First measurable snow in Las Vegas since 1937.

There was 1.3 cm (about 1/2 inch )of snow in Las Vegas today, the first time since 1937

NWS Las Vegas writes:

The Las Vegas Valley Snow Event: What happened? Did we see this coming? Yes and no. We had been seeing very small chances for snow in the valley for a few days, but it wasn’t until Sunday afternoon that the hi-resolution models were consistently indicating that western parts of the valley could see up to 3 inches and up to an inch elsewhere. That’s when the decision was made to issue the Winter Weather Advisory.

This is uncommon for the models but it happens, and for a number of different reasons, models often overdo the snowfall in the valley. This can be because models struggle with the very dry desert climate in the low levels of the atmosphere, they can have a difficult time because snow levels can fluctuate up and down depending on which direction the wind is originating from, or they can just completely miss some things. The models aren’t perfect, and they are one of the most important guides we have for making a forecast.

Loop of KESX radar from 12PM Sunday – 4AM Monday

Visible GOES satellite loop

Why did some parts of the valley get snow but others didn’t? Surface temperatures, snow levels, and the intensity of the precipitation coming down. All three of these things complicated the forecast and thus, what ended up happening. Surface temperatures in the valley were above freezing much of the night, but the temperatures were much closer to freezing in the west side of the valley where elevations are a bit higher. Also, the temperatures were fluctuating up and down a few degrees resulting in rain, then snow, then back to rain in some cases. This happens often when heavier precipitation falls. The atmosphere is trying to evaporate the precipitation as it falls, and this cools the atmosphere to its wet bulb temperature.

This is known as the wet-bulb effect and while we can approximate the potential of this effect, it’s notoriously difficult to accurately forecast. Temperatures can fall over 10 degrees in an hour depending on the intensity of the precipitation. So while most areas were above freezing, where the more intense precipitation developed was where accumulations occurred.

These areas included Goodsprings, Sandy Valley, I-15 between Primm and Las Vegas, Boulder City. Basically, where the colors are brighter on the radar loop above. You can see the extent of the snowpack as seen on satellite Monday on the loop above as well. So what were the highest amounts reported?

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  1. I’m in Kingman–just 90 miles away–more snow than I ever see here! In Alaska I expect it…they shut the whole town down–and I mean down! Not even CVS was open. But I’m comfortable, being an Alaska and all.

      • Towns get shut down for what seems like teensy amounts of snow to those of us from more northerly states (Montana) for two reasons:

        1) The snow was probably half melted when it hit the ground. Southern areas rarely get dry, squeaky snow. Slush is the norm.

        2) No one is prepared for snow. No snowplows or sanders. No snow tires. No experience driving in snow.

        • No one is prepared for snow.

          Yep. In Texas, however, it’s not so much the snow, but the ice. Oi vey!

          Those of us west of Hwy 360 can generally handle it though, whereas rain alone brings out the morons in Dallas county . . .


          • It’s black ice that catches most people out in the UK. Snow is great to drive on, wet compacted leaves not so much. But here in Australia when we have a string of hot days followed by an afternoon shower, the roads get a bit greasy.

        • If that much snow fell in the UK there would be food shortages, roads, rail and airports closed. Oh, and of course weather forecasters blaming global warming.

        • Steve Reddish – Being from western MT (5000 ft elevation), I’ve been in mid-south for ~30 years and ice storms here are scary even for me. Snow storms are also scary because of lack of experienced drivers and lack of plows, sanding trucks, salt trucks, etc. (as you’ve eluded to).

      • Ah, Tok. Spent part of a very pleasant summer there back in ’89. Is the gold mine still going on Delta M.?

  2. Coldest February in the western Mojave Desert, CA in Lancaster I can recall since coming here 17 years ago. Our coldest month is December. Some Februaries, the roses are starting to bud out. There was a warming spell a month ago when they were starting to do that, then bang, rains, pineapple express, and bitter cold. Just snowed here today at 1pm for the first time in 10 years.

    • Lancaster CA LA County, myself too. This cold isn’t just a brief bout. It has been long and often sub-zero. I was surprised to find 1.3cm of ice in a bucket one morning. I lost count of the times It has snowed, though never persisting on the ground.

      • Up against the San Gabriels to the south it has been in snow for a week now. Just a couple hundred feet higher elevation.

        • When I was a kid in Lancaster, one winter we got 24″ of snow in one dose (I think winter of 75). School initially did a two-hour delay because they expected it all to melt off by 10. About 9AM they called it for the day, which considering some of our teachers lived over the pass in LA proper, some of them were probably already on their way. By 5PM, all 24″ were gone.

          That’s the way I remember Mojave snow.

    • It’s important to remind you all that according to the orthodoxy of Sudden Catastrophic Climate Change … these cold-weather events are apropos of NOTHING. However, when the temperature rises to 121 deg.F in July … it will be PROOF of Global Warming.

  3. OK, so technically 0.51 inch rounds up to 1, but I think most would agree that it should have been reported as “about a half inch”. If it had been 1.2 cm, would it have been reported as “about zero inches”?

    • I’m with you, Rich. If someone was told they had been told they had won about a million dollars in a lottery, they are gonna be gripping when only $510K is delivered.


    • Worse than that. I lived in Henderson about a block from Las Vegas proper and it snowed 2-3 times between 2004-2009. The elevation where I lived is slightly higher so they could be referring to downtown Vegas or some other small subsection of the city.

  4. Yeah, I’ve seen snow well south of there back in the 80’s. Maybe the amazing thing is some made it to the ground in spite of the Vegas UHI effect. You could clearly see the Chicago UHI effect on TWC a day or so ago this week.

  5. Lancaster CA LA County, myself too. This cold isn’t just a brief bout. It has been long and often sub-zero. I was surprised to find 1.3cm of ice in a bucket one morning. I lost count of the times It has snowed, though never persisting on the ground.

  6. So this is just “weather” and has nothing to do with AGW but .xx degree of warming proves AGW? I’ve remembered snow in Las Vegas several times…………

    • Total ignorance. Conflating weather with climate, read up on Research 101.
      Ignorance is curable.

      Seriously? You’ve never heard about the conflation of weather with climate and you’ve just done it yourself.
      Because, clearly you are not aware, it’s not an education -based website, it’s opinion aggregation against established science.

      By the way, every one of the words above is in a big book filled with words and their definitions, which means an explanation of their meanings. The big books are called “dictionaries.”

      On the internet, you can find two or three, maybe 17 of them, and look up every one of those words.

      • This from the side that routinely declares every heat wave or drought as proof of global warming.

        And the standard, I’m so much smarter than anyone who disagrees with me attitude that is always found amongst liberals.
        Ironically enough, the dumber the liberal the bigger the attitude.

        • or flood, or hurricane.
          Heck, they are even trying to claim the recent cold snap as evidence of global warming.

  7. It’s the wrong kind of snow. It’s rotten snow. I read both excuses on WUWT, I think from England commenters.

  8. That this website would sink so low as to post anything like this story, clearly conflating weather with climate, and inciting the ignorant beliefs of global warming “skeptics”–a word I use only because the true, descriptive word, den**r is banned–reveals the depths of the ignorance among those who completely fail to understand climate change.

    No wonder climate change “skeptics” are among the most unscientific acolytes of ignorance in the world, tantamount to a cult. Call yourselves Luddites, flat-earthersor AGW “skeptics.” It doesn’t dignify the abject refusal to try and grasp the reality of AGW. This website fans the flames of such ignorance with a gasoline wind.

    Here’s your kindergarten-level lesson on climate change:
    FACT: Climate is NOT weather.
    FACT: Weather is LOCAL.
    FACT: Climate is regional, global.
    FACT: Your LOCAL weather does NOT intimate, mirror or cause climate trends. It is indirectly caused BY climate.

    Employ the power of the internet, if you are able. And take a class on Research 101. All of you. Please.
    Ignorance is curable. (If you are merely stupid, there is probably no help for you.)

    I’ll do the most basic research for you since so many of you are clearly incapable:

    • You must be paid to believe the CAGW ponzi scheme, Tim M, because a person, with an open mind, reading the items on WUWT would quickly lose his belief in the climate fairies.

    • “That this website would sink so low as to post anything like this story, clearly conflating weather with climate…”

      Where did the article say that snowfall in Vegas is climate? It didn’t. It’s mostly a reposting of some explanation from the NWS. You’re comment makes not sense. You’re just a troll.

    • Tim,
      Silly, pathetic, sad, reality-denier Tim,

      Which alarmist site gave you the talking point that denier is a banned term?

    • Senkin huonotapainen moukka, paikkasi on jossain muualla. Kokeile vaikka SkS-sivustoa, löydät sieltä runsaasti ystäviä.


    • FACT: Alarmists conflate climate and weather every time there is a heat wave. Yours is an exercise in hypocrisy.

    • Tim… Those whose education advances beyond kindergarten level may learn that science has a long-standing convention of doing the research before shouting out the facts. Quoting from your link:

      “Climate is the weather of a place averaged over a period of time, often 30 years.”

      To illustrate with an example, I live in “a place” where the climate is suitable for growing apples but not pineapples.

    • Your definitions are kindergarten-level.

      A Hurricane is weather. The area affected by a hurricane at any one time can stretch across several Koppen climates.

      Weather is more than local. Climate is less than regional or global.

    • By definition climate is the long term average of weather conditions in an area. So no weather is not indirectly caused by climate. Climate areas can be much smaller than a region and there is no global climate since the planet is made up of 1000’s climate areas.

  9. It’s hammering Phoenix tonight with lots of rain. Rain has just started in Tucson. Snow level is around 4,000 feet in So AZ, so the foot hills here in Tucson are going to get dumped on. I remember March 1987, a huge snow storm turned the Catalinas white. This is about a 30-35 year event, what you’d expect for 70 year climate ocean internal cycling. But where we are in the current cycle is probably more like about 1965-to 1969 equivalent. So another 10 years of this at least.

    Will the CAGW climate change alarmism scam be able to withstand such a 12 year down turn in temps? I doubt it.

    • Not just the Catalinas, Joel – the whole city had a white Christmas in 1987.

      That was a rarity. We often are cold enough around Christmas – but almost never also wet enough.

      (Even though I’m a native, and know all too well that we need the snow pack up in the White Mountains, and the lakes need refilled – I’m ready to have this weather go away!)

      • And… Snow just started in MY back yard. Sigh, errands moved to tomorrow.

        People who HAVE to go out on the roads today, take care. (Already a pretty nasty one on the railroad overpass along northbound Alvernon / Golf Links – went by it on the way to take the son to work.)

    • CAGW seens to be treated as “non-falsifiable” by those wedded to it. Which is why they manipulate the data rather than replace the failed hypothesis.

      We all should know by now: “If a hypothesis is not falsifiable, then it is not science”.

  10. BLATHER my weather 1
    BLATHER my weather 2
    BLATHER my weather 3
    BLATHER my weather 4
    BLATHER my weather 5
    BLATHER… Okay, I’ll stop.
    Hoping you *finally* get the point.

    People, haven’t you noticed that your inane, highly personal comments on the amount of snow and weather in your backyard, constituting a half an inch or centimeters or “BLATHER, hey MY weather! NOTICE MEEEE” is soooooo important to Global Climate Change (NOT) is incredibly boring and doesn’t make any difference or contribution in any significant way to the alleged “debate” (alleged ONLY by American conservatives who don’t understand, or flatly ignore, science) on the SCIENTIFIC FACT of global warming caused by humans?

    Of course you haven’t. This is a support group for people who can’t or won’t understand science.

    Face it people, you’ve been reduced to a variably anonymous support group on a website for those who can’t or won’t accept reality, to commiserate just how ostracized they are, how pathetic they feel and while admitting their antiscience beliefs, claim theirs is a specially persecuted cause (like Christians being thrown to the Lions in Rome, circa 2000 BC). “Oh, the humanity!”

    Poor meeeeeee!

    You’re literally crying, whining and blathering to NO effect in an antiscience, no-AGW-psychosis support group.

    Bawl away. Crying about how fake global warming is to a group of fellows with negative science knowledge (like Trump’s) doesn’t change scientific reality. But your bizarre, self-immolating group of nonsense-meisters is fun to mock.

    • Moderators – I rarely say this, but it is time to throw this one back over the wall to Gullible Science. (I don’t even advocate kicking off Mosher at his worst, just zapping some of his comments where he gets a bit ad-hom. He does, on occasion, contribute.)

      • Hear, hear.

        There´s nothing wrong with “educational” comments, but little tims furious mouthfoam ravage belongs to his(?) psychiatric healers.

        Little tim, go back to your insane asylum, that´s your home. They are waiting you to come.

      • Nah, let him stay. Without someone to argue with this is just an echo chamber. Plus, he’s right, weather is not climate.

        1. No where in the article did it say otherwise.
        2. If there was an anecdotal comment claiming otherwise, I missed it. What I did notice is people correcting the claim of no snow since since the 30’s and pointing out errors in conversion math…. you know, the kind of thing one would expect from scientifically literate skeptics willing to criticize their own.
        3. This site is littered with articles going back years explaining exactly WHY weather is not climate.
        4. We used to get people to argue with who had PhD’s in chemistry and physics who all slunk away over the years because they kept getting proven wrong, often with their own words and data.

        So let him hyper ventilate (that certainly is the impression I get from his writing, but I have no evidence to support that assertion). First, if that’s all the alarmists have to throw at this site these days, that’s pretty sad. Second, let’s invite him to stay and become active in the really technical threads. Perhaps he’ll stop hurling insults long enough to learn something.

        • “Nah, let him stay. Without someone to argue with this is just an echo chamber.”

          I say let him stay, too. He hasn’t gotten particularly nasty yet. He even went to the trouble of obscuring his denier label.

          I’m guessing he probably won’t be around long anyway. He will decide to move on once he realizes he is in over his head.

        • I agree. Let him stay.
          So far all he seems to have done is attack WUWT by throwing up a few “strawman” arguments.
          IE In an attack on WUWT:

          FACT: Climate is NOT weather.
          FACT: Weather is LOCAL.

          Implying that we use weather events as the CAGWers do.
          (Didn’t Mann claim that the hurricane that stalled over Houston stalled because of Man’s CO2? Does he ever watch “The Storm Channel”?)

          A few of questions for Tim:
          1. Do you support “The Green New Deal”? Why?
          2. Is Man’s CO2 a pollutant? Why?
          3. Is Nature’s CO2 a pollutant? Why?
          4. Do both or either need to be controlled? Why?

      • My guess is that now that little Tim has determined that there is nobody here that measures up to his exacting standards, he won’t be back.

    • Considering that just 19 years ago such things were supposed to be nonexistent, it is funny. It is worthy of ridicule to be hurled at charlatans like Al Gore and climate experts.

      Marc Morano archived the article here:

      According to Dr David Viner, a senior research scientist at the climatic research unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia,within a few years winter snowfall will become “a very rare and exciting event”.

      “Children just aren’t going to know what snow is,” he said.
      Living in Southern Arizona, I can tell you for fact that each of the last 4 winters –2016, 2017, 2018, now 2019, I have been able to take my dogs into copious amounts of snow in the mountains less than 15 miles from my Tucson home (direct line). 4 years in a row. That was not supposed to happen according to the climate hustlers.

      The climate scam will slowly die by a thousands cuts, but it will die. And then like a great beast it will finally succumb and collapse in a great fall.

    • “Tim Mantyla February 21, 2019 at 9:08 pm

      …on the SCIENTIFIC FACT of global warming caused by humans?”

      I have been searching for this “SCIENTIFIC FACT of global warming caused by humans” since the 70’s, y’know when the ice age was coming? Not found SCIENTIFIC FACT of global warming caused by humans so far, and the climate looks usual to me. Be good chap now and show me where to find this SCIENTIFIC FACT of global warming caused by humans that is not a theory, hypothesis or computer model?

      • So many people know “scientific facts” of AGW. They never tell what they are.
        Why they keep it secret? Is it because they want to yell the truth to everyone, like little tim does.
        Well quite obviously they don´t want to waste good hate and ravage. They must love their hate.

    • Well, the trolls are out tonight projecting their feelings on WUWT readers. Calling them conservatives, which I highly doubt is true of most here, shows that the little drive-by has no reasoning skills. If you can’t reason just project and pigeonhole, it makes the weak feel important.

    • Tim mocks people who don’t share his beliefs.
      I doubt anyone from WUWT would go Tim style nasty on an ‘alarmist’ site.
      Take your superiority complex elsewhere Tim (you’re clearly feeling out of control).
      And keep an eye on Will Happer Pal; you’re not going to like it . . .

    • Dr. David Viner with the University of East Anglia’s (UEA) Climatic Research Unit, predicted that snow would be a thing of the past in year 2000.
      You are free to believe anything you like, and call people you disagree with any name you like, but the FACT are –there is lots of snow every year and none of the (many) dire predictions about the world ending because of global warming if we don’t give up our money and sovereignty has played out. The IPCC science does not pass the smell test. I glad to see you are at least visiting a website that asks questions and does not swallow the AGW scam hook, line and sinker.

    • Reality doesn´t seem to be your strongest attribute. Now take your sedatives, have a deep breath and calm down.

      Come back when you have some grasp of reality.

      Oh, and thank you for your great personal example how reality hurts.

    • Neither Rome nor Christians existed in 2000 BC. Like most CAGW fanatics, you seem to minimally educated. Please read 100 scientific publications on global warming (Guardian synopses don’t count), take a deep breath and then try again.

    • If you stop hurling insults for a moment Tim, you might want to engage in a conversation instead of just shrieking. You might find what regulars here believe and what you THINK they believe are rather different.

      Has the earth been warming for the last several centuries? Well of course it has.
      Is some of that warming due to human activity? Of course it is.
      Is the GHE real? Of course it is.

      Now, is it dangerous? Well I won’t answer that question, instead I will ask you some questions.
      Have you studied any of the UN IPCC AR reports? Do you even know what they are?
      Have you read any of the scientific papers that the IPCC reports are based on?
      Do you know the difference between the various RCP’s? Do you even know what they are and why they are important?
      Do you know why the scientific community no longer bases sensitivity estimates on climate models?
      Do you know what economists who specialize in climate and effects on the human population estimate those effects are?

      These things and many others have been debated in excruciating detail over the years in this forum. I suggest you have a look for yourself and learn the difference between the science as the scientists report it and what you read in the news. Go ahead. I dare you.

      • davidmhoffer,

        With respect, it’s not worth the effort. I’m sure you’ve seen enough trolls and they’re not worth responding to. You can tell by the tone and nature of their comments that they’re just sh1t-stirrers that feel they’re morally superior because they’re trying to save the world. They’re not interested in engaging in an intelligent dialogue. If they did, they might learn something, and that thought scares them to death.

        • You are NEVER arguing with the trolls. You are preventing the next person who happens to land here because DuckDuckGo returned WUWT in a search result from thinking this clown is right because no one bothered to disagree with him. “Silence Implies Assent” is what the internet troll feeds on.

    • Tim, I cannot tell whether you actually do not comprehend what others have written, or whether you are just pretending to misunderstand them. Either way, responding to your claims would be pointless.

      Next, you also seem not to understand your own writing. You used several words and phrases in ways that reveal you don’t understand their literal meanings – including the word “literal”.

      Perhaps the silliest example of your written nonsense is:
      “(like Christians being thrown to the Lions in Rome, circa 2000 BC).”

      You preceded the founding of Rome by 1250 years, and the beginning of the Christian era by a little over 2000 years.

      If you do not realize the errors in what you write, I can have no expectation that you will understand my rebuttal.


      • I somehow missed that one. Oh, dear. Tim is probably one of those over on other sites telling everyone that ol’ Adolf had the Berlin Wall built to keep out the Hebrews. (Different words used to hopefully not give Charles more work than necessary…)

      • Hey, he “studied” journalism at the University of Michigan. Why do you think he would know anything about comprehension or fact-checking?

        • Living in Columbus, I’m tempted to make a crack about Michigan but, alas, The Buckeyes have a few nuts of their own.

          • I actually have nothing against UM, but I think Mr. Tim is a sad example of the direction higher education (if you can call it that any more) has been heading.

    • Wow Tim. I’m experiencing Fremdschämen on your behalf.

      Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.

      What are you doing? Lashing out at your cognitive dissonance? It sounds like you’re secretly worried that a bit of weather casts doubts on your religious beliefs about catastrophic climate change. I don’t see anybody claiming relevance to climate in this unusual weather event. Only you claiming that others are doing that.

      Here’s the impression I get of your ranting, Tim

    • “Christians thrown to the lions in Rome 2000BC”?
      So much for your “education” . BC means -Before Christ . So there were Christians 2000 years (Early Bronze Age) before Christ was born?
      Jesus wept! Such ignorance is breath taking.
      More please I need a good laugh.

    • Here we go again with another case of Tourette syndrome coming to WUWT to relieve his “symptoms”…

    • And again with the traditional, anyone who doesn’t agree with me doesn’t know anything.
      A liberal and a warmist. A nasty combination.

      Doesn’t bother to present a single fact.
      Doesn’t bother to refute a single argument on the opponents side.

      Just declares that anyone who disagrees with him is ignorant.

      PS: Just love the attitude. Why don’t you drop the hatred and try to actually learn something from others.

    • As someone who has lost a job due to my positions on climate science, your apparent belief that there is no persecution of skeptics is not something I’m going to take lightly.

    • Tim, re: 2000BC. BC stands for “Before Christ”. If you believe that there were Christians 2000 years before the birth of Christ, then you don’t have a lot of room to criticize the ignorance of others.

    • “on the SCIENTIFIC FACT of global warming caused by humans”

      Well, you know folks at WUWT have for years asked the alarmists to supply us with the evidence showing that humans are causing the Earth’s atmosphere to warm, and now it looks like we have just what we desired, an alarmists that must have the evidence because he says it is scientific fact in all capitals.

      So Tim, would you please supply us with at least one piece of evidence showing humans are causing the Earth’s atmosphere to warm up, and then we’ll just close up shop here at WUWT and we won’t be deniers any longer.

      Help us out!

    • “hey MY weather! NOTICE MEEEE” is soooooo important to Global Climate Change (NOT) is incredibly boring”

      On the contrary, I think it is very interesting. I like it when people describe their particular circimstances. That’s one way we get to know each other. It’s harmless so don’t knock it.

      • And at times I’ve mentioned how the record highs and lows for my little spot on the globe have been changed. And those are just the record values. What about the values in between?
        How many other “little spots on the globe” have had their records changed?
        As the song says, “Does anybody really know what temp it was…”

    • Christians? Lions? 2000 BC ??
      You really should send us some more of your facts. The odds are you could eventually get something right, accidently.

  11. You atheists and skeptics there in the US of A need to turn around and pray to the Great Green Goddess for some more ole time global warming !


    Good luck with that one from Oz !

    • Praying to pagan goddesses? Here in the US of A we just ramp up our fossil fuel usage and the temps go back up again. I’ll betcha it will be a lot warmer by June or July.

      • Yep, seems to work every year. The sad thing is that despite this obvious scientific proof that burning fossil fuels warms the climate, we can’t rely on free markets to sustain the warmth. Each year we see a tragic and utterly unnecessary cooling around November that is certainly caused by selfish rich people failing to burn their fair share.

        A bit off topic, but I’d like to call your attention to another risk of impending doom. With the encroachment of urban sprawl, there are fewer and fewer habitats for roosters. If this trend goes unchecked by urgent socialist action, sunrises may be a thing of the past. Without roosters to crow, the sun cannot rise! Our children will not know what sun is.

    • Well, Bill in Oz, normally we’d sacrifice a few virgins in a volcano and everything would work itself out, but virgins are getting fewer and farther between, so we’re stuck with the odd snow here and there in Las Vegas.

      I’d hazard a guess that the countries with more virgins are having a better run of luck with their weather.

  12. Dear Tim
    I do hope you get over yourself soon.
    By the way,how is that Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming coming along?
    Or if you prefer,please define this “Global Climate Change ” of which you speak.
    What component of the imagined warming(I assume warming is your concern) is contributed by man and what component is natural?

    • Nothing stops the blackjack tables, and if you tried to, the Nevada gaming commission would be right there to find out why!

  13. My niece in Rancho Cucamonga(San Bernadino County CA) reported some snow on Thursday. After searching, I also see pictures of snow at the Rose Bowl!

  14. ‘First measurable snow in Las Vegas since 1937.’ If this keeps up my computer model says New York will be under 1/2 mile of ice in 30 years.

  15. I live in the Vegas valley. I’ve seen snow on the ground several times in the last 20 years, just not everywhere. Probably around 2006 or so, I remember a storm that dropped about 5-6″ around town and I had to go out in my 4wd to pick up someone who was stranded. That was fairly near the airport, so they should have been measuring there. We had another small snowfall 3-4 years ago as well, and I remember visiting in the mid ’90s when the fountains were all frozen, though I don’t recall snow on the ground.

  16. So, it’s now up to those crazy climate scientists to explain how the polar vortex is extending as far south as Las Vegas (latitude 36.2° N).

  17. This happens often when heavier precipitation falls. The atmosphere is trying to evaporate the precipitation as it falls, and this cools the atmosphere to its wet bulb temperature. This is known as the wet-bulb effect…

    This is also called Dynamic or Evaporative Cooling…the opposite of Latent Heating – heat being absorbed from the air when evaporation or sublimation occurs.

  18. This is truly a crock. This is wrong.
    This shows the historical amounts of snow received by Las Vegas.

    The weather service said there was 2 inches on Dec. 15, 1967; 0.4 inches on Dec. 5, 1972; 1 inch on Dec. 6, 1998; 1.3 inches on Dec. 30, 2003; and 3.6 inches on Dec. 17, 2008 and many more days.

    If you’re going to report something, do your fact checking first

  19. while snow is indeed rare in vegas, but the headline is not quite true. the last time it snowed was not in 1937, but just about a decade ago – in 2008. 1979 probably holds the record of snow accumulation in one day – over 7 inches. … nonetheless, it is strange that media goes amuck highlighting this year being the 4th highest temperature and all, but remains so silent when the pendulum swings the other way.

  20. There is a nugget in the article: “The atmosphere is trying to evaporate the precipitation as it falls, and this cools the atmosphere to its wet bulb temperature.”

    Indeed so. And do any of the numerical models by which climate simulations are performed directly calculate this effect? Nope. Not even close. And yet the sales force for the climate crisis, based on the models, insists we believe the claims. Not buying it.

  21. Since the turn of the century a small army of mainly but not exclusively solar scientist have informed us that in the latter part of solar cycle 24 that the planet will begin to cool.
    It is now doing that.
    They are demonstrably correct.
    All else is foolishness.

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