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    • Found it at the heartland.org website

  1. Big green is alive and well. It is unfortunate they don’t do more for the planet and people living on it.

    Why are they holding so much cash? I don’t see a comprehensive analysis of this matter. If they are engaged in currency speculation as a major activity, that would be a reason. A more believable one is that they short stocks of companies they target in world-wide PR campaigns. After all, they are the ultimate inside traders, creating the media ripple that devalues a company. I wonder how much of their income is derived from currency and stock manipulation.

    Dr Soon didn’t mention that the leader of Greenpeace was commuting from Luxembourg to the Netherlands daily by air (until someone pointed it out). See I think that level of hypocrisy is relevant.

    • Wouldn’t Shorting Stocks then manipulating the process which acts to drive down the value be a form of Insider Trading?

    • Great: “After all, they are the ultimate inside traders, creating the media ripple that devalues a company!”

  2. A really shocking expose. These are the ****** who have been viciously targeting the altruistic individuals who gave up their own time to tell the truth about climate … and portraying US as massively funded, when the shocking truth is that the fake news – non-science – hate filled campaigns of Greenspin, Greenmail, etc. are the ones who have got all the money and as far as I can see are ONLY doing it all for the money.

    • Mike Haseler (Scottish Sceptic)

      I am led to understand that the BBC’s pension fund is heavily invested in green initiatives like carbon trading. Presumably why they keep banging the drum and entertaining no dissent.

      If that’s true, it’s probably the principle reason the BBC should cease to exist as it cannot remain impartial on any subject it’s employees pensions are reliant on.

  3. At about 12:44, Dr. Soon points out that Greenpeace has tried to disappear Patrick Moore. In 2014 there was a WUWT story about that and the similarity with the way Stalin disappeared his former cronies. link

    The only thing that sets us free is the truth. Noble cause corruption is still corruption.

    I was thinking that Greenpeace should have its charitable status revoked. It turns out that Greenpeace’s charitable status is controversial. It had its charitable status revoked in 1999 in Canada. My attempt to search the government database indicates that it has not regained that status.

    • I’d like to know how to sue the pants off of them to retrieve the money my mother gave them right up to the day she died. Something on the order of at least $75/month over a period of 36 years does add up, and the whole thing was a fraud to get money out of naive people like her. I saw those checks she sent them and asked her to stop, because she complained about the cost of red bell peppers (which she loved) as being too expensive, but sent those goons cash.

      I know I”d be wasting my time, but I detest those greedy buggers.

      • It seems like your mother sent them money out of her own free will. Nevertheless, I suppose you could contact GP and ask them for the money back or you could tell them about your mother’s past giving and ask them to convince you that you should carry on the donations in your mother’s name. You would want them to make fraudulent claims, but it’s unlikely they will.

    • Yes, an interesting talk, I just wish he would learn to speak English better. I have to concentrate to work out what he is saying and he sounds just like Benny Hill doing a rather non PC caricature of a chinaman.

      It really hinders getting folks to take you seriously and makes it difficult to follow even if you do.


      • Yes, I think his best is good for preaching to the choir but otherwise not. He’s been speaking English for at least 4 decades and he still hasn’t seemed to master singular vs plural grammar. He garbles his speech and is not very articulate.

        After his jumping the shark on plastics being simple hydrocarbons, it’s made me more critical of him. He repeats the falsehood that Greta said she can literally see CO2. She did not.

        He needs a speech coach and needs to practice if he wants to be effective as a speaker.

        • Greg and R.S.,
          My take: He can speak my language well enough to communicate.
          I have Zero ability with his language.
          And, perhaps, he can speak in a couple of others.
          Melania Trump has 5!

    • “Greg August 4, 2019 at 7:05 am

      Yes, an interesting talk, I just wish he would learn to speak English better. I have to concentrate to work out what he is saying” –

      – there’s a feature in YouTube windows called “subtitles”!

  4. Greenpe$$e has always been about the Benjamins.
    Wife and I were at the ld USCG station at Port Orford
    Oregon. when we heard this diesel engine out to sea.
    Trailing smoke like a Steamship,
    It was the Rainbow Warrior-on its way to a local anti mining
    protest and photo op. As they rounded Orford head they shut
    down the”D” sail and ran up the mains. Rainbows, wind, and-silence.
    Adoring media and mad fishermen because they shut down the port.
    Lefty hypocrisy in action..

  5. Why do you think the label Gang Green sticks?
    These are con artists of the lowest order.
    Until we treat them with the respect they deserve,as in banishing them from our midst,they will persist in ripping off the gullible and trusting.

    Because lying is a way of life,in our “enlightened era”, such parasites prosper.

    • John R

      Have you ever read the life and works of P T Barnum? It was over 100 years ago that he earned to profit, nay, wrote the book, on how to take money from suckers by the simple method of selling them something they thought they wanted to see or see happen.

      Consider the parallel! Hype, slapstick, grease paint and a little glue, endangered animals, deliberately dangerous stunts and a convenient spittoon for rendering verdicts about those who would prevent the spectacle from continuing. There’s nothing that goes better with a tall elephant than a tall tale.

      “There’s a sucker born every minute.’

      Timeless, apparently.

  6. You misinterpret the name “Greenpeace”. It means peace to those who submit to the communist green movement. (It’s still a lie, but a typical communist lie. There is no peace in communism.)

    • Honey, these folks are deniers, hence the aggression of Greenpeace really irks them.
      They’d rather activists be pacifists…..but action, challenging the offenders is necessary. Greed doesn’t capitulate when we say “∆
      please”. It cries uncle only when forcibly met, sued, or creamed with mountains of data.. Even then they fog facts, discredit scientists, intimidate opposition. This isn’t a tea dance, this is war.

  7. The removal of Patrick Moore from the original Greenpeace photo is a killer. That is straight out of Stalinist Russia. Amazing.

    • Whenever anyone needs to look up the definition of “Orwellian,” just refer them to that picture.

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  9. Plastics are generally polymers. Soon is simply wrong about simple hydrocarbons being plastics and I think he kind of jumps the shark on that one in an otherwise mostly good presentation.

  10. ‘Save the Climate’? No thanks I’d prefer to enjoy it now rather than after the dooming. I get saving for a rainy day but this is getting ridiculous so feel free to borrow as much as you like from me. Think of it as quantitative easing if it’s all a bit of a struggle.

  11. This presentation settles is once more and for all: Greenpeace is in fact a terrorist extortionist organization, yes, that includes intellectual terrorism.

    On one side, all nations claim combatting terrorism. Just check the news.

    While a powerful subversive potentially damaging terrorist organization operates in plain daylight despite all positively established evidence of it’s intentional wrongdoing.

  12. Where do you dump (recycle ) your Tesla batteries ? The same place as their stock certificates ?

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