Mann vs. Steyn likely to head to Supreme Court

Mark Steyn writes on his webpage:

There was some modest activity yesterday in the Mann vs Steyn climate-change hockey-stick case, which will shortly be entering its eighth year. As that ludicrous fact testifies, it has been procedurally bollocksed by the District of Columbia courts, which is why it will almost certainly be headed to the Supreme Court. When it gets there, it will be the most consequential free-speech case since New York Times vs Sullivan fifty-five years ago.

Lest you doubt that, consider yesterday’s request by the Reporters Committee for the Freedom of the Press and various other parties to file an amicus brief on the merits of the case – that’s to say, on the danger Michael E Mann’s victory would pose for the “right to freedom of speech and of the press”. Those supporting our side in this battle include not only the chaps you might expect, such as Fox News, but an awful lot you might not – including NBC, The Washington Post and the ACLU. Because they all recognize the threat that Mann poses to a free society in demanding the courts adjudicate public-policy disputes.

Also, apparently, Mike Mann picked up a friend to help him in the Tort wars, a conservative no less. Read all about it here

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  1. As I read the filing – it only amounts only to a request to get the court to proceed with the case.

  2. It looks like conservatives are in a better place in the Supreme Court. link My wild ass guess is that RBG will stick around ’til after the next election. That depends on her health though.

    • Thurgood Marshall told his interns that if he died before Reagan left office, to have him stuffed and propped up in his chair.
      There’s a good chance he was joking.

    • That depends on her health though.

      You are assuming her health isn’t already a problem. #WheresRuth has become a thing because she hasn’t verifiably been seen in public for a while now. Doesn’t mean she’s dead (as conspiracists on the internet may believe) but her health has certainly been a factor in her low visibility of late. She could be on her deathbed and the left will pretend it isn’t so in order to keep that seat from being appointed by Trump.

      • People should cease worrying about RBG.

        Ruth had major surgery to a critical organ at her advanced age and already very frail body.

        Yet, everyone is on tenterhooks about RBG’s daily status.

        When my boss had an operation on his pancreas, it took three months before he could walk and return one block. Six months before he could return to “light” work and short days.

        RBG is twenty years older than he was and underwent a much more serious and intrusive operation.

        Given RBG’s determination to be carried out of the SCOTUS chambers, she will return no matter how long it takes for her to heal enough for SCOTUS activity.
        Whether RBG recovers before the 2020 election is questionable. Just give RBG peace and rest until she herself knows what she is doing.

        • According to the MSM she is fine, reading court briefings, even went out yo a show. So the assumptions in your post are not valid. She is very likely incapable of her job

          • A) Who cares what the msm claim?

            B) RBG attended a show, where no one took a picture? None? Nor recorded any of her discussions?
            It is not unusual for convalescents to attend shows, or portions of shows. They get wheeled in and wheeled out by caregivers.
            It is extremely unusual for such famous personages to evade and escape the world’s paparazzi!

            C) You have not contradicted any of my statements.

            D) At no point did I make a claim about RBG job performance incapability.
            I have no doubt that RBG may try to keep up with the paperwork. Convalescents recovering from major surgery do try and keep busy with paperwork, though most find even such light chores burdensome until they gain enough strength.

            E) Ending on a msm discussion; paying attention to msm feeding frenzies that spin all sorts of claims regarding RBG is a waste of time. Let the old lady recover and announce her own decisions, if and when she is ready.

        • People should cease worrying about RBG.

          Perhaps they should, but they won’t.

          Those on the left want to know/worry because they’re afraid of Trump getting to appoint her replacement

          Those on the right want to know/worry because they’re hoping Trump will get to appoint her replacement.

          Until she’s back to active duty or steps down (or dies) there will be no end to the “worrying”.

      • I didn’t believe she was dead until the Washington Post denied it a few days ago.

        And that whole ‘yes, she was an an event specially staged for her but hardly anyone noticed because she was kept in the shadows in the corner and no-one took any pictures either’ thing was just bizarre.

    • RBG has a well known tendency to reach conclusions of law to reach her preferred policy result (dissent in encino motors, dissent in ledbetter , concuring opinion in ACA).

      However, I suspect that she will rule in favor of CEI/NRO if the case gets that far (which is very unlikely).

      She would likely disfavor a policy that would expose the liberal media to a lower level of of a libel threshold.

    • She won’t live that long. With active cancer, she would have the option of chemo, but as doctors told my father at 85, they do not recommend it as seniors do not even survive the chemo very well.

      • She won’t live that long

        Assuming she’s still alive #WheresRuth 😉

        With active cancer, she would have the option of chemo, but as doctors told my father at 85, they do not recommend it as seniors do not even survive the chemo very well

        If the options are:
        1) no chemo and 100% chance of dying from the cancer or
        2) Take the chemo and have a very small chance of continued living.
        I think, even at 85, I’d prefer to try the option that has a smaller than 100% chance of death. Obviously others would choose differently.

    • I want Mann to live long enough to see his life’s work tossed discarded as junk and to see his reputation to nothing more than a laughing stock.

      • as special dispensation, he could be given a tv to watch while in his hell hole.

        That way he cold see his life’s work tossed aside, while still reaping the justice he deserves.

        • Mann won’t be shamed. Even if he loses the case and his work is trashed, the majority of people can only find out via the media – their principal source of information.
          The media don’t tell us what we’re not supposed to hear, and/or modify the facts in news items they see some advantage to airing.
          The ‘Yellow Vests’ in France, and their newfound allies in Italy, are being largely ignored by the world’s media, and what news they do convey to the public is manipulated to minimise the political impact of the movement.
          Mann may be humiliated in the courts but he will be looked after by the Warmunists. Most of us will never hear anything about it. The Global Warming juggernaut will roll onwards.
          Remember the old adage: “The devil takes care of his own”.

      • If that sort of thing bothered him, he would have had his “Mann in the Mirror” moment long ago, don’t you think?

      • MarkW: I want him to live long enough for the DC Circuit Court to set Steyn’s case for trial. To my great dismay, it appears your wish will come true first.

      • “I want Mann to live long enough to see his life’s work tossed discarded as junk and to see his reputation to nothing more than a laughing stock.”
        That just ain’t going to happen. Of course those on this side have been saying that forever, and some on the other side don’t like the way he operates, but he work has been accepted by mainstream science for a long time now. That isn’t gong to change.

        • There is plenty of room on the rubbish heap if bad sciencey garbage for the HS to join eugenics, aether, steady state universe, the flood, the rejection of plate tectonics, the acid theory of ulcers, etc.
          The HS is not immune from reality, no matter who Mann & gang attacks

  3. Mann has utterly WASTED massive amounts of energy, time, and money on this baseless lawsuit. Just think of all the unnessary airline trips, paper, and other resources squandered on this crap. So much for his “enviro-cred” … the Mann is a PIG.

    Hey Mann! Show us your work!

      • cBob: IAAL (assuming your acronym is for “I Am Not A Lawyer”)(won’t go into my great shame for other lawyers). Notice Katz accuses Steyn of abuse of process! At that level of projection, Katz is definitely a progressive. I hope for all of us that Steyn hits him hard enough to make Katz a hundredaire.

  4. Maybe they will find time to note the irony of the court case spanning almost climate-significant time spans at least by the definitions of AGW claimants. Maybe they can hear the case at the same time the Senate is bringing up GND for all to see.

  5. Listened to Mark Steyn on YouTube on the way in this morning. He’s thought provoking and entertaining. Not surprising that certain types would want to shut him up. Won’t happen for them if it gets to SCOTUS.

    • Lots of back history and information on this suit can be found by searching “mann lawsuit” in WUWT search field.

    • Mann is being bankrolled by private donations and a huge sum of money from the Rockefeller foundation by means of something called The Climate Science Defense Fund.

      I know it sounds like some kind of crazy swivel-eyed talk, but when you track the money rivers to their sources, the Rockefeller Foundation keeps showing up as the headwaters.

      It’s kind of unsurprising when you consider the family’s history of animus towards the unwashed masses and their zeal to uplift those same masses using state coercion if needed.

      • It’s kind of unsurprising when you consider the family’s history of animus towards the unwashed masses and their zeal to uplift those same masses using state coercion if needed.

        I am reading “War Against the Weak” and the Rockefeller Foundation also funded the eugenics movement of the early 20th Century which sought to sterilize “undesirable” people. Talk about elitists.

        • Speaking of eugenics, guess who thought up with the name “Planned Parenthood? The same guy who brought you Kotex sanitary napkins and Kleenex disposable handkerchiefs. He was a marketing genius and married (3rd wife) one of the great PP supporters. He owned a good fraction of the Chicago Cubs. And a whole lot of other things.

          The RF funds all sorts of strange things because behind the scenes, they and their friends have an agenda that is at odds with a lot of what the common (generic) man favours. It is a big story that one day must be revealed. It will require more volumes that Churchill needed.

      • John”Beale is married to Nancy Kete, another former EPA employee.[1][3] Kete is also a former managing director of the Rockefeller Foundation.[5]” Wikipedia

        You’ll remember John Beale as the million dollar fraudster at the EPA. Nancy Kete hasn’t been convicted of anything but as a former EPA employee herself she might have know that Johnny was scamming for dollars and making up results at the job. The Rockefeller Foundation hired her to run their foundation.

      • A search of the Climate Science Defense Fund for “Steyn” brings up no hits. Mann must be funded in this suit by a “climate scientism offense fund”.

        • Steyn is self funded. He is the most creative guy alive. He even has a best selling jazz album! Visit his site. He has published several dozen best sellers. He runs his own “TV” station. He does world tours (Europe, Australia, North America) talking on free speech. He has had a hate crimes statute in Canada rescinded following his winning of a suit against him by the Canadiam Muslim Council (?) in a celebrated case. He writes for newspapers in Canada, US, UK, Australia. He has spoken in parliaments. He is an industry unto himself. He is the most amusing writer. He even wrote a book after he was sued about M Mann and his hockey stick a disgrsce to the profession which was a best seller in the climate genre of Amazon! People who know Steyn advised Mann not to do it!

      • those Rockefeller people are always involved when it is about putting a world government into place

        click on my name to follow my thoughts on this

    • Don’t you beautiful people just hate this guy! It’s OK. He’s excluded from “diversity” because he’s a toxic old шнуте guy. You better have your playdough with you when this court case is over.

    • Yeah, we should just hunker down and let the champagne social(ist) тотаliтагуаиs do whats best for us. JimG1, at least you recognize that you are living in a theater. Most think its reality they are in.

  6. Mann has just been awarded the 2019 Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement. The Tyler Prize is often referred to as the “Nobel Prize for the Environment”.

    Another case of rewarding those who forward the “cause”. He will need that cash to pay his lawyers.

  7. and who says there is no justice in the world. Regardless of how the case gets resolved, it sure looks like one of the parties was hit with an enormous ugly stick.

  8. This is Mann in a recent issue Cosmo Magazine:

    Climategate, in hindsight, is very interesting, because it involved hacked emails, and Saudi Arabia and Russia were both involved. WikiLeaks and Julian Assange …

    In my recent book, The Madhouse Effect, we talk about what played out in the last presidential election. The assault on climate scientists, Climategate, was almost a training ground. It was the same actors and the same mission. Climategate was about trying to distract the public and the policymakers with a fake scandal going into the Copenhagen Summit [also known as the United Nations Climate Change Conference] in 2009, which was the first opportunity for meaningful progress on international climate policy in years.

    A compelling case can be made that Russia’s involvement and Saudi Arabia’s potential involvement in the last [US] election was about a half-trillion-dollar oil deal between Russia and ExxonMobil that had been blocked because of the sanctions against Russia.

    What’s the first thing that happened under the now-infamous Paul Manafort? They changed the Republican platform to try to get rid of those sanctions. Then Trump appointed Rex Tillerson, the former head of ExxonMobil, as Secretary of State. Is that a coincidence?

    It was the same players and the same motive and the same disingenuity. In the case of Climategate, there have now been the better part of a dozen investigations in the US and the UK, and they have all come to the conclusion there was no impropriety on the part of the scientists whose emails had been stolen. The only wrongdoing was the criminal theft of the emails in the first place.

    The science that we are doing is a threat to the world’s most powerful and wealthiest special interests. The most powerful and wealthiest special interest that has ever existed: the fossil fuel industry.

    They have used their immense resources to create fake scandals and to fund a global disinformation campaign aimed at vilifying the scientists, discrediting the science, and misleading the public and policymakers. Arguably, it is the most villainous act in the history of human civilisation, because it is about the short-term interests of a small number of plutocrats over the long-term welfare of this planet and the people who live on it.

    So, once again, to be in a position to be fighting on the right side of a battle between good and evil – which frankly it is – is a privilege.

    • Mann: “A compelling case can be made…”

      From the guy who thinks a compelling case for the end of the world can be made from a pine tree and a sharpie.

    • If Mann actually believes that statement then he really is out of touch with reality. The question is: Liar, or Delusional?

      • Playing to the faithful and with most if not all of his work , its BS claims first and foremost .
        Red bus , yellow bus , frankly I do not care what the colour the bus is which is fellows will throw him under to save themselves, and they will given how his treated them , it cannot come soon enough.

  9. “There was some modest activity yesterday in the Mann vs Steyn climate-change hockey-stick case, which will shortly be entering its eighth year.”

    Eight years! What a travesty of justice! It’s shameful.

  10. Capitalism has a built-in relief valve that corrects for poor judgement and for corruption. It is called BANKRUPTCY; painful, but no starvation and death.

    Socialism has no relief valve for corruption; correction of a socialist government requires revolution [starvation and death].

    Everyone hated a “King” because “absolute power produces absolute corruption”. So capitalism was created. BUT, the “POWER” hungry needed a “new foothold”. That new foothold is “Socialism”.

    To destroy capitalism one must “remove” bankruptcy, i.e., “too big to fail”.

    Let’s all hope that from the ashes of bankruptcy of capitalism [caused by socialism], that true capitalism emerges……………….

    • Minor nit, capitalism wasn’t created. It evolves naturally whenever individuals are allowed to interact with each other as they want.

  11. Hopefully the Supreme Court action occurs AFTER Ruth Ginsberg is replaced. I suspect she is already dead, but the Democrats are hiding this to try to prevent Trump getting another decent judge. Really, there needs to be an amendment to the Supreme Court.If a judge is unable to sit or does not sit for say 5 months, their seat is automatically relinquished.
    This would hasten Mann bringing the case up-he would dread actual justice.

    • SCOTUS membership:

      I propose a 5-year term with direct election by all State lower house legislators, no nominations allowed. Registered political party-affiliated justices are disqualified, obviously.

      The ballot should have 9 spaces on it, and nine names entered to be a valid ballot. No duplications. A list of eligible candidates would only be a few pages long.

  12. This case is going to result in a huge correction in the activist drift of jurisprudence in the West. Steyn will win this case – he always does and he is a joy to watch in action. He is a courageous guy. When he got sued, he countersued, locking Mann in to the action. Mann had the option to drop the suit before, but after the countersuit, he’s forced to try to win it to dismiss the countersuit! He also is obliged to produce all his hockey stick data formr discovery.

    US had become a tool for neososhulist circumvention of the constitution. An Ozzie Judge, sotted with neomarxbrothers Kool aid, just denied the opening of a coal mine because its bad for the planet! We are adjudicating corrupted science in the courts.

    Fortunately, the children’s frivolous lawsuit against the gov for global warming was tossed out as were municipal suits against Exxon et al. These as well as the Dem State AGs plans for prosecution of sceptics would have eventually borne fruit if Hillary had got into the Whitehouse. Judges are shaping up under Trump and the Supreme Court has been rescued from the global totes.

    Australia, too, will be coming to their senses as they wont want to be out of step with the US. When the cat’s away the mice will play! Please don’t forget this in the future! Low Energy Jeb would have thought what Trump is ripping apart was too big to fail. The greatest lesson in governing in America is the workshop Trump is putting on to great effect. The lineup of Repub hopefuls against Trump in the last election will be self-assessing that they weren’t really up for the biggest job in the world. The Dems, no. They are gone for at least a generation. Their lineup looks like highschool student government.

  13. Far too many people celebrating ‘victory ‘ before the race as even started for my liken .
    There is a long way to go way and plenty of twists or ‘hockey sticks ‘ are still possible .

  14. The US needs to set. Retiring age for its Supreme Court justices. RBG should be hearing cases. If she cannot then there should be a way that she (and anyone else in her situation) cn be removed from office. The AMerican people deserve better from their highest court as all justices should be capable and active.

    I am an Australian, we set a retiring age for our High Court years ago.

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