If Facebook is any indicator, @RealDonaldTrump will win #2020Election by a blowout

People send me stuff. I got Facebook messages this past weekend inviting me to “like” both Donald Trump’s and Joe Biden’s pages. What I found most interesting was the HUGE disparity in likes and followers, and I thought it worth noting here.

See the highlights in the screencaps below:

Source: https://www.facebook.com/DonaldTrump accessed Monday 7/27/20 11:15AM PDT
Source: https://www.facebook.com/joebiden/ accessed Monday 7/27/20 11:15AM PDT

Trump has 28,449,428 likes, with 30,249,329 followers, while Biden has 2,182,873 likes and 2,383,321 followers.

That’s greater than a 10 to 1 ratio in likes and followers between the two candidates. While there’s certainly nothing scientific about Facebook, the numbers themselves fly in the face of all these recent news polls that show Biden leading by widened margins in key states.

I think it’s more likely that conservatives simply don’t engage in polls, resulting in left-skew, just like in 2016.

Hopefully, Mr. Trump will win, and keep us out the madness that is (was) the Paris Climate Accord as he did not long after taking office.

And, thanks Mr. President, for reading WUWT:

372 thoughts on “If Facebook is any indicator, @RealDonaldTrump will win #2020Election by a blowout

    • After 4 years of attacks on Trump by the media, many not even true, I’m surprised anyone would admit to a stranger that they planned to vote for Trump.

      So Biden ahead by 5 points in polls
      means nothing.

      Our goobermint claims 11 percent unemployment and then reports that 32 million Americans are collecting unemployment compensation, out of a 160 million work force, which is a 20 percent unemployment rate.

      How do you get reelected with a real 20 percent unemployment rate?

      Biden needs a reason to not debate.

      Governors need a reason to forbid Trump rallies.

      The reason would be COVID-19.

      The winner will be the man who generates the most enthusiasm before the election.

      Trump needs big rallies for that.

      In 2016 Trump ran on a lot of promises and no track record.

      In 2020 Trump has a track record and Biden can make empty promises now.

      I predict just before the election Democrats will accuse Trump of creating Covid-19, colluding with Russians, to make China look bad, or something like that.

      That will be a NY Times cover story.

      • I saw that this is what a cornered rat looks like… replace rat with the LEFT cabal including MSM, the entirety of the Dem Party, embedded factions in government. America is watching. I am on FB as one of the Un-silent majority. I meet a lot of people who share my beliefs. I even, just yesterday, was told by a far Left liberal friend that she cannot vote for Joe Biden. Then she said, she’d vote for Kanye West before voting for Biden and finally, after I summarized briefly what’s going on, she said, she was going to have to vote for Trump. This was a big deal. Things are soooo bad with the implosion of the Left, and the cancer plus chemo they are foisting on the US, that people who hate Trump will vote for him.


    • David: (sarc/) Looking at those numbers, are you concerned that this is another Russian disinformation campaign? We know they are trying to interfere in our election, right? Using social media and all that? Better get the FBI on that (I’m kidding, but would not be surprised to learn Peter Strzok left a secret team in place). Sarc/ off- The numbers are consistent with observation, and I’m getting good laughs from reports on “polls” showing Biden ha ha ahead by ha 15 points hahahahaha!!!

      • As Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit fame would say, “don’t get cocky.” Remember Dewey vs Truman in 1948 when the pollsters based their disastrous prediction on telephone interviews when only the relatively prosperous had ‘phones. In this case it’s my understanding from my under 25 grandkids that no-one their age uses Facebook.

      • There was never a Russian influence in the last election. The Steele dossier was made up from information given by an man in The United States and paid for by Hilliery.

    • To David and Anthony, I love WUWT, and especially DM’s contributions. It is great to know the USA President follows WUWT.
      BUT, please can you keep away from political opinions. We get so much of it from other places. I like to pass on some WUWT things to other people, and its better that WUWT is known as a scientific/analytical blog rather than yet another partisan political blog.

      • It’s easy to avoid those articles on subjects that you don’t like. Just read the title.
        Why is it that so many concern trolls actually go through the effort of reading an article that they know they won’t like, in order to complain about too many articles that they don’t like.

        Regardless, Climate Alarmism has been about the politics, not the science, since day one.
        If we don’t play ball in the same court, we are doomed to failure.

        • Mark… I agree! My response was very similar. Unreal how other people tell WUWT how to run their business! There is a reason WUWT is number 1…

        • Well, so you should be active and NOT hold back your opinion in any other article and just ignore one (very important) topic, because you have a different opinion..

          I struggle to understand why either party would pick such a candidate, Biden was never strong (not on climate or anything), Trump, well in my opinion, he lies too much, whores around and does not represent anything I value!
          The fact that he said a few three word sentences about climate, does not make him knowledgeable, about this topic or anything.
          I do believe, that he does not care about climate, race or religion. He does not understand these topics very well as he is a narcissist and diagnosed sociopath.
          Both seem to have a form of dementia and are just too old to hold any strenuous job and should not have control over the nuclear arsenal!
          I cannot understand by which criteria either of them would be the lesser evil as neither of them was or ever will be a good (Vice) president!

          • Hey, Laws of Nature, exactly WHO diagnosed Trump as a sociopath? What shrink(s) have actually examined him?So far as I am aware the claims of his mental state/diagnoses have all been based on news clips. Not exactly what I would call scientific.

          • Where did I even imply that someone should only comment if they agree with an article.

            The original commenter was whining that an article such as this should not exist on this site.

      • It’s a discussion about a scientific or not, poll that will determine the future of energy and climate policy. I think it’s on topic. It’s no more political than the Summary for Policy Makers.

        As well, the subject matter is perfectly clear enough for you to not click to participate, me thinks.

      • Considering how wrapped up in politics the issues written and discussed here are, I find it hard to understand how anyone can assert that people here should not discuss the political situation in this country and in the rest of the world.
        CAGW is more than anything else a political issue.
        It sure aint about science.
        If it was about science, the main issue discussed here would not exist.

      • Yeah. I’m with Richard.
        Just because we all share some opinions on climate with Trump, that does not make the rest of his persona or his actions any more palatable to me.

        • Policy trumps personality. Trump will be history in five years no matter what, but those are years we desperately need to hold the Marxist climate charlatans at bay long enough for a critical mass to wake up to the AGW scam.

          • 5 years won’t be enough to even slow down the CAGW train. 4 more years of Trump will just make them more and more hyperbolic, and every stiff wind will be evidence of human-caused extreme weather.

          • True, Jeff.
            I’ve recently realized that even 30 or so years of no increases or event of constant gradual cooling would not derail convictions amongst those who are already convinced. They’d have a good twenty years explaining it was all natural variation (an argument they claim is off limits to us) and then they’d bluff it out for another 10 or so.
            After about 50 years of gradual temperature decline they might concede, but I’m not going to be around to hear it.
            A precipitous drop would be more convincing, but that seems an unlikely event.

            On the other side of the argument, I need more than the intricately constructed satellite data and the heavily homogenized surface temperature data, and the repeated pronouncements that every extreme (and highly variable) weather event was ‘proof’ to be convinced there is a problem.

        • Excuse me for asking but what is unpalatable about Trump?

          He was a birther? Current issues surely are more important than that?

          What else has he done wrong by you?

          Just curious and yeah, I know I am not a citizen of the USA.

          • There are many things not to like about Trump personality wise. But we don’t (or shouldn’t) elect presidents based on their personality. Jimmy Carter was, by all accounts, very nice personality wise, but his time in office was a disaster because he simply wasn’t a good president.

          • Trump is the Broken Clock President – purely accident, he happens to hold a single view you agree with. He has not arrived at that opinion through knowledge, expertise, diligent research, advice from experts, but because some of his Good Old Boys aren’t making enough money the way things are, and will make less money if they change. They’re making their money from the likes of us, mind you.
            And what is unpalatable about One-Term-Trump? Imagine this: You have an attractive 16 year-old daughter. Somehow, she’s become stuck in a room, with no means of escape or communication with the outside world, and in there with her, is Donald Q Trump. What is your comfort level with this situation after 10 minutes? 1/2 hour? One hour? Two hours? At what point do you become concerned? Which part of her anatomy are you happy for him to grab her by? Happy with the Gag Order that she’s signed? The money she’s received? Be honest – how comfortable would you be? The man who would date his own daughter?
            Yes, he’s unpalatable, for many, many reasons.

          • Trump is a New Yorker, through and through. I a lot of them that I have known are like that.
            Brash, in your face, never back down.

          • The ‘birther’ issue was actually created by Killary Clintoon when she was running against BO.

            There is credible evidence (including BO’s own brother stating so) that BO is not a native US citizen.

            And that’s notwithstanding his upbringing being continually in the company of socialists and communists. He was a groomed, manufactured and planted candidate.

          • “…what is unpalatable about Trump…”

            Well, I also happen to like his hardline approach to China trade. I think he opened everyone’s eyes to the fact that China also needs the rest of the world and will deal accordingly.

            But, to answer:
            He is a relentless liar, a blusterer, a bully, and also a terrible hypocrite regarding religion.
            He doesn’t read, has little practical knowledge of anything, and he runs on gut instinct, having no moral compunction to reward honesty and know-how, he only rewards loyalty. He thrives in a position of power because his first instinct is to move against critics and to reward supporters. He came into office with a list of every Republican Member of Congress who had ever spoken against him, and he immediately called them out on it. They either resigned or gave him their full support.
            The blind American ‘fear of communism’ carries over to quash all and any useful social programs which work in all other nations and aid the relentless growth of giant multinationals. And Trump buys their ruthless self serving support with tax breaks and special deals.
            His divisive brand of politics will tear the USA apart.

            Other than that, he is alright.

          • John “But we don’t (or shouldn’t) elect presidents based on their personality.”
            Well, this country leads very personality based campaigns!
            If you are the right bully, you can put someone´s campaign out of business by saying “she looks ugly!” no matter, what that candidate actually as to say!
            (I know of no other country tolerating such or similar behavior and believe the party being silent about it repeatedly for years now, even quenching a justified senate investigation, gets rightfully drowned in the next election on all levels, there seems no other way for them to learn not to do this! Stand up for what is right or go down with the idiot bully)

            Krudd “what is unpalatable about Trump?”
            Well, the whole way he does politics like a bad used car sellesman (a trait he shares with Biden in my opinion!), Did he really say “Call you later!” in an official correspondence to a foreign president about a war crisis? (Yes, re-read his letter to the Turkish president, it would be funny if it wasn´t so sad, try comparing this document to the language used by any other president, I genuinely believe Trump is almost illiterate, parroting opinions he saw on TV or blogs and the only thing allowing him to be so confident is being too dumb to see how dumb he is.. that is why I am so horrified seeing him gloried here.. it is not difficult or hidden how bad Trump is!)

            The ways he treats the press (which sometimes have legitimate questions, does he really think he is above answering them), the other gender (dating his daughter and grab them by the pussy are only two of many examples!), minorities (they are all loosers, they dont even play golf!)

            Krupp “He was a birther?” I don´t think he cares about religion at all, there is no indication for that. He tries to catch votes, fate or money (I believe on this topic he switch his opinion a couple of times)
            The same for basically any other topic, climate or a wall to Mexico (he knows like anybody else, that most illegals just overstay their visa after they flew in making the wall a big money dump)

            Personally I find it most unpalatable, that he lies and lies and lies..
            Even about the smallest things, like the weather (did it rain or where will a Huricane travel) and basically any time he says “I didnt say this!” beside a solid record.


      • Climate change IS political opinion. We talk what the science says, but nobody listen. CC is just a tool to redgreen Marxists to change _political climate_ and that has nothing to do with averaged weather. And it has been that, from the beginning of this farce.

        It´s a gift to this world to have WUWT and real scientists, to push the truth to brainwashed masses. Of course they don´t read this, but we do, and we are shouting this message, loud and clear. I can talk only about this little part of this planet, but I can tell that scepticism is growing here. There´s no more “denial” talk. And there´s no more idiotic answers from alarmists. It works, but it has been very slow process. And in that process WUWT, and real scientists here, has been one very important key.

        If this site would have been only to scientists, who share opinions about science, it would have been too complex to understand to a layman, like me. I know a lot about IT, but only something about climate science, and this site (with others) has been a treasure chest to increase my knowledge about climate science. And it has been a great help to try to open ignorant groups eyes. And it works.

        When UN brings the message, you know it´s pure politics. It doesn´t matter what our political opinion is, but when we fight against Marxist tyranny, it´s important to have WUWT as it is. Please keep up the good work to help our fight, because this is common concern to us all.

        My opinion about US President is that he is the only leader in this world who have brains.

    • While I know I’m not the only David Middleton in the world, I am the David Middleton, the geologist who writes for WUWT. The first comment to this post is not from me. I don’t disagree with it, but just wanted to make it clear that it wasn’t me.

      That said, I don’t think Facebook/Twitter stats are particularly relevant in this Election. Joe Biteme probably doesn’t even know he has a Facebook and/or Twitter account and he is less involved with his own campaign than Robert Mueller was involved in his own witch hunt. Joe Biteme is nothing but a sock puppet of the radical Marxist left.

    • Haha, and I do not do Facebook and would have LIKED Trump. Lots more of us out there.

  1. Unfortunately many people will vote AGAINST Trump rather than FOR Biden.
    Run, Kanye, run!

    • Rather the opposite: Against Biden and his Greenie New Deal, rather than for The Donald

      • Against higher taxes.
        Against riots.
        Against open borders.
        Against Defund The Police.
        Against insane hateful lying crooks running the country…

  2. I’m feeling optimistic to see that the President of the United States quotes and presumably follows WUWT. The message is meeting the right ears.

    Regarding the election: the Far Left Party has nothing to lose if they pull out all the stops and try massive voter fraud to win. They’ve already backed vote-by-mail, the surest way for them to steal the election. Dead people voted in 2016 and 2018, and poll boxes disappeared. Take nothing for granted.

    • What I find interesting, the zombies are already voting in places that are leftist strongholds. The ballot boxes go missing in places that are already leftist strongholds. Ballot box stuffing takes place in leftist strongholds.

      • You say they are already voting in some places?

        I read an article today that said 3,200 absentee ballots were rejected for a recent local election we had here. The election board said the biggest reason for rejecting absentee ballots was because they arrived after the deadline date.

        These absentee ballots happened to be requested by the voters, and the voters had to get their mail-in ballot officially certified and labeled before it can be considered a valid vote.

        What the Democrats are proposing with mail-in ballots is completely different from the system I just described. Instead, the Democrats don’t want to wait for voters to requrest absentee ballots, they want to just mail blank ballots out to every person on the voter list, with no certification required that the voter actually cast that particular absentee ballot, or even received it in the mail.

        Sending mail-in ballots out to the public wholesale, is just opening the door to election corruption.

        You can bet the Democrats will try every trick in the book to steal this election. After all, they were willing to subvert the U.S. Constitution in their previous effort to steal the 2016 election, so nothing is beneath them if they think it will get them political power.

        • Arizona has early mail-in ballots. I use it. I am not worried one bit about my ballot being counted. It will be because I have to mail it early enough to arrive at the recorders office by election day. The post-marked day doesn’t matter.
          But Arizona has strict rules on vote by mail implementation. Rules that prevent a California-style ballot-harvesting schemes. But Dems want to pass a national law in Congress forcing the States to adopt California-style rules for mail-in ballots to enable “ballot harvesting.”

          Where the voter fraud can happen by mail-in ballots is if the state doesn’t have strong controls on who can “assist” a voter in mailing in there ballot. Arizona has strict rules and laws and makes it a felony for an “assistant” to mail-in someone else’s ballot without proper ID. In Cal, those rules don’t exist so that’s Democrat’s SOP to stealing elections by harvesting ballots using excess printed ballots going door to door to find people who say they haven’t voted.

          • IMO, mail in and early voting has opened up our elections to the possibility of never being honest again.
            With very few exceptions, everyone should have to be at a polling place on election day.
            Just like for over 200 years here, and just like almost everywhere in the world.
            There should be no absentee ballots except for people who have to, by no choice of their own, be away from where they live on that day.

    • The consent decree preventing the GOP from having poll watchers expired this year. Here’s hoping the GOP can have enough poll watchers to prevent at least a little vote fraud.

  3. A lot of people are scared to express their opinion today. If you hate 99.9% of Trump’s policies but like one little, insignificant policy. There are people who will hate you, try to destroy your life and do physical harm to you if they can. All over one minor thing.

      • Remember the Italian Fascist (before it was a bad word by connotation… and association with Mussolini’s party) party had their enforcers and Musollini himself wear black uniforms… it is either ironic and coincidental or planned that the VERY fascist so-called ANTIFA group is modeled exactly on the Italian fascists and the German National socialist Brown shirts…

        What, you don’t believe in irony and coincidence?

        • What is so unusual? We had the American Protective League back during Wilson’s administration. With full backing of the Attorney General they recruited a quarter million toughs to “physically persuade” Americans who disagreed with the Democrat policies.

        • Mussolini became disenfranchised with his Italian socialists – because they were too moderate…

      • That is why here in canada there is a concerted push to eliminate the secret ballot for union accreditation votes, a direct attack on the foundation of democracy.
        The Lieberals did this federally while the ndp did so here in ALberta but it was reversed by the new conservative Govt.
        JoNova is right, the only possible reason for getting rid of the secret ballot is to allow goons to intimidate.

      • “but people vote alone”

        I remember Hillary complaining at one time in 2016, that Republican men were forcing their wives to vote for Trump.

        No, Hillary, the wives are not accompanied into the voting booth by their husbands. They vote alone. And noone knows how they voted, including their husband. Your “fear” is a paraniod delusion.

        • There’s an old saying, that is still true.
          If you want to know what a liberal is doing, just look at what they are accusing others of doing.

  4. There are quite a few reports out there claiming the polls are deliberately skewed to favor Joe Biden. But, I would trust follower numbers from Facebook unless I had some reasonable way to weed out the leftist trolls.

    • A lot of Deadheads are lining up for Trump these days, unafraid to post their support on Mickey Harts fB posts. Who would have thought. What a long strange trip THATS been.

    • “But, I would[n’t] trust follower numbers from Facebook unless I had some reasonable way to weed out the leftist trolls.”

      Or the bot army.

  5. Scientific or not, that’s a whopping difference.

    I wonder if Twitter has a similar result. I can’t tell because I’m banned and have moved to Parler.

    • Trump has 84.2 million followers on Twitter. Biden has 7.3 million. Take it for what it’s worth (which could be a lot)

      • Are you on Twitter?

        Remember the first thing when you create an account? The interface suggests you people or news accounts to follow, and @realDonaldTrump is suggested (was the few times I tried registering, before I was blocked for whatever). So many account will be subscribed to @realDonaldTrump. It does not mean much.

        Also, bots can subscribe to popular accounts, because these are common things to do (not to boost those accounts). At least that’s my understanding – I am NOT a social bot expert.

        • So it is either bots, or because he is President of the United States, and was already one of the most famous people in the world before he ever ran.

          • AI in linguistic is a scam. (So the claim you can automatically scan archives and ID “hate speech” – whatever it is – or extremism is a hoax.)

            If there are textual interactions that make sense (in context), it is NOT a bot.

            Counter-example: There is a French activist (so called “feminist”) who gets thousands of likes but ALL textual interactions under her tweets are negative, so I call BS.

            Example: Both Trump and Jr. have lots of real interactions that are not robotic.

            But the 4 top replies under @realDonaldTrump are always the same 4 critics. Not possible without some spamming, boosting, or interference from the social network itself.

        • Are you on Twitter?

          Nope, and never will be. Same for Facebook and all the other (anti) social media sites.

      • I’d wager that a good portion of Trump’s Twit followers are those who want to ridicule him for everything.

  6. As my distrust of state media grows,I have come to suspect that the Polling Agencies play a role in the propaganda.
    The only purpose of these “Polls” seems to be ,to lay the groundwork for massive voting fraud.
    The actions of the Pollsters suggests they do not care if their results are hopelessly wrong,as 2016 demonstrated.
    For the biases that led them astray are repeated.
    Working people have no time for their goofy questions and most just hang up.
    Landlines are dying off,yet dominate in polls.

    And finally far too many Polling Agencies are blatantly political,being funded ,staffed and marketed by failed politicians and their former minions.

    However if you were party to a planned attempt to steal an election by fraud,polls insisting your candidate of choice is at least competitive are essential.
    For a combination of dubious voting practises and a history of lagging way behind your competition is a real hard sell.

    • John, I think the bias in the polls has to do with fund raising.

      The vast majority of the fund raising is from large organizations that want to buy access in the next administration. It has nothing to do with political belief or ideology. Just to make sure they have access to the next administration many of these organizations hedge their bets by donating to both political candidates. But like any investor they will bet most heavily on the candidate that they think has the best chance of winning. Money given to the losing candidates is just dead money.

      So each candidates tries to give the impression that they are ahead in the polls and they have the best chance of winning. That’s so they get more of the fund raising money from these large influence buying organizations. So they rig the polls.

      The Democrats have an advantage in rigging the polls. (1) The Democrats are inherently more corrupt than the Republicans. They have more experience at being corrupt and at bribery. As a Chicagoan all my life I’ve seen the Democratic political machine in Chicago and in Illinois bribe and cheat. Don’t forget that Obama was part of that corrupt political machine all his political life. The same corruption goes on other big cities where the Democrats are in charge. (2) The biggest customers of the polls ( the large polls that are made public) are news media companies, like NBC, the New York Times, etc. You know the story with them. (3) Some of the polling companies are affiliated with universities. Need I say more about the integrity of universities? (4) We live in a corrupt age. If you have to you bribe the project manager in charge of the poll. The project manager rigs the poll and his unemployed son who just graduated with a BA in ethnic studies gets a cushy job in the zoning department.

      There are private honest polls designed to learn the reality of what is going on. They are privately financed. Knowing the truth gives you an advantage in business and in investing. But the results generally are kept private.

    • I think polling destroys the democratic process

      Parties do micro polling and target policies to extremely small slices of the population to grab just enough support in individual risings to turn the tide.
      And so no one runs on policy formed by a rational belief structure that they then have to defend during a campaign.

      I’d rather eliminate all polling, make it illegal in the year before election date, force parties and cantidates to come up with a platform based on their beliefs and then campaign on it with no idea how it reasonates except the actual election

      Impossible, yes.
      But if enough people simply refuse to answer polls eventually they become completely useless, and they die.

      “I have a dream”.

      • When I get asked/polled I happily answer all the questions but when it comes to “likely to vote for” I say that is a secret not to be shared.

        The polster doesn’t like that because they are often testing the water on hot button issues, not really running a poll in the regular sense. It is really exposing the baselessness of the politicians and their agenda. They are not “standing for something” they are pretending to be everything to everyone.

        Normally members of a political party will vote for a hat on a broomstick if it is a party member so it is interesting to hear that some Broomstick Democrats are willing to support Trump over Biden.

        The origin of the “broomstick” name is from a South African woman who said in 1981 she was “a Broomstick Nat,” meaning, she explained, she would vote for a hat on a broomstick if that is what the National Party nominated in her riding. (The NP created, expanded and eventually ended apartheid.) Their die-hard supporters were not easily lured elsewhere save in the most grave circumstances.

  7. “I think it’s more likely that conservatives simply don’t engage in polls, resulting in left-skew, just like in 2016.”

    plus the polling firms are under polling republicans on almost every poll. is it purposeful, i believe so but who could prove it?

    • “plus the polling firms are under polling republicans on almost every poll. is it purposeful, i believe so but who could prove it?”

      Yes, the various polls are undersampling Republicans in their polls anywhere from seven to 12 points, depending on the poll.

      Can it be proved? I think so. The way to prove they are undersampling Republicans is to look at the percentages of voters in the last two national elections, 2016 and 2018. Republicans represented 33 percent of the vote in both elections. Yet the polling companies only sample anywhere from 20 percent to 27 percent Republicans in their polls. If they sampled 33 percent of Republicans, Trump would be leading in every one of their polls.

      The way to prove it is to look at the poll particulars. They tell you how many Republicans they sample. They just don’t tell you the percentage they sample is not representative of all potentila Republican voters, based on the last two elections.

      The entire Leftwing is engaged in trying to rig this coming election against Trump. The Leftwing may not count all 33 percent of Republicans in their polls, but they can’t keep all 33 percent of Republicans from going to vote, which is the *real* poll.

  8. FWIW At my house, we don’t even answer the phone to pollsters. (Or anyone else we can’t identify, for that matter). Almost everyone I know does the same.

        • When my stolen car was recovered the local police department informed me via a call with a blocked #, and left no message. I only learned via a post card that arrived nearly 2 weeks later that my car was piling up impoundment fees.

  9. Facebook is global and Trump’s international presence results in a lot more international fans and this could skew the results. Few people in other countries give a crap about what Biden says and probably don’t even know who he is which is fitting because even Biden doesn’t know who he is anymore.

  10. I do not volunteer any information regarding polls. On the occasion that I get a call my first response is “Who is behind this poll?” Next I begin to question the poller on every question asked and only give questions as answers and go into a dialog why it may be an unfair and ‘leading’ question and then say skip that question and go to the next one. Same tactic again and again until they hang up on me but I waste as much of their time as they do mine when I have time to spare.

    Works well on telemarketers to try to keep them on the phone as long as possible and ask lots of dumb and off topic questions to pull them off their script. If I have time and they hang up I’ll call back!

  11. It’s hard to tell if the Democratic Platform of:

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    Will be successful or not.

    • Charles,

      I’m not sure if you have written a coded message or just in a foreign language. I tried to verbally speak it in English but I seem to be confused!

    • Got to love google translate… Not.

      Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed tempor and vitality, so that the labor and sorrow, some important things to do eiusmod. It is not easy vegetarian or ecological element is present. Dui blandit massa that is not even now. Pull undergraduate at in the region. Aliquet nec ullamcorper sit amet. Planning of football photography as long as the trigger. Who can pull nibh a pillow. Massa developers running worth it. Him with the jaws of life aliquet nec ullamcorper sit. Accumsan sit amet nulla facilisis. Nisl ultrices of life, except the chocolate chips. Chili element is not present for the lion or antioxidants. Rhoncus mattis rhoncus urna neque viverra justo nec. Vel hepimiz soccer for now. Mattis targeted at the television. Lorem ipsum put carrots undergraduate tomato soup. Pulls Rays Super Bowl mountains.

      • G’Day SMC,
        that’s about as far as I got trying to figure out what this gobbledeegook paragraph actually tries to say with help from Goggle Transmutate. It doesn’t help that the limit of my familiarity with Pope-speak is ‘Noli Carborundum Bastardo’ (and I’m quite sure that’s not ‘correct’ Latin but I’d be lying if I pretended to care).

    • Google translate: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed tempor and vitality, so that the labor and sorrow, some important things to do eiusmod. It is not easy vegetarian or ecological element is present. Dui blandit massa that is not even now. Pull undergraduate at in the region. Aliquet nec ullamcorper sit amet. Planning of football photography as long as the trigger. Who can pull nibh a pillow. Massa developers running worth it. Him with the jaws of life aliquet nec ullamcorper sit. Accumsan sit amet nulla facilisis. Nisl ultrices of life, except the chocolate chips. Chili element is not present for the lion or antioxidants. Rhoncus mattis rhoncus urna neque viverra justo nec. Vel hepimiz soccer for now. Mattis targeted at the television. Lorem ipsum put carrots undergraduate tomato soup. Pulls Rays Super Bowl mountains.

      Looks like a great program, to me. I especially like the exception for chocolate chips and the absence of chili elements for lions or antioxidants. 🙂

    • Being not familiar with this, I searched up the first 6 words.
      Now I know I could have used just the first two.
      The piece has its own wiki page.
      Well done, Charles.

  12. I’m watching this from north of the boarder, so, I have no dog in the fight. At this point in time, I believe Trump will win because the Democrats picked the wrong candidate.

      • They had plenty of candidates to choose from. The problem was, they were all sure-fire losers. Biden was the least-worst of a bad bunch.

        • He didn’t even want to run until the swamp basically forced him knowing that the Democrats had a slate of unelectables. Perhaps his reticence was because he was aware of his own mental deterioration, in which case, he probably also knows that he’s just a place holder for the Socialist/Marxist he picks for VP. The ultimate bait and switch.

  13. Congratulations, Anthony, on the high caliber of the readership here. I have always thought so, and have respected and valued (most of) the contributors and commenters. President Trump has surpassed my expectations — that he is a WUWT aficionado is yet another feather in his cap.

  14. dunno….Trump is on facebook and twit all the time….I don’t think Biden gets internet in his basement

  15. Anthony ==> My wife and I raised our family in the very Democratic state of New York. The summer of 2016 we were considering buying a cottage somewhere rural Upstate (as they say) — so spent the summer driving the rural roads from just north of NY City up to Albany or so.

    It was the season of “lawn signs” for candidates. After a few weeks, we began keep a rough count of Trump and Hillary signs.

    Despite the main stream media pushing an 80% win for Hillary, our “lawn sign” survey came up with 8 signs for Trump for every 1 Hillary sign…..

    Trump certainly didn’t win by that ratio — but it was definitely an indicator that the “Hillary Wins by a Landslide” meme was not gonna happen.

  16. No idea what the outcome will be, but a LOT of people (a majority) expressed that they were fearful to express their political perspective-and these weren’t the hard leftists.

    I doubt the pills mean anything

  17. I’m one of those who don’t do polls. I also don’t do Facebook or Twitter.
    I don’t put signs in my yard.
    I do fly a “Betsy Ross Flag” on the 4th of July and Election Day.
    (For those who don’t know, the “Betsy Ross Flag” is the one with 13 stars in a circle in the blue field.)
    To me it represents the ideal, the goal of forming a Government whose purpose is to maintain and protect the Rights of the individual.
    Protect from those outside and inside that are opposed to that ideal. (And to play referee in those gray areas where one individual’s rights conflict with another’s individual’s rights).
    There’s really nothing right or left about that.
    But, of course, there were and are flawed people involved with trying to achieve that ideal.
    But there was never anything wrong with the ideal.
    It’s a shame that flying that flag is now considered by some to be making a political statement.

  18. With the Cancel Culture running rampant, many people are afraid to let strangers know that they are conservative or support Trump.

    • Indeed. which is why, according to a new Cato Institute survey, 62% of Americans (77% of republicans and 59% of independents, 64% of moderates) said they have political views they’re afraid to share. The only group in the survey that feels they can express themselves without fear of repercussions was the “strong liberals” (ie the SJWs who drive cancel culture).

  19. I think both FB and Twitter are fairly indicative of relative support, while the published suppression polls are not, same as in 2016 at this point.
    And there are other several other confirming indicia. Spontaneous enthusiasm for President Trump, for example in ‘blue’ New Jersey yesterday when he stopped the Beast, got out, and threw MAGA hats to the crowd. The unfolding law and order disasters in blue cities like NYC, Chicago, Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland that Biden does not acknowledge and Nadler denies. Walkaway movement and the large number of African Americans in it. Ongoing evidence of Biden mental deterioration—Phoenix a state, polling place physicians, you know, that thing…now a refusal to do a softball interview with Chris Wallace. No good Biden choices for VP after he foolishly painted himself into the ‘black female’ corner; Susan Rice will likely be among the Durham indictments likely coming next month.

    • ‘Susan Rice will likely be among the Durham indictments likely coming next month.’

      Again – I sure hope so.

    • Did she make the cut to the top 4? If indicted, the perfect timing would be after being named as Biden’s running mate. Of those on his list, she would seem to be the most qualified as a tried and true Obama acolyte …

      • I hope Biden does pick Susan Rice for his vice president. She is the one with the most baggage and Republicans will be able to hammer her six ways from Sunday. Rice has been lobbying for the job pretty heavily lately. Rice has never held elective office.

        The current rumor is he will pick Kamala Harris. Probably the best choice from a very weak field, but she has a lot of baggage herself, and I don’t think her personality is suited for the office. I think her attitude will alienate a lot of people. She will be capable of being extremely nasty to Trump, which is probably her biggest selling point among the Democrats.

        Elizabeth Warren would be the best choice Biden could make but he promised to pick a “person of color”, so that leaves out Warren. She’s just your standard white woman with delusions of Cherokee heritage.

      • Right you are Another Ian, I’ve followed ‘Pointy’ for years now (after he commented and linked to one of his posts here on WUWT) and it’s uncanny how often he calls it right, despite what ever opinion is popular in the fake news or the realm of loud-mouthed social media-ocre like Farcebook, Twit-duhh or Instaspam.
        I reckon about the only time he missed an out-swinger was when the Dems managed to score the house majority in 2018 and he was quick about serving himself some humble pie on his blog after that one (how often do we see people paid to report news and opinion display even a trace of humility when they’ve called it wrong?).

        • Over 40 House Republican incumbents decided to retire in 2018, rather than run again. Had most of them run for one more term, there is a very good chance that the Republicans would control the House of Representatives right now.

          I believe that many of these Republicans retired because they couldn’t stand the political heat that was being placed on them because of the impeachment of Donald Trump and everything that led up to it. So they bailed out.

          As we all know now, there was no evidence of Russians colluding with Trump to rig the U.S. elections. It was all a setup by the Obama administration and the Democrats to undermine Trump and what this criminal action accomplished was to swing the House from Republican control to Democrat control which has resulted in paralyzing the Trump administration in many areas.

          When Mueller took over the Special Councels prosecution of Trump, he knew within a matter of weeks that there was no case against Trump there, yet he continued the prosecution right through the 2018 election cycle without ever telling the American people that the prosecution was bogus.

          So we can see that although the Obama administration’s attempted coup was not successful, it did have enormous political benefits to the Democrats. It allowed the Democrats to block Trump at almost every turn.

          If Mueller is found to be mentally competent, then he should go to jail along with Comey and Brennan and Clapper and all the rest of them who carried out this freedom-stealing scam on the American people. Prosecuting someone when there is no initial crime, and it is known at the time, as Mueller did, deserves jail time.

    • Sundance is the guy who has this blog: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/

      He is apparently very well connected and does the nitty gritty down in the trenches research and gives great detailed analysis on what is happening in DC. He has been on top of the attempted coup, the framing of General Flynn, and the ongoing investigations and so many other issues since they began. I have been reading and commenting at this blog for a few years now.

      The detail and cross currents with so many players is tough to keep up with in the time I can commit to it. But what I know is that time and time again Sundance has been right about details months before they are exposed to the public in other media. I also know that Sundance has been very skeptical if not down right cynical of AG Bill Bar and what he will do with the information that he has been accumulating through the various investigations of the attempted coup and the players involved.

      Sundance as of late has been in DC talking to who knows whom? But what is important is that he is not skeptical about the end game now as he most certainly was before. Read this optimistic message. I take heart in it because of the source and my knowledge of his past cynicism. I honestly believe there are great things coming. Things that will help set this Republic back on the right track. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2020/07/27/travel-day/

      • rah
        I also have noticed that Sundance seems to have become more optimistic since he has been talking to people in DC. Hopefully that will end up being good news.

      • “I also know that Sundance has been very skeptical if not down right cynical of AG Bill Bar”

        Attorney General Barr let it be known for the first time yesterday that there is currently an ongoing investigation focused on the Obama administration’s illegal unmasking of Trump officials.

        I personally have great confidence in Bill Barr. I think he will do the right thing.

        • I don’t get the skepticism about AG Barr.

          I liked him from the start when he walked into that committee room and told the Dims spying did occur.
          I have never seen a guiltier group of people. They started stuttering and stammering and looking at each other like their dog just died.
          That man is not going to let us down.

    • “Walkaway movement and the large number of African Americans in it.”

      I have an old friend who about a week ago, out of the blue, announced that she had been a registered Democrat all her life but had just gone down and changed her registration to Republican and was going to vote for Trump. All this unsolicited. This is not a poltical woman and I had no idea if she was a Democrat or Republican, but she felt strongly enough obviously to announce herself publicly.

      Ronna McDaniel, the Republican National Committee head said the other morning that she was seeing numerous voters in critical swing states changing their registration to Republican.

      And you know all this insanity the Left is fomenting now, has to backfire on them with anyone who has a little bit of common sense. Nobody wants these Domestic terrorists in their neighborhood. People who don’t want Domestic terrorists in their neighborhood will vote for Trump.

      November 3, can’t come fast enough. I want to see those lefties screaming at the sky in anguish over having lost to Trump again.

  20. From up here in Canada…

    Never been more worried about the outcome of an election in my life. The Dems win this one, taking over the White House and the Senate, America as we know it within the space of just four years will be pretty much done for.

    And as goes America, so goes western civilization…particularly relevant to my country.

    I watch (for as long as I can stand it) what’s going on in the streets of the USA, and for the life of me I can’t understand why anyone with at least three functioning brain cells would vote for anyone but Trump.


    • Agreed – this isn’t about right vs left – it’s host versus parasite, and the parasite is ready to kill the host.

    • Thanks to Trump, American Hegemony is already over. And a bloody good thing too. America DOES NOT equal civilisation.
      Three functioning brain cells is actually all you need to vote for Trump. Any more, and you become one of them thar dangerous, book readin’, commie intellectuals.
      The Dems win this and the rest of the world will breath a collective sigh of relief. And quite right too.

      From the Washington Post (Commie Liberal Paper):
      The same cannot be said for Trump, whose flailing reelection campaign has collided with a public health disaster. “People close to Trump, many speaking anonymously to share candid discussions and impressions, say the president’s inability to wholly address the crisis is due to his almost pathological unwillingness to admit error; a positive feedback loop of overly rosy assessments and data from advisers and Fox News; and a penchant for magical thinking that prevented him from fully engaging with the pandemic,” my colleagues Philip Rucker and Ashley Parker reported.

      “The irony is that if he’d just performed with minimal competence and just mouthed words about national unity, he actually could be in a pretty strong position right now, where the economy is reopening, where jobs are coming back,” Ben Rhodes, a deputy national security adviser to Obama, told them. “And he just could not do it.”

      Beyond the pandemic, though, experts see Trump as only the catalyst for a shifting global conversation about U.S. power in the world. “I think the U.S. is seen from my perspective as being involved in its own internal reckoning — like the rest of the world doesn’t really exist,” Robin Niblett, director and chief executive of Chatham House, a think tank in London, said to Balz. “It’s America trying to battle with historical and contemporary demons that as much as anything are a result of its own internal contradictions and tensions and strengths and weaknesses.” He added that Trump represented, simply, a rude awakening.

      • American Hegemony only existed in the minds of people who wanted their country to have hegemony.

      • ““People close to Trump, many speaking anonymously to share candid discussions and impressions”

        Or maybe the Washington Post reporters just made all this stuff about Trump up, and just pretend to have confidential sources.

  21. Sitting president is going to have lots of followers…even from people who dislike him and want to find something wrong with every single thing he says.

    Nobody wants to see or hear anything from Biden, especially the people who plan to vote for him. Their guilty conscience might get to them if they did follow him.

  22. I’ve read several times recently that Facebook is “the cesspool of social media.” To me, the numbers quoted in the post offer confirmation of that observation. As to the election, it seems we have the choice between two elderly sex offenders. There are no good choices. What has brought us to this abhorrent situation?

    Can we go back to Climate talk?

    • First off, there is no evidence that Trump is a sex offender.
      Secondly, you are free to ignore any articles that aren’t about Climate. Unless your purpose is to whine about people who talk about things you aren’t interested in.

      • “there is no evidence that Trump is a sex offender.”

        He admitted to sexually assaulting women (kitty grabbing) because he can get away with it (he’s a star.)

        • Observation of an old time publican out here back in the day when there were no females employed in the shearing industry

          “You know the most barmaids are rooted in the sheds Wednesday night and the most sheep are shorn in the pubs Friday night.”

          I’d guess the model for locker rooms might have similar traits?

        • Look, I don’t like him. But he did NOT admit anything. He posited a hypothetical : He COULD grab her and get away with it. Very different. Like me saying I could jump in front of a train. I ain’t gonna do it!

          • What he said was, when you are rich and famous, women LET you blah blah blah…
            Not all women.
            But anyone who is an adult who never noticed that there are certain people who will do anything to be around someone who is very rich, or very famous…and even just extremely attractive.
            That is simply a fact, although somehow everyone forgot it is OK to say things that are true.
            Every city town and village in the world, has librarians, and school marms, and also strippers and prostitutes. They all have people that would only date or marry for love, and others who are shameless gold diggers.
            For some subset of women, the rules change depending on who the guy is.
            It is only recently that some women have decided to know that or speak of it is the worst thing any person can do. They seem to want everyone to pretend these facts do not exist.
            And just so it does not appear I am singling out women, it is also true that every place in the world has men that would risk their life to help a stranger without even thinking, and others who are rapists.
            People act shocked over discovering that some people will do the most awful things imaginable when millions, or tens of millions, or hundreds of billions of dollars, and the control thereof, are on the line…but no one is shocked when someone gets murdered over a petty robbery, small time drug deal, or asinine burglary gone wrong.
            Go figure.

        • Like most of the things Hank knows, this one too is wrong.

          Trump said that he could, not that he did.

          The difference should be obvious even to a troll like you.

        • “He admitted to sexually assaulting women (kitty grabbing) because he can get away with it (he’s a star.)”

          Distorting the truth again, I see, Henry. CNN is always looking for a good propagandist, if you need a job.

          As Mark said, there is no evidence of Trump ever forcing himself on a woman in any way. Your “kitty” example is an example of lockerroom “talk” not action.

          That lockerroom talk didn’t cause Trump to lose the 2016 election and it won’t cause him to lose the 2020 election either, because it was a distortion of reality then, and it is a distortion of reality now. And here you are perpetrating the lie.

          You should stick to climate, Henry.

          • The whole story is, to me, far more complex.

            For one thing, everyone in the world has known for decades that Donald Trump was a rich playboy type, but basically a very good person, although somewhat obnoxious at times for some people’s tastes.
            It is also true that people say things in private they would never say if they knew the whole world would here them say it on TV. Including things that are braggadocios, obnoxious, not really true, and (imagine this) the worst thing that ever came out of someone mouth.
            Outrageous sexual type banter when friends are out alone is not the domain of just men either. I do not have to think very hard to recall some outrageous and very naughty language and things said by some of the women I have known in my life.

            For other people, they never talk like that, in any situation. Those people will sometimes act shocked that anyone would talk like that, and some that would actually BE shocked.
            I doubt there are many people who would not cringe to imagine the worst thing they ever said go out on TV to the world while that person was sitting on the hot seat.
            Maybe there are some people who have never said anything ever in their life they would ever be ashamed or embarrassed about.
            But it is rather strange to hear the same people who pooh-poohed what Bill Clinton did with a young intern in the Oval Office, act all horrified that a rich playboy type would ever engage in locker room talk when he thought it was just him and another guy who would ever hear it.
            He was not running for President at the time, and no one who voted for him did so because they imagined he was gonna be the new moral center of the Universe. He was not elected Pope. He was elected to be the hardnosed business man we all know him to be.

            Any goy who is the best looking man in a whole city knows he can walk into just about any bar in any city in the country, and go home with some girl he meets there…many if not every night.
            People who have been around rock stars know that there are people who are groupies.
            Everyone who is a billionaire has a very much easier time getting dates that someone who is not, although that does not mean they know it or ever take advantage of that fact.

            The facts of life: Some men, and some women, have a very easy task when it comes to finding someone to have sex with…because people of the opposite sex behave differently around around them.
            And some people, men and women, are very permissive. Some are not so at all.
            But everyone knows that such differences exist.

            Another fact: People, especially men, who are very rich know that they will get sued if they break the rules of interpersonal relationships in certain ways…or they ought to.
            Trump was never accused of anything out of line by any women, until they came out of the woodwork on election eve with dubious tales from decades hence.

            Anyone who ever watched/listened to Howard Stern, who acts like someone saying what he said on that bus, means anything substantive, is merely practicing selective outrage based on politics and who they would prefer is sitting in the White House.

            What percent of married men and women have ever cheated on a spouse? The number is very high.
            It sounds nice and neat to say it that way…cheated on a spouse…but when you stop and think about exactly what it means, physically, and emotionally, actually stop and think about it…then someone saying something to another person in private shrinks to insignificance.
            For ever 20 years, the number one source of clicks, site visits, and revenue generated by online ads and subscriptions has been pornography.
            And people want to act shocked…SHOCKED… that someone SAID something off color once.
            Gimme a break.

    • “What has brought us to this abhorrent situation?”
      You not running? Of course, “Philosopher King” isn’t a thing, so I can understand why you have deferred to throw your tiara into the ring.

  23. Anthony,
    Congrats on having VSGPDJT as a reader of your site! Don’t forget that the DemoKKKrats are going to pull every trick in the boook to win in November. There will be graveyards around the country counted as polling places and every illegal will be sent Fraud-by-Mail forms. Stacy Abrams is the DNC’s Director of Fraud and Ballot Harvesting but she still thinks she is governor! Maybe she will get the chance to claim she is Vice-
    President after Nov. 3!
    A win by President Trump will give us a chance to reverse some of the damage done over the previous three administrations and perhaps restore America to greatness! Thanks for all you do to shine the light of truth!

    • Joe Biden want’s everyone to know he’s just a regular guy. He puts his pants on the same way we do, one arm at a time.

  24. “That’s greater than a 10 to 1 ratio in likes and followers between the two candidates.”

    And yet, the MSM would have us believe that Trump is steadily losing ground to ‘what’s his name.’ At this point in time, Yahoo has suspended comments to their news articles as well as their British Op-Eds. I’m not a big fan of conspiracy theories, but is it well known that there is a tendency for people to hop on the Band Wagon. And, some people, if they think their vote won’t make a difference don’t bother to vote. Thus, there is at least an incentive for liberal media to convince the public that Trump is losing to the guy living in his basement.

    • “Thus, there is at least an incentive for liberal media to convince the public that Trump is losing to the guy living in his basement.”

      Oh, definitely! That’s exactly what the Leftwing Propaganda Machine is trying to do. They want Trump’s supporters to lose faith in him.

      The good news is the Left doesn’t understand the psychology of the current situation. Trump’s supporters are on to the tricks of the Leftwing Media. They saw it all in 2016, and so as the Leftwing Media ramps up the anti-Trump rhetoric, his supporters just get more determined to vote for him.

      Wild Horses wouldn’t keep Trump voters away from the polls.

  25. There is a very large silent majority that are fed up with the way the Democrats have acted the last 4 years, if not 12 years. And even more since this Pandemic began, and then the rioting and looting and ongoing protests in all the big Democrat cities. President Trump just has to win the Electoral College, not the popular vote, which is what he did last time.

    I think the silent majority, when they do vote, will have to consider what direction they want the country to go in, Left or Right. The only think that can throw this election off is massive voter fraud such as the mail in ballot and/or outright fraud in missing/stuffed ballot boxes, which we know happens, but to what extent does it happen, no-one really knows. The other thing that could give Democrats the edge is if Creepy Senile Joe gives up the ghost, or resigns as the candidate when everyone sees in a live debate that his mental health is truly compromised. And then some dark horse could appear out of nowhere that could excite the undecided voter to change their vote, which is what this probably boils down to, which is the current undecided voter/swing states. As they say, It ain’t over, til it’s over.

  26. “I think it’s more likely that conservatives simply don’t engage in polls, resulting in left-skew, just like in 2016.”

    This is beyond doubt more true than ever.
    Trump will win in an epic landslide.
    Like 1968 perhaps.
    How many people who voted for Trump in 2016 are gonna vote to hand the country over to what we are seeing these days?
    There are few people on either side who do not hate what is happening on one front of another.

    Even if no other evidence was possible, who thinks that the wide swings of over 5% we are seeing from week to week, means that all those people are changing minds about who to vote for?
    The choice could hardly be more stark from one side to the other.
    Even people who hate Trump and who have never voted anything but D, are not going to back rampaging mobs burning, looting, and k!lling people.
    And who is gonna vote for the guy who promises to raise their taxes, even if we were not in a recession?
    And then defund the police?
    Right along with Take Away Our Guns?

    Even if Biden was not well along the road of cognitive decline, he has no chance.

    • Scribbled on the back of a garbage truck:






  27. I’m not a United States citizen so my opinion carries little weight but from what I see Trump has not attacked the little guy, that’s been the Democrats or at least my perception of them. The Democrats have also aligned themselves with destructive groups like ANITFA and BLM who do want to interfere with peoples lives and I reckon the insecurity caused by that threat and the fact the they don’t see Trump as a threat to their personal safety and well being. Biden is no Obama, he represents a wing of the Democrats that has run out of energy and he personifies that so he has a credibility problem if he tries to sell the Green New Deal. A blowout election for Trump would not be unexpected depending on how he plays his cards in August, September.

    Another scenario is a close run election where the Democrats take their loss to the Supreme court and they seem to be gearing up to do that around the postal votes. It can be expected that 3% of postal votes will get lost in the system and not arrive on time to be counted which may be enough to swing the election in some states.

    • “Another scenario is a close run election where the Democrats take their loss to the Supreme court and they seem to be gearing up to do that around the postal votes.”

      I read last week that Biden already has 600 laywers on standby to contest the election results.

      • I think that’s been pretty standard for both parties to have lawyers (not necessarily that exact number) on standby ever since the 2000 election. Neither party want’s to have to scramble to get lawyers in place should history repeat itself.

  28. The Facebook status are high for Trump because Trump has something to say. Any saying stuff can get a guy into trouble… Based on polls, Trump needs a miracle and we need a miracle.

    ta da, ta da, ta da…

    There are now front line doctors who state it is a fact that the HCQ cocktail works and that there has been a massive ‘coverup’ to hide that fact.

    On the congressional front steps today….

    The made for Television piece (about 2 minutes in the clip) is the front line, angry black, doctor who works in a hospital in Houston, woman doctor…who states it is a fact the HCQ cocktail works, as she treated 350 covid sick patients….

    ..with the HCQ cocktail and the patients did not fake getting better. Effective drugs work or do not work.

    And this is the kicker, the Woman is from Nigeria and she used the malaria drug to treat patients in Nigeria. It works. The woman is angry because she knows liars and politician liars.

    As she said, there are no ‘discussions’ if the HCQ cocktail works. The time for ‘discussions’ with liars is over.

    The ‘fake’ paper anti HCQ paper, should be investigated as mass murder.

    There is a 2004 Virology paper, written by the organization, which the head of the FDCC, is a director of, that notes the malaria drug is an effect treatment for coronal viruses.

    The front line doctors do not understand why covid-19 is called a novel virus. They have faced coronal viruses before and this new virus though more deadly is 70% the same.

    Trump/we have sort of a miracle. Sad in way. There is in your face evidence of Mass organized lying to hide an effective treatment for covid during a time of a pandemic is ….

    Should be the number one issue for this election.

    Trump should triple done.

    Fire the head of the FDCC, determine if criminal charges should be laid, media companies forced to undo the damage they have done by spreading this lie.

    And the American people’s doctors should have access to the HCQ cocktail and it should be the standard treatment, unless there is something better.



    • “There are now front line doctors who state it is a fact that the HCQ cocktail works and that there has been a massive ‘coverup’ to hide that fact.”


      The Key to Defeating COVID-19 Already Exists. We Need to Start Using It

      Harvey A. Risch, MD, PhD , Professor of Epidemiology, Yale School of Public Health

      On 7/23/20 at 7:00 AM EDT

      As professor of epidemiology at Yale School of Public Health, I have authored over 300 peer-reviewed publications and currently hold senior positions on the editorial boards of several leading journals. I am usually accustomed to advocating for positions within the mainstream of medicine, so have been flummoxed to find that, in the midst of a crisis, I am fighting for a treatment that the data fully support but which, for reasons having nothing to do with a correct understanding of the science, has been pushed to the sidelines. As a result, tens of thousands of patients with COVID-19 are dying unnecessarily. Fortunately, the situation can be reversed easily and quickly.

      I am referring, of course, to the medication hydroxychloroquine. When this inexpensive oral medication is given very early in the course of illness, before the virus has had time to multiply beyond control, it has shown to be highly effective, especially when given in combination with the antibiotics azithromycin or doxycycline and the nutritional supplement zinc.

      end excerpt

      Trump is vindicated. The Left hates it.

      • I disagree.

        The facts vindicate Trump. Trump is not vindicated.

        Trump needs campaign ads talking about the HCQ cocktail……

        There should be a dang alarm going off in the Republican party. Are you guys awake!!!!

        The Republican party need to use the entire party’s strength to fix the most important problem the US faces…

        Our economy is bleeding. There are riots in the streets and the people are afraid.

        ….. Do whatever it takes. Start demonstrations, stop all action in congress until this problem is resolved. The HCQ cocktail, should if it is a fact that is a high effective treatment when used appropriate to treat covid, be immediately available for use in hospitals.

        Start with Republican states. Get good results and then go all in, making it a fact that every covid patient in the US, will have the option of very earlier HCQ treatment.

        Lay off the stupid statue issue.

        The idiot Left have given the Republicans an issue that will result in jail time for some of those involved.

        Americans are dying everyday because they are not being treated with the HCQ cocktail

        CNN, ABC, CNBC, and so on….

        Ran the lie, that the HCQ does not save lives. We are not using HCQ because of a lie that was spread by the media, that was started because politics, is more important the US lives.

        US lives matter. People’s lives matter more than politics.

        What people do not get is lying to hide a very, effective treatment for the coronal virus that was been used before….

        Is not playing Politics….. It is a fact that thousands and thousands and thousands of US citizens have died or now have life long lung and organ damage because….

        The 24/7 news stations are guilty of criminal negligence. They have a duty to check the information that they issue. And now that we all know they were spreading a lie…

        It is there responsibility to use there ‘news’ channel to undo the damage that they did.

        This is direct interference into the US election and killing US citizens, in real time …..

        …told a 100% lie. A criminal lie which is that HCQ will kill them and is not highly effective in treating the covid virus when given in the correct dosage and time in the viruses progression in the body. The virus starts in the throat and then moves into the lungs.

        Lying studies were issued that either used HCQ incorrectly (too high dosage, cannot help people who are near death, needs to given to the patient early or before infection) or it appears …..

        The Lying studies made up data. This should be investigated as murder…..

        • Laura Ingraham had a chart on her show last night showing the difference in the death rate for nations like Turkey that use HCQ on all people who test positive for the Wuhan virus verses nations that do not, and the chart was startling. Those who used HCQ as soon as possible after the infection is noticed had a much lower death rate.

  29. What is obvious to me is that Democrats cannot allow Dementia Joe to debate Trump in September and October. The DNC’s whole Hiden Biden’s dementia efforts they are playing will collapse if they allow that. So somehow they’ve got to get the debates cancelled without it being obvious to the public that Senile Joe can’t form two coherent sentences on complex topics that requires high-level executive function anymore without a teleprompter or notes.

    • A few weeks back, the Democrats claimed that they would only debate if Trump released all of his tax records.

        • Can I see yours please Mr Pool. 10 years worth if you don’t mind. Including the schedules with itemizations for loopholes deductions claimed.

          • Send me the release form from the IRS, and I’ll let them send them to you.

            I work for a living, you will be disappointed.

          • Does trolling count as working?

            Send them to Anthony, then he can post them.
            Assuming that you aren’t lying again.

          • Biden provided his. Obama provided his. Both Bushes provided theirs. Clinton provided hers. Reagan provided his……..what is Trump hiding?

          • And they all suck as president or candidate for president and have all made lots of other terrible decisions about how this country should be run. Why should Trump follow in the footsteps of terrible leaders when he leads? So you did not make the point you thought you did. Do I have to explain it to you more simply?

          • Trump has no obligation to release his tax returns and particularly if they are currently being audited by the IRS … that’s Lois Lerner’s weaponised IRS. Let’s not forget how Obama used public service organisations to attack his detractors.

            ” 1. Are presidents required to release their tax returns?
            Presidents aren’t required by law to release their tax returns. Nevertheless, between 1974 and 2012, every president but Gerald Ford has made a voluntary release of the tax returns they filed while in office. Ford released no complete returns, but released 10 years of summary data including gross income, taxable income, major deductions, and taxes paid.
            This tradition of voluntary tax return disclosure ended in 2017, when President Trump declined to release any personal tax information. Trump has offered various reasons for keeping his returns private, but he has frequently insisted that he won’t make a release while his returns are being audited by the IRS. ”

        • Most people would not understand a complicated tax return. If you think that Democrats will not twist the truth about Trump’s returns and put forth all kinds of untruthful speculations, you are just dumb. And if you think that Trump’s tax returns have not been thoroughly examined to exhaustion by the IRS, you are even worse than dumb.

          • Henry Pool has a perverse belief that there must be something Trump did that he can be impeached or removed from office over. There’s got to be something. He clings and clings to that perverse hope.

            I tell you, early on, before the crash course in politics, I was worried. I am not anymore. And neither is most of America. Hense, you see the panic by the Left… The fun (albeit sad) part is watching the Left each their own… as the woke become chum for their creations. Priceless.

          • Most people understand that all presidents since Nixon have revealed their tax returns. Most people understand that Trump is hiding something. He’s even hiding them from a grand jury, which everyone knows would remain secret under the rules of procedure with respect to a grand jury.

          • Do you know what the word leak means? Do we have to explain that to you too? You don’t get it, nor will you because you are consistent… an anti barometer.

          • Mario, if there is nothing illegal in the tax returns, then I would think Trump would release them to prove to everyone how rich he really is. Or is it the loan he’s deducting interest on that he got from Russia?

          • Your logic is that of a socialist. It does not pass muster for intelligent or honest Americans. Do I have to explain that to you?

          • Henry Pool, “if there is nothing illegal in the tax returns, then I would think Trump would release them to prove to everyone how rich he really is. Or is it the loan he’s deducting interest on that he got from Russia?”

            I have no particular like or dislike of Trump, but he is the leader of the civilised free world and the rest of us civilised free men in the world rely on his tenacity to keep us all free.

            Why are you lefties so interested in other people’s wealth ? Is it not enough that the man takes no salary for President … that he has vast corporations that could better use his skills than defend himself from the likes of nitwits.

            I don’t know whether he has finance that is originated in Russia … is that illegal ? I expect that there are many US corporations doing JV’s in Russia and the likewise, Russian corporations in the USA … is that illegal?

            Trump had a corporate life before being ELECTED President … unlike most others who were particular nobodies of note … Clinton pleaded that he was broke and somehow became fabulously wealthy, Obama was a ‘community organiser’ of no wealthy disposition yet is suddenly fabulously wealthy … where did that money come from. Biden is linked with the nefarious laundering of aide to Yugoslavia back through his chums … he’s nothing but a half-witted bum … if he had another brain cell it would be lonely … and that is the sorry excuse that is put forward as a potential leader of the civilised free world ? Are you kidding me ?

          • No one who votes for him cares one tiny rat’s tuchus about his tax returns.
            And the people who want to see them are are not “concerned some crime might have been committed”.
            How stupid does anyone have to be to not see what is really going on?
            The Democrat voters have been studiously ignoring crimes by the thousands by anyone who is a member of the party they vote for.
            They all want to see those returns for one reason…to play gotcha.
            His returns are audited.
            They are not public information.
            And in case there are democrats who did not notice, 37 angry Democrat attack dog prosecutors combed over every aspect of his life and business for two years and found nothing…not one thing, they could charge him with.
            It was the largest ever prosecution…in search of a crime. And none was found.
            They raked dozens of people over the coals for years…still doing it in some cases, just to try to get someone who would compose a crime that did not exist.
            Personally, I think it may be the case we have not seen any prosecutions yet is because of how high up it goes. Deep and wide and high enough to risk tearing the country apart.
            Lindsay Graham has been promising hearings to “get to the bottom of it all” for three years now. Including a new round of such promises after the impeachment hearings last Winter.
            Still nothing.
            Not one senate hearing yet over the Bidens, or the hoax blower colluding with Adam Schiff, or any of the people known to have lied in all of that.
            What the Obama white House and the Department of Justice and the FISA court and the FBI did to Trump since before he was elected is the biggest scandal and the worst crimes ever committed for political purposes in this country in over 200 years.

            But “tax returns” is what anyone cares about?

          • Hank has never been a deep thinker. He keeps repeating the same disprove mantra over and over again, hoping the next time someone will believe him.

        • What’s Trump hiding? Nothing as far as I, or anyone else knows, including Henry.

          Trump is the most honest president in U.S. history. Or at least, the most vetted.

          Trump has said on more than one occasion that he would be happy to let the Democrats look at his income tax returns, just as soon as his lawyers decide it can be done.

          Trump just smiles when they ask him about his income taxes. I think he smiles because he knows something the Democrats don’t know, that his income taxes are clean and legal.

          Trump is rich enough that he doesn’t have to cheat on his taxes, and imo, he is a moral person who would not indulge in such a thing. So he’s just stringing the Democrats along. Another Trump excellent troll of the Democrats. Like the time he offered to put solar panels on the Southern Border Wall and the Democrats went nuts.

          • Abbott, he won’t release them to a New York district attorney. “just as soon as his lawyers decide it can be done.” ….uh…..no…… it’s not his lawyer’s call.

            “Trump is the most honest president in U.S. history” well, he’s claimed he can’t release them because he is under audit by the IRS, but the IRS has no rules that prevent them from being released. Clearly he’s lying.

            Trump said he’s never screwed Stormy Daniels, Stormy says he has. One is lying, but one got paid a lot of money to keep their mouth shut. Oh….how about Karen McDougal?

          • “the most vetted.” ……who took his SAT exam? We haven’t seen his grades from school????

          • …….no, Trump has not disclosed his birth certificate.

            Sorry, wrong again Mr Pool.


            In fact Trump has supplied 3:
            1) the Certificate from Jamaica Hospital in Queens (provided to Maher as seen in the above link).
            2) the Certificate of Birth Registration for New York City
            3) the Certification of Birth from The City of New York’s Vital Records department

            However, Bill Maher hasn’t (as far as I’m aware) disclosed if he ever donated the $5 million that he offered to in exchange for the Birth Certificate.

          • Hey Henry – they show us ANYTHING about Obama’s college days?

            This has been a four year rat-f*ck and the slimelords that you support STILL can’t find enough to railroad Trump with.

            Of course, propaganda works best on the bigoted – which is where progressives live.

          • ““Trump is the most honest president in U.S. history” well, he’s claimed he can’t release them because he is under audit by the IRS, but the IRS has no rules that prevent them from being released. Clearly he’s lying.”

            You’re confused, Henry. Trump does claim he can’t release his tax returns because he is under IRS audit, but he never said it was because of IRS rules, but rather it was because of the advice of his lawyers. His lawyers advise him not to release his tax records until after the tax audit is completed and it is perfectly legal for Trump to follow his lawyer’s advice, and if someone doesn’t like it, they can sue Trump. And that’s where we are. No lying on Trump’s part.

          • Henry wrote: “Trump said he’s never screwed Stormy Daniels, Stormy says he has. One is lying, but one got paid a lot of money to keep their mouth shut.”

            That’s right. My money is on Trump. Trump could have been paying hush money just to get her to hush, not because he actually had sex with her. Just the accusation would cause him a lot of trouble, as we have seen. So if he could avoid that publicity, I can see where he might want to make a deal with her. That doesn’t mean he had sex with her. You are free to assume whatever you want.

            Henry wrote: ” Oh….how about Karen McDougal?”

            What about her? Can you make a case for her? She apparently cannot.

            It’s easy to make accusations. Anyone can do it. Proving it is another matter. Perhaps you should take notice of how good the radical Democrats are at ginning up fake scandals for their political opponents. They are very good at it. At one time they had over a dozen different women making sexual assault claims against Trump. Not one of the claims stood up to scrutiny. But that doesn’t matter to Democrats. What they are after is the accusation, as they can use that to smear their opponents, whether the accusations prove true or not.

            None of the women that falsely accused Trump could prove their cases. Most of them didn’t even try. And some of the accusations were frivilous, like the beauty contestant that complained that Trump told her she was too fat for the contest.

        • What is Obama hiding by not releasing his birth certificate, Henry?

          That question makes as much sense as your question does! The fact that both men’s initial impulse was to refuse to make public certain documents doesn’t mean they’re hiding anything. It took years before Obama finally released the birth certificate, and there’s no agency of the government with the power to audit birth certificates, and little in a birth certificate that can be twisted by ones political enemies into appearing to be somehow nefarious despite not being so.

          • You expect Hank to make sense?
            He’s reached the point where he’s grabbing every straw that he can find to distract from the fact that his earlier rants have fallen flat.

        • One tax return did get out somehow to CNN and they devoted a prime time show to it.

          It was a nothing burger, it showed that he paid a lot of tax, there was nothing in it to get at him.

          Based on that one, I suspect none of his tax returns reveal anything nefarious.

        • Question. What would be found in his tax returns that would make him unelectable?

          I’d be happy for Trumps tax returns to made public, as well as Joe Biden’s financial dealings with China, Ukraine, while being an elected US official and how on earth a drug addict like Hunter got on that energy company board in Ukraine? And was the firing of the Ukraine prosecutor directly tied to the US foreign aid as Joe Biden threatened when he publicly stated he asked for the prosecutor to be fired? Quid pro quo? NO?

          If you want transparency in your leaders then you best make sure they’re squeaky clean. Lucky Joe has onset dementia, what he can’t remember will be his saving Grace. I wonder is Joe has a foundation he can funnel his ill gotten gains into like the Clintons have?

    • Even without debates, all Trump has to do is play all of the mental lapses that Biden has made since the start of the campaign.

      Start off with by pointing out the problems with Joe’s mental faculties, then have a couple of staffers start talking about the Democrats plan to replace Biden a few months after the election with their actual candidate, whoever the VP is.

      • Is injecting a disinfectant a “mental lapse?”
        “And then I see the disinfectant, that knocks it out in a minute…and is there a way you can do something like, by injection, inside, or almost to clean…it sounds interesting to me.

        • The 1st b, scratch that, Black President Willixm Jefferson Clinton, peace be upon his name, told it like it is, scratch that, be when thus enlightened the world: “It depends on what the meaning of is is.”

        • It really is pathetic how trolls take whatever the media tells them as gospel, without ever checking the whole truth.
          It’s almost as if they are being paid to be dishonest.

        • “Is injecting a disinfectant a “mental lapse?””

          No, that’s one of the lies you tell about Trump.

          • I was watching the congressional hearing with Attroney General Bob Barr yesterday, and one of the idiot Democrats on the Judiciary Committee repeated this “Trump wants people to inject disinfectant” distortion of the truth. See, Henry, you’re a bad influence on at least one congresscritter.

            I think this congresscritter was that guy that thought Guam was in danger of tipping over if too much weight was put on one end of the island.

            Anyone who watched that House hearing saw the real, ugly face of the radical Democrats. They are just dripping with hate for anyone who doesn’t see the world the way they do. All they did was grandstand and show their contempt for their political opponents. They are the devisive ones. They are the ones who don’t want to get along.

          • It was just awful, Tom. Bill Barr was so gracious. It got to the point of ludicrous when the female senator was spewing such contrive nonsense and even scolding him for interrupting him for answering a rhetorical question she literally just asked.

            It was an assault of reality, where people who have an idea of what is going on would ask, “What planet are we on?” Watch planet of the Apes… ” and tell me the dems in congress are not at a significantly higher level of ignorance and level of bigotry and malfeasance.

      • I think their plan may be to let him get sworn in, then invoke the 25th Amendment.
        We know they have that on their mind, and they always accuse other people of what they are doing or have in mind.
        I suspect that is what anyone voting for him is figuring.
        Speaking extemporaneously, he cannot concatenate a full sentence.
        So the question becomes his running mate.
        And the demographics of that choice have him painted into a corner.
        If he somehow wins, whoever is his VP will be the President, either sooner or (not much) later.

        What I am really scratching my head about is, how are they going to act surprised when Biden loses?
        And yet is there any doubt it will be a magnified version of what happened after the election in 2016?

        • They’re seemingly trying to set up the scenario with ‘faked’ polls that Biden is an absolute shoe-in and if he looses it’s because Trump engaged the Russians / Chinese / Aliens to interfere with the voting … is this 2016 again ? The Russian conspiracy is dead, their media needs to tell them that awful truth.

    • I have been saying that on Twitter.
      No way can they let Biden debate Trump…or anyone.
      He can can barely speak for a minute without saying something totally incoherent.
      And whenever he is face to face with someone who challenges him in any way, he gets nasty and combative, and starts rambling about pushups, IQ tests, and then resorts to crude insults.
      That was why they had to take him out of live events altogether, and that was 6 months ago, and he was declining rapidly in coherence.
      The people in his camp should be ashamed of themselves.

      • “The people in his camp should be ashamed of themselves.”

        Yes, they should. Trying to carry an incompetent over the finish line in full view of the American public.

        • Regarding: “Trying to carry an incompetent over the finish line in full view of the American public.”

          My comment is, that incompetent Joe 30330 is the best the party can get. Now for the bait and switch. I predict Michelle will jump in to save her husband (from being erased and perhaps indicted) at the last minute, so she can avoid being vetted. She will skip the debates and the LEFT will be so excited it will make for a scary time in American politics. Boy I hope I am wrong.

          • >> >>He can can barely speak for a minute without saying something totally incoherent
            >> My comment is, that incompetent Joe 30330 is the best the party can get.
            Are you sure he meant Biden here?
            But you are absolutely right, the Democrats should be ashamed of themselves to put up a candidate like that and yes it might cost them the election, as unpopular Trump seems at the moment, the Democrats seem to have found a match for that..
            Two rich old white men . . to me they seem to have more in common than differences and do not represent the America I know

    • “So somehow they’ve got to get the debates cancelled without it being obvious to the public that Senile Joe can’t form two coherent sentences”

      Harvard University just announced today they were cancelling the presidential debate to be held there, citing the Wuhan virus as the reason.

  30. There are a couple of points worth remembering. Firstly national polls in 2016 were correct. They predicted
    that Clinton would win by a couple of percent and indeed that was the final margin in the popular vote.
    National level polls do not however allow you to accurately predict the results in the electoral college. And indeed in 2016 the state level polls in the swing states were much closer and while they favoured Clinton a
    Trump victory was within the margin of error.

    Finally it is worth remembering just how close the 2016 election was. If forty thousand people had voted for Clinton rather than Trump then she would now be president. Since then Trump’s popularity has decreased and he can no longer
    campaign as an outsider coming in to fix the system since he is now as much a part of the swamp as anyone else. On top
    of that COVID-19 deaths keep rising and the economy is getting worse. Trump still has the advantage that he is the
    incumbent but other than that it is hard to find any signs to be optimistic about a Trump victory in November.

      • According to who? And more importantly when? Polls from just before the election showed
        about a 2% lead for Clinton which is where the popular vote ended up. A Trump victory was
        always within the margin of error.

        • That’s what they always do. They’ll do it this time again. They show a massive lead for democrats over and over again through the silly season then the last week before the election all of a sudden it’s much closer. Gallup even does it.

          But if you must contend that stuff doesn’t happen. https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2016/11/09/why-2016-election-polls-missed-their-mark/
          Bunch more links like that but you know that I’m sure.

          NYT meter on election night started with a 90% probability that Hilary would win. The young turkeys noted it’s falling over and over as they melted down and the red on the map kept growing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiWY0iRLV94

          Virtually every single newscaster covering election night 2016 on the major broadcast and cable networks expressed shock or dismay when it became obvious that Trump was going to win. I know because I have watched the full election night videos of every single one of them on Youtube. Rachel Madcow and her “UH!” like she had taken a shot to the gut on air when NBC had to declare Trump the “presumptive winner” of Florida.

          It all there but I’m sure you don’t want to watch it. The ONLY significant poll that had Trump winning that I can remember was that of the LA Times. Nate Silver was a big loser and had to go on and eat crow his prediction was so far off.

          • Rah,
            You are confusing two things. What the polls actually said was different to how they were interpreted. Again national level polls showed roughly a 2% margin for Clinton and indeed that was the final margin in the popular vote. But as is clear winning the popular vote and winning the electoral college are two very different things.

            Trump’s victory was unlikely in 2016 since the odds of anyone losing the popular vote and winning the electoral college vote is small. So it is not surprising that people were shocked by it. What it does mean is that national level polls are a poor substitute for state level polls.

          • No:

            You’re confusing many things. Looking back, the left came up with all kinds of hypothesis about why they were wrong… HRC has hundreds of reasons. And you get no credit for the hindcast after the fact.

            I predict another land slide election. And I do not care one iota about the so-called popular vote mattering in a US election. That is not how our Republic form of government works. It’s about how the majority of the states vote… which helps keep our whole country engaged.

            The issue is who will win the election, and from that standpoint, your people got it way wrong such that their reactions were all the proof you need.

          • Pollsters and poll compilers doctored the results they publish to make it look like they were not that far off.
            Very few polls had it anywhere close. They are highlighting a few that did to gaslight people into thinking they did not utterly fail.
            How can anyone forget how it was when it happened?
            I followed the polls every day for over a year ahead of that election, and I fully expected all of the pollsters and pundits would be out of a job.
            But none were put out of work.
            They just kept their heads down until enough time had passed that it would be less obvious to those not paying much attention what had happened at the time, then messaged and spun the numbers.

          • Izaak

            I’m not confusing anything. The reason the leftist in the press were so disgruntled was because the believed the polls! That’s the reason Van Jones couldn’t explain what he called “a white lash” to his kids. That is also why the wackos demonstrated and wailed so loudly and prominently after the election. Then in the streets of DC when Trump was sworn in, have continued to do so right up to present. Why we still hear guests on news shows declaring the election of 2016 was illegitimate even now. And now, we see violence and the wanton destruction of property as the dismay and hate continues and the democrats flail to find some way to stop Orange Man Bad from getting a 2nd term after their coup attempt has failed and is gradually being exposed.

        • Yeah, but most people look at the average of polls, and even two weeks before the election in 2016, almost every poll had Clinton far ahead.
          It is obvious hardly anyone wavers from day to day and week about who to vote for in a national election, so obviously the polls are worthless.
          Trump did not close any gaps with voters in the final days.
          What happened was, some of the polling services knew they had to report something like what the final totals would be on election day so they published a few unbiased polls at the last minute.
          The way to gauge it properly is to realize a lot of people will not speak to pollsters, and that only a few of the polling services do honest polling.
          So look at Rasmussen, and add 4-8 points for the silent voters. At least.
          Why even pay attention or average in a Quinnipiac poll that gives Biden a 15 point lead nationally? On the same day Rasmussen has it within the margin of error.
          The other thing is, until late August when large polls of likely voters only are beginning to be done, the polls are doubly skewed.
          Polls of registered voters in July have rarely been close to the eventual result.
          That can be seen on the RCP pages too.

          Another thing about the RCP average…look at this page of polls from 2016. Where is the weekly poll from Rasmussen?
          One or two waaaaay down the list.
          They winnow the polls they compile into their average.
          You can see it in real time if you follow them every day, then look at the running totals, and observe who they eliminate from the running list.


          And here:


          • Izaak Walton: You are SO easy to argue with. James Comey gave HRC the advantage by not charging her with the crimes he laid out. And he did not even list all of her crimes. Please, stop rewriting history with Left talking points, memes, drivel.

          • Comey was in a bind, as I understand it. He had been keeping secret for about 4 weeks that the FBI had found more potentially incriminating material on Huma’s hubby’s pc, he had made statements under oath that were at odds with that the pc evidence, he had to make more statements on oath in the near future where it would be bad for him if he had to disclose that he had kept it secret when it could have had a bearing on an election result. Also, I understand a state police department was aware of the pc and had been asking why it was being kept secret.

            He was in a bad spot and so chose to disclose it and then clear her again in a couple of days as the best course of action he could take in the circumstances.

        • Clinton loving pundits gave Clinton a 95% chance of being elected.
          First rule of politics: when you start believing your own lies, you’re in trouble. So all politicans tell lies, but the key is to know what a lie.

          The Clintons and media believed their own lies.

          • Joel: Just in case Izaak Walton says that he forgets, and wishes to rewrite history, he’s a short clip to remind him that history is not so easily erased.

          • Joel,
            Currently out of 58 presidential elections the winner of the popular vote has been
            elected 53 times, i.e. 91% of the time. So given that Clinton was ahead in the polls
            by 2 percent the chances of her becoming president would have been about 95%.

            To repeat, in 2016 national level polls predicted about a 2 to 3% lead for Clinton.
            She won the popular vote by 2.1% which was slightly less than the polls forecast but
            not significantly. But national level polls are not good indicators of state level polls which is what a lot of commentators forgot at the last election and which a significant number are still doing.

          • Seems to me that a poll showing a lead that is within the margin of error is a poor poll to stake a “98% certain to win” claim on. I can’t recall ever hearing that about a 2% poll lead in any other political race.

          • Izaak Walton
            Your obsession with the popular vote is ignorant. The popular vote has no meaning in a Presidential election. If you would bother to read Federalist Paper No 68 you will learn why the election of the President was designed the way it is.

          • How could anyone have been so confident in a win as Clinton and the Democratic media and pundit class were?
            Because they knew they had the fix in for massive cheating.
            Of every type.
            Many millions of fake votes were tallied.
            A glimpse of it was seen and swept under the rug during the recounts, when in one democrat stronghold after another, ballot boxes were found to be completely out of accord with the votes that were tallied. The number of ballots in the boxes was a fraction of the totals written on the outside of the boxes.
            I do not know of one single person who was uncertain of who they would vote for between Clinton and Trump.
            The whole notion is preposterous.
            The choice was so stark it was beyond night and day.
            And a careful look at certain tracking polls that were very steady all along, and that matched vote totals very closely (except of course in the big democratic cities and states with large number of illegals voting) at the end as well, shows the truth about how many people were wavering.
            I never heard from a single person in any medium who was anything but very certain of how they would vote.
            If one subtracts even NYC and LA from the national vote totals, the result is a Win for Trump by a huge number of votes.
            There has never been an election in the US where there was not massive ballot box stuffing and all manner of other shenanigan’s in the places it could be gotten away with, which are those precincts with massive Democratic majorities, mainly in the big cities.

            They were confident of a win because they knew the fix was in and it was massive.
            But they underestimated the amount they would need to cheat by…by a lot.
            Millions of extra votes in some large cities will not matter when those cities cannot outweigh a whole state in which the city sits. And huge cheating in a few states will not alter the electoral college results over the whole country.
            And that is the rarely spoken genius of the electoral college.
            Election fraud was well known to the framers.
            They knew that a few big cities, even way back then, could fix an election by fake votes if there were elections where a fake vote in NYC could cancel out a real vote in rural Tennessee.
            The full meaning of “the tyranny of the majority” goes beyond the usual prosaic definition.
            Everyone knew that James Comey had given Hillary a pass on charges that if investigated for real and not whitewashed, would have put her in prison, and even if she skated on some technicality or trial rigging, would have taken her out of the election.
            There was no one who was hanging on what James Comey said before the election.
            He had cleared her in his press conference in July when he had no authority or precedent for doing so, and did so on the basis of a rationale that had no basis in law. The FBI does not decide what evidence merits prosecution. And intent does not nullify or even mitigate the charges she was being investigated for. And investigators are not the arbiters of intent. Juries can do that…not police.

            All that was, was another thing for people who had lost to blame something or someone, anything or anyone, but themselves and running a bad candidate and a bad campaign.
            In all the time since, she has not stopped blaming anything she could think of as long as it had nothing to do with her or the will of the people.

          • Tom in Florida

            The leftists refuse to understand that our Constitution is set up so it is the states which elect the POTUS and not the individuals. The popular vote is irrelevant to the results. And now days it not even relevant in indicating what the true will of the majority of citizens is because leftist states are allowing non-citizens to vote in massive numbers.

    • At this point in 2016 the polls were almost the same in terms of national vote totals.
      And there will be a lot more people this time who will simply not tell some stranger on the phone how they will vote.
      Even the exit polls on election day in 2016 were way off in the states that mattered.
      You have to look at the polling internals.
      They are all oversampling Democrats and large cities.
      Almost half of African Americans are polling for Trump, and about 35% of the Hispanic vote.
      Either of those holding true on election day makes this election a landslide for Trump.

      The polls may be disconcerting, but only if one accepts them at face value.
      And as you said, National polls have nothing to do with it anyway.

    • The rules of the Presidential election game haven’t changed in 240 years, i.e. the electoral college. So to claim Clinton team of professional managers didn’t understand that and that national polls meant anything except for talking points is hogwash. The campaign managers deeply understand that it is at the swing states where the Presidential race is won or lost.

      Both Trump and Clinton campaigns and National parties pay big bucks for and run “private-confidential polling in key counties in key states. That is very different from the kinds of polling the media networks or universities pay for and run. Everyone is those campaigns know that. Apparently Izaak you DO NOT.
      And both parties and candidates are paying for private polling again today.

      In 2016 Clinton’s team was confident they had Florida in the run up to election day. When their polling model for Florida flopped, they knew they were in trouble because if it flopped there it likely was not accurate for Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, or Michigan. They knew they had ignored those other key states , where they failed to make visits in the final weeks.
      Wasn’t even close there in Florida the final tally, it was 49.0% Trump and 47.8% Clinton, but in Florida that difference was over 110,000 votes deficit for Clinton. Clinton team’s FL polling likely that it was 110,000 the other way. People just aren;t telling the truth even to private polls today. Once Florida was called for Trump on election night, a cold chill and deep silence fell across the Clinton gathered partiers at the Javits Center. They knew what that meant for her path to victory.

    • Prior to the election, the media was calling for an electoral landslide in favor of Hillary.

    • Izaak I notice you appear to be somewhere in the EU:

      “And indeed in 2016 the state level polls in the swing states were much closer and while they favoured Clinton a Trump victory was within the margin of error.”

      I also notice you spend a great deal of time, both in this thread and throughout other articles at WUWT commenting on the ills and woes (or so you would argue) of an American president.

      I’m just curious, what is it about this man that has him living in your non-American head rent free? Similarly with Loydo, Ghalfrunt, Stokes, etc.?

      You realize he hasn’t a clue that you exist don’t you?

      Anyway, I guess I should care what Boris Johnson, Merkel or the PM of Australia is doing (no offense, what’s his/her name again?) but I find myself thinking how most of my tomorrows are now yesterdays and how ridiculous it seems to be to giving you yanks much of a second thought, other than the tax dollars that OUGHT to be spent on my fellow Americans going to YOUR military defense (thankfully Trump has been trying to see that debacle corrected).

      And then I think how ridiculous it would be even if most of my tomorrows were YET tomorrow and I gave it more than a passing thought what Boris or Damen Merkel or whomever that Aussie guy or gal is (no offense, love Aussie land and all that) doing every minute of every day of my existence.

      So what is it? What is it that makes you and these others do such research into, e.g., the 2016 election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and further, to keep TABS on Trump after your girl lost?

      Don’t you have a life in the EU that means more than this?

      • Sycomputing,
        The reason is simple. I got hooked on american politics when I read “Fear and Loathing on
        the Campaign Trail” by Hunter S. Thompson. In terms of pure spectacle it is hard to beat,
        even if no-one now-a-days to even come close to matching Thompson. And I even own
        Nixon memorabilia from the 72 campaign.

        • Okay I gotcha now!

          Well that at least makes sense, Izaak. I’m glad to hear it’s a hobby!

          I guess your fascination must be something akin to many Americans fascination with, e.g., Lady “Di,” and the royal family in general.

  31. Joe Biden has let it accidentally slip that he is the transitional candidate. He will have to step down to allow the real candidate to step in to the convenient vacuum- Michelle Obama/ Hillary Clinton ticket.
    The media all claim that Trump is on the nose, but this is a massive lie.
    Could it be the Democrats are trying to steal the election by massive voter fraud? Fraudulent poll numbers to fool the People that the result matched the predictions? Mail-in ballots can be very easily rigged. It will be only too easy to print millions of ballot papers to stuff the ballot boxes to overflowing.

    If I had just ONE message to get through the very thick heads of the sheeple, it is that the media have been controlled by evil forces since before almost any of us were born. We have been fed a constant diet of misinformation. The cAGW fraud realisation will follow on from the recognition of media. Those responsible will scream ever louder to avoid the truth ever being revealed. They know the People will be angry if they ever find out how they had been lied to.

    It is up to us to turn the sheeple in to the People.

  32. But… but…but;
    Biden is the very “secret” weapon of the zombies… a proper plain brain dead champ.
    What could ever possibly go wrong there!


  33. Electorate might not like Trump all that much but they are scared senseless over the left wing nut jobs that have hijacked the Democratic party.

    And many like me absolutely DETEST the lying, rabble rousing, fact free, riot inciting, fake news MSM propaganda machine.

  34. Ha! This trucker has been very busy and so after a month I finally got in to my barber to get my hair cut on Saturday morning. As I sat down in my masked barbers chair I said “Don’t worry, this Ronahysteria will be over in November.” He laughed and said “You know, I and about 95% of my customers agree with you.”

    Now I live in a historically democrat town since at one time GM and and UAW were kings here. Delco Remy was founded here as was Guidelamp. And for so many of his customers to get it, bodes well for Trump and the Republicans in general.

    BTW, look for the riots. or what the leftist media call “mostly peaceful demonstrations” to start ramping down pretty quickly. Indications are the democrats are seeing a negative effect in their internal polls, both local and national.

    • I just shook my head at the “peaceful protest” in Austin Texas. Apparently so “peaceful” yet where one of the BLM protestors openly carrying an AK-47 and part of a crowd stopping cars and banging on them then gets shot and killed by CCP carrying driver when the blocked his truck and started banging on it. The BLM/AK- guy points his gun at the driver when he gets out. The AK guy gets dropped. Go figure.

      Justice. Texas-style.

    • I think it was NBC last night who had an anchor talking about how the peaceful demonstrations intensified.

  35. People watch political/commentary/news on TV, or polemical content, for a bunch of reasons, but in general people who often tune in on political content mostly agree with it. (Very few people actually watch a segment to know the discourse of the enemy to refute it. Or they do it a bunch of times then give up.)

    My indicator is how many people (“bots” rarely watch TV) watch Tucker Carlson or Sean Hannity or Laura Ingraham, vs how many watch Rachel Maddow or Don Lemon or Joy Reid or Brian Stetler or Ari Melber or Chris Cuomo or Chris Hayes … or even “Republican” Joe Scarborough.

    • From Canada…

      Several months back I gassed my “News Channel” package from cable supplier, got rid of all of them save for Fox News, and the CBC because it’s automatic up here. I won’t let the Liberal/Left media darken my living room any more with their crap.

      Oddly enough a couple months later CNN & MSNBC started showing up for free, apparently in hopes I would add them to my package…hell will freeze over first!!!

      Tucker Carlson has been on fire of late. Calling it like it really is, like nobody else. Mark Levin is always worth a listen, too.

  36. George Webb is an investigative reporter that Youtube recently banned by removing his 4 years of on topic research-4000 videos and comment history by 105K subscribers.

    He moved over to Parler.com where the editor promised free speech and was banned after 6 weeks.

    He recently revealed the people behind Covid19, Antifa and the weaponized DNC. He names names and not one of the people he “outs” has filed any lawsuits against him. But people want him silenced!!!

    He has 63.2K followers https://twitter.com/GeorgWebb.

  37. Re: US politics

    Vasillios Pistolis, a Marine, was featured prominently in a May 3 report on current and former U.S. military personnel who are involved in white supremacist hate groups. According to the report, Pistolis who bragged about beating people at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va.


    At that points, looks legit. But see:

    What kind of @zi has only very recently unfolded flag? The kind we have in Europe loves real old authentic Reich stuff…

    Is that for real? I am the only one suspecting something very dirty (Mulder-esque) here?

    • The US is probably the least racist country on Earth.
      There are virtually no white supremacists here.
      The number is vanishingly tiny, both in absolute number and as a percentage of the 330,000,000+ people here.
      The number of white people in the US who are even slightly racist is a small minority.

      It is complete bullshit, made up out of whole cloth.
      Political propaganda, nothing more.

      What we do have is an increasing number of people getting very tired of being falsely assigned some hateful state of mind.
      If you want to know who the racists are, just listen to how people talk, and what they write.
      Listen to that DiAngelo chick.
      She categorizes everyone and claims it will always be the way she says.
      The thing is, there is no reason on Earth to think she knows anything about anyone except herself.
      She claims to know everyone on Earth better than any of them know anything about themselves.
      But no one knows other people better than those others know themselves.
      She does not even give any indication of being insightful in any way, let alone an all seeing psychic, or a messiah.
      What she is, is an ideologue.
      Hard to say if she is simply delusional, or if perhaps she set out to see how many people she could gaslight into being told that they do not know who they themselves are…but she knows, and it ain’t pretty.
      The insight to be gleaned from such people, is insight into how such people themselves think and what they believe.
      There is not even any internal logic to her BS.
      The sooner the people who know her crap for what it is, find the courage to stand up and say so, the better off everyone will be.
      Appeasing people with a tyrannical mindset has never been a good idea, and never will be.

      For a look at how people who know how to think look at this issue…one they have studied their whole lives, read this article (of which I do not agree with every word, but it is at least fair from the perspective of the writer, who is very insightful, though well to the left) and watch this video, linked below.
      If one hesitates to watch an hour video, watch the first comment from each panelist, then decide if it is worth your time:



      • The US is probably the least racist country on Earth.

        Disagree. There are millions (and growing) who are disciples of Progressivism.

        • I understand what you are saying, and do not disagree.
          I was speaking of people with overt racist views.
          The racism of people who think that some people are unable to get an ID, therefore it is unfair to require it, practice a form of racism that is qualitatively different than most people are talking about when discussing things like organized white supremacy movements and organizations.
          I was referring to the kind of racism that has a component of active hate.

          • I was referring to the kind of racism that has a component of active hate.

            Right, you mean this kind of progressive racist hatred for instance:








            The kind that’s destroying both private and government property, getting people hurt and killed. The kind that’s calling for segregation, etc.

            The kind of progressivism that appears to be becoming mainstream?

          • Those who believe that believe that it is impossible for people of color to succeed, unless a white liberal is leading the way.

          • Agreed.

            And speaking of which:

            New Program Helps People Of Color Adopt A White Liberal To Speak On Their Behalf

            MENLO PARK, CA—A new nonprofit organization is teaming up with app developers to help people of color find and adopt white liberals to speak for them. The program is called Adopt A Voice and will help people of black and brown descent express what they truly desire, think, and mean to say.

            “I signed up for it,” said African American Bradley Trent from Columbus, Ohio. “They paired me up with a 37-year-old white girl named Claire who claims to be bisexual but as far as I can tell she just really likes cats.”

            When asked what his opinion of the program was, Claire responded on Bradley’s behalf, “Bradley is just so grateful to have his voice heard especially on key issues like women’s right to choose, climate change, and especially trans issues.”

            Bradley later commented, “I had no idea that’s what I meant to say. Amazing.”

            “At Adopt a Voice we know that speaking and thinking for yourself can be challenging. We have a huge team of interpreters who know exactly what ethnic minorities are really thinking, what they really want, and what they really mean to say,” said program director Eve Zohar. “We know that every person of color will thank us for what we say on their behalf, and if they don’t they hate themselves.”

            To adopt a white liberal of your own, visit the Adopt A Voice website or download the app and sign up today.


          • Given the headlines I’ve seen recently, you almost had me with that one, until I saw it was the Bee.

            Poe’s law is out in full force lately.

          • “. . . you almost had me with that one, until I saw it was the Bee.”

            Bee informed!

    • And for anyone who has not seen it, or has not watched it again recently, I urge giving this video 16 minutes of your time.
      It is only, IMO, the single most powerful statement any man has ever given, anywhere, ever, on this Earth:


  38. For what little it’s worth, my assessment…

    In most of the country, the election results are preordained. For example in my home state of Connecticut there is more chance that Ronald Reagan will rise from the dead than that Trump will come within ten points of winning the state. So what difference does it make if I vote or stay home? Don’t get me wrong, I always vote. But it’s easy to understand those who don’t see a point.

    In those parts of the country where there really is a competitive race, I think the Republican base is as solid or even more solid than in 2016. But the base is maybe 30%. The Dem base is also about 30%. This means one of two things must happen for either side to win. Either attract a majority of the largely non-political unaffiliated voters with your positive message, or demoralize the other side’s base and leaning-opposition voters so that they stay home or vote for a third party candidate. Expect ugly and profoundly negative. Speaking of third party, the Birthday Party? Please. I don’t think so.

    For that unaffiliated bloc of voters, Trump fatigue is a thing. They might agree with Trump on many topics but they’re sick of having to keep it to themselves to avoid arguments. Relationships with friends and family are much more important to them than politics. They may still vote for Trump but probably won’t influence anyone else to do so. On balance I see this is currently negative for Trump.

    Here are the top 5 factors I expect to drive the outcome in swing states;

    1) Direction of economy
    2) COVID outlook
    3) Law and Order/BLM
    4) Biden’s VP
    5) Scandals & Gaffes

    Obviously the media will pull out all the stops to talk the economy down and make the covid response look feckless. Trump better up his game. Right now it feels like a toss up trending south. A negative trend on either topic spells doom. Nothing new will seem like a negative. These two factors will decide the election. Everything else is marginal.

    I see BLM as a negative for Biden right now with swing voters. He can only turn it neutral with a mild Sistah Soulja moment that neutralizes Trump’s Law & Order flip side of the issue, seizing middle ground. So I expect that tactic, especially since he can probably only choose Harris as VP. She can either embrace her negatives in the Dem base and play the pragmatic law & order role, or be constantly in awkward positions pretending to support defunding the police. If the Dems go that route though, it risks having the base revolt. As long as Trump’s interventions don’t yield BLM martyrs, this one looks to favor Trump.

    As I mentioned, Biden doesn’t have good options for his VP candidate since he has pledged that XX chromosomes are more important than qualifications based on skill and experience and also that a robust melanin production is relevant. He’s pretty much painted himself into a corner labelled Kamala Harris. Any other choice is likely to freak out the middle America swing voters. Doddering Joe looks an even bet to leave office early, so the VP qualifications to lead the free world will be more relevant than ever. Harris is easily vulnerable to being seen as not ready for the Oval Office, and at the same time, her past law enforcement roles won’t make the BLM wokesters happy. My gut says swing voters aren’t ready to vote for Harris based strictly on selling points that she has ovaries and dark skin. Call it racist and sexist if you like, a lot of people want to judge the candidates on the content of their character rather than on the color of their skin and on their foreign policy experience rather than their experience with menstrual periods. Fair or not, it looks a lot like Biden is prioritizing box checking on race and sex over qualifications. All the racists and sexists who like that sort of quota system are already in Biden’s camp. Score this one likely to favor Trump.

    Scandals are another wildcard. Do the Dems have an October Surprise cooked up? 100:1 odds says of course they do. Probably one a week. Will anything stick to Teflon Don? Probably not. What about the Durham probe? I don’t even know that there will be meaningful indictments, but if there are, they will inflame both bases about equally while the swing voters will probably tune out and be turned off, just like impeachment. I score the scandals slightly for Biden. Expect some kind of tax return shenanigans with very heavy media support. All scandal stories depend on the media. Anything Trump wants out there will need to be in paid advertising. So it’s inherently an uneven playing field.

    Who can predict gaffes? Both candidates seem immune. Anybody who can forget which woman is his wife and refer to dogfaced pony soldiers, but still lead the polls is a candidate who isn’t likely to say something even more whacked out that will make a big difference. Biden can bark at the moon naked and his base will ignore it just as surely as grab’em by the p*ssy isn’t going to deter any evangelical pastors. However, I do sense that the dementia meme could provide undecided voters with a rationale for voting Trump, and reluctant Biden voters a reason to stay home. So a slight edge to Trump on gaffes, offsetting the scandals.

    In summary a slight edge to Trump, but the most important factors haven’t played out yet and are largely outside of his control.

    • In 2016 we had the Blue Wall.
      For 8 years I had leftist friends and relatives tell me and everyone else that because of demographics, there would never be a Republican President again.
      When in 2010 Rd took back Congress, they explained it away…blah blah blah.
      No one thought Nixon or Reagan would wind up with the landslides they had.
      Mobs burning down cities has a way of changing some people’s minds about who to vote for.
      No state is safe for a party, when it becomes a question of how insane they have become.
      There are states attorneys general saying the riots in Portland are peaceful protests. With a straight face.
      Who wants to bet there will be gunfights, bombs, and homes burned before election day?
      Let’s see how things go and then we will review.
      The day after election day 2016, the Rs had their strongest political position in at least 90 years, and possibly ever when state governments were considered.
      Snakes like Paul Ryan, Jeff Flake, John McCain, and their ilk prevented many things that were clearly mandated by the election.
      Then the deep state treason crap…
      IMO, this election will gauge how many people can be gaslighted at the whim of propagandists.

      • Your argument isn’t mathematically impossible of course. If independents were to split 3:1 for Trump, he could duplicate Reagan’s glorious triumph.

        How affectionately I remember 1984. It was certainly never realistically in doubt that the Gipper was going to win.

        1984 was the first and ONLY time that my vote was for the candidate who won my state’s electoral votes. I am pretty sure that I need to move to Oklahoma if I ever want to win again.

        Reagan won nearly 59% of the popular vote. He won Massachusetts and New York! I personally know Democrats who voted for him. Ronald Reagan most likely won the same number of votes from independents and Democrats as he got from his base Republicans. Let’s be real. Donald Trump is no Ronald Reagan.

        I also vaguely remember 1972. Nixon was not well liked. Pretty much vilified. Maybe Nixon and Trump have something in common. And yes, Nixon also pulled off a landslide with over 60% of the popular vote. But he wasn’t polling down double digits in July.

        I’d love to see it, but well, good luck with that.

    • Accusation of not paying taxes?
      Accusation of cheating on wife?
      Accusation of being a predator?
      Accusation of being a Russian asset?

      They already used a LOT of cards.

  39. There are three planned Trump – Biden debates

    Likely the debates will be limited to yes or no questions and/or multiple choice. The other possibility is Biden will have a live ‘coach’ who will read Biden’s responses.

    The first US presidential debate between Trump and Joe Biden is planned to take place in Cleveland on 29 September.


    As an interesting aside. About 15 years ago, there was a tech war book written, that had a China virus attack on the US, that was started by the Chinese attacking themselves.

    A year, or so after the first book was published, there was a second book, same scenario written, except that the second book had the US winning … Because China later in the book was attacked by their own AI.

    Both books, it was speculated, where written by military think tanks, to get public reaction on the scenario, as the books included a US/China economic war…

    … which some believed, at that time, a US/China economic war was inevitable, due to uncontrollable spending in the US. The first book, it was speculated, was written by the Chinese and the second book by the US.

    I read the second book. The Republicans were in office and there was an election planned, however, it never happened. The Democrats were acting strangely. I will not spoil the surprise and tell you why the US election was cancelled.

    And this is the part I find spooky. The US book, had the Chinese let their AI control a harmless propaganda outlet, to gain experience, early in the story.

    Unfortunately, the Chinese AI makes a mistake concerning the understanding of the nuisance of language concerning life and death from a human standpoint … And is removed from outside control. That event started the Chinese AI problem when the AI was thoughtless and cruelly, isolated.

    I thought this was an imagine use of language. I understood the intent, while some might not.

    Chinese State Media Killer Flood Waters Are Like ‘Naughty Kids Who Want to Go Out and Play’

  40. What is so unusual? We had the American Protective League back during Wilson’s administration. With full backing of the Attorney General they recruited a quarter million toughs to “physically persuade” Americans who disagreed with the Democrat policies.

  41. My gut feeling is that it will be Susan Rice for VP. She is competent, and would probably be a bit more pragmatic than most other black women. She is intelligent, experienced to some degree and effective, but unfortunately she was a dyed in the wool Obama groupie. She would probably see off the worst of the present Democrat curse, but here’s hoping that Trump and the Republicans make a clean sweep of both Houses and the White House. This is the only hope for the future of Western civilization as we have known it the last 75-100 years.

    • Facts render your opinion of Rice as False:

      Off the top of my head…
      Susan is seen as the useful idiot that she is:

      Recall going on talk shows to lie about Benghazi to cover for Obama and HRC?

      Recall how under oath she did a 180 degree on her so called evidence of Russia Collusion? Yes she lied in public and to America.

      Recall her not to self? By the book?

      Recall her claims “Obama admin absolutely did no spying on …”

      Recall this weekend, Susan Rice claims ZT1 (the officer’s unique marking to track who he is) is a private unmarked militia?

      How many wrong things need to come out of Rices face for you to think she’s stupid?

      Good grief

      • Not that I endorse Susan Rice, but four black women are on the short list, although Creepy Sleepy Senile Joe has not committed to a black woman at all, yet. But I think Susan probably has more ‘curb’ appeal than any other black women, perhaps Michelle Obama notwithstanding. I don’t know if Michele Obama is even on the list or has privately accepted to be on that list already, but some of the other black women probably on the list, like Stacey Abrams would be a very polarizing candidate for the Democrat Party and would seal its fate to the biggest loss in the history of the USA.

        I would hope that poor old Joe would pick Stacey Abrams, and then it wouldn’t even be a race. In fact, if the Democrats pick any black woman, I think that will be enough to ensure DJT is elected with one of the biggest majorities ever. Which is why a black woman probably won’t be picked. But if a black woman is picked and it isn’t Michelle Obama, then I would think Susan Rice would probably pass the Democrat test. But I agree with all your comments about how she shilled for Obama and all that corruption for 8 years. We will know in less than a month. I am hoping he does pick a black woman. He is under a lot of pressure to do so.

        • After all the hoopla over picking a black woman, if Creepy Joe doesn’t pick one, the black turnout this year will be one of the lowest on record.

    • How is Susan Rice competent to be President? She has absolutely no executive experience.

      • Worse than that, she’s a complete fool… It’s hard to believe how absolutely dumb she looks when her lips move. Everyone knows it who has a slight clue what’s been going on, or they just don’t know stuff.

      • I’d love to be able to rub Susan Rice under the noses of every Democrat who proclaimed that Sarah Pallin didn’t have the experience to be president.

    • Admittedly Rice would resolve the lack of foreign policy aspect that weakens Harris, but does she have any other experience? Her baldfaced lies about Benghazi would be a liability that could be exploited and she’s a likely target of the Durham probe. That would be one way to make that probe relevant to swing voters. If you’re going to have a thin resume where you have never won elective office at any level, you at least ought to have some successes to point to in your one area of supposed expertise.

    • Except she has never received a single vote in any election ever.
      has there ever been such a pick?
      She spent the vast majority of her career as a low level political appointee, and her education was in history and international relations.
      She has never had a job she was not appointed to, never ran anything she built herself, rarely even managed much of a staff, and has no background in law or the military, or any of the other types of resume items that have always been considered a requirement for high office.
      Besides whatever else it is, it would be a slap in the face of every democratic elected official.
      And there has never been anyone so close to being elected President who was anywhere close to so unlikely to finish out a four year term…on age and health alone.

      It is hard to say you are not going to be correct though…because they are in a real pickle for, among other reasons, the reasons stated above by Dr. Istvan.

  42. The commenters have presented a lot of reasons why Joe Biden should not be president, but there is one reason not to elect him that towers over the rest: Joe Biden is a traitor to his country.

    The Obama administration, with Joe actively involved, tried to rig the 2016 election, and when that didn’t work, they took a course of action to undermine the new Trump administration using the full power of the federal government against Trump.

    Joe Biden and the rest of the criminals in the Obama administration tried to undermine the U.S. Constitution and the presidential vote and they all deserve to be marched off to jail for their criminality.

    To allow this bunch of criminals back in the White House would be the heighth of stupidity. They would just resume their illegal activities and find a way to take our country away from us by rigging all future elections.

    No, we don’t want a traitor and a criminal running the United States again. This is all Sean Hannity should be talking about. Forget Biden can’t put two sentences together. Concentrate on his treasonous behavior while he was in the White House. That ought to be enough to damn him for good.

    • Good sentiments as always Tom.

      It would be nice to think that most of the country still thinks that way. I tend to be a pessimist about the direction of our culture and so sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised.

      Your points illustrate some of the many reasons why any Democrat ticket is abhorrent to me.

      Unfortunately the DemSoc base is about the ends justifying the means, and most of them have rejected any concept of moral absolutes. They will never be moved by this or even feel a twinge of guilt. To them, Obama did what he could to thwart the Russian takeover of our country. Or if they can’t really bring themselves to believe that, it’s their story, and they’re sticking with it. Every other detail is easily dissolved into that using the powerful solvent of the ends justify the means.

      The most hopeful point might be that the 30-50% middle of the electorate who are not partisans, are focused on their lives and their families and friends. They ignore politics and the news most of the time. Maybe when they take a moment to weigh the pros and cons, they are going to decide that the Democrats have gone off the rails.

  43. The Trump campaign should spend a bit of their funds on getting Biden to speak in public. That should clinch it.

  44. No doubt Trump has more groupies. How that translates on election day is anyone’s guess.

    • I suspect a lot because of enthusiasm. Even the leftists have noted the “enthusiasm gap” at different times. This trucker has given more money to the Trump campaign than I have ever given to all other political campaigns combined during my life time. In my view, Trump stands between us and a harsh socialism. Between us and the elimination of true capitalism. Between us and and elections rigged for the left forever. Between us and a possible real shooting civil war.

  45. I don’t believe that predicting election outcome is a valuable use of our time, unless we are psychics. Even then, psychics aren’t 100% right.

    Having said that, I’ll give the Democrats a free tip on how to win the White House:

    Americans have generally common sense views about politics. Keep immigration reasonable, keep illegals out, keep taxes lower, social programs are fine, foreign aid is fine, respect the basic freedoms, do not go into pointless wars, respect religion, radiate optimism. Put up a candidate who loves their country and who promises intelligent balances between military and other spending.

    A lot of today’s Trump supporters were Clinton supporters in the 1990s.

    • Everything in your list of things that the Democrats must do, runs counter to a major plank of the Democrat platform.

  46. it’s inconceivable that any genuine CAGW sceptic would not endorse Trump.

    the only leader in the entire world willing to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord.
    and such a significant leader at that.

    it’s inconceivable that anyone would vote for Joe Biden seriously, no matter how hard the FakeNewsMSM protects him and churns out/or reports on unrepresentative polls, over-sampling Democrats, etc., hoping to manufacture opinion in favour of him. as, indeed they did in 2016 for Hillary.

    go Trump. get the vote out, America. much of the world is depending on you.

  47. “If Facebook is any indicator” – Newsflash: It’s not!

    “Who would ever take that seriously after this?” Matt Duss, foreign policy adviser to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), told the Nation, referring to the United States’ handling of the pandemic. “This idea of America as this unparalleled and supremely competent global hegemon is over.”

    175 days and counting…

    • The US was never a hegemon, and the only people think it was are just upset because they wanted their country to be one.

  48. Well, it turns out that the Hillary Clinton’s, bought and paid for, Russian Dirty Dossier on Trump, originated at the Leftwing Think Tank, the Brookings Institute, whose head at the time was long-time co-conspirator of the Clinton’s, Strobe Talbot.

    So Hillary created a Russian collusion lie about Trump, and Obama and minions used it to try to affect the 2016 presidential election and to undermine the Trump administration after he won. The only one colluding with the Russians were Hillary and the Obama administration.

    Btw, Strobe Talbot is a real good buddy of Bill Clinton. At one point in their lives they were talking about the future of the United States, and both agreed that in 100 years there would no longer be a United States. Shocking, wouldn’t you say. That’s the way radical Leftists look at the United States, including Bill Clinton.

    If Joe Biden were elected, we would just be putting the Clinton/Obama crime syndicate back in the White House. Only this time, they will correct their mistakes of the past, and will have a very good chance of making Strobe and Bill’s prediction that the U.S. will not longer exist,come true.

    Attorney General Bill Barr will be testifying before Congress in a little over an hour (10am ET). It sounds like it’s going to be *very* interesting. The Democrats think they are going to browbeat Barr. Barr will make the Democrats look like the fools they are. I’m going to be watching. Barr will have a lot of interesting, pertinent things to say today about the criminality/treason of Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration.

  49. I’m clairvoyant.
    The increasingly panic stricken Democrat hierarchy will replace Biden as the nominee.
    Biden will not resist as his wife Jill is behind the final push to replace her husband.

    • If they replace Biden with anyone other than Barry Sanders, the left is going to revolt. They already believe that for the second time the DNC insiders stole the nomination from him.

        • Barry Sanders = An exceptionally talented football running back on a level few others reach.

          Bernie Sanders = An unremarkable politician who has accomplished nothing.

  50. Another interesting metric is the ‘what’s trending’ app on Dish Network. Fox news is the most watched program at almost any time of day, and if this is localized, Dish still thinks I live in the Bay area.

  51. My daughter pointed out that active Facebook users skew older (more of a GenX+/early GenY channel), and Instagram and SnapChat trend younger.

    Here’s data for Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube
    Instagram Followers Instagram Posts
    Biden 2.8 Million 592
    Trump 21.1 Million 5699

    Twitter Followers Twitter Posts
    Team Biden 0.08 Million 4,800
    Team Trump 1.9 Million 24,000

    YouTube Subscribers
    Biden 98 K
    Trump 566 K

  52. “Twitter Censors Videos of Doctors’ Capitol Hill Coronavirus Press Conference”

    The American people needs a party/White House that can get a single problem solved in real time.

    US citizens are dying because of the HCQ lies and Lie campaign. This is not one lie. This is 24/7 pushing of the lie…

    This is the big blob media blocking front line doctors, from telling a fact that they personally have observed to be true.

    Front line doctors are risking their careers when they say it is fact the HCQ cocktail works and it is a lie that it does not.

    In Democratic states Governors have threatened doctors with loss of their license to practice, if they speak up the HCQ treatment cocktail.


    Twitter Censors Videos of Doctors’ Capitol Hill Coronavirus Press Conference, Locks Breitbart Account

    The HCQ cocktail works and saves lives and reduces organ damage and it appears the HCQ cocktail is the currently best available drug to treat coronal viruses and covid is a coronal virus.

    And early use of the HCQ cocktail has been shown to reduce the spreading of covid by drastically reducing virus count

    Which is no surprise as there is a 2005 paper, written by the US National Institute of Health, which the head of the FDCC is a director of, that notes that HCQ is an effective early treatment for coronal viruses.


    Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread

    We report, however, that chloroquine has strong antiviral effects on SARS-CoV infection of primate cells.

    These inhibitory effects are observed when the cells are treated with the drug either before or after exposure to the virus, suggesting both prophylactic and therapeutic advantage.

    In addition to the well-known functions of chloroquine such as elevations of endosomal pH, the drug appears to interfere with terminal glycosylation of the cellular receptor, angiotensin-converting enzyme 2.

    This may negatively influence the virus-receptor binding and abrogate the infection, with further ramifications by the elevation of vesicular pH, resulting in the inhibition of infection and spread of SARS CoV at clinically admissible concentrations.

  53. Anthony,

    This is probably why WUWT got deplatformed. I know that guilt by association is a fallacy but the alignment of climate skepticism with the most corrupt, venal, unpresidential liar ever to slime his way to the US Presidency leaves no room for debate on the scientific issues when they are warranted.

    • . . . the alignment of climate skepticism with the most corrupt, venal, unpresidential liar ever to slime his way to the US Presidency . . .

      Wait a minute. Bill Clinton served from 1993 to 2001, and Clinton II lost in 2016.

      Who’s aligned with whom and when . . . ???

    • Your vile post fits well with cancel culture. I am holding back a suitable ad hominem, but you do not deserve that level of correction.

    • It really is amazing how devoutly leftists believe the lies they tell each other.
      When it comes to liars, even Democrats were amazed at how good a liar Clinton was.
      When it comes to venal, nobody can top Obama.
      When it comes to corrupt, nobody is within a light year of Lyndon Johnson.

      Also only a leftist would consider it just to have someone de-platformed for having the wrong political views.

      • I didn’t say I agreed with deplatforming. I just said that it was likely to be a reason.

        The rest is bigotry and projection on your part.

        • John A: The denial within your response is akin to how your people are causing the riots. The LEFT-ist mayors and congress people [and you] will not come right out and say, “Please burn and riot, kill cops, throw bricks” But they do what you do, which is fully support, endorse and enable the behavior.

          You need to think about the things you say before you post. My lord, just say what you mean and mean what you say…

  54. I do not believe in polls and I do not believe in likes.

    What I do believe in is intimidation – as in the intimidation of saying you are conservative and will vote for Trump. And the woke going after you to make sure you lose your job (But then Goya is doing well).

    SO while I am not part of likes or follow, polls or non polls (I do not answer phone calls from numbers not in my address book, and I am not part of fakebook or twits-R-us), I am part of the invisible.

    That is voting for Trump. I voted for him in 2016 for a single reason. He was not part of the establishment. I did not expect him to do well. He exceeded my wildest expectations. So while 2016 was a vote against the deep state, 2020 is a vote FOR Donald Trump.

  55. There is a fake David Middleton? Or maybe a David Middleton II? Freaky, man.

    Donald Trump will win because Joe Biden will lose. What goes on with the Democratic Party? All they had to do was select a likable, credible, competent and reasonably scandal-free candidate who was not also Bernie Sanders and they picked Mr. Biden. Joe Biden is so hopelessly inept that I will be surprised if he hasn’t been replaced as the candidate before September.

    • Biden, it so happens, is not so scandal free. Think who he was VP for, and who covered for him? The media.

      I so hope Kamala Harris is his running mate… It will quell my fear that Obama will run as VP to protect her husband and the media will full on blitz how wonderful that is. Dangerous times we live in.

      • Michelle Obama is not being considered for VP. And what would she be covering for? Despite the GOP’s best efforts there have been zero indictments of Obama’s Administration but like Hillary Clinton lots and lots of mud thrown and none of it stuck.

        By contrast, Trump’s aides and supporters have been indicted numerous times and Trump himself has been caught running a fake University, is banned from running any charity after stealing from a charity that was supposed to benefit children with cancer and was indicted as a co-conspirator with his former lawyer Michael Cohen.

        • Please explain what “conspiration” that was.
          Hint: there is only a conspiration against President Trump, aided by the Justice System.

          Since basic rights can be suspended under any pretext now (the flu being a ridiculous pretext), President Trump would be right to suspend the elections until things are cleared up, notably until all the ploters are in jail. That may include most of the FBI top levels, the DOJ and the judicial branch, as well as the entirety of the Dem party. (Just like during WWII, making sure people of Japanese decent couldn’t interfere with the war effort was warranted.)

        • @ John A: You wrote: “Michelle Obama is not being considered for VP. And what would she be covering for?”

          You know exactly the answer to your question.

          @ John A: You wrote: “Despite the GOP’s best efforts there have been zero indictments of Obama’s Administration but like Hillary Clinton lots and lots of mud thrown and none of it stuck.”

          I will explain this one, because you are not bright enough to know. The GOP is not indicting anyone. The DOJ is investigating Obama’s cabal. And that no leaks are coming out speaks the integrity of Trump’s DOJ vs the Obama cabal.

          That I needed to teach this to you, deserves a thank you. Please, I am begging you to thank me.

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