked with who’d ask, “What do you call an @$$hole whose really rich?”
      The correct answer is: “An @$$hole!”

      • Well. You guys have really got it in for Jane Fonda. I don’t see a lot of evidence that she’s a bad person. She does explain her reasons for her positions, and they are morally based, and essentially altruistic. Her opposition to the Vietnam War was based on hostility to the cruelty of it. Of course, her assumption that the Viet Cong were heroic defenders of the rights of their people was childishly naïve, but it was the kind of mistake a lot of young people might make.

        And Kenji, I don’t hold it against anyone in show business if they base their career on sexual attraction. Why would I? Is there something about sexual attraction that is inherently wicked, and therefore sexually attractive people are to be derided if they use it to appeal to audiences? Well not that I can see.

        Rich people are people too, just like everybody else. Their principal blind spot is that they just don’t think about money, because they don’t have to. Their is no need to allocate scarce resources because none of their resources are scarce. Even so, I’m sure Jane understands on some level that real people have to worry about orthodontist bills, and Christmas presents for their children.

        • She is a traitorous scumbag who has spewed hatred and vitriol on American citizens for decades, a two bit whore. The only forgiveness she will ever receive from me is when she is dead. And it will be very little even then.

    • Walter Sobchak September 11, 2020 at 10:44 am

      Gordon Gekko: That’s the one thing you have to remember about WASPs: they love animals and hate people

      A wonderful fiction and projection from our good friends in Tinsel Town. The last time I checked, it’s the usual crowd of liberals, left wingers and Hollywood glitterati that despise humanity and gush over the critters, not White Anglo Saxon Protestants.

      • @Steve – “WASP” was used correctly by Gekko. It means WEALTHY Anglo-Saxon Protestants. It was applied to the elite of the past – equivalent to the epithets “Boston Brahmin,” “Nob Hill Snob,” etc.

        Think on it – have you ever seen an Anglo-Saxon that is NOT WHITE?

        • Duck Duck Go search on “WASP Acronym People” says you’re wrong. But let’s not quibble, I get your point.

        • @Writing Observer, don’t know where you got that as it’s always has been White as far back as I can remember. But to give you the benefit of the doubt I tried Googling “WEALTHY Anglo-Saxon Protestants”. Wanna guess what the results that came back where? Come on guess. I give you a hint: Not a single result that said Wealthy. Yep every single link that came back was for White Other search engines give similar results.

          Indeed, the Earliest know use of the phase (according to the editor of The Yale Book of Quotations) seems to be in an article in The New York Amsterdam News, April 17, 1948, where in writer Stetson Kennedy wrote the following: “In America, we find the WASPs (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants) ganging up to take their frustrations out on whatever minority group happens to be handy — whether Negro, Catholic, Jewish, Japanese or whatnot.” It thus appears that “WASP” was used in an African-American newspaper before it became social science jargon in 1950s and 60s.

  8. They had Hanoi Jane on PBS’s News Hour last night.

    I went to the News Hour website in an effort to let them know how much I object to their providing publicity to this total AIRHEAD BIMBO but PBS has been very careful to make it all-but-impossible to contact the program. Hanoi Jane is the very definition of the innumerates and economic illiterates who form the core of the anxiety-disordered climate delusionals.

    I note that the Berkshire Hathaway (of which I am a shareholder) subsidiary, BNSF, is a major sponsor of PBS’ News Hour. Somehow, I rather doubt that BNSF powers their locomotives with pinwheels or sunshine.

    • ” Hanoi Jane is the very definition of the innumerates and economic illiterates who form the core of the anxiety-disordered climate delusionals.”

      Yes, she is. She doesn’t have a clue. All she knows is what some scientist told her.

  9. Just get rid of us Homo sapiens ASAP and things will restore themselves.”

    Show us the way, Hanoi Jane. You first.

  10. So, now we know that Jane Fonda is anti-human as well as anti-freedom. It’s striking how often those two attributes combine in a single individual.

    It’s almost as though if the one view is encountered from an individual, the other can confidently be assumed as present there.

  11. Take away, destroy, reduce, limit, consolidate, we must, all this always comes out of the mouths of people either with money or power as they will not be affected by the turmoil created by the ideas they present and represent. I for one am sick and tired of them and if they want to go away by God good bye corn cob pipe.

  12. For the third time you have chosen to give this traitor attention. I suggest you simply ignore her, no one listens to anyway. She is a very sore spot to many of us Veterans. I am not reading any of the article but still have to see the skank when I come to this site.

  13. Her Dad was nice guy and a WW2 bomber pilot who made Brigadier General in the USAF Reserve and then filmed the USAF cold war propaganda movie Strategic Air Command in 1955. Pretty accurate depiction of Air Force life in that period.
    Hank Fonda also filmed of course, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” in 1947. That movie is still the ultimate holiday season feel good about humanity movie.
    Sadly, his daughter didn’t incorporate any of her Dad’s values as her own, only taking his privilege and money to become a Hollywood Libtard and The American Traitor Bitch (“The ATB” as she was also known).

  14. I know the world is a bit short of actual news at the moment, what with a Presidential election just a few weeks away and some insignificant virus taking up most of the MSM”s sensationalism quota, but do we really need to constantly resurrect a nobody like Jane Fonda so frequently?
    Just out of curiosity, has she actually ever done anything worthy of merit, in her 82 year long life.

  15. Which scientists Jane? The same one who claim we wil never see snow after year 2000? Or the one who predicted Florida under water by now? Now, Jane… please tell us what conditions need to be corrected and returned to “normal.” Do you have a clue as to what normal climate on Earth really looks like? Jane the fool , always the fool. The only reason we quote Jane on these matters is because she so exemplifies pure ignorance.

  16. “Just get rid of us Homo sapiens ASAP and things will restore themselves.”

    Let me be a gentleman, I’ll step aside so that you can go 1st, Ms. Fonda. I’ll even hold the door for you.. I’m a big proponent of “Ok, you first”. Let them show us how it’s done..


  17. Take or give a few seasons, 25 years ago, a sect essentially populated by those with rather high social level “transferred” to Sirius.

    In Switzerland, 48 (or so…) members, kids inclusive, donned plastic bags over their heads to protect themselves from pollution and collectively shot each-other to escape from the upcoming unavoidable ecological cataclysm of our planet, destination Sirius. Their compounds were also rigged to set themselves on fire and even the airlifted “has seen it all” medical examiner was deeply shocked by what he saw.

    So Miss Fonda, if you are so genuinely concerned, given that Sirius is already occupied by your ideological peers, Uranus could be a prime destination for all undesirable on Earth homo-sapiens.

    • I think you refer to this :
      “Order of the Solar Temple A multimillion-dollar British-run Lodge?” by Raynald Rouleau.
      I read about it in La Suisse at the time .
      Someone in the British Royal family pulled the plug on that Order, also in Canada at the same time, to protect someone.
      Strangely enough did Jane Fonda actually have something to do with the Peoples Temple? That sect went the same way, mass murder.

      • Ordre du temple solaire. Right. It had international ramifications and at a point in time, massively infiltrated Hydro Quebec. And probably also unquoted Swiss financial institutions.

        It’s members feared the the “unavoidable upcoming ecological cataclysm” and transited “one way” to another planet. Their wealth is still unaccounted for.

        At different scales, similar rituals and wealth disappearance were performed in Canada and France.

        Then after a theatrically orchestrated court show saga with no one accountable, all went in oblivion.

        • The BCCI figured prominently, the CIA bank in Geneva used to funnel money to Islamic terrorism. The report referenced has names an’ all.

          That is the Deja-vu. The infamous Jonestown Peoples Temple was well accepted by the establishment. There are FOIA papers demonstrating wide support for the organization. Actress and activist Jane Fonda wrote: “I also recommit myself to your congregation as an active full participant—not only for myself, but because I want my two children to have the experience.”

          Investigator Congressman Ryan was killed along with the others. It was a CIA MK-Ultra op.

  18. Jane’s late brother, Peter Fonda, was great though in the 1969 classic Easy Rider.

    The whole family are great actors, it is just a shame that Jane has been channeled into this Climate depression.

    It is not only sad for Jane, it is sad for the millions she draws down into the same unnecessary depression over a philosophic fantasy, created by morons.

  19. “They say we have the technology to do it, we have the money to do it, we have everything we need to do it except enough people to force the government to actually do it.”

    The key word in there is “force.” When the Left can’t win on the merits of their arguments, they always result to “force.”

  20. If Jane had enough faith in her own religion, she would be content to sit back and let climate change wipe out the human race. But, apparently, she doesn’t really believe that climate change is going to doom us all, or it isn’t going to happen fast enough to suit her. So she wants to speed up the process by banning fossil fuels. She has to know that doing so will kill off more of humanity than climate change ever will.

    • She has a following Richard. She is really good at getting some people to like her. If we ignore her, her following will get bigger, and she will start to have real influence. The only hope of stopping her following from growing, or slowing it down, is to point out some of the horrible things she has said and done, to disrupt efforts to build her up as some kind of saint.

      I’m really sorry for the distress showing her image causes, but I make no apology for trying to stop her from messing up our lives even more.

      • Yes. That is the lesson of Trump. That is the lesson of decades of social liberal progress, while the majority were quietly content in their tolerance of monotonically, insidiously divergent culture and institutions.

  21. “Just get rid of us Homo sapiens ASAP and things will restore themselves.”

    I have some arsenic you can use on yourself to show us how it’s done.

  22. Why does anyone care what Jane Fonda says? She has no authority to change your life. She is just another old Hollywood personality craving press coverage.

    Listen instead to Gov. Gavin Newsom, Gov. Kate Brown and Gov. Jay Inslee, people who really will affect your lives. They are all convinced that climate science states that extra CO2 in the atmosphere causes severe wildfires and have all made public statements to attest to that as fact in the last 24 hours.

    • Yeah! It can’t have anything to do with their Brownshirt Pantifa pets starting fires all over rural areas of the West! I guess once you develop Burn, Loot, Murder as an answer to your problems it can be hard to break the addiction!

  23. The desire to be validated as a “good person “ in people lacking the courage or discipline to achieve virtue commensurate with being a “good person “ is so powerful they will accept absolutely any insane cult that will offer it to them.

    Take away the mania of the cult and terrifyingly the same hump of a person still lives in their skin and everyone can plainly see they are by no means “good people “.

  24. This worthless twit and her followers have done more to prevent deployment of the needed technology than anyone. Minor accident at 3 Mile Island is into a 5th decade of misinformation

  25. Eco-crackpottery and misanthropy go hand-in-hand. Those folks are convinced that people are a blight on the Earth. So they support abortion and other “population control” measures, and they really aren’t very troubled by the fate of folks like Friday Mukamperezida, and the frozen elderly, who die as sacrifices on Gaia’s altar.

    Here are a few more examples:






    Fortunately, some people are still properly horrified by that — people like my hero, “Mr. FOIA.”

  26. Blaming fossil fuel burning for warming is shallow penetration of science/physics. Analysis using data from Quantum Mechanics calculations by Hitran reveals that water vapor increase has caused about 10 times more ground level warming than CO2 increase. The cooling effect of more CO2 in the stratosphere apparently cancels the small contribution to warming of more CO2 at ground level with the result that CO2 change has no significant effect on climate.

    WV has been increasing about 1.5% per decade which is MORE THAN IS POSSIBLE from feedback from temperature increase. https://watervaporandwarming.blogspot.com
    Most (about 96%) of the WV increase is a result of irrigation increase. All of the human contribution to climate change is a result of increased water vapor.

    • Shush now dan you will have the gate-Keepers of the co2 RGHE and the luke warmers getting palpitations and reaching for their brown paper bags, deep breaths poor luvs.

  27. Why don’t these anti-human idiots ever lead by example….
    Why do they always carry on to the bitter being a parasite on mother nature.

  28. “Just get rid of us Homo sapiens ASAP and things will restore themselves.”

    A Vancouver suburban running/walking trail was closed today because a bear grabbed at a jogger and someone saw a cougar.

    What is wrong with letting the animals have the space between here and Alaska – more than 1000 miles of forest – and keeping city parks clear of predators. Seems a lot of people think we need to ‘go back to nature’ in city parks!

  29. Jane Fonda: “Just get rid of us Homo sapiens ASAP and things will restore themselves.”

    Lead by example Jane, you and yours first. But she won’t. Just like all the other malthusians who’ve espouse such anti-human ideas, what she really means is: get rid of all the Homo sapiens except her and her fellow elites.

  30. I’m 110% with ya Jane! Let’s end the human race together. Of course, we need to lead by example. You go first, I’ll follow a little bit behind.

  31. She will always be Hanoi Jane,

    If she truly wants to end the human race to save the planet it would be a confirmation she is a delusional crazy activist to make herself feel better. She once said in a condescending way “your all living too well”.

  32. In Australia there’s a bunch of school kids taking a coal mine to court.
    I find no difference between what 80 year old Jane and these dewy eyed kids are saying. None.
    So what does THAT say??

  33. Is anyone every going to tell that ridiculous, silly old cow that she just isn’t relevant to anything any more?

    Seriously, if she thinks the solution is to get rid of H. sapiens, she should do us all a favor and set the example for others to follow.

  34. Very odd the sense of Deja-vu.
    There are riots today like the 1968 Berkeley mayhem. And now we have someone on the climate ticket from that time. It’s not just Vietnam, but the time of CIA MK-Ultra operations such as the Peoples Temple, much admired apparently by Jane Fonda.
    Has someone tapped this old program again, rolling out full mayhem in the US? Or did the program never actually stop?
    After all Russiagate involved these very same “agencies”.

  35. I have seen articles in WUWT that I thought were dierctly opposing what Climate Sceptics stand for. I was puzzled UNTIL I started reading the COMMENTS! Fabulous! Thanks, folks. Without the comments, the articles are meaningless (in my opinion).

  36. The science is clear. Some 15,000 years ago where Chicago presently sits, that entire region was virtually entombed in a blanket of ice almost a mile thick. The science is clear that to this day, science has no definitive answer as to why we had massive glaciation then. And the science is clear. Climate scientists don’t seem very worried they cannot explain it. The seem focused on explaining when we will all die unless we cut our carbon emissions, all the while ignoring proven ways of generating utility power that has zero carbon emissions. It is almost as if Utopia must come and it can only be imposed using solar and wind power irrespective of better solutions.

  37. “Just get rid of us Homo sapiens ASAP and things will restore themselves.”

    You first, Hanoi Jane. The world will immediately be a better place, that’s for sure.

  38. Don’t forget that our Jane was married for many years to CNN owner, Ted Turner, also the owner, at least at one point, of the Atlanta Braves baseball team, and if I’m not mistaken, also one of the largest ranches in North America in Northern Colorado. Ted is on the record as saying the optimal carrying capacity of the Earth is ONE HALF OF ONE BILLION people, about 7 or so billion fewer than we actually have already. He was a little vague on the actual mechanics of losing 7 billion people, or the political environment he would like to see instituted to govern people’s reproductive behavior such that that goal could be met. Needless to say, it would necessarily need to put the Eugenics movement to shame.

    These two are despicable.

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