Oregon Democrats Order State Police to Force Republican Senators to Return, to Pass a CO2 Cap and Trade Bill

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

A group of Republican senators are refusing to attend a session, denying Democrat senators the quorum required to pass a climate change bill.

Oregon Republicans are on the lam to avoid voting on a major climate change bill

“Send bachelors and come heavily armed,” one Republican state senator warned police. 

By Umair Irfan  Updated Jun 21, 2019, 3:58pm EDT

Democratic Gov. Kate Brown authorized state police to find the lawmakers and bring them back. They are each being fined $500 for every day there aren’t enough senators for a vote. (So far, it’s been two days.) Oregon State Police said they are also coordinating with law enforcement agencies in nearby states to find the Republicans.

Brown lamented the stunt to avoid passing the bill. “It would have been historic for Oregon, historic for the country, and frankly historic for the world,” she said during a press conference Thursday. “Unfortunately, Senate Republicans have failed to show up and failed to do their jobs.”
Republicans were defiant, however. Oregon Senate Republican leader Herman Baertschiger Jr. said in a statement that Republicans were being “bullied by the majority party.” 

Another state senator in hiding, Brian Boquist, went further, threatening the police who are trying to round up the wayward lawmakers. “Send bachelors and come heavily armed,” he said. “I’m not going to be a political prisoner.”

Read more: https://www.vox.com/2019/6/21/18700741/oregon-republican-walkout-climate-change-bill

What an overreaction.

Is sending armed police after senators, initiating a multi-state search, really the optics Oregon wants for their flagship carbon cap and trade bill? Is not attending really an offence which warrants arrest with the threat of deadly force? Have Oregon state police been issued with a warrant for the arrest of the Republican senators?

Why don’t Oregon Democrats just wait a few weeks, let the Republican senators make their protest, maybe cut a few concessions to bring them back to the table?

154 thoughts on “Oregon Democrats Order State Police to Force Republican Senators to Return, to Pass a CO2 Cap and Trade Bill

    • Marcus.
      The constitution of USA has being assaulted… not the law.
      That actually does consist as treason of first degree against the USA.

      “We the people” there, means only that…as simply as put… nothing more and nothing less, and seriously meant, no jokes there, in that account, as per the USA Constitution.
      Any intentional arbitrary acts of perversion of it consist as acts of treason against the USA, the people and the Constitution.

      Intentional arbitrary acts to pervert or force it towards something like “We the Government” or
      “We the Congress”,
      consist as a clear acts of treason against USA… very clear ones at that point.

      The USA constitution subjects any one and any power there to consider the main point of democracy.
      at the full impact, the right and the power of minority to veto the majority in the realm of considerable fundamental variations or changes to be implemented…or as considered for an implementation as such… in any given political or otherwise point.

      In such as a case the majority trying to bully, intimidate, or force the minority to comply and support, in one way or another, by abusing the power given to the majority, consist as treason, simple as that…

      The proper full activated structure of democracy… the right of minority to stand and execute the veto right against the majority, within the real of serious and fundamental matters and issues under consideration, as propagated and uphold by the USA Constitution.
      Arbitrary, and forceful acts against this given condition, in any way possible, consist as enemy acts, and very very close to treason acts, against the USA as a Nation… in the consideration of the Constitution of the USA.

      Abuse of power in the structure of USA may very well be considered at given points, under the consideration of the constitution, as enemy activity or treason against the USA, no buts or ifs there… under any circumstance.

      Intentional forceful or abusive (bulling) acts against a minority stand, as per vital and fundamental issues, at stake, happens to be a direct infringement of USA constitution…regardless of all else.
      No tolerance for abuse of power there…under any circumstances….the beauty of the Bill of Rights.

      No one ever, regardless of power, can triumph against USA constitution by relying in the momentary
      given power, and the abuse of it…impossible.

      Enjoy it guys… 🙂

      It really is a miracle you have it, some how…
      but, please please, do not let it be pervert it or chained, or crashed, please.
      It is a great gift to you, and if you maintain it and preserve it, it is a gift to all of us. all of us allover.
      A beam of light and hope… to all there and here… real, very real, and amazing.

      (oh well, maybe, I only see what I want to see, not what actually there)


    • If there are missing legislators, the state police/marshals can be called to bring them into session.
      It’s the same thing Tom Delay and Rick Perry did to get Democrats back when they tried to avoid an unfavorable gerrymander.

      • MikeN
        June 22, 2019 at 6:53 pm


        Thank you for the reply, appreciated.

        First let me say that I never considered or believed or ever will do so, any time soon, when it comes the the consideration of:
        “Two wrongs make it right, somehow.”

        Second, in the other hand any case to be considered has to be so, in the consideration of its own merit, first… then comes the rest.

        In this given case is very obvious, that it is a very specific, and quite very important, and very seriously significant, as it comes and stated from the very “mouth of the horse”, there,
        as stated, with historical proportions, not only in a State level or National level but also Global, very very important and highly significant at that given point.
        Which makes it very sensible, very important and very considerably serious in its importance to the people of Oregon, one way or another.

        Any State in USA practices the power appliance of self governing and self legislating due to the peoples power delegated to that structure, by the means of the constitution.
        One of the most significant ones there is the power of minority to veto the majority, which allow the state governments and their law makers to even legislate laws that are in full contradiction and infringement of Federal Law, like in the case of legalizing mariuana.

        But if a State government acts in its own accord against such as, by trying to block the appliance or the exercise of such as a power of the minority by forcefully getting what it wants, by engaging police and other forces to achieve compliance and results, in the case of a very serious important matter, like in the Oregon at this point, that Government and the Senate there also loses by default the right to legislate by default and by normal procedure, in the given issue.

        In that moment the power that government holds in the behalf of the people there, in the given issue or the given subject, is automatically delegated to the lower government structures on that state, like the Local governments.

        Meaning that quorum or not, the Senate can not even take a vote in the given Bill anymore, unless first the acceptance and ratification from each and every one Local Government in Oregon State has being achieved.

        As far as I can tell, technically is even worse, it will take for one single Local Authority to address officially the Senate of Oregon at this stage, this point in time, and clearly state and inform the Senate of Oregon that it does not accept and rejects that Bill, and as far as I can tell, that supposes to be enough to stop that Bill to pass into Law, under the given circumstances, in the consideration of the USA Constitution.

        Again, the way I see it, the “We the people” there is not a joke.
        All power in the governing structures, flows and is accommodated by the delegation from the people to upper structures in the meaning and accommodation of trust.

        Applying excessive force, against a given authorized minority in a given serious and very important matter breaks that trust, and automatically removes that power from a given structure, at that point in the given subject…and delegates it to other lower structures of Authority to exercise it in the behalf of the best interest of the people there.

        Seems like most probably, the super majority in that senate, at the very least technically, has lost
        the power to engage rightfully in this given issue… as per means of legislation.

        (oh well, again, I maybe see what I want to see, not what actually is there.)

        Thanks again, hopefully no hard feelings there, just an argument put forward… 🙂


  1. Didn’t the Democrats do this a few years ago and all the “fake news” gushed about how “noble and courageous” it was ?

  2. It’s worse than we thought !

    Unbelievable. Surely this is a delayed April Fools Day message?

    • No need for any delay.

      Every month is April in CAGW Land.

      If the media put close up footage of an ant’s nest out there the headline could well read “DEADLY INVASION BY SPIDERS FROM MARS – END OF OUR BIOSPHERE !!!”

      • As a scientist, I’m terribly sorry that some people are living in their own realities. But the laws of physics do not depend on your belief. And your own ill-informed opinions will have no bearing whatsoever on the consequences. We’re already seeing them, and yet the deniers still keep coming up with excuses for why it’s all a big coincidence (it’s not). Next year will be noticeably worse than this, as will the year after, and the year after that, as it’s been for the last decade.

        The five hottest years on record have been … drum roll please … the last five years. And five years from now that statement will be equally true. If you want to know where this is heading, read about the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM) which is the hottest period since the Cretaceous mass extinction. The polar caps melted completely. Among other things, causing a sea level rise of nearly 200 feet. Read about the climate conditions and try to imagine our civilization dealing with them now. The conditions that triggered that warming built more gradually, over 3000 years. We’ve done almost the same thing ourselves in just 100.

        Scientists are not politicians. We don’t base the things we say on personal agendas or greed. You should be very, very concerned at this point. We keep exceeding the worst case predictions and have to revise them upward. It may not be doomsday – the PETM didn’t end life on Earth – but the world will end up a very different and much harsher place than the one we all grew up in. Is it worth it? So oil companies can make lots of money? Seriously? They should haul those Big Oil cronies back to the state house and make them stand there in the chamber so the vote can be had. The people of Oregon, like most Americans, want action on climate change and they voted in the people to do it. How dare these arrogant elitists presume to thwart the will of the voters! What about OUR rights? What about OUR freedoms?

        • ecoortez

          Scientists are not politicians. We don’t base the things we say on personal agendas or greed.

          Scientists are not paid by politicians. We don’t They always base the things we they say on personal agendas or greed.

        • “If you want to know where this is heading, read about the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM) which is the hottest period since the Cretaceous mass extinction.”

          Precisely what would you have wanted us to do about that if we were around then? Build some windmills and solar panels and throw them into volcanoes along with any sundry birthstrikers? I’m all ears perfessor.

        • ecortez,

          You claim to be a “scientist” and yet you immediately go for the ad hominem attack with the word “denier” and fill your post with political accusations such as oil companies, big oil, cronies etc. You sound like one of the very arrogant elitists that you rant about. I wonder if you are the type of person that we were warned of by C.S. Lewis?

          • Coldest and wettest October through May in United States record. 6″ snow in Denver Colorado, may 21, the day my daughter was born. Today, 2′ of snow in steamboat springs.

            Got down to the low 40s last night in Denver metro… We’ve been running over 15° below average this whole spring and now officially summer.

            Runaway catastrophic manmade global warming you say, Mr. scientist? Hardly.

            You are a hack and an activist only claiming to be a scientist.

            You clearly don’t even know the basics of physics and co2, that even laypeople understand.

        • The people of Oregon are not represented here – certainly not by you. I’m an Oregonian and people like you have blown off my rights for a generation. Your plan is to bankrupt our state.

          Please don’t pretend this about saving the planet. Oregon’s near-bankrupted budget is what’s at stake here. These fascist politicians – supported by fascist alarmists such as yourself – are trying to make a huge money grab – to pay themselves as part of grotesquely over-extended PERS debt. They are justifying this butchery of our economy by claiming their token feel-good action somehow has an effect – other than ‘leadership’, of course.

          These Republicans are showing tremendous courage in the face of an abuse of power like I’ve never seen. YOUR freedoms are so over-indulged to the exclusion of others that your hypocrisy nearly takes my breath away.

          The real cowards are the democrats – after passing without vote, a crippling gross tax on business, retarding the ability of citizens to get initiatives on the ballot, and then, trying to ram-rod through this cap and trade that will destroy small businesses – likely including mine. Not to mention the skyrocketing cost of living, energy, ext. – all to indulge your token warm-fuzzy.

          Oh yes, they’re also hiding behind the state police from protestors.

          So personally – ecortez – from me to you – go to hell.

        • Oh, and by the way – the ‘will of the voters’ was a state of ‘hate-Trump’ democrats voting in democrats – it wasn’t giving you a mandate to destroy our lives to stoke your paranoia.

        • Buddy if all of the United States fully stopped generating carbom dioxide and never emitted another molecule of it again – the difference in GSMT in 2100 would be statistical noise much lower than the error bars in the projections.

          Try being an actual scientist and stop pretending you can have industrial scale agriculture powered by windmills and solar cells. Are you going to supply the food needs of New York City by horse and cart?

        • ecortez

          Your concern rest on false data. Warmer period in the beginning of last century is wiped away.
          You are not bringing anything new to this scam. Just same old scam based propaganda.

          First you must bring very heavy proofs to explain this warming somehow out of natural . THEN you must finally proof human part of it. NONE of you “scientists” have done this.

          Your five hottest years come from your cherry tree.

          You are political tools, and you are SCIENCE DENIERS. YOU are greed grabbers, and it´s YOU who should be very very concerned when your lies see the light. And they are going to see the light. Shame on you!

          Go and shout your BS propaganda to your redgreen comerads. YOU are wery worried about OUR freedoms. Well, so are we too. And YOUR freedom is not OUR freedom.

          So, you science denier “scientist”, put your waterproof proofs on the table.

        • Doesn’t appear to be true. See Minoan, Roman and Middle Ages warm periods. All that is happening is a recovery from the Little Ice Age. Now, prove me wrong. Tumbleweed.

        • ecortez.

          The five hottest years on record have been … drum roll please … the last five years”.

          This did not ring true so I checked with UAH records. So far as I could judge, perhaps the five CONSECUTIVE hottest years on record were the last five years, but the temperatures of only two of those five years, 2016 & 2017, were hotter than that in 1998. 2018 ranked as to temperature below 2010 and both 2014 & 2015 ranked below 2002.

          What have I missed or does the scientist mislead himself with loose wording?

          • 1998 anomaly was supposedly 0.63 (1.13F) to 0.95 (1.69F) in 2016. You have missed the fact that the signal is greater than the noise. Any claims of ‘warmest years’ measured in hundredths and tenths of a degree are merely magical thinking.

        • I’m a scientist, as well, and all I can say is Horse hockey (as my dad would say). The preponderance of actual climate science shows, when using undoctored temperature measurements, that the great Anthropogenic Catastrophic Global Warming is a statistical farce of a non-event, temperature-wise (as if, could it even be calculated, a Global Average Temperature ever participated in any physical process). The planet is demonstrably starved for atmospheric CO2; orders of magnitudes more people die from cold weather than hot; CO2 is not now, nor has it ever been a “pollutant” by any sane definition–the only real-life situation I know of where CO2 can be a pollutant is on a Navy submarine, where the highest safe level is ~8000 ppm–; and on and on. You really have to have a political purpose to have made plant food the enemy of the people; you really have to be stupid to purposely starve the planet’s and humanity’s food base on purely political and financial motivation. The scandal touches not only governmental policy, but is in the process of brainwashing countless American citizens to do harm to their fellows in a corrupt cause.

        • The US will barely make a dent in long term global emissions even if we go carbon neutral by the end of day today. China is already lying about how much coal it burns, and has the largest coal reserves in the world. It’s their oil.

          And India does not care about global CO2 emissions, they care about increasing their standard of living and raising themselves out of poverty all while their economies and carbon consumption boom.

          The globe would have about 10 years before China and India made up for all carbon emissions the US would have eliminated.

          I understand the science, but scientists don’t understand the situation.

        • Five hottest… of the last 139….

          COME ON. You declare yourself a scientist and don’t account for all the climate change cycles BEFORE carbon emissions? What about NASA’s report that magma flows are melting the ice? Any comments there Mr. Scientist? My truck didn’t cause the last climate event, and it’s not causing this one, so take your self righteousness elsewhere.

      • Jackboots and billy clubs. What the dressed to impressed climate scientist is sporting these days.

    • The USA Democrats (aka Progressives) are Socialists – some are covert but many are increasingly open. They rely upon the false scares of runaway global warming and climate change hysteria to promote their dark agenda.

      In the 20th Century, Socialists Stalin, Hitler and Mao killed almost 200 million people. Since then, the radical greens have killed millions more, many of them young children – see my article below.

      Does humanity have to suffer through this carnage yet again? Can’t we learn from past mistakes?

      The radical greens want totalitarianism – that is their objective.

      Were hundreds of millions of deaths not enough? Apparently not.

      Regards, Allan

      Hypothesis: Radical Greens are the Great Killers of Our Age



      Radical greens have subverted climate science as a means of stampeding the uneducated and the gullible. Every one of their scary predictions has failed to happen. They have perfectly negative scientific credibility. No rational person should believe them.

      The scientific reality is that increasing atmospheric CO2 will cause increased plant and crop yields, and possibly some minor, beneficial global warming. There will be no catastrophic warming and no significant increase in chaotic weather resulting from rising CO2 concentrations.

      Another important observation is the corruption of institutions. The green movement has been taken over by radicals, as described in 1994 by Dr. Patrick Moore, a co-founder of Greenpeace. That takeover by radical greens has now extended to universities, scientific associations, professional societies, media and governments.

    • If I recall correctly this tactic was used by 14 Democratic lawmakers from Wisconsin who fled the state to prevent a vote on unions. Seems the press deemed it a heroes return when they went back to Wisconsin.

      How shamefully hypocritical of Oregon.
      BTW they might want to understand the difference between famous and infamous, as passing suicidal legislation will not bring about the acclaim they hope for.

  3. Four words come to mind if I were in that position and being dragged back: “I resign effective immediately.”

    My understanding is that a quorum in the Oregon legislature is defined as forty members. It is not dependent upon a percentage of current members. Now what are they going to do? How long would it take to hold special elections? I doubt if the law would preclude my running for re-election, either – and resigning again if necessary. If the constituents approved, there is little the Democrats could do.

    • Funny but not a great way to run a democracy. Is the quorum thing common?

      Don’t turn up to a session in Australia and the vote goes ahead with whoever is there so you can’t pull this sort of stunt.

      • The attending percentage doesn’t matter? Sounds like a good way to make the opposition irrelevant: just hold a vote without telling them about it. Quorum rules prevent abuse.

      • “Funny but not a great way to run a democracy. Is the quorum thing common?”

        Apparently, the Democrats tacked the Cap and Trade legislation onto other legislation as an “emergency measure” and the Republicans say they did this to avoid putting the issue before the Oregon public. I believe such schemes like raising gasoline taxes have been rejected by Oregon voters in the past, but in this case, the Oregon voters won’t get to weigh in on the Cap and Trade measure. So the Republicans are refusing to go along with what looks like an effort to go around the voters and hit them with a big CO2 tax.

      • Forty is the quorum in the UK House of Commons but business can proceed regardless and usually does around dinner time!!

        There used to be (probably still is) a Standing Order which meant that if a Member made any reference to the number present the Speaker called a Division which gave MPs five (10?, not sure) minutes to go through the lobbies and establish the quorum.

        No votes could be taken in the absence of a quorum but I never heard of Members refusing to turn up at all to prevent a vote. Still, as a form of protest it’s least grabbing a headline or two!

        • Yeah we inherited much of the British system but we obviously got rid of the quorum thing for as you note it is largely pointless.

      • Just curious, does that mean that if only 2 members show up that it is still a legal session?

        • Yes, but the question comes how would that ever happen. There are rules about sessions and every MP knows when they are and knows they must be in their. There are usually party stuff for the couple days leading up and basically make sure they have the numbers before the session begins.

          When the numbers are tight in parliament usually the government and the opposition engage in “pairing” because they may both have members who need to leave at different times. Basically the pair won’t vote and will leave the chamber even if there and the other party will do likewise at there time.

        • I take it back I just did a check we do have a quorum in Australia but it is the parties that by agreement never use it. It’s common to see bills pass with only 20 or 30 reps present.


          A quorum is the minimum number of Members required to be present in the House to constitute a meeting of the House. It is set by law to be one-fifth of the total membership. With 150 Members, this makes a quorum of thirty, including the occupant of the Chair.

          The House may, and often does, operate with fewer than 30 Members present. Because of the demands placed on Members it is necessary that they spend a large amount of time on other duties outside the Chamber.

          At any time during a sitting any Member may draw the lack of a quorum (the state of the House) to the Chair’s attention, and a count must be made. If a quorum is not present, the bells are rung until enough Members are present to form a quorum. If, after 4 minutes, a quorum still isn’t present, the Chair may adjourn the House until the next sitting day, or suspend the sitting for a short period, in which case, if there is not a quorum when the Chair resumes, the House is adjourned to another day.

          So long as no-one makes a point of it then it is ignored, which both parties agree not to do as it suits them.

  4. The sociopathic left…think its perfectly acceptable to hold violent riots to prevent freedom speech of their political opponents and use every means legal or otherwise to obstruct laws and ideas they disagree with..but not acceptable for their opponents to hold a peaceful demonstration by refusing to comply with a bill they disagree with.

  5. My neighbor and lifelong friend is a moderate GOP state senator who has joined his colleagues and comrades on the lam. I don’t know where he is and don’t want to know.

    I was closer to his younger brothers, now both sadly no longer with us. He’s older than we were, but obviously still feisty.

      • Mike,

        The tyrants are those who want to use a fake crisis greatly to augment state power.

      • Tyrants are people who use their power to force others to do things the others don’t want to do.

        • Like cry for censorship when someone is proud of their heritage and doesn’t take the guilt bait?
          Like someone who cried for moderation because he didn’t like another poster’s fact based responses about global population statistics?

          You have zero credibility to weigh in on such matters Mark. Hypocrites get no quarter

    • Another classmate of mine is a retired OSP captain. Maybe his colleagues of today would do so, but I doubt he would have obeyed the illegal order to arrest his friends.

  6. Oregon – the state which orders police to stand by while Antifa riots and wrecks havoc, orders the police to track down objecting politicians so they can ram their PC legislation down the throats of their citizens…. someone really needs to give them a better dictionary, they seem to be oblivious to the meaning of “irony”.

    • The people voted them in. They are getting what they deserve. That’s the funny thing about democracy.

      • We don’t deserve ‘democracy’ where the legislature calls it an ’emergency’ to thwart the will of the people. It was referred to the people a couple of years ago and we turned it down. Now they are calling it an emergency so we can have no say whatsoever.

  7. @ All the Republicans (and 2 brave Democrats) Fighting for Data-driven Policy:

    PRAYING FOR YOU. God and one are a majority.

    Re: that bill

    Under the bill, Oregon would aim to lower emissions to 80% below 1990 levels by 2050. … Republicans … predict[ed] that price increases would prompt businesses to leave the state and lay off workers, and be a burden for low-income families. …

    Rep. Mike McLane, R-Powell Butte, … not[ed] that Oregon’s impact on global emissions had been called “imperceptible” in a committee hearing on the bill.

    “For those of you in the woke community, that’s called nothing. Zero. Cannot be measured,”

    … Republicans believe the cap-and-trade bill effectively levies a tax, which under the Oregon Constitution would require a three-fifths supermajority vote in support. …

    And these two may be the bravest of all:

    … Two Democratic senators, Betsy Johnson of Scappoose and Arnie Roblan of Coos Bay, opposed the bill as of late last week. …

    (Bolding mine)


    • Not to detract from their principled stand, but those Dems represent districts which export timber and lumber. They are the last vestige of the once dominant conservative logging Democrat majority in Oregon, so often allied with liberal Republicans. OR used to be the most liberal conservative state. Now itr’s just a garden variety liberal state, thanks to Californios fleeing the mess they’ve made there. Somehow they haven’t made the connection between the laws that made that mess and what they now advocate for OR.

      • This is a civil war within our government….these republican senators need to be protected by oregon patriots ….the govenor of oregon is a corrupt and dangerous globalist! Pray for all of these Senators’ safety!

    • This is obviously such a contentious proposal that it should be put before the voters directly. The best outcome would be for a well informed electorate to say no to economic ruin AND higher tax.

      • Liberals no longer believe in letting the poloi have a say in how their lives are to be run .

  8. As much as I hate the sociopathic left, elected officials have a duty to show up and, win, lose or draw, deal with concerns of the voters.

    If the fools living in Oregon want CO2 Cap & Trade, then they should have it. Then they can sit around in their plaid shirts and watch the economy go down the tubes. It’s stupid, but it’s the voter’s prerogative.

    This is really the flip side of Democrats refusing to accept the election of Trump.

    • Hey! I actually do live in Oregon and applaud these state senators for doing everything they can to prevent this madness.

      I do believe Oregon liberals will run into the same brick wall that Washington liberals ran into and if this legislation is passed it will be set aside in the courts and will ultimately be rejected by voters. Even though I understand the mindset of folks who think their good intentions are enough when it comes to passing legislation it boggles my mind that they can’t see that all they’ll do is cause misery for the people living paycheck to paycheck and won’t do a thing for CO2 emissions, let alone global warming.

      But how do you reason with people whose beliefs aren’t actually based upon logic and reason? If anyone has the answer to this I’m all ears.

        • Australia comes to mind.

          It’s amazing how these US cities and states push forward without looking around the world at other countries who are years ahead of us with their renewables failures galore, yet no inclination to visit and investigate as to what the experiences have been and learn from them. No curiosity as you would expect. How can we avoid the failures of Australia and Germany, for example, and save our people unnecessary cost and blackouts, or worse? Those would seem to be the obvious questions before you invest.

          I suspect these alarmist politicians would be afraid to confront the reality of solar and wind’s long-term lack of viability. Actually, they likely don’t care because that’s not the point anyway.

      • You find where they are RIGHT and talk to them there.

        Making people wrong never improves things.

        The greens are RIGHT about regenerative agriculture. It is a very exciting and promising approach. There are undoubtedly mistakes and bugs to work out, so the American Way of Freedom and respect for those who disagree is essential. In the nature of things, this does not require forcing down anybody’s throat as the economy destruction stuff does. Just make sure these farmers are free to experiment without being assaulting by neighbors’ sprays. Profitability will win in the end.

    • Dems in the super majority results from Repubs nominating a stupid candidate for governor who depressed the Republican turnout by positioning himself far to the left on critical issues. The result is an unelectable tyrant leftist governor who wishes to impose Agenda21 [or 2030] which would eliminate people and business leaving the entire state a vast natural park.

      • Mainstream Republicans firmly believe that the key to victory is being slightly less liberal than who ever the Democrats nominate.

        • A choice of candidates, but not of platforms. Just the way the liberals like it.

          Trump offered the American people a meaningful choice of platforms, and the voters responded, to the point that even many who disliked him personally held their noses and gave him their ballot.

    • Javert, No we don’t want it. We want a vote by the people and that is not what Gov Kate Brown or the rest of the Senate wants. The Dems have the emergency clause tacked on this bill that they previously had agreed to remove in May but have backed out of at the last minute. That means that if the Senate votes Yes on it with the emergency clause, then it would take effect once signed by the governor. It means we can’t use the referendum process to refer Cap and Trade to us voters. The best part is that we rallied and we rallied hard at the last minute. There was an amazing peaceful show of real working families last Wednesday when 100’s of log trucks converged on the state fairgrounds and then bussed to the capitol building to protest respectfully. And the only ones that cared were the GOP Senators and a couple of Democrat Senators. She finally poked the bear a few too many times and boy did we all wake up with a vengeance. People are starting to open their eyes to the wide-reaching effect of Cap and Trade and the limited benefit. PLEASE HELP US not become California

    • I remember how conservative groups roasted Minnesota Democrats when they skipped town to prevent Republican bills from being passed.

  9. jtom has the answer. Resign. What is wrong with the Pacific coast people? Voting these totalitarians in! Are they for this. Is it legal? Maybe there is a Pacific Ocean virus, or concentration of GCR bombardment of the brain. Thank God Hillary didn’t get in federally.

    • No need to resign. Just don’t vote.

      Where was the outrage on the Left when WI Democrats absconded to IL?

    • Problem is that in most of the districts the Demos are from there is no opposition. We have no choice. It is like the soviet union. And in my experience, they don’t want to hear any opposition. I have called, and written letters, and been ignored. (I guess I don’t have enough Benjamins)

      • Yep. Standing in the shadows cast by the signs shrieking, “Save the planet!,” carried by their dupes, are the ones with the Benjamins clutched in their hands:

        the solar, wind, and electric car and battery scammers.

        Cui bono.

    • If they resign, they can be replaced.
      Do I need to point out what they would be replaced with?

    • “Alright, men. Search every donut shop within a 700-mile radius for those missing Senators. Fan out! Let’s go!”

  10. If it wasn’t for things that don’t exist, the democratic party would be gone by now ….

  11. Does a three-year old have any perspective when it is having a tantrum?
    Does a Democrat of any age on a tantrum understand as much?

  12. Where is the criminal offense?

    If the senators have committed no criminal offense, and the governor is using police to enforce her whim, then she may well be guilty of deprivation of rights under color of law.

    If so, we can only hope that the Republican senators file a criminal complaint and that Kate Brown is prosecuted.

  13. Considering the Democrats did the same tactic in Wisconsin a few years ago under Scott Walker, of leaving the state to prevent a quorum, it only matters when the other side is doing it.
    Of course, the legislature cannot do anything the Republicans favor while it is shut down, but it cannot do anything they oppose.
    If the Governor and the Democrats do not back down, this will go on until the next election. Of course, the Republicans can follow precedent, and go squishy.

  14. As much as I think the Oregon state legislature is roiling in enviro-stupidity that will ruin their economy and that this bill is a disaster, the legislators have an obligation to show up and vote. Fining them and calling on the state police to return them is, frankly, an appropriate response. In 2003, 11 Democrats in the Texas state legislate pulled the same stunt over redistricting legislation they didn’t want passed and the Texas Rangers were sent to locate them. They fled to Oklahoma, outside the Texas police jurisdiction. After a 46-day absence they returned. Ultimately the redistricting legislation they opposed did pass. And ultimately Oregon’s misbegotten legislation will pass, but their stunt will hopefully bring more attention to this terrible legislation, but that’s about it.

    • Stinkerp, have you ever watched ‘Mr. Smith Goes to Washington’? This column is the first I’ve heard [and I live in the capital] of what the legislation is that is being opposed. Except for a minor newspaper in the east of the state, there are none to tell the truth, so there is little hope of bringing any kind of truthful “attention to this terrible legislation.” If that were all this action accomplished, it would be enough.

      • Not true. The Oregonian covered it the other day. In fact that is where I found out that Brown has threatened to call a special session if it doesn’t pass.

    • I remember this pretty much exactly as you described it. However, I also recall the media falling over themselves describing the Texas Republicans as knuckle-dragging fascists trying to round up the freedom-loving Democrats. Place your bets for how the media will describe the Republicans in Oregon for doing exactly the same thing.

    • So your logic is that if both the Dems and GOP governors use the same illegal tactics, it is OK??
      Better brush up on your logic and knowledge of the law, which may differ in the two states in question.

  15. The states neighboring the wacky West Coast need to build power plants fast to take advantage of these monumental economic idiocracies. It won’t be long before California, Oregon, and Washington come begging for backup energy when the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow.

    • Oregon and Washington generate most of their electricity via hydroelectric so I’m not certain how badly these politicians can screw things up… but California is another matter entirely. I left Cali 3 years ago (now in Oregon) and I don’t see things getting better there until they hit rock bottom.

      • Greens don’t like hydropower. And what Greens don’t like, they demand be destroyed, economic consequences be darned.

  16. I don’t know if the democrats deserve a political finesse score of just zero or minus ten. They would certainly score positive on the ‘scary laughing stock’ scale. Are they more funny or more scary? Or is this just sad?

  17. Republicans doing the only thing they can to prevent this ridiculous bill from passing. Democratic supermajority = insanity. One of many legislative actions they’ve taken contradicting votes of the Oregon people.

  18. This is more than just that 2020 bill. The list is long: Logging, water, grazing, wolves-lions-bears, fishing and a just don’t give a chit about anything that isn’t in their big city fantasy land. The Portland mob has run rough-shod over their rural citizens for reasons they can barely articulate but will vote for just because they can.

  19. If the session expires, Governor has threatened to call a special session however many times it takes to get the bill passed. If it does pass, I will be first in line to sign an initiative to repeal it. (Fortunately Oregon voters have the means to repeal laws they don’t like, unlike most of the states east of the Mississippi.)

    • When the State is run by Dems, getting a ballot title that makes sense is nigh impossible. I’ve fought for legislation I didn’t understand from the title! We were supposed to go out and tell the voters it doesn’t mean what it says in the title; of course, such initiatives usually fail. Yes, we have the means, but when an initiative is submitted for a headline 6 times, each rendering a hopeless mishmash of words and syllables, with the election approaching and a limited amount of time to collect hundreds of thousands of voter signatures, it can get pretty frustrating.

    • A special session is a different session from the main legislative session. The bills would have to start the process from the beginning.

      The main legislative session, by law, ends on June 30, unless the legislature votes to extend it. With the Republicans missing and no quorum, the extension can’t happen.

      Further, all of these bills are proposed as emergency legislation, which makes them immune to referendum. Republican legislators have offered to return of the Democrats will remove the emergency clauses. Polling shows that none of the bills in question will survive a referendum.

      • “Further, all of these bills are proposed as emergency legislation, which makes them immune to referendum.”

        Isn’t that interesting! I didn’t know that. No wonder the Republicans are protesting! Now it all makes sense. 🙂

        The authoritarian Democrats are not representing the people of Oregon, they are representing their own partisan political, misinformed biases, and are attempting to bypass the Will of the People.

        Well, as another poster noted, the regular legislative session is over on June 30, so the Republicans only have to hold out for a few more days. They can come to Oklahoma for a short visit. Oregon law authorities don’t have jurisdiction here, and we like Republicans. Especially Republicans that fight back against the authoritarians!

        • pls correctly pointed out that the Democrats are purposefully avoiding the will of the people by making the cap and trade decision immune to a referendum ballot.

          However, it is even worse than that! In Oregon, you cannot use emergency legislation to pass a bill that raises revenue.


          Further, reading mainstream media stories in the US about pissing matches between Democrats and Republicans is like getting your climate science from Greenpeace press releases.

      • An “emergency” huh? Then I would suggest all the republicans take a vacation out of the country.

  20. Dems tried this not showing up nonsense against Walker in Wisconsin years ago. Regardless the OR governor’s actions, senators’ choice as childish now as then.

  21. The legislature is running this under an emergency clause so it doesn’t have to go to the voters because frankly they will reject it. Lately Oregon’s leadership comes back after the citizens vote something down and then stuff it through again, essentially giving the voters the middle finger. Yea we know you all shot this down in flames last time, but we really know what is best for you so here it is again.

  22. I repeat a request I saw earlier – is it illegal for the Senators not to attend?

    If so, the police should arrest them. If not, what have the police got to do with it?

  23. “Oregon Democrats Order State Police to Force Republican Senators to Return,” Not sure there is any law these Republicans are breaking. By what authority would the police use to force them back? About time we use methods DemocRATs have used for years to combat run away foolish legislation.

    • Oregon law (and a lot of other states) allows the legislature leadership to use the state police to enforce a quorum call. It’s not that the missing legislators have committed a crime, it’s more like a summons.

  24. All I can say is that with this sort of stupid crap going on I am glad that I am on the right side of fifty as the inmates are obviously running the asylum.

  25. Nothing new. The dems ran and hid here in NC a fews years back to try and stop a Repub Gov, house, and senate from passing I think tax cuts and a concealed carry bill. The governor had enough of them picked up to make for a quorum in the house.

  26. I remember when democrat state legislatures in Texas pulled this same stunt a few years back and they were lauded as hero’s in most of the Texas and National press. Yea, here is the story:

    Democrats in the Wisconsin and then Indiana legislatures have did the same thing not too long ago: http://voices.washingtonpost.com/44/2011/02/indiana-democrats-flee-state-l.html

    So refusing to allow a quorum by running away is not and unusual tactic, except in this instance what is not usual is that it’s Republicans running away and hiding out.

  27. I am ABSOLUTELY on-board with using armed men to force politicians to do their damned job.

    • Sorry but they “are” doing their job by not allowing the demos to force through a legislative result that the population wouldn’t vote for.

    • The Republicans are doing their damned job, which is representing the people of Oregon. The Democrats know that the people would never vote for this legislation, so they are trying to circumvent the will of the people by declaring it ‘Emergency’ legislation, which prevents the people from responding to the law with a referendum.

      It is obviously not an emergency as there is no discernable evidence that there is even a problem, and if there was a problem, this legislation would not have any impact on it. So the Dems are putting virtue signaling ahead of the will of the people. That is not their damned job.

      • James, let’s admit that we are dinosaurs, and the world keeps changing around us. “Free speech” is not what it used to be. “Marriage” is not what it used to be. “Emergency” is not what it used to be. 100,000 people illegally entering the country in April is not an emergency.

    • The Republicans ARE doing their “damned job”. They’re trying to protect the citizens of Oregon from the predatory legislation the Demonrats are trying to ram through.

      • The majority wins elections. They got the representatives and executive they wanted. Those reps get to write law. If the laws they write are disliked the majority can vote them out and put in a majority who will undo what was done. Why regard one man’s opinion (your’s or mine) of what Oregonians “want” as more valid than the laws enacted by the folks they actually elected? That is the fundamental bargain made for the community retaining the liberty of self governance. Quorums weren’t designed so minority losers could frustrate legislation, they were built to insure fair play at a time when intrastate transportation was time consuming and arduous, not so the whiney kid can take his ball and go home. For good or ill, the people are owed and deserve the government they choose.

    • The Republicans ARE voting. The only way they can. With their feet.

      The most important job is with the people. The /dems are demonstrating utter contempt for the people with that “Emergency legislation.” Will the people have the sense to vote them out of office, including in Democrat primaries?

    • Not when the majority party makes it and “emergency” so the law cannot be overturned by the voters. What the Republicans are trying to prevent is tyranny.

  28. The Dems want to avoid a public determination on this bill, which they know is unpopular. The GOP is forcing them to submit the bill to the public by refusing to join their fraudulent procedure.

  29. It’s probably worth mentioning that the current Oregon governor, Kate Brown, when leader of the opposition a few years ago, did exactly the same trick, having all the Democrat senators leave to break the quorum.

    Now her own tactic is being used against her, and she is throwing a hissy fit.

    I suspect that a lot of Bloomberg/Soros money is riding on this passing.
    There have been quite a few people noting the public records of political donation sources to to Democrats in Oregon. Those two lead by a huge margin. We are talking millions per person.

    Bought and paid for.
    I also suspect this may be why Trump has put Oregon on his re-election target list.
    It’s not really a blue state. Brown’s share of the vote was 50.6%. Many suspect that there was some irregularity in how that number was arrived at.

  30. A true Shakespearan play catch comedy:
    Kate Brown as Lady in Waiting and the Senators in Hiding.
    Tadaa: here comes the police as the clueless clown.
    What a funny game. Not.

  31. The five hottest years on record have been … drum roll please … the last five years.

    There are, supposedly, at least 4.5 billion years before this one. How many of these years have been hotter than “…the last five years”?
    5 years out of 160 years out of 4.5 billion years isn’t impressive, really.
    Science works best with some common sense. Just try hard enough. Don’t forget to enjoy life!

    • Well, some of the temperatures in the 1930’s were hotter than the last five years and 1998 was hotter than all subsequent years except for 2016, which was 0.1C hotter (a statistical tie).

      NASA and NOAA conveniently disappeared 1998 into insignificance using their bogus Hockey Stick charts so they could make that bogus claim that the last five years are the hottest on record

      But the UAH satellite chart tells the true story:


      As you can see, the last five years were not the five hottest years. Currently we are about 0.5C cooler than either 2016 or 1998.

      NASA and NOAA should stop lying about the temperatures.

  32. There are several places in Oregon where politicians opposing statewide legislation can hide. In fact most of Oregon land has such places. It’s only within the college towns and larger cities in the Willamette Valley/I-5 corridor that have people next door who would turn them in. We still have counties with only three paved roads into the entire county. We have counties without a single stoplight or a Walmart store. And 100’s of towns without a fast food outlet. And FAR more defensive items than people. Plus every member of each family knows how to safely and accurately use them. Plus such people have more babies than the idiots who think one is too many.

    So we will be fine, one way or another.

  33. If only Oregon was as aggressive in pursuing illegals as they are GOP state senators. Of course, the Oregon Dems will claim Trump is a dictator as they want their political opponents rounded up.

  34. gop/public correctly pilloried democrats when they did it in Texas in 2003 and Wisconsin in 2011.
    gop themselves should not be allowed to do this now EVEN if I agree with their policies.

    • As the Democrats will never reciprocate your purportedly ethical behavior, doing so is acting to support the Democrats, not being ethical.

  35. Hide out in the abbey like the family from the Sound of Music, lest the goon squad finds them.

  36. “Does the Senate require a quorum?

    Article I, section 5 of the Constitution requires that a quorum (51 senators) be present for the Senate to conduct business. Often, fewer than 51 senators are present on the floor, but the Senate presumes a quorum unless a roll call vote or quorum call suggests otherwise.”

    “Can Senate vote without a quorum?

    If there is no quorum (as shown by a quorum call or roll-call vote), the only actions the Senate can take are to adjourn, to recess, or to compel absent members to come to the chamber.03.07.2018”


    Enigma. Why are “Oregon Republicans [ ] on the lam to avoid voting on a major climate change bill” – instead of voting.

    • Because the session ends on June 30, and that would block any action on the bill until next year.

      • Not of Gov. Brown has her way. She has threatened to call as many special sessions as needed to get this bill passed.

    • Because the Democrats have a supermajority in both houses, and an iron grip on the Dem representatives. They dare not vote against certain bills, of which this is one.

      If all the R’s turn up and vote no it will pass. This is the only way they can block it.

  37. I hear they have some nice cabins at Camp David and some rooms in the basement of the WH.

  38. “Why don’t Oregon Democrats just wait a few weeks, let the Republican senators make their protest, maybe cut a few concessions to bring them back to the table?”

    Because the session ends next week.

  39. Oregon Constitution Article IV, Section 9

    ” Legislators free from arrest and not subject to civil process in certain cases; words uttered in debate.

    Senators and Representatives in all cases, except for treason, felony, or breaches of the peace, shall be privileged from arrest during the session of the Legislative Assembly, and in going to and returning from the same; and shall not be subject to any civil process during the session of the Legislative Assembly, nor during the fifteen days next before the commencement thereof: Nor shall a member for words uttered in debate in either house, be questioned in any other place.-“

  40. As of today 6/27, the Dems say that they no longer have the votes to pass the Cap and Trade, bill so they say it is dead. The Republicans aren’t trusting them and are still out. The Dem’s already did the emergency clause on another bill earlier this year, demonstrating that they don’t want the voters input on anything.

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