The Guardian: Aussie Climate Skeptics are Self Hating Cowards

View from the radio tower on Mount Kanighan, looking south along the Bruce Highway. Author Eric Worrall

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

According to The Guardian, loving your country means you should believe in the climate crisis.

If you love Australia, climate change should scare the hell out of you

Greg Jericho
Sun 26 Jan 2020 06.00 AEDT

Conservatives love to talk up Australia ‘punching above its weight’, but they turn to self-hating cowards when it comes to climate change.

I love Australia.

It’s not a thing you hear too often from progressives. Mostly this is because we don’t go in for the pathetic jingo-nationalist, quasi-militaristic “love it or leave it”-style patriotism that John Howard attempted to link with a love of country.

But I do love Australia. I get an absurd amount of irrational pride when I hear of Australians doing well.

Because I love Australia, and the real question is why don’t conservatives who refuse to do more on climate change love Australia? Because climate change will destroy much of what we love about this country of ours.

Much of what makes Australia unique and beloved by those of us lucky enough to live here is linked to the extremes of our land and climate.

What we love about Australia will be taken by climate change well before other nations who emit much more greenhouse gas will feel great changes. And that should enrage us and our representatives, and it should drive their actions.

I love Australia and so I want action on climate change. And if you love Australia, so should you.

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Interesting that someone who claims to love their country feels the need to explain that “irrational” feeling.

129 thoughts on “The Guardian: Aussie Climate Skeptics are Self Hating Cowards

      • Deranged people do things like light fires. Anybody who listens to the fake news is a fool. There are things that we can do to protect ourselves from the deranged, like cut down trees. That’s right, cut down trees instead of planting a bunch of new ones. But the WEATHER!

    • What is that makes them think that they are more subject to climate change than other parts of the world. As we are not warming, all alarmist claims are patently false. It has been cool in Australia during all these fires. And fires were much worse in 1974 when the world was in the depths of the last cooling cycle—no one mentions this.

      • Actually, Australia is in the Southern hemisphere which makes it less effected by climate change. It’s also covered by large tracts of burned out land which means that becoming barren is normal for Australia.

      • There’s a song from the 80s I often think of when Aussies go on about how terrible climate change is in Australia and the high temperatures climate change has brought. It was by Men At Work, I believe, and there’s a line that says “The Western Desert/Lives and Breathes/In 45 degrees” (Celsius, of course). The record highs the NYT has been freaking out this year have been barely higher than that, and right now at the peak of the Aussie summer I cannot find any place forecast to be warmer than 42 degrees in the next week.

    • Greg Jericho is infamous for talking out of his proverbial and over the top partisan writing. A supposedly economics journalist but can’t see what a high price we pay to drop world emissions by 0.1% when even if we could drop it 10%, it would do nothing.

      • As an economic journalist talking about economics he also has not the faintest idea wat he is talking about.

      • A few, I didn’t know whether to laugh or ask for police to make a welfare call to see he isn’t self harming.

        • self delusional at the least
          today abc ran an item on how CC was going to ruin all sports for ever for Aussies
          the guy spouting this rubbish is an admitted climate activist as his “dayjob”
          and is a coach etc
          how we might have to move the times we run major events like cricket n tennis comps
          well theyve always been stupid enough to run them in the hottest times of the year anyway
          mad dogs englishmen and cricketers go out in themidday sun etc

    • Whereas climate gulliblists are too busy hating everyone else, and haven’t quite gotten to the self hatred step. Don’t stress about it – that will come when they realize how they have been fooled.

    • He’s clearly describing himself. Fear of AGW is among the most classic example of cowardice and self-hatred in the modern age.

      • That was my first thought – projection, once again!

        Maybe he was looking in the mirror when he wrote this twaddle.

  1. Regressives & the Goebbelstream media are always projecting, projecting, projecting… The accusations they make are always exactly what they are & what they are doing.

    • True

      “. . . climate change will destroy much of what we love about this country . . .” Substitute “climate change” with “renewables,” “carbon tax,” “Socialism,” etc. and you will more closely capture the causes of Australia’s destruction.

      • Here you go.

        Conservatives love to talk up Australia ‘punching above its weight’, but they turn to self-hating cowards when it comes to carbon tax.

        I love Australia.

        It’s not a thing you hear too often from progressives. Mostly this is because we don’t go in for the pathetic jingo-nationalist, quasi-militaristic “love it or leave it”-style patriotism that John Howard attempted to link with a love of country.

        But I do love Australia. I get an absurd amount of irrational pride when I hear of Australians doing well.

        Because I love Australia, and the real question is why don’t conservatives who refuse to do more on socialism love Australia? Because renewables will destroy much of what we love about this country of ours.

        Much of what makes Australia unique and beloved by those of us lucky enough to live here is linked to the extremes of our land and weather.

        What we love about Australia will be taken by socialism well before other nations who emit much more greenhouse gas will feel great changes. And that should enrage us and our representatives, and it should drive their actions.

        I love Australia and so I want action on socialism. And if you love Australia, so should you.

        • “Because I love Australia, and the real question is why don’t conservatives who refuse to do more on socialism love Australia? Because renewables will destroy much of what we love about this country of ours.”

          They will indeed, Scissor. When this species of your eagles are all sliced and diced, the species will cease to exist. I cannot understand anyone who calls themselves “Green” being so utterly unconcerned about the totally unnecessary elimination of an entire species.
          Tasmanian wind farms are very efficient at killing these endangered raptors.
          Wind farm industry a fatal blow to eagles
          JULY 27, 2019
          There are less than one and a half thousand Tasmanian wedge-tailed eagles left.

          Now, they are working on the forests.
          Old-Growth Trees Razed For Wind-Farm Power Lines

          Rainforest trees 200 years old have been cleared to make way for a wind farm transmission line in Tasmania’s Tarkine, prompting claims of green “hypocrisy”.

          • K, Bob Brown is the founder of the Greens Party. That hypocrite was trying to stop the wind turbines in Tasmania! Not in his backyard. Of course he doesn’t care if they go in all over the rest of Australia.

    • Each loud mouth liberal should ride a bike, walk to the store, travel on trains, never smoke or drink, have sex for one, then they would be happier people.

  2. Wow, cool! So now I am a self-hating coward? I’ll have to add that one to my “deplorable” list. Oh wait…it only applies to Aussies…darn. I guess I am just a “Flat-Earther”.

    It’s amazing to watch a new religion in practice. The members do not even seem aware that they are following a well established set of rules to establish, protect, and then evangelize their faith while ostracizing the heretics. Like I have said before, it seems like adopting a religion is a basic function of the human mind – part of the need for social order.

    • Well I looked in the mirror & thought what a dreadful person I am.
      I cant be a self-hating coward… only applies to Aussies,
      I cant be a deplorable … only applies to Yanks,

      As a Brit all I can do is get a bigger truck, drive to the supermarket buy as much imported food as I can & eat meat at every meal to become a …Fat-Earther (:-))

    • …It’s amazing to watch a new religion in practice…

      Former Obama EPA Chief concedes: “Climate change has become a religion”

      • The cathedrals are out in the desert called Crescent Dunes and Ivanpah. Those cathedrals were built in part with taxpayer money while other best of breed solar projects were moving along with systematic cost reductions and not payola deals in the background. Get up to speed on the corruption before calling it settled science and good government. LBJ and the Great Society spending floods are being repeated again with insiders gaining the most. Also question EPA agenda science and its methodology to support and end up at the advocacy objective.

  3. Just wondering how much additional “greening” of that admittedly beautiful Australian countryside in the top photo is due to the increase of atmospheric CO2 content over the last 100 years?

  4. I love Australia and so I want action on climate change. And if you love Australia, so should you.

    Suppose we accept, for sake of argument, that there is a climate crisis. If Australia goes whole hog on CO2 reduction, it will have zero effect on the global climate. The effort will gain Australians nothing.

    If you want action on climate change, you want it from America and China and India and Brazil, etc., etc. Otherwise Australia’s only alternative is adaptation.

    Why are these idiots demanding that Australia and Canada, and all the rest of the small countries should be patsies?

    • If Australians abandoned the continent completely (emigrate or suicide) and left the continent devoid of human habitation (even the aboriginals) – it wouldn’t make a discernible difference to “Climate Change” or even measurable difference to climate temperature.

      The woke are insane – repeat until it sinks in.

    • It’s Australia Day
      And this is about Australia
      And I’m Australian
      So first, I’ll say ‘why’ this idiot
      Thinks what he think’s
      The blunt Australian way :
      “He’s A Fuckwit” !
      Dead simple.
      A more elaborate explanation is this :
      He is a dedicated cult believer.
      Who demands that everyone else
      Live live by his cult’s rules !

    • CommieBob,

      Of all the advanced nations, America has achieved the most in the reduction of all emissions and was doing so long before CC/AGW became a “thing”. and before the Paris Accord and continues to do so even after we withdrew from it.
      Electric Utility Emissions Continue to Decline Through 2018

      Due to policies and economic technology, emissions from electric utilities continue to decline. According to an EPA report, sulfur dioxide emissions declined by 92 percent between 1990 and 2018, nitrogen oxides emissions declined by 84 percent between those years, ozone season nitrogen oxides declined 83 percent between 1997 and 2018, and carbon dioxide emissions declined by 24 percent between 2005 and 2018. The large reductions in emissions occurred despite increasing output from U.S. electric generators. Electric output increased by 19 percent between 1990 and 2018.

      Clean Air Act Amendments
      The Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 established the Acid Rain Program and required reductions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides from the electric generating sector. These pollutants are the primary precursors of acid rain. The sulfur dioxide program sets a permanent cap on the total amount of sulfur dioxide that may be emitted by electric generating units in the contiguous United States. The program set a cap on sulfur dioxide at 8.95 million tons in 2010, a level of about one-half of the emissions from the power sector in 1980. U.S. electric utilities surpassed that reduction in 2010 and sulfur dioxide emissions in 2018 were a mere 1.26 million tons, down from 17.3 million tons in 1980. Sulfur dioxide emissions are now about one-fourteenth of what they were in 1980.
      …Carbon dioxide emissions from the U.S. generating sector declined from 2.16 million tons in 1995 to 1.93 million tons in 2018. Unlike sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, there is no inexpensive way to remove carbon dioxide emissions during the combustion of fossil fuels to generate electricity.
      …Electric utility carbon dioxide emissions have been declining due mainly to market dynamics stemming from lower natural gas prices due to hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling technology to obtain natural gas from shale formations.
      …Americans now enjoy the cleanest air many of them have ever experienced, and all signs point to increasingly healthy air, even as the United States has become the largest oil and gas producer in the world. The future of energy in America is bright; our air is clean and getting cleaner every day.

      Ironically, it’s possible that “renewable” energy is what might set us back.
      Duke Energy application points finger at solar for increased pollution

      …“After committing $2 billion in tax credits, and more than $1 billion in electricity overpayments for solar power, we now learn from Duke that nitrogen oxides have actually increased, and that CO2 may be headed in the wrong direction,”

      The Paris Climate Deal Was A ‘Fraud’ And A ‘Sham’ … Until Trump Decided To Ditch It

      According to the Global Carbon Project, which monitors this, global CO2 emissions climbed by 1.6% last year. They are on track to shoot up by 2.7% this year. That’s after three years of annual emissions remaining flat….
      Will U.S. Success In Cutting Greenhouse Gases Kill The Paris Climate Deal?

      Climate Change: The output of so-called greenhouse gases continued to fall during President Trump’s initial year in office, new Environmental Protection Agency data show. This demonstrates once again the wisdom of Trump’s decision to stop listening to the global warming Chicken Littles and withdraw the U.S. from the costly and ineffective Paris Climate deal.
      Meanwhile, as The Daily Caller notes, “globally, greenhouse gas emissions are set to rise to historic highs by the end of the year, despite nearly 200 countries signing the Paris climate accord. Global greenhouse gas emissions also rose in 2017.”
      Go figure. The one country whose air is getting cleaner while its economy grows walked away from the Paris climate deal.
      …Output of gases that can contribute to global warming have fallen sharply in recent years. It’s a result of the fracking revolution producing enormous amounts of cheap, clean, plentiful natural gas — which has increasingly replaced coal and oil for energy production.
      …Largely as a result of the new energy revolution in the U.S., per person greenhouse gas emissions fell to a 67-year low during 2017. To put that in further perspective, the last time we were this low, Harry S Truman was president, and neither Alaska nor Hawaii were states yet..

      No one who want renewables instead of natural gas and nuclear is really serious about reducing CO2 and AGW/CC. Renewables are unreliable and destructive and do not and cannot ever work or ever save the amount of CO2 that was spent in their creation.

      Imagine if other nations had embraced, instead of banning fracking and had switched to natural gas and nuclear instead of using “renewables”which, except for the extremely polluting biomass plants, like the Drax plants in the UK, all have to have 24/7 fossil fuel backup which emits more CO2 being on idle and powering up and down than if they ran them 24/7 on gas.

      • “extremely polluting biomass plants, like the Drax plants in the UK”- uh, any evidence that they’re extremely polluting?

      • “Renewables are unreliable and destructive and do not and cannot ever work or ever save the amount of CO2 that was spent in their creation.” Woody biomass derived from excellent forestry practices is a renewable energy source. Burning it emits carbon but the forests are continually sequestering carbon and in America, the total forest carbon sink has been increasing for decades.

        • “Burning it emits carbon”. Wrong. Burning it emits carbon dioxide. Vastly different physically and conceptually.

          • Of course- I was being lazy in my writing- so I don’t need a lecture on it, please. I’ve got 47 years experience as a field forester in Massachusetts- so I do know what I’m talking about.

    • Spot on Commie Bob
      The two causes of our recent fires were the oceanic weather systems the Indian Ocean Dipole plus the Southern Annular Mode in conjunction which brought prolonged drying drought worsened by long term warming and drying in the southern part of the continent meeting accumulated dry fuel load on forest floors ignited by lightning and arsonists

      Unfortunately that lengthy explanation is always going to lose to simplistic one line headlines “its climate change ”

      As Australia cannot control the oceanic weather systems and can only hope to have any effect on global temperatures , the best policy is one of Adaptation to the highly variable climate which regularly brings both fires and floods

  5. Gang Green never learns.By any means necessary, ends up with by any means at all,ethic,honest,truth be damned.
    Of course the result is nobody trusts or believes anything they spew.
    Which leads the poor cult members down this road.
    All who fail to share my delusion are “mentally defective”.
    If you fail to “see” the magnificent new clothes of our self appointed emperor,why you must be a cowardly self hater..
    Seems very logical to me.

  6. Well then, if you believe what the ignorant sot Greg Jericho wrote, then it’s is past time for Australia to declare war on Communist China. After all if you believe in IPCC pseudoscience, it is Chinese CO2 emissions driving “climate change” and thus the existential need to force them to surrender to Australia’s will and then reduce their economy back to a pre-industrial level of development and watch 1+ billion Chinese people die of starvation.

    Oh yeah, just one small point, don’t forget though that China has nukes and long-range missiles while Australia has none. See how that climate holy war to Save Australia turns out.

    Now the Aussie’s could simply stop selling the Chinese coal, gas, iron ore, uranium ore and bauxite. See how long the politicians and their ruling government that force that economic policy on Australians lasts. And in the end even that leave it in the ground Oz policy persisted, China would just try to come and take it with military force if they couldn’t get those energy and raw materials elsewhere in the world.
    To believe otherwise (that 1.4 billion Chinese would sit idly and allow themselves to either be enslaved or starved) would be denying 5,000 years of recorded human social behaviors.

  7. If you love Australia it is to be hoped that you would know more about its climate. From the first settlers this continent has been known for its extreme weather and fires.

    As a change from dorothea mackellars poem ‘. I love this sunburnt country’. Readers might enjoy this more earthy ditty from nearly a century ago which sums up the extremes even better


    “We’ll all be rooned,” said Hanrahan,
    In accents most forlorn,
    Outside the church, ere Mass began,
    One frosty Sunday morn.
    The congregation stood about,
    Coat-collars to the ears,
    And talked of stock, and crops, and drought,
    As it had done for years.
    “It’s lookin’ crook,” said Daniel Croke;
    “Bedad, it’s cruke, me lad,
    For never since the banks went broke
    Has seasons been so bad.”
    “It’s dry, all right,” said young O’Neil,
    With which astute remark
    He squatted down upon his heel
    And chewed a piece of bark.
    And so around the chorus ran
    “It’s keepin’ dry, no doubt.”
    “We’ll all be rooned,” said Hanrahan,
    “Before the year is out.
    “The crops are done; ye’ll have your work
    To save one bag of grain;
    From here way out to Back-o’-Bourke
    They’re singin’ out for rain.
    “They’re singin’ out for rain,” he said,
    “And all the tanks are dry.”
    The congregation scratched its head,
    And gazed around the sky.
    “There won’t be grass, in any case,
    Enough to feed an ass;
    There’s not a blade on Casey’s place
    As I came down to Mass.”
    “If rain don’t come this month,” said Dan,
    And cleared his throat to speak–
    “We’ll all be rooned,” said Hanrahan,
    “If rain don’t come this week.”
    A heavy silence seemed to steal
    On all at this remark;
    And each man squatted on his heel,
    And chewed a piece of bark.
    “We want a inch of rain, we do,”
    O’Neil observed at last;
    But Croke “maintained” we wanted two
    To put the danger past.
    “If we don’t get three inches, man,
    Or four to break this drought,
    We’ll all be rooned,” said Hanrahan,
    “Before the year is out.”
    In God’s good time down came the rain;
    And all the afternoon
    On iron roof and window-pane
    It drummed a homely tune.
    And through the night it pattered still,
    And lightsome, gladsome elves
    On dripping spout and window-sill
    Kept talking to themselves.
    It pelted, pelted all day long,
    A-singing at its work,
    Till every heart took up the song
    Way out to Back-o’Bourke.
    And every creek a banker ran,
    And dams filled overtop;
    “We’ll all be rooned,” said Hanrahan,
    “If this rain doesn’t stop.”
    And stop it did, in God’s good time;
    And spring came in to fold
    A mantle o’er the hills sublime
    Of green and pink and gold.
    And days went by on dancing feet,
    With harvest-hopes immense,
    And laughing eyes beheld the wheat
    Nid-nodding o’er the fence.
    And, oh, the smiles on every face,
    As happy lad and lass
    Through grass knee-deep on Casey’s place
    Went riding down to Mass.
    While round the church in clothes genteel
    Discoursed the men of mark,
    And each man squatted on his heel,
    And chewed his piece of bark.
    “There’ll be bush-fires for sure, me man,
    There will, without a doubt;
    We’ll all be rooned,” said Hanrahan,
    “Before the year is out.”
    John O’Brien


  8. Progressives lately seem to specialize in assigning motives.
    When a conservative shows patriotism it is “…pathetic jingo-nationalist, quasi-militaristic ..”, but his patriotism is from pure unadulterated love of his country.

    I used to think that to be a mind reader you required crystal ball; but evidently all you need to do is to lean Left.

  9. Anyone who self identifies as a ‘progressive’ is invariably progressing nowhere other than backwards towards a fictional left wing nirvana.

  10. We’ve all noticed jus how cowardly and self-hating Peter Ridd is. Is this rant another case of the Left accusing the Right of what they are going to do?

  11. What really makes me laugh about these idiots is that, like all the other claims of global Armageddon, they fail.

    These people should be humiliated, but they never are. There’s always another generation who will start their insane proclamations, it’s like a sine wave.

    What also amuses me immensely is that, like the belief in socialism, it will happen this time, no matter how many times in the past it’s failed.

    They never learn.

    • HotScot,

      The failure of the Left to learn has been in evidence for a very long time.

      “One of the surprising privileges of intellectuals is that they are free to be scandalously asinine without harming their reputation.”

      Eric Hoffer

      If you would like to know more about Hoffer, see
      He is a fascinating fellow and many of my fellow commenters would find much in his thoughts that you would enjoy. Though he died before AGW/CC became a thing, his thoughts on movements are most applicable to today’s climate debate situation.

    • HotScot , If you replace the words socialism with humanism and capitalism with moneyism then people may get a handle on the true meanings . At least when the money crash comes around again, good people will unite and look after each other again , that’s if there’s any people left after the capitalist war. Capitalism turns man into a parasite ( an organism that lives in or on an organism of another species (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the other’s expense. ) when we should be caretakers (a person employed to look after people or animals.)

      • jmorpuss,

        I take it you think we should all look to Cuba and Venezuela for shining examples of what happens in
        socialist societies, right?

      • Socialism turns man into a cannibal (e.g. redistributive change). The order established by these single/central/minority schemes are first-order forcings of progressive perturbations and decadal hard resets. Capitalism is a left-wing construct that denies the optimal function of markets (e.g. democratic processes) to mitigate progress (e.g. prices, availability), which when tempered by a suitable religious/moral (“ethical”) philosophy is capable of reconciling individual dignity, intrinsic value, and inordinate worth with finitely available and accessible resources.

  12. We’ve all noticed just how cowardly and self-hating Peter Ridd is. Is this rant another case of the Left accusing the Right of what they are going to do?

  13. Cowards run with the mindless mob. We are the opposite of that. Aussie skeptics are among our best and bravest warriors.

    Check out Laurence Fox actor/musician of the U.K. YouTube his song The Distance. Think we have our anthem. He is currently slanging it out with the woke folks in U.K. media. Not sure bout his climate views but the message resonates

  14. “Much of what makes Australia unique and beloved by those of us lucky enough to live here is linked to the extremes of our land and climate.”

    “climate change will destroy much of what we love about this country.”

    Are we to understand from this sharticle that “climate change” will “destroy” Australian “extreme climate ” and so
    actions must be taken against “climate change” ?


    • Nope, I think he refers to the lies, hypocrisy, hate, fake news and division that is being created to push the climate change agenda and anti-democratic psyops by a determined cabal of human trash.
      Trash such as Greens politicians and left leaning media like the Guardian, ABC, Canberra Times and Sydney Morning Herald journos and their rabid followers.

  15. Alarmist are misanthropes , they care not one jot about the hardship no economic growth/recession would bring.

  16. It’s time for everybody to admit the build-out of planet Earth will continue unabated and to cheer it and do it as rapidly as posible for once it is done and ALL humans on planet Earth have access to cheap, reliable abundant, safe electrical power 24/7, 365…the population will begin its decline. 450ppm? 480? 500? Mitigate. Improvise. Adapt and overcome.

      • I believe the “economics of love” has something to do with how much of somebody else’s money is left on the dresser. When you go communist/Marxist/socialist, you’re well and truly screwed.

        • H.R. the leftist way is to first identity and label individuals. Of course whether or not these labels are appropriate to you is irrelevant, they have decided where you fit into society. If they can decide who you are based on the label that’s been applied to you then the rest is assumed. Of course we understand that this simply their ideology. If you don’t follow their ideology then they treat you in a most hateful way, in fact they feel that they must.

          By definition, if we are the ones to be hated then they don’t believe us to be capable of love. Their ideology is flawed on every level of course, even the adults act like petulant children. They think that if they ignore us then they will get their way, the MSM are extremely helpful to them in that regard.

          By shutting yourself off to more that half the population you are denying the balance in knowledge and in love. Peace, understanding and love cannot exist without respect and communication.

  17. Notice how brave they get when they know all dissenting voices will be culled. Notice how they fall into the old regressive pattern of ad hom name calling. Notice how they will offer nothing in the way of factual argument or practical solutions, just vague predictions of doom and feelgood actions , mainly for others to do.

  18. Jericho has been a Woke Joke for many a year. I used to pick apart his pseudo-facts and figures but was barred from commenting because of it.

  19. Jericho spends a lot of time explaining his irrational feelings, most of the time it’s his take on economics where he presents cherry picked data and fools those gullible enough to read his articles.

    • She was very old when reading that — she says “ragged” mountain ranges, instead of “rugged.”
      When she wrote it, she knew the difference.

  20. Having largely failed to get UK voters to do as they are told, The Guardian is now trying it’s luck with Australians.

    History suggests it may not work too well. Back in 2004 they also tried to tell the voters of Clark County, Ohio that they shouldn’t be voting for George Bush, and received the expected reply.
    They seem to be slow learners over at The Guardian.

  21. Prophecy and diversity. The Guardian also believes that there are “too many white girls from next door” in the Olympics.

  22. First they demonize you, then they start putting you in jail.
    When that doesn’t work, they bring out the death squads.

  23. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country.” Hermann Goering

  24. It has to be said, that Dorothea Mckellar’s “My Country”, sums up Australia perfectly.

    I am Australian and you, “The Guardian” know Fuck All about Australia and Australians.

    Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi!, Oi, Oi!

    Climate Heretic

  25. The statement “But I do love Australia. I get an absurd amount of irrational pride when I hear of Australians doing well.” by Greg Jericho, reveals as Eric Worrall points out, a deep intellectual malfunction and irrational mindset that befuddles much of the thinking of the Warmistas. This is yet another example of the Leftists accusing the Rightists of doing exactly what they themselves do all the time.

    • I spent a both of time looking at the comments on your link Clarky. It’s a bit like watching the the reverse of ours!

      I think that we should give in to the fools with two previsos. The first would be that all subsidies are stopped. The second, that as of today they agree to decommission all wind and solar renewable technology at their own personal cost at end of life or when the country goes bankrupt.

  26. Hmmm global warming will ruin the Australian way of life? Take a closer look because the Australian way of life is already being ruined. The Australian dream was one’s own house on a 1/4 acre block. But now our young people cannot afford a house because of competition through uncontrolled migration. Not that there are many houses left. There are units going up everywhere, generous free space is now a narrow passage between your unit and the next. No room for trees and grass. Even outer suburbs are looking like inner city in terms of living density with huge cranes littering the skyline to put up even more little boxes. Our roads are so congested its a major chore to move around and any road development is now at the expense of tolls, tolls and more tolls. Our social infrastructure is being similarly strained, our traditional values deemed reprehensible and unacceptable. Something we should be ashamed of and for which we should pay ever increasing and never ending compensation. We should instead be happy to abandon our traditional values in favour of those of the economic migrants and our fringe groups. The rights of any 1% minority is deemed to massively outweigh the rights of the 99% majority, not just to be accepted beside the majority but to extinguish the rights of the majority.

    Stop worrying about global warming destroying the Australian way of life, the left are already achieving that in spades and they are proud of it. Pride in ones country is all about being proud of what we have achieved and the sort of society we have established. Courage lies in making an effort to support and contribute to the Australian way of life not in seeking to tear it down and destroy it. Who are the real cowards and traitors?

    • Australian cities are gradually modelling their development on the former East Germany where vertical slums are now becoming the norm.

  27. There has been in fact an unaccountable greening and flowering of the desert areas throughout Australia that began around 2002… extra CO2? I love my country and don’t feel a need to justify that btw. But the roots of leftist thinking go deep in our education system – I still remember how devastated my grade 1 teacher was when Whitman was removed. It has taken me years and the help of authors like CS Lewis, GK Chesterton, and websites like and Joanne !! to weed out the false sentiments propagandized from infancy.

  28. There is no coherent, articulatable, or demonstrably observable reason for believing that “climate change” is a necessarily dangerous thing.
    There is no reason why anyone could rationally believe that human beings possess the ability to control the climate.
    There is no identifiable crisis occurring that is outside of the normal range of weather variability in any location or region of the planet.
    And let us not forget that what is really being asserted by warmistas to begin with, is that CO2 increases in our atmosphere will cause global warming, and not some nebulous and vague thing called “climate change’.
    The assertion is that the globe is and will continue to warm, and that this warming is entirely or nearly entirely caused by and due to an increasing concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere, that such warming is by definition dangerous, that the amount of warming which will occur, not which may occur, can be predicted and quantified, that this warming will lead to increasing amounts of water vapor in the air due to increasing ocean evaporation, and that the amount of warming which will have catastrophic outcomes is just slightly more than the warming which has already occurred since the middle of the 19th century.
    Absolutely none of these things are based on any scientific understanding of our atmosphere, beginning with the part where the preindustrial temperature is asserted to be the ideal and natural temperature of our planet, right through to the part where we can and must control the temperature of the planet and avoid warming at any cost and no matter the consequences for human prosperity.

    The preindustrial baseline being used in this Jengo tower of nonsense was in fact a disastrously cold period in our planet’s history.
    By every quantifiable measure, the period since then has seen an unprecedented increase in human prosperity, health, and longevity.
    Over the past few decades our planet is observed to have undergone a rapid and widespread greening, and farmlands all over the world have had ongoing and massive increases in productivity.
    There is no statistical increase in the amount or severity of any destructive weather phenomena…no increase in droughts, floods, tropical cyclones, heat waves, cold spells, or any other sort of weather related disasters, over the entire historical period.
    It does not even make logical sense that any changes in what is defined as climate will necessarily be bad and not good.
    It makes no sense to postulate a warmer and wetter world, observe no increase in destructive weather events, and yet be firmly convinced that destructive changes are imminent.
    The pattern of warming that can be observed to have occurred shows that our planet is becoming more mild and hospitable, with the warming occurring in the places and times of year that are far too cold for life to prosper and for human beings to live comfortably.
    The reality of what is occurring is that irrational alarmism has corrupted the thought processes of a large number of people, and none of what they are screaming about is real.
    None of it.
    It is close to the actual case that the exact opposite of what these people are saying is what has been observed to be taking place: Our planet is becoming more habitable, the biosphere is expanding, people are doing far better before than ever in history, and the pace of the improvements is accelerating rapidly.

    A collection of irrational jackasses, straight up liars, assorted fraudsters, scheming profiteers, and ignorant fools are somehow in control of how hundreds of millions of people are being governed and led.
    And the rest of us are doing little to stop it.
    That is what must change.

    • Nicholas McGinley
      Sorry, but you just make a complete fool of yourself when you write such denial crap. Even if you don’t accept (or understand the science) you do this side no favours by denying there is anything happening. The planet is warming, all the data sets say so. We should be cooling with the sun dimming, but we are not. We have have just had it’s warmest decade in human history, following on from the warmest before that and the warmest before that. That is happening for a reason. If it is not CO2, then what is it?

      So nothing is happening you say….We have just had devastating fires in Australia that have causing enormous loss of flora and fauna. Rainfall patterns are changing, causing issues for farmers around the planet. If they continue to change then we will have bigger problems trying to feed an ever increasing global population. Add to this sea level is rising. Yes, it is slow at the moment. 3mm a year. But if as is expected, it increases and we see significant rise by the end of the century, then less farmland will be available to feed this increasing population. All these people on less land with less food is not a recipe for harmony. Bangladesh is particularly at risk here. As their agricultural land floods, where can they go. India wont want 160 million people crossing their border. They will have their own issues with arable land being lost. And on it goes….

      So you can repeat the old “nothing is happening” BS (like they did last decade with “the pause” but what happened to that?), but some of us are a little more in tune with the play and know that is just dumb talk.

      • Where do you get your science from? Your posts reads to me like you regurgitate the BS published in The Guardian and the like.

      • All the doom and gloom predictions you have listed are bunkum, the IPCC have stated they have very little confidence there is a connection between major weather events and man made climate change. As for the tides, well the 3mm a year figure you stated has been happening around the same since the end of the last ice age. But hey, don’t let the facts get in the way of your alarmist BS.
        And guess what. The flora and fauna in Australia will be just fine. The same as they have in all the other wild fires that have occurred since eucalypts evolved. The same eucalypts that promote fire to exist in the environment in which they have adapted to for thousands of years.

        • aussiecol
          “All the doom and gloom predictions you have listed are bunkum, the IPCC have stated they have very little confidence there is a connection between major weather events and man made climate change.”
          I’m picking reading comprehension was not a strength of yours at school. I didn’t mention weather events.

          “As for the tides”
          Oh dear, I didn’t mention tides

          “And guess what. The flora and fauna in Australia will be just fine. The same as they have in all the other wild fires that have occurred since eucalypts evolved.”
          These fires are bigger and more fierce than these parts of the country have experience since bush fires could be measured accurately. That’s what happens when the climate is hotter and drier. 2019 was the hottest and driest ever measured in the areas that had the fires. What a surprise….

          • That last statement of yours dude, is simply a pile of twaddle.
            It should read, the fires are the largest since Bob Carr locked up large areas of land that without management, allowed significant biomass to develop in an unprecedented way.
            Due to the underfunding of agencies of the last twenty years, the budget and scale of hazard reduction was far lower than was required to reduce this accumulation.
            This accumulation, in conjunction with the strongest IOD/SAM combination in over twenty years, created a situation of immense risk that was realised by large scale bushfires that were triggered by lightning and arson.
            This was exacerbated by the actions of Greens councillors in particular in the Eurobodalla and Shoalhaven shires where most of the fires occurred, which had prevented and fined local landowners clearing fire breaks and their free-hold land which resulted in significant destruction of personal property and life.
            These policies were reinforced by the NSW State Government, where examples exist of owners urgently requesting they undertake mechanical clearing at their cost prior to the fires which were subsequently denied again, resulting in their entire properties being incinerated.

          • Have a look at 2002 and 2019. STRIKINGLY similar. The only times a sudden stratospheric warming event in the southern hemisphere has been officially recorded. Both times this resulted in the SAM being “scrambled” (for want of a better phrase). Three months of strong, persistent drying W winds day after day completely dessicating an already tinder-dry SE Australia, bought on by an extended +IOD, a weak ENSO condition, and a stubborn MJO that didnt see the monsoon season kick off until Xmas. Conditions in 2002 were very similar – those same climatic drivers were doing the same thing.

            Have a look what happened? Fires starting from dry lightning in November in East Gippsland and the Alpine National Park – about 1.5m ha burning for 3 months. The only difference is that the areas were more remote so less lives and property were lost, but the areas were very similar. Not to mention the oceanic and atmospheric conditions were just as similar as I’ve stated above.

            To make it even more eerily similar…a fire started in Namadji NP about 50km SW of Canberra the other day. Guess what happened in early 2003? A fire started in a similar location – and Canberrans will never forget what eventually happened a week or so later. Let’s hope this time – 2019-20 won’t repeat as closely to 2002-03 as it has so far.

  29. Water makes it cooler where you irrigate because of evaporation but water vapor is a ghg and more of it makes it warmer everywhere else. Average global WV has been increasing 1.5% per decade. There is a limit to how much WV the atmosphere can hold so there is a limit on how much the planet will warm.

  30. It’s the Grauniad, famous for its appalling spelling and incoherent “journalism” busy running though its trust funds. No one takes any notice.

  31. Isn’t Jericho the brave soul who hid behind an anonymous blog to attack conservatives and was eventually outed by one?

  32. The main problem for Greg Jericho is that Australia has a huge mining and petrochemical industry, so there are thousands of highly trained and competent geologists, geophysicists, mining engineers and petroleum engineers as well as people expert in maths-based disciplines, who do the accounts, logistics and market analysis. Mining is a high-risk business from operational safety, political and market volatility points of view, so qualitative and quantitative risk analysis and management is key to success. When this overwhelmingly high level of intelligence, training and experience turns to address climate change, it finds uncertainty in every aspect. Almost everyone in the industry does not believe there is a risk of climate catastrophe, and many are prepared to argue the case. Greg has no hope in the face of such rational and informed opposition – he’s simply out of his depth.

  33. As I was reading Mr. Jericho’s screed that included …
    I love Australia.

    … I thought of the poem by Dorothea Mackellar, “My Country.”

    I got the feeling that Dorothea really did understand and love Australia.
    I get the feeling Mr. Jericho doesn’t really understand and that his love of country is superficial. Note his “irrational pride” for who knows what.

  34. The definition of a “country” is a human construct. It is real only in the mind (And thus isn’t as the mind is temporary). Sure we can write it down and build monuments to a country however, those too are temporary. A country is inanimate. It can’t be “loved” in the human emotional sense, as that is in the mind too.

    What to do?

    In not so many powerful words, even though fiction, “Live long and prosper”.

  35. Mr. Jericho believes that in 1908 when ‘My Country’ was published the average Australian surface temperature was 2 degrees C below today.
    How do they make this stuff up and seek to be credible?
    And no one at the Guardian raises an eyebrow.
    Let’s make it 3 degrees in Jericho’s next article.
    No complaints from the readership.

  36. Greg is very much a hero in this town – a self-serving career public servant who believes that public servants are destined to be social engineers championing so-called ‘woke’ issues, and not apolitical non-partisan professionals. When 51% of Canberrans work for the public service, it’s difficult to stay straight faced here in Canberra as a self-employed professional – and for me to be a scientist who owns and runs a business is something that confuses the hell out of many people I meet at weekend bbqs here. And oh how they shut up as soon as I start bringing science into the discussion around bushfires – they can’t run to the fridge or toilet or change the subject quick enough! Canberra is one of the most protected, ignorant and privileged cities in the world, where its lack of understanding of the real world never ceases to amaze me. This anti-scientific tripe is the norm for Greg, so I’m hardly surprised – but it will be lapped up with gusto by the Canberra crowd.

    Meanwhile a fire burns on its outskirts………….caused by a Defence helicopter landing light!

  37. “I love Australia and so I want action on climate change. And if you love Australia, so should you.”

    The question is how much cares Australia about Greg Jericho.

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