Republican Lawmakers Flee Oregon to Prevent a Carbon Trading Quorum

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Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t Dr. Willie Soon; Oregon Republicans have walked out on attempts to pass a cap and trade bill, to deny the majority Democrats the Quorum they require to pass a cap and trade bill.

Republican Lawmakers Flee Oregon Again To Avoid A Climate Bill Capping Greenhouse Gasses


Republicans employed a similar tactic in 2019, when they walked out in June to prevent a quorum in protest against HB 2020, a cap-and-trade climate bill. They stayed away even after Gov. Kate Brown, a Democrat, authorized Oregon State Police to return the lawmakers to Salem.

Brown accused Republicans of taking a “taxpayer-funded vacation” in a statement addressing the walkout Monday. (RELATED: Oregon GOP Lawmakers Stay On The Lam)

“We were all elected by the voters to represent our communities, and to be the voice of our constituents in the capitol,” she said in a statement. “Republicans signed up for this. If they don’t like a bill, then they need to show up and change it, or show up and vote no.”

Republicans are painting a different picture. “Pay attention Oregon — this is a true example of partisan politics,” Oregon Senate Republican Leader Herman Baertschiger Jr. said in a statement.

“Denying quorum is one of the only tools that the minority party has right now,” Senate Republican spokeswoman Kate Gillem told WaPo, noting that the bill is too divisive to move forward during the legislature’s 35-day “short session.”

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h/t. Gordon; Local news reports that the Republicans offered a compromise, allowing the people to vote on whether they wanted a cap and trade, but this compromise has so far been rejected.

… Senate Republican Leader Senator Herman Baertschiger issued a statement that said Senate President Peter Courtney (D-Salem) left no other option for Senate Republicans but to “boycott and deny quorum because cap and trade is on the way to the Senate floor.”

“Democrats refused to work with Republicans and denied every amendment that was presented. Pay attention Oregon – this is a true example of partisan politics,” Baertschiger said in the statement.

“Instead of referring this legislation to let the people decide, the Democrats are willfully ignoring 26 counties and one district, representing nearly 2 million Oregonians that have signed proclamations against cap and trade, to push their agenda,” Baertschiger said.

The Oregonian reported that the amendments Senate Republicans offered up Monday and were voted down by Democrats included sending the bill to the voters. State Sen. Betsy Johnson (D-Scappoose) was the only Democrat who supported a citizen vote on the bill. …

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I think we can thank the wisdom of the founders that they recognised the risk of unconstrained tyranny of the majority, in which the majority simply mistreat people outside their clique, regardless of the pain their arrogance inflicts, and instead embraced the principle of concurrent majority, to limit the power of US governing bodies to ignore the people.

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  1. One of the biggest reasons cities dominate the politics of states is the Supreme Court decision in Reynolds vs. Sims.

        • SMC:
          one person one vote would give cities 4 times the weight of rural areas. Is that what
          you are proposing?

          • That’s democracy for you.

            Which is why the founders chose to go with a republic instead of a democracy.

          • Then a weighted grid averaging system should be used. Can’t have a densely-sampled small area overwhelming a sparsely-sampled large area.

            If it’s good for averaging anomalies, it’s good gor for a representative republic.

        • That’s why things are supposed to be constrained by constitutions, such that there are mechanisms in place that legally allow the minority to say no without having to resort to violence. The tyranny of the majority is a well known thing, any sensible constitution would take heed to avoid it.

      • Izaak – Maybe you should read Reynolds vs Sims. Your statement is incredibly redundant. However, it does reduce the influence of rural areas dramatically, allowing weekend warriors to rule over rural areas that they know absolutely – ABSOLUTELY – nothing about.

  2. Oregon bills can be sent to the voters to decide, but Democrats decree every bill they like is an emergency, to avoid a public vote. I doubt that was what the emergency provision was intended for.

  3. I live in Oregon, and have been watching. The demo gov wants to pass this tax on us without us voting on it. The news says it is about limiting (capping) greenhouse gases, but it is purely a tax, imposed on the SELLERS of the fuel, that is passed along, of course, to us taxpayers. If passed, we would not drive less – the state is growing rapidly, and so is the consumption of fuel. But the tax would go into the state’s coffers where out ‘lawmakers’ would have access to it to erect solar panels, and other ‘green’ projects. No, I do not want to pay for that.

    • Every Oregonian within traveling distance of Salem NEEDS to make signs proclaiming the Peoples Right to a Public Vote on Cap and Trade and camp outside the State House until it is an amendment on the State Ballot

      • Use a pitch fork to support your sign… and take along extra fossil fueled torches, so the democrat controlled legislature understands the ‘peasants’ will take no more of their unconstitutional usurping of the citizens right to vote on all such tax measures.

    • I definitely would not drive less (who the hell drives more than they need to?).

      I already have the invoices set up to charge more to anyone that lives in the Transit District that wants to take another 0.008 of my income. I have to make up for the time lost dealing with the billings as well and filling out the “pro-ration forms”. People in the transit district get charged an additional 2% add to the bill ….

      If everyone did just that, there would be less of a need to do just that.

  4. The Democrats in these legislatures are being bought and paid for in their campaigns by the Slime Green.
    They know if these Climate Change and Renewable energy related initiatives go to voters to decide, they get slapped down, and usually by a margin where final outcome isn’t even close.

    Last night Michael Bloomberg was crowing about he he spent $100Million in 2018 to help get 21 Democrats elected to the US House of Representatives.

    The hypocrisy is thick with the Billionaire King of the GreenSlime Michael Bloomberg, last night he almost slipped and used the word “bought”, as in “I bought them.’ referring to the Congressfolks he gave millions of dollars to in 2018 to the support their campaigns.
    The moderators and all the other candidates on that stage probably inside was relieved he caught himself, but you can see in the video where he almost says “bought” at the 2:22 time point of this video clip from last night’s DNC debate. The “b” sound comes out, but he catches himself.

      • The only way the Establishment Democrats can stop Bernie from taking the nomination at their DNC Convention is to cheat him out of it. It is pretty clear at this he is going to go in on the first ballot with at least a plurality of the delegate vote. If he has majority of delegates in the first round of votes, he takes the nomination. But the establishment Dems are going to do everything they can to force it to the second vote where the 500 Superdelegates can then vote and steal it fromBernie.

        Cheating is what Democrats do. It is their instinct. And they fully intend on cheating Bernie out of the nomination by any method they can. King GreenSlimer billionaire Bloomberg is spending probably a billion dollars of his money this year to defeat Trump. And having Comrade Bernie on the top of the ticket won’t get that done. That kind of money can buy a lot of bad stuff.

        My advice to Bernie,
        “Beware the Ides of March.”

        h/t: Bill Shakespeare, 1599 AD.

        • The Establishment will try to keep in as many candidates as possible for as long as possible to divide up the votes. Then, Bernie doesn’t get enough delegates on the first ballot. Bloomberg may have to pay up another half billion for this scenario.

    • 150 million Americans gunned down since 2007 and these bozos survived? And how does Klobuchar know what Trump is wearing at 4 AM?

      • Biden’s family needs to do an intervention on Senile Joe.
        It is getting embarrassing, his gaffs and memory losses on the podium when he doesn’t have a script to read and has to use his memory.

        Really. The schedule any Primary candidate has to have thru the primaries is one of long days, long weeks, 2 or 3 stops every day, starting with a breakfast with a Kiwanis group lunch with the Optimists, then afternoon rally, then and evening rally. The younger candidates, that’s easy.
        But it’s Little rest. Joe Biden obviously just can”t handle that grueling pace between campaign stops and talking events. And it is rapidly getting worse. His memory is failing and he won’t make to the summer.

        • The real embarrassing moment is when he asked himself why he stopped taking. He clearly just lost his train of thought.

        • Biden is creating alibi for mental illness to avoid death penalty for treason. Sad times coming for Biden crime family.

    • How long ago was it when the Democrats were proclaiming that big money in politics was ruining our country?

  5. The “carbon trading” schemes imply that they are not serious about the purported risks posed by [catastrophic] [anthropogenic] climate cooling… warming… change, and both Nature and science back their well-founded skepticism.

  6. The Oregon Democrats are refusing to allow the people of Oregon to decide this controversial issue.

    What are the Democrats afraid of? It ought to be obvious. If they refuse to allow a vote of the people on this issue, then they don’t think the majority of the public is in favor of their carbon [dioxide] tax.

    The Democrats are promoting their personal, political agenda, not the best interests of the people of Oregon.

    • Perhaps Oregonians also need to practice the Peoples Right to Protest outside the Democrats offices as well as the State House
      Wear your Yellow Vests

      • I would suggest treacle(Golden Syrup) and feather the Dumbocratic politicians and get them to ride out of town on a rail. Note: Treacle is safer alternative to tar. The aim is to humiliate the Dumbocrats not kill them!!

    • The problem is that the people have decided. Every time it’s put to a vote of the people, it’s voted down.
      They have to do it this way because in their view, the people can’t be trusted to do what’s in the politicians best interests.

    • I heard the Governor (Ms) and the Dem leader of the Legislator say they didn’t ‘need’ to refer the cap &trade matter to the people because the ‘people’ voted – by a plurality – for them. If this is the logic then they must be assuming that the ‘people’ automatically approve and agree with everything a duly elected legislator ever did. Same logic. I wonder how that will work when the Dems and Republicans switch places someday? Somehow I don’t think the answer will be the same.

  7. If you elect tax-and-spend people into your legislature and as governor, you get tax and spend. If you elect corrupt officials, you get corruption. If people continue to behave like sheep, they are going to be treated as sheep – to be manipulated for the profit of their owners.

    Voters need to grow up and THINK FOR THEMSELVES before they pull a lever.

    This all starts at our public schools.

    • Portland is Command Central for Antifa.
      The people outside the main population centers in Oregon are going to have to make sure they vote, every last one of them. No one in Portland has the guts to stand-up to those thugs, and there will be rampant organized voting fraud by the Democrats in the main cities.
      The reason 2020 for State Legislatures is so critical is because the decennial reapportionment of State Legislature and Congressional districts will take place in 2021 for the 2022 elections in all 50 states. And whoever controls the Legislatures, control how the districts are re-drawn.

  8. I heard on the radio that some counties in eastern Oregon and Washington state are trying to secede from their states and annex themselves to Idaho, whose public policy agrees more with their own preference. I’m not sure whether the U.S. Constitution allows this, but it could be a reasonable solution if state governments in blue cities try to force their agenda on the rest of the state.

    This was the same process that led to the secession of some counties from Virginia and led to the creation of the state of West Virginia. Of course, that was during the Civil War, and Virginia was not part of the United States at that time!

    • Congress has to approve any such re-alignment between various states and state lines. Plus the State Legislatures of the affected states must approve it of course.

      So it won’t happen.

      • Though it could be in the Dem controlled State’s best interest to allow the Rep Eastern Counties to realign with Red States as then the Blue States won’t have quorum problems WRT their ability to destroy their economies

        • Except the Dem authoritarians absolutely hate the idea of people slipping out from under their bootheels more than they like the idea of being able to pass whatever they want without opposition.

  9. The irony is that the small amount of warming attributed to humans since 1970 (about 0.37 K, the rest is natural) has nothing to do with CO2. It results from the 1.47% per decade increase in water vapor.

    I’m not the only person who has recognized the effect of water vapor increase which exceeds that possible from just feedback. This shows some calculations for the U.S. . Calculations for the world are included in Section 6 of (click my name)

  10. These Radical Oregon Democrats say they want a carbon dioxide tax in order to reduce the temperatures over Oregon.

    But I would bet it isn’t even warming in Oregon over the longterm. I would bet Oregon is in a temperature downtrend at present.

    It ought to be easy enough to find out. Does anyone have a link to an Oregon Tmax surface temperature chart?

    • I have yet to see any of their “need to” statements using temperature as a reason.

      Over and over again they just say fossil fuel reduction/elimination & climate change.

      They know the studies all show that if Oregon follows through with this idiocity (portland) measure, that it will not make a difference in temperature … not just a measurable difference, but NO difference in temperature.

      There is no discussion of temperature. They have passed & forgotten the perceived reason for their actions. This is politics for the sake of politics.

      I used to think it would be O.K. to see these idiots/democrats/progressives/publicemployeeleaches trash a livable society (I would be strong enough to make it and I could watch the idiots destroy themselves). Then I got too old, knowing I would have a hard time too, and I thought it would be better if I died first. Now its to the point that I don’t care, it would be worth it just to see them eat each other.

      Kate Brown is a complete waste of oxygen.

    • I have about a half-billion daily TMAX and TMIN records from NOAA’s GHCN data set in an Oracle database. I can post a graph later tonighr, hopefully.

    • I did some data mining with the NOAA GHCN Daily data set, and looked at the Oregon numbers. There are 753 stations reporting from Oregon, and 455 of them have at least 80% of the available days’ data between the 1990 and 2019, the latest 30 years of the record.

      From those records I created a .png file of the chart of the TMAX and TMIN average annual temperatures over that period. Looks pretty flat to me, and mostly decreasing except for the bump around 2016.

      Here’s the .png file:

      I hope that’s shareable. It’s a work in progress. Let me know of any problems viewing or d/l ing.

      • Being a Portlander opposed to the climate alarmists around here, I was interested in getting a copy, but it’s a 404 at the moment.
        I’ll check back later, thanks for your efforts.

  11. Oregon voters passed an initiative a while ago that basically says that any new tax or tax increase requires a 3/5 vote in both houses or passage of a voter referendum.

    So guess what? Half of their income now comes from “fees”.
    Most of these “fees” look a lot like taxes, but tend not to be paid directly by the public.
    Like the “fee” by car dealerships for the privilege of being allowed to sell you a car.

    They tried three times to get a sales tax. Two of those were referendum questions.
    It was voted down by a large majority the first time and an even larger majority the second time.
    So what do they do? They institute a hidden sales tax on business (a fee, of course).

    These people are despicable. They have no regard for the will of the people.
    They do, of course, have large donations from Soros and Bloomberg.
    Oregon has always been a hole in the west coast wall. They are trying very hard to fix that.

    • Liberals have been assured since birth that they actually are the smartest people in any room. If you doubt me, just spend some time talking with them.

      In there minds, being superior to everyone, gives them not just the right, but an obligation to run everyone’s lives.

      And of course, they are entitled to be well compensated for the time they spend trying to come up with new ways to force the rest of us to serve them.

  12. “Republicans in super-liberal Oregon are so fed up they want to become part of Idaho” by Meryl Kornfield in on 18 February 2020

    a group called Move Oregon’s Border for a Greater Idaho, … thinks Oregon’s government has become too liberal and would prefer to transfer Oregon’s rural areas to Idaho’s authority. … [and] is asking 18 Oregon counties to approve their petitions to open communications with Oregon’s legislature. … Once approved, the group still would need to collect signatures of about 6 percent of the counties’ populations for local voters to see the referendum on their November ballots, the Oregonian recently reported. Both state legislatures and Congress would need to approve the change …

    Phase two of the plan would be to recruit California’s northern counties


    • Wish them the best of luck, but it’s a very, very long shot. Odds don’t look good of it ever coming to pass.

      • From a congressional viewpoint, rather than having one larger western state, more smaller conservative western states are needed to counteract the many smaller liberal states in the east.

        • True, but probably even harder to accomplish. They chose this path in part because they seem to think that redrawing state boundaries (IE the number of states and total EC votes stays the same) would be an easier goal to accomplish than breaking one state into multiple states (IE increasing the number of states and with it the number of Senators in Congress and the number of electoral votes in the EC)

  13. These guys still do not understand the most basic propagation of the USA Constitution in consideration of the right and the power of the people.
    In the consideration of a State territory when such a power rising and activated as proper and validated as per such, in the consideration of given circumstances,
    then there is no any higher power than that within the territory in question.

    A state congress, senate, state government and all its affiliated arms are subject to the will and outcome of a decision of such a power of the people, where the appeal clause still within the hands of a such as representing executionary peoples force, as per the Constitution of the USA.

    The indisputable clause of the sharing of power, as clearly very much so secured from the concentration and centralization,
    in its merit of been accommodated to the meaning of the proper decentralization and very much secured from concentration and centralization of power.
    The very meaning of a Republic…. and therefor the Democracy as it should be.

    Oh well, just a saying.


  14. I think we can thank the wisdom of the founders that they recognized the risk of unconstrained tyranny of the majority, in which the majority simply mistreat people outside their clique, regardless of the pain their arrogance inflicts, and instead embraced the principle of concurrent majority, to limit the power of US governing bodies to ignore the people.

    Which is why we have the Electoral College and why it is critical to keep it in place.
    (The United States is made up of more than just California and New York City.)

  15. The Oregon House Republicans walked out of the Capitol today in support of the Senate Republicans who walked out two days ago. Both chambers have a Democrat super majority but need one or two Republicans to reach a two-thirds quorum.

    Governor Kate Brown (a lame duck with deep character flaws) has called out the State Police to arrest the absent legislators.

    SB1530, entitled the Statewide Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Goals, is 86 pages long and a nightmare of gibberish and entangled regulations. See:

    Most analysts agree that SB1530, should it become law, will do nothing to reduce CO2 emissions but will saddle Oregon’s economy with crushing new taxes.

    Side note: more than half of Oregon CO2 emissions come from Federal forest fires and post-fire decay. The US Government owns 53% of Oregon and 65% of Oregon forestlands. The USFS, BLM, and NPS policy of No Touch, Let It Burn, Watch It Rot have led to the catastrophic destruction by fire of over 25% of those Fed lands in the last 30 years. BTW, in those 30 years the vaunted Northern Spotted Owl population has declined by 80% — how’s that for so-called “expert scientist” failure?

    The minority party Republicans are demonstrating remarkable courage and integrity in their walkout. Democrat legislators are demonstrating pusillanimous authoritarian hubris and greed. The monies from the new taxes will go directly into their pockets via guaranteed exponentially increasing pensions, already an unfunded mandate of over $25 billion and growing at 10-20% per year.

  16. When Dems pulled the same stunt in Texas, the GOP raised hell. Police were dispatched to apprehend the “fugitive” state legislatures.

    But that was different, I guess. Somehow.

    • Not really, from the above article:
      Republicans employed a similar tactic in 2019, when they walked out in June to prevent a quorum in protest against HB 2020, a cap-and-trade climate bill. They stayed away even after Gov. Kate Brown, a Democrat, authorized Oregon State Police to return the lawmakers to Salem.

      The minority can walk out and when they do the Majority will dispatch the police to “apprehend the fugitives”. Doesn’t matter which sides are which, the consequences are the same.

    • When Oregon Dems walked out in 2007 ( I believe that was the year) they declared it was a legitimate tactic of the minority to oppose the majority. FYI, many of these dems are of course still in office today and shouting foul. Hypocrisy?

  17. Any reduction of carbon dioxide would be a total waste of money. The Obama EPA, admitted during testimony to Congress that any reduction of carbon dioxide by the US would be symbolic. Al Gore agreed. Trillions of dollars for a symbol? Even if carbon dioxide were a factor only a global reduction would matter. All of the US carbon dioxide is just a drop in the global bucket. China alone would overwhelm our reduction and their agreement in the Paris Accord is no reduction until 2030.
    The reduction of global temperatures? The United Nations IPCC and the Obama EPA’s computer model titled MAGICC estimates that reducing the US carbon dioxide emissions to zero will prevent a grand total of 0.018 degrees centigrade by 2100. This is the symbol that they are talking about. Why so little? This is true because developing countries like India, and China will not depress their economy with useless and expensive non-solutions. Cheap energy is required to reduce poverty and imposing carbon emission restrictions would encourage poverty by raising the cost of living. The developing countries are not going to make our reduction of carbon dioxide relevant ever. The reality is that the change of temperature is related to natural forces. I can show you data which indicates that the US temperatures were higher in the 1930’s than now when carbon dioxide was 300 parts per million vs 400 parts per million now. Reduction of carbon dioxide would have no measurable effect on the environment even if the US could make a significant global reduction. When the temperature increases the oceans act like a giant soda and expel carbon dioxide. Temperature increases fist then carbon dioxide increases. This has been verified by ice core samples for millions of years.
    The result of carbon dioxide reduction programs: De-industrialization; the higher cost of energy for the poor, the middle class, business and no measurable effect on the environment.

    The increased cost in California [Similar results in Europe]:

    clip_image0041.png (577×452)

    A new peer-reviewed paper by Dr. Bjorn Lomborg published in the Global Policy journal measures the actual impact of all significant climate promises made ahead of the Paris Climate Summit. Paris climate promises will reduce temperatures by just 0.05°C in 2100 (Press release). [If they meet their goals.]

    By the way, the International Energy Agency claims that United States recorded the largest emissions decline on a country basis, with a fall of 140 million tonnes, or 2.9%. US emissions are now down by almost 1 gigatonne from their peak in 2000. Emissions in the European Union fell by 160 million tonnes, or 5%, in 2019 driven by reductions in the power sector. This is due to our use of natural gas.

  18. As an Oregonian I’ve been following the whole thing and here’s what has come out:

    -Governor says the bill is to complicated for Oregonians and that’s why it can’t be sent to the voters. Voters can force a vote on it down the road but by the time they gather signatures, verify signatures, get it on the ballot and actually vote the tax will likely have been in effect 2 years. At that points the state will challenge the vote in court which will take another year or two and there’s no guarantee a judge will throw the tax out by then.

    -The supposed author was getting asked by Republicans about sections of the bill and he responded with a why are you asking me, I didn’t write it. So we don’t even know who wrote the bill.

    -Zero Republican amendments to the bill have been accepted by Democrats.

    -The bill didn’t have the votes to even make it out of committee so the Democrats used trickery to bypass voting in committee and sent it to straight to the floor for a vote.

    -None of the tax proceeds are dedicated to fighting climate change, it’s dumped into the general fund.

    -Oregon is considered a net carbon sink and not emitter due to our vast forests vs. small population. For those outside the state, we are in the top ten largest states but the population is only 4 million. We actually only occupy ~2% of the land in Oregon.

    -You want tyranny? As of Thursday Kate Brown is now considering trying to declare a state of emergency and suspend quorum rules to get this passed without Republicans in attendance. If she does this (and she likely will) it will be up to Oregonians to get a judge to put a stay on implementing the tax while it is decided if the maneuver is legal by Oregon’s constitution.

    Now people may be asking “Why is Oregon doing this?” Mostly because past bad decisions and malfeasance if you ask me. We have what is called PER’s which is the state employees retirement plan and benefits. PER’s is going to break this state if a) they don’t fix the benefit payed out by severely reducing them or b) they don’t come up with the money to pay the benefits they’ve already agreed on and continue to agree on.

    There’s other reasons such as having tax and spend people in charge of the state but PER’s is the big white elephant in the room that they will not address. In part this is because the state of Oregon is the largest single employer in the state. This has led to PER’s retirees, employees and those related to them the largest single voting bloc.

  19. Darrin
    February 28, 2020 at 8:45 am

    “…As of Thursday Kate Brown is now considering trying to declare a state of emergency and suspend quorum rules to get this passed without Republicans in attendance.”
    As for my understanding, suspending quorum rules, does consist as suspending the Constitution, and no any state emergency, declared or not, can overrule the constitution stand…

    Oh well my understanding.


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