Claim: Climate Change is Killing People in Somalia

Prior to the civil war, Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, was known as the “White pearl of the Indian Ocean”. By MaxamadOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

After a decade or more of civil war smashing national infrastructure and devastating their once thriving tourist industry, apparently it is the carbon demon’s fault Somalis are struggling to feed themselves.

Climate Change Is Benefiting Terrorists In Somalia 
Christine Ro
Oct 27, 2019, 08:34am

Almost half of all people in Somalia don’t have enough food, according to Save the Children. The factors are complex, but a core one is the persistence of drought, combined with erratic weather like the recent floods in the Hiraan region. 

So climate change is making life more precarious in Somalia, which is already dealing with decades of civil war and the displacement of 2.6 million Somalis displaced from their homes. And militant groups are exploiting these vulnerabilities, according to a new policy paper by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), “Climate-related security risks and peacebuilding in Somalia.”

“Somalia is among the most climate-vulnerable countries in the world,” authors Karolina Eklöw and Florian Krampe write. The country has some of the highest mean annual temperatures in the world, and heavy winds damage infrastructure. Drought has been devastating, uprooting 53,000 people. It has also reduced the food supply, increased food prices and hunger, and made coastal groundwater more saline.

But Somali mechanisms for resolving conflicts and responding to environmental crises have been hurt by war and displacement, including the migration of elders and traditional authorities. “Although herder and farmer clashes have always occurred, they are now harder to solve,” the SIPRI paper notes. Whether people are fleeing conflict or climate crisis, or the complex interplay of the two, social and political structures are being massively disrupted.

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Here’s a thought, maybe if they stopped blowing each other up, kidnapping and killing tourists, and destroying infrastructure, they might have time and money to build a pipeline from flooded Hiran to arid coastal regions, to carry flood water to farmers suffering drought.

Climate change isn’t killing Somalia, stupidity, recklessness, religious mania and widespread addiction to the powerful cocaine like drug khat are the real culprits.

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      • Big T, Joe, a 50 year old man with a bad ticker collapsed while shoveling his sidewalk. He was dead on arrival. but his bad heart didn’t kill him, Nooo! Global Warm…aahhh we really meant Climate Change all along, killed him and his death could have been prevented, not by diet and exercise or bypass surgery. but by you turning in you combustion engine for a Volt and converting to renewable energy so that celebrities can fly their private planes to exotic locales, like the south of France, to carry Joe’s tragic story to the people of the world and convert them to renewable energy. To save the next poor snow shoveling fool.

        Wassamadda U. Can’t you see that?

    • Missing the point. Pro-immigration forces are laying the groundwork for a new “climate refugee” industry. Since Somalia has one of the highest fertility rates in the world, there won’t be any shortage of them to bring to Minnesota as “climate refugees.”

  1. With all their problems, the population is booming, partly because death rates are falling.

    Must be CO2.

  2. Does this group work for Greta?

    Before the civil war, Somalia had Mogadishu and everybody was happy and eating Real good, but then due to climate change causing the civil war, everthing was destroyed 😢 The only way we can save them now is by stop driving our cars?

    “According to a new policy paper by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), “

  3. “and widespread addiction to the powerful cocaine like drug khat are the real culprits.”

    Nonsensical hyperbole.. Khat is a class C drug… Cocaine is class A..

    • Agree, why the non sequitur about kath? The toss-off comment speaks more about the biases of the author and his phobias. Its blaming the symptom for the disease.
      Life in Somalia: “When you have nowhere to go, it really doesn’t matter what time you show up.”

    • P. J O’Rourke in his book “Eat the Rich” describes Somalian “Khat hour”, around 4-5 pm every day after chewing khat leaves all day users went psychotic and started shooting. And PJ isn’t exactly anti-drug.

      I also once chatted to an airline hostess working for Emirates. Khat is banned in Dubai, so Yemeni Khat addicts used to load up on the flight to Dubai, chew as much as they could, even the kids, started shaking so violently they could barely walk when they got off the plane.

      The DEA description suggests some powerful effects manic behaviour and grandiose delusions.

      So I’m happy with my suggestion Khat may be contributing to Somalia’s problems.

      • So your rational basis for this statement is the work of someone who is paid to make things up for a living and an unsubstatiated anecdote…? Groovy when do you start work at CRU-UEA ?

        “The DEA description suggests some powerful effects manic behaviour and grandiose delusions.

        And it’s been suggested that this is “reefer madness” bollocks….

        Gebissa, Ezekiel. (2012). Khat: Is It More Like Coffee or Cocaine? Criminalizing a Commodity, Targeting a Community. Sociology Mind. 02. 10.4236/sm.2012.22027.

        “So I’m happy with my suggestion Khat may be contributing to Somalia’s problems.”

        You shouldn’t be…

  4. “Somalia Population 2019. Somalia is located in the Horn of Africa with a 2019 population estimated at 15.44 million, up from the 2013 estimate of 10 million.”

    Who is killing the Somalians?

  5. “…maybe if they stopped blowing each other up…”

    I can’t help thinking there’s a contributing factor other than climate that Ms. Ro might have overlooked, in a country where despite a national pastime of blowing each other up the population has doubled in the last 25 years. I’m not sure what it could be though.

  6. Like all patronising liberal do-gooders, Save the Children believe Somalis are child-like simpletons devoid of agency or volition.

    • The do-gooders might be partially right on this one, when you look up the average IQ (location of the peak of the bell curve of IQ distributions) for Somalia there is nothing useful noted (due to lack of verifiable data). The most common neighbor, Ethiopia, has an average IQ of 63. Other than kamikaze pirates willing to die live on video, what is Somalia currently noted for?

      • What do you think the average IQ of any Western nation 200 years ago was? Obviously it was never measured but I’d hazard that 63 is a good guess.

        • Lance, IQ is not accumulated data stored in memory, it is functional age divided by chronological age times 100. Don’t we all think Leonardo Da Vinci was really a high IQ person?

        • Actually, 200 years ago Europeans were busy inventing the machinery of the industrial revolution. Europeans of 200 years ago were as capable of abstract thought and invention as those of today. Granted, not all of the population would have as high an average IQ as the average IQ today mainly due to poor nutrition and lack of education. However, the abundance of high IQ people who were the inventors and engineers of that time requires a population with a higher potential average IQ. This allows the tails to go higher (you are much more likely to get a genius (IQ 145+) from a population with an average IQ of 100 (roughly 1 in 750) than from an average IQ of ~70 (roughly 1 in 3.5 million). The standard deviations are reasonably similar at around 15). The genetic factors that result in the IQ of European (or Western) populations are not particularly new.

      • Scoring well on IQ tests requires a rounded, more or less rigorous, western-style education, the sort that was once ubiquitous in the “west”. But has been progressively diluted in recent decades by “egalitarian” teaching methods that don’t allow anyone to fail (but not, of course in India, Japan or China).

        I would hazard a guess that any two populations from different ethnic, religious, socail or national backgrounds would give similar ranges of IQ scores if they had been exposed to the same educational experience.

        • Smart Rock, your comment re education and IQ is totally wrong. IQ is quickly and accurately measured by looking at the form of in-phase alpha waves of a subject viewing a moving light. IQ is like the processing speed of the micro processor in your computer, whereas programs and data are education.

        • When conducting IQ studies, it is very important to ensure that the tests aren’t culturally or linguistically biased (i.e. They are easier for people who grew up in a particular culture or speak a particular language). Several different tests have been developed that are independent of culture and language and even formal mathematics, these generally revolve around progressively more difficult pattern recognition problems, such as the Raven’s Progressive Matrices test.

  7. Ah so, ….. look into the Somalia “crystal ball” and one should be able to see the future of California.

  8. Take a look at the paper. For me, it’s another “models predict global warming doom and gloom, because of greenhouse gas emissions” paper. 56 pages.

    Climate-related security risks and peacebuilding in Somalia

    Climate change has landed. Over the past two decades, its impact has swept across the globe, taking human life, undermining livelihoods, destroying infrastructure, shaking national economies and stressing state budgets. As climate change is transforming and redefining the global security landscape, the implications of climate change for peace and security have become increasingly embedded within security discourse, including in the United Nations as a whole and the UN Security Council.

  9. “The country has some of the highest mean annual temperatures in the world, and heavy winds damage infrastructure.”

    This is especially true after a bomb blast.

  10. Ten out of 13 of the world’s main food crises are driven by (armed) conflict … link

    Blaming climate change is really barking up the wrong tree. This is as close to a no-brainer as it gets. Duh!

    • The climate alarmists are like a mad dog, it might not be the right tree, but they’re going to bark up it until they’re blue in the face.

      • We had protesters outside a mining conference today.

        They called one bloke going in a ”climate criminal” (probably while frothing at the mouth)

        Later, in an interview, he said I mine quartz to make solar panels.


  11. Climate Change”
    You would hope that someone who decides to publish a serious article in Forbes would understand the difference between climate change and weather change.

    Or does Ms Ro actually believe the area never had severe heat and droughts prior to the industrial revolution?

  12. What? A devastating civil war and crushing poverty makes people more vulnerable to (natural) weather events? Say it ain’t so!

    • No climate change caused the wars didn’t you get the memo. You will be shipped off to the re-education camp if you keep this up.

  13. Someone should ask Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-Minnesota) or the thousands of Somali immigrants in Minnesota why they immigrated to the U.S.

    • Mohatdebos

      Er…. one guess would be the mighty Dollar… we have a very large Somalian population in london england, and the are doing very well, they have cafes which are busy all day long, nice clothes etc etc… I’ve never heard of them saying “oh climate change, made us come here” 😐

    • Same reason why so many German, Korean, you name it women work hard to get a US service member to marry them. That great PX in the sky!

  14. Almost half of all people in Somalia don’t have enough food…

    This message brought to you by the people who needlessly burn food for fuel. You are welcome.

  15. The author wants us to believe Somalia used to be a lush, verdant, peaceful place, and then along came CO2.

    Apparently any problem that occurs in the world is going to be blamed on CO2 and human-caused climate change, even though there is no evidence human-caused climate change is happening.

    Attributing Somalia’s problems to human-caused climate change is based on either ignorance or dishonesty. Since I like to give people the benefit of the doubt when possible, I’ll attribute this article to ignorance of the facts.

  16. Chistine Ro

    Bachelor of Arts, English, Sociology (Berkeley)

    Master of Philosopy, Development Studies (Oxford)

    Wrong sort of ology and nothing else relevant.

  17. What climate change? Is the current Somalie weather any different than it was 100 years ago? If so, how?

    This appears to be another in an endless series of articles blaming climate change for a problem without ever establishing that the climate has even changed, or how that change might be related to the problem.

  18. It is not the weather or the climate change that is killing Somalis. It is an addiction to powerful drugs like cocaine and that other 1,400 year-old addictive killer called Islam that is doing the damage.

  19. As I’ve commented before, these kind of claims are getting totally ridiculous. Even not-paying-attention folks are going to turn off this stuff. They’re not that stupid (I hope).

  20. I know this is a generalisation, but wherever they go in the world, Somalis seem to be a problem … this must be evidence that they more susceptible to climate change mental issues ?

  21. I’ve been to Mogadishu, right after the Blackhawk down event. They have man, many worse problems than carbon emissions. Despair, Khat, Warlords, distrust of everyone, etc.
    Good luck convincing Al Gore’s Warming is an important one.

  22. ”Almost half of all people in Somalia don’t have enough food,”

    Hang on a minute. Didn’t they say the same thing in the 70’s?…..when it was cooler?


  23. Of all the problems Somalia has, climate change is far down the list of what is killing them. Does the writer of this piece of garbage think that if CO2 dropped by 100 ppm, Somalia’s would then have no problems and would have peace and prosperity?
    Anyone else getting the idea that the UN tilts at windmills because they are never able to tackle and solve real problems? They have to make it appear that they are doing something to justify all that expensive real estate they occupy and the billions of dollars given to them.

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