We now know how insects and bacteria control ice

Proteins help organisms form or inhibit ice crystals University of Utah Contrary to what you may have been taught, water doesn’t always freeze to ice at 32 degrees F (zero degrees C). Knowing, or controlling, at what temperature water will freeze (starting with a process called nucleation) is critically important to answering questions such as…


Sanity and humanity return to the World Bank?

Extreme greens grouse, but African and other poor families see hope in David Malpass Paul Driessen President Obama infamously told Africans they should focus on their “bountiful” wind, solar and biofuel. If they use “dirty” fossil fuels to raise living standards “to the point where everybody has got a car, and everybody has got air…

Moonbat being Moonbat

"We've got to go straight to the heart of capitalism and overthrow it."@GeorgeMonbiot on the only hope we have of stopping climate breakdown. pic.twitter.com/pB6espCE8b — Novara Media (@novaramedia) April 12, 2019 HT/Willis Eschenbach