Bloomberg: “Professor Sees Climate Mayhem Lurking Behind Covid-19 Outbreak”

Professor Jem Bendell, Cumbria Professor of Sustainability Leadership

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

More frantic efforts by climate alarmists to leverage public concern about the Chinese Coronavirus.

Professor Sees Climate Mayhem Lurking Behind Covid-19 Outbreak

By Saijel Kishan 28 March 2020, 22:00 GMT+10

Jem Bendell doesn’t shy away from doom and gloom.

The lockdowns and social distancing caused by the coronavirus are giving humanity a taste of the disruptions to daily life that will be caused by climate change, he said.

In modern industrial societies, the fallout from Covid-19 feels like a dress rehearsal for the kind of collapse that climate change threatens,” Bendell said in an interview. “This crisis reveals how fragile our current way of life has become.”

The University of Cumbria social-science professor is well-known among environmentalists for his theory of “deep adaption.” In a 2018 paper, Bendell said that time was up for gradual measures to combat global warming. Without an abrupt transformation of society, changes in the planet’s climate would bring starvation, destruction, migration, disease and war — the collapse of civilization — within a decade.

Now he’s focusing his scalding assessments on the parallels and links he sees between climate change and the pandemic.

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Professor Bendell has a problem. He seems young enough that he will still be around to face the music, when his alarmist predictions about the collapse of civilisation fail to manifest.

Most climate scientists play it safe, by making predictions about events which will not occur until long after they are dead, but Professor Bendell thinks all the climate collapse will happen in the next decade.

Having said that, perhaps Bendell’s target audience and employers won’t care.

Consider one of our old favourites, Cambridge Professor “Whacky” Wadhams; Despite the utter failure of Professor Wadhams absurd 2016 ice free Arctic prediction, he is still listed as head of the Cambridge Polar Ocean Physics Group.

121 thoughts on “Bloomberg: “Professor Sees Climate Mayhem Lurking Behind Covid-19 Outbreak”

  1. Professor of Sustainability Leadership ?????????????

    Really, and I should take the time to read the rest?

      • If you have the courage, take a look at their website, but be warned: it’s not recommended for anyone with vision problems.

        It’s another of these jumped-up polys that would have been better sticking to what they knew and preparing slightly less bright people (like me) for the world of work instead of filling their heads with esoterica like this nonsense.

        The irony is that if Bendell is right, the youngsters we need will be the ones who can do things and make things, not the ones whose heads have been stuffed with wokery!

        • Of course he is not right. This is a wake up call to the vast majority of the ‘cannot be bothered to think’ brigade: if the socialists (CAGW activists) get their way (for whatever reason), this is how they will have us living. We need to redirect all the climate change funding to our health services immediately.

      • You beat me to it:

        University (🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣) of Cumbria

        Professor (🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣)

        Social waffle (🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣)

        Unless a member of the Russell Group it most definitely is not a University. It is a polytechnic, which has a place in our education system. Blair/Brown have so much to answer…

        The man is an idiot

      • Covid-19 feels like a dress rehearsal for the kind of collapse that climate change POLITICS threatens.

          • Professor of Sustainability Leadership??


            The Monty Pythons couldn’t have come up with a better one.

            On a different tack, to paraphrase the inimitable The Goon Show’s Eccles from an earlier iteration of British comedy genius, “My name’s Jem Bendall and I’m an idiot, ahyuk, ahyuk”.

        • Nope. If anything it will bolster support and the drive to “fix the climate”. You watch!

          Do you have a permit to walk freely about?

          Do you have a permit to emit CO2?

          Recon it’s not coming or the next war to stop it?

          • Er, no. Do you have ceramic body armour?

            Confused look from officious person ‘No’

            ‘Bad move. Bye’ Gunsmoke slowly clears.

    • Professor of Sustainability Leadership.

      Yeah, I was going ask what the hell kind of a job title that is supposed to be.

      Create a post , call him a Prof of leadership before he even starts his job and then we are all supposed to listen to him because a) he’s professor , b) he is an “expert” in leadership.

      It is quite obvious he does not know squat about anything in life and this is out and out politics masquerading as an academic post.

      • COVID-19 is giving us a crystal-clear demo of who the Important People in modern society really are: The people who grow the food, drive the trucks, stock the shelves and keep the lights and heat on.
        Internet propagandists, opportunistic pols, panic fomenters and end-of-days crystal-ballers, not so much. Vote with your clicker and your checkbook and de-platform these loons! They day they get no subsidy is the day they shut up and find honest work.

      • Per the Wiki thingy [Yes, I know that anyone can edit it], “Bendell graduated from Cambridge University in 1993”; so, born about 1972.
        Looks good for his age.
        But his CV seems a little, how shall I put it?, full of the ‘usual suspects’ [per the Wiki thingy . . . .] World Wide Fund for Nature; and the UN – as a consultant.
        And – “In the 2017 United Kingdom general election, he provided strategic communication advice to the Labour Party”. Quoted directly from the Wikithingy.

        It helps to know the chap, perhaps.


    • Sure, go ahead and laugh in the face of danger.
      We cannot escape this. This much is certain: Wherever you are, tomorrow morning may or may not be around one degree warmer than it was a hundred years ago.
      If that hasn’t got you crapping your pants, well… you’re one of the lucky ones. You can’t find toilet paper anywhere.

  2. Nice to see another one jump on the bandwagon.

    Just goes to show (at least to me) that none of them can stand being out of the spotlight even for a second.

    Funny how a social science professor doesn’t see the irony.

  3. what we know so far – 195 countries with Corona . 80 countries with Corona no deaths.

    total deaths 31,771 . 80 countries with Corona and no deaths.

    5 countries with Corona = 24,720 deaths .

    Spread between the other 110 countries= 7,051 deaths .

    Even with lock down FLu is killing the same amount as before lock down

    REF: Worldometer.

  4. The next decade will be spent rebuilding and restructuring the global economy. Manufacturing will become more geographically dispersed. Much will be brought home. So, expect the reemergence of key manufacturing industries in Western countries. Thus will require more energy usage.

    • This will also cause shifts in political power. Major urban centers will lose influence, as the move to smaller cities accelerates. Clearly there are serious downsides to life in the mega city.

      • One would think so, but give it two years and attention will be focused upon the next crisis, so that doesn’t go to waste either. That’s just my opinion.

        Some people might keep more than an extra roll of toilet paper having learned that sometime just in time isn’t always.

        • And we’ll have a lot of N95 masks. I’ve been buying them for years at Home Depot- 20 in a box.

          • I found a box of them among my tools, I always get the 3M Cool Flow. Bought these last summer ripping out suspended ceilings, all kinds of dust and dirt plus mold from water leaks in upstairs. Pays to by top shelf and to be prepared.

    • Well, one thing is apparent after the last couple times I went to WalMart.
      We live in challenging times for anyone that craps their pants every time some career student with a fancy title conjures up yet another looming catastrophe that may or may not occur.

  5. Where to begin the spleen venting on people like Jem. You can stick professor in front of his name and some institution under it to burnish his razor thin credentials but in the end he’s just a useless sack. What is a Jem any way? A rock that doesn’t shine? Jem and his generous compensation package are the reason so many young people fail to get an education and in the US emerge as a 100k in debt employee of the month at a coffee shop. Jem can’t think and he spreads it like a virus. Being dense he hides that fact behind his real career in public relations hackery. In a just world Jem would be irritating his coworkers at Aldi’s. Vented.

    • He would burn Aldi’s down to rule over its ashes.

      One good thing, as far as noise is concerned, my city house has become like a country residence and the birds are singing gloriously and being heard.

      • Jem Bendell and his like require that AGW be true. Their jobs, their income, and the entire meaning of their lives depend upon it.

        Likewise, they require that the natural environment be under imminent threat, that wildlife is disappearing at an unprecedented rate, and that consumption is ruining the entire planet.

        They can never allow falsification. They can never allow themselves to think critically.

        Self-delusion pays the bills and stokes the ego. That’s the Jem Bendells of the world. Storm crows when there’s no storm.

        Here’s sustainability: working on fission and fusion while living on fossil fuels; genetically improving crops while maximizing farm yields; living science.

        Heading off into space while eventually letting Earth become our garden.

        • Wait just a tic. You mean that Herr Professor of Sustainability Leadership Bendell doesn’t realize that so-called ‘renewable’ solar and wind energy production facilities did not — because they could not — construct themselves in the first place without copious borrowed energy from fossil fuels, nor will they be able to replace themselves in kind in their succeeding generations? Quite apart from the CO2 indebtedness they start off with in some hope of at least repaying that over their service lives — what’s actually self-sustainable about these paragons of proposed means in any way, hmmm? OK, pencils down! Now that didn’t take long at all, did it.

          • “they could not — construct themselves in the first place without copious borrowed energy from fossil fuels”- I made a rank amateur video of a solar “farm” built next to my neighborhood in central Massachusetts. It took a lot of logging machines, bulldozers, excavators, trucks to build this “farm” which I show:

          • It’s a tax farm, Joseph. The solar part is just for show.

            Someone’s making big bucks on the subsidies. The solar farm will never pay for itself.

  6. I have written to The Times as follows..,,
    Decarbonisation by pandemic should reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide from today’s 414ppm to perhaps the Guardian’s ‘safe level’ 350ppm.? If it doesn’t it means that we don’t understand the carbon cycle; that man-made CO2 is not the climate driver; that Lord Deben’s ruinous ‘zero carbon ‘ by 2050 for UK’s global one per cent is ever more pointless”
    Will they print it?

  7. The disruption to society was brought on by Chicken Little panicking and telling everyone they should must to run for the caves. With 99.5% of the population unexposed to this new cold virus will mean that this run for the caves could become a seasonal event.

  8. CliSci’s are certainly taking notes and adjusting the message (among other adjustments) accordingly. One reason I’m listening to the corona virus alarmist scientists is that they are not the usual suspects. They have real titles, not “chair of Sustainability Dep’t” fake title.
    Oh, another reason to listen is, observable facts indicate real emergency for corona virus. CliSci is only observable in yield of fake titles.

  9. As students learn remotely, I think it’s becoming obvious that the educational enterprise can be conducted just as effectively (in most cases) on-line. The bloated in-person educational experience is clearly a colossal waste of money. The influence of ideologues on campus will naturally wane as more students go on-line.

  10. Things have been disrupted and will change, but climate change will not be central.
    He is delusional.

  11. It seems that a Professor of Sustainability Leadership is lacking in the fundamentals. Such as Physics and Chemistry. If he had an education that included thermodynamics and spectroscopy he might have an understanding of how the GHG’s actually function in the atmosphere and realize that water vapor swamps all other GHG’s in impact on climate with clouds somewhat behind water vapor and the whole water cycle. But his degree is just a step below Underwater Basket Weaving in its teaching of the sciences, so his degree is next to worthless. He probably didn’t have to take any logic and philosophy courses either. Sad state of our higher education system.

      • Deep down inside he knows his degree is worthless, which is why it is necessary to spout junk he doesn’t understand but sounds important.

    • Funny, but well over fifty years ago I learnt some useful things in Geography at high school that have contributed to my cynical attitude towards the alarmists and scepticism about their hyperbolic (nothing to do with Maths) claims. Perhaps standards have fallen? 🙁

      • Sorry I left out the context for this remark: Jem Bendell did his degree in Geography. He should be more informed about climate and weather.

    • Underwater basket weaving could be a useful skill in some circumstance; Professor of Sustainability Leadership not so much.
      We’d do better encouraging Professorships in Prune Harvesting.

      • A change in testing of the deceased could also play a role.

        Policies involved in testing and assignment of cause of death have been used to explain the differences in morbidity between Italy and Germany, for example. Certainly, as testing becomes more widely available, more infections will be found, but people who show mild or no symptoms will not be tested as ren suggests.

        Whatever the causes, an apparent increased in morbidity could be partly or mostly due to accounting., but in any case, it’s difficult to compare trends when different counting methods are used and are changing.

    • The U.S. is exhibiting the same behavior as cases are diverging further from constant exponential growth. There undoubtedly is a time lag component at play also.

    • And there you have it. Jem needs to show some sustainability leadership by renouncing his position and retirement contributions. Go glue your soft lily white backside to the next train leaving town. Rebellion from a comfy place. How very sheik.

    • leitmotif the video featuring Jam Bendell describes a new religion in my view. ER have decided how things are and apparently they can help us through the catastrophic times ahead. Of course they will have the power, and they want our money. All we need is a problem!

      On the up side, the video featuring Melanie Phillips which is on the same page is absolutely brilliant! It’s titled “Why I left the left” and why she left the Guardian. Worth watching.

  12. Remember that Paul Ehrlich has successfully outlived his absurdly wrong predictions, while still remaining, as far as I know, a credible public figure. The MSM seems to be weirdly incurious about the repetition of already failed predictions. You might think it would be a good story for some young reporter. I think WUWT already has some collected wisdom on this subject, for which I will now search.

    • Malcolm I referred to a brilliant video in a response above. The young journalist conducting the interview didn’t not feature heavily here, so I can’t speak for his journalistic skills. We do however need to get more ‘young’ journalists our there pushing ‘our’ cause. See the link below, to get some idea of who he is and what he’s about. It’s an excellent video!

  13. A document by the Carlos III public health institute which EL PAÍS has seen took recent civil registry death records and compared them with the average number of deaths in Spain’s regions since 2008, finding significant surges in deaths in Madrid, Castilla-La Mancha and Castilla y León during this month of March. Yet many of those deaths, even when coronavirus symptoms were present, did not get added to the national tally because no formal test was ever conducted on the victims.

    Regional governments only notify the Health Ministry about a coronavirus death if the patient was previously tested and the test came back positive, said two health officials at two regional governments. “This leaves out many people who died in residences or in their own homes, and who were never tested,” said one of these sources.

    This means that the figures offered daily by Simón, the health emergency coordination chief, are only providing a partial picture of the true extent of the pandemic.

    • If they did autopsies on everyone to determine the real causes of death, rather than just assume they died from the virus, the case number would plummet like it did in Italy by 88%.

    • If they took the average of deaths, then they are going to bias their findings.

      It shouldn’t be a secret, but there is seasonality to deaths with greater numbers when it’s cold.

  14. Bloomberg is spending millions trying to unseat Trump. Trump is no angel, but he trumps any professor of sustainability leadership. What sustainability? What leadership? What professorship?

    A dream position: A Professor of Global Change.

  15. In most European countries, death statistics to which the coronavirus contributed are underreported. In my opinion, if a person infected with Covid-19 dies from respiratory failure, then Covid-19 should be considered the cause of death.

    • Lot’s of things cause respiratory failure. Those things should be eliminated first before ascribing blame to this virus. Proof needs to be determined, not just association. The CDC says a positive test result doesn’t mean the virus s the causative agent of a person’s illness. Your desired approach artificially inflates the case number and wreaks havoc.

      “Positive [test] results are indicative of active infection with 2019-nCoV but do not rule out bacterial infection or co-infection with other viruses. The agent detected may not be the definite cause of disease. Laboratories within the United States and its territories are required to report all positive results to the appropriate public health authorities.”

      • Good comment.

        There’s no agreed upon standard(s) and that’s causing differences in rates, etc. in different locales. All contributors to the illness should be recorded so that this can eventually be sorted out.

        • A close friend of mine has been involved in one of the first simultaneous global clinical trials.
          I can’t say anything detailed about it, except that over a period of 8 years this person traveled to every continent, visiting national labs, writing procedures and training staff in specimen collection, testing and data recording protocols. It took tremendous attention to detail and followup as well as an incredible amount of global communications across multiple time zones and languages. In the end the result was a data set which actually was useful and proved the efficacy of the clinical trial.

          In terms of this virus outbreak, I see none of that happening at any level at the moment.
          The quality of the data reminds me of a harried flock of chickens racing around the barnyard.

          BTW, this person has enough frequent flyer miles for a round trip to the asteroid belt.

          • Uh, and they and their companions have WASTED billions in taxpayer dollars performing a function that is NOT the responsibility of any government. And talk about a carbon footprint! How about they all take that flight one-way to the moon?

          • @bluecat57:
            This simultaneous global clinical trial was completely funded by a pharmaceutical company. There were absolutely no taxpayer dollars involved. Who said there were?
            And anyway it is just proof that it is possible to provide reliable data from many different sites.
            I can’t mention the name of the company or what was produced, let’s just say that it helps cure a globally drug resistant disease which has killed millions more than Covid-19.
            The company is making the drug available at cost to any nation.

  16. Without an abrupt transformation of society, changes in the planet’s climate would bring starvation, destruction, migration…

    well we are having an abrupt transformation now
    and the results may well be those listed
    climate be damned
    (outbreak in cold times
    and I dunno bout the warm humid slowdown thing either as NSW and Qld here are warm and humid for the most part and we have enough cases thanks. most imported though)

    see Paris cannot control ooor confine the immigrants at all , theyre going to riot if they try they reckon
    swedens similar etc etc
    twitter link to muslims taking over tennis courts en mass to bow to mecca spaced apart in rows.BUT standing close in the lines;-)) whoops
    closing mosques? fail
    Indians in the meany thousands bolting for home ignoring shutdown
    Africans bringing in army to try n keep people in. violence already

    • BUT standing close in the lines;-)) whoops

      If they step over the line, they lose the point. 🙂

  17. All it shows is how gullible and idiotic the world has become. The Dark Ages return, science is dead. Thank you Al Gore, Obama and the rest of the crowd for destroying science. We couldn’t have done it without you. Now, get out there and preach new religions and superstitions–look for a total eclipse and tell the “natives” it means we’re all gonna die. I am sure this will buy you several weeks of panic, based on the insanity we now see in the population. Devolution at max speed.

  18. A favorite opinion journalist, George Jonas, sadly now dead, had a devastating put down of such people

    “Educated beyond their intellectual means”.

    Apt description, fits our canadian PM to T, so much information but no faculties to process it into something useful

    • or has been said round my way for many years:
      “Stuffing your head with knowledge won’t stop your ears growing if you’re one of the long eared ones”

      (long eared one = donkey)

  19. From the article: “In modern industrial societies, the fallout from Covid-19 feels like a dress rehearsal for the kind of collapse that climate change threatens,”

    The only threat there is from human-caused climate change is implementation of something like the Green New Deal which *will* cause the collapse of our economies.

    CO2 won’t cause humans a problem. What will cause a problem is if delusional humans who think CO2 is a problem, get themselves in charge of policy making.

    The real danger is delusional alarmists implementing delusional CO2 policies, not the CO2 itself.

  20. He has a PhD from Bristol University that doesn’t even read sciency

    CHAPTER TWO. Once Upon a Time we Forgot to Believe in a Story: Liberating Visions of Civil Society.

    Rolling onto my back, I lay my head on a rucksack, staring into the night sky.
    The tarmac still pushes-up through my sleeping bag, but somehow it feels more
    comfortable this way.

    Further chapter titles:

    Bananarama: Background to the Banana Trade and Civil Society in Costa Rica
    What a Banana Palaver! Forcing Change in Business through an International Banana Campaign
    Banana Drama: Promoting Change in Business through the Ethical Trading Initiative
    Banana Nonstarter? Facilitating Change in Business through Social Accountability International
    Banana Garter: Facilitating Change in Business through the Better Banana Project

    Clearly so unemployable they had to give him the title of Professor of Sustainability Leadership

  21. Even if the world was to warm up a degree or so (it isn’t) how exactly does that lead to a collapse of civilization?

  22. Lack of testing of quarantined people puts their health at risk, because even the asymptomatic course of the disease can cause lung changes that can be seen when scanning.

  23. On May 22, 1918, the front page of the Spanish newspaper ABC reported on a new illness, described as similar to the flu but with milder symptoms. That same month, Madrid held its annual San Isidro festivities, providing the perfect conditions for mass contagion. The new flu was lightheartedly christened Soldado de Npoles (Soldier of Naples) after a song in a popular operetta of the day which, like the new disease, was extremely catchy.
    Similarly, there was little that doctors could do apart from helping the sick to survive, although the techniques were much more rudimentary. Several experimental vaccines were tested without success, and some doctors even tried bloodletting despite the fact that such a practice had been discredited for a century. The Spanish began to wonder if doctors and scientists had any clue about what was going on, writes Trilla.

    Note the date – May 22!

  24. The lockdowns and social distancing caused by the coronavirus are giving humanity a taste of the disruptions to daily life that will be caused by climate change, he said.

    The lockdowns and social distancing caused by the coronavirus are giving humanity a taste of the disruptions to daily life that will be caused by the proposed “solutions” to purported climate change.

  25. Officially, Chinese authorities have reported over 2,000 deaths in Wuhan, where the virus first emerged. However, experts and locals have long been skeptical of China’s official figures, in light of Beijing’s initial coverup of the outbreak; Wuhan’s overstretched health system, which meant that many people had been unable to receive testing and treatment; and several changes to the way infections were officially counted.

  26. Whilst the professor thinks this is an insight into how climate change looks he is partly right; this is how the world will be if climate change policies are implemented, but without a realisable and affordable electricity system. Imagine being stuck at home without electricity.

    • Amen, Zigmaster. However, this is what they want. Another way to shift power and property from the people to government by a few people.

      I am glad Trump did not follow up on the possible quarantining of New Yorkers, etc… Though they were coming in droves to our state, Vermont, to escape from New York (Snake Plisken lives on), I would rather they escape the “plague” where they’d have a better chance of catching it than be kept locked in a “biological warzone” If the communist governments of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut had been serious about how bad it is and how they care about their subjects (ooops, I meant citizens), then they would have urged them to leave the confines of a metropolitan area festering with a rampant disease that was going to kill by the thousands. Let them escape to the country for fresh air and more space. Let them come to Vermont. We welcome them.

      • I will welcome them when I can again find TP in the stores here.
        They are like a plague of locusts. Totally in it for themselves, very greedy and uncaring.
        We don’t live like that here, we do do not respond well to finger snapping.

        I do not want anyone around here who brings the plague with them, got that?
        Who in their right mind would want that kind of situation, are you nutz?
        Just asking.

  27. Unfortunately for Professor Jem Bendell most people can easily spot the difference between a real problem like Covid-19 and a fake scare like Climate Alarmism. Unfortunately, however, some of the same alarmist responses are being applied to the Covid-19 outbreak causing the same economic damages as Climate Alarmism will.

  28. In a 2004 study of the coronavirus that causes sars, a cousin of the one that causes covid-19, a team from Hong Kong found that a higher initial load of virus—measured in the nasopharynx, the cavity in the deep part of your throat above your palate—was correlated with a more severe respiratory illness. Nearly all the sars patients who came in initially with a low or undetectable level of virus in the nasopharynx were found at a two-month follow-up to be still alive. Those with the highest level had a twenty- to forty-per-cent mortality rate. This pattern held true regardless of a patient’s age, underlying conditions, and the like. Research into another acute viral illness, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, reached a similar conclusion: the more virus you had at the start, the more likely you were to die.

    • More fuel for the fire that increased ACE2 expression increases risk of severe respiratory illness. I wonder if anyone has done a study on ACE2 expression in the respiratory systems of people living in cities with heavy air pollution. The air in all 3 infection hotspots – Wuhan, China; Lombardy, Italy; Qom, Iran – is heavily polluted.

  29. “The lockdowns and social distancing caused by the coronavirus are giving humanity a taste of the disruptions to daily life that will be caused by climate change,” he said.

    More likely it is a taste of disruptions that will be caused by the Green new Deal: Shut down cars, trucks, airplanes, fossil fuel heating and cooking.

  30. I remember professor turkey from the ship of fools expedition had a strange manner,
    this guy also has a very strange grin

    there is something not quite right about these people

  31. The Chinese cheated from the beginning. The number of deaths in Wuhan certainly exceeds 40,000. If we take into account the decrease in the number of mobile subscribers in Wuhan, the number of deaths may be even several times higher.

  32. Dress rehearsal?? That’s a lot better than what’s coming in the next few months. By the end of the year, there will be a Nature article that pits climate change as the basis for the COVID19. At the minimum, many papers will claim that climate change makes these outbreaks more severe and last longer.

  33. Its time for those folks to go easy on the weed. Its the other way round than they project. The COVID quarantine gives people a taste of how miserable life will be when energy supply is not assured. People start to learn how essential systems and their functioning for their lives is. And they will understand much better that it’s better to not mess around with the basics of life. Energy is part of that.

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