Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Communal Cauliflowers Turn Minorities Away from Environmental Activism

Forbidden Cauliflower (modified): Tiia Monto [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

According to AOC, support for environmental policies like the Green New Deal would be stronger if minorities weren’t being subtly coerced into growing colonial cauliflowers in their communal gardens.

Ocasio-Cortez: ‘Colonial’ Cauliflower in Community Gardens Makes Minorities Avoid Environmentalism

By Joshua Caplan 20 May 2019

“What I love too is growing plants that are culturally familiar to the community. It’s so important,” the 29-year-old freshman congresswoman said while filming herself strolling through a community garden in the Bronx.

“But when you really think about it — when someone says that it’s ‘too hard’ to do a green space that grows Yucca instead of, I don’t know, cauliflower or something — what you’re doing is that you’re taking a colonial approach to environmentalism, and that is why a lot of communities of color get resistant to certain environmentalist movements because they come with the colonial lens on them,” she argued.

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What can I say – Alexandria, you’re supposed to eat the cauliflower, not smoke it.

156 thoughts on “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Communal Cauliflowers Turn Minorities Away from Environmental Activism

      • I think she’s going for a “reality” show, after she utterly fails at gov’t.

      • What is scary to contemplate is the mind of mush that would spend any part of their day watching her inane video recordings for any reason other than a good laugh. I understand that would qualify them for dimmest bulb in the chandelier to begin with but viewing her ramblings can actually make them dimmer.

    • It’s certain she doesn’t know a thing about photosynthesis and the role of CO2 in it.

      • Did she sat “dahlias”? She’s going to make dahlia smoothies???? God in heaven, she really is dumber than a box of rocks!!!! (No insult meant to rocks, either.)

        Run away!!!! Run away!!!! And make sure you spray your clothes and shoes so that none of it sticks to you!

    • A Cauliflower looks a bit like a brain and is a lot smarter and taster than AOC.

      PS Cauliflower is a favorite food of East Indians (1 billion + people) and is awesome with potatoes in curry.

      • Her problem w/cauliflower is that it’s white. She demands that there needs to be more vegetables of color….

    • Come on, you guys! It’s “Be Kind To Vegetables” week!

      I doubt Occasionally-Conscious can tell a hoe from a hand grenade.

  1. Now if AOC was really serious about climate change, she would really do something significant like maybe give up toilet paper. After all, we are flushing entire old growth forests down our toilets, using tens of millions of gallons every day of drinking water in the process. A little sacrifice like going without the comfort of toilet paper would really make me think that AOC is ultra sincere about the horrors of climate change and practices what she is preaching. C’mon Alexandria, just give up the toilet paper and we will know you are sincere.

    • A least she should adopt the “One Sheet Sheryl” policy and CROW ABOUT IT GAFAW

    • It was Sheryl Crow who implored her fans to limit their use of toilet paper to a single square per incident. And she was dead serious. Maybe she saw that cartoon that depicted whole trees being lathed down to a single toothpick each, and drew her own assumption about TP.

    • One way we could “reduce our environmental impact” is what relatives of mine did. They had a dry outhouse (away from the house) and their indoor plumbing was a single hand pump with no hot water and no central heat ( in Minnesota). I wonder how well some of these “environmentalists” will enjoy that level of living “for the cause of protecting the environment” ?

      • I have Amish around me that still live like that. Some of these “environmentalists” bitch when they hold up traffic in their horse&buggy.

  2. I guess she’s never heard of Growing Zones…Does Yucca (A desert plant) grow in Her neck of the woods??
    Or is Yucca simply a Racial Slur against the Minorities???
    They are minority therefore they must prefer growing Yucca to Cauliflower

    • I think ‘yuca’ was meant. Tropical plant with starchy tubers…very popular in LA…

      • This is correct: Notice she pronounced “yooka”, which is the Hispano-Caribbean pronunciation of yuca. The yuca tuber, also known as cassava and manioc, is probably the most important starch-rich staple in Pureto Rican cuisine, or second after maize.

        She also mentioned plantains. NYC bodegas carry both, as Caribbean immigrants seek to maintain their traditional dishes and diets.

        AOC’s problem is, she is oblivious to the fact that cauliflower can readily be grown in NYC community springtime and late-summer-planted/autumn-harvest gardens, while tropical yuca and fruit-yielding banana-family plants cannot be grown in New York. In the U.S., commercial cultivation and harvesting of yuca and plantains is only feasible in South Florida and Hawaii.

        In addition, yuca, being an equatorial-zone-origin plant, evolved to grow under 12 +/- 1 hr sunlight. It would might survive, but would not thrive in NYC’s 9-to-15 hour sunlight seasonal swings, even in temperature-controlled greenhouses.

        • Thank you for the insight ilftpm.

          “But when you really think about it — when someone says that it’s ‘too hard’ to do a green space that grows Yucca{sic} instead of, I don’t know, cauliflower or something — what you’re doing is that you’re taking a colonial approach to environmentalism, and that is why a lot of communities of color get resistant to certain environmentalist movements because they come with the colonial lens on them,” she argued.”

          aoc’s statement borders on gibberish. She is explicit on items that define her red herring strawman fallacy; but extremely vague on her colonial accusations.
          It amounts to aoc is declaring generic racism based upon her explicitly imagined strawman.

          As others have noted, aoc’s exposure to communal gardens is extremely limited and likely restricted to minimal community restricted urban communal gardens.
          Yet, aoc feels free to extrapolate her minimalist experience to malign civilization based upon her prejudices and bigotry.

          Wherein aoc ignores that people who spend time in the outdoors, especially those who pay attention seasons, weather, plant growth and response to conditions tend to be very wary of climate alarmist doomisms.

          aoc overlooks that communal gardens are filled with people desiring to increase their vegetable consumption while reducing cost. These same people are going to be very alert to political fixes for climate doomism that hit them directly in their pocketbooks.

      • Do you folks remember the outcry when George Herbert Walker Bush (41) mentioned that he didn’t like broccoli? Where is the outcry against Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for her blatant slur against cauliflower?

        It’s a sad thing when we’ve come to politicize vegetables.

      • Of course, those are yellow and purple cauliflower, not black cauliflower. Blatant racism!

    • My God! She really doesn’t know anything useful at all! What do they teach at Boston University? Presentation?

      • Teach!? Do you seriously believe that a modern Jesuit school would actually degrade itself to actually teach? Have you not heard “ignorance is strength”?

        • She went to Boston U (not Catholic), not Boston College (Jesuit). That’s not to say that BC is really any better, but don’t insult them for AOC.

          Boston U – Have at it. She has single-handedly degraded the value of a BU degree by at least an order of magnitude

    • I think she meant yuca, which is a name for cassava from which we get tapioca. This is still a tropical plant.

      As far as plantains are concerned, I don’t think they grow on the U.S. Eastern Seaboard either, although Climate Change being what it is, maybe she thinks they will?

        • Yep. Mine here in Canada too, but they’re actually plantago. Tried eating them. Not terribly tasty.

      • It will have to be a pretty hefty climate change. They are very sensitive to even brief frosts so even southern Florida is marginal.

      • Can they survive the winter, or are grown only from spring to autumn?
        I’ve read that 6 months are enough to get tubers of usable size from yucca/cassava plants (but for nice big roots it takes two years), so treating it as an annual plant could be possible.

        • They grow as decorative plants in Western Washington. It doesn’t get as cold here as it does in the desert at night in the winter. The bigger problem, I think, is too much moisture and root rot.

          • I think there’s confusion between the yuCCa (flowering shrub) and the yuCa, or tapioca – which seems to be very tolerant to high humidity.

  3. She has a point, that it tends to be upper class individuals who can afford to be environmental activists.

    • Find me anyone outside of the well-educated, upper classes who eat cauliflower … hence her bartender ignorance on the subject. Sorry, but it is true. The upper classes eat more responsibly, and healthy (hint: cauliflower is healthy) than her lower class constituents and fans. Smh … how can someone this shockingly ignorant walk the halls of Federal POWER? And here I thought it couldn’t get any worse than Maxine Waters

      • The answer to your question is that she is a Representative of her Congressional District and therefore is “representative” of the majority of the voters in that District. It’s kind of sad when you think about that, isn’t it?

        • How, you ask?

          Name recognition. Aka low information, low IQ voting, rooted in racism.
          They vote 70% Democrat
          Don’t value the 1st or 2nd amendments.
          Abuse their children both physically and sexually at significantly higher rates than the average American.
          Murder at a rate 9 times the rate of the average American (excluding blacks- they are 27 times more likely to murder)

          Yep, let’s just keep bringing in more losers from third world crap hole countries with crappy cultures, and crappy values. That is a fantastically friendly idea!!🤗

          Nah, that couldn’t lead to anything bad like, you know, someone like AOC getting elected.

          Bunch of maroons these collectivists. Shame they can’t just suicide themselves instead of killing off the greatest nation that’s ever been created.

          There is no Justice when a group like the Justice Democrats can place radicals like AOC and Omar (thanks Obama for screwing over those states your forced immigration policies).

  4. Sorry AOC – time to wake up – the voting public already have.

    Other prospective politicians wanting to jump on this bandwagon – you’ve missed the boat.

    Those already on it – the wheels are starting to fall off.

    Those who bankroll said politicians – time to start looking for a different scam.

    The rest of us – keep your eyes open for new scams.

  5. AOC is single handedly doing away with blonde jokes.
    BTW, Breitbart has the wrong spelling for Yuca, a vegetable, as opposed to Yucca, an ornamental plant.

    • Well, if you took away a thousand years of gained knowledge, A O-C would almost fit in. She would still be considered ignorant, though. Wonder if she believes in witchcraft.

    • She wants to take her supporters into the dark ages.

      As for us, well, we shall be inhumed.

      • “As for us, well, we shall be inhumed.”

        Not likely. Nuts like her just get more air time, nothing more than a comedy act.

  6. For those looking for a contemporary example of insanity look no further than this woman and her bizarre misunderstanding of the world.

  7. Sad. This is what generations of unprecedented affluence eventually breeds, people who not only are generations removed from physical labor, but are totally unaware of what it actually is.

    The single upside I can see to the kind to total economic collapse that these GND hippies are cheering for would be that most of them wouldn’t survive a year.

    • ‘Hard times create strong men.
      Strong men create good times.
      Good times create weak men.
      And, weak men create hard times.’

      — G. Michael Hopf

  8. What is she talking about?

    But really, we have enough stupid politicians on both sides of the Atlantic. What we really need from WUWT are papers on the science which show that the climate scare is groundless. Now is the time to be pushing against this rotten door until it crumbles…

    • That was my first thought: “EH??” Her point is completely incomprehensible. Her 15 minutes of fame should have been over 6 months ago.

    • WUWT has been pushing on that door for decades now. But you can lighten up every now and then. It’s good to laugh too.

      Or:- All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

  9. To reduce their constant embarrassment from her self-beclowning, the Democrat Machine will step in and make sure she’s defeated in the next primary.

    I’m going to miss her when she’s gone.

    • She may be gone after the next election, but don’t underestimate the value of celebrity status. Plus, she keeps pushing the ‘ridiculous’ line further and further to the left, making the mainstream-radical-left look more acceptable. Thirdly, she obviously cares as she babbles idiotically. Caring is much more important than knowledge to the left. And most importantly…her ‘presentation’ is pretty damn good.

      The left has always been about symbolism over substance. AOC is ‘symbolism over substance’ incarnate! She is to the Democratic Party as the ‘creature’ is to Dr. Frankenstein. She may destroy the party, but I think the party will always support her.

    • No.
      AOC is an asset for the Dems appealing to the useful idiots. She is pushing the boundaries but I think Nancy will be able to keep her in control. With the help of the MSM she is kept in the forefront.

      In contrast, she is a joke on the overall national scene. (No rational politician would put her on a Presidential ticket.)

  10. Let me get this straight. According to AOC, Hispanics are supposed to grow yucca, not cauliflower?
    You know, there was a time when liberals were against stereotyping.

  11. She’s likely talking about yuca root (cassava), which is a root vegetable native to Central and South America. Yucca is a flowering shrub

  12. I wish she had picked upon a vegetable I actually like… Cauliflower…Euwww. Please, ban anyone from growing this! LOL

    So now the liberal morons in the House are going to tell us what is politically correct to eat. So next they will have to link it to Global Warming and then they can get it listed as a banned pollutant. Farmers that want to grow it will have to purchase Cauliflower Credits.

  13. Why does a cauliflower resemble a human brain . . . ever think about that AOC?

  14. Where humanity will be now without the “colonial cauliflowers” ever being there!
    Maybe at the very point humanity still happens to be, as per now and here…. with no any differentiation…
    Too bad Darwin missed this point in evolution of species…the “colonial cauliflowers” affect… 🙂


  15. Prejudicial of the noble cauliflower.

    I daren’t think of the offence against cheese sauce.

  16. I just planted some watermelon seeds, a couple weeks back, and they are coming along nicely.

    Is my planting of watermelons an act of white supremacist mockery of an Afro-American-sterotype food preference? Am I, thus, planting my garden through the … “colonial lens” … of white, hetero-normal male, sexist, middle-class Americans ?

    What should a politically correct vegetable garden look like?

    • “Is my planting of watermelons an act of white supremacist mockery of an Afro-American-sterotype food preference? Am I, thus, planting my garden through the … “colonial lens” … of white, hetero-normal male, sexist, middle-class Americans ?”

      Obviously! It’s even worse that you had to ask!

  17. That’s not a garden in the video.
    It is a propaganda showcase likely using stimulus money (taxes from others)
    to give the mayor, or her, something to crow about.

    Someone from the place should investigate and compare the total cost of
    this showcase to the value of the food that can/will be harvested.
    I’ll guess the benefits to cost ratio – – to the closest whole number – –
    will be Zero.

    • Did you notice that in the 8 one-square-yard planter boxes, nothing seemed to be growing? Notice also that the space brand new; the wood hasn’t even weathered yet. I wonder how the place will look in 5 years? Even amortizing the capital cost over 20 years of food production, I would bet the return on investment is less than zero. And will it survive 20 years?

      • It only has to last two, max, before it is overwhelmed by needles and feces. In the meantime, virtue signal!

      • What I first noticed were the signs. Nice.
        I’ll guess the mayor’s brother-in-law or cousin has the sign printing business. The cost of the signs will likely be greater than the value of the produce.
        And how big is the community?
        Maybe they can grow Chives and Radishes for all the families within 500 feet.
        What a joke.

  18. “What I love too is growing plants that are culturally familiar to the community.”

    Since her culture is from Puerto Rico, her plantings should be sugar cane, coffee, bananas, plantains, pineapples, and mango.

    • “What I love too is growing plants that are culturally familiar to the community.”

      Since many people in low-income communities do not eat vegetables, there are none that are “culturally familiar to them” to grow. Best to have art gardens with fantasy trees made with Mountain Dew cans to pick off the branches, stylish vats of mayonnaise for communal spreading, French-fry bushes, nacho cheese oases, and walls of frozen-dinners as the backdrop.

      On a separate note: Cauliflower is an excellent source of vitamin C, vitamin K, folate, pantothenic acid, and vitamin B6. It is a very good source of choline, dietary fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, manganese, phosphorus, and biotin.

      Heaven forbid that we encourage broad mindedness in growing plants of all varieties that are actually good for you nutritionally, no matter what your ethnicity. AOC is actually promoting racist gardening. She is pushing the envelope on stupid now.

        • “we encourage broad mindedness…”

          Remember who you’re talking to here.

          you mean a mindless broad 😉

  19. AOC is so stupid she doesn’t know how stupid she is. My guess is primaried by Dems in 2020 to remove the embarrassment.

    Cauliflower (a Brassicae) was know to the Romans and the Arabs. Pliny the Elder wrote about it. Yucca is mainly a desert ornamental, not a foodstuff. Unless she meant in spanish Yuca, which is actually cassava (a root vegetable staple in some places, processed to tapioca in US). Neither Yucca nor yuca would grow in an outdoor NYC community garden. Ever.

    • Rud, you are stupider than she is because she’s in Congress and you are not.

    • Being that she is in Congress and you are not Rud, her opinion and her vote matters much more than does yours.

    • Rud, AOC gets much more bandwidth on Fox News than you do. Come to think of it, you never get mentioned by Fox News, but she gets lots of coverage. That makes her much more important than you.

      • CM, I’m afraid that you are confusing “important” with “in the spotlight”.

        I could shine a flashlight on a pile of crap, while leaving a large diamond completely in the dark.

        Need I clarify what AOC is in that metaphor?

      • Clearly Chris doesn’t who Rud is. Probably just a passing troll in the night. We’ll never see him again.

        So Rud, have you ever gotten a mention on Fox news? (that is the metric of intelligence now).

        • Doesn’t matter who Rud is, he is not in Congress, so he has no clue about AOC

    • ‘AOC is so stupid she doesn’t know how stupid she is. ‘

      In 40 years of teaching, one of the things you learn is that the ones with ‘room temperature IQ’ can never understand what they did wrong. The words will be all there, but the meaning is lost in translation, and they cannot see the difference between what they wrote and what the book said. The best test for understanding is the ability to paraphrase without losing the meaning.

    • “Neither Yucca nor yuca would grow in an outdoor NYC community garden.”

      Yuca won’t, yucca might be possible. There is a small species Yucca glauca ssp. albertana that grows as far north as southernmost Alberta. I wouldn’t recommend eating it though:

    • No one doubts that she means well, but her ideas if implemented would be catastrophic. Stupid, vapid comments like this shows how everything she thinks has to go through her warped prism. She shouldn’t be within a 1000 miles of Congress.

    • This is for 2017.
      The heading is for “Gardens and Open Spaces”
      The photos show (small) patches of a trashed urban landscape that have been converted to little parks, with picnic tables, flowering plants, and some growing areas. There is a basketball court and a kid’s slide playground.
      See the photos for “The Home Depot Children’s Garden” – – with 4 or more birdhouses within 4 feet of each other. {Birds (mostly) will not like that.} This is a fancy little area, but no food plants in sight.
      The money:

      Most of the money appears to come from the public purse – and goes for (1) Payroll and benefits, +(2) Professional fees, +(3) Office expense, and +(4) Occupancy {What’s this?}.

      It is not that these are not nice areas, but what started as a “clean-up this mess” by a couple of disgusted women, has turned into an $8,000,000 public program that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t understand as wealth redistribution.

  20. It would never occur to AOC that the climate at different latitudes determines what plants grow where; (and of course that is the same reason melanin differs from Scandinavia, to Puerto Rico, and to Africa).

    This has nothing to do with “Colonialism”; people prepare foods at home that their parents and their parents before them prepared.

    But Cortez ignores the melting pot concept; over time, Americans have fallen in love with the cuisine of people who make up our country (Mexican, Italian, Chinese, etc)
    (OK, besides Fish and Chips who goes to fast food joints for authentic English or Scottish dishes ? – full disclosure: I’m 1/2 from the British Isles.)

    AOC’s handlers have overloaded her with divisive concepts that appeal to their useful idiots; she will be a Democrat mainstay in Congress in her district (unless Nancy has too much of her). But those ideas will never fly in a national electoral college election.

    • @ George Daddis
      “AOC’s handlers”:
      In 2016, Cenk Uygur, Kyle Kulinski, a Young Turks network colleague who hosts “Secular Talk,” and Zack Exley and Saikat Chakrabarti, top Bernie Sanders campaign staffers launched Justice Democrats, a Political Action Committee (PAC) that “aims to recruit and fund a slate of primary challengers under an anti-corporate, progressive banner.
      AOC top aide now is Saikat Chakrabarti

      • To: Kevein A

        Yes … and a YouTuber with a channel “Mr. Reagan” lays all this out with video and pics!

        At the 1:08 point in the following video the Executive Director of the Social Democrats admit AOC was selected from a “casting call” of 10,000 people.

  21. Why is she so pleased that they have a grill (BBQ) as it appears to be a gas version using one of those deadly fossil fuel she wishes to get rid of.

    “Nature is a fundamental right of every New Yorker” also seems out of place if one looks at a map of NY and notes the seeming absence of ‘Nature’ among the buildings and built environment.

    A communal garden is hardly ‘Nature’, especially as Nature is not friendly, comforting, life-affirming or easy to live with for most of the planet’s occupants.

  22. To be fair, she did lead with “I don’t know” and ended with “or something.”

    Seems like she’s got all of her bases, like, covered, you know?

    Don’t take it so, like, literal and stuff.

    In…umm, I don’t know, like three weeks or something, she’ll like tell us she was like joking.

  23. Yeah you minorities, and you know who you are, quit appropriating my culture’s veggies. I better not see any of you going as a cauliflower on Halloween!

  24. I’m tempted to label her ‘Accidentally Occasionally Coherent”, but that accident hasn’t happened yet

  25. If all the “village idiots” got together and created their very own village, she would be their “village idiot”….

  26. Just think about the cognitive skills of the people thatvoted for this idiot, absolutely mind boggling,.

  27. Have her do a three day hike ( with two overnights) on “The Appalachian Trail is a 2,180+ mile long public footpath that traverses the scenic, wooded, pastoral, wild, and culturally resonant lands of the Appalachian Mountains.”
    Then have her report back with her plans to defeat Mother Nature.

  28. Maybe a lot of the minorities moved to America so they wouldn’t have to grow their own food, but be able to buy food at the grocery store.

  29. She is always just joking. The people that believe her are, according to her, idiots.

  30. Apparently Oprah didn’t get the memo, she’s peddling pizza with dough made from cauliflower.

  31. Sky King, I read this story and thought the exact same thing, not only did the Spanish colonise, but also plundered and decimated the local population all for the sake of the wealth of the aristocracy and the worst of the colonists would be a Spaniard named CORTEZ .

  32. Why do people look at a cauliflower and see colonialism??

    Who, then, is the real holder of prejudice-colored-lenses?

    • I think her point is that there are some of us that feel mankind has a RIGHT to modify the environment for our purposes (kinda like “colonizing the Earth” to make it our own.)

      I’m guilty! I think that is what the God of heaven has TASKED me to do – although I see that mandate limited more to building a HOUSE to modify a personal portion of the environment, and disagree with her that we are intentionally making whole-scale changes to the planetary climate.

      I think this is revealing her categorical thinking that if MAN makes a change, then it’s wrong and should be stopped.

  33. Oh, come on guys (and guyesses!!)
    I find her immensely entertaining. Actually, I am starting to warm to her.
    So let’s temper our criticisms of her, and keep her around a while longer. She is fun.

    • fun…?

      a society accepts people of other cultures into its midst, helps them, provides them with stuff, recommends the best way to become successful in the new home;

      and Ocasio either lies for political gain (and harm to the immigrants), or is so totally ignorant that she thinks the helping the immigrants is akin to colonial suppression.

      lies and/or ignorance is not fun when there is harm. Ocasio is harmful. Trying to tie high asthma rates in the Bronx to C02 (for political purposes) harms those children that otherwise could be helped by someone with a clear & honest mind. Or being so stupid that she believes high asthma rates are tied to C02, and being in a position of power, is harmful.


  34. So she’s saying that should her Deal be enacted, people would be told by government what vegetables we would be allowed to grow? And that decision would be made by bureaucrats and based on political correctness? Didn’t the Soviet Union try that, and didn’t it fail spectacularly?

  35. This evil climate is so like, ‘colonialist’ … anymone can’t see how to push, like, some sort of a climate reset button, or something like, so that we have again our pre-industrial heaven climate which was so … well … like … dunnow really, like, colder ?

  36. ” … and that is why a lot of communities of color get resistant to certain environmentalist movements because they come with the colonial lens on them,” she argued. … ”

    oh! world coming to an end!

    “Communities of color”? It’s a color thing? Too ‘colonial’ white? Seriously? That’s really how she perceives a white vegetable?

    And potato? WUWT?

  37. I’m now wondering if she actually thought this through and scripted it before she did the video.

    Just to get some coverage.

    Bet she did.

  38. 1) the “European Colonial plant” the Cauliflower originated in the eastern Mediterranian (Cyprus to be specific)
    2) Yucca are edible but it’s much more like hard work than boiling or braising or currying a cauliflower so those growing for food aren’t going to go a bundle on cultural purity.

    3)Here’s an Indian rejecting the cultural pollution of colonial cultivars..

    4) Hate them in Ethiopia too…

    5) Is she really this dumb or did she refuse her PR person a pay rise?

  39. Amongst all the nonsense, she does make a real, and really important, point – that development programmes, ideas and funding, are almost always developed outside the communities for which they are designed, and then dropped on these communities without any consultation. The very costly and enduring failure of ‘development’ aid, all over the world, to achieve its ambitions, is (AFAICS [is that one?]) best attributed, in large part, to this. One of the most scandalous and damaging examples of this is the reluctance of the UN-family of worthy institutions to encourage developing countries to access cheap coal-fired electricity (which has of course been much covered here on WUWT, which was where I first became aware of the issue).

    In this light, it would be interesting to look at the planning and funding for community gardens of the kind that AOC is talking about here. My guess is, that if you had told the locals you had a few $m to spend on local projects, community gardens would not have been top of the list, whatever post-colonially appropriate plants you were allowed to grow there. I share the reservations of ‘old engineer’, expressed above, about what that space will look like in five years time (or even five weeks time).

    I also think (FWTIW) that ‘dodgy geezer’ has it right, that the door of the climate scare is rotten and crumbling, and that we need good concentrated science and data to break it down, ASAP.

    I don’t post often, so will take the opportunity to say thanks to all at WUWT for all that I have learned over the years.

    • Do you really think some bureaucrat is dictating what vegetables people must grow in their community gardens? That would only happen in communist countries. People grow cauliflower because the like it and it’s possible to grow. Yuca and Yucca don’t grow in colder climates like New York. She is spouting complete nonsense.

  40. Presumably a bit of global warming will likely expand the growing range of Yucca, so we’re good. You can relax, Alexandria eyebrows.

  41. Who exactly, is forcing people to raise cauliflower against their will? Or does AOC believe her constituents aren’t appropriatly woke on the subject of vegetable imperialism?

    I am glad I’m old enough to have learned useful things in school. Education today is dominated by neo-Marxists. They spoon feed Howard Zinn and the like to students without anything to balance that propaganda.

  42. She actually is so dense that she thinks it is “colonialism” not to be able to grow yuca in Bronx? I mean stupid politicians isn’t uncommon unfortunately, but AOC really is exceptional.

  43. She’s walking through a neighborhood that is essentially a colony of Latin Americans in the US. How logically challenged can she be? It’s not our fault that a bunch of people from a tropical climate decided to head north to a place where few of their native foods would grow. Maybe we should stock the Great Lakes with bluefin tuna and swordfish as well.

    As a side note, I wasn’t aware that the Green New Deal included introducing invasive species to new regions.

  44. I always look forward to AOC’s daily joke .
    She is having people on and driving the old guard Democrats to nervous breakdowns .
    Go AOC go .

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