Michael Mann Beclowns Himself with Aussie Climate Refugee Prediction

CSIRO Wet Season Tropical Rainfall – Well Above Average for the Last 20 Years. Source: CSIRO State of the Climate 2018

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t Clarky of Oz; According to Michael Mann, Australia could soon be so hot and dry Australians will be forced to become climate refugees.

Hot and dry Australia could join the ranks of ‘climate refugees’

By Swati Pandey,
Reuters January 15, 2020

By Swati Pandey

“It is conceivable that much of Australia simply becomes too hot and dry for human habitation,” said Mann, who is director of the Earth System Science Center at Pennsylvania State University.

“In that case, yes, unfortunately we could well see Australians join the ranks of the world’s climate refugees.

Climate refugees, or environmental migrants, are people forced to abandon their homes due to change in climate patterns or extreme weather events.

Mann, the recipient of last year’s Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement, is on a sabbatical in Australia where he is studying climate change.

“It’s possible to grow the economy, create jobs, and preserve the environment at the same time. These are things that all Australians could embrace,” Mann said.

They just need a government that’s willing to act on their behalf rather than on behalf of a handful of coal barons.

Read more: https://news.yahoo.com/hot-dry-australia-could-join-221006927.html

Mann is right that Australia has climate refugees, but most of them are heading in the wrong direction. Tropical Queensland has climate refugees, just like Florida in the USA. Our climate refugees are southerners fleeing the miserable weather, crime and lunatic green energy heating bills in the South to retire in the tropical North.

While parts of Australia have experienced severe drought over the last 20 years, according to the CSIRO the Northern monsoon has substantially increased, bringing record rainfall to parts of Australia’s far North including some of our inland desert regions (see the rainfall map at the top of the page).

If global warming were to expand the tropical belt, pushing the Monsoon rains south, Australia would likely receive more rainfall overall, not less, though some extreme southern regions might need to capture and pipe in water from the North – a proposal which has been on the drawing board in one form or another since the 1930s.

But nobody in Australia expects politicians and government to act quickly to solve important problems; they’re mostly too busy blowing tax money on expensive vanity projects to provide resources to solve Australia’s water supply problems, vanity projects like questionable high speed rail proposals, more solar panels and wind turbines, and upgrading that big Tesla battery.

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  1. I’m on a ship heading to Bali. I maybe the first official climate refuge. Please give me your money.

        • Er, we’ll pass on that but we are flattered you asked us Bryan. What are friends for, eh?

          The koalas, wombats and ‘roos have suffered enough recently so is there some other way we can help? We already have issues with feral rabbits, foxes camels and pigs let alone say cane toads not to mention thistles, gorse, lantana etc. so we really try not to let in any more pests. We do have some excellent deadly snakes that might be able to chip in while he is here though ….

          • 🙂 yes I can see the canetoad resemblance
            will help my BP every time I see or hear the dafties next batch of crap

          • Serial failure Malcolm Turnbull can be added to that list.

            He got an article in Time Magazine where he calls for an Australian Green New Deal as his closing argument.

            (also, since it is Malcolm, his opening and middle argument are all about how the Murdoch press and a right wing minority backstabbed and defeated his hugely popular Prime Minstership.)

          • We were hoping that if we sent enough down there, Australia would tip over and get rid of the problem for all of us.

          • Eric, I am sure you recal Paul Keatings delicious takedown of Andrew Peacock who had just been re-elected as opposition leader, “Can a souffle rise twice?”

            In that vein I ask if Michael Mann can ‘beclown” himself not twice but three times at least? (Hockey schtick, Nature Trick, Decline Hiding and any number of other crimes against humility and honesty)

        • I hear the Polar bears are hard up for a feed (/s), maybe we could ship him to the Arctic circle?

          By his predictions it’ll be tropical soon…

        • Perhaps we can start a “Go Fund Me” page to raise money for a one way ticket to ??????.

          Hey that Japanese billionaire is looking for a girlfriend to take to the moon. Just sayin…

      • Maybe the Penn State to State Pen jokes are making him nervous and he’s seeking to cultivate a new home down under.

        • Seeing as how Botany Bay started as a penal colony, maybe he was just attracted Down Under as his natural habitat. Just sayin’…

    • Grats Pete, you left just in time. Perth has rain ATM and I am actually a tad cold in the work AC. Looking at the current week’s forecast we are in for a number of below average temperatures:


      I expect to see a few jumpers and cardigans around … people in Perth tend to feel cold in summer when it drops below 30C.

      And yes, I have run the AC more at home than the last couple of years. We had a fairly brutal week or two early in December, but the weather’s been fairly typical since then. The last summer or two were particularly cool. IIRC we had a Perth February day a couple years ago where it didn’t get above 18C … Yikes, that’s puffy jacket weather. in this region.

    • It is conceivable that much of Australia simply becomes too hot and dry for human habitation “

      What sort of Mann is that? He obvious hasn’t been to Bondi yet!



      • Strange isn’t it that we are receiving more immigrants as a percentage of population than any country in the world (legal immigrants too we keep the illegal ones out). Even stranger that so many are from hot areas such as North Africa, the Indian sub- continent and Pacific Islands, you would think that they would all be looking for cooler climes?

        Incidentally we are now experiencing widespread rain and fear of flooding in the areas that were burning last week. Perhaps we are experiencing a Mann Effect, much like the freezing cold we had when Al Gore visited last.

  2. As the climate change is affecting the whole globe, there will be soon climate refugees not just from Australia, but also from Africa and South America. Where will we bury them all?

  3. WE have our own Michael Mann named Tim Flannery who made all these predictions 10 years ago. He convinced our state governments to build desalination plants and then it rained and the dams filled and the Desal plants have remained idle ever since. Costing us tens of million dollars a year just to keep mothballed. Please keep Michael Mann in the US we have our own doomsayers right here we don’t need anymore we are running out of space.

    • And it looks like happening again. I was in Geelong yesterday when a storm front hit and there was heavy rain and hail, 2 hours later it hit Melbourne and headed east. This morning the papers and TV are full of kids playing in mud and rain, stories to 25 to 50 mm fals and predictions for the weekend of up to 100 mm rainfall at places up and down the east coast.

      You can put it down to the IOD returning to neutral and heading to reverse its orientation of the past 2 years as predicted by our BoM or you can give Gaia the credit for putting the boot into the likes of Mann and that smarmy, self important old Notting Hillbilly, Attenborough. She certainly made Tim Flim Flannery look the fool he is last time.

      Personally I think its that lovely grrrl Gaia who just cannot abide arrogant climate clowns encroaching on her patch.

      That said, Flim Flannery is not in the same league as Mann. He would not know enough maths to pull a hockey trick let alone a Nature one or how to hide a decline. He would not even see the decline to start with.

  4. Thanks for picking this story up. We had Erlich here not long ago spouting his doom and gloom nonsense in Adelaide. I am just waiting for a Carbon Fibre Racing Yacht to drop anchor in Botany Bay.

    The lunacy continues however as reports in local MSM are now whinging about the long overdue rain that has eased but not broken the fire threat.


    “We’ll all be rooned said Hanrahan before the year is out” A classic Aussie poem from the 1920’s. Link here: http://users.tpg.com.au/dandsc/job/job01.htm

    “Things is crook in Tallarook but they’re twice as worse in Bourke” (Unknown author)

    • todays topper???
      now the soils are supposedly toxic from the fires
      chromium 3 turns to chromium 6 in high heated soils – they say
      and its carcinogenic lungs n bowel – so they say
      of course ABC managed the interview without ONCE asking WHAT % of chromium 6 at what figures per sq inch/foot /metre whatever had they found??
      more research needed(of course) but it will be enough to now have the rabidly worried afraid to drink the water or go outside if its dusty

  5. “Climate refugees, or environmental migrants, are people forced to abandon their homes due to change in climate patterns or extreme weather events.”

    Man made climate change is not perceptible at this point. How are there ‘ranks’ of climate refugees?

    Extreme weather events have always happened and always will, regardless of the human influence on climate (if any). People fleeing extreme weather events are not climate refugees. They are people fleeing extreme weather.

    Weather is not climate, unless it edifies the narrative! Right Mr. Mann?

  6. Why did Mann have to go to Australia to study climate change.
    I thought he could do all that by teleconnection as he indicated during the Hockey Stick wars.

    • He probably went to count tree rings, but as there aren’t any left he’s helping to blow the fires out by flapping his lower jaw.

    • He did an interview on the taxpayer funded left wing climate catastrophe ABC. The interviewer read out the questions from a list in front of him and Mann gave the pre-arranged answers. All doom.

  7. “According to Michael Mann, Australia could soon be so hot and dry Australians will be forced to become climate refugees.”

    I know that I tend to look at things from a different perspective…
    However, recent new “highest temperature” records are temperature records from over 100 years ago.

    Basically, Mann just called all modern Australians wussies.
    That even with modern vehicle and indoor A/C, indoor plumbing, advanced fossil fuel fabrics, modern water supplies, sewage and septic systems, modern Australians will choose to become climate migrants because they can not weather temperatures their great great great grandparents worked and thrived through.

    Personally, I think Mann is projecting, again.

    • I think we always knew they they were going to have to lie harder as the wheels came off. I mean, what else is Greta Thunberg, despite how disgusting it is, but lying harder?

  8. Don’t forget climate refugees from North America and Europe. Canadians and FennoScandians will be heading north to escape tepid summer temperatures. Why everybody will be moving everywhere in a global Brownian motion. Swedes displacing Sami, Quebecois displacing Inuit, Southeast Asians displacing EVERYBODY else. The chaos, the horror. Perhaps I will just stay home and tough out the 10 C annual average. An ice pack or two for that hot day in July?

  9. greetings from New Zealand Micheal Mann…….according to Jacinda and James Shaw, (all things CLIMATE), they should have arrived in NZ, because our Pacific Islands are all under water, rising seas levels! still waiting to see ONE. regards, Trevor Collins.

    • Meanwhile, red Cindy keeps busy by banning guns, oil and gas exploration, hate speech, independent speakers she does not like, Christianity in schools, etc. while concentrating on producing her own falsified version of NZ history to brainwash our kids in school. Even this atheist says – thank god she will be gone later this year, along with her communistic Greenie sycophants!

      • is there a decent backlash building?
        i DO hope so, she gives me the irrits on the small amt of coverage here in Aus
        must be hell at home

  10. Before the current bushfire season fortuitously fell into their lap, the Left were harping on about Australia having to take in ‘millions’ of ‘climate refugees’ from Pacific islands ‘threatened by rising seas’. Well, since the rising seas hysteria didn’t work out for them, maybe they can alter the narrative to have Australians fleeing as refugees to the Pacific islands.

  11. Australia has had a net influx of immigration every year that I can find as far back as 1950…and the UN projects the same through 2100. UK, China, and Italy are currently among the top 5 highest migrant numbers anually into Australia.

  12. “As global temperatures soar, Australia could become so hot and dry ….”

    Oh no, I can feel another hockey stick coming on, starting off when Australia was never hot and dry.

    …….. but the crazy thing is, people like loydo and Nick and Mosher will believe it and have a new source of phony mental masturbation to pontificate about, despite that fact that there are therapeutic drugs for that.

    • What’s wrong with hot and dry? Namibians wouldn’t have it any other way. The Tuaregs have been fighting for decades to have their very own desert country that makes Mad Max Territory look like Santa Barbara.

      I visited the Sahel and people there love it. A few inches of a rain a year, I was told…perfect.

      At the moment, for a few years at least, Australia can cut and export charcoal – there is a very great deal of it lying about. What is under-cooked can be put into the kiln.

      Since the forest burns down every 80 years or so it can be admitted to the EU as “sustainably harvested” charcoal. It’ll grow back for sure, and the IPCC uses 100 year scenarios.

      Start cutting…

  13. We’ve had the Gore effect for a decade or more. Are we know adding the Mann effect?
    As storms moved across the state late on Wednesday afternoon, air quality across Melbourne started to improve to “moderate” levels and by evening to “good”.
    Severe thunderstorms hit Geelong in the early afternoon, bringing heavy rain and hail to some suburbs, but it did little to get rid of the persistent smoke haze, with air quality only dropping one level to remain “very poor”.
    Avalon Airport had 44mm of rain in just 30 minutes and recorded winds of 113 kilometres per hour.
    The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) issued a severe thunderstorm warning for much of central Victoria, including Melbourne during the afternoon peak hour.
    It warned the storms could bring intense rainfall in “one of the biggest thunderstorm threats this season”, which could cause flash flooding and mudslides.

  14. As well as the tree ring circuit master we’re getting David Attenborough on the telly weighing in with the dooming. So NSW and Qld have just experienced an unprecedented drought? Yep could be a 1 in 100 yr event like the US 1930s Dust Bowl bearing in mind the First Fleet only rolled up in 1788 and the aboriginals didn’t have computer storage at the time.

    With that in mind jump on Google Earth and check out Mallacoota, Victoria in Oz for a satellite view of that cut off and evacuated township and then scroll around the coast to get an idea of what living among tall sclerophyll Eucalypt forests is like and how the Princes Highway gets closed.

    • i got this as an email tonight;

      An interesting history lesson of previous catastrophic Australian bushfires:

      BLACK THURSDAY BUSHFIRES – 6th Feb 1851:

      In preparing for tomorrow’s extreme conditions, it’s important to look at history to understand how bad things can get.

      Australia’s most extensive Bushfires were known as the ‘Black Thursday’ Bushfires, where on the 6th Feb 1851 (Co2 levels 285 ppm) when the temperature hit an incredible 117°F (47.2 C) at 11am in Melbourne, and quarter of Victoria, 5 million hectares in total were burnt out (10 times more than from the current Bushfires in NSW). 12 lives were lost and one million sheep and thousands of cattle were lost.

      Thomas McCombie recorded the scene in Melbourne on that day:

      “For two months preceding, the country had been under the desiccating winds, which appeared to be highly charged with electricity. The herbage was parched up, and everything that the eye could rest upon was dry, dusty, and disagreeable. The 6th of February dawned much as very hot days generally do; the roseate tints of the horizon were rather brighter and more lurid than usual – the glassed glare over the sky more vividly perceptible. The north wind set strongly in early in the morning, and by eleven o’clock in the fore-noon it had increased to almost a hurricane.

      ‘’In the streets of Melbourne the heat was intense, and the atmosphere densely oppressive. Clouds of smoke and dust hung over the city.

      The fires which blazed in the surrounding country no doubt increased the suffocating sensation which was generally experienced. It was hardly possible to go abroad; the streets were nearly deserted; and a few of the persons who were compelled to make the effort to traverse them stalked along with their faces closely enveloped in cloth; no man, however bold, appeared able to face the furiously-suffocating blast, which seemed to wither up their physical energies. By noon, the inhabitants, generally, had shut themselves up in their various dwellings, too happy to have got out of the reach of the overpowering blast. They continued to sit until night listening in terror to the howl of this real sirocco. Had any portion of Melbourne ignited the whole of the city must have been reduced to ashes, as no effort of the inhabitants could have prevented the conflagration from extending and becoming general. The citizens were providentially preserved from so terrible a disaster.”

      Catastrophic Bushfires hit Victoria again in 1898 (Co2 levels 295 ppm) know as ‘ Red Tuesday’ when fires burned 260,000 hectares in South Gippsland. Twelve lives and more than 2,000 buildings were destroyed.

      In 1939 (Co2 levels 311 ppm) the 13th Jan became known as ‘Black Friday’, the fires in Victoria burned 1.5 to 2 million hectares, they killed 71 people and destroyed more than 650 buildings.

      In 1944 (Co2 310 ppm) levels fires in the Western Districts of Victoria destroyed more than 500 houses and caused huge losses in the pastoral industry. Four or more grass fires near Hamilton, Dunkeld, Skipton and Lake Bolac burned about 440,000 hectares in eight hours. Between 15 and 20 people died. The total area covered by grass fires that season was about one million hectares.

      In 1962, (318 ppm) Fires in the Dandenong Ranges and on the outskirts of Melbourne killed 32 and destroyed more than 450 houses.

      In 1965, (320 ppm) fires the in Gippsland burned for 17 days, covering 300,000 hectares of forest and 15,000 hectares of grassland. More than 60 buildings and 4,000 stock were destroyed.

      In 1969, (324 ppm) Two hundred and eighty fires broke out on the 8th Jan, Twelve reached major proportions and burned 250,000 hectares. Twenty-three people died, including 17 motorists at Lara, trapped on the then highway between Geelong and Melbourne. The fires also destroyed 230 houses, 21 other buildings and more than 12,000 stock.

      In 1977, (333 ppm) widespread fires occurred across the Western District of Victoria. The fires killed four people and burned about 103,000 hectares. More than 198,500 stock, 116 houses and 340 other buildings were also lost.

      In 1983, (342 ppm) the 16th Feb became known as ‘Ash Wednesday’ more than 100 fires burned 210,000 hectares and killed 47 people. More than 27,000 stock and 2,000 houses were lost.

      That’s just Victoria.

      And to think, that the Greens have the anti-scientific superstitious belief that we can stop Bushfires by importing more solar panels from China. These people are not only demented, they have a complete ignorance of Australia’s history. But then again they are perhaps just the worst of dishonest liars, exploiting tragedy and spreading untruths for their own political gain.

  15. That map image of Oz, it is so detailed, how can they make it so detailed, can it be so accurate? I thought a lot of that area is desert and very sparsely inhabited.

    • It’s claimed that they have these things called “satellites”.
      Seems a bit far-fetched to me though . . .

  16. I was raised on the northern Great Plains which were thought to be uninhabitable in the 1800s. In the 1930s they were pretty much uninhabitable. I’m guessing that Australia also has areas that go from pretty good to pretty bad and back for decades at a time.

  17. Some Australians already live underground to avoid the heat. Coober Pedy opal miners are probably not going to become climate refugees, having figured out how to adapt…..maybe a Mike Mann visit is in order…

    • Someone I know tried installing a swimming pool near Ballarat, it never got warm enough to swim in.

      • If you go into the souvenir shops in Ballarat, they have these brass monkey sculptures, but their knackers are where their earlobes usually are.

        • Sorry, are knackers the same as knockers, I doubt it, but I don’t know what the hell you are saying.

          • “So cold it would freeze the b@lls off a brass monkey”

            Then they can wear them as ear rings.

            It’s a colorful old Aussie expression.

          • And knackers and knockers are entirely different parts of the human anatomy.
            Belong to different genders too.

          • “Mr. January 16, 2020 at 7:19 pm

            It’s a colorful old Aussie expression.”

            It’s a British expression with origins in the Navy.

        • Nothing to do with knackers. A brass monkey was a wire rack ( nothing to do with knockers) that the cannon balls sat on, in the Royal Navy. Ignorant Aussies….

    • Yes we had this post WW2/ Cold War ‘populate or perish’ immigration policy that’s still going on in places like Sydney and Melbourne struggling to keep up with infrastructure so the brains trust have been trying to encourage new migrants out to the regions. Trouble is the new chums have worked out trying to brighten that rather dark map means perish rather than populate just like the locals have so we’re all sticking with the beach handy more or less. You’re into herpetology camels and solitude then you go for it.

  18. With an average population density of 8.5 people per square mile, Australia will probably be taking in refugees from more crowded parts of the world, if the Aussies accept them. With such a low population density, why would anyone want to leave Australia?

    • Another illusion. We are all crowded around the edge and then mostly crowded into a few cities. You need a bit of resilience to make a life in inland Australia

    • Steve, we accepted more than 230,000 immigrants, year ending June 2019. Water is a huge issue here, periodically anyway. yarpos is correct, it is more challenging inland, that’s where the droughts bite hardest. The largest population counts are indeed in fairly narrow coastal bands and the larger cities.

      They are talking about sending more immigrants to the regions, I think that’s funny, we often struggle to cope here as it is during times of drought. Scott Morrison would rather throw tens of billions of dollars of our money at wind and solar renewables than try and sort out our water problems. Drought and fire keeps people from coming to the regions, life is harder here, but has it’s rewards.

      The government’s have also decided that the regions are the best places for renewables too. Drought, fire, floods, handfeeding animals and hauling water. Renewables, sure why not, just dump on us some more.

      I just read that a report has come out (Dec 2019) that Australia is installing renewable energy faster per capita than other countries and that our “electricity sector is on track to deliver Australia’s entire Paris emissions reduction target five years early, in 2025”.

      Well yay for us! Nothing we do is going to make squat diddly difference anyway but the leftists are telling us constantly that we “aren’t doing enough!”

      • I have been through the immigration process in Belgium, New Zealand and Australia, and in Australia several times. It’s costly. Australia DOES already have a regional migration policy. Problem is there is no work there. If migrants do find work, as soon as their commitments are over, they move to the cities because, there is no work in the regions.

        And as you say, 100’s of thousands of migrants enter the cities every year. Well, the property bubble does have to be supported somehow.

        As far as I can tell, selling and buying property is the only growing industry behind healthcare in Australia.

  19. Please read the poem ” Said Hanrahan” 1919 about climate change extremes a hundred years ago,
    Still relavent to day in Aus.

  20. Also, and no disrespect intended to people in the areas that are suffering from low rainfall, Australia is a BIG PLACE.

    To say ‘Australia is suffering from Drought’ is a massive generalisation. Parts? yes. All? No.

    If all of Australia was suffering there would be water restrictions in place in all the big cities. Yes they do exist. Yes we do have them enacted from time to time. No they are not in place in my home city now and have not been for about 10 years.

    Mann, in my opinion, can go and live with Malcolm ‘Australia needs a Green New Deal’ Turnbull until they both get jack of each other and stabbing each other with ethically sourced spoons. Win/Win for the world.

    • Lets see how crazy Nick and Loydo both being Australians .. so boys is everyone in Australia going to become climate refugees?

      • There’s an annual winter time exodus of Victorians north to Queensland that would rival the Haj.
        Similar to North Americans heading to Florida & Mexico in the NH winter.
        They are all climate refugees, except they have passports or other ID

    • I think its fair to say that most years somewhere in Australia is having a drought. Whether that is a significant thing at the national scale just depends on the region. I imagine North and South America viewed as a whole are much the same.

      People lack a sense of scale when talking about Australia. There was breathless article on Vox that an area the size of Portugal had been burnt, GASP. Portugal 92,000 sq klms Australia 7,762,000 sq klms.

      And finally Koalas. There are vast tracts of Australia that Koalas reside in. In some areas they have been a nuisance and have been relocated. They are in no imaginable way at risk of being extinct just because they have suffered from bushfires in the most media and social media centric State in Australia. That is a beat up of cosmic proportions.

      • People in the 1980’s when moaning about the Amazon burning saying that the country the size of Belgium was burning every year in the Amazon forest. People said, “Why not burn Belgium?”

        Fortunately the Amazon is still with us. Sadly, the other one is still here.

    • After all, Oz is about the same size and not a whole lot different in shape from the entire lower forty eight 😉 😉

  21. I keep wondering: if a degree or two in rising temperatures will create climate refugees, why did all those Indians, and all those on the Arabian peninsula— who annually endure temps much, much higher than we experience anywhere in the West— not flee long ago for more temperate climes?

    Sure, maybe in the past they had neither the wealth nor the transportation means to pick up and move elsewhere, but why aren’t they doing so today?

  22. Climate refugees, or environmental migrants, are people forced to abandon their homes due to change in climate patterns or extreme weather events.

    I think he just changed the goal posts.

    • But people live in deserts, rainforest, tundra, polar regions, tropical highlands, tropical lowlands, rivers, coast, and even in Scotland.
      So much for that argument. One thing I’ve noticed about all the alarmists is that seem to shoot their mouths off before thinking.

  23. He needs to get into the queue, during the previous drought cycle one of our resident attention seeking climate parasites said that Perth would be unhabitable and dams nationally would never refill. The Bureau of Meteorology declared in the “new normal” (how often is that phrase trotted out).

    Surprise, surprise it wasnt the new normal, Perth is stubbornly persistent and continues to build long term infrastructure (the beautiful Swan River has failed to engulf the City or Fremantle on the coast) and just to top it off amazingly the dams did refill.

    Mann and his ilk are pompous , self serving , fools. Just my personal opinion.

  24. “much of Australia simply becomes too hot and dry for human habitation”

    3/4 of Australia is already too dry to grow enough fuel for dangerous bushfires.
    The top 1/2 of Australia with the hottest climate does not generally have dangerous bushfires.
    We won’t have any dangerous bushfires if their climate predictions are true.

  25. Mann, who is director of the Earth System Science Center at Pennsylvania State University. 😐

    Mann, the recipient of last year’s Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement 😐

    How do such people get university positions and awards?

  26. Did that abominable Mann say how many refugees he is going to accommodate in his villa? Did he say how much money he donates to support climate refugees?

  27. Meanwhile, red Cindy keeps busy by banning guns, oil and gas exploration, hate speech, independent speakers she does not like, Christianity in schools, etc. while concentrating on producing her own falsified version of NZ history to brainwash our kids in school. Even this atheist says – thank god she will be gone later this year, along with her communistic Greenie sycophants!

  28. I am starting to wonder if Mick the Mann suffered a catastrophic head injury, back in the days when he was playing about with hokey sticks? How else could you explain the ramblings he now issues, purporting to be reasoned thought?

  29. We’ve been climate refugees for the last five years , going from a miserably cold Victoriastan to a sunny beach above Broome in Western Australia.
    Around 33 Celsius everyday and on a remote pristine beach .

  30. He did an interview on the taxpayer funded left wing climate catastrophe ABC. The interviewer read out the questions from a list in front of him and Mann gave the pre-arranged answers. All doom.

  31. Now that the dead stuff has been burnt away Aussiland should start looking greener until the next time there adequate underbrush to burn again.

  32. Ms Pandey’s qualifications to write about this?
    “Reuters journalist for more than 12 years. Affiliate member of the International Compliance Association. I specialize in reporting on financial services, white collar crime including money laundering and terrorism financing. In my present role, I report on the economy and the central bank”

  33. It is conceivable that almost every thought that jumps into the very limited space in MM’s cranium is drivel. Why our media think this cerebral excrement is worth repeating seems to have something to do with advertising and lack of work ethic on the part of reporters.

  34. Let me know when the next refugee boat is going from Australia to Monaco. I have been there and the place is dripping in money.

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