Climate Scientists Reduced to Hiding from Climate Thuggery in Germany

From Townhall

James Taylor

James Taylor Posted: Nov 22, 2019 12:24 PM

More than 200 people, including dozens of scientists, are in hiding right now in Germany. I am one of them. I can tell you that I am in Munich, but I can’t tell you my hotel. I can tell you that the scientists will meet on Friday and Saturday to share scientific knowledge, but I can’t tell you where. The meeting, in which scientists will present evidence contradicting an asserted climate crisis, was scheduled to be open to the public, but fascist climate thugs have forced us into hiding. The German government, rather than protecting scientists and free speech, has explicitly refused to protect scientists from the threat of violence.

The lineup of speakers at the European Institute for Climate and Energy‘s (German acronym EIKE) annual climate conference is impressive. Among the speakers are scientists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Aachen University of Applied Sciences, University of Bern, Danish National Space Center, Institute for Solid-State Nuclear Physics, Università di Napoli Federico II, and Universität Rostock. Their crime? Delivering talks titled, “The Real Condition of the Great Barrier Reef,” “The Influence of Greenhouse Gases on Climate Research,” “What Role Did the Sun Play in Climate Change,” etc. Seeking to shut down any scientific research and discussion that may endanger a purported justification for its anti-freedom political agenda, a climate activist group calling itself Offenes Antikapitalistisches Klimatreffen München, which is reportedly affiliated with the terror group Antifa, threatened the EIKE meeting, calling on thugs in Germany to mobilize against the conference.

EIKE, to its credit, courageously stuck to its conference plans despite the explicit threat. The Offenes Antikapitalistisches Klimatreffen München—which is roughly translated as the Munich Anti-capitalist Climate Activists—then upped the ante by storming the NH Conference Center in Munich. The group threatened additional action against employees and visitors at the conference center on the day of the conference and on the days leading up to the conference. Citing fears about the safety of its employees and guests, the NH Conference Center told EIKE it would not allow EIKE to hold its conference there.

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111 thoughts on “Climate Scientists Reduced to Hiding from Climate Thuggery in Germany

  1. “The German government, rather than protecting scientists and free speech, has explicitly refused to protect scientists from the threat of violence.”

    The Germain government aiding in the suppression of information!

    Who’d a thunk it?

    Stay safe

    • Leftists have always taken the position that nobody has a right to disagree with them, and that violence against those who stand between them and power deserves whatever happens to them.

          • Please stop with the Fourth Reich stuff. Public discourse and government policy in Germany have been stunted for decades because of what happened in the past. Germany is a country full of living, breathing, thinking people. It not only has the potential, but has been proven to be a major factor of good in this world. People. Many good people. Please, just stop with that schist.

          • If the Germans don’t want people to talk about the Fourth Reich, maybe they should stop acting like Nazis.

          • MarkG,

            They are not acting like Nazis. Quite the contrary, they are acting like Communists. They have destroyed their own power infrastructure in obeisance to the UN and the ICPP. They are destroying their economy and that of Europe under the pressure from the Green brigade, mainly directed and funded from the USA.

            It is people like you, with your continuous rubbish about Nazis and your continual harping on about the 1930s and World War II that undermine what should be to you an ally or an economic competitor — both beneficial in the natural way of things.

            Put down the crappy political manifesto you are holding in your hands and think.

          • Andy
            You mean they act like globalist socialist zealots rather than nationalist socialist zealots.
            The last time I checked the favour of totalitarianism wasn’t the primary concern!

          • Andy – I totally agree with you about “living, breathing, thinking people”. All countries have them in adundance, not just Germany. A major problem is that these are not the people who rise to power.

            The problem in Germany is very similar to problems in many other countries: an elite has taken control and is running things for their own benefit, gradually strangling the ordinary people of whom you speak. The reaction varies from country to country – gilets jaunes, brexit, etc – but momentum is building.

            Any movement gathers hangers-on. Some of those will be rat-bags, making it easy for the elites to take the moral high ground.

            In the particular case of the AfD, their main policy – and the factor which has driven living breathing thinking citizens into their ranks – has been uncontrolled immigration. Naturally, the elites portray them as racist and anti-immigrant, but the common theme running through all western democracies now is that anyone who criticises the ruling elite is labelled “far right”.

            Anyone with the time, please read this typical article about AfD:
            In the article, you can see that AfD’s primary goal is to get immigration under control. But the reporter twists the truth at every turn in order to portray the party as far right (the words “far-right” or “far right” appear 12 times in the article).

            As long as the elites use this vile tactic and refuse to have a sensible conversation about the real issues, IMHO the protest movements will gather strength. But they are up against massively entrenched power, and I think it could be a close-run contest in the end, between the authoritarians and the oppressed.

            IMHO again – if the oppressed lose, then we are all in trouble.

          • You should always think, what things look like, and what they are in reality.

            “”What we demand is new, decisive, and radical, revolutionary in the truest sense of the word. That has nothing to do with rioting and barricades.

            It may be that that happens here or there. But it is not an inherent part of the process. Revolutions are spiritual acts. They appear first in people, then in politics and the economy.

            New people form new structures. The transformation we want is first of all spiritual; that will necessarily change the way things are.””

            by Joseph Goebbels

            Of course this has nothing to do with Germany only. This is worldwide movement right now, and it follows Goebbels´s teachings word by word.

        • And the so-called democracy movement in Hong Kong whose hate and savagery if you oppose them is bewildering and frightening, but you give them awards anyway.

          • The so-called “so-called democracy movement” just swept the district council elections in Hong Kong. Nothing so-called about it. The movement is for democracy, against communist dictatorship tyranny.

      • People who have fought long and hard for civil rights are not immune from attack. example Even if you agree with their goals you’re not safe.

      • But of course they do. They are ‘progressives’ and ‘progress’ by definition is always in the philosophically and practicallly correct direction for the benefit of society.

        Forward comrades!! Crush the contrarians!! They have foregione their human rights by disagreeing with the concensus of the comrades.

    • The alternative to free speech is tyranny and slavery. Free speech can only be defended by everybody having it. The leftist idea of «Repressive tolerance» will again lead to tyranny and slavery.

  2. Oh, lordy, what’s next? This is going too far. Someone needs to sue Merkel right into the ground, just for this.

    So what is next? Breaking shop windows? Pushing people off the sidewalks into the street? Oh, wait – isn’t’ that already going on? A bunch of students at Harvard (yes, THAT school) ran onto the field to hold a climate protest before a football game started. The cops were there surrounding them. They finally left and the game went on. It’s a shame their parents don’t disown them.

    • Sending one’s kids to a school that took Camera Hogg in is asking for this. Parents seem incapable of understanding or caring about this.

    • The climate change protest that held up the football game between Harvard and Yale is completely unacceptable. The climate change protestors are going to have their protests backfire on them bigtime if they try doing that at other games. Wait until they have 80,000 or 100,000 people in the stands waiting for their football game. The crowd will probably voice their displeasure at the holdup in a loud voice.

      If the protestors were interested in anything more than virtue signaling, they would be protest marching around the nearest Chinese embassy, instead of on an American football field during game time.

      Leave the football games alone, alarmists. It won’t be pretty if you don’t, I predict. You won’t make any friends pulling these kinds of stunts.

  3. What do you wanna bet, the Climate Liars will now accuse Skeptics/Climate Realists, whom they call “deniers” of “hiding from the truth”? Orwell had no idea how close to reality his warnings would come.

    • Orwell looked back to see the future. The same patterns occur, only the technology changes.
      There is nothing special about his predictions.

  4. “But this is Germany and the street thugs share the same climate position as the German government. So, street thugs allied with the German government force free speech, academic freedom, and disfavored political views into hiding. And the German government is condoning this fascist thuggery by refusing to deploy police to keep the peace at a specific place and a specific event threatened by fascist street thugs.”

    Just like the 1930s: … guess what will happen next ( I suspect within 5 to 8yrs).

    • It’s even worse than described here: EIKE sued the Hotel. The court dismissed their lawsuit, using “safety considerations” as argument. So even the justice system is rigged in Germany. For elected politicians of the “alternative for Germany (Deutschland) = AfD” party, it’s almost impossible to organize any kind of convention for exactly the same reasons. Some of them are physically attacked and/or lose their jobs. Vandalism to their houses or vehicles are very common. The party, although the third biggest one, is excluded from every commission in the German parliament, which is illegal by the way, but, as I mentioned before about the German justice system, nothing gets done about it… About what will happen next: maybe opposition parties will be declared illegal which would mean and end to democracy as we know it.

  5. Bring the conference to America and hire the Hell’s Angels or Outlaws (not at the same time, please) for security. I don’t think you’d have any problems.

  6. The protesters cause are weak if it cannot tolerate opposition. Germany going anti science, that is worth talking about. But they won’t allow it.
    Anti-capitalist climate activist short for communist. Did I write short?

  7. Yes you could empathise with Muslims checking out those masked thugs wouldn’t you Angela?

    ‘Joachim Herrman, Bavaria’s interior minister, said the burqa and niqab were not compatible with Germany’s “communication culture” and were needed to maintain government neutrality.
    “A culture of open communication with one another is part of the free and democratic understanding of Christian values,” he added.
    “Communication happens not only via language but also via looks, facial expressions and gestures.
    “It forms the foundation for our interactions with each other and is the basis of our free and democratic order.”’

    The convenient Christians or do you only pick on women?

  8. Leftist intolerance on display.
    If governments fail to arrest the violence and violent activists; they are on a path to repeat another “Night of the Long Knives”. Where inconvenient activists and powerful dissident opponents are purged.

  9. They have lost the argument and they know it. Every year that goes by and their doomsday predictions don’t happen proves that they are wrong.

    • So what? Listen. Listen. Listen.

      This is not about climate; it’s about politics. The activists have made clear that climate is only the means. Control is what they’re after. Nothing else.

    • Absolutely, their disgusting behaviour shows that they must feel they are losing the argument. Their actions will do more to expose the futility of their beliefs, and may therefore do more to expose the danger that the GW movement presents to society and hopefully bring their movement crashing down in a shorter term rather than the long term.

  10. Being realistic about the science, the uncertainty and the total lack of evidence of any climate crisis, will bring comfort, perspective and a chance to maintain and build on the high standard of living most people in developed countries already enjoy, and which those in developing countries are gradually attaining. The abhorrent tactics of these fascist groups will only create fear, harm and a perception they are among the most evil and destructive elements in society. When free people in a democracy get a chance to choose between the two it is clear what they will choose.

  11. Why isn’t the United Nations hosting this summit? Oh wait! I lost my head for a second but I’m back.

  12. It is stunning and shameful that the German government sides with the fascists. History repeats itself.

  13. Germany is a nation well down the path to disaster.

    The same far left loonies also set building sites on fire and destroy cranes and also beat the crap out of women who happen to be making a living selling said developments, in a home invasion.

    Germany has a much bigger far left problem than a far right one.

    • The vast majority of the time, if you investigate those that the media declares to be far right, you find out that their politics are actually far left.

      • “We were the first to recognize the connections, and the first to begin the struggle. Because we are socialists we have felt the deepest blessings of the nation, and because we are nationalists we want to promote socialist justice in a new Germany.

        A young fatherland will rise when the socialist front is firm.

        Socialism will become reality when the Fatherland is free.”

        by Joseph Goebbels

  14. If this keeps on going someone is going to snap and teach leftist climate thugs a lesson, and i mean someone is going to get hurt, or worse.

    • As nearly happened at Canning Town tube with Extinction Rebellion. If you think your cause allows you to ignore the law, others are going to think the same.

  15. Perhaps you should not hold meetings there. Perhaps you should all come to Tampa for such meetings, lot’s of hotel and convention spaces. Nice weather. Plenty of outside activities. Mons Venus. What else do you need.

  16. Antifa means in fact Anti-deutscher. This became clear in Dresden where they called for Bomber Harris to do it again, in plain English. In other words calling for another genocidal firebombing of that city. Interesting they turn up at a climate conference -their target is not the conference, but the government. Just one look at Hong Kong should be enough. Looks like the anti-deutcher will tolerate not the slightest show of sovereignty by Berlin. I do not know if EIKE is aware of any of this, or even heard of Mark Carney and Ursula’s plans for global green finance.

    Those in Munich should go to the LMU, Ludwig Maximilian University, entrance and visit the Scholl memorial :

    The White Rose movement was executed in 1943 for handing out leaflets.
    So Germany has been through this before.

    The Weimar Republic was destroyed by street war between extremists, a forerunner to modern Regime Change.

    • The government or process. For instance, the civil disturbance in Hong Kong threatens to stall or abort negotiations of trade reform that targets environmental, labor, and monetary arbitrage games.

    • It’s easy to spot a Nazi-sympathizer – they always bring up Dresden.
      Genocide? You’re comparing 2 nights of Allied bombing to 5 years of systematic murder?
      Dresden was not notable in any way. Stalingrad was bombed for 5 months.
      Britain was bombed for 5 years – V2 bombs were still being launched against Britain AFTER the Dresden bombing.
      But Nazi-sympathizers don’t care about about facts, only about denying their guilt.

      • “Hermit.Oldguy November 24, 2019 at 9:30 pm”

        London and the south east was bombed, not Britain as a whole. All critical materiel, people and children were moved out of London and out of bombing range.

        • Coventry was bombed. I just happen to be reading a book called “A Man Called Intrepid” and I can’t help but notice the remarkable similarities with what went on behind the scenes then and todays climate wars.

          • Yes. However, London was the main target, German bombers had no idea. It’s one reason why the A34 was built.

          • London was the main target during the Battle of Britain in September and October 1940, after Goering switched from bombing RAF airfields in SE England to bombing the metropolis, in hopes of drawing out more fighters to be destroyed.

            But after October, the Luftwaffe adopted night bombing raid and expanded its target list. It attacked the main Atlantic sea port of Liverpool in the Liverpool Blitz. The North Sea port of Hull, a convenient and easily found main or secondary target for bombers unable to locate their primaries, suffered the Hull Blitz. Bristol, Cardiff, Portsmouth, Plymouth, Southampton and Swansea were also bombed, as were the industrial cities of Birmingham, Belfast, Coventry, Glasgow, Manchester and Sheffield. Besides England and Wales, Scotland was also bombed, so it’s correct to say that Britain was hit.

            More than 40,000 civilians were killed by German bombing during the war, almost half of them in the capital, where more than a million houses were destroyed or damaged. So London suffered more than any other city, but it’s also the biggest. Other parts of Britain however sustained the majority of casualties.

          • “John Tillman November 25, 2019 at 8:54 am”

            The Battle of Britain was from July 1940 – October 1940, the London Blitz was from September 1940 – May 1941. London was the easiest target to get to with bombers and escorting fighters.

            The V1 flying bombs were effective from an explosive perspective, but accuracy was way off. The RAF sorted them out with a wing flip. A Hurricane chopping the tail section off of an ME 109 (IIRC) bomber heading for Buck Palace, RAF pilot survived. The V2’s were simply too large and too fast, most simply burying themselves underground before exploding, but the war was over by then. Hitler spent too much time on his grand “Vengeance” weapons program.

        • @Patrick MJD You’re a liar. Every city and almost every town in Britain was bombed. And, I should add, the Germans have sole responsibility for the bombing of Germany. They were responsible for all the death and destruction of the western war.

      • You called someone a Nazi, short for national socialist, socialists are leftists. Pls. stop it. You must unite all leftists in fight against your common enemy – people making mostly right decisions, referred commonly as ‘the right’. Make Einheitsfront great again.

      • Hermit.Oldguy I don’t know that bonbon is particularly a Nazi-sympathizer. He’s a conspiracy nut. I would, however, not be surprise that some of the sources from which he gets his lunatic conspiracy ideas from may well be Nazi-sympathizers, particularly since bankers in general and national bankers in particular tend to be one of his major conspiracy targets. Bankers have long been a code-word for Jews in certain hate-filled circles.

        • Interesting, that is exactly the motto of the antifa, anti-deutscher , in their own written publications. Hey, you quoted exactly their manifesto – a witting or unwitting asset?

          This grouping is well known to the BfV, Constitutional Protection Agency. As antifa,anti-deutsche is akin to a terrorist grouping, when threatening civil peace, certain laws come immediately into effect.

          • care to share a link to this manifesto can contains the exact words of my post? Or is that more conspiracy theory nonsense from this forum resident tin-foil wearing poster? (I think everyone already knows the answer, but do please respond so we can all have a good laugh at your silliness).

  17. With Germany effectively closing down democracy in the country, this surely makes it a worldwide MSM news story. Will they cover it in spite of their fanatical support for the hoax, or will at least some of the media have the balls to cover it for the wider protection of the civilised world? This is a story which puts the MSM under pressure to break with their silly, one sided approach to covering the global warming madness. Only time will tell.

  18. Climate thuggery is a first-order forcing of catastrophic anthropogenic climate change. Well, perhaps a severe, temporary divergence in the local atmosphere. That said, be merry and gay. Ho. Ho. Ho.

  19. I suppose no one here ever heard of Markovits , a Romanian-American Prof, nor Prof Goldhagen of Harvard, nor Prof. Herf of Maryland. Nor the Konkret newspaper of the Baader Meinhof gang?
    These are the founders of Antifa, the anti-deutscher, along with Juergen Elsaesser and others.
    The overriding theme after German re-unification, was that anyone who refused hedge-funds looting is to be libeled.
    Now Blackrock, $6 trillion in assets, enters the picture. In 2018 police raided their Munich office for tax evasion, where a well known candidate for Chancellor, not a suspect, holds sway.

    Hey, D.C has no monopoly of filthy politics!

    • Kirkwood Community College professor Jeff Klinzman says: “I affirm that I am antifa”

      Klinzman, who has worked as an adjunct English professor at Kirkwood since January 2010, told an investigative team, “I affirm that I am ‘antifa’.” Klinzman declined to take part in an interview with I9 citing safety concerns but said in an email he makes no apology for what he has posted online.

      A search through Klinzman’s Facebook page shows over the years he has made statements expressing his desire to “stop evangelical Christians” where he included a poem that said, “Kill them all and bury them deep in the ground.” Klinzman went on to explain, “It’s not pretty, and I’m not proud, but seeing what evangelical Christians are doing to this county and its people fills me with rage, and a desire to exact revenge.”

      Antifa has splintered into factions which sometimes fight each other. Whatever it represents now, what are the roots of the revival of something that started nearly 100 years ago?
      An interesting article links antifa to big money which may answer a lot of questions about how antifa can survive and grow: Antifa Violence Protects Hedge Funds points out how antifa became a force to fight the resistance to the wholesale buying up of cheap housing and other assets in the former East Germany.

        • He has since resigned, and is now suing the college.

          In a follow-up interview with The Gazette, Klinzman denied belonging to an organized form of antifa, but said he was against fascism in general. He said he planned on suing his former school for how they handled it: He claimed they replaced him in class, and gave him an ultimatum: resign or get fired. He agreed to leave when they promised to pay him for the fall.

          Kirkwood President Lori Sundberg denied aspects of his story. She said that yes, she removed him from the course, and the school agreed to pay him for the fall, but she denied that they asked him to quit. She showed an email from Klinzman: “Due to the controversy surrounding reporting about my activism, and in the interest of preserving the safety of the Kirkwood campus, its students, faculty, and staff, I resign my position as a member of the English faculty effective immediately,” he wrote.

          Nonetheless, Sundberg said she was fine if she ended up being on the wrong side of this controversy, legally speaking. She cited safety concerns. (Klinzman said he was told they were getting thousands of complaints, including threats of burning down the school.

          Sundberg said she was fine if she ended up being on the wrong side of this controversy, legally speaking. She cited safety concerns. (Klinzman said he was told they were getting thousands of complaints, including threats of burning down the school.)

          “As of Thursday of last week, he was going to be teaching Monday, and we were well aware of the content,” Sundberg said. “There is no evidence that he has espoused those views in his class. But then once the news story ran and we had this outcry from the public and what we perceived as threats — at the end of the day for me, if I’m found legally wrong on this, I can live with that. But if I make a wrong decision regarding the safety of the students, and he’s harmed, our students are harmed, or other faculty are harmed, I can’t live with that. The school is beefing up security and that authorities were working to develop and implement a safety plan.”

  20. Tension in western democracies and not least Germany.
    I ran through some headlines in Der Spiegel and stumbled over this one, which is on the same topic as this article.

    “Two-Thirds of Germans Afraid to Say What They Think?” from the article:
    Germany Struggles To Define Limits of What Can Be Said

    When you read the article, you will find that meeting get canceled or raided by the left, no matter how prominent the speakers are.

  21. There never has been freedom of speech in Germany as we know it in the Anglosphere.

    It may have existed in some baby form for a very short while during the Weimar period, but was soon killed by polarisation. Right now its as it has been pretty much since the formation of the modern German State in 1871.

    Wrongthink, or the accusation of such by towards others is a great way to get them out, and you into that cosy position they occupied. 🙂

    • Just mention the name of the smokeblower that Schiff is protecting and see your tweet shutdown.

      Hey who coined “Fake News”?

  22. When the, elected, leader of your nation tosses the nations’ flag away in disgust in front of the worlds’ media you know your country is on a difficult path.

  23. If anyone ever doubted that the claimed climate “crisis” is really about promoting socialism, not about saving humanity, this article settles the question.

  24. I read this article – and pinch my arm to make sure I am not dreaming. Is this reality in 21st century Europe, since the enlightenment the bastion of free thought and speech? Yes, I know there have been occasional, local episodes of the absence of freedom – but Europe has always recovered from those episodes. It is ominous to note that this now happens in Germany – perhaps especially ominous to me because, born in Denmark 1935, my first memories are about freedom being trampled under.

    Will Europe recover again?? How long must we wait??

  25. Weird timing,I just finished reading Nigel Jones;”The birth of the nazis”
    I was struck by the authors definition of the Freikorps as being right wing.
    Is it possible we are separated by a common language?
    As none of these warring groups appeared to have any sympathy for limited government and individual freedom.
    The current state of affairs ,seem to indicate that humans cannot live without a religion,we had discarded Christianity as the State Religion,because having a State Religion imprisons the spirit of man? Has no room for free men?.
    Or at least we came to resent the intolerance created by having such a thing.

    Now we seem intent on creating another Official State Religion,but this time not one based on how humans may live together in peace, instead we are choosing to worship Great Gaia.
    A State Religion that promotes idiocy,gullibility and mass hysteria.
    We have been here before,it never ends well.

      • More debunked conspiracy nonsense from bonbon. ::Rollseyes::

        The Pope has not changed, removed, or added to the 10 commandments. Nor will he (even should he ever feel the urge to do so), as he has no authority to do that, given that the core moral teachings of Christianity and Judaism were said to have been revealed to Moses by God and are written in the Bible.

    • The gullible are a Dime a Dozen, trick is, to find the guy handing out the Dimes. At least that was Fred Blassie’s advice 🙂

      • Update –
        Today Bank of England Governor Mark Carney wants to hand out green Blockchain credit in buckets. No greenbacks or dimes for anything involving CO2, that is.
        The gullible? – just look at the Green New Deal queue lining at the trough.

  26. Incredible number of antifa, anti-deutscher sympathizers here, weeping crocodile tears for the EIKE people.

    Anyway that conference anti-deutscher mob were deprived of red meat by careful state action. Even the MSM was deprived of red meat. Lookout EIKE you were to be the menu!

    The antifa, anti-deutscher and MSM are now chewin’ bones and eatin’ horse flesh, what do they know about music.

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