Europe’s first eco-mosque invokes God to fight climate change

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by Adela Suliman | @adela_suliman

Thursday, 23 May 2019 10:31 BST

IMG_3312 (1)Located in the world-famous British university city, the mosque opened its doors just in time for the fasting month of Ramadan and is adorned with wooden columns and solar panels

By Adela Suliman

LONDON – Europe’s first green mosque is hoping to harness the power of Islam to tackle climate change, urging Muslims who worship in the British newbuild to do more to protect the planet.

As one of the fastest growing faiths in the world, Islam could be a powerful force if Muslims were stirred to environmental action, climate activists say.

Which is where Cambridge Central Mosque steps in.

Located in the world-famous British university city, the mosque opened its doors in May just in time for the fasting month of Ramadan. It is adorned with latticed columns, clad in solar panels and surrounded by crab apples, with space for 1,000 and a mission to become a force for climate good.

“The mosque symbolises the spiritual heart of the Muslim community, it’s the central locus where the worshipper connects to God,” said mosque trust patron and musician Cat Stevens.

Stevens, famous for hit songs “Wild World” and “Morning Has Broken”, became Muslim in the 1970s and is now known as Yusuf Islam. He told the Thomson Reuters Foundation that Muslims had an important role to play in tackling the climate crisis.

“It (the mosque) is part of the re-education process, digging deeper into the true nature of Islam to reveal its harmony with the balance of the universe,” said Stevens.

“Many Muslims have forgotten this and are not contributing enough to the present climate crisis.”

The 24-million-pound ($30-million) building, funded largely by the Turkish government, will welcome hundreds of worshippers for night prayers every night, during this month of Ramadan – following a 18-hour fast from food and drink in daylight hours.

With recycled rainwater to irrigate the gardens and energy-harvesting heat pumps, the mosque says it produces close to zero carbon emissions and boasts better green credentials than the thousands of other mosques that are scattered across Europe.

“The Koran emphasises the beauty and harmony of the natural world as a sign of God’s creative power and wisdom,” said mosque trust chairman and Cambridge University professor, Timothy Winter, also known as Abdal Hakim Murad.

“The struggle against climate change and the mass extinction of species is not only a practical question of human survival, but is a battle to respect and protect God’s gifts.”


Large skylights illuminate the main prayer hall so no artificial lights are needed by day, while the rooftop is dressed in panels that turn sun to power.

It is not just the building that is green.

The mosque follows broad Islamic principles that favour environmental protection, say Muslim climate experts, be it the stewardship of God’s earth or sacred teachings on preserving water, planting trees and protecting animals.

“Muslims could be a powerful force that can be mobilised against climate change,” said Shanza Ali, co-founder of Muslim Climate Action, a British advocacy group.

“However this would require us to go back to Islamic teachings and back to valuing the skills, ideas and respect that communities would give the environment,” she said.

For Ali, a fixed eco-message would not work for the world’s diverse 1.8 billion Muslims; a pluralistic approach could better “revive the connection” between Islam and the environment.

“Projects like the Cambridge mosque are going to be critical in raising awareness and showing people that this isn’t just a niche issue that some Muslims have picked up, but it’s an issue at the heart of our belief,” she said.

In 2015, Islamic faith leaders came together to urge Muslims to play a more active role in combating climate change in a declaration that was welcomed by the United Nations.

The declaration lamented the “corruption” that humans had caused and called for lower emissions, an end to deforestation and greater commitment to renewable energy sources.

Religious leaders from Pope Francis to the Dali Lama have preached similar eco-messages, warning their faithful of the dangers of growing climate change.

According to the Alliance of Religions and Conservation charity, the world’s big faiths could galvanise some 5 billion people into climate action, 85% of the world’s population.

In Britain, former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams – representing some 85 million Christians globally – endorsed Green Party political candidates ahead of Thursday’s European elections, saying it was “harder and harder to pretend that we’re not living in the middle of the most serious environmental crisis in recorded history.”

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100 thoughts on “Europe’s first eco-mosque invokes God to fight climate change

  1. Reposting my song to the church of model fellowship of Mann:

    <b<An Ode to the Church
    On Fighting Climate Change

    Bureaucrats and Global Planners
    Speak in agitated manners,
    Predicating great disaster:
    “Climate change we now must master!”

    Human guilt and blame beseeching:
    “Children, shame we should be teaching!
    Man has sinned by overreaching
    Fragile Gaia’s limit!”

    Beware: this bold apostasy
    Spins prophesy from vanity!
    The firmaments will never be
    Controlled by mortal hands.
    So, use this world, as best you can,
    To take care of your fellow man
    And leave Earth’s destiny to God’s great plan!

    This Universe is God’s, alone
    Commanding elements He owns.
    Perplexes any man’s control,
    Yet, still provides for every soul!

    • Eco-jihadi Suicide Bombers? With environmentally friendly vinegar and baking soda ‘bombs’ strapped to their chests?

    • Exactly what I thought! What better way to justify mass murder & wholesale slaughter than to evoke “Allah’s” will to destroy the for now democratic free West? Expect more suicide bombers only now they will cry “Allah Akaba, for Gaia!” AtB

    • That is an unjustified association: Muslims are no more likely to be terrorists than Christians are. And it is not funny.

      • Most possibly the dumbest and most willfully ignorant comment I’ve read on this blog.

        • Remember what happened in New Zealand recently. I’m in favour of free speech but Islamophobic comments are not only dangerous but seriously damage the reputation of a website like this.
          I can’t share posts on this site because of the repulsive comments which so often appear. Do we want ‘climate change denier’ to be permanently tainted by identification with far-right, white supremacist, gun-loving, misogynistic males?
          The moderator has pulled one post, I don’t know why these other posts are allowed to stand since they have nothing to do with climate science.

          • I wasn’t really paying attention to the New Zealand story…

            How many were beheaded in the name of Jesus, and the direction of the bible, through the interpretation of a large portion of the Christian leadership?

            O.K., sorry, I know you won’t/can’t answer that kind of question.

            How about, How many were killed (in NZ) with the intent of making any organized religion stronger?

  2. I should think that since the resurgence of Islam in the last century or so was wholly built on the revenues of primitive Arab countries from their production of petroleum, there will be some fine religious doubletalk invented to convince the greenies of the virtues of green behavior and alternate energy sources, with enough smoke and mirrors to protect those sacred revenues while the rest of the world is converted.

    • I also wonder if “Muslim Climate Action” is also picking up some handy tax exemptions for both religious and charitable reasons.

  3. “following a (an) 18-hour fast from food and drink in daylight hours.”
    “Large skylights illuminate the main prayer hall so no artificial lights are needed by day, while the rooftop is dressed in panels that turn (the) sun to power.”

  4. So Turkey gives much or most of 24 million pounds to build a mosk in Britain, but receives much more aid from Britain to build essential infrastructure in Turkey like sewerage systems (80 million 2017).

    Wassup with that?

    • Building mosques in other countries is how salafist countries (e.g., Saudi Arabia, Turkey) spread salafist ideology throughout the world.

    • Ddon’t worry, we Brits are perfectly happy to squander taxpayers (it’s guvment money when it’s a good thing, taxpayers money when it’s bad) £2Billion given to India a few years ago undere Noo Labour, for the women & girls education programme, at the same time that India was paying billions in re-equiping its air force with the latest Russian built fighter-bombers!!! Go figure that one!

    • Agreed this is wrong. I am mostly libertarian in biases and usually favor freedom of action for all. But not foreign governments. Foreign governments should not be allowed to build schools or religious institutions which may act to subvert a nation’s culture. Private foreigners with private money? Ok. But not governments. This is what the Saudi’s have done to promote their version of Islam and Sharia, which are medieval by western civilization’s standards, especially in the treatment of women as less than fully human.

      How rich that a culture rising on petrodollars is going to proselytize for climate change

  5. Our [unplanned] Posterity will not know winter, summer, fall, or spring. The weather will be normal. The climate will be static. Gaia will be obscured through a green blight.

    • That virgin thing was a translation/interpretation mistake. It’s grapes … they get grapes.

      • Or maybe wine, pure wine from vines…as the main proper beverage of celebration, the so much claimed as a the prohibited drink in Sharia, but not in Quran…


      • Yeah sounds pretty gross. That they don’t get told is the vigins they get are all elderly spinsters. You really need to be careful what you wish for.

    • The problem is that not only are they virgins, but they will stay virgins for all eternity.

      • OH wow, the perfect punishment. A jihadi rapist gets to be surrounded by virgins for the rest of eternity but not allowed to defile them. What a cruel God.

  6. Out of touch celebrities talk rubbish whether they are Muslim, Christian or atheist.
    It’s not a “religion” thing.

    It’s a “more money than sense” thing.

  7. The taqiyya is strong in this one…

    The difficulty that Islam has with issues natural phenomena is its fundamental doctrine of the sovereignty and omnipotence of Allah. As nothing happens without the permission and direction of Allah, a Muslim will always have difficulty in opposing climate change.

    The claim that such basic and obvious doctrine can be countered by searching out a counter-doctrine on the environment will not appeal to the majority.

    *Inshalla* ( if Allah wills it) the climate will change………. or not.

    • You’re expecting that they believe in Climate Change. I’m confident the real answer is that they were given the money to build something that is more expensive and therefor more awesome than the Christian Churches in the area, or even the government funded buildings in the area. Nothing but money driven ego and one-upmanship, all on someone else’s dime.

  8. I don’t seem to recall any Book in the New Testament where Jesus leads an Army and then proceeds to wipe out villages and personally partakes in the beheading his enemies, and then taking women and children as slaves and chattel to be sold.

    Oh… wait…

    • I never understood why people who ‘fled’ their homeland want to change the country they now live in into the country they ‘fled’ because of the miserable conditions they lived in.

      • It’s some people’s nature. Like the proverb – a washed pig wallows in the mud and a dog returns to eat its own vomit.

      • Ddon’t worry, we Brits are perfectly happy to squander taxpayers (it’s guvment money when it’s a good thing, taxpayers money when it’s bad) £2Billion given to India a few years ago undere Noo Labour, for the women & girls education programme, at the same time that India was paying billions in re-equiping its air force with the latest Russian built fighter-bombers!!! Go figure that one!

    • He did drive a herd of pigs into the sea of Galilee. Not an action most right thinking people would condone. And the Crusades and Inquisitions killed many in His name. Judeo Christian Islamic don’t have a good record of practicing the peace they teach.

      • Jesus did no such thing, you read it wrong.

        The crusades were more complex than that. History has put them in the name of religion that’s true, but the reality is that Islam was spreading into the Mediterranean and starting to drive out the locals in a crewel manner. The popes invented the crusades as an excuse to take and occupy the promised land for the church, but the more pressing reason was to drive back the Islamic nation and keep them contained.

      • Violence “In His name” is not in anyway what the New Testament says about the the foundational way to live one’s life that Jesus taught, the foundation of Christianity.
        Jesus taught tolerance, love, compassion, most especially forgiveness of one’s enemies.
        That others came long after Him and used it for violence against others was not His teachings.

        Islam’s foundational Prophet on the other hand was not a “turn the other cheek” kind of guy.
        Which highlights why today’s Leftist/Greens are embracing Islam… precisely because it tells them to smite their enemies, to wage Jihad. It gives the rationalization for what they want to do to humanity and its environmental sins in name of their climate religion.

      • Ulick …you left out all of the times where Islam invaded or tried to invade areas of Europe in the centuries prior to the Crusades. Also left out is that Islam raised the sword from the beginning against all non believers.

      • The Crusades were for a reason! To stem the onslaught of the Moor armies, which were finally stopped at the gates of Vienna, saving Europe, on an insignificant date (sarc) 9/11, hence the significance of that date & why such murderous events took place on 9/11 – it was a revenge attack several centuries later!

      • Firstly, the definition of a Christian is a follower of Jesus Christ and the definition of a Muslim is a follower of Mohammed. Neither religion is like joining a club and buying the t-shirt. To belong, you have to be a player and the rules were set by the founders.
        someone who claims to be a member but doesn’t follow the teachings is a hypocrite – a Greek term for play-actors first used as a criticism in the context by Jesus himself.

        Don’t love your neighbour? Not a Christian.

        Mohammed, OTOH, was a man of violence and commanded his followers to make war and take slaves. The Islamic empire had been invading Christian nations for CENTURIES before the first Crusade started the push back. Most of the Middle-East, Northern Africa and Spain had been conquered. Southern Europe was being raided by Muslim pirates and slavers. Those bloody great walls around the Vatican? Built after yet more Muslims sacked the joint.

        People who try to apply some form of moral equivalence are kidding themselves, both historically and philosophically.

        Muslim invaders made it into Eastern Europe, Austria and southern France…… can anyone make an even half-plausible case as to why fighting back wasn’t justified?

  9. “The 24-million-pound ($30-million) building, funded largely by the Turkish government”

    It should say funded largely by european taxpayers. (EU unable to fully trace €1bn spent on refugees in Turkey)

  10. Muslims need to get back to their scientific roots and first establish that CO2 is a problem before advocating for fixing the problem.

    Muslims need to think outside this CAGW Box.

    Turkey funding mosques in Britain. I guess Turkey’s leaders have a lot of money to throw around.

  11. Cat Stevens??? AAAAAHHHHHHH!!! I am going to go beat my head on the wall for a while and see if that helps reduce this obvious hallucination……..

  12. Well let’s hope they’ve modernized the call to prayer – send a text instead of the loud wailing.

    • Back in my military days…
      Every time I was in the MidEast, those damn loudspeakers wailing every 5 hours or so…

      I wondered… how the F can these people ever accomplish anything?
      Answer: They haven’t for 1,400 years. And they use foreigners to produce and sell their oil.

  13. So we now have both GAIA and Allah. Do I see a battle of the Gods
    taking place.

    As Islam is largely based on a lot of the Hebrew Old Testimont, I recall a
    bit somewhere, which says that mankind can do whatever he likes to the
    Earth and its creatures. Conflict is only a matter of time.


    • Michael.

      Islam is supposed to follow Quran guidance. The Guide.
      Quran is not Old or New Testimont… 🙂
      Considered to be taken as a Testimont Guide of Old and New… not a Law or a Teaching,
      just a Guide…to the both of above.

      The Law, the Teaching and the Guide….or as it may be put otherwise, The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. 🙂

      Always as per the matter of the religion.


    • The Koran contains a number of stories that are similar to stories that can be found in the Old Testament. However there are significant differences, as if Mohamed heard them as a child, but didn’t quite remember them.

      • There are about 7 apocryphal tales from the Christian and Jewish heretical sects plus Gnostics that lived around the Arabs and outside Byzantine and Orthodox Jewish controlled territory. Then there are the Zoroastrian influences. It’s doubtful if Mohammed or the early Muslims ran into any real Christians, the Holy Bible wasn’t translated into Arabic until 200 years after Mohammed.

  14. This is a worrying and not surprising development. Climate change is a religious belief embraced by many zealots who do not believe the old beliefs Christian or Islam. These traditional religions led by Pope Francis, some Protestant environmentalists and now some Muslims are embracing the CAGW belief to broaden their appeal. And these guys are responsible for Crusades, Inquisitions, pogroms and Jihads. We need to be careful if the fanatical belief in climate change gets deeper and more ingrained in traditional religions.

  15. If a rich, low will power, Muslim were to spend the month of Ramadan in southern Argentina, would he be cheating?

  16. Really really sorry to put it so plainly out as per my understanding.

    In these modern days we live, the so much proclaimed worshiping in the Islam is just a matter of hypocrisy
    in proper full application.
    Most of, including most of mosques and other places or people in that supposed religious worship, do not any more worship the word of God as given by their Prophet through the means of Holy Spirit, AKA in Quran,
    but very clearly and forcefully even under some kind of severe obligation worship the word of man to extreme, as per the Sharia Law, which has nothing much to do with God or Quran perse.

    Sharia is not Quran, and considering it otherwise as per means of Quran, one has to consider not only failure in as per the means of hypocrisy but also in the means of the worst of all, infidelity…towards the word of God that supposedly these guys must hold up and worship and follow…

    In the means and context of Quran, Sharia can be only a pollution and a contamination at the very least,
    or a very contaminating poison if served as a Law considered under the means of Quran….as per the Quran stand.

    Quran is considered to stand as the God’s word, Sharia is only a man’s bollocks… as per matters of religion in the specifics and otherwise…
    no even an allowance for comparison in between allowed there in matters of Islam proper…
    but hey many many illiterate and charlatan mullahs ruling the roost of Islam these days…
    completely worshiping outside and most probably for most of the time against the means and guidance of Quran…will definitely preach otherwise, as matter of tradition supposedly…

    So why one has to be surprised by the stand of a mosque in Britain or somewhere else for that matter, in any given issue within the human society, is a bit too far gone or silly…
    A mosque these days usually is no more than a fracking silly laughing stock matter these days as within the means of religion…only considered in some kind of respect by the followers due to obligation and fear…
    for not saying mental oppression.

    Sorry not meaning to be disrespectful or mocking, but hey this to me stands as very very obvious.

    As per the basic means and the core of Islam, Quran and Sharia do not actually belong in the same or can be considered as the same by any stretch of imagination… unless the “infidelity” clause considered as per the Quran…in the consideration of the otherwise.


  17. Oh good god, a religion and a quasi religious pseudoscientific cult joining forces. What could go wrong?

  18. “Trump Administration Hardens Its Attack on Climate Science”

    “James Reilly, a former astronaut and petroleum geologist, has ordered that scientific assessments produced by that office use only computer-generated climate models that project the impact of climate change through 2040, rather than through the end of the century, as had been done previously.”

    • The NY Slimes is terrified that real science under Happer’s guidance will take over.

  19. The Koran emphasises the beauty and harmony of the natural world as a sign of God’s creative power and wisdom,” said mosque trust chairman and Cambridge University professor, Timothy Winter, also known as Abdal Hakim Murad

    The Qur’an emphasizes that Jews are descended from apes and pigs, that Muslims should take no friends among Christians and Jews, that death can be dealt to unbelievers when Ramadan is over, and that it’s fine to take captured women as sex-slaves.

    Such is the beauty and harmony revealed in the Qur’an by the creative power of the god of Timothy Winter aka Abdul Hakim Murad. The guy’s a certifiable idiot.

  20. It is very interesting that Islam and the Green Movement have been joined under the same roof so to speak. It just furthers my suspicions that these mass immigrations, AGW and renewables are all part of the plan to destroy Western Governments by financial ruin. From the ashes they will create the new One World Government that will be ruled by a select few.

  21. “With recycled rainwater to irrigate the gardens and energy-harvesting heat pumps, the mosque says it produces close to zero carbon emissions and boasts better green credentials than the thousands of other mosques that are scattered across Europe.”


    Every mosque serves tea and sweets to its visitors.

    Show me a mosque with up to 1.000 visitors boiling water for tea, baking sweets or get them delivered, doing the laundry and so on:

    that produces close to zero carbon emissions!

    Needs a strong believe.

    • Life is carbon based on this planet. Maybe 2% is organic carbon.
      98% of carbon on Earth is inorganic carbon (oxidized to CO2 or carbonates).

      So your answer:
      2,996 people. The immediate deaths included 265 on the four planes (including the terrorists), 2,606 in the World Trade Center and in the surrounding area, and 125 at the Pentagon.

      • Then add in the endless Afghan wars, Iraq, Libya all based 9/11 footprint on the Constitution.

  22. “Many Muslims have forgotten this and are not contributing enough to the present climate crisis.”

    They want them to contribute more to the climate crisis? Or perhaps more to help ameliorate the climate crisis?

  23. God, in the guise of Mother Nature is the party responsible for climate change. Since climate change is physically caused by the sun and the oceans over which mankind has no control, praying to God may be a better approach than anything else people have come up with. The problem is that we do not know what the optimum climate is so we do not know exactly what to pray for. Extreme weather events are associated with our current climate and all known climate regimes.

  24. I am uncertain whether the author understands how religion works.

    The deity of Islam is not a member of the “Holy Trinity” so don’t claim such.

    • The main deity (character) in Islam proper is still the God Almighty the same one as per the story in Judaism and Christianity…same basic story line there… either fictional or not.
      And still Holy Spirit it happens to be or considered so as one of the trilogy in the “Holy Trinity”…

      The same one, either as in the proposition of Abraham, Moses, Messiah or Muhammad…
      The same one , either as in the context of the story line of Torah, The Holy Bible or Quran.


      • Islam is strictly opposed to the idea of the Trinity, and Jesus as the Son of God.

  25. But if a God, be it Christian, Islamic or Buddhist , etc. ., then why do
    “Nasty things”‘ happen. Is he or she a nice thing or not .

    But I am forgetting, what about the Garden of Eden, we are all sinning,
    so the punishment has to occur all of the time.

    Another thought, the likes of Saudi Arabia is not what I would call a
    beautiful place, so what are we to save for the future, lots and lots more sand.


  26. Does the interior not remind one of the large mosque- cathedral at Cordoba , with its many columns , albeit rather dark inside as I recall.
    I wonder what the building looks like from the outside and how it tones in , if it does, with the medieval, renaissance and Georgian architecture of Cambridge.

  27. As Rome’s Francis with Lautado Si has gone Gaia, followed by Bartholemeu of the Orthodox, with the Archbishop of Canterbury, the greening of religions is in full swing – exactly Prince Philip’s Alliance of Religion and Conservation , ARC, put in play.
    Islam is now to be greened, and where better to start than Cambridge, MI6′ recruiting ground.
    Maybe Iran won’t play along? How about the Saudi’s – already green?

  28. Anyone seriously interested should consult Cribratio Alkorani (Critique of the Koran) by Nicolas de Cusa, the founder of modern science (De Docta Ignoranta – On Learned Ignorance). There is a detailed stanza by stanza analysis of the Koran from a christian point of view.
    Historically Mohammed is linked to Nestorians, a schismatic branch of the Church.
    By the way, those climate “science is settled” operatives need some learned ignorance!

    Very good that someone mentioned the fabulous Spainsh Moorish (Islamic) architecture.

  29. Is there a recommended green suicide explosive vest that does not harm the environment after the attack?

  30. Islam is busted! If you do a search on Dan Gibson, Jay Smith, Christian Prince, David Wood, Patricia Crone, Bill Warner, Apostate Prophet, go through the material provided, you find out it doesn’t have a leg to stand on, it has been debunked on multiple levels. For Islam to go Green is only compounding the stupidity.

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