Watch Climate Activists Try To Explain Why They Use Products Made From Fossil Fuels

From The Daily Caller

Stephanie Hamill Video Columnist

September 21, 2019 11:58 AM ET

The Daily Caller dropped by the climate strike in Washington, D.C. on Friday to learn more about the activists who are demanding that you and I change the way we live, eat and go about our lives.

You may be surprised to hear this, but most of the activists are just like us. They wear products made from fossil fuels, they own cars, many told me they eat meat but also claimed that they were “cutting back,” and they’re certainly okay with killing trees —   as long as those trees are used for the silly, meaningless signs they paint buzz phrases on to virtue signal to everyone else. (RELATED:Bernie Sanders, Climate Hawk, Spends Nearly $300K On Private Jet Travel In Month.)

I confronted a few of the activists about their use of products made from fossil fuels and things got a little uncomfortable to say the least.

Really no one could give me a good answer, and in a nutshell, the answers I got pretty much shifted the blame to our society. No one wanted to take responsibility for their own actions.

Shouldn’t they be living by example?

Several activists also opened up to me about their “climate change sins” and again, they’re just like the rest of us who weren’t skipping work, or missing school.

When exiting the rally we noticed the trash cans were overflowing with plastics and even perfectly good signs that could have been reused for the next ‘do as I say, not as I do’ event.

The hypocrisy is astounding.


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130 thoughts on “Watch Climate Activists Try To Explain Why They Use Products Made From Fossil Fuels

  1. They get up in the morning and put on their cotton clothing, harvested with fossil fuels, then they put on their socks and shoes which are likely made of fossil fuels, then they enjoy their orange juice, harvested and brought to them with fossil fuels, then they enjoy their cereal, harvested and grown using diesel and fertilized with fossil fuel based chemicals…

    And that’s just the beginning of their nonstop fossil fuel created morning…

    What these foolish children do not comprehend in the slightest is that to achieve their goals they will have to change EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE…

    They are fish, swimming along, making bubbles, protesting WATER…

      • B-b-b-but – surely DHMO should be banned – it’s in pesticides among other things, and can kill in all it’s forms 😉

      • This one always bothers me since I studied a lot of chemistry. It’s properly called hydrogen hydroxide as it forms a hydrogen ion and a hydroxide ion.

        • Only a small amount is ionized in liquid (10E-7 M at pH=7). In the gas phase, hardly any at all. Most is HOH the molecule.

        • Chemists don’t say hydrogen hydroxide, they would say water. But learned early in their career that it’s always aqueous hydronium hydroxide. It’s just easier to say water.
          The H3O+ ion commonly called “hydronium” is traditional. IUPAC now calls it “oxonium”
          So, liquid water is mostly H20 molecules containing a solution of
          oxonium ions at point 1 micromolar and
          hydroxyl ions at point 1 micromolar or
          aqueous oxonium hydroxide.

          • Correct to point out there are no hydrogen ion in a solution
            Free protons are not found floating around in aqueous solutions.h
            They do appear in notational form. When equilibrium reactions and such are written out.

        • Properly called?
          By who?
          The official IUPAC name is “water”.
          Or alternatively, oxidane.
          So accordingly to IUPAC (The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry), the official body who gets the last word on the proper designation for chemicals and chemical nomenclature, only water and oxidant are “proper”.
          Those are the only two official names.
          Hydrogen hydroxide is not incorrect, and neither are any of the dozen or so listed as “other” names for it.
          Like simply hydrogen oxide, hydrogen monoxide, or yes hydrogen monoxide.
          I studied some chemistry too. Got a degree in it.
          What bothers me is people who make declarative assertions without bothering to check their facts.

    • Cellphones and wireless communications also constitute a large consumption of fossil fuel resources. Most of these people are essentially addicted to this technology.

      Yesterday, I was almost hit by a teenager riding a bicycle and texting at the same time.

    • No PC no Cell Phone no Internet. let’s just start with that little effort. Just a few generations ago we could live without it.

          • Not only the power for the cell phone and data centres, it’s all the communications equipment in between at each end. Each cell will have transmission tower. Some cells use satellite uplinks because of the distances on land, especially in Aus.

            For phones the small Apple chargers draw 5W, the bigger ones draw 12W. The charger for an MacBook Pro draws 87W, my Dell laptops draw anything between 45W and 130W depending on the charger used. Internet access is the same, and now with fibre which requires powered hubs rather than power from an exchange over copper wire. These people have literally no idea what is involved in bringing technology to the masses. And they want to make it vastly more expensive?

  2. They get up in the morning and put on their cotton clothing, harvested with fossil fuels, then they put on their socks and shoes which are likely made of fossil fuels, then they enjoy their orange juice, harvested and brought to them with fossil fuels, then they enjoy their cereal, harvested and grown using diesel and fertilized with fossil fuel based chemicals…

    And that’s just the beginning of their nonstop fossil fuel created morning…

    What these foolish children do not comprehend in the slightest is that to achieve their goals they will have to change EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE…

    They are FISH protesting WATER…

    • They do not do anything any different than anyone else.
      In fact I suspect they will also be leading the protests when stuff they “need” is banned because they demanded it.

  3. If you believe that the use of fossil fuels is bad then you should stop making use of all goods and services that make use of fossil fuels. That includes all goods and materials moved by truck to include store bought food and clothing as well as building materials that have been used to make the buildings we live in and most of the surfaces that we walk on. You should also not drink or make use of water unless you get it directly from a naturally available source. After all it is your money that keeps the fossil fuel companies in business.

    • They need to learn some skills or they will die. I propose a set of courses leading to a “Live Like a Cave Person” degree. They would be things like Flint Knapping and Fire Starting. The textbook would be something like the Foxfire book only way more primitive.

      • “commieBob September 22, 2019 at 2:56 am
        They need to learn some skills or they will die. I propose a set of courses leading to a “Live Like a Cave Person” degree. They would be things like Flint Knapping and Fire Starting. The textbook would be something like the Foxfire book only way more primitive.”

        The first lessons must be:
        1) What rocks are suitable for starting fires; learn to identify!
        2) Which of these rocks are suitable for shaping into projectiles!?
        3) What kinds of wood will burn!? Learn to find and prepare the right woods!
        4) What plant materials make the best tinder to start fires with!? Learn to find and prepare.

        Unfortunately, most people immediately leap to the assumption that someone else will supply them the advanced products necessary to make and start fires.

        The same goes for clothing.
        For several decades after “the great dying” people will treasure clothes made during the fossil fuel era.

        Making clothes first involves collecting the raw material that will eventually become clothes.
        Cotton was wonderful, it was dang close to being roving that can be spun into thread. All one had to do was scrub seeds, leaf bits and insect debris from the cotton balls.
        Cotton gins will need to be re-invented. Otherwise, people end up hand carding the cotton to remove the not-cotton stuff.

        Now that slavery is prohibited.
        Well, until new despots and tyrants decide to enslave their workers just so they can process enough fiber per year to fulfill basic needs of the entitled.

        Sheep will become very popular again, especially in the colder regions.
        Not that wool is any cleaner than freshly harvested cotton seeds; plus it smells strongly of sheep and lanolin.

        Lanolin, oh yes! The natural fats of animals, plants and insects will again be prized. To lubricate devices and provide fuel for light. Imagine being thrilled to have enough lanolin to have pots of lanolin with wicks to provide evening and winter light!?
        People will soon get so used to the sheep smell, they’ll fail to smell sheep or lanolin.

        Olive oils can only be harvested where olive trees can grow.
        Of course, people can grow soy bean and peanuts, then crush and steam out the oils for their usage.
        They’ll need to feed the formerly food stuffs to the livestock as it’s rather tough to chew and swallow soy and peanut cake without oils.

        Cities became cities because people and structure existed to supply cities with abundant and finished basic goods. The archaic horse and oxen structures are gone; the current people involved are far too few to operate the old archaic supply structure, if it exists at all.
        Think Amish as the nucleus for a reborn city supply structure.

        Pre-modern man utterly depended upon animals to supply work, goods and nutrition. Those animal herds, flocks, gaggles, trips, sounders, broods, rafters, teams and even schools of fish will again be necessities to families.
        What a knot of toads!?

        Then people might be ready to learn the advanced art of knapping.
        Including courses in harvesting fresh tendons and turning those tendons into bowstrings, plus how to turn animal hides into leather suitable for clothing. Much better than a dried hide from a badly skinned skunk…

        • I get my car undercoated with a lanolin based product (Fluid Film). The lanolin comes from sheep. It smells like sheep until the first rain storm. But it does work great in the salt-rust belt of New England.

      • I have to say I am quite into primitive skills, it’s nice to see how much you can make yourself.
        I watched an interview recently of a guy who participated in a BBC TV show called Iron Man where he had been living for 13 months with 20+ other people in the woods with Iron Age technology. The tow things he missed the most : a clean bath, and fossil fuel made shoes. Synthetics in shoes are an amazing improvement, we take them for granted, even though we have shoes everywhere we go.

      • If they don’t have the skills needed to survive, why not just let them die? It’s nature’s way of eliminating useless people—leftist control freaks certainly fall within this group.

      • Can’t have fire. Releases CO2 int atmosphere.

        Can’t make stone tools either. Eventually will run out of stones large enough to make them from.

  4. The products are not made from fossil fuels. That is pandering to the loonies. They are products of the petrochemical industry.

  5. Its the same for all of them, bernie Sanders still flys in jets, drives and has a tour bus, ER, use plastics and drive, eat meat etc etc. The sad thing is that the u.n. and ipcc has fooled people, that weather is now bad, and its only co2 (fossil fuels) to blame… They have raked In billions, as do all the “green” groups, they tax the hell out of us, to use on pathetic wind and solar farms….. Regarding Electric cars, has anybody worked out how much plastic is used in a tesla car 😐

      • Lay off poor Bernie. He only has two houses in VT and a townhouse in D.C. (I assume he bikes between them all or has a solar-powered flying carpet).

    • I want a Tesla Roadster. Because they are extremely fast. And totally cool.

      For trips I’ll use my big, gas-guzzling Suburban. And mostly regular driving too, since I don’t want to scratch my hot-rod.

      • I would never own a tesla. The idea of driving around sitting on top of a fire bomb of LiPo’s is not my idea of safe. I have seen too many rechargeable LiPos explode in fire at my son’s RC racing track. The track requires that all batteries be charged in explosion and fire proof charging containers for a good reason. Teslas have been known to burn for days after an accident. A Tesla is a vehicle no one needs because other than virtue signalling it is mostly useless for any real driving.

          • Lets see how well they fair after 10 or 15 years of daily use and many of the silly doodads still work. I an cynical because repair electronic drive systems for a living. I have lots of work.

  6. I have not seen anyone at these rallies selling hand carved clogs as a substitute for the fossil fuelled footwear currently being worn by the protestors . — : Interesting.

      • And leather shoes kill a cow.
        Someone wrote a short story titled “The Lady or the Tiger”.
        Someone needs to update it. “The Cow or the Tree”.

      • Jeff Alberts
        Only the U-235 fueled weapons. There is no longer any Pu-239 occurring naturally. However, for that matter, you can’t find any native aluminum either. You might be able to recover some aluminum from a land fill, but it never existed before Man reduced it from the oxide. Which raises the question, at what point do you call something “all-natural” versus created by the ingenuity of Man?

        • Agreed that Plutonium falls into the group of materials that is not “all-natural”
          Would it be humorous to imagine a box of Plutonium with a phrase on the label
          “derived from all-natural Uranium”

        • Since Man is a natural product, everything that comes from him is natural as well.
          Everything is natural; essentially, just different combinations of about 88 naturally occurring elements.

          • I was going to say something similar.
            They want Man to be one with “Nature” yet constantly deny Man is a part of “Nature”.

            “The extinction of the human species may not only be inevitable but a good thing.”
            – Christopher Manes, Earth First!

          • What the environmental movement and by extension climate scientists attack is God. Man is created in His image, and their leader is locked in an eternal battle with Him.

        • “There is no longer any Pu-239 occurring naturally.”

          Right, but where did the Plutonium come from? Still had to originate from something natural. So yes, nuclear weapons are all natural.

          • While plutonium is created by super novas, just like all of the elements heavier than iron, it’s short half life means that in a billion years or so, it’s all gone.

          • Trace amounts of plutonium exist in nature.
            Any existing in macroscopic quantities would logically take a neat infinite number of half lives to be completely gone to the last atom.
            But, in fact natural decay of uranium causes detectable amounts of p!utonium to be present in all uranium deposits.

          • Nicholas McGinley
            As a corollary to Zeno’s Paradox, there will always be some Pu-239 present. However, Alberts’ original statement, “… nuclear weapons are made from all-natural ingredients,” is wrong because the Pu-239 used in bombs is not found in Nature. It is a product of transmutation. Alberts’ statement is like saying that computers are found in Nature because Man makes them from elements found in Nature.

          • ” Alberts’ statement is like saying that computers are found in Nature because Man makes them from elements found in Nature.”

            And how does that make my statement wrong?

            If they can put “100% Natural” on a cardboard box of granola, inside a plastic bag, when there is no granola tree, why is that different from assembling parts manufactured from basic elements?

  7. Rather than going the whole hog, why not ease them in gently with some easy actions:
    Walk to school
    No holiday flights
    No smart phone
    They may then get some inkling as to what they are asking for by badmouthing fossil fuels and their products.

    • It’s not a fake, it’s just mis-attributed. It was a cannabis rally, which means the same people as at the climate rallies. No difference.

      The article says it was cleaned up by “Extinction Rebellion” people. I’ll bet most of them were part of the pot party.

  8. Way to go, Stephanie! Exposing their climate hyprocrisy shows they have an ulterior motive, and that movtive is what? For sure this is part of the Globalist nonsense advanced by a presumed elite sector of humanity. Keep at your work, Stephanie, and you can get as famous as that guy Muddy Watters, who is over at Fox TV.

    • the real motivation is being able to tell others what to do and how to live. Save the planet is the ultimate justification since only a total bastard would not want to save the planet.

      • The main motivation is probably just to be seen ‘caring’ – to be able to post proof of their caring all over social media. Get all those sweet likes, faves, hearts, etc.

  9. Virtue signaling – the ultimate hypocrisy. Well, what DID you expect? Reality? (Snorrtttt giggle!) There’s no unjustifiable war in a foreign southeast Asian country to protest, no draft to dodge or protest, and they have comfortable quarters to return to which their parents are probably paying for… unless they have jobs, which are most likely low-key stuff. Why wouldn’t they protest? They are prisoners of their own delusions.

    So this means I should stock up on chicken, beef, bacon and ham, right? Yeah, well, I’m almost ahead of that part of the game. More black tea, too, and a few bottles of red wine and white wine should do it. You can freeze bread, too, you know.

    • “a few bottles of red wine and white wine”

      Making wine in the fermentation process creates vast amounts of the “deadly” CO2.
      Pesticides to control the bugs and fertilisers are dragged around from place to place.

      The tractors dragging the grapes to the press, use diesel fuel, the people use diesel fuel to drag mountains of bottles to and from the vineyards then distribute them all over the place, hauled by trucks using diesel.

      The whole wine making industry is a hive of CO2 releases.
      (I guess beer making is probably pretty much the same system)

      Why don’t they ban it?

      • For 10 000+ years, wine, beer and liquor used to be the best way to sterilize water. Each village had it’s own brewery or winery, producing anti bacterial ethanol from locally farmed crops. Preferably left overs from the previous harvest. This was totally “carbon neutral”.
        The merger into a handful of multinationals is something of the last half century. Antitrust groups have been asleep on the job for so long, the food processing industry has become too big to fail.

        • It was the only way to sterilise water in fact. But then something called Devonshire Colic arose and is largely thought to be lead poisoning because lead, and all manner of things like dead animals, was used to “sweeten up” rough cider. It was all dissolved in the cider which then caused the illness in drinkers. I am glad English cider is not made that way anymore.

    • Why don’t they ban it, Pigs? Probably because they’re so 2-faced about everything that taking away their booze portions would put them all through alcohol withdrawal. They’re just a bunch of hypocrites looking for attention.

      There really isn’t all that much CO2 produced by wine-making. Grapevines absorb it and turn it into sugar in the grapes, thus flavoring them for the future, plus the water and minerals in the soil, and the wine tastes like the soil where it was born and grew up. Ditto Scotch whiskey. I found a Spanish white wine that had just the hint of the slate in the soil where the grapes grew, and it wasn’t grown with the palomino grape, either. Vina Godeval. Mmmmmmwah!!!!! I made chicken in poblano sauce au gratin with it. Damn, that was good food!

    • Alba… British politics in full effect… Climate emergency 😐 what a new tax scam… we british people love our holidays, and for jo to claim that she must fly shows how deluded she is. She can afford to fly due to our tax money.

  10. If we go by their own protest placards, this is the list of rules we would expect these activists to live by:
    – Go completely off-grid and rely 100% on solar & battery only
    – No consumption of any meat or dairy products
    – No possession of, or travel in ICE vehicles.
    – Bicycle or public transport only.
    – No purchaing of any goods made from fossil fuels or transported by fossil fuels
    – Boycott of all goods and services from companies that don’t mandate 100% RE
    – No air travel
    – Home residence must be a tiny house
    – Employment in RE industries allowed, but living on unemployment benefits is preferred.

    Other than the lashings of green hypocrisy, have I missed anything ?

    • Just how are they going to make their Solar panels and batteries without using anything based on fossil fuels? How do you mine and smelt without this as a source of energy? The whole thing is nonsensical.

      • You mine with wooden or maybe rock shovels.
        You can’t smelt using a CO2 emitting fire so you smelt with a really big magnifying glass.
        (Oh wait. Glass is made by, basically, melting sand. Hmm … )
        You smelt by polishing a clear quartz crystal into the shape of a magnifying glass.

    • Grow your own food in your yard … Root vegetables will last better if you dig a root cellar and line it with rock that you’ve carried in with your friends … Hope you don’t live in a climate that’s too cold …

    • No, you missed nothing, Serge. And those people think they could survive in an 18th century setting, which is what they’re talking about. (Snorrrrrtttt!) I have a copy of Hannah Glasse’s “The Art of Cookery”, originally published in 1757 for housewives and still in print.

      But this is not the first time I really wish I had been able to salvage my old Singer treadle-powered sewing machine. I’d give my eye teeth to have that old antique.

      Oh, well. Lehman’s Hardware in Ohio has all sorts of off-the-grid stuff available, because they still serve the Amish & Mennonite communities.

      I can adjust. The important question is: can the Ecohippies adjust. I sincerely doubt it, period. I think they’d last about five minutes, and I”m being generous when I say that.

      • Hey! Lehman’s is less than 2 hrs from me. Sounds like it might be a fun road trip to check it out sometime.

    • “Other than the lashings of green hypocrisy, have I missed anything ?” Yes: don’t fart. It’ll blow a hole in the ozone layer and kill us all.

  11. ‘Let every day be like today!’ they cry – dry, sunny and very warm, by the look of it. Does anyone know how these demos are going down in the parts of the world where it is winter?

  12. funny how not one thought of papier mache for their globes and other “stuff” as a viable green way to recycle paper n cardboard they can even use flour/water glue to be properly ecofriendly.
    natural veg dyes rather than acrylic paint etc
    pity no one pointed that out.
    their faces might have been worth a picture
    and why didnt they use recycled boxes for signs?
    and good old chalk or charcoal for writing them not toxic disposable textas etc
    take it TO em!! in spades when they wanna be so caring and virtuous

  13. The cognitive dissonance has to be at astronomic levels. Almost painful to watch. I guess that the payoff is the sense of camraderie amidst a carnival-like atmosphere, and yes, the virtue signaling is truly wonderous. If only they had a brain.

    • The organizers do have a brain. These protests were coordinated with the UN climate conference. The UN conference was planned for the autumnal equinox, probably with hope that several major tropical storms would be in play, CA would be burning etc. They then put the media blitz in force leading up to the main event at the UN. They even timed Greta’s visit to focus attention for the “kids”.

      This would have been the perfect time for the fossil fuel industries to coordinate a power shutdown. The weather/climate usually is not too hot or cold at the equinoxes. If the gasoline stations had closed as well (essential services excepted) the impact would have been tremendous, and probably would have stopped the hypocritical protesters in their tracks. If Trump would defund the UN, except for the General Assembly and Security Council (the original purposes for the UN), the driving force behind the “movement” would whither quickly. So many options- so little guts!

  14. No civilized western country can function without fossil fuels, impossible. 8 billion people cannot be fed without fossil fuels, impossible. Wind turbines and solar panels cannot be made without fossil fuels, impossible. Protestors cannot protest without using fossil fuels, impossible.

  15. Pop over to bimble solar website, and you find for sale

    235W Schuco B Grade Solar Panel – Used For Extinction Rebellion XR

    Sold off as they now use Diesel Gens to power their protests !!!!!!

  16. Glue is getting very boring, and do these people think about all the nasty chemicals that are used? I look forward to something refreshingly new, something more riveting, literally speaking. It could almost be like a Climate Crucifixion.

  17. The video on banning water sums up the green movement pretty well. I doubt most of them have a clue as to just what they are proposing the rest of us do.

  18. None of the folk in the film appear to be ‘Poor’ ? Something which might add credence to Dr Duttons’ mutant gene and the middle class ideas 🙂

    Added to which, none of em seem to recall the inherent fragility of Bakelite, and Casein derived products, which presumably they see us returning to.

    • Nope, even Bakelite won’t qualify as acceptable. Before the current use of making it from petroleum, it was made using coal tar, made of course from…coal.
      Those nasty, fossil fuels are so dang, dang, um, useful.


    “A few hours later, [AOC] tweeted a selfie with the staffer holding the child in a seat next to her on the plane … “Team AOC … are … subsidizing costs to bring baby and partner along for certain trips.”

    AOC and her staffer were on their way to Boulder, Colorado, where she joined fellow House freshman Joe Neguse (D-Colo.) for a “Climate Emergency” panel discussion in the morning, along with a fundraiser for his campaign.”

    Three seats on an airplane trip from DC to Colorado to attend a “Climate Emergency” panel. Obviously you can’t Skype In to something like that.

    I will believe it is an emergency when they act like it is an emergency.

    • They make them out of lamb (?) intestines but I don’t know how they seal them.
      (Besides, since many of the beliefs they hold in some ways seem to be a modern version of Gnosticism, they might not believe in reproducing anyway.)

    • Clyde, they may have failed humanity but they are performing exactly as planned. A population with enhanced percentages of imbeciles and the insane are much easier to control. Populations with a high quality education and a diet high in fats and protein are notoriously rebellious; thus the push for vegan and vegetarian diets by the Green Blob. Thank you for all you do to enlighten the benighted.

  20. Sometimes, but not very often, I wish there were a young’un under my roof spouting the schist. I would love to say, “Ok, we’re going to be part of the solution you are advocating, and we start now.” Then lock the car keys in the safe, and flip the main circuit breaker off.

    Books and warm beer suit me fine. The young, probably not so much.

  21. All,

    Articles on eco-left stupidity and hypocrisy are all good fun, but please don’t lose sight of how rapid and successful the left’s march through the institutions has been. While we can all laugh at how stupid or hypocritical or indoctrinated some of these young people seem to be, these attributes were all incurred under the tutelage of their elders, i.e., us. I know I have sat silently through any number of “woke” meetings at work, and that the majority of the goods and services I require are purchased from companies that daily mouth green and other egalitarian platitudes. Not pointing fingers at anyone but myself.

    • Fortunately, I got out before things really got bad, and I have no children. If we can avoid their collapsing our countries for another ten to fifteen years, I’ll be ridding myself of this mortal coil. Today’s youth (middle agers, by then) can create whatever hell they want after that.

      We are living in the apex of human existence. Instead of appreciating what they have, they wallow in existential angst, and seek to tear things down. They deserve the future they desire.

  22. It might be interesting to calculate the amount of CO2 generated and the land area necessary for 7 billion people to cook, heat and travel with only non-fossil wood/plant sourced/powered clothing, appliances, transportation, etc.. And, I almost forgot, all medication and medical devices would have to be generated using only wood/plant based chemicals.

  23. “If you believe that the use of fossil fuels is bad then you should stop making use of all goods and services that make use of fossil fuels.”

    Stephanie Hamill, If you believe that the use of fossil fuels is bad then you should stop making big business, especially big money with Climate Scam as

    Stephanie Hamill: Video Columnist

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