Vice: The New Ford Bronco Is An Obscene Monument to Climate Denialism

One of the new Ford Bronco models. Source Ford Website

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t Nick; Best free marketing campaign eva; According to Vice, if you drive one of the new Ford SUVs, you’re basically giving the finger to the sensibilities of green liberals. But this could be one of its greatest selling points.

Climate Hell

The New Ford Bronco Is An Obscene Monument to Climate Denialism

In the year 2020, there is simply no excuse for releasing a brand new SUV without so much as a hybrid option.

By Aaron Gordon 15 July 2020, 10:03am

On Monday evening, Ford held a digital launch event for the new Ford Bronco, resurrecting the brand name for a Sport Utility Vehicle engineered for off-roading performance that is best known for transporting a fugitive along a Southern California freeway.

There isn’t much you need to know about the new Bronco—which I can assure you via Ford’s press release is capable of being driven on any terrain you could possibly want to drive it—because the odds are you will never need the off-roading capabilities this particular vehicle offers.

For John and Jane Q. Commuter, the only thing you need to know about the Bronco—which, unless you regularly go off-roading for sport and thrill, you should never ever consider buying no matter how much Ford tries to convince you otherwise with its massive marketing campaign—is that it does not come with a hybrid or electric version. In the year 2020, this is tantamount to climate denialism.

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I wonder how Ford will respond? Will Ford management curl up into a quivering defensive apologetic bundle and promise to release a pathetic zero sales electric model? Or will Ford grab this once in a lifetime marketing opportunity, and double down on the offence by releasing a light truck version?

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  1. re: “is that it does not come with a hybrid or electric version. In the year 2020, this is tantamount to climate denialism.

    Vice: “A thing is what I say it is.”

    Wasn’t Alice in Wonderland lectured on this, or was she the one giving the lecture? It’s been too many data sheets and circuit designs back to recall such details …

    • One gets the impression that somewhere there must be a Mount Tanta Climbing Club, dedicated to making tanamounts out of tantamolehills.

    • @ _Jim July 16, 2020 at 10:10 am

      “When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’

      ’The question is,’ said Alice, ‘whether you can make words mean so many different things.’

      ’The question is,’ said Humpty Dumpty, ‘which is to be master — that’s all.”

      The source of George Orwell’s Newspeak?


    • Me too!
      And I’m not a Ford person normally.

      Even with Ford’s ‘take a box and trick it out’ design paradigm, I still like the practical look with a solid stance.

      • My Expedition is a great car. Has slide out running, boards, hand grips heated seats, adjustable seat back, great radio/CD. Built with this old man in mind. Five years old and runs like a top.

  2. “it does not come with a hybrid or electric version. In the year 2020, this is tantamount to climate denialism.”

    But (heard it through the grapevine) an optional dashboard Fuques-Givin meter is available. What great fun to smash the pedal to the floor to make it read zero.

    • icisil,
      It took my brain an extra few milliseconds to get your joke; when I did, I did in fact laugh out loud! Why the delay? I processed ‘Fuques’ as “fooks”!
      A good laugh appreciated with my morning joe.


      • Same here, seems to be stuck on zero in my new 5.0 Mustang, which gets around 12 mpg around town. I am always giving the middle finger to the green movement. Vroom vrooom.

          • Wrong foot on the pedal, colonel.
            Severian means using the gas pedal to enter on-ramps safely and leaving stoplights effectively.
            Perhaps, leaving ribber marks every now and then.

          • Only if babied… given typical Mustang driver inclinations, 12mpg is probably generous. 😉

          • Shows just how “accurate” EPA figures are when applied to the real world. Total since I’ve owned the car, including some highway but mostly around town, is 14.8 mpg. Sitting in traffic, well, the car sucks gas, but then I didn’t buy it for economy, I can afford the fuel. I bought it because it was perhaps my last opportunity to get a large V8 and I wasn’t fond of the Dodge products (though they make some awesome very very big V8s).

            Back to EPA, girlfriend of a coworker of mine about 15 years ago had a VW Jetta diesel, on her highway runs, and everywhere for that matter, she bettered the EPA mileage numbers, by a lot on highway trips.

            But yes, when given the opportunity, I do exercise my right foot and glory in the sound.

  3. Read “Apocalypse Never” and then discuss this article with others who actually understand the limitations of the scientific method.

  4. “According to Vice, if you drive one of the new Ford SUVs, you’re basically giving the finger to the sensibilities of green liberals. ”

    If I considered Vice opinions anything other than incoherent rambles, I’d be visiting the Ford dealer.

    • The impression I’m left with is that Aaron Gordon views the ideal world as a place where all humans live in cities, and the remaining undeveloped areas that don’t have special permits for growing food, are fenced, and off-limits to all but hikers and hot-air balloonists with special once-in-their-lifetime permits. Hikers must stay on approved trails. Look but don’t touch. Those exercising their permits must arrive by public electric-transportation.

        • Need “high-bred” emissions? No propane – but a limit of three politicians per basket to provide the hot air…..

        • Could be powered by microwave masers: Have a local windturbine (lots of those polluting the scenery where hot-air balloons like to fly) power a maser that is kept aimed at the bag of the balloon.

          I know, I know, not very practical, but par-for-the-course I think compared to most green ideas.

    • “According to Vice, if you drive one of the new Ford SUVs, you’re basically giving the finger to the sensibilities of green liberals. ”

      That’s one reason I want one! That should definitely be in their marketing campaign.

      • Yep. Just being able to conveniently haul my Hammond B-3 and a pair of model 147 Leslie speakers when I go gigging is only part of the reason i drive an F-150 4X4 longbox. 🙂 🙂

        • You’re hauling two 147s? Plus a B-3?
          Sheesh! These days I won’t even lug the L100-P and a small Leslie to anywhere.

    • I concur with the Vice opinion( WOW, I actually said that)
      I drive a Hummer H2, and a Ford F250 with the long bed and deer guard. Avg 11 mpg for both. That Ford Bronco though looks nice.

  5. Capitalism always beats Progressivism. In the ’80s, they tried to kill front-opening side-by-side refrigerators. Today, that’s practically the only kind available. In the ’00s, they went to war with gated communities. In the wake of rioting, expect more of those.

    Since the ’90s, Progressives have been at war with SUVs. But according to sales stats, the pickup trucks and SUVs won. I’ve always argued that SUVs & minivans were simply the modern equivalents of the station wagons that every family drove in the ’60s through ’70s until the federal government killed them through the CAFE standards. It’s ironic that in their vain effort to kill big cars, the eco-fascists actually created an even bigger vehicle category that now outsells all others!

    • Yes. I remember when the War Against the SUV began.

      The opening round was an assault on the Public Image of SUVs by Pointing Out their amazing degree of Unsafeness.

      This is what was in the media for a while. If an SUV hits a Honda Civic, the people in the Civic are much more likely to be seriously harmed or killed relative to the people in the SUV. Instead of declaring heavier, more sturdy vehicles as safer, they defined them as more dangerous.

      At the time, I pointed out to my wife how ridonculous this argument was. It is still ridonculous. It was the Communists all the time, hating on Our Prevailing Society.

  6. “ Or will Ford grab this once in a lifetime marketing opportunity, and double down on the offence by releasing a light truck version?”

    Brilliant! A version like the old Explorer Sport Trac would be awesome.

    • I like the new Bronco, but I am dissapointed that the state of the art in internal combustion technology really hasn’t advanced all that much in the past 40 years.
      Case in point: I bought a 1983 Ford F100 new, and was immediately impressed with the fuel economy. Equipped with Ford’s first ever overdrive auto transmission, I was averaging 18mpg in mixed driving and 20 mpg highway. That was extremely good for its time. In addition, the truck was so reliable that I am still driving it today. Fuel economy is more like 16mpg now, but that is still way better than the Mustang mentioned on the comments. The engine is Ford’s well regarded 4.9L six.

  7. Looks good, very little overhang and good sized engine. Love the feature that you can take off the roof.
    I can only imagine good sale. – Good and timely move from Ford. – LOL.

  8. Ford has that factory with green grass on the roof, they do some green things, but nothing will ever be enough to satisfy climate crusaders, who themselves use fossil fuels every day – the HYPOCRITES!

  9. Typical hedging up to the goal of EVs only. Why are we allowing the ecoloons to perpetuate the AGW narrative? I guess when you look at EV sales as a percentage of overall sales they are making more noise than getting action though.

    • In my jurisdiction (Ontario, Canada) a long term progressive provincial Government instituted insane level subsidies for electric power vehicles. The sales of them were still anemic. After their decimation in the mid 2018 election, the subsidies soon ended. Unless there’s a dramatic change in two more years, massive public investments in re-charge infrastructure is as an issue … as dead as a EV battery after 100 km in a -10°F blizzard.

    • Not coming to Europe due to the eco-weenies, sadly.

      Will a 5.0 V8 Mustang p!ss them off, too? Where’s the configurator…

      • 5.0 litre Range Rovers and 6.0 litre Astons seem to (drools). I think there may be enough large engined cars without importing more.

  10. I drive a pathetic little sedan. The few times a year when I actually need something bigger, I rent it.

    My little car is dwarfed by all the giant pickup trucks wherever I park. I wonder how many times a year their owners actually use them to anything like their capabilities.

    Similar to the above, I wonder how often these new Broncos will actually be used off-road.

    If I still had working knees, and could ski, I would consider a 4wd vehicle. I once had one that got used every weekend during ski season. It was wonderful.

    • I found out years ago it is impossible to rent a four wheel drive pickup. I need on for and elk hunt, i got by with much pain with my two wheel drive Canyon and chains, it would been a lot better to have a four wheel drive Canyon. So now I drive a four wheel drive Colorado. It will do 28 MPG on the highway in the plain states. Average highway where I live is 23, Arizona is not flat in most places.

      • Subaru’s are the best selling brand in Colorado, Outback is #1 for good reason. AWD is great when needed. I used to like the Baja but apparently not enough of other people did.

        • My family is on our 3rd Subaru Forester. With AWD and a low centre of gravity due to the boxer engine the traction and handling are great on most any surface. Unfortunately the ground clearance is only about 5 in so it is easy to get stuck in high snow or soft sand.

      • Aren’t all rental cars by definition “off-road and 4 wheel drive capable”???

        Asking for a friend.

    • try living in snow area like maine and saying that. 4wd/awd not just for off road. some of us don’t have roads plowed every 2 inches like many people have.
      I’ve actually had to plow (myself) 12 ft wide by 1-2 foot deep by 8ft long drifts off my road just so emergency vehicles could get thru.
      get tired of people foolishly equating SUV and/or truck usage for off road stuff.

      when I am not using a truck I use my mercury grand marquis and a 7×14 trailer with approx 32″ sides. in winter I have z-chains (cable type tire chain) for car.

      • I don’t need the 4 wheel drive in my truck all the time, or even most of the time. But when I do, it’s priceless.

        • I bought a PU new 20 years ago. Priced the 2 wd and 4 wd versions then though about the extra 10% cost. Went with the 4wd because I considered the 10% cheap insurance.

          Just so happens 5 years later I bought property in the mountains, over 8000 ft elevation. Where it is I needed 4wd and chains with 300 lbs of sand in the back in the winter. Much cheaper than buying a new vehicle.

          Truck is still running fine with over 200,000 miles. Gave it to my son. He lives in WY and needs the 4wd much of the winter.

          Now I drive a 1 ton diesel 4wd PU. Tow a 5th wheel, had it for less than 2 years and have almost 50,000 miles on it, and about 10,000 on the 5th wheel. The roads to my cabin in the mountains are better plowed than 15 years ago so I haven’t used chains yet, but the back end slides around something terrible because all of the weight on the front axle. Makes driving fun.

          Take that you ecoweenies!

    • the road up to my house is impassable in winter in most pathetic little sedans … 1200 foot elevation over 1/2 mile of switchback road … I have 2 dogs and your sedan would be a short afternoons work as a chew toy … so some folks have more needs than others …

  11. Personally, I’d rather invest in refurbishing a pre-1989 vehicle built before all the myriads of computer chips were installed in ever growing numbers. They assist, or run virtually all of the features of most gas or diesel vehicles. Some high end Euro brands I’ve read have over 1000 per vehicle. So, you are likely driving an electric vehicle already.

    One big solar flare, or a surprise from the Kim family, and you have a $40K+ to +++ paperweight in your driveway.

    • Actually, I wish I had never gotten rid of my ’74 Fiat X/19 with the Datsun engine swap. I’ve spent 30 years kicking myself for being a fool.

        • My X-1/9s just had the regular 1500 – lovely to drive and to look at, though.

          My old Honda NSX reminds me a lot of them. Only bigger & a bit more grown-up. And far less fragile.

    • Yeah I have 3 warning lights going off for tire pressure gauges on tires that are fine and a check engine light that only comes on during the rain. 😡

      • Pull the internal tyre pressure senders out if tyres and put external sensors in tyres. Then can change to spare if tyre goes flat and disconnect temp gauge and put an engine guard in. It fines block temp, not steam or water temp

    • Better take a look at your ignition…my stock ’75 International has an electronic ignition module that would be fried in your Kim scenario.
      Older is better.

      • Then it wouldn’t hurt to have few modules squireled away in a shielded container. And, I wouldn’t tell all the guys in the cave.

    • The Chrysler “Plymouth” product line was points ignition for my 1971 Satellite and solid-state (non-computer) electronic ignition for my 1972 Satellite. Points were a bear (required timing light and dwell meter to set each time the points were ‘touched’), the electronic ignition was a dream and problem free (set timing ONCE and forget) for the period I owned it …

  12. Denial here, denial there, denial everywhere.
    ON ALLEGATIONS OF INVASIVE SPECIES DENIALISM. Open Access Conservation Biology. 2019.
    Beginning of abstract
    “Science denialism retards evidenced based policy and practice and should be challenged. It has been a particular concern for mitigating global environmental issues, such as anthropogenic climate change. But allegations of science denialism must also be well founded and evidential or they risk eroding public trust in science and scientists. Recently, 77 published works by scholars, scientists, and science writers were identified as containing invasive species denialism (ISD; i.e., rejection of well supported facts about invasive species, particularly the global scientific consensus about their negative impacts).”

    • “invasive species denialism … particularly the global scientific consensus about their negative impacts).”

      It strikes me that whether the impact of an invasive species is positive or negative is a value judgment that science cannot make. All science can do is tell you what the impact of the invasive species is. The valence of the impact is purely a value judgment.

      In years past, zebra mussels from the Black Sea hitched rides on cargo ships and established themselves in the Great Lakes. Turns out the polluted dirty water was a tasty treat for the mussels, which are filter feeders. Now the water was too clean. Oh No. A trash fish called a goby found its way in to the lakes. They stated eating the mussels. Oh No. They stocked the lakes with salmon and trout that eat the gobies. Oh No. And so it goes.

      • Mr. Sobchak: I remember all that, too. Our elites think the same folks who manage the Great Lakes should manage the climate, as well. What could go wrong?

  13. The 2021 Bronco, back by popular demand. NOW without Lithium battery technology!
    Looks nice. I’d check it out.

  14. “‘Hamilton’ Loses Its Snob Appeal: Political correctness is a barrier to keep the working class from becoming upwardly mobile.” By Rob Henderson | July 14, 2020

    “When I was a new student at Yale in 2015, everyone on campus was talking about the Broadway sensation “Hamilton.” “It’s amazing,” a classmate told me. … I searched the internet for tickets: $400—way beyond my budget as a veteran enlisted man attending college on the GI Bill.

    “So I was pleased this month when “Hamilton” became available to watch on the streaming service Disney+. But now the show is being criticized for its portrayal of the American Founding by many of the same people who once gushed about it. Is it a coincidence that affluent people loved “Hamilton” when tickets were prohibitively expensive, but they disparage it now that ordinary people can see it?

    * * *

    “Once something becomes fashionable among the upper class, aspiring elites know they must go along to have any hope of joining the higher ranks. But once it becomes fashionable among the hoi polloi, the elites update their tastes.


    “Ideological purity tests now exist to indicate social class and block upward social mobility. Your opinion about social issues is the new powdered wig. In universities and in professional jobs, political correctness is a weapon used by white-collar professionals to weed out those who didn’t marinate in elite mores.

    “These are luxury beliefs—or ideas and opinions that confer status on the upper class while taking a toll on lower class.


    “The winds will have shifted by the time the proletariat catches up, and that’s the point. Affluent people keep their positions secure by allowing only those who go to the right colleges, listen to the right podcasts, and read the right books to join their inner circle. But just as today’s fashionable art will soon be out-of-date, so will today’s fashionable moral opinions.”

  15. If I didn’t already have a pair of two ton Volvo XC 70’s in the driveway I would consider the Bronco. It would probably work as well in Maine winters as the all wheel drive Volvos. The planet is doing just fine.

    • depending on year those volvos may be a ford. elsewise (mid 2010 onwards) they are chinese.
      speaking of snow in maine, you not near sanford where that had to plow roads tuesday night are you?
      nothing up here just outside of bangor.

  16. Do they come in white? I hear the white ones are great for making a clean getaway.
    Askin’ for a friend, of course.

  17. An in-depth review indicates this is a very capable ‘tough country’ mule.
    That it massively triggers environMentalists is a pure bonus!

  18. It’s time for me to buy, soon, and while I didn’t really want one of these, I am now strangely compelled to go dump in some blowhard’s Cheerios…

  19. The old Bronco was a better seller than what the global warming folks are selling and so will the new Bronco. It looks good for the adventurous male and the curious and brave female.

    Look for Ford to have some desert and mountain runs and possibly swamp, I mean ecological, biological, diverse wetlands. You know the ones Europeans drained while developing Western Civilization.

  20. Now that the Trump EPA has ditched the dumber-than-dirt Obama CAFE rules, it is only a matter of time before Blue states like California and NY start adding“Climate Luxury” surcharges onto any vehicle they don’t approve of of, like SUVs and big trucks.

    They will claim it’s for the climate, but what it really will be is simply another way to extract cash via a new tax from working Americans buying popular SUVs and trucks. An EV sales are taking abeating with low gas prices and Cal’s grid problems. Kinda hard to charge your Tesla during an imposed PG&E black-out.

    “The new report from Next 10 and Beacon Economics shows that the Golden State is unlikely to reach its carbon reduction goals for 2030 and 2050 at the current rate of progression. A law signed by former Gov. Jerry Brown in 2016 sets a target of cutting the state’s greenhouse gas emissions to 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2030.

    “Assuming the same rate of reduction from 2016 to 2017, California will reach its 2030 and 2050 goals in 2061 and 2157, respectively — representing a 31-year and a 107-year delay,” according to the report.

    The report comes as California is locked in a dispute with President Donald Trump about the state’s legal authority to impose stricter air pollution standards on vehicles. The California Air Resources Board has used that power to negotiate pacts with carmakers committing them to producing fuel-efficient vehicles that average 50 miles per gallon of gas.

    Read more here:

    Federal supremacy on setting Clean Air Standards will preclude Cal from winning the legal battle regain its exemption to impose its own standards unless the EPA grants it. They may win some legal battles with “Obama judges” in the district courts and 9th Circuit, but ultimately there is no doubt the Feds will prevail on this issue if it goes to the Supreme Court.

    A “Climate Luxury” tax already in the cards as the low price of gas (for now) is driving up the number of purchases of these low MPG vehicles. Californians love their autos. The Sacramento Greens will propose a Climate Luxury Car tax surcharge tax in legislation and the tax hungry socialists will jump on-board the idea of any new revenue stream. I expect something in the neighborhood of $1,000 to $5,000 added surcharge at purchase depending on the sticker price and MPG rating.

  21. I was considering this as my next SUV, and it’s definitely looking more favorable. The biggest engine is only the 310 HP dual turbo V6. If they can put the 760 HP Predator V8 in it, it’s a done deal.

  22. Well, it’s made MY list for consideration for my next vehicle… 🙂

    Imagine getting stranded up a mountain because your batteries got cold and weak… I guess one could pack a portable generator and 20 gallons of fuel to recharge the electric vehicle in an emergency. Or one could just buy a good old reliable gas engine utility vehicle.

  23. A Range Rover is a much better car in every respect, especially if it’s breathed on by Overfinch!

    I’ll be interested to see the EV that can cruise for 400 miles, at 90 mph on a tankful of fuel (Diesel or Petrol) in sublime comfort and safety, then step onto a Challenger Tank training course and survive for more than 30 seconds.

    By the time the Rangy has done the 800 mile round trip, and done the Tank course, a Tesla will still be stuck at a charging station somewhere on the M1 motorway. And the Tesla will handle like a lump of Lard even before it gets to a Tank course where it’ll get bogged down instantly!

    I’m all for EV’s, assuming they don’t take 100 years to reach the level of performance an ICE vehicle can. And with all the hype around them I DEMAND they EXCEED the performance we expect from an ICE vehicle by a substantial margin. e.g. the ‘engines’, drive-chains, and energy sources are consigned to modules that weigh at least 20% less than ICE’s and deliver better performance under all circumstances.

    Humanity demands progress; we don’t want to stand still to allow an ancient and discarded technology to catch up.

    When the idiot boffins (read ‘scientists’) can produce a car sized battery that can run my households electricity demands for a year for a year, and will cost me tuppence ha’penny to do so, then you can watch me sit up with a start and take notice.

    Which will be a bit freaky when my great, great, great grandchildren watch me rise from the ashes of cremation!

    These freaky deaky green nutter are utterly insane. I appreciate progress, but not at any cost. And the fact is, they are stifling the progress of humanity with their moronic demands.

    Bad day. Rant over.

    • Yeah, well for $70K more it should be better, though if my experience with failed air suspension components is an indicator “Better” is as relative as Bill Clinton’s morals.

      • That’s why when the air suspension fails on a RR, not if but when, it is ripped out and replaced with traditional springs and dampers as replacing/repairing the air suspension is insanely expensive. The other issue with the RR is the number of computer control units. And ECU for the engine, a GCU for the gearbox, a BCU for the body equipment/instrument cluster, ECU and GCU tied in to the ABS and traction control system. Any one of them fails you can’t start your engine.

        RRs are supremely great to drive both on and offroad, I drove the 1994 model in 1994 and it was brilliant.

        I bought the 1994 Discovery 2, based on the older model RR, and test drove the 1994 RR. My brand new “M” reg Discovery had three failures in the first 1000 miles (The run-in period). The indicator stalk switch failed. The rear “A” frame ball joint failed. And last but not least, the splined shaft from the main gearbox to the transfer case wore so badly that about 50% of the spline had worn away. I would never buy a new LR/RR again.

    • When we get two of Robert A. Heinlein’s neater dreams:
      Douglas-Martin sunpower screens (Made from dirt, dirt cheap, and 98% efficient)
      Shipstones (a GI can for electricity)
      Then a solar powered world will start to make sense.

      Since we ain’t got either, fuggidaboudit.

      I have been seen burning incense at the altars of Fineline (God of engineers), Zeemoff (God of automation and building contractors), M’Kaphrae (Goddess of Dragons)….

    • “HotScot July 16, 2020 at 11:55 am

      A Range Rover is a much better car in every respect, especially if it’s breathed on by Overfinch!”

      Good heavens you are not serious? Wildly over priced and very unreliable. Don’t let Overfinch get involved as is said, very costly. Don’t get a RR with BMW V8 engine in it, it will fail. Don’t get a RR with a V6 diesel engine either, very expensive to work on. There is a saying down here in Australia. “If you want to go off-roading in the outback, get a RR. If you want to get back, get a Toyota”.

    • The Bentley Bentayga Diesel is better for whizzing down to the store. Fairly comfortable too!
      Bentley’s sale pitch …
      “Bentayga Diesel was the first diesel in Bentley’s history. The world’s most refined 8-cylinder diesel engine, it was developed to deliver world-class Bentley performance with the extended range of a diesel engine.
      This model features a number of distinctive and exclusive design features including a gloss black matrix grille with a chrome surround and centre bar, along with two twin-quad tailpipes at the rear. It also features a ‘V8 DIESEL’ badge that sits on the lower edge of the front doors. In addition, ‘Bentley’ treadplates and the classic ‘B’ design foot pedals are fitted as standard.
      Its 4.0 litre, 8-cylinder, 32-valve diesel engine delivers a top speed of 168 mph (270 km/h) and achieves 0 to 60 mph in 4.6 seconds”

  24. sweet, sweet green tears. Moar Bronco.

    Can we really just send all the green weenies up to northern Canada in January please. Power their homes with solar/wind only. Leave them there for a couple of weeks. Local (100 mile) diet only. Problem solved.

  25. I think Hummer should just release a new model called the “Planet-Killer” and be done with it. It could have a flame paint job and an add-on steam generator that could belch ‘smoke’ on demand. I’d buy it.

  26. I’ll add one to my shopping list. 😉

    Actually, I’m more of a sports coupe guy. Good head room & leg room, closer to the ground (but not too close), and a stick shift mated with a smooth-running 6-cylinder, naturally aspirated of course. Unfortuantely, those are going the way of the dodo.

    • CV,

      Ain’t no real cowboys in Texas. We’re all up here in Wyoming and you don’t need no fiddle to play in the band up here and we don’t tuck our pants in our boots, neither.

      Jim G1

      • Jim,
        Ha ha. Wyoming, where the men are men and the sheep are nervous. It hit 99 degrees here in Dallas today. I think I will trade in my boots for a pair of flip flops in a few minutes.

        • We ran most of the sheep herders out of here, don’t you watch the cowboy shows? Was 100 degrees F here a couple days ago, but it’s a dry heat up here. Know some folks have goats but they cannot be fenced in as they are the original escape artists and can climb fences, I think. Maybe they’re nervous, too?

        • Two cougars meet in the spring … one heading north to Wyoming. The one heading south to Texas says, “I hear there are lots of Texans everywhere … I’m gonna eat well this year”.

          Wyoming replies, “You outta come north with me, but good luck to you anyway”.

          They met up again in the fall. Says the Wyoming cougar to the Texas cougar, “You look like hammered shit … nuthin’ but skin & bones.”

          “I feel like it to. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I ate well all summer long. There were cowboys everywhere … And just like always I’d sit on a low branch and scream at them when they walked under, they would freeze and then I’d pounce down on them and eat. But I just kept losing weight from the time I got to Texas.”

          “Well” says Wyoming, “you got to realize you were dealing with Texans. You scream at them like that and you scare the shit right of them … you pounce on their middles like that and you knock all the hot air right of them. At that point you ain’t got hardly no substance left but boots & belt buckles”

          (maybe I got it wrong … maybe it was Oklahoma)

          • Don
            Must have wandered over to New Mexico. I just don’t think the kitty cat would have ever made it back from Texas alive. I believe I heard the greenies are trying to reintroduce them back to parts of Austin and other enlightened neighborhoods. I wish those kitties good hunting and hope they feast on all the ferrel and domestic animals running loose.

      • Maybe it’s personal. Been a fan since Eddie LeBaron was the QB. Never did understand why Coach pulled him to play the young guys. Of course I was about six so I had a limited range of life.

        • Chain Vara,
          In reply to your earlier reply, we’re always happy to have our big cats return to the mountains of New Mexico; they’re quite tasty and you get a nice throw rug as a bonus! I’ve got to hit the weights ‘cause there’s a young bear wandering around and we’ll probably have a contest to see who gets to bag it! If only polar bears could learn to survive on vegans then they might wander far enough south that I could achieve my dream trophy without having to leave home.

  27. The three Bronco models certainly are a long departure from the full size 78 and 81 I had with modified 351 CI gas hungry motors. I now drive the new Jeep Rubicon and a 4×4 Tahoe. I see a lot of them on the roads. I suspect Ford wants a piece of the new model of Jeeps Wranglers that are so popular. I suspect Ford will ignore the BS about their Bronco line up. After all, we Americans love our pickup trucks and heavy full size utility vehicles with horse power to spare.

  28. Thanks Vice. I was leaning toward a Ranger as my next vehicle. Now, I’ll have to consider a Bronco as well.

  29. Nice looking vehicle! Up here in the mountains of the Southwest a 4WD or AWD vehicle is needed in the summer monsoon season and winter to get into remote areas. While I plan on buying a 3/4 ton 4×4 diesel pickup soon, my old ‘94 Chevy 3500 dually is my choice for picking up building materials when I can bill the customer for the 10mpg it gets going downhill with a tail wind. It’s gonna need a power train rebuilt soon and I’m thinking of adding a supercharger with a two speed posi-traction rear end. I don’t know if that’ll improve the mileage but it should make it a lot more fun to drive.
    When Green Weenies give me a hard time about it I ask them if they live in a tepee or a yurt. Very few housing units are built with EVs and my Chevy has so much experience now it almost does the work without me! I wonder if the Diesel Brothers are still operating up in Utah; it’d be nice to have the smoke screen option available for sneering eco-loons!

  30. No hybrid? For shame! Of course, there is the 1.5L turbo engine option – which, when combined with an 8 speed transmission in a 3400 pound vehicle, will probably delivery VERY good fuel economy in the first place.

    • The 1.5l is in the smaller Sport which is based on the Ford Escape. It’s pretty small. The large sized one is based on the Ranger chassis.

  31. Bit like Goya boycott which seems to have turned into a buycott with increased sales and a go fund me page has raised lots of money for food banks.
    Looks like some people are getting fed up with being told what they can think and do.

    James Bull

  32. Walter Sobchak.The culture snobs adored Motzart.Then came the film Amadeus,the unwashed masses went overboard for the great composers work.The snobs relegated him to low brow status. Illiberal elites never change!

  33. I like it. I’ll buy 3 and convert 2 to diesel-electric multiphase.

    Shame they don’t come in Chrysler colors tho.

  34. My current vehicle is just fine, I don’t need a new car. I like Ford and if the Bronco drives the Environmentalist Wackos crazy then I need to go down to my local dealership and take a good look at one.

  35. Come on. The Left are in another world.

    A base Retro Bronco is expected to sell for $30k and there is a smaller sport version that will sell for $25k.

    The new Bronco, is just a medium sized SUV, compared to say a Suburban or any of the other full sized people movers or status symbols.

    And it will have reasonable fuel efficiency. It has some practical features to enable it to be used for outdoor activities.

  36. The Bronco has been and always will be a boxy, oversized, and otherwise hideous vehicle.

    I want one right now!

  37. I guess they aren’t going to offer a pickup model like the late 60’s? That’s a shame. I’d buy one of those in a minute!

  38. Will a super small molten salt micro-reactor (SSMSMR) become an optional power plant for the Ford Bronco’s 2023 model year?

  39. Just filled up my Yukon for 1.62 a gallon at Costco today. Only downside of trip us that they are back to limiting toilet paper.

  40. A good start Ford. But what you really need to do is bring back the Excursion engineered to be the Zombie land express. Take that Antifa and Mannroids.

  41. I dare say that most, if not all, of the Bronco’s target audience _wants_ to give the finger to the watermelons.

  42. What an excellent advertisement. Definitely interested.
    Currently have a V8 Toyota land-cruiser. Its a truck. Goes anywhere. 900 kms on a tank of fuel, and only 5 mins to fill up anywhere. Economical, one tank lasts months at the moment with lockdowns. Carries a big camper. Will tow a boat. Just brilliant.

  43. WHAT, NO HYBRID OPTION – wwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

  44. Can you get one with a manual transmission, locking differentials, high and low range and manually locking hubs? Sometimes I really miss my ’73 Toyota FJ40 with only three forward gears, and a Warn Winch on a monster bumper. Anyone remember real bumpers?

  45. The 1.5l is in the smaller Sport which is based on the Ford Escape. It’s pretty small. The large sized one is based on the Ranger chassis.

  46. It has a fold out tray at the back to change the soiled diapers of SJWs. When you see one of the sobbing bleeding heart cAGW cultists in a soiled diaper by the side of the road, you can get them a fresh CryBaby brand diaper. These are the ones that inevitably find themselves full of excrement, lean to the left and fall apart with crocodile tears.

  47. I routinely tell people “I’ve got three V8’s in the driveway, and I’ve never been happier”. Usually that shuts them up. Sometimes they ask what the make and models are. I start with “My favourite is the Hellcat Charger at 707 hp. The other two are not quite as powerful. But the total hp of the three is around 1400.”
    The Bronco is nice, but a teeny bit too fuel efficient for me.

  48. The diesel Bronco seems to fit the for big greens maximum tears…

    —–2020 Ford Bronco Diesel Engine —–
    When the motor vehicle business really picks to provide that diesel choice, we might bet it will probably be often Ford’s new turbocharged 3.-litre Electrical power Cerebrovascular function diesel V-6, or maybe a 3.2L Vitality Cerebrovascular crash inline 5 tubing DOHC diesel. Another method currently strengths this Ranger pickup van. As a result, we understand it is equipped with giving around 185 horsepower plus 350 lb-feet of torque. Nonetheless, the particular 3.-liter Probable Cerebrovascular collision diesel is seemingly the individual more inclined preference for several aspects. The specific carmaker was not too satisfied with regards to the engine. Still, our company is reasonably a number of it can develop considerably more strength. And also, as opposed to any 3.2-litre selection which will come mated to your 6-rate auto gearbox, this 3.-liter important essential oil-burner is going to be in conjunction with an excellent all-new and then luxurious-modifying 10-tempo automotive transmission. When you by no means just like the diesel, you could make an option through two propane options. It is far from legally turned out to be. Nevertheless, the new 2020 Ford Bronco Diesel wish absolutely get used of an EcoBoost turbocharged 4-hose along with a tiny customarily aspirated V6.

    • When you consider how much of the USA is at high altitude, I find it amazing that so few US vehicles have turbochargers.
      I found that a normally aspirated “four-beater” would struggle to get you over Loveland Pass. But a six-cylinder vehicle would make it without too much trouble. But at what cost? Fuel consumption goes through the roof!
      With a turbo, altitude is no longer a factor in engine performance – no matter how small the engine.

  49. 2019. It was then that Ford CEO Jim Hackett told investors the company is “adding hybrid electrics to high-volume, profitable vehicles like Explorer, and the new exciting Bronco.”

    Me thinks that the git is just angry that people get a choice.

  50. Didn’t see it mentioned elsewhere in WUWT, has a (mechanically) interesting review of new Ford Bronco, Ford’s Jeep Wrangler killer.

  51. Just some snowflake from whichever “generation” is fashionable this week, writing an emotional meltdown instead of the article he was assigned to write. Because emotional meltdowns are so much easier than research and thought.

  52. Now I’m going to have to sell my Chevy Duramax and buy two of these. I hate it when the warmest as force me to buy new.

  53. Good on Ford for ignoring the green Mafia. Let’s hope they don’t lose their nerve when the woke, PC, lynch mob comes for them.
    Best way to show your support is to go out and buy one, or three!

  54. This product is ridiculous unless you are in the SAS, a massive gas guzzler for what reason?

    Just because I believe the sun is the primary driver of climate does not mean that I approve of excessive consumption and pollution, and this big yank tank is both.

    • All those wasted words when this,”excessive consumption”, was all you were saying. Your “excessive consumption” is everyone else’s normal life. Bugger off.

      • 2Hotel9 says:
        “Your “excessive consumption” is everyone else’s normal life. Bugger off.”

        Aye, I was so triggered I had to go to PlanB Supply’s website and calm in the olive glow of rebuilt luxurified military surplus HMMWVs.

        • Yea, that diesel aroma gets me every time! Almost as calming as the dense cloud formed on a calm day after firing a thousand or so rds of 7.62 Warsaw. Mmmmmmmm, scrumdidiliscious!!!

        • Ahhh, gonna cry now? Don’t fret, I’ll burn several extra gallons of gas just running the ac and listening Sirius to make you feel better, oh and while eating a nice double cheese burger with the works. That ought to do the trick.

        • seasiders22 re: “It may come as a surprise – global warming is observed around the sphere we live upon.”

          Two words: “Cooked books.”

          Ask about our (USWB/NOAA) ‘station adjustments’ procedures and so-called ‘warming’ by urban heat island encroachment on what used to be ‘suburban’ and rural weather/temperature measurement stations.

          • USCRN – 114 weather stations built at the start of the century – Identical design – Identical equipment – identical maintenance. All sited in Pristine locations unaffected by local human activity. Raw data, no heat islands. Shows a reduction in temp from 2005 to 2019.
            That why the NOAA don’t have press briefings about it.
            Dont argue with me, get over to the USCRN scientist and argue with them.

        • seasiders22 re: “It may come as a surprise … ”

          AND, if you REALLY want to solve ‘global warming’ by eliminating CO2 emissions and ‘wind up’ the self-appointed ‘keepers of science’ (ala Bob Park of the APS and certain members here) THEN look up the new source of energy a certain Dr. Mills has worked towards after discovering that Hydrogen’s electron is capable of a lowered energy state releasing energy in the process of getting it there … begin here maybe:

          Lecture at Fresno State

        • Nonsense, The planet has been gently cooling for some time. Go to USCRN, the most accurate land based temperature record ever recorded. It is not called the central reference network for nothing.

        • And cooling, followed by warming, then cooling,,,,,,,,that whole seasons thingy. Amazing how so many can’t figure that out, isn’t it.

  55. My 74 Bronco saved my life twice, once in Baja and another time on a trail off the Old Grapevine in SoCal. Absolute beast in 4 low.

  56. I’m looking at this beautiful vehicle and all I can think is how perfect it would be to have one while driving thru a mob of ANTIFA idiots who are trying to block a freeway or a downtown intersection. I think I need to have one of these.

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