Crockford: European outrage over my loss of adjunct status and video of my Dutch school lecture

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I’ve been home for just over 3 weeks now but even with all the demands on my time from family, friends, colleagues, and the media that I had to put off while I was away, I didn’t want to miss setting down a few final thoughts about my speaking tour across Europe. See previous posts here and here.

Polar bear beer ISBJORN_Jan Erik OSLO 23 Oct 2019

Polar bear beer had a prominent place at the post-conference dinner in Oslo.

Firstly, sincere thanks to all of you who donated so generously after hearing the news in mid-October that my adjunct appointment at the University of Victoria had been cancelled – a similar outpouring of outrage and moral support was echoed throughout my trip across Europe. Knowing those funds were available made an enormous difference, especially for things like roaming charges on my phone (Canadians pay some of the highest cell phone fees in the world), which meant I was able to conduct a number of radio interviews on-the-fly – including one with Glenn Beck – taxis (because after my hip replacement in June, my hip muscles were simply not up to all the walking), and a few unforeseen expenses.

The Oslo conference (‘Natural Variability and Tolerance‘) was simply awesome: I met so many people I had previously known only through emails, scientific papers, or internet mention. Australian Peter Ridd was there to talk about issues with the health of the Great Barrier Reef and the similarities of our treatment by our respective universities was not lost on anyone: there can be a huge cost to academic professionals for speaking out about the abuse of science that’s going on in the name of ‘climate change’. The meeting was well organized and very well attended, the press showed up (I believe I was on the evening TV news), and I autographed many books – a fabulous introduction to the climate realists of Europe. Isbjørn beer was the cherry on top – as far as I know, even Canada doesn’t have a dedicated polar bear brew (correct me if I’m wrong!).

UPDATE: Apparently (I’ve been informed via email from John), a Quebec microbrewery has a polar bear on its logo. However, I contend it’s not quite as distinctly ‘polar bear beer’ as the Norwegian variety.

In The Netherlands, Cyril Wentzel of The Green Audit Foundation (De Groene Rekenkamer) arranged for me to speak to 110 senior high school students (15-16 year olds) of biology teacher Marjo Jongkind at the Lyceum Ypenburg in The Hague. The kids were great; Ms. Jongkind was thrilled with the presentation and so was her supervisor.

I’m posting it here because it’s typical of my talks to schools, including the ones in Victoria that got me run out of academia. It’s information kids need to counter the hype and fear being fed to them by conservation activists of all stripes.

In Germany (22-23 November), even though the EIKE conference in Munich had to be relocated to another venue at the last minute because the original conference centre buckled under the bullying of a local activist organization, it went ahead without further problems. We had strict security as well as police protection (see below) but everyone carried on as planned. The simultaneous translation and the food were wonderful and there were some great science presentations. I very much enjoyed talking with Nir Shaviv and Henrik Svensmark over dinner. Congratulations to organizer Wolfgang Mueller for pulling this off and many thanks for including me!

EIKE conference police protection Munich 23 Nov 2019

Police parked outside the conference venue in Munich during the EIKE conference.

Finally, here is a copy of the polar bear bumpersticker I was giving away at my lectures, as the essence of my take-home message. Designed by my artist son-in-law, the sticker measures 6.6″ x 3.8″ (168 x 97 mm) and the text is simple: “thriving” in seven European languages (English, Norwegian, Dutch, German, French, Scots Celtic and Irish).

Bear image final from vector R3

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  1. The treatment of AGW skeptics, or even questioners, by the higher education system and media is criminal and needs to be called out. Anyone that believes the ongoing assault isn’t being orchestrated is naive. I have much respect for those willing to tell the world that the king has no clothes on. Thank you for providing facts about the CC mascot and straightening out another of the many falsehoods and myths around CC.

  2. As a Canadian, I wouldn’t want to lose the likes of a Susan Crockford, but if she wanted to move to Greta”|s home town and take up permanent residence with regular lectures. I would send off a cheque happily every month to assist. I’m being facetious, but it would be fun!

    • I am not prepared to argue how a warming arctic is affecting polar bear populations. I haven’t read any of Susan’s books, or the arguments of her critics. I did do a little digging on my own though, and found this.

      “Human-caused mortality
      For most subpopulations, particularly those in North America and Greenland, harvesting of polar bears is a regulated and/or monitored activity. In many cases, harvesting is the major cause of mortality for bears. In most jurisdictions, the total numbers of bears killed by humans in pursuit of subsistence and sport hunting, and in defense of life or property are documented. Where data allow, we present the five-year mean of known human-caused mortality for each subpopulation, as well as the data from the most recent year.

      In Baffin Bay alone, an a average of 143 bears per year were “removed by humans” during the period 2011 – 2015. (See table 1.).

      Based on the above, I think the scientific community, who I have tremendous respect for, BTW, should find a different mascot for the effects of climate change.

      • “Snape December 19, 2019 at 12:12 pm
        I am not prepared to argue…
        In Baffin Bay alone, an a average of 143 bears per year were “removed by humans” during the period 2011 – 2015…”

        With polar bear populations in the tens of thousands, and quite a few of those “removed by humans” polar bears shot by humans in defense of their lives…
        That is a truly pathetic claim.

        Native populations have petitioned authorities to increase the numbers of bears available for harvest as a proper polar bear management tool.

        Unlike the claims of polar bear activists:
        A) Polar bears suffer the most during high levels of ice times.
        B) Polar bears are individually fat, healthy and prolific.
        C) Polar bears populations have increased significantly during low ice periods.

        Polar bears as alarmist mascots for global warming, Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming, Anthropogenic Global Warming, climate disruption, climate change, climate disasters, etc. are already turning into marketing disasters.

        What frightens Polar Bear International most is that their endless money supply from fearful gullible suckers will dry up if they can’t keep polar bears front and center in their alarmism. WWF and Greenpeace have other totems they can roll out to suit the crowd they’re pressing for donations. PBI has only the polar bear.

        • @ATheoK
          “That is a truly pathetic claim.”

          What claim are you talking about? “Human-caused removals” is just the terminology used in Table1 of the report I linked.

          Explained here:
          “the total numbers of bears killed by humans in pursuit of subsistence and sport hunting, and in defense of life or property are documented.”

        • C) Polar bears populations have increased significantly during low ice periods.

          SURPRISE, SURPRISE, ……less ice means more open water.

          More open water means “birthing” seal females are more concentrated and/or closer to shore.

          More concentrated and/or closer to shore means the Polar Bears don’t have to travel as far or hunt as hard to find a juicy seal pup or its mother for dinner.

      • Somewhat true, however since it is so descriptive of them, it will live on.

        On the other hand, in this case there is no ball to play. All the leftards ever do is insult and attack.
        Actually presenting arguments is either beneath their dignity or beyond their ability.

      • PS: Given the “quality” of most of steve’s recent posts, it is really strange for him to complain about insults.

      • Mosh, the time for playing nice has been over for decades. When you’re being punched in the nose, fighting back is the only option left.

        Get with the current socialist/marxist totalitarian era.

    • Clearly the polar bears in Norway make superior beer! Perhaps Canadians can learn from them?
      [My Canadian relatives and ancestors will now proceed to disavow all knowledge of me – but the truth about beer must be told]

      • “the truth about beer must be told”

        Adnam’s Ghost Ship. There’s even a decent 0.5% version, done by reverse osmosis.(I’ve drunk Labatt’s)


  3. Pity that the ‘d’ is missing in the ‘florerend’ on the sticker. Even better would be: ‘goed gedijend’ (doing very well).

    • With respect to the “speaking tour across Europe” –

      What about “Zuider-wijkend”.

  4. Irish and Scottish Gaelic (pronounced Gah’-lick in Scotland, not Gay’-lick) are both Celtic languages, and, like Welsh and Breton, closely related. But the language is called Gaelic in Scotland, not Celtic.

    Gaelic was brought to what is now southwestern Scotland by invading Scots from Ireland in the Dark Ages. Irish and Scottish Gaelic are no longer mutually intelligible. At that time, Cumbrian, related to Welsh, was spoken in the Strathclyde region, and Pictish, a British Celtic language more closely related to Welsh than Gaelic, in the rest of Caledonia, except for the SE, where Germanic Old English-speaking invaders from the North Sea coasts of the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark were spreading.

    • History lesson. Nazis student organizations attacked Jewish professors. The Red Guard bullies pulled out economic professors for being capitalist pigs. In Iran, professors were pulled out class rooms by Revolutionary Guards. I grew up in Pakistan in the 1960s when left wing and right wing student organizations attacked faculty for not following their views. I am sure others can chime in on countries where academic freedoms have been curtailed by mass behavior.

      • Khmer Rouge in Cambodia during the ’70s.
        Anyone who wore glasses, thus deemed intelligent, was killed.

        I guess they were not big on long term planning.

  5. Credit where credit’s due, the first Ice Beer was put on the Dutch market quite a while ago, could be 20 years or more. The Dutch word for polar bear is ijsbeer, which is pronounced almost identically as ice beer. So the pun was intended.

    • Apparently it was supposed to reference the idea that the rum could ward off the most severe of chills.

      Does it get cold here in sunny Queensland? You betcha. It can freeze inland in winter. Even on the coast in the tropics, we get nights below 10C at night in winter! I’m a climate change refugee fleeing to the Mediterranean every June for 2 or 3 months. The only thing I want to know below 10C is my beer!

  6. Dr. Crockford’s loss of adjunct status merely confirms what I’ve suspected for a some time. The University of Victoria isn’t a real university.

  7. The Thriving bumper sticker reminded me of a bumper sticker I saw all over the place in Craig, CO.

    Friends of Coal!

    Craig as a natural coal seam and mines coal for a local power plant a few miles from the mine. Apparently everyone in Craig is supporting this arrangement. Most likely due to the jobs and prosperity it bring to this very rural area. And the reliable power production so they will not black out in Winter. Craig can get very cold being a high desert environment.

  8. It’s not beer, but as far as polar bears go, Coca Cola has provided as much PR as anyone. They are part of the reason polar bears are regarded as cute. They shaped that image.

    In the decades before that, Coca Cola shaped the image of Santa Claus as we know him now.

    • Coca-Cola even put a copyright mark next to that image they use on bottles at Christmas time now. Sort of trying to copyright Santa, although they didn’t invent him.

  9. The left’s attack on those with opposing views gives you a window on the damage the last 30 years has done to our youth. Ignoring Greta, most western people under 30 are so indoctrinated with the climate hoax they sometimes can hardly see reasons to go on. (They might be even more worried if the Grand Solar Minimum turns out to be as bad as some think.)
    It is great to see someone as sensible as Dr. Susan willing to take time to reassure the younger generations that there is hope.

  10. Thank you for continuing to speak the truth even though the personal and professional cost have been very high. It’s nice to see a true scientist speak about these topics instead of dipshits like Greta, Jane Fonda, Al Gore, etc… The alarmist camp relies solely on media hype and sensationalism to create fear. There seems be a real lack of actual (ethical) scientists, just celebrity chicken littles.

  11. Maybe you lost your adjunct status because you are not a very good researcher?

    If you claim to be a polar bear expert it would probably help if you’d actually published a couple of peer reviewed articles on them.

    (PS My golden retriever has a higher H index than you)

  12. … peer reviewed articles…

    So you mean, if someone is not a part of a groupthink cult, he/she can’t do science, which means measuring and observing?
    Pal review is not part of the definition what science is.
    Poor Copernicus, Newton and Einstein, we must invalidate their work and burn their books because they have opposed groupthink.
    You never expect Spanish Inquisition!

    Off Topic: Maria Curie Skłodowska was nearly completely sponsored by mining industry, so automatically, all she found must be false by definition. Only overlords financing themselves by robbed money can call themselves “serious”.

  13. —Peer reviewed article—-Is it not a full joke these days for Climate Science?

    All editors, reviewers are propaganda scientists and they are trying to stop publishing any material that does not support their fake alarming views. Even after a massive task of publishing those papers are ignored from citations by mainstream scientists. Is not the current academic system of Climate Science is a complete joke? That system is promoting mediocrity and generating puppet climate scientists. Many great climate scientists are lost in such a process of mean manipulation by those organised group of scientists.

    Why not Nature journal, Guardian, Royal Society and many such independent bodies step forward to take urgent steps and return to transparency in Climate Science? The more and more open discussion should be conducted in this regard. Take more survey from affected scientists to expose the actual nature of harassment the true climate scientists are facing these days.

    • Peer reviewed has become a joke in many specialties.

      At it’s best peer review was never more than a quick cross check. Do the descriptions match the figures. Spot check the references to see if they actually exist, never check to see if they are relevant.
      Look for gross spelling or grammar errors.

      That’s about it.

  14. @ Steve45 (PS My golden retriever has a higher H index than you).

    That statement clearly indicated that we reached a high time in the peer-reviewing manipulative system of Climate Science.

    We need urgent steps!!

  15. I’m glad that Dr. Crockford had the opportunity to educate 110 high school students in The Hague, and hopefully she will have the opportunity to speak to other young people about the truth about polar bears.

    It would be great for Greta to meet Dr. Crockford, but unfortunately Greta has dropped out of high school, and is too busy “saving the world” to go to school and learn something!

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