Russia Denies Nuclear Leak After Particles Detected In Another Country

From The Daily Caller

Nicholas Elias Contributor June 29, 2020 11:58 AM ET

Russia said Monday that it did not detect a radiation emergency after sensors discovered last week that strange nuclear particles were present in Sweden.

“We have an absolutely advanced radiation levels safety monitoring system and there are no any emergency alarms,” said Dimitry Peskov, a Kremlin spokesperson, to Reuters, “We do not know the source of this information.” (RELATED: REPORT: Deadly Pakistan Plane Crash Occurred Due To Pilot’s ‘Human Error,’ Being Distracted By COVID-19 Fears)

The Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) said that it discovered nuclear particles in the air in Stockholm, Sweden, June 22-23. The group posted a map that showed several Baltic and Scandinavian countries, as well as a large part of western Russia.

The International Atomic Agency has asked countries if they have also detected the isotopes and is seeking to find an explanation for their presence, per Reuters. The Finnish nuclear authority STUK said that it also found nuclear particles along its southern coast but attributed them to “the normal operation or maintenance of nuclear reactors,” according to Reuters.

The Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment said Friday that the isotope’s composition “may indicate damage to a fuel element in a nuclear power plant,” per BBC. “Radiation levels at both NPPs and surrounding areas remained unchanged in June, and no changes are also observed at present,” said a spokesperson for Rosenergoatom Concern, the agency that operates the Leningrad and Kola nuclear plants, to TASS.

The particles, which the CTBTO said were “certainly nuclear fission products,” were caesium-134, caesium-137 and ruthenium-103 which are unusual but not harmful to humans, reported Reuters

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  1. Send in CNN, NYT, LAT, WaPo, and MSNBC to investigate. This is a real emergency this time, not your daily agenda-driven, half-baked stuff.

      • “… no any emergency alarms,” said Dimitry Peskov

        Despite the drama, NO ONE was ever claiming there was an “emergency”. There was a barely detectable increase, well withing safety limits. So Dimitry is certainly being perfectly honest and accurate.

        That rather vague map with no geopolitical boundaries looks like “western Russia” also included Bielorussia and possible its border with northern Ukraine…. where Kiev ( oops, I mean Kyuef ) stands. Remeber Dynamo Kiev ? Now called Naturo Kiev since the “dynamo” is broken now 😉

        Caesium-137, beta and gamma emitter with half life of circa 30y.
        Caesium-134, beta emitter , half life circa 2y.
        Ruthenium 103, beta emitter half life 39d.

        The particles, which the CTBTO said were “certainly nuclear fission products,” were caesium-134, caesium-137 and ruthenium-103 which are unusual but not harmful to humans, reported Reuters.

        Utter nonsense , all ionising radiation is harmful to humans ( and most other forms of life ). If they mean the levels detected are not harmful they should say that instead.

        So-called science editors rarely have the slightest understanding of science.

      • Didn’t we get an unexplained “kick” in the earth’s magnetic field a few days ago? Sounds like something bigger than non-emergency radiation happened somewhere.

          • I thought the sudden change in mag field was from an unknown cause? The exotic isotopes are also from an unknown cause. Science these days does appear to not need causes anymore.

    • Rusky hyper-sonic “gliders” don’t glide a mk6 without a push.

      Just don’t let the greens know your nuclear warheads are also using nuclear propulsion. They will probably applaud your for having “low carbon” doomsday devices.

      • Stop trying to apply logic and reason. This is just tool used by the white patriarchy to oppress us !!

        I mean, it must be Russia, Iran, N.K or Maduro. I suggest we sanction them all until one of them owns up to it.

  2. Sorry, nuclear fallout from Russia does not fit with the global warming crusades in Europe. Let them glow in the dark while marching for smart, green causes.

  3. With the recent defections of Zion Lights and Michael Shellenberger from the Green Blob to the cause of nuclear power, there is a risk that the West might come to its senses over electricity generation. That would be bad news for Russia and countries further east, who have been watching with glee as the West dismantles its capability to provide its own power. This is serious. What could be done to stop this drift towards normal rational behaviour ? Well, why not release some radio isotopes to drift across the Baltic. That should galvanise the West’s nutcase groups into demanding a halt to any movement towards nuclear power generation. Easy peasy. Job done.

    • That is a very interesting idea and merits more fact-finding to discover where and how this release happened. I apply Hanlon’s razor most of the time, which would imply that someone did something wrong at a Russian nuclear facility.

    • Michael Shellenberger has been a long time proponent for nuclear power as the “solution” to climate change. His recent defection is from the climate change alarmist camp to climate change is real but not really an issue

  4. Two comments. 1. The radiation levels are not cited in this report, and very low levels of the isotopes from fission reactors are common in the air at non-harmful levels, almost always associated with removal and recycling of the spent fuel rods, and 2. The Pakistan pilots were not distracted, they were unqualified (both via poor training/certification and by lack of mental ability to focus on emergency) and the engines did not quit-the pilots maintained a high speed on the approach and tried to put the wheels down at too high of a speed and they wouldn’t go down, then they tried to force a landing at too high of a speed and without the wheels down, with the three red lights from gear down fault glaring at them the whole time (RCL FAA Air Traffic Controller Certificate 1904664).

  5. Perhaps this is fake news generated to blunt the effect of Shellenberg’s bombshell book supporting nuclear energy.

    • Michael Shellenberger has been a long time proponent for nuclear power as the “solution” to climate change. His recent defection is from the climate change alarmist camp to climate change is real but not really an issue

  6. With high pre4ssure in southe4rn scandinavia, like it waqs in those days, it may very well blow from the east to the west.

    A next question, since the reports say it is not dangerous to humans, is whether it may be below russian detection limits for making alarm. Kryllic understanding may easily be slightly different.

  7. Let’s see . . . reporting from the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) and Finland (STUK) versus a statement issued by the Kremlin. Who to believe?

    I think is a most basic example of a “no brainer”.

    • If that is the pattern then it is highly suggestive of a point source in the UK diffusing as it travels east
      Mr Watts is a meteorologist.He will tell you what the wind direction was, then, at surface to low altitude

  8. The observations that the distribution is spreading wider as one looks from the north sea to the Baltic and on towards the Urals suggests a starting point among the wind farms off the NE coast of England. Also the concentration is restricted to the low lying land areas and sea, and avoids the mountains of southern Norway , but passing over the lowlands of southern Sweden and northern Denmark. Like a low lying sea mist or haar drifting and widening eastward from its origin . Did someone dump some spent fuel elements in that area off the English coast at some time in the past, which have subsequently eroded?

  9. It is more likely that the origin is from a spot in the north sea , diffusing outwards as it moves east , than an origin over a 1000 mile area of Russia between the Urals and the coast , then concentrating down to a point in the North Sea , where it then stops. Also the contaminants are only detected at sea level, or over lowlying landscapes in Russia, Southern Sweden and Northern Denmark , but avoiding the montains of Southern Norway. Like a low sea mist or haar , slowly drifting east from an origin somewhere in the forest of wind turbines off the NE coast of England. Was a canister of spent fuel elements dumped there in the past , and slowly eroding? Do the radioactive elements appear in north Sea cod? Don’t mean to be alarmist , but cod is one of our weekly , non meat – day , meals .

    • Very much to the point, the archive of pressure maps for the area shows a SW wind throughout the period.

    • Apologies for double post . Got a 409 error on first attempt in chrome so changed to firefox (my usual) and tried again.

  10. Sounds similar to an event that happened in 2019.

    Back then, Roshydromet (Russian weather agency) reported a brief spike in γ-radiation at 16 times the normal level in the city of Severodvinsk, up on the White sea coast.

    That region is home to Russian military R&D sites that could be working on the 9M730 Burevestnik missile.

    The isotopes found in rain and air samples at the time were: strontium-91, barium-139, barium-140 and lanthanum-140.

    It also falls within the area covered by the orange zone on their map.

  11. They will let everyone know after all the VIP families have been moved out of the way on trains ahead of the general population.

  12. Russia/USSR has enough radiological surface detritus and particulate debris that the current hightened temperatures may have simply finally dried out the soil enough to allow them to be blown by winds.

    Why does nobody else on Earth think the way I do?

  13. Cs-134 and Cs-137 make it look like fairly old, but not ancient fission products. The presence of Ru-103 indicates that the source was Pu-239 fuel. These three nuclides can be identified by gamma spectroscopy at fairly low levels, well below the levels of requirements for radiation protection. The half life of Ru-103 is about 40 days so it does not last long in the environment. So the source fission is probably within the last year or so.

  14. Origin of the leak seems to be very near of submarine dockyard near Arkangel.

    From Google earth you can see two nuclear powered subs in drydocked.

    Russians do these leaks all the time. I am from Finland and we know this.

  15. New Borei class subs ? In Google earth you can measure distances and those match. You can see reactor room hatches open in the left of 2 subs in Google earth pictures? Abnormal boats around the sub.

  16. BLM protest by crew on US Nuclear sub named after confederate general got a bit out of control? Like, they tried to tear down the sub. Or, maybe, too many took the knee at the same time at one end of the sub?

  17. Germany has proven that wind and solar are not workable without storage. Likewise, they have demonstrated that storage, except for brief periods measured in minutes not days, is not and because of physics will never be affordable. Their current fools errand is attempting to use excess wind and solar electrical power on windy sunny days to produce hydrogen for use as a transportation fuel. That eco-dream will surely end quickly. Very likely their scheduled nuclear plant shutdowns will be postponed.

    Nuclear construction, if there is going to be any, in the 2030-2050 time frame will be SMR’s. These plants are affordable because 1) They are cookie cutter identical and built in a factory instead of on-site. 2) Once the first unit is operational in 2028 (unless the Democrats kill it) permitting costs, delays and unanticipated developments become minimal. 3) Large scale CCGT generators will become the dominant power source over the next 30-40 years. When small increments of generating capacity are required and as NG reserves are slowly depleted SMR’s will incrementally and cost effectively lead us into the eventual and inevitable nuclear dominated energy age. Molten salt, thorium, Generation 5,6 or whatever won’t be major contributors prior to 2060 (IMHO). The most important energy effort for the next few years is ending the bio-fuel, wind and solar farce.

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