Al Gore Says Ralph Northam Can Atone For Blackface Scandal By Opposing Gas Pipeline

8:32 AM 02/20/2019 | Energy

Michael Bastasch | Energy EditorFormer Vice President Al Gore said Democratic Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam can fulfill his “racial reconciliation” pledge by opposing the Atlantic Coast pipeline, which he called a “racist rip-off.”

“This is an ideal opportunity for him to say, ‘I’ve seen the light,’” Gore said at an anti-pipeline town hall in a historically black part of Buckingham County, Virginia, as part of an “Environmental Justice Tour,” the AP reported.

Gore appeared on stage with his daughter Karenna Gore, Rev. Dr. William Barber II, environmental activists and residents of Union Hill, a historically black neighborhood, who oppose the Atlantic Coast pipeline.

Gore and climate activists see Northam’s recent blackface controversy as a way to turn him against the Atlantic Coast pipeline. (RELATED: Trump Will Officially End Negotiations With California On Fuel Economy Rollbacks)

Northam’s political future was thrown into doubt early in 2019 after his medical school yearbook photos surfaced, showing a picture of an individual in blackface and another in a KKK hood.

Former U.S. VP Gore at Nobel Peace Prize Forum in Oslo

Former U.S. Vice President and 2007 Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore speaks this year’s Nobel Peace Prize Forum, in Oslo, Norway December 11, 2018. NTB Scanpix/Heiko Junge via REUTERS.

Northam apologized for being in the photo, but, one day later, claimed he wasn’t in the photo amid calls for his resignation. He did, however, admit to wearing shoe polish for a dance contest in 1984. The embattled Democratic governor refused to resign, and wanted to focus on “racial reconciliation,” The Washington Post reported.

Barber said Northam needed to address “systemic racism” to truly atone for wearing blackface.

“If you want to be a great governor, if you want to help lead the nation, the first thing you oughta do is stop by Union Hill and tell this compressor, tell Dominion, ‘I was wrong, but I’m gonna do right, now,’” Barber said in a fiery speech Tuesday night.

The Atlantic Coast pipeline will bring natural gas 600 miles from West Virginia, through Virginia to North Carolina. The Richmond-based utility Dominion Energy will build and operate the pipeline.

Dominion plans on building a natural gas compressor station in the historically black Union Hill neighborhood of Richmond, Virginia. The Atlantic pipeline is one of many around the country environmentalists are fighting to block as part of their effort to keep fuel from getting to consumers who need it.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, accompanied by his wife Pamela Northam announces he will not resign during a news conference in Richmond

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, accompanied by his wife Pamela Northam announces he will not resign during a news conference in Richmond, Virginia, U.S. February 2, 2019. REUTERS/ Jay Paul.

Dominion proposed spending $5.1 million in the Union Hill community, which could include building a community center, improving emergency services and grants for businesses.

The Atlantic Coast pipeline will create thousands of jobs and lower energy bills, supporters say. However, the project has suffered delays and cost overruns while it’s caught up in litigation with environmental groups.

Gore called the pipeline a “vivid example of environmental racism,” and claimed compressor stations, like the one planned for Union Hill, can “cause lots of diseases” and emit lots of noise.

“We’ve heard about explosions and accidents,” Gore said, also claiming newer pipelines are even less safe — though, like his other claims, this is likely untrue.

Gore also called for Dominion to abandon the project and, instead, build more wind turbines and solar panels.

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89 thoughts on “Al Gore Says Ralph Northam Can Atone For Blackface Scandal By Opposing Gas Pipeline

  1. Gore and climate activists see Northam’s recent blackface controversy as a way to turn him against the Atlantic Coast pipeline

    For all anyone knows it could be a contrived controversy to force his capitulation in the matter.

    • Was this the … “crazed sex poodle” incident ? Or was that another one of this creepy, lonely, ollllllld man’s sexual desperation episodes ?

      • The Portland incident was the ‘crazed sex poodle’ – which, btw, everyone thought was weird, but was actually from a Steve Martin movie – ‘All Of Me’ – and it briefly became a catch-phrase.

  2. While I’m typically all for riding Gore out on a rail anytime he shows up, what data is there for the disease and noise issues? If they’re handing out lots of free stuff there’s usually some big negatives hiding in the weeds.

    • I believe the approach from Dominion is to offer such a nice, tasty, carrot that if the locals say “no”, they’ll just cut out a few incentives. It’s a trope you see from time to time. Two people haggling, and the buyer, instead of offering more to meet the seller in the middle, LOWERS his bid, panicking the seller into taking less than they might otherwise.

      • Many of those ranting against the compressor station would have you believe, Dominion is locating it there just because they want to poison the largely African American community. This is wrong. It needs to go there because it is at the intersection between the existing Transco pipeline and the ACP. And the emissions and noise are being controlled with state-of-the -art technology. The people get more “poisons” when they light the burners on their gas stoves.

    • Doubtful it is disease of noise.
      Few people there to be bothered.
      Mostly empty farmland.
      Google Union Hill, VA (not neighborhood in Richmond)

      • There is an NG pump station in the Town of Burnsville, WV, current population about 350, and there never has been an issue of disease or noise in the 100+- years it has been in operation, ……. except way back when they use to “activate” a loud Steam Whistle to signal “lunch hour” at 12 o’clock noon.

        There are lots of safe, reliable NG pump stations in the US and …… also in WV, simply because there are lots of NG pipelines that cross the State of WV ….. and the fact that WV is a BIG producer of NG.

        See for yourself, to wit: US map of NG pump stations

  3. I guess paying indulgences to his high priest Al Gore will solve all problems ethical and moral..

    Always the same answer…. Pay Me and your forgiven…

    • How else can one live … Carbon Neutral … if not for purchases of “offsets” to your “sin”?
      In Medieval times, a donated stained glass window for the local Cathedral would cancel out a lifetime’s worth of behaving like a … “crazed sex poodle”

  4. As Gore, reached down and kissed his vestmants he raised his hand over Northam and said the words of absolution: “I absolve you of all your sins, in the name of GAIA, and her lands, and the holy spirit of the Greens.”

  5. Sounds like the envirofascists are pulling the race card in order to attempt to push through their anti-fossil-fuel, anti-democracy, and anti-humanity agendas.

    • Cynthia

      No joke.

      The UK was informed today that one of our ‘esteemed’ government ministers want’s to outlaw piped gas in all new build houses within 6 years to meet our environmental obligations. They will, of course, be forced to install ground or air source heat pumps to heat their very expensive, super insulated houses, and the pumps will be forced to rely on electricity from the growing armada of unreliable renewable installations polluting the countryside.

      So, yet another burden to add to an already overstressed grid, which has the prospect of dealing with all new cars being electric after 2040.

      I’m building a new house over the next 4 or 5 years for my retirement. They can try to stop me installing the mother of all diesel generators in the back garden if they want, but it will take the Army to remove it.

      If the UK government didn’t have a lousy energy plan, they would have no plan at all. And they don’t even have a lousy energy plan!

  6. In 1077 Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV knelt before the gates of the Pope Gregory VII’s palace barefoot in the snow for three days as penance seeking absolution from excommunication.
    It established the pre-eminence of church over state, albeit temporarily.
    Here ‘His Holiness’ has laid down the condition, the penance, under which a representative of the state can be similarly absolved in order to confirm the subservience of the state to the new religion.
    ‘Pope’ Gore should be careful though, a decade or so after Emperor Henry’s humiliation German nobles sacked Rome and chucked Pope Gregory out.

  7. He invented the very medium by which wattsupwiththat exists, yet is attacked here by people who could not bench press quarter of his weight, atonement is indeed due.

    • Every time Gore opens his mouth, the only coherent thing that comes out is a huge rush of hot air.

      A hot-air balloon in his size would weigh about 50 lbs. Therefore, I can bench press 4 to 4.5 “Al Gores” (depending on the error bars in my estimate of the weight of the equivalent hot-air balloon).

      ** – See I am one of the “good” scientists. I use error bars in my studies.

  8. From Gore? well of course the Yoda of false equivalence and failed predictions.

    Offended you are? A sh1t I dont give!

  9. Gore seems to think that opposing a pipeline is morally equivalent to opposing a Halloween costume worn by a reformed racist decades ago. I wonder if he would think the same thing if Northam was a Republican who opposed infanticide?

  10. Was thinking about this renewable energy business, and it seems to me that what is behind it IS actually religion – A form of Sun worship. This is why any form of energy which derives either directly or indirectly from the Sun’s rays is seen as holy, and any other, as evil.

    Although, the fossil fuels they hate are nothing more or less than stored solar energy. Yet at the same time the Greens are trying to push the idea of storing solar energy with batteries. Make sense? No? I agree.

    • Yep they currently have white privilege but they also suffer from gender dysphasia unless they are continuously welded in that they have male and/or female ends. As such they do not meet the approval of the LGBTQI people and are sexist which is another reason to remove them.

  11. Northam should take note of the backlash against AOC for running Amazon out of NY just to appease the climate gods.

  12. The Raw Green Deal wants to do away with cow belches.
    Perhaps AOC should focus on getting Algore to stop striking that “pull my finger” pose?
    (He is rich now so he should be one of her targets.)

  13. Synopsis: Al Gore: “Anyone who has done any wrongdoing can atone for it by becoming a vocal advocate against ‘climate change’.”

  14. I am only mildly surprised to see that Al Gore was invited to speak at the Nobel Peace Prize Forum, in Oslo, Norway last December (caption under first photo in above article). Apparently, the Noble Prize bureaucracy has no embarrassment for giving its highest prize in 2007 to a poser who incorrectly—by some reliable accounts falsely by intention—claimed science supported his absurd claims and corresponding predictions regarding “Earth having a fever.”

    Anyone can use a search engine to see just how many of Gore’s predictions, asserted to be based on solid science, have failed to materialize in the almost 12 years since he received his Nobel Peach (sic) Prize.

    Alfred Nobel must be spinning in his grave at, oh, about 60 rpm.

  15. Is Shaman Gore still going? Thought all that high living on the back of other people’s money would’ve given him a massive coronary by now.

    AGW religion, fuelled by the O.P.M. of the masses.

  16. The only thing I’ve learned from Al Gore, is how NOT to talk to a masseuse.
    I would be interested in other Faux Pas to be avoided when slumming.
    Would it be considered uncouth to seek advice ??

  17. “We’ve heard about explosions and accidents,”

    Have you? Then, considering how deeply Al and his friends feel about that industry, I am sure they have a big fat fact file ready to be sent out to anyone who even remotely questions his claim.

    It must be there, right? Unless of course Big Media is covering up the dangers of gas pipelines. Pictures. Video. Charts. Reports.

    Or does Racism now beat Safety Reports when it comes to engineering project concerns?

    “Hmmm… Lets see, you propose to build your project out of broken bottles sourced from a bio-weapons research centre, but also have a 98.7% Diversity Rating and a Welcome to Country. Approved!”

  18. I find it ironic that “Al the bore” is speaking in a traditionally black neighborhood in Richmond, VA about a natural gas pipeline that will not come within 80 miles of the Union Hill district of Richmond, VA

  19. Union Hill is a poor area of Richmond. Virginia Commonwealth University is building apartments and other buildings 2 blocks away. (I’m working on one of them) This area is in desperate need of help. Al Gore is willing to let these people suffer because of his global warming BS. He then tries to make people believe” racist” are trying to locate a natural compressor station in a black neighborhood. He’s cut from the same cloth as Jussie Smollet.

    • @ Garland Lowe: People are confusing (conflating?) the Union Hill neighborhood of Richmond with the actual community of Union Hill (in Buckingham county) nearly 90 miles west of Richmond. If one were to look at a map of the proposed route of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline you would see that it comes no where near Richmond.

      • Thanks Gilbert, couldn’t understand why a compressor station was being built in Richmond.
        “Dominion plans on building a natural gas compressor station in the historically black Union Hill neighborhood of Richmond, Virginia.”
        I guess it’s a misprint.

  20. If Northam can atone for his blackface ‘sins’ by endorsing the pipeline cancellation then Al Gore can atone for his by pledging his full support for Donald Trump! Let the negotiations begin!!

  21. So racism is ok so long as you promote the lie of cataclysmic humane induced climate change, what more evidence do you need of what the democratic party represents, it’s not social justice, its not the advancement of minorities, it is the advancement of global socialism where the elite rule, and the rest of us bow to the elite!

  22. Algorebull again? He should really consider having surgery – get his mouth sewn shut.

    Anyone so desperate for attention that he can’t even get facts straight is — well, in need of professional help with his problem. Attention-seeking and money-grubbing are cut from the same cloth. Isn’t there an iceberg about to calve that these people could live on for a while?

  23. Has it dawned on anyone commenting here that you’ve all fallen for the bait?

    Governor Northam made statements about “4th trimester” abortion that were about to destroy the political position of Planned Parenthood and the “Choice” arm of the Democrat party.

    Quick; we need a distraction!! So some “anonymous person” gave an old yearbook photo to a newspaper and everyone is now chasing the squirrel!

    Northam is looking like he will survive this because “racism” 30 years ago is not such a great deal after all.
    The distraction worked; everyone forgets the first calls for him to step down were because of his abortion comments which would have done great damage to the Dems in Virginia in 2020.

    Now it’s “What abortion comments?” Mission accomplished.

    • Clinton perfected this distraction technique. Everytime somebody caught him in a scandal, corruption, quasi-treason, etc., or simply an outright blunder, he had someone release a rumor about an old girl friend. They had a huge supply of those. The press dropped the original scandal and tooted on about the sex scandal, which dissolved into a they/she said-he said argument. And somehow, it turned out that all his girl friends had signed affidavits saying there was never no sex no sir.

      He also made good use of the line “We’re not corrupt, we’re just stupid.” Naw, they were/are corrupt.

      • Yes, the so-called “bimbo eruptions”.

        As I’ve told those with TDS: if you’ve defended Clinton for 20 years, worship the Kennedys as heroes and applauded along with Hollywood when it gave Roman Polanski a standing ovation with Harvey Weinstein in the audience…I’m not interested in your opinion on Trump’s alleged sexual issues.

        Also see: James “if you drag a hundred-dollar bill through a trailer park, you never know what you’ll find” Carville…

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