Will New Zealand Accept Thousands of Progressive Aussie Climate Refugees?

Air New Zealand. Robert Frola [GFDL or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

By Eric Worrall

h/t Charles – a large spike in disappointed Progressive Aussies registering interest in migration to New Zealand has been detected in the wake of Australia’s shock Federal election result.

Traffic to New Zealand’s Immigration Website Skyrocketed After the Australian Election

By Gavin Butler|21 May 2019, 12:03pm

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) revealed that the number of people in Australia looking at its website on Sunday—the day after the election—increased more than tenfold compared to the same time the week before, SBS reports. Registered expressions of interest—the first step in the visa process—increased by more than 25 times. More than 8,500 people visited the New Zealand Now website and 512 registered interest, compared to about 20 registrations on May 12, the government department said. Google analytics also showed a spike in Australians searching the words ‘moving to New Zealand’, according to TVNZ—particularly those from Queensland.

Jennifer Curtin, politics professor at Auckland University and an expert in trans-Tasman politics, suggested that the sudden interest in emigrating to New Zealand could be a temporary reaction to voters’—particularly progressive voters’—disappointment that Labor didn’t win. When the economic realities of actually moving country were fully considered, she said, people’s enthusiasm was likely to wane.

Read more: https://www.vice.com/en_au/article/qv73eq/traffic-new-zealands-immigration-website-skyrocketed-spiked-after-australian-election-move-emigrate-politics

Sorry New Zealand, it looks like you’re going to have to take one for the team.

123 thoughts on “Will New Zealand Accept Thousands of Progressive Aussie Climate Refugees?

  1. Brilliant. We get to lose some scream-at-the-sky hysterics who vote Green EVERY single time. Fewer votes for the Left means more wins for the Right.
    NZ is a better fit for them anyway these days. They should be happy there. At least we won’t hear them whinging across the Tasman, unless the wind is from the east which it hardly ever is at those latitudes.
    Wins all round.

    • This will only last until their research indicates that our present NZ cobbled-up Leftie government is likely to be ousted at the next election. All we need is the opposition to wake up and take advantage of the enormous stuff-ups being committed by our present set of fools, and a centre-right team will be welcomed by most of us. Don’t be fooled by our incompetent Prime Minister, who seems interested only in the women’s magazine photo opportunities and a hoped-for sinecure at the U.N.

      • What? You think the Tyrant of Wellington will let you have another democratic election?

        Sorry New Zealand, but you for one must welcome your new compassionate Overlord.

        • BRILLIANT MOVE!!!
          Please leave Australia in Droves and take your Tardism with you as you exit. There is hope for Australia yet.

    • “Brilliant. We get to lose some scream-at-the-sky hysterics who vote Green EVERY single time. Fewer votes for the Left means more wins for the Right.”

      They probably won’t leave. The Australian Leftists will do just like the American Leftists after they lost to Trump: They threatened to leave the country, but they never did. They are hypocrits and liars.

      Instead of leaving the country, the American Leftists have decided that since they lost the last election they now want to change the election rules to favor themselves. Look for it in Australia, too.

  2. They are very welcome to go.
    After all New Zealand has no coal to speak of.
    It relies on ‘renewable’ Hydro power and Geothermal power anyway
    So they could all feel extremely holy
    While living there.

    • So totally wrong. While we haven’t got what Aussie has there is plenty.
      We don’t want tree hugging Aussie tossers though

    • Not true. NZ has plenty of coal still underground, but our Leftie virtue-signalling government stopped it being used. Coal’s day will come again!

      • If I remember correctly the Huntly power station was the only coal fired one in NZ and was closed down quite a few years ago.
        Interestingly enough when Roger Douglas stopped all subsidies for farmers after 84 he was still subsidizing West Coast coal.
        Talking about coal there was a guy in England back in the 70’s that was very happy as to how he had scored a bag of coal that had fallen off the back of a truck. Silly prat didn’t realise that it was smelting coal so cost him more than a regular bag of coal would have.

        • I recall my dad sending me and my brothers out to follow the coal cart to pick up ”Errant coal droppings from the wagon”. We came home with our bags full but it turned out they were from the horse not the cart (He never sent us out again).

      • “Coal’s day will come again!”
        Sorry but no they wont. We don’t need it, we don’t want it. No NZ government left or right is going to reintroduce coal. We are not Neanderthals.

        • One thing NZ has is ample wind off the Southern Coast. But that is only 1 location where offshore could work almost daily. But it still isn’t guaranteed power.
          I suppose you could entice Super Serial AlGore to bloviate there when the wind dies down

          • It does and in other areas too like the Wairarapa north of Wellington (I lived there) and much of the time the “nor westers” blow way too hard for wind. There is a cafe at the top on the Rimutaka Hill road which used to have a wind mill. I never saw it operating. Then one day I saw it completely destroyed, most likely due to being battered by string winds. Then the last time I recall driving past more than 15 years ago now, it was completely removed. So, yes there are good parts in NZ for wind, but are usually miles and miles away from where it’s needed.

          • “There is a cafe at the top on the Rimutaka Hill road”
            There “was” a cafe at the top on the Rimutaka Hill road. Gone…..

        • And George Jetsons car wasn’t electric either…It had an Exhaust Pipe with little circular spurts of Exhaust.

          (don’t let the Geico actors hear a snide remark about Neanderthals)

        • We are not Neanderthals? ”Excusatio non petita accusatio manifesta”. Or in French,”qui s’excuse, s’accuse” (English doesnt quite get the retort across).

        • “Simon May 22, 2019 at 12:08 pm

          No NZ government left or right is going to reintroduce coal. We are not Neanderthals.”

          in NZ, that’s where the Neanderthals, like Peters are, in Govn’t.

    • Not so. We depend 100% on (thermo-) nuclear power for our energy needs except for our geothermal which is simple fission. (Don’t mention that everyone else does too, please).

  3. The real and only climate refugees😂😂😂😂 wealthy lefties say this every time in every country there is an election result they don’t like. Sadly none have ever left the UK.

    • David Guy-Johnson

      Sound observation. Eire was the destination of choice for so many remainers following the referendum result, I doubt any of them went though.

      Also interesting to note though, the courage of their conviction. Didn’t get the result they wanted so….RUN AWAY!

    • Here in Estates Uni, we are STILL waiting for all the Never Trumpers to move to Canada. I hear rumors that Trudeau wanted to build a big, beautiful wall to keep them out, but the caravan never showed.

      • Ever since Reagan, the left has been threatening to leave if they didn’t win.
        To my knowledge, not a single one has, in almost 40 years.
        At most they just take longer vacations.

    • The wealthy leftists only leave an area when taxes are raised. Paying your ‘fair share’ (in their opinion) only applies to other people.

  4. The targets in the Carbon Zero Bill will never be met because there is not the technology, infrastructure or capital available to implement them.
    When the public of NZ wakes up to the cost of implementing these targets for NO practical gain they will be rejected. NZ has 0.17% of the worlds emissions

    • You’ve hit the nail on the head. Anyone with a bit of common sense and a calculator can work out that we’ll never get close to the Zero Carbon Act targets because we can’t afford them. Take the 100% renewable power target. To replace the thermal power stations will require at least twenty five 100MW nameplate wind farms at a cost of $200 million each or $5 billion. That would be the biggest infrastructure project New Zealand has ever undertaken and it would have to happen in less than 15 years. Then we need about $90 billion to convert the vehicle fleet to electric and $30 billion to convert all our gas fired heating and industry to electric. That will require another $15 billion worth of windfarms to supply the extra power needed. Then we’ll need another $10 billion a year to plant all the trees required to offset the remaining emissions. Unfortunately that last one won’t work because we don’t have enough land to plant them all. And after spending $200 billion we’ll have to shut the country down every time the wind stops blowing for a couple of days. But fortunately our useless politicians are actually going to pass this legislation so when the targets aren’t met we can throw them all in jail for breaking the law.

      • There won’t be enough land for trees if all those windfarms go up.
        When I was a kid I can remember how unreliable the power was. We always had a Tilley lantern ready in the kitchen. I don’t want to go back there.

      • What happens to all those wind farms in the next earthquake cycle? Are they built to stay upright or will they become another pile of junk, silent testament to an idiotic ideal.

  5. ”Will New Zealand Accept Thousands of Progressive Aussie Climate Refugees?”

    Hopefully with open arms.

    • English-speaking lefties worldwide always threaten to go to New Zealand after an electoral loss. They are under the impression that it’s a progressive paradise.

      Where else are the going to go: Cuba? Venezuela? Nepal? Sweden? Canada?

      Let’s get real. They ain’t going nowhere.

  6. There is a long standing joke than when an Ozzie crosses the ditch to migrate to NZ the average IQ of both countries fall.

    • Beat me to it. The version I knew was going the other way. NZ to AU with average IQ increasing both sides of the Tasman. We Aussies can take a joke.

      Seriously NZ is a nice place, I have visited once to Nth and Sth Islands and would like to do so again. I am not sure how moving there will have any effect whatever on the global climate.

  7. It has the ring of fake news to me. While it might be a case of Australian Trump-derangement-syndrome or Brexit anxiety after a few kids lost an election thought they deserved to win by birth right, it doesn’t signify any significant change in the status quo. Outright lying for the sake of a clickbait story is almost the norm in legacy media these days.

    • All those people that were going to leave the USA after Trump won the USA election haven’t done so which just goes to show that the left are full of piss and wind

      • Yep, Canadians have heard that a lot over the years when stuff happens south of the border. It never eventuates. The only exception was draft dodgers during the Vietnam war.

        • Yeah the one draft dodger that makes me laugh is Sylvester Stallone who ran up to Canada and then with his films makes out he was a hero. What a tosser.

          • My question was, if he was a draft dodger how did he have his career?

            Born July 6, 1946 Stallone received an extremely high number in the 1969 draft lottery, 327 and was unlikely to be called up.

            … The lottery system called up people starting from the lowest numbers. The highest number called in any year was 215 link

            The other thing was that people could avoid the draft just by going to university.

          • commiebob – back then schools actually valued honest academics, and failed poorly performing students. So you studied and remained in school, or flunked out and were drafted. To survive in school, you had to learn discipline, self-reliance, and a work ethic. If you were drafted, your were forced to learn discipline, self-reliance, and a work ethic. Either way, you would return to momma’s basement. You were prepared for independence, a job, marriage, and a family.

            Ending the draft really did not help the individual or society.

    • Maybe its the Jacinda effect, second only to the worship of Michelle Obama, progressives need their heroines in these troubling times of economic prosperity and barbarians getting voted into govts.

    • No, I feel this is actually truthful.

      Statistically noise, but truthful.

      Come on, 500 or so applications? Out of the ENTIRE population of Australia. This is noise, not important social commentary.

    • What happens is the fake news media tell these gullible kids that they will win. Then when they lose, they are convinced that someone stole the election from them, rather than the simple truth that the fake news media lied to them about being the majority.

      • I excuse lots of human behaviour by constantly reminding myself that any population has 50% below average intelligence.

  8. I dont understand why anyone would call them “Progressive” there is nothing progressive about their approach to anything.

    They should be called “Regressives”

    • It’s meant as sarcasm a bit like calling them leftist elite (aka leftist stupids).

      The self delusion and narcissism is strong with them.

    • My brain automatically translates ‘progressive’ into ‘regressive poverty-creating cretins’.

      • My brain automatically translates ‘progressive’ into ‘regressive poverty-creating cretins’.

        Steve, I am so stealing that! 😀

        [mods – sorry if this is a double post; tried to post it before, but didn’t look like it ‘took’]

    • As applied to the left these days, the term means socially progressive. In the past it was used by conservatives to mean economically or technologically progressive, as in the Progressive Party, a fore-runner of the Country Party/National Party in early 20th century NSW.

      “Progress” – in mining, agriculture, manufacture – was praised in numerous government, tourism, and historical commemorate publications through the 20th century – and indeed Australians used to invent some great things.

      In a previous election, 2016 I think, I noticed an old (80s) National Party supporter in a country town with a poster “Support the Progressives”. Chatting to him, I found he was unaware of the way the term is now applied to Labor, Greens. I wish I’d taken a photo!

  9. As a New Zealander, I’d really like all WUWT readers to consider making the move here. NZ’s population is small enough that our combined influence would make a real difference. And the impact globally if NZ abandoned climate alarmism on a reasoned basis would be far greater than our population would suggest. Cheers

  10. Damn, we don’t want them in GodZone! Hopefully just as so many threaten to leave the US for Canada, we will see few if any arrive here. We have enough loony-left (and unelected) green MPs as it is.

    • Who was that loony Co-leader of the Green Party that was an Aussie. His parents were communist party members and the communist party people have migrated to the Green movement because they were pushing shit uphill for good reason.

  11. The term dingbat is shorthand for a person who votes Green:

    noun: dingbat; plural noun: dingbats
    a stupid or eccentric person.
    delusions or feelings of unease, particularly those induced by delirium tremens.

    If you look at the house of reps voting in the recent election in Australia, it becomes very clear that inner cities are a haven for dingbats. Can you believe that 51% of the people residing in the seat of Melbourne voted Green. Canberra is next with 23%; Adelaide with 16% and Sydney with 17% voting Green. Across the nation, 10% confirm themselves to be dingbats.

    Sufferers of dingbatitis are fundamentally delusional. Just like the USA and UK elections, the afflicted in Australia are delusional about the election result. They are so myopic to their own inner city world and world view that they cannot comprehend that they suffer from a serious affliction. They have no appreciation of the productive people in society who live and work in the suburbs and regional areas.

    • These are the sorts of people who when presented with the fact that the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere, with supporting links to the actual data, say the information is wrong and there is too much CO2 in the air.

  12. Very similar to all the US celebrities that said they were going to move to Canada after Trump won in 2016. If I remember correctly, none of them backed up their promises with action. A shame lol

  13. There may be some dismay for Aussie “progressives” if they settle in New Zealand as that much smaller nation has policies that would appall so -called progressives who would resist any attempts to bring them in Australia
    i a Goods and Services tax 19% compared with only 10 % in Australia .
    No capital Gains tax and
    in the year Australia took in 28,000 refugees New Zealand took in only 1000 (causing Amnesty International to deride New Zealand’s efforts as “disgraceful”)
    New Zealand has a population one fifth that of Australia not one twenty-eighth

    And finally New Zealand’s GDP per capita is about 70% of the Australian rate so they are going to be much poorer as well as shocked

    • Top rate tax is 33%, ACC levy is 1.5% before you can spend any of it, the GST is 15% and is APPLIED TO EVEREYTHING, rent, power, gas, food etc etc unlike Australia. So in NZ you are taxed, at the max rate, to the tune of 49.5%!!!

      • Its a difficult calculation, but the tax on nz petrol (which is half what you pay at the pump) increases cost of goods & services to the point where effective tax rate is towards 60%

        Why any nation would tax petrol when it clearly suppresses the economy I’ll never understand

        • kate michaels: “Why any nation would tax petrol when it clearly suppresses the economy I’ll never understand”

          The pollies look for any and every way to extract as much money as possible from the populace’s wallets so they can turn around and use the money on freebies to buy the populace’s votes. Of course they take a rake off the action and reward their cronies, but they use our money to buy our votes. It’s that simple.

          The two keys to a sane governing system are 1) have the minimum necessary government, and 2) only give that government the absolute minimum money needed to function. Government is the problem, not the solution.

        • “Why any nation would tax petrol when it clearly suppresses the economy I’ll never understand”

          Yes, a gasoline/petrol tax is about the worst kind of tax that can be imposed. It hits the whole economy to one degree or another and hits the poorest people the hardest.

          It’s a ridiculous tax that should be opposed by any sensible person. If you need to rebuild your road infrastructure, get the money somewhere else. There are better ways of financing improvements that don’t take a huge chunk of a poor person’s paycheck.

          • IIRC, in NZ there are taxes on fuel that make sense to me. When you pay your registration fee it includes an ACC levy. And an ACC levy is applied to fuel as well which means all road users are covered by insurance simply because you have petrol in your tank.

    • Thanks Bill for the Correction I must have got NZ rate mixed up with Scandinavia rates another “progressive ” haven our Australian lefties are always telling us to be more like

      But I have uncovered some more shocking non progressive ( shocking in the left wing sense ) characteristics of NZ that our progressives in OZ dont seem to know about ie
      NZ has No payroll tax and their top marginal tax rate of 33% was below Australia’s higher rate of 33% plus medicare levy of 1.5 % =34.5% plus the NZ company tax rate of 28% is less than Australia”s 30% although Australia’s rate is 27.5% for companies with a turnover of $50m or less and of $100 m after 2019.

      But I am not meaning to be critical of NZ here ;what NZ set as their tax rates is their business My comments are directed at ignorant Australian lefties who imagine that there is some much more socially progressive nation somewhere over the rainbow if only they could get to it

  14. That many feel guilty and fear the aftermath ? Could be. Many farms were hurt by organized green crime after all.

    Or as climate models tradition has shown, it could be just a purposely created artifact involving many computers issuing dummy page requests. Greens have a highly perfidious organized fake news propagation network.

  15. Crikey… I hope not… it would increase the IQ of Australia and lower the IQ of New Zealand…

  16. They won’t come. They’re virtue signallers, all talk and no action. There was the same surge in interest when Trump got in but nothing much happened. Unfortunately we did end up with James Cameron who now thinks he can preach on climate change matters.

  17. It’ll be a re-run of the Hollywood pretenders who vowed to go to Canada if Trump won, they didn’t!
    These Aussie students and doctor’s wives won’t go either.
    Devastatingly disappointing really . . .
    The fact they looked just exemplifies their cognitive shortcomings and emotion based existence.

  18. Haha celebrities like Jane Caro, Clementine Ford and Meshel Laurie started it on election night and the backlash has been huge.

    The elitist left have really been shocked that they aren’t in the majority. It has been put to them that it is easy to be a eco-warrior with your government or high paid corporate job while jet setting around the world. Why should it be the poor and middle class that pays for your self guilt plan to save the world.

    The debate has firmly shifted in Australia that if you want climate action you better sort out how it gets paid and not just put up grandiose ideas. The paying starts with you and so how much of your income and wealth are you willing to put up.

  19. The most successful migrant from Australia to New Zealand is the brush tailed possum. While protected in their native land, the possums are hunted mercilessly in their new country and make damn fine woollen jumpers. How likely is it the climate refugees are made as welcome as the possums?

    • And very fine slippers. Pests, possums that is. I run my car over them every chance I get.

  20. Climate change killed the All Blacks
    The Australian, January 2030
    Enough Australian’t shifted to NZ after the 2019 Federal election to permanently alter the Kiwi gene pool.
    The All Blacks are now incapable of beating the Wallabies and cannot increase their ranking despite every effort to only pick players free of obvious or documented Australian heritage.

  21. This is really funny and demonstrates how 8500 “Australians” didn’t have a clue with regards to migration between Australia and New Zealand. Australians do not have to apply for a visa to migrate to NZ. The same applies to NZers migrating to Australia. Both can get on a plane and go. For Australians it’s exactly like moving interstate. There is a reciprocal agreement between the two countries for healthcare, and I think there is also some tax issues too I don’t recall the details.

    There are differences however for NZers. NZers enter Australia and are granted at the border a special sub-class 444 visa (Which is revoked upon exit at the border). Helen Clarke a former PM of NZ agreed to this with John Howard, a former PM of Australia effective 26th Feb 2001. This entitles NZers the right to live and work in Australia however, it is a temporary visa granting temporary residence status to holders. 444 visa holders can’t vote, can’t engage in state/taxpayer funded education courses NZers have to pay full international student fees and many other limits, and yet pay full tax on income (Or property for that matter). And yet there is approx 23% of the adult working population of NZ here in Australia. I am a NZer and I am also British.

    So it was a big load on nothing, like Americans (The famous ones) saying they would migrate to Canada when Trump won. Didn’t happen. Australians are not going NZ after the LNP winning here last w/e.

    It’s all hot air and no substance. Jacinda Ardern is making sure that more and more NZers will migrate somewhere, I know of one friend who is because she simply can’t find work.

    • I have a few Kiwi friends in Oz Reason they moved here years ago here -better wages more opportunities
      I also meet young Kiwis working here in cafes etc
      The reason is still the same -few and lower paid jobs at home many more and higher paid ones here
      They fit in well(apart from lamentable tendency to support the All Blacks World Rugby champs )

    • ” … Jacinda Ardern is making sure that more and more NZers will migrate somewhere, I know of one friend who is because she simply can’t find work.”

      Isn’t that the socialist version of ‘success’?

  22. I wonder how many of these are people who have recently discovered that they are regarded in the Australian constitution as dual citizens? There are a lot of us, far far more than 8,000. Probably most of us knew we were eligible for NZ citizenship on the basis of descent, but had not realised the ramifications. In my family, amongst us Australian born, it’s been ‘who knew we couldn’t be PM here?’ and ‘well, I didn’t want to be PM anyway’.

  23. Actually for north American readers you need to understand the relative free flow of citizens permitted between Oz an NZ and the social and economic integration between the countries. Citizens can live and work in the other country and there are mutual health and welfare arrangements. Our economies are pretty intergrated with the A- NZ Closer Economic Relations agreement “recognised as one of the closest, broadest and mutually compatible in the world” to quote our foriegn ministry. We do it all without having any form of elected infrastructure across the ditch, although the 1900 Constitution of Australia does provide for NZ being one of the states of the Commonwealth of Australia.

    • Not welfare until after 2 years IIRC. NZers are temporary residents in Australia and to be a permanent resident have to apply under the general skills category just like any other migrant from any other country. Australians are permanent residents upon entry.

  24. What I find quite amazing is that the eco-terrorists in Aus want to move to NZ. One of the keywords in their movement is GLOBAL warming. Why do they believe moving to NZ is going to change anything???

    • Please don’t mention such things. Having been through one reasonably major earthquake and living on that line Ruapehu to the White I’m not keen on experiencing anything like what you suggest again.

  25. Can NZ afford to give them all cosy public service jobs? Otherwise, they won’t come.

  26. Progressive voters? More like regressive voters. And I don’t think NZ accepts political refugees.

  27. “When the economic realities of actually moving country were fully considered, she said, people’s enthusiasm was likely to wane.”

    This is why we have GoFundMe campaigns. Play your cards right and Morrison will probably post the link on his website.

  28. They could all go to Siberia and stake out a homestead in the last place humans will be able to luve due to global warming. Go now no need for any winter clothing it is already blistering hot.

    • Deep down they know that would be bad for themselves but they do like to push others in the wrong direction.

  29. Okay, let them in but they must all wear Middle Earth costumes and live like Hobbits…..and Orks.

  30. The fact that so many leftists are willing to leave rather than stay and fight for what they claim to believe in, is just further proof that it’s all virtue signalling.

  31. I think Macron’s offer to take in refugee “scientists” and “educators” still stands.

  32. It won’t happen. Greenies always want someone else to do the work for them and this is just posturing. Look at all the people who said they were going to move to Canada when Trump got in. As soon as they found out about Canada’s petty crime problems, incredibly high taxes, cold winters and rigouros immigration process, they realized it was all just too much work. They soon settled down and returned to daily whining. They secretly hope that because they are so special, by threatening to leave, people will run after them and beg them to stay by promising not to vote for Trump next election.

  33. The more disappointed ‘Progressives’ that Australia can unload into New Zealand, the greater will be the improvement of the average IQ in Australia, the greater the chance for industrial development and the greater the level of education. Poor old New Zealand will have to see if it has any spare basket-weaving capacity to absorb the newcomers.

  34. Before President Trump got elected, many many US citizens boldly proclaimed that “if Trump is elected, we will leave the USA and move to New Zealand”. Guess what? Virtue signalling. None of the people we know who made these promises did anything of the sort. They just sulked in their misery on not understanding the USA is not New York and California!

    So, we don’t expect any Aussies to pack their bags and come to what has become socialist New Zealand under both Labour and National parties.

    More likely, Kiwis will flock to Australia to take up well paying mining jobs because over here in New Zealand, mining is a swear word, even looking for oil and gas is banned off-shore, and our Taranaki industry related to oil and gas is being culled.

  35. I remember that when George W won his second term New Zealand was inundated with inquiries about immigration from US leftists. And, of course, with Trump’s victory it was Canada they all said they would move to. If only the Left were a little more self-aware.

    • Today’s “invaders” are absolutely NOT “refugees” of religious persecution (other than of overseas Christians), racial persecution (other than of whites in Southern Africa and the MidEast), nor political persecution.

      They are here to take tax money and government give-aways, to get jobs, and to get their children into American schools, on American health programs and tax programs, and to become American magnet children/anchor babies as a scheme to get over the border and through the lines. Once inside the border by claiming “key words and tricky phrases” from the “book” offered by illegal alien registrant programs (themselves government-funded through religious sponsored NGO’s), fewer than 3% ever show up for their hearings and exams.

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